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Quotable Quotes
"But you're my source Gabrielle. When I reach down inside myself and do things I'm not capable of, it's because of you. Don't you know that by now?

-- Xena to Gabrielle"

30 September

2005 Xena Convention

Added 2005 10th Anniversary Xena Convention Page. Lucia has drawn this gorgeous logo for the 10th Anniversary con - At the moment the section only has a guest list and some info from Creation about the con.

New Xena related mailing list.

This is specifically for those that use Adobe Photoshop and who would like to learn more about it / chat / impart their tips and tricks to other Xena fans. Share tips, tricks and techniques with other Xenites about the power of Adobe Photoshop. Learn and help each other. The Xenaverse is about sharing and creating.  This isn't a Xena general chat list; it's very specific. The list is run by Calli and MaryD. To join please go to:

Xenaverse News

I received the following note from Clothes Off Our Backs organisation. The Clothes Off Our Back is THE organization where celebrities donate their designer attire to benefit charity.

The Bard's Corner

The following is about the upcoming Bardfest

Cavalier Press is excited to announce Malicious Pursuit by KG MacGregor and Crystal's Heart by BL Miller and Verda Foster will debut at DC BardFest.

Click here to

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Starship Ball

  • To those thinking about attending the Starship Ball that Lucy will be MC at in October - Andi will be going and would like to know if there are any others in order to organise a get together. If you are going and would like to meet up, email me and I'll pass on the messages.

Bro Town Update

The Ten Commandments - Opening Night

REAF Help Is on the Way X

  • The total amount of money raised from this event was $145,000. The money is being distibuted to the recipients tonight at a San Francisco art gallery.
    Many thanks to Julie for the news

Renee O'Connor Updates

US VCR Alert

  • Oscar, Meyer, Weiner", Episode #0K12.
    Members of an affluent family are brutally murdered; Lastarza orders
    Licalsi to cooperate with the mob. Adult Situations.
    Original Airdate: December 7, 1993. on tnt nypd check for time.
    Many thanks to Cassie for the alert

29 September

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Lucy out and about - The Ten Commandments - Opening Night September 27, 2004 - Kodak Theatre Los Angeles, CA USA
Pictures can be found at:
Wire Image - do a search for Lucy Lawless
London Features International

Celebrity Photo
Many thanks to Liz and Barbara for the news

You can also find 80 photos of Lucy from the event at Dailyceleb.com
Do a search for Lucy Lawless

Getty Images also has photos of Lucy from the event


Lucy TV Alert for Kiwis - Bro Town

  • Lucy's episode on "Bro Town" will be shown tonight (29 September) at 8:00 pm on TV3
    'Sione-rella'. Sione finally gets his chance to impress the girl of his dreams at the school ball, but his mother and his rival Rex Ruka do all they can to ruin his chances.

Less Than Perfect

  • TV Guide (US) - October 3-9, 2004 has a small snippet about Lucy in Less Than Perfect
    "LESS THAN PERFECT, meanwhile, has tapped Lucy Lawless (Xena!) to play
    an old flame of Will's (Eric Roberts). She'll show up later this month."
    Many thanks to bookdaft for the news

High Resolution Scans

2004 Magazine Articles/Scans

Xena Art and Images Trading Cards

2000 Magazine Articles/Scans

  • Added scans from The Hollywood Reporter - January 2000 Issue celebrating 100 episode of Xena Warrior Princess with interviews and adverts from Lucy, Renee and the rest of the cast, staff and those associated with the show



27 September

26 September

Renee O'Connor Updates

One Weekend A Month Movie Section

Official Fan Club

Xena DVD News

  • IGN has a review of the Region 1 Season 5 DVD - can't say I disagree with the reviewer about Season 5. Read review

25 September

Thanks for everyone for their birthday wishes :) I had a great day! Lucia surprised me with a Little Xena and Gabrielle Birthday present

Click on the thumbnail for the larger version


Renee O'Connor Updates

One Weekend A Month Movie Section



Alien Apocalypse News

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

bro Town Update

  • Lucy's episode on 'bro Town is "Sione-rella" and it will be on the 29 September 2004 at 8:00 pm. 'Sione-rella'. Sione finally gets his chance to impress the girl of his dreams at the school ball, but his mother and his rival Rex Ruka do all they can to ruin his chances.

