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30 September 2006

Celebrity Duets Multimedia Subsite

Now that was some show - I have nothing to compare Celebrity Duets with because I didn't watch reality tv (and I still won't unless Lucy is in them) but that was so great to see Lucy on the tv for 5 weeks straight twice a week! It was truly a team effort here at ausxip from the video clips, screencaptures, audio, reports, pictures, articles etc. One of the things I truly love about doing this site is that people are so willing to share their time and goodies. Thanks guys!

I absolutely LOVED Lucy's solo - it had shades of Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. Lucy looked like she was having so much fun.

Click over to the Celebrity Duets Episode 9 - Finale subsite to download video clips, screencaptures and audio files of the following:

  • Lucy Solo - Tell Mama
  • Lucy and everyone doing their Little Richard Impressions - too funny
  • Group Song #1- “Rock Around The Clock, The Twist and Good Golly Miss Molly - Lucy plus 7 singers with Little Richard singing and playing the piano
  • Group Song #2 - “Hard To Say I'm Sorry" - Lucy and the other 7 singers plus Marie singing with them and David on the piano.
  • The Finale Result - Alfonso, Hal and Lucy....and the winner is...

Lucy at the After Party & Backstage Video
  • Lucy's site has been updated with a picture of Lucy with Alfonso at Jerry's Deli wrap party after the show. Way cute. There is also another backstage video #8 in the series - check it out here

Little Lucy Avatars

Dragonlance Goldmoon Fanlisting

Goldmoon of the Que Shu (Lucy Lawless) Dragonlance Book/Movie Fanlisting - The Goldmoon of the Que Shu (Lucy Lawless) Dragonlance Book/Movie Fanlisting has now opened.

If you are a fan of the books and the character of Goldmoon as well as Lucy who voiced the character, you can now join. It's free! Click here to join

New Renee Painting on Ebay

10% of the proceeds will be going to Habitat for Humanity. Current bid 1,500.00

This is an oil painting, which began as a political piece last summer, but became my green eyes this summer.Strange, huh! I didn't use a photograph for inspiration, but it is supposed to be me! This is a large one, measuring 42 inches X 42 inches. I have framed it in a pecan border with a surrounding red mahogany frame. It looks good (excuse the pun). After 10 percent of the sale goes to charity, the rest goes towards finishing the post production for my film. I am almost there...almost... thanks for the die hard support! renee

Click here to bid on it on ebay


29 September 2006

The Duets finale video clips will be a bit later than usual but in the meantime enjoy the following interview from New Zealand:

Lucy Interview - Close Up (NZ) - 29 September 2006

Lucy was interviewed for the kiwi show Closeup on 29 September 2006. She talks about Celebrity Duets. Video was contributed by NZJester. Click here to download video clip

This just in - Dee Robinson's phone in report.

You know my phone has been seeing alot of action lately <g> Dee called me to relate her report - they were leaving the show and wanted to share their experiences! Yeay! With Dee was Gypsy and Vada - thanks guys!

Tonight's Show - The FINALE - As it Happens Blog...

*sigh* It's all over. For the finale, I got on the phone to Mesh and we were listening (well she was watching and I was listening). The phone cut out just as Wayne was going to annouce the winner, I hit redial, get through and Wayne is still doing his thing :)

Let me just say that Lucy Lawless is the winner here. The absolute winner. Doesn't matter if she didn't win the phone in vote; she won in other ways. Ways that will be apparent in months and years to come. LUCY LAWLESS ROCKS!

Congratulations to Alfonso - he is a great singer but more importantly congratulations to Lucy Lawless!  I am very proud to be a fan of this woman. Very proud indeed.

Onya Lucy!

*the picture was taken by Bev as I was on the phone to Mesh...."


Celebrity Duets

Wasn't that something or what?! Wow. Absolutely WOW! Lucy was absolutely awesome! Having to sing with a icon like Bonnie Tyler and then to sing with Smokey Robinson again! I just LOVED her duet with Smokey - Lucy was relaxed, flirty and just so good!
She was amazing with Bonnie but the Smokey duet was just so perfect. Whatever happens today, Lucy won big time. Lucy fans worked their thumbs till it hurt - I think for the first time since this whole show started we started to get busy signals. Good on ya to all who voted and supported Lucy.

That's what Lucy fans do - they support Lucy <g>

Video, Audio & Screencaptures Clips - Episode 8 - 28 September 2006

Rob and Renee in the audience

  • There was a very brief glimpse of Rob and Renee in the audience as host Wayne Brady passes them.
    Rob and Renee in the audience - video and screencaptures

New Lucy Site Update & Backstage Video

  • Lucy's site has been updated with a new picture of Lucy and Bonnie Tyler backstage - the picture can be found just below Lucy's blog entry. There is also a backstage video clip #6 in the lineup. Click here to go there

Lucy was on the NZ TV Show Closeup

  • Lucy was interview on Closeup tonight in New Zealand about Duets.
    A video clip of this show will be available on ausxip. many thanks to NZJester and to Jo for the following:

    Duet or Die - It's our own Lucy Lawless whose head has been on the chopping block over the last few weeks. She's been singing with the greats, like Smokey
    Robinson and Dione Warwick, as part of the hit American show, Celebrity
    Duets. Lucy is now down to the final three. Today, she sang for her life, and the chance to donate a $100,000 to the charity of her choice.America is now voting for their favourite celebrity singer, and tomorrow, the winner will be announced. Tim Wilson caught up with Lucy Lawless in Los Angeles to see what she thinks of it all.


28 September 2006

Celebrity Duets Pictures

many thanks to Carol Stephens for the images

As it Happens Blog by Mesh and Bev...

Celebrity Duets

Duets, Lucy part #2

Lucy's brought Smokey Robinson back to sing with her, they sing Fly Me
To The Moon. They're very cute together, sound great, too.

Marie says that Lucy's done the most diverse genres, she did great.
Little Richard says she loves Lucy and loves her legs and why would
she want to go to the moon, she should stay here. Foster says that if
this was a contest of who could do the most genres, she'd win it.

