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September 30
(by XIP Staffer Shari)

Hi all, this is Shari I will be doing the updates while Mary is out having a little holiday. One thing to note, I am in the US so for the Aussies, it's going to seem like things are a day behind. But, don't worry, they're not. :-) '

Mary thought you'd get a kick out of the following.  Check out the cast list for these shows from the Internet Movie Database. Sam and Rob sure make things interesting...(Thanks to Joanne for the links)

Jack of all Trades: http://us.imdb.com/Title?0201694 (Antonia Sabata Jr?, Brittany Spears?)
Cleopatra 2525: http://us.imdb.com/Title?0206476 (Amarice as Cleo..hmmmm)

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29 September

On the 1st October I will be going on a 5 day holiday to Melbourne, Victoria (for non Aussies - that's the state south of my home state of New South Wales). In my absence, XIP Staffers Shari and Carol will be updating the site. Carolwill be uploading the screengrabs for Chakram and Shari will update any late breaking news/fanfic whilst I'm away. I will be back online 6th October.

MaryD's Montages Updates

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Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventures

The Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventures is a new section of AXIP. Many of you have seen Lucia's logos (here on the what's new page and fanfic pages). There will be a weekly comic strip dealing with the Little Adventures of the dynamic duo. Personally I find them quite entertaining and I hope you will as well.

The Bard's Corner Updates

28 September

Roc Maniac has created a Channel 10 Petition/Protest page. The petition pushes for Xena Season 5 to be put on at a later timeslot, without the bad edits and have better advertising for the show. The URL is http://members.tripod.com/sxia/  

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27 September

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There is an article about Melissa Good and Xena in the Dallas Voice Newspaper. Lynn Harper informs me that this issue of  the Dallas Voice is the biggest of the year  and it's also the Dallas Gay Pride weekend and also Black Tie Dinner (Human Rights Campaign fundraiser). It's always nice to see a hard working bard get the recognition they deserve.

The XIP Multimedia Section Updates

Screengrabs created by AXIP Staffer Judi Mair

26 September

MaryD's Montages

Well we are one day out of the premiere on Fallen Angel and I couldn't let it go so I created #5 montage from Ides of March.

25 September

In The Xenaverse Section Updates

Many thanks to JJ from Club Ted News for the following information:

SANTA BARBARA-METRO ENTERTAINMENT invites you to meet actor Ted Raimi, "Joxer" from the Xena:Warrior Princess TV, Saturday October 16th - from
1pm - 3pm.

Ted Raimi stars in the wildly popular Xena: Warrior Princess TV series as
"Joxer the Mighty", the devoted but bumbling friend of Xena. Loyal to a
fault, "Joxer" uses whatever small warrior talent he has to defend his
friend Xena, and her companion Gabrielle. Known for his original fighters'
ballads, he has yet to confess his feelings for his true love, Gabrielle.
Mr. Raimi is also known for his role on television's Seaquest. Mr. Raimi
will be signing autographs and taking pictures with his fans, and
answering questions about his career.

Mr. Raimi is available for pre-signing interviews for those interested.
For more information, contact:

Robert Ficarra @
Metro Entertainment
6 W. Anapamu
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Magazine Alert: Renee will be in the November Issue of STARLOG
Updated ROC Alert

The Bard's Corner Updates

I would like to take a moment to say that if you haven't read T. Novan's Raising Melosa series then you are missing out on a great series of fan fiction. TN has weaved a great story and has given me hours of pleasure as I read and reread these. The following two stories are her best yet in my opinion. For what it's worth I never thought I would see Gabrielle utter words to Xena that the following two stories do and it's heartbreaking. But not all is what it seems...go and have a read! XIPPY material this series.


24 September

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23 September

Xenaverse News Updates

The following is REALLY cool and it's an Aussie school that is doing it! I was contacted yesterday by Phil Dodd, the Drama teacher at Wanniassa High (High School) in the ACT (The Australian Capital Territory - where our nation's capital is)

Phil wrote: "After some months of negotiations I was able to get the nod of approval from Renaissance Pictures (& Studios USA) to use "The Bitter Suite" as the basis for a stage musical where my Drama students at Wanniassa High in the ACT had to convert it from the screen to the stage. This unofficial, non-profit, purely educational exercise is as far as we know a world-first & is progressing along well with the students even researching the e-archives to create their own Prequel so to explain the later action & many characters who appear. All things going well we are looking at a Mid-November completion date for the exercise."

Phil will keep me in touch with how this is going!