The following is from Kiwi Fan

  • There's an interview with makers of bro' Town on National Radio Nine to Noon programme on right now.  Linda Clark is the interviewer.  It's just finished: date of broadcast: Friday 24th Sept 2004.  Time 10.30 am - 10. 50 am. They said Lucy Lawless' ep is on next week. The were asked about the celeb guests, and they said they would like to get them all back for the next series which they're currently working on. They also said the first ep got very good reviews

Xenaverse News

The following is from Amy Payle

Xena goodies on Ebay

My husband  and I have fallen on hard times, and would appreciate anyone bidding on these
items.  I will be adding more things throughout this week and next, if anyone  is interested. 


23 September

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

  • Redesigned the links directory. You can now automate a link submission and add your site to the appropriate category.

The Bard's Corner

Post FIN Fic

  • Added Love's Therapy (Complete) by IseQween
    Gabrielle and Xena seek Aphrodite's help with a "personal" problem shortly after events depicted in IseQween's post-finale story "Suns of The Passed."  It refers to several episodes, particularly PUNCH LINES, THE GOD YOU KNOW and YOU ARE THERE



22 September

Renee O'Connor Updates

One Weekend A Month Movie Section

  • Added a One Weekend A Month Movie Section
  • Added a mini review by Annie from the Cine Latino Film Festival in San Francisco as part of the closing night screeenings on Sunday, September 19th at 7:30 pm. A longer review is to follow
  • Added mini review by Warren Serkin

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

'bro Town Update

Xenaverse News - DC Bardfest News

  • Two more weeks and counting for the literary event of the year!
    DC Bardfest 2004 - October 2-3, 2004!
    This is your opportunity to attend a two-day event, with speakers, panels, authors, publishers, book dealers, and vendors from across the nation, and a variety of disciplines, all focused on the challenge of supporting emerging Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgendered authors.
    Click here to

21 September

Print Archive | Graphics

Xenaverse News

David Franklin News

The following is from Katherine Fugate (and many thanks to Katherine for passing this on) - Get well David!

hey everyone. just wanted to ask you all to put david franklin (brutus on xena, braca on farscape) in your thoughts and prayers. david had a collapsed lung and underwent surgery here in los angeles. he's been in the hospital for a week now.  i'll update you when i know how he's doing -- but it looks better now and it seems this sort of thing can surprise us at anytime. david was a heavy smoker and had just quit, fighting very hard to stop with patches and gum. it seems smoking can be a culprit so if anyone is thinking of quitting, now might be the time.

sending love,

Emmy Awards

The gorgeous Kathryn Morris was a presenter at the Emmy Awards (congratulations to another favourite of mine Allison Janney won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series for her role as CJ Cregg in The West Wing).



Hudson Leick News

  • Hudson US TV Alert: Chill Factor on 25 September 2004 at 12:30 am Ch7 TBS (PST)
    Many thanks to Ricky for the news
 AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Lucy DVD Update

Lucy Lawless on Ray Bradbury TheatreRay Bradbury Theatre, The - Entire Series Will Be On DVD.
Click here to view screengrabs from the episode
Lucy was in one episode of the series "Fee Fie Foe Fum" and that will be included in the DVD 5 disc set. According to TV Shows on DVD site. Click here for more information - Many thanks to Sooner77 for the news


20 September

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

'bro Town Update

  • Added new 'bro town subsection
  • Minor spoilers for Lucy's episode from Ife and a Kiwi xenite
    "I just saw a promo for bro' Town with LL in it.  Her animated self is standing in front of the seated school students in a red dress.  She raises her arms in the air and gives a Xena war cry. Some students repeat the war cry. They're doing a range of different promos on TV3 with all the different guests who appear in the series."

Lucy Print Archive


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Lucy TV Alert: US

  • Saturday Night Live
    (download Lucy videos and screengrabs from the Saturday Night Live show with Lucy from the SNL Multimedia Section)
    Host: Lucy Lawless. Music guest: Elliott Smith. 60 minutes- (CC), SS, In Stereo
    Tue Sep 21 12:00A on E! Entertainment TV

Bardcon Update

It's Here! It's Here!! It's Here!! The New Zodiac Calendar is now available. 13 awesome new Lucia graphics...one for each of the signs, plus an absolutely killer cover. AND if that wasn't enough...we also added the specific traits of each sign and the over 200 names of those of you who were nice enough to participate. Go check it out and see who shares your sign. Go see who is what sign and why they act the way they do. <.g.> Go see why you act the way you do. <.bg.> http://www.cafepress.com/bc_projliteracy/383649

This calendar is original, cube friendly, cost friendly and makes a great present <.hint, hint.> For all you T-shirt collectors, and you KNOW who you are...we also have the new graphics on shirts. The proceeds, as with all BardCon/LOTMC endeavors, will be donated to charity. Y'all have made ProjLit one of BardCon's most successful charity endeavors...we thank you for your continued support.