Good job, Lucy!

The judges are pushing for Alfonso, which is not nice. They say that
he should win. Come on, people, you're supposed to critique, not tell
people who should win. That is just not right.

I will be on the phone for 2 hours as soon as the lines open. You can
have the TV on in the background, enjoy ER, Shark, whatever, just keep
hitting redial. Lucy fans, don't be shy to call the number again and
again, she will need these votes more than ever.

Read more here.....

Why Vote for Lucy?

From Missy Good

Lucy and Renee (and Rob and the rest of the gang) are the reason we are all here. If it had not been for Xena, none of us would have known each other (probably) - there would have been no Xenaverse, no conventions, no charity donations, no online community. For me personally, I would not have started writing.

So - here is something we can do to give back a little to Lucy, for having given all of us so much in our lives, and it does not cost us anything but a bit of our time, and possibly a sore fingertip. It does not require us to fly across the state, the country or the world though some of us have for Xena, it does not require personal sacrifice, though some have done that as well. All it requires is some patience, and persistence, and a sense of humor to know that you are sitting alone yet a member of a slightly off kilter community all of whom are also sitting at home punching those buttons.

Just do it! Put her over the top. If there is a fandom that can, this one is it.



TV Alert (besides Celebrity Duets tonight)

Celebrity Duets

  • Hal Sparks posted this on his myspace page:
    "OH and...this week... even though it's called celebrity duets... each finalist sings a solo song. They gave me a pretty good one. I don't know if it would have been my first choice but... It's going to be really fun. "
    Many thanks to LB for the news

Lucy Video with Renee & Backstage Pic

Over on Lucy's site there is a gorgeous photo of Lucy being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight!

Click here to check it out - it's below Lucy's blog entry


Meanwhile over at the Official Xena Fan Club Page there is this hilarious video clip of Renee coming to the party and urging us to VOTE ONE!

They are so cute together. Check out the video clip here.

27 September 2006

Celebrity Duets Finale...

Okay Gypsy and Vada were in the audience of today's taping and they have reported in (via Mac) who called me with the news.

Now if you don't want to know who Lucy is singing with and what songs she is singing...don't go further.

If you do - click here


Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Mention in Official BSG Magazine

  • The lastest issue of the Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine (and the final issue) hasn't got a Lucy interview but there is a Lucy mention from Tricia Helfer (Six). Click here to read the article
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Celebrity Duets

New Little Lucy Avatar

New Lucy Message, Backstage video and Picture

  • Lucy Site Update: There is a new message from Lucy, a new backstage video clip and a new pic. Looks like Lucy will be singing with two different recording legends. One of the recording artists has been on the show before (I'm crossing my digits for Wynonna) and the other which is female has sung one of the greatest anthems of the 80s. Verrry interesting.

Publishing News...

Book Announcement from KG MacGregor

I’m excited to announce the release of Mulligan. The book, which was briefly available last summer, is based on characters from the short story series of the same name, and will ship on October 4th. Thanks to all of you who wrote me about the short stories. Your ideas and comments made this a better book.

Mulligan by KG MacGregor

The days are long and lonely for Louise Stevens, whose retirement dreams were shattered by the sudden loss of her partner. Enter Marty Beck, a flirtatious, fun-loving, and infuriating golf pro who pushes Louise’s buttons—including one button she thought didn’t work anymore!

Marty is intrigued by the pretty Louise, a newcomer to the Pine Island Golf Club with a beautiful swing, but a disposition that needs work. Certain they can eventually be friends, she’s stymied when her good-humored overtures are rejected.

Love can come along at any time, even in the golden years, and even for two women who don’t expect it at all. Though a shaky start nearly dooms their romance, something tells Marty and Lou that this one might be worth a Mulligan.

Order from


26 September 2006

Battlestar Galactica

New Article from TV Guide 2 October 2006 - Scans and Transcript

TV Guide (US) 2 October 2006 - The Cylons Are Back!
Battlestar Galactica's Randy Robots download exclusive scoop
on the action-packed new season.

Many thanks to LB for the scans

Please note: the article does contain Season 3 spoilers.


Celebrity Duets

New Lucy Celebrity Promo Pics

Added three new Celebrity Duets promo pictures of Lucy from Thursday and Friday's show (21 and 22 September 2006) One of the images is from the rehearsal while the others are from the actual performances. Contributed by LB -
Click here to view the images


New Little Lucy Avatar

Charis has created another Little Lucy Avatar and this time with the outfit Lucy wore on Thursday's (21 September 2006)

Click here to view the animated Little Lucy Avatar #5


Lucy Celebrity Duets Q&A

  • There is a great Lucy Celebrity Duets Q&A on Lucy's site - the questions were submitted by fans - about Celebrity Duets and how Lucy feels about working on the show and what she has learnt.  Great stuff!

Watching Celebrity Duets Live For those not in the US

If you are one of the many Lucy fans that live outside the US and would like to watch Celebrity Duets live then you are now in luck. Carla has sent me the URL of a site that you can access the show live on the net.

1. You will need to download a program from TVU Networks and install it on your windows machine (Not sure about Mac users). Go to:

2. Once you have installed the TVU program, go to and tune into the show!


25 September 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Upcoming Lucy BSG Article

  • The Advocate 10 October 2006 Issue (not the September 2006 Issue as previously mention on the axip-update list) has an article about Lucy being on Battlestar Galactica for Season 3 - "Lucy In The Sky" - Also has a promo pic of Lucy from the BSG Season 3 photoshoot. Scans of the article will be on AUSXIP shortly.

New Article Scans - Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly - 20 September 2006 Battlestar Galactica - Sex! Violence! Toasters? Behind The Scenes of TV 's Next Great Cult Hit. The article contains spoilers for Season 3

Contains some Lucy references in her role as D'anna Biers

Celebrity Duets

New Promo Pics...

Added new duets promo pic of Lucy with Alfonso and Hal
to the Celebrity Duets Promo Gallery - Contributed by LB

Click here to view


Little Lucy Avatars....