For all those Xenites interested in buying/selling/trading their Xena stuff...there is now a message board created by Vampirella email address: vampirella@iname.com


For those who were interested in the Amphipolis excavations and the web site that I linked to back on the 13th September...Einar sent me another website but this time it's for Potideia (the real one)

Xena mention time:
The October issue of Starlog (#267, page 74)   in an article entitled "Maternal Menace." The mag's front page promo reads

"Hercules - The Mother of All Monsters." Pat Jankiewicz wrote this article about Bridget Hoffman (Echidna) and the relevant part reads: As Hercules and Xena -- and their numerous allies and cohorts -- frequently cross paths, might we see Echidna try to kill a certain Warrior Princess? "Why not? She lives in the same neighborhood, they run into the same people and," Hoffman smiles coyly, "Echidna's not dead."
Many thanks to Cindy for that alert

Now for some real Amazon Queen Screen saver action!



New in the Cool Pixels Xena Screensaver Series II

G01 Gabrielle: Chapter 4 'The Quest'

(Part 1 of 2)

Gabrielle, still haunted by her memories of loss, prepares to burn Xena's body in an Amazon funeral pyre. But before the casket burns, Xena, in the body of Autolycus, steals it away. Gabrielle follows and discovers her friend is not completely dead, but soon will be unless the life giving ambrosia is found.

Finally I've finished it, and its so big I have to release in to two parts. First is part 1, and soon will be part 2. Its been a very very long time coming, so I hope you all like it.

So download, install, hit preview, kick back and relax in front of some pure Gabrielle Amazon Queen action.

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The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIPPY AwardsI was amazed at the feedback these Awards have generated - thank you all for your emails and your suggestions. Today there are 4 XIPPY Awards - check them out...also coming very soon are the Fanfic Reviews. Stay tuned for that.

The Graphics Archive Updates

Upcoming Merchandise

Xena Knife


"Xena Collector Knife" made by the Franklin Mint.
The cost is $37.50 (US$) plus tax and SH.
Many thanks to Dee  for this alert



From Amazon.com

"Xena: Warrior Princess: Prima's Official Strategy Guide"
by Mel Odom

List: $12.99 -- Our Price: $10.39 -- You Save: $2.60 (20%)

Subjects: Computer Books: General; Computer Bks - Games; Games; Video  & Electronic - Sony Playstation; Entertainment & Games - IBM Compatible; Computers

22 September

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Magazine Alert:
Pro Audio Review - September Issue has a large article about post sound production on XWP. Many thanks to Mandy for that alert.

The XIP Artwork Section Updates
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The Artwork section has been getting a face lift and Lucia has created a great logo for it that's really super!

21 September

The XIP Multimedia Section Updates

lucy-film1.jpg (3214 bytes)Many thanks to NZJester for the following! Lucy appeared in a video clip in a Neil Finn music video honouring the All Black Rugby Team (The All Blacks are New Zealand's National Rugby Team) for the upcoming World Cup.



lucy-film2.jpg (3441 bytes)

The other file is Lucy's short interview about the film clip. Both files require Real Player G2




The ever talented Lucia who has been doing the wonderful new logos for me of the little Xena and litte Gabrielle got a scanner and she sent me this cartoon to mark the event...I couldn't stop laughing. So I'm sharing it!
Little Xena and Little Gabrielle With Lucia's Scanner

The XIP News Archive Updates

thm_newxenamag.jpg (6099



Here is the new Xena cover for The Official Xena Magazine by Titan (Many thanks to Daniela for the scan) and the blurb about the new magazine!




The Bard's Corner Updates

20 September

Updated Xena Float 2000 Information Page with correct link to the Message Board

Updated Creation News with information about Gabrielle's Staff for Sale and exciting news about the Hercules and Xena Cabaret in San Francisco on Saturday evening, October 16th.

For a cheaper alternative to Creation's Gabrielle Staff - check out Sterling Entertainment - they have a staff (similar to the Gab Staff sold by Creation) for $32 (US$) - contact them at http://www.stirlingentertainment.com/ or contact John Stirling on stirling@bigpond.net.au 

Updated Season 5 Rumours Page about the FX budget for Fallen Angel

For those wondering where Renee was while Lucy was dining with Prez Clinton...Sharon Delaney reports that she was on holidays.

Well another poll is happening and this time it's to vote for the top 100 tv programmes! Their blurb says:

The following Top 100 contains the most popular tv programs at this time. Vote for a tv program in this chart if you think other people should see it too.