18 September

The Bard's Corner

I'm very pleased to welcome Ralene, a new bard, to The Bard's Corner


  • Added Xena and the Dancing Herb (Complete) by Ralene
    Aphrodite helps Xena give Gabrielle a birthday gift that extends beyond the warrior's usual many skills and provokes uproar among the Amazons


Xenaverse News

  • From Hollywood Reporter - Sep. 17, 2004
    'Alias' scribes on 'M:I-3' mission
    J.J. Abrams is reteaming with "Alias" writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who are coming on board to work on the script of "Mission: Impossible 3." The move comes in the wake of the announcement last month that "Alias" creator Abrams will helm the second sequel in the successful franchise after Joe Carnahan dropped out. Several writers have been involved with the project, including Dean Georgaris, Dan Gilroy, Robert Towne and Frank Darabont. (Liza Foreman)
  • Karl Urban Update - Karl is going to be in the new Doom movie, which is based on the videogame of the same name.  The link to the article(s) are below:
    Many thanks to Amazonagent for the news

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

New Info Section: Less Than Perfect

  • Added spoilers about the episode and Lucy's role by Bev and the Andrea Parker list.
    Please don't read if you don't want to be spoilt. The new info section also contains background information about the show and other news related to Lucy's appearance.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Update

Double Dare Movie Update


The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?
Directed by Chris Thomson. Starring Joe Spano, David Lascher, Michael Goorjian, Amy Van Nostrand, Norm Skaggs, Renee O'Connor.
Rescue workers struggle to save summer-camp youths caught in a flash flood near Comfort, Texas. Based on a true story. 110 minutes- USA, 1993, (CC)

Sat Sep 18 06:10P on Lifetime Movie Network
Sun Sep 19 09:15A on Lifetime Movie Network


17 September

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Lucy Supported Charities

Starship Foundation - Charity Ball - 16 October 2004

Tickets are now on sale for this year's Starship Charity Ball on Saturday 16 October 2004 at the new SKYCITY Auckland Convention Centre. The theme of this year's ball is "Kiwiana - Celebrating our Kiwi Culture" which will be reflected throughout the evening. Pre-dinner drinks will start with Cloudy Bay Pelorus, followed by a menu of gourmet twists on kiwi classics accompanied by fine Kemblefield wines. Our MC Lucy Lawless heads a line up of top kiwi entertainers including Peter Urlich, Debbie Harwood and Hinewehi Mohi; followed by dancing until late to The Lounge Associates.

There will be an auction featuring outstanding items such as trips for two to Wimbledon 2005 and the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, as well as fashion and cosmetic packages, jewellery, luxury travel and something for the thrill seekers! There will also be a fabulous silent auction.

The ball is one of our highest profile events of the year and funds raised will help expand the NZ TelePaediatric Service, a video-conferencing network which links medical professionals around New Zealand so they can pool their experience and best treat young patients - no matter where they live.

We would dearly love your support. Tickets are $195 per person. To be sent an invitation or for more information, email: events@starship.nzl.com  or phone Amylouise on 09 580 1260 / 021 900 222.
For more info go to
Many thanks to Ilovesydney33 for the news

Starjam - Stars Thru Their Eyes Events

Lucy Lawless and Andrew LawlessLucy donated a Xena costume plus boots for the Starjam “Stars Thru Their Eyes 2004” which was held in August in New Zealand.

Lucy Lawless –“Xena Warrior Princess” costume. This stunning costume includes the Warrior Princess’s boots as well, and is the only Xena costume Lucy has donated to a charitable organisation for auction.

There's also a great picture of Lucy with Andrew Lawless (no relation) interviewing her for the event.