Added a section on Celebrity Duets subsite of some gorgeous Little Lucy Avatars that were created by Charis. All of them are dressed in the various outfits that Lucy has worn on the show. These are SO cute.


The Bard's Corner


  • I Could Sing by By IseQween
    Set between and after the second season’s first two eps ORPHAN OF WAR and REMEMBER NOTHING, this story was inspired by Lucy Lawless during her participation in Celebrity Duets.


24 September 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Press Release

  • has a press release about the much anticipated BSG Season 3.
    TORONTO, Sept. 22 /CNW/ - It has been 134 days of Cylon occupation on New
    Caprica, with 39,192 survivors trapped on a desolate world with no hope of
    escape. Have Admiral Adama and the Colonial fleet abandoned them? The enemy has evolved and has returned. Will humanity survive?
    Click here to read more

Season 2 Episode 18: Downloaded Deleted Scenes:

There are three deleted scenes from this episode with Lucy/D'anna in them. If you haven't seen Downloaded yet, you will be spoiled.

Click here to download clips

Celebrity Duets

The official Celebrity Duets site has a new Lucy pic up of her duet with Dionne Warwick. It's picture # 5.- Look under photos.
Many thanks to LB for the update


The Bard's Corner


  • God Backwards (Complete) by Iseqween
    Horace gives his canine perspective on the 6th season’s OLD ARES HAD A FARM, in which the former God of War must adjust to the mortal state he chose to save Xena in MOTHERHOOD.


Publishing News

Anne will have Cold Mountain published by PD Publishing. This is a new story that hasn't been posted online.

Gold Mountain  by Anne Azel
from PD Publishing Inc.

Synopsis: Gold Mountain has a unique and distinctive Canadian flavour which embraces the cultural diversity found in Canada today. It is the story of two women, not only on opposite ends of our cultural scale but also on opposite ends of our Justice scale. Click here to read more


23 September 2006

Celebrity Duets Episode #7 (Week 4)

Video, Audio & Screencaptures

Lucy sang with the rest of the cast and with Richard Marx - another spectacular performance. Video cliips are now available of:
Lucy and Richard rehearsing and then singing
Lucy and the rest of the Cast
Lucy and The Verdict


Screencaptures are now online:

Lucy and Richard
Lucy and the rest of the cast
The Verdict


Back Stage with Lucy

Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Day Update

The following is from Sharon Delaney and it was posted on Lucy's list:

Rose and card arrived safe and sound and I told Lucy what it was all about and showed her the list. She was thrilled and deeply touched :)


22 September 2006

Celebrity Duets Week 4 - Episode 7

Tonight we learn who advances to next week's show.

We get a group performance of Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Lucy's in a green top with a silver net type thing over it in tight jeans (I think those were jeans) and boots. She rocks the house! Oh, yeah, the group's there, too. *G

They cut to I love Lucy, Xena Rocks banners in the crowd. Alfonso Ribeiro starts the show, followed by Cheech then Hal Sparks.

Lucy's segment... They show Lucy working on a song with Richard Marx, they goof around, he compliments her on the way she sounds and what a quick study she is. Lucy comes out in bluejeans, a tight top and she sounds just great. They sing Should've Known Better, this is finally more of a rock type song that's really good for Lucy. She's excellent.

Lucy's really at ease this week, she's all smiles when talking to Brady. She mentions Dionne Warwick, who gave her great advice on how to think about the show.

We'll have to wait till the end of the show to find out if she's made it or not.

Brady calls the celebrities in. He calls Cheech, Hal and Alfonso over to him. But Alfonso is safe, he goes on to the finale. Lucy hugs and kisses him before Alfonso runs off the stage.

Cheech however is going home, he gives a small speech to the folks and we get a recap of his time on the show.

We go to yet another commercial, Hal, Lucy and Jai are on stage when we come back.

Brady asks the judges who will go on. Marie says Hal will go home. David Foster says it’s going to be Jai.

Brady announces that Hal goes on to the finale. What a surprise, quite shocking. And Lucy's made it as well, though this week she wasn’t the top vote getter.


Celebrity Duets Week 4 - Episode 6 - Lucy Sings With Richard Marx

Wow that was some performance. IMO Lucy's best performance so far. She was outstanding!

Added video clip and screencaptures


Tickets are now available to the finale of Celebrity Duets!

  • The final performance show is taping next Wednesday, September 27th and the arrival time is 3:30 PM. The results finale, featuring surprise musical guests is taping on Friday, September 29th and the arrival time is 4:30 PM. To request tickets to either of these shows please use the following link. Thanks for a great season!!
    *many thanks to LB for the news*

Battlestar Galactica

New The Women of Battlestar Galactica (Except Cally. And Ellen. And Kat)

Click here to view


New Xena Trading Cards

Release Schedule for Rittenhouse Archives Products

  • New Trading Cards from Rittenhouse Xena: Dangerous Liasions (to be releasedJanuary 24th, 2007) *Many thanks to LB for the news*

21 September 2006

Celebrity Duets - Lucy and Richard Marx

Remember - VOTE FOR LUCY!

Lucy Rocks The House...Celebrity Duets On Tonight
Okay it's Thursday so it must be Duets night :) Get those dialing digits ready!

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Bio on Official BSG Site

Scifi has redesigned their official BSG site and included Lucy's bio and pic.

Click here to view

Lucy's Teapot...

New Lucy Promo Duets Pics

Added two new pictures of Lucy with the rest of the cast from last Thursday's show. Many thanks to LB for the images.