Xena is coming in at #12
Many thanks to Fran for the alert

Newsguy web site has published a review of The Way - it mentions the efforts the fans put in for the petition to get the show back into syndication.

The XIP News Archive Update

Magazine Alert:
The National Review Magazine (US) September 13 Issue has a one page article called "Dressed to Kill" - It's about the show and is quite a good article.
Many thanks to Cousin Liz for the alert

Femme Fatales #8 Issue has a lot of Xena articles and in the coming days I will be adding the scans from the magazine (many thanks to nlivin for the scans)

The Bard's Corner Updates

Fanfic Review:
Anne Azel has created yet another series which I think is just absolutely fantastic. Following on from her Encounter Series - and for those that haven't read that series - may I suggest you strongly go and read it because it's brilliant. The Seasons series started with Autumn Winds and now the second part, Winter Snows, is now available. It follows the lives of Robbie Williams a big time actress/producer and Janet a school teacher/prinicipal. As Anne describes it  "There are no great adventures of dramatic fight scenes. Seasons just deals with the quiet sort of courage that it takes to be female and/or gay in today's world. The stories need to be read in the order they are posted." I love this series.

18 September

xippylogo.jpg (7708 bytes)


I'm taking a few days off to get rid of a nasty head cold but in the meantime I've created the XIPPY Awards - Check it out! Click on the image to take you to the section

Coming Soon:
The XIP Fan Fiction Reviews Section





17 September

I was recently contacted by Ferdi who is a Brazillian fan as well as by others, in connection with a post I added here on the 23rd August. It had to do with the dubbing of Xena and the actors that did the dubbing. The Brazilian Xenites were mounting a protest against the actors who dub the voices for Xena and Gabrielle. The actor who dubs the voice for Lucy, Sheila Dorfmann, made some remarks that offended some of the Brazilian fans. The letter below indicates otherwise:

"Many Brazillian fans were sad to find out that other fans had started a petition asking Studios USA to subtitle XWP and to stop the dubbing. Ms Dorfmann expressed her opinion and she has that right as the person who does the dubbing for the Xena character. Most people prefer to listen to the original actor's voices...

Both women are as talented as Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor and I'm quite sure they don't appreciate the "reception" from Brazillian fans who watch the show.

This message is only to show that Sheila and Sylvia have the support of many Brazilian fans who love their work!"

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The Bard's Corner Updates

I had miscounted and I've just found out that Carole Giorgio is the 200th Bard on The Bard's Corner!

16 September

Announcing: The Year 2000 Xena Float in the Sydney Lesbian & Gay Mardi Gras
The Information Web Page is now up and running and will be updated as new information about the float becomes available.

To those who asked what I thought of Cyber DJ and that email of his...lets just say if he wanted me to believe that..then I have a slightly used 50 year old bridge to sell him here in Sydney <g> Going cheap just in time for the Olympics.

Watching The Xenaverse Updates

Schatzi Puckhafer, the VP Marketing for Creative Licences emailed me to announce that they have launched their Xena and Hercules web site to showcase their products. They can now offer sculpures directly to the consumers worldwide through their web site. They have both Xena and Hercules cold cast procelain sculptures. Check them out at http://www.creativelicenses.com 

Sqashing a a rumour:

No Lucy has not had the baby yet - I've received a few emails on the rumour that Lucy has already given birth...I don't think this is true folks..she had dinner with President Clinton yesterday so I doubt she had the baby <g> The baby is due in October. Not long to go.

And on that dinner with Prez Clinton...she was dining with the Prez, his daughter Chelsea, Temeura Morrison (Once Were Warriors fame) and Chris O'Donnell). Madeline "I want to be Xena" Albright was at the APEC talks as well in NZ.

The Bard's Corner Updates

I am pleased to announce the addition of two new bards to The Bard's Corner! Welcome to Ximena and Carole Giorgio

I've redesigned TBC again - added a new logo by Lucia and restructured it.

The XIP News Archive Updates

The following is from Nitefal:

The latest issue of the FEMME FATALES Magazine( Vol.8, #6 ) is heavy with Xena-related articles. The cover of the magazine is a beautiful piece of artwork by David Voigt. It shows Lucy Lawless, from the waist up, reclining in a sheer black dress, her long hair cascading to her shoulders. Behind her is a large chakram, inside of which is Xena in full battle gear with chakram in hand.