Many thanks to Ann for the news and image

Newspaper Scans/transcripts  - 1997

Double Dare Update

  • The Seattle Times - 16 September 2004 Toronto festival: Wine, women, time and space.
    "Double Dare," from Amanda Micheli, is an entertaining look at stuntwomen in Hollywood, focusing on Jeannie Epper, a now-sixtysomething pioneer who still does stunts, and young Zoe Bell, formerly Lucy Lawless' double on "Xena: Warrior Princess," now trying to find her way in a business that's as dangerous as it is unforgiving.

I'm scanning some older articles which have been in my to-do folder and also coding articles that were in plain text.

Magazine Scans/Transcripts - 1997


16 September

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Less Than Perfect Updates

The following is from Georgia who went to the taping of Less Than Perfect

My daughter and I were at the taping last night of Lucy in the LESS THAN PERFECT show. Lucy was wonderful as usual and kind and caring to all. I had a chance to speak to her and even got an autograph. Lucy is so sweet and always kind to her dear fans. We also got to meet some of the fans and sit next to them. Of course they are as awesome as Lucy. Thanks to all and Lucy was funny and did an awesome job that she always does.

Lucy Articles

Magazine Scans/Transcripts - 1997

Magazine Scans/Transcripts - 1998

Lucy Videos

Lucy Lawless opens Saturday Night Live

Added 5 Video clips from Saturday Night Live - 17 October 1998
Clip #1 - Lucy opening skit on Saturday Night Live
Clip #2  Judge Judy skit
Clip #3  The White House in Crisis skit
Clip #4 - Lucy does Stevie Nicks
Clip #5 - Antonios Banderas skit  - wmv format 9.25 mb

Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert/Ghost House Pictures Update
From SciFiWire - 14 September 2004

Raimi Puts Up Scarecrow

Sam Raimi, director of the Spider-Man and Evil Dead films, and partner Rob Tapert are set to produce the horror film Scarecrow, directed by brothers Oxide and Danny Pang (The Eye, Bangkok Dangerous), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film will be the first English-language feature for the brothers from Hong Kong.

Scarecrow follows the lives of a family moving into a run-down sunflower farm who begin to notice uncomfortable and alarming changes in their father's behavior. The screenplay was written by Stuart Beattie (Collateral), from an original script by Todd Farmer. "I'm thrilled that the Pang brothers have agreed to direct Scarecrow," Raimi said. "I've been a big fan ever since The Eye. Danny and Oxide have an exciting and unique vision and are at the forefront of the neo-horror movement in Asian filmmaking." Production is scheduled to begin this spring.
Many thanks to MET for the news

Xenaverse News

The following is from Cassie:

Jennifer Sky Update:
My Little Eye"  (as in "What do I Spy with ...." ) premieres on HBO this coming Thursday night (well technically Friday morning) at 1 AM EDT.   In the US only though.  
Rated R   Running Time: 95 minutes   Genre: Drama, Horror Internet reality voyeurs are given a taste of true terror when the contestants on a live webcast show begin turning up dead in this timely shocker. Five young people are offered the chance to win one million dollars if they can manage to stay in an isolated cabin for six months. The rules are simple: if one person quits for any reason,
they all lose. But as the contest winds down and strange things begin to happen, the quintet comes to a frightening realization--they might all lose their lives! With Sean CW Johnson, Kris Lemche, Stephen O'Reilly Jennifer Sky and Laura Regan. Directed by Marc Evans.


15 September

Aussie Lucy Magazine Alert: People Magazine (similar to Celebrity Skin in the US) has a Lucy mention with 5 photos - Red Wings out-of-bodice image, 2 from A Day in the Life (hot tub), Legacy (Gab and Xena get out of the lake/pool) and 1 Xena head shot. I wouldn't bother but if you're collecting Lucy articles the issue is now available.

Magazine Scans - 1997

  • Added scan from National Enquirer - 25 March 1997 - Lesbians Love Xena. The article is the usual guff about Lucy and Xena. Contains 3 images: Xena, Lucy as Mrs New Zealand and Lucy with Daisy as a baby.

XXE Updates

  • This has to be one the strangest Xena mentions. Article discusses Which candidate earns most votes for fashion sense?
    Corwyn Thomas: Xena the Warrior Princess and her trusty sidekick. Are they accepting an award for the worst-dressed dynamic medieval duo?