Click here to view

Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Day

The following is from Rebecca on Lucy's Official List:

Today's the DAY!!!

everything is on it's way to Lucy. Unfortunately, there was no time left for me to tally anything up, but maybe Sharon will post some details for us. I CAN tell you what the card says, though....they had a 3 line limit, so I had to try to sum it up the best I could, here it is:

Dear Lucy, we have declared September 21st to be "Lucy Lawless Feel the
Love Day" and have pledged a week of donations to causes around the
- With love, Support, and Votes,
The Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club

That is with the rose and Sharon will present her with the list. I can't wait & I can't even begin to tell you how much I was affected by all of your wonderful stories, sentiments, and acts of compassion. Whoever said "Charity is a luxury of the rich", obviously never met a Lucy fan. need to try to get some sleep now, so I'll have the strength to redial
all night... Happy LLftL Day and much love & gratitude to you all


Celebrity Duets Finale News...

  • There will be a 2 hour finale for Duets on Friday September 29, from 8:00PM to 10:00PM (times approximate to the Eastern US.)  Previously voted-off celebrities will return for one final performance before the winner is announced from among the three remaining contestants. Many thanks to Julie for the news

Lucy Site Update

  • There is a new message from Lucy and a clue about who she will be working with in tomorrow's Celebrity Duets. Also another gorgeous picture of Lucy with Alek her designer.

The Smithsonian Museum closed for Renovations....

  • This relates somewhat to Xena - The Smithsonian museum that would display
    Lucy's Xena costume is closed for renovation until September 2008. Some items will be will be moved and exhibited at the Air and Space museum during the reconstruction,  but there is no mention of the Xena costume. Click here for more news - Many thanks to Julie for the news

18 September 2006

Renee News

Renee on Ebay - New Art.
Part of the proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity

The highest bid is $2,000 USD and has 6 days to go :)

Hi gang. This is the oil painting I just finished, which I have loving called, "Too Much Information". I started it while I was recently pregnant, and finished it just after the Israeli/ Lebanese Conflict. It includes, bits of myself (little wink), and the gracefulness of the world I wished we always lived in. The dimensions are 14 inches X 18 inches for the oil painting itself. I am currently framing it with a pecan border and a red mahogany border around the pecan. All proceeds from this painting will go towards the post production for my film. ROC Productions will retain a copyright for printing photographic copies. Thanks heaps!!! best, renee

Official Renee Site Update

There is a new message from Renee! Check it out at her news section

There is also a new video dated 6 August. Renee talks about her paintings - very interesting, especially the Gabrielle one she is working on and the one that is currently up on ebay. Iris is also brought out for her cameo (cute little girl!).

Announcement - Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Day

It official. Thursday, Sept. 21, will be Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day (approved by Sharon Delaney). And so that everyone will get a chance to participate, we will
say that the 21st will kick off a week of charitable acts and donations by the fans in honor and support of Lucy. All you need to do is decide what charitable act, or donation you will make either on that day, or during that week, and e-mail it to Rebecca on along with: how you want your name and location to be listed. The deadline for e-mailing will have to be tomorrow 8pm EST, that is Tuesday the 19th. So that I can get it out overnight to reach Lucy on Thursday.

Remember, you need to decide what contribution you will make and e-mail it to Rebecca by tomorrow's deadline, but you will have the whole week of the 21-28 to complete your donation. Obviously, it will be up to each of you to see that you follow through on your contribution. So, spread the word and let's see how much "greater good" we can do, and show the world what Lucy fans are all about!!

Celebrity Duets Update

Backstage With Lucy

Celebrity Duets Press Release

  • The FutonCritic has a press release for this week's Duets and the celeb singers are: Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan, Richard Marx, Sheena Easton, Al Jarreau.

New Lucy backstage Pic

  • There's a new pic of Lucy backstage with Carly and Alfonso day before Carly got voted off. This is on the Official Xena fan club site. Click here to view


17 September 2006

New Lucy CD Promo Pictures
Many thanks to LB for these images

  • Added two new Celebrity Duets Promo pics of Lucy performing with the rest of the cast and also a group shot which is slightly different from the one that was on Fox's main CD site. Click here to download both images

Backstage With Lucy

For those that are on dialup and are having trouble in downloading the backstage video clips of Lucy from Lucy's site (dialup is a shocker) you can now view them on line on YouTube. #4 hasn't been posted yet. many thanks to Lola for the news

Celebrity Duets Reviews

Celebrity Duets PR - Entertainment Tonight

  • Entertainment Tonight 15 September 2006 goes behind the scenes on Celebrity Duets and talks to the judges - Lucy features quite a bit although not interviewed

    Click here to download video clip

Celebrity Duets PR - EXTRA

  • EXTRA 14 September 2006 goes behind the scenes and talks to Simon Cowell about the success of Celebrity Duets, the incomprehensible Little Richard and Marie Osmond. Lucy is not interviewed but is featured.
    Click here to download video clip

Lucy Lawless - Hottie of the Week

  • Lesbianation has voted Lucy as Hottie of the Week Alright, now that you’ve suffered through that I know I have to bring on the goods with our hottie of the week. And I think I’ve found one you all pretty much universally love. Though it has literally been years since Xena went off the air, you have found a permanent place in your hearts for Lucy here to read more

UK VCR Alerts
Many thanks to Jan for the updates

Xena & Hercules Update

  • Bravo is going to be rerunning XWP again - from the beginning - and this time it's at a much more civilised time - 9.00 and 17.00 starting Monday, 2nd October.
  • Bravo also has the HTLJ episode Judgement Day showing on 28th September at 3.00 (a.m.)

Lucy VCR Alerts

  • ABC1 is showing the Ignoring Lydia episode of Less than Perfect for the first time on Wednesday, 11th October at 21.30 (repeats on the 15th and regularly thereafter no doubt)
  • Warrior Women is being shown on the 1st, 8th and 15th October on Discovery Civilisations again, various times, and this time they're including the Lozen, Apache Warrior episode which was missed out last time. (on the 8th)
  • Series two of Battlestar is being repeated on Sky One with The Final Cut episode being shown on 28th September 00.00 (Midnight)

16 September 2006

Celebrity Duets Promo Images

Added a new promo pic of Lucy with Dionne Warwick from the
14 September 2006 show - Lucy looks quite stoked in singing with the legendary Dionne. many thanks to LB for the photo

Click here for the larger scan


Celebrity Duets Ratings

The following is from Zap2It

  • "Celebrity Duets," 3.2/6, came in third for FOX, beating out NBC's "Las Vegas" repeat. "Reba" and "Living with Fran" averaged 1.1/2 for The WB.
    Many thanks to LB for the news

New Lucy Message and Behind the Scenes Video

There is a new message on Lucy's site looking positively GORGEOUS in that Alek Adorian gown. Beautiful.  There is also a behind the scenes video which is just hysterical. Lucy's friends including Marissa make a cameo. Click here to Lucy's site


Celebrity Duets Result Night - Week 3 - Episode #5 Video, Screencaptures & Audio

Added video clips of Lucy
singing "September" with the rest of the cast
singing "I'll Never Love This Way Again" with Dionne Warwick
Video clip of the Final Result


Added screencaptures and audio mp3 for:
Lucy and the cast singing September
Lucy and Dionne Warwick
Lucy and the Final Verdict


Battlestar Galactica News

Just received this from Janice in Canada:

  • Just saw a promo and Season 3 of Battlestar starts airing in Canada on Space
    Oct 7/06. for once we will be on par with the timing of the SciFi channel in
    the States.


15 September 2006

According the TV Guide 18 September 2006 next week's Duets will boot off 2 contestants!

"The two lowest vote getters are gettin' their walking papers as judges Marie Osmond and Little Richard move one step closer to actually being mean. In other words, more like David Foster."

many thanks to Jen for the news

Celebrity Duets Night - The Results (Episode #5)

They open with a group performance of Earth Wind and Fire's September. Lucy's hair lose, light, she's all smiles in a jeans, tall boots and a light blue-purple top. Excellent :D

I suspect we're in for a long wait to find out if she's in or out, last time we've found out her fate first.  Click here to read more...

Celebrity Duets

Wow that was awesome! I wanted Lucy to sing with Dionne and that's what happened!
Dionne is a true legend. They talk about musical legends but this woman truly fits the bill along with Smokey Robinson. I've been a fan of Dionne's since I was 16. Having Lucy and Dionne sing together was awesome. I would just be out of my mind if Lucy and Dionne sing "That's What Friends Are For" or "Then Came You" or "Heartbreaker"

Dionne's Official Site...

For those interested in find out more about Dionne, you can go to her official website:  - dead set legend (channelling my 16 year old self)


Ratings for the show last night have been posted on Zap2It - FOX's "Celebrity Duets" posted a 3.8/6 (Many thanks to LB for the news)

Celebrity Duets Video Clips - Lucy & Dionne Warwick

Week 3 - Episode #4

Added video clips of Lucy rehearsing, the song with Dionne (I Say A Little Prayer) and the judging.

the HQ version is 30 mb and the smaller version is 16 mb


Added screencaptures

Added mp3 audio file


Lucy on Celebrity Duets Support Petition

There is now a weekly petition for Lucy to thank her for her great effort on Celebrity Duets. If you would like to add your name, click here and sign away. The list and the messages will be sent to Lucy via Sharon Delaney.

Please note that if a screen comes up, and it asks you to donate, its not mandatory, and your message will be added.  The donation page actually tells you at the top, that your submission was accepted and added. 

Behind The Scenes Video

Lucy's site has been updated with a behind the scenes video and photo - Lucy just after performing with Dionne. Click here to download video


14 September 2006

Okay has everyone been training their nimble fingers for some digit tapping? Tonight is yet another Celebrity Duets voting night! If you are on the EAST coast of Australia, you may, hopefully, get to vote again for Lucy whilst voting is open for the east coast of the US (11 am to 1 pm Australian time).  If you are on the west coast of Oz, try voting on the West Coast US time. Wonder if Lucy will wear any of the dresses featured on her site. I sure hope she sings with Dionne Warwick.

Speaking of seems 5,000 votes for Lucy from New York didn't find their mark. Someone got it wrong and they went to a medical center instead...oh the poor receptionist/secretary...I bet they weren't all that thrilled.

Upcoming Q&A With Lucy

  • Over at Lucy's site there will be a Duets Q&A so if you want to ask Lucy a question about Celebrity Duets - now's your chance. Only 10 questions will be chosen by Sharon for Lucy to answer. If you want to ask a question send them to Sharon at with the subject: Lucy Duets Question.

    There is a deadline and that is Sunday night (US Time - Monday night Aussie time). The Questions and answers will be posted on the site as Lucy answers them.

Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion Season Two

For those interested in purchasing the BSG Official Companion Season Two you can do so by going to (hint: buying from Amazon helps ausxip). The book was written by David Bassom

Click here to order a copy from
Click here to view the Lucy scans


Upcoming Xena Convention News

The following is from Creation Entertainment:


We're happy to announce that one of our all-time fave guests, CLAIRE STANSFIELD (Alti) is returning to The Official XENA Convention scheduled for January 12-14, 2007 in Burbank, California.

Since her time on Xena Claire has had phenomenal success in the fashion business and we're grateful she is coming back to visit with all of us! She was always the best and we're so happy for her!

Claire will join Renee, Robert Trebor and Patrick Fabian (Rafe). For more info go here:

13 September 2006

Planet Xena News (ex Planet Xena)

Well it seems the astronomers are stick in the muds and didn't go with Mike Brown's suggestion that the new dwarf planet be called Xena and her moon Gabrielle. Boo hiss. Bad astronomers, bad.

To me it will be forever known as Planet Xena and her moon there.

Anyway the new name for the planet is called Eris (aka Discord).

Click here for the formal announcement

The christening of Eris, named after the Greek goddess of chaos and strife, was announced by the International Astronomical Union on Wednesday. Weeks earlier, the professional astronomers' group stripped Pluto of its planethood under new controversial guidelines. Eris' moon, nicknamed Gabrielle after Xena's traveling sidekick, also received a formal name: Dysnomia, the daughter of Eris known as the spirit of lawlessness


The following is from Mike Brown, that wonderful astronomer who called the new dwarf planet Xena and her moon Gabrielle - Good on ya Mike! A true Xenite.