Inside the mag., there are five articles on the show, and covers four ofits actresses; Lawless, Stansfield( Alti ), Tydings( Aphrodite ), and Rappaport( Otere ). Altogether, the articles span about two dozen pages( including 35 photos of various sizes ). I haven't had time to read much of the magazine yet; but glancing through it, it seems to cover a lot of old ground, with some new stuff thrown in. The specific articles are :

1) "Xena Warrior Princess" by Dan Scapperotti. This is the main article. Mr. Scapperotti wrote a couple of other Xena articles for this magazine in the past. While this article is not identical, it does cover Lawless in Xena from 'day one'. It includes Lawless' first few seasons of XENA, her accident, "Grease", the animated movie, and the subtext issue. From my quick glance through, the article doesn't appear to cover recent events much, if at all.

2) "Producing Xena Warrior Princess" by Dan Scapperotti, covers Rob Tapert. Once again, a lot of previously told, Tapert history and his thoughts on the show.

3) "Evil Witch Alti " by Jake Woods, concerns actress Claire Stansfield.Most of this article appears new( at least to me ), as it covers Stansfield's entire career, with a lot of "interesting" remarks by Claire. Her article is three pages long with 2 b/w photos as Alti; 1-b/w photo as the feral woman in the X-Files "The Jersey Devil"(apparently X-File's Duchovny has helped her land a couple of roles); and 1-b/w photo as herself in a two-piece swimsuit. As I said, I've only skimmed through all of these articles, but I still got a chuckle or two from some of Claire's comments that I happened across.

4) "Xena's Aphrodite" by James G. Boutlier on Alexandra Tydings, is six pages long( with 7 photos, including one two-page color, full-body shot of her as Aphrodite ). This article appears to be strictly about Alexandra's HERC & XENA Aphrodite character, and her 'take' on her.

5) "Sheeri Rappaport Xena's Otere " by Sheeri Rappaport, where the actress basically describes how her role went on XENA. The article is billed as her 'Sin Trade' Diary, where she describes some events that took place during the 'shooting'. Two pages, three photos. Here's what she says about Lawless : "Lucy Lawless ? Her blue crystal eyes slice thru long, dark locks of hair. She's beautiful. Sorry, ladies, she is nice. Sorry guys, she is smart." She also praises the Kiwis who run the nuts-and-bolts operation behind the scenes.

15 September

Update on Mr Cyber DJ and that rip off site...well he sent me a note which I don't know whether to laugh or to scream. I don't usually do this but I'm adding the email here.
Click here to read it

For Israeli Xenites: There is an exclusive and quite big interview with Lucy in this week's People Magazine (the Hebrew one). Lucy had visited Israel in 1994.
Many thanks to Tal for that information!

New Xena Game

'Barbarians aren't the only ones that will need a change of underwear.  Minotaurs and Meduses are just a few of the creatures that will fall before your legendary looks. Throw a Chakram. Cast a spell. Crack a rib with a bicycle kick as you carve your way through seven mythological worlds. Because every sword-swinging princess knows, the quickest way to a man's heart is through his sternum. www.xenagame.com

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14 September

To all the Xenites in the path of Hurricane Floyd...keep your head down folks and well don't blow away! Seriously though - I hope everyone doesn't get too much Floyd attention. We don't get that sort of thing in Sydney and the closest we've come to it are huge hail storms. Up north around Queensland and the Northern Territory they get Cyclones - Cyclone Tracy ripped apart Darwin in December 1974 and destroyed the whole city.

The Bard's Corner Updates

Added a new bard to The Bard's Corner - AJCoker

The XIP News Archive Update

13 September

Watching The Xenaverse Updates

  • The following interviews are on the Dutch Xena & Herc Fan Club Page

    An interview with Orci (mainly on Hercules since it was for our Herc tribute issue): http://www.xena.demon.nl/interviews/Orci.html
    An interview with Robert Field (this is an old one, done back in October
    1997): http://www.xena.demon.nl/interviews/field.html 
  • For Ted Raimi fans there will be an online fan club (the Official fan club was disbanded due to various reasons. The club is called Club Ted Worldwide and will be run by JJ at JJ@tedraimifan.com  or Sheri Morrison, at lovingtate@airmail.net .
    There is also a list you can join to stay in touch with how the club is going You can subscribe to clubtednews-subscribe@onelist.com 

  • Ted Raimi (Xena's Joxer, seaQuest's Lt. O'Neill) will at Metro Comix in Santa Barbara, CA on Saturday, October 16 1pm, signing autographs and taking pictures with his fans!  Many thanks to JJ for that news from Club Ted Worldwide
  • Eva Allen discovered a very interesting site it has some good photos of excavations and restored parts of ancient Amