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September 1998

30 September 1998

Please check the What's New on Fan Fiction Trekking for new fan fic about Star Trek and Babylon 5 - I am now accepting submissions for both series.

New Section: Season 4 Screen Grabs
New Section: Bellybutin's Gabby Toons!

29 September 1998

28 September 1998

27 September 1998

I hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Georges is okay! The news reports of it look nasty!

ET Alert for Aussies: Monday (28 September 1998) we will see the ET segment that we missed out due to the weekend! Channel 9 at 11:30 am.

26 September 1998

ET Preview (for show on 25 Sep 98) screen grabs: -

Be warned these screen grabs SPOIL upcoming episodes in a MAJOR way.

25 September 1998

Many thanks to all those people who emailed me with good wishes and cards :-) It was a huge day for me - Thank you all and I will try and answer all the emails asap! I got over 300 birthday wishes!

- 3 Days left till the premiere of Adventures in the Sin Trade 1

TV ALERT: Tune into ET tomorrow!

ET Snap

23 September 1998

The Bard's Corner additions


22 September 1998

CONGRATULATIONS TO LUCY: Lucy has been awarded two awards
International Entertainer of the Year AND Entertainer of the Year! in New Zealand - Good on ya Lucy!

Two magazine alerts: New Weekly & Who Weekly both have a stunning pic of Lucy with THAT dress on. No pictures of Renee.

Video Alert: K-Mart (Australia) is now selling Hercules & Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus - the animated movie.

Now Available in Australia:  Hercules: The Xena Trilogy of Warrior Princess, The Gauntlet & Unchained Heart.

21 September 1998

Many moons ago I wrote my first Xena Fan fic story called The Price of Silence.
I was inspired by Barron with his fanfic story covers and have created my first Fanfic Cover. Click on the thumbnail for the full pic.

The Price of Silence

The Bard's Corner Additions:

Dee has updated The XIP Artwork Section:

20 September 1998

19 September 1998

18 September 1998

NEWFLASH: Lucy on SNL on the 17th October 1998 - Lucy announced it on Leno's show

New Section: XWP Screen Grabs

Folks if the rumour that Lucy will be appearing on Saturday Night Live is true (I got fingers and toes crossed) Aussies can see this show on Foxtel on Arena (Channel 14). Just confirmed with Foxtel that SNL is shown the next day after it airs in the US! So should Lucy appear on SNL - we won't be left out in the cold :-)

Coming Soon - as soon as I can add them <g> Screen grabs from televised preview from Adventures in the Sin Trade Part 1! Should be up in a day or so!

Coming Soon: Screen grabs from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

  • Magazine Alert: Lucy will be in People Magazine's coverage of the Emmys -
    no idea if they will feature Renee. Updated The Lawless Alert
  • Updated Rumours of the Xenaverse - Possible TV appearance by Lucy
  • Lucy has been nominated for 2 NZ awards! Updated The Lawless Alert with details about the nominations.
  • Magazine Alert: Films of Fantasy - August Issue - Has The Dyanamic Duo on the cover!
  • Posted Festival - Part 9 (Alt) by Melissa Good
  • Removed all stories by L. Fox from The Bard's Corner at author's request


17 September 1998

Wow what a week! Okay for those who have been hanging out for this:

16 September 1998

15 September 1998

Oh wow guys! check out the pic from The Emmy Awards! This is a full body shot with Renee's arm around Lucy's waist!

: Lucy & Renee will be appearing on ET TONIGHT! Aussies - time 11:30 am and 2:00 am on Channel 9! Set those VCRs!

It's taken a while but I finally managed to get some photos scanned from Sydney's Mardi Gras with The 120 Marching Xena's!

I would like to welcome a new bard to The Bard's Corner - Lyssa (Bard #121)

14 September 1998

Magazine Alert: See above box for details! Lucy & Rolling Stone Magazine!

12 September 1998

11 September 1998


10 September 1998

Information is coming thick and fast for Season 4 now!

9 September 1998

I'm quite sure the following Season 4 tidbit will increase XWS but don't blame me...blame Robert Tapert and Sharon Delaney for passing it on :-)

  • Added report about the Lucy Lawless narrated documentary called Love Hurts on NZ TV recently

I would like to welcome the 120th Bard to The Bard's Corner - Nusi Dekker

Dee added new artwork to Main Artwork by:

8 September 1998

New season starts September 28, 1998...does anyone want to pay for my ticket to the US to be there for it? Any takers? :-)


Personally I was ecstatic when I heard the news from Missy but then I'm easily excitable :-)

Check out the Season 4 Rumours Section! Some interesting bits are:

  • Find out about the Joxer & Gabrielle Romance...will it be or won't it!
  • Find out Upcoming Episodes & Xena & Gabrielle's Relationship!
    (Many thanks to Melissa Good for the information!)

6 September 1998

5 September 1998

Info on Topps Official Xena Magazine...looks like #3 was the last one done by Topps and there won't be anymore...unless Universal gives the licence to someone else! More info as it comes in will be posted here.

TV Alert: Lucy will be at The Emmys - September 13! Not as a presenter but as an attendee!

New message from Rocweb to all Renee's Fans

Bren has updated The Bards of the Xenaverse Interviews with:

  • Auryn, Jamie Boughen, Phil D. Hernandez, Ogami (Updated interview)

Dee has updated The XIP Artwork Section with these new artists and additions!

4 September 1998

Montage Update: You know XWS/GWS is getting REAL bad right now :-)
I'm going back to Season 1! Here is a bit of useless trivia...I had created a WP montage many moons ago and just like the Warrior .. Princess (do I see a trend here....) montage of the last day or so, I wasn't happy with it. Anyway I didn't really have another look at this montage for a long time and so I happily created the new one. I went back to have a look at the old one and I was quite surprised that I actually used some of the same pics!!! ;-) I don't know about you but it struck me as funny...either that or I really need to be taken to the funny farm :-)

I am very pleased to introduce a new bard - ArdentTly (Bard #119). Her first ever story "The Grecian Affair" is quite special IMO. I'm not a big UberXena fan but I really really enjoyed this one! Highly recommended!

3 September 1998

Montage Update: I created The Gauntlet - this actually is a revised version of the montage that I had done some time ago. I wasn't too happy with it and since I can't leave things alone..I had to redo it :-) This also doubles as a Bad Xena montage! <g>

Folks I want to comment on the following story. I found the following story immensly enjoyable. It's a "first time story" and I have seldom found fanfic that depict the "first time" as well as this does. I think it's on par with Heaven Down Here. It's a big story -  270k, I firmly believe that it's a very good read! I highly recommend it.

Dee has added 5 new artists to the XIP Artwork Section:

Added more artwork by:

1 September 1998

Sad News time: Xena hasn't won an Emmy for Bitter Suite. That "honour" goes to The Simpsons...urgh!

Dee has been busy in the Artwork section. She has added three new artists

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