-- And for the Xena fans out there, Eris (in her Latin guise as Discord) was a recurring character on X:WP. And, of course, the fact the moon is named Dysnomia, the goddess of lawlessness, is no coicidence!


-- Many thanks to Brandi for forwarding that email to me.


New Lucy Scan

This is a gorgeous b/w photo of Lucy from a photoshoot which was initially done back in 1997 as part of the Playstation photoshoot. Scanned by Roger

Click here for view larger scan and also the other images from this photoshoot


New Book Scans - Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion Season Two

12 September 2006

BSG Primer with Lucy

The 3 minute primer features lucy, very nice, even though its also a spoiler clip for s3, has footage from upcoming shows.

the flash on the left has a pic of lucy in it, too, while you watch the clip, various characters load.


Kenny Loggins Official Site with Lucy Pics

Kenny Loggins WebsiteKenny's official site (which I have to say is just so beautifully designed) has a report about Lucy singing with Kenny and a couple of pictures. Check it out
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Lucy's Celebrity Duets Designer...

  • Alek Adorian is the designer for Lucy's outfits (there's a picture of Alek and Lucy on Lucy's site) check out his official site and something else to look for, in the splash screen there is someone who is wearing Lucy's Footloose outfit. Check out Alek's site:
    many thanks to LB for the news

Celebrity Duets Upcoming Show - 14 September 2006

  • The Futon Critic has a Fox press release for the upcoming show on Thursday 14 September 2006 which lists the celebrity singers. If you don't want to be spoilt (is this a spoiler?) - don't read. many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Celebrity Duets Articles

A bit of trivia - this is the 10th time TV Guide has mentioned Lucy this year...

  • TV Guide 18 September 2006 - It seems there is a Lucy fan over at TV Guide. The latest issue has a small snippet about Duets and what they would like to see Lucy doing on the show. Funny.

Celebrity Duets PR - TV Promo

The lasted Duets TV promo features Lucy and Kenny Loggins singing Whenever I call You Friend  - Fox knows who is the popular choice it seems!  
Click here to download video clip
Contributed by Julie


Celebrity Duets PR - Extra - 8 September 2006

Lucy is not interviewed but shown with Hal Sparks and Cheech Marin
Click here to download video clip
Contributed by LB

Celebrity Duets PR - Extra - 9 September 2006

Lucy was featured on Extra 9 September 2006 - brief moment and she sings for the camera. Part of a larger segment about celebrities turning to reality tv
Click here to dowload video clip
Video created by Roger

Tickets for Celebrity Duets are now available for the following dates - it seems the tickets for the dress rehearsal for the 21 September are not yet online.

Thu September 14, 2006 2:30 PM
Full dress rehearsal! Come and then stay for the live show!

Thu September 14, 2006 4:30 PM
Fri September 15, 2006 4:30 PM
Thu September 21, 2006 4:30 PM
Fri September 22, 2006 4:30 PM

Possible Lucy Appearance

  • The TV Guide Channel will be hosting a special preview of FOX's fall TV lineup this week.  The show, entitled "FOX Fall Preview Special 2006," will air on TVGC for one hour, starting this Wednesday the 13th, at 7PM Eastern; with repeat airings Wednesday 13th at 10PM and on Saturday 16th at 11PM.  All times approximate to the Eastern US.  No word on whether this show will include Duets, or Lucy. Many thanks to Julie for the news

Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 News

  • IF Magazine has a review of the Season 3 premiere....Article contains SOME spoilers.  TV Review: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA SEASON 3 PREMIERE - "Occupation/Precipice"  Lucy Lawless returns in her recurring role as D'Ana Biers, and adds all kinds of fun into the mix.  Lawless is in one of her best roles since her career defining XENA, and it seems like she is enjoying herself.
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

11 September 2006

11 September 2006 - on this 5th anniversary of the monstrous murder of:

2752 in the World Trade Centre, 
92 on board Flight 11 - Plane that went into Tower 1
65 on board Flight 175 - Plane that went into Tower 2
64 on board Flight 77 - Plane that hit the Pentago
125 in the Pentagon
40 on board Flight 93 - the heroic passengers who took back control but lost their lives
when their plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

343 Firemen lost their lives going INTO the towers
60 Police officers also lost their lives

Remember them. You may not know their names but remember them. Remember the victims of Madrid, of London, of Bali and of all the places pure evil has left their murderous footprints.

Five years ago I was in the US when 9/11 happened. I was in Syracuse with a mate who got me into this fandom. I remember the outpouring of love that I received from all of you who offered me their homes to stay thinking I was stuck some place when all the planes were grounded. It touched me greatly. 14 days after 9/11 I flew to New York. I am a stubborn old goat and I wasn't going to let the murdering neanderthals win. I wasn't there to sightsee or gawk - I was there to support my mates. We eventually decided to take a cruise around the Hudson and that's when I met some extraordinary people and animals. I have never shown these pictures online before but I wanted to share them.

These men and women were search and rescue from Washington State. Their job was horrendous but they did it. They were ordered to take a break so they went on this cruise. The beautiful dog with them was a cadaver dog - such a beautiful animal and so gentle. He rummaged through my backpack which was on the floor looking for treats. I let him <g>

I want to leave you with quote that was true when Ghandi, a man of peace, uttered these words and it's true today:

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it – always.

...Mahatma Ghandi

10 September 2006

Book Announcement

It is with great pleasure I announce that my novels will now be published by
PD Publishing.

In the Blood of the Greeks Ed. 3 (book 1 in the Eva and Zoe series) and Where Shadows Linger (sequel to In the Blood of the Greeks) should be out in early 2007.

You can find out more on my fiction site The Next Chapter  with illustrations of the characters by Lucia Nobrega.

I am very excited to be working with PD Publishing.

Battle On

The Bard's Corner


  • Still: My Will, My Way, My Warrior (Complete) by Iseqween
    Lao Ma reminisces about experiences that led her to rescue and seek partnership with the physically and emotionally crippled young female warlord portrayed in the episodes DEBT I and II, whom Caesar helped create in DESTINY. For Dany.

Xena Oxygen Schedule

  • For those catching Xena on Oxygen the time that is listed is 8 am but it has been showing at 7 am. Many thanks to Sue for the heads up.

9 September 2006

Lawless Ink Update

Lucy has sent in a new message thanking everyone for their support! In addition to Lucy's message, there is a gorgeous photo fo Lucy and Kenny! 

Click here to read!


Naked Eye Camera Auction Update

I am very pleased to say that Edgar has once again agreed to host the pictures here on AUSXIP. EXTREMELY generous once again! Once they are developed, they will be posted for all to share.

  • The winner of the auction was once again Edgar! Congrats Edgar to the tune of $3,550.00. The first camera went for $3,350.

    Grand total for two cameras was $6,900.00!

Celebrity Duets PR Photos

Added a promo pic of Lucy with Kenny Loggins to the Celebrity Duets Promo Gallery

Click here to view
Many thanks to LB for the image

Duets Ratings from Last Night from Zap2It Site.

  • The "Celebrity Duets" results show, 3.0/5, on FOX tied for third with CBS' special "Fashion Rocks" (FOX had a few more total viewers). "Reba" and "Living with Fran" closed the night for The WB.

8 September 2006

Celebrity Duets - Week 2 Elimination / Results

That was so much fun! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did - I LOVE the song Footloose - took me back 22 years to my own footloose and fancy free days. It was and still is one of my all time favourite songs. Lucy rocked! She was just downright awesome and I loved the group singing One Way or Another. I want to say a special thanks to Roger for the video clips and screencaptures - awesome work mate!

Added video and audio clips from Lucy's very raunchy duet with Kenny Loggins "Footloose"  Click here to download video and audio

Added screencaptures


Added video and audio clips from Lucy and the rest of the singers singing "One Way or Another"

Added screencaptures


Celebrity Duets PR - E! News

Lucy being goofy with Hal Sparks - E! News 8 September 2006 had a behind the scenes look of Celebrity Duets. The actual segment had no Lucy but the trailer did.

Click here to download E! News 8 September 2006



With all the excitement over Duets, the Naked Eye Camera auction has been going on and the bidding is up to $3,550 with one day to go!  As Little Richard would say....My my my, wow wow, hmm hmmm... <vbg>

Celebrity Duets PR - The Insider

The Insider 7 September 2006 had an interview with Smokey Robinson about his duet with Lucy and Celebrity Duets.

Click here to download clip


Celebrity Duets - Elimination round....

Celebrity Duets TONIGHT - we find out who is leaving from the show after the big vote. The ratings are in for Duets and according to Zap2It:

  • A second "Grey's Anatomy," 5.5/9, moved ABC ahead of FOX's "Celebrity Duets," 4.5/7. many thanks to LB for the news

Battlestar Galactica - Season 3 Episode Promos


New high res photo of Lucy as D'anna from the Season 3 episode "Precipice" which will be the second episode shown on 6 October.

Lucy's photo #1 Lucy photo #2 and Lucy photo #3


7 September 2006

Celebrity Duets - Episode #2 - Lucy singing with Kenny Loggins

Video & Audio Clips

Added song intro with Lucy rehearsing, Lucy singing  "Whenever I Call You Friend" with Kenny Loggins plus judges comments
Video created by Roger

Added mp3 sound file of Lucy singing with Kenny




Added screencaptures of Lucy rehearsing, Singing with Kenny Loggins and the judging.


My Mini Review

I thought Lucy did quite well - okay so she missed a few words (it's not like the song isn't missing a verse or two). Lucy is still nervous. This reminds me of a cricketer who was poetry in motion when he got going. At first he was so scratchy, figety and downright uncomfortable but after a while he started playing his shots and was as I said, poetry in motion (for the cricket lovers out there...Mark Waugh). Now back to Lucy. Lucy will relax and will start having some fun. In the meantime she is giving it her all and I applaud her. Good on ya Lucy! Click here to read more

Backstage Pictures & Video of Lucy

Celebrity Duets Ticket Information

  • Fri September 08, 2006 2:30 PM
  • Thu September 14, 2006 4:30 PM - THE COMPETITION HEATS UP!
  • Fri September 15, 2006 4:30 PM

Celebrity Duets:

Lucy will be performing tonight (US) and voting will get underway - the results will be known on Friday 8 September.

Video clips of Lucy's performances will be up shortly after barring any major hiccup.

Reminder - tune into ET tonight to see a behind the scenes look at Duets.

Reminder - if you wish to grab some Support Lucy Banners - please do so from here

6 September 2006

VCR Alert - Entertainment Tonight

ET will be featuring a behind the scenes look of Celebrity Duets on
US - 07 September 2006 (US) AUS / NZ - 8 September 2006 TCN9 at 3:30 pm or Foxtel at 11:50 pm


Lucy mention

  • IF Magazine has an interview with James Callis (Baltar) of BSG that mentions Lucy and some upcoming Lucy spoilers. Click if you want to be spoilt. Part 1 of the interview is online now.

Lucy Articles

  • TV Guide - 11 September 2006 - brief article about a show called Crossroads and a brief mention about Celebrity Duets (in particular Lucy and Smokey) - they include the gorgeous promo pic of Lucy.
  • Daily News (US) 31 August 2006 Fox's 'Duets' Is Music To Our Ears... Apparently, though, the third time's the charm. "Celebrity Duets" has all the right ingredients - good premise, likable host, well-selected talent and judges - and should get even more enjoyable quickly as participants and judges find their rhythms and sea legs.
  • Brady sings 'Duets' praises Wilmington Morning Star - Wilmington,NC,USA
    ... Among them are Lucy Lawless, Lea Thompson, Queer Eye culture vulture Jai Rodriguez, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro and former WWE champ Chris ...

Celebrity Duets Tickets

You can now order tickets for the full dress rehearsal for the 7 September show!

  • Thu September 07, 2006 2:30 PM  FULL DRESS REHEARSAL!
  • Thu September 07, 2006 4:30 PM
  • Fri September 08, 2006 2:30 PM

Battlestar Galactica

  • Lucy's site has been updated with a behind the scenes pic of Lucy as D'anna from Season 3. The episode name isn't mentioned. Go and have a squizz. Spoilerish for those who are wanting to keep spoiler free.

5 September 2006

Battlestar Galactica

More Hi Res Promo pics of Lucy - The following is from the Dark Thoughts Site

These are from the first episode of season 3 - Occupation - the other photos on the site are spoiler rich so if you are keeping spoiler free...don't click.
Many thanks to Roger for the news

Lucy Lawless1BSGaeC06.jpg

New timeslot for BSG - The following is from the FutonCritic site

  • BSG Moving to 9pm Friday
    9:00/8:00c - "Battlestar Galactica" (as of October 6)
    The delayed starts for "Galactica" and "Threshold" are due to the
    expanded season premieres of both "Doctor Who" and "Galactica" itself.



  • The new BSG webisodes The Resistance is now available. These webisodes will bridge the gap between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. You can view them online at  - new webisodes will be posted Tuesday and Thursday. Lucy is not in the first webisode.
    Many thanks to Mesh for the news


4 September 2006

I was rather excited to find out that Rosie O'Donnell was going to be on the talk show The View - Rosie is just so sassy and honest. I was fortunate to discover that my foxtel IQ (Aussie brand of tivo) caught a promo for Rosie joining the View and it's hysterically funny - Rosie can sing (Rosie was Rizzo in Grease), the others can't and Barbara Walters doesn't even try :) The logo in the middle of the screen is from the Women's channel W.

Click here to view the promo

Celebrity Duets Articles

Celebrity Duets PR - New TV Promo

  • This one doesn't feature Lucy but it's absolutely hysterical. They feature that madcap judge Little Richard. Translators are Standing By...LOL!
    Click here to download


3 September 2006


Celebrity Duets Audio Files

In addition to the video clips of Lucy singing with Michael and then with Smokey, I've added two mp3 audio files of the two songs.

Celebrity Duets PR - Radio With A Twist mp3

Lucy was interviewed by Radio With a Twist on 27 August about Celebrity Duets and Battlestar Galactica. If you haven't heard the interview you can now download it.

Renee News

Renee is maintaining her #1 spot on the Lesbianation Poll
Click here to vote for Renee at #1 and to vote for Lucy at #3



2 September 2006

Greater Good Project - World Vision

Back in February 2006, I had floated the idea of people contributing to World Vision just by giving $1 and how it can change a child's life forever. The idea was that if 1400 people donated $1 (this was on the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club list which at the time had 1400 members) then it would be enough to sponser at least 3 children for a year or 1 child for 3 years. There are over 6,000 people who visit AUSXIP (not counting those who come back more than once a day) every day.

This was inspired by Lucy's World Vision documentary "Five Days in Bangladesh" where she went to Bangladesh and saw first hand the work that World Vision is doing in that country. It is truly inspirational and heartbreaking. Inspirational what a few dollars can do to help a community and heartbreaking to see the lives of those who have yet to benefit from this help.

From that idea, Donna at the Power of Xena site has set up a donation form to help sponser a child and in less than 24 hours the money was raised to sponser a child.

His name is Jewul. You can help with the sponsorship of Jewul and continue the great work Lucy has done and continues to do. The money donated DOES make a difference. Click here to read more about Jewul

This fandom is truly kind hearted and generous; I've never been in a fandom that cares so much and does things for the greater good as the Xenaverse (I've been involved in several fandoms going back to 1987).

If you prefer to give directly to World Vision you can do so from the following sites:

World Vision - Australia
World Vision - Canada
World Vision - NZ
World Vision - UK
World Vision - USA

and now back to Celebrity Duets News...

Check this out - this is one lucky fan who got a VIP ticket courtesy of Chris Jericho and had a Lucy moment. Read his blog

Click here to read his blog and view a larger pic
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

New Message from Lucy and CD pic on her site:

Thanks for all your good vibes for last night.  I have to say that it was one of the most joyous experiences of my life.  I never for one second thought I would even meet Smokey Robinson, let alone sing with him.  I really tried to pay attention and breathe him in so as not to miss a thing.  He was the main reason I came on the show in the first place.  Even if I were to get voted off next week, I can only say THANK-YOU!!  Read More...


1 September 2006

Lucy Interviews - Video and Screencaptures

Inside Edition - 30 August 2006

Lucy is interviewed after the first show on Inside Edition about Celebrity Duets and her earpiece malfunction just before she was due to go on stage to sing "Oh, Baby Baby" with Smokey Robinson. Click here to download video clip and screencaptures

Inside Edition - 29 August 2006

Lucy was interviewed on Inside Edition 29 August 2006 about Duets - she also sings "I'm An Old Cowhand" - the song she chose as her Duets audition.


Celebrity Duets Articles

  • NZ Herald - 2 September 2006 Xena's singing impresses on US reality TV show  Lucy Lawless has gone from belting out battle cries as Xena to belting out classic hits on American reality TV. The former star of Xena Warrior Princess this week debuted on Celebrity Duets, alongside a pro wrestler, an Olympic gymnast, various comedians and the dorky cousin Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Celebrity Duets Promo Pics

The official Celebrity Duets site has a gorgeous photo of the cast of CD!

Beautiful! Check it out here


Celebrity Duets Promo Pics

Upcoming Magazine Update

The following is from Barbara Davies:

  • Alas, it looks like the Battlestar Galactica Starburst Special #77 that I mentioned a little while ago doesn't feature an interview with Lucy, though it has nearly everyone else from BSG! Let's hope she's in some of the pics/posters. SClick here to order a copy of Starburst Special #77, Special 2006  (Reference #S77) Scheduled publication date September 06 2006



Click here for August 2006 Xena Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Updates

Click here for more Archived News



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