13 September

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women


'Bro Town Animated Series Update

  • More information about Lucy's character in the New Zealand animated series 'Bro Town from stuff.co.nz
    actress Lucy Lawless gives "special" education lessons before the school ball.
    click here to read full article

AUSXIP - Xena | Lucy Lawless | Renee O'Connor

Aussie Xena News

  • 17th Gathering of the Fans of Xena: Warrior Princess
    This Saturday, 18th September from 5 PM
    St George Leagues Club
    Prince Edward Room
    Princes Highway
    Kogarah NSW
    Just a short ride from Kogarah Station - plenty of parking at the club
    Lots of good food and beverages
    and fantastic company!
    Dress rules apply - smart casual - so no naughty T-shirts, collared shirts for the boys, no thongs or socks with sandals (the last one's mine - I hate socks with sandals)
    RSVP to Sue at suebon@iprimus.com.au

Xenaverse News

Aussie TV Alert

  • Channel 7 will be showing the season 1 X Files episode, "The Jersey Devil" at 11:30 PM on Wednesday the 15th of September (AEST) Claire Stansfield plays a female bigfoot, and runs around naked all coverd in hair and dirt. Many thanks to Mark for the news


12 September

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Less Than Perfect Update

Tickets for the audience of Less Than Perfect can be found at tvtickets.com (direct link to Less Than Perfect Ticket Sales)

From the tvtickets.com web site - Lucy's episode will film September 14.
Special guest star on Tuesday, Sept. 14: LUCY LAWLESS

Sara Rue stars as Claudia "Claude" Casey, a temp who has worked at the GBN Television Network for two years before she unexpectedly lands a job on the coveted desk of handsome news anchor Will Butler, played by Eric Roberts. After Will hires her full-time, Claude quickly realizes she may be in over her head in this new world of assistants fighting to get ahead.

Added a new section - REAF News. For those who want to keep up with The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation and their work in raising money for AIDS service provider agencies through the production of quality entertainment events.


Picture Archive

The Bard's Corner




11 September (back to AEST Time)

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Lucy TV Alert - For Kiwi Fans

Lucy has done guest voice over work for a new animated series called 'bro Town' to be shown on Kiwi TV. According to NZ Herald 11 September 2004 it will start 22 September (not sure when Lucy's episode will be shown).

STARTS: Wednesday, September 22, TV3, 8pm WHO: Written by comedy team the Naked Samoans: Oscar Kightley as Vale, Shimpal Lelisi as Valea, David Fane as Mack and Jeff the Maori, Mario Gaoa as Sione.

A BIT LIKE: Southpark meets Billy T James.

Boogeyman Update

  • Hollywood Variety Magazine had a brief mention of Boogeyman
    Screen Gems' coming attractions include the horror sequel "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"; "Cave," starring Cole Hauser, Chestnut and Piper Perabo; the Sam Raimi-produced "Boogeyman," a follow-up to the slick monster picture "Underworld....

Double Dare Update

From Sarah:  Double Dare at Toronto Film Festival

Double Dare has just been selected for the prestigious Real to Reel section of the TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL!

Sept 12, 12:30 PM, VARSITY 8

Press and Industry only
Sept 13, 9:00 AM, VARSITY 7

Advance tickets are available online


9 September

Lucy Images

  • From Creation "Wow! Lucy looks great in this new publicity shot and we're happy to be able to offer it to fans for the first time." Visit Creation's site


  • Photos from the 7th Annual Summer Party: ABSOLUT Hancock Park, July 25, 2004 - Photo of Absolut's Doug Budin, GLAAD's Special Events Manager, Jenifer Ortiz with the one and only warrior princess, Lucy Lawless. | Source

Merchandise News

Fan Club Kit #8 is out now | An exclusive (approximately 2 hour) DVD that includes these great features (DVD is regionless and will play worldwide):

  • - Lucy/Renee intro.
  • - "Coffee Talk 3" An intimate brand new visit with Lucy and Renee. A 60's style "Pillow Talk" complete with boom box and a boogying duo. You'll love this!
  • - "Lucy in San Francisco -- Dress Rehearsal for 'Help is on the Way X'" including a full version of the song she sang at the show.
  • - "Raw Footage" -- Raw footage of the making of the show from:
    "Locked Up And Tied Down"
    "Intimate Stranger" -- The original ending as filmed with Lucy.
    "Past Imperfect"
    "Adventures In The Sin Trade"
    "Fins, Femmes & Gems"
  • - Bloopers
  • - Deleted scenes from "Coffee Talk 2" with Lucy and Renee commenting on scenes from "A Tale Of Two Muses" and "A Day In The Life."
  • - Lucy/Renee "Hi from New Zealand" to fans at 2000 Xena convention.
    Certificate of Membership
    Xena Bumper Sticker
    Five Full Color 5 by 7 lithos from the Xena series More on the kit and ordering information here.


8 September

US TV Alert - Lucy to be on Less Than Perfect Episode "Ignoring Lydia"

"Lucy called to say she will be making a guest appearance on American ABC series LESS THAN PERFECT in an episode called "Ignoring Lydia" (she is not playing Lydia). The show will film this coming Tuesday. She had a great time at the read-through this morning. It is the 4th episode of the third season, and will most likely be airing in October. Check your local listings." | Many THX to Sharon for sharing.<br>

Less Than Perfect is part of ABC's new Friday lineup, and stars Sara Rue, Eric Roberts, Andy Dick, Will Sasso. Andrea Parker plays Lydia a stuck-up, bossy person - Parker's best known for her portrayal of the uber-cool Ms Parker on The Pretender. Official  Less Than Perfect Site


AXIP Annoucement

Boogeyman Movie Site

Lucy Images

Xenaverse News

  • Book Signing in San Jose! | KG MacGregor will be appearing at SisterSpirit Bookstore (http://www.sisterspirit.org) in San Jose, CA for a reading, discussion and signing on Saturday, September 11th at 5:30pm. Excerpts will include her debut novel Shaken and a sneak peek at Malicious Pursuit available from Cavalier Press this Fall. http://www.cavalierpress.com


6 September

Renee TV Alert

  • The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? | Directed by Chris Thomson. Starring Joe Spano, David Lascher, Michael Goorjian, Amy Van Nostrand, Norm Skaggs, Renee O'Connor. Rescue workers struggle to save summer-camp youths caught in a flash flood near Comfort, Texas. Based on a true story. 110 minutes- USA, 1993, (CC) | Sun Sep 19 09:15A on Lifetime Movie Network

The Bard's Corner



From DiAnn: "As much as I do not want to sell those items, I have to come up with some cash as I am in a big financial situation. I would rather the items go into the hands of another Xenite. Good luck and Happy Bidding."


5 September

Cindy would like to thank you guys for the quick response on the tickets.

New eBooks | Added Moving Target by Melissa Good. Due to the large size of the novel, you have the download options below.

  • One large file with all chapters. May load slow on ebooks.
  • Two smaller files that will load quicker. Chapters 1-16 17-end


3 September

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Rolling Thunder - Part 9 (Unfinished) by Mickey
  • Added Everlasting (Org/Alt) by Mavis Applewater | Rowan is a brave warrior with a secret to hide. She has been promised the hand of the Princess, can she keep her secret even on her wedding night? Or will the world finally discover that she is not a man?
  • Added Film At Eleven (Uber/Alt) by Mavis Applewater | Bettie & Becca meet on the day when gay marriage is finally a reality. Sparks fly when the duo meet during the historic event.
  • Added Changes (Org/Alt) by Mavis Applewater | Can a woman who is the love 'em and leave type really change after a torrid encounter with a woman from her past?

Artwork Updates


2 September

Lucy Multimedia

  • Lucy Lawless Interviewed on VH 1 1 September 2004 about Donald Trump asking her out and why she didn't go out with him in 1997

Renee News

Xenaverse News

  • Lesbianation Interviews Claudia Black | Claudia Black is one of the most popular Sci-Fi Divas today, a Xena: Warrior Princess cast alumni, and has appeared in a variety of fantastical films. A favorite with lesbian Sci-Fi fans, Miss Black chats it up with our Lesbianation guest interviewer. She's got it all and now we’ve got Claudia for you Sci-Fi nuts, Aeryn Sun is in the house! | Read the article at http://www.lesbianation.com/ | THX to all who sent us the link


1 September

Renee News

  • Sharon Delaney has posted a picture of Renee from "One Weekend A Month" at her site. | THX to Mary T for the info.

Artwork Updates

Merchandise News



Click here for August Updates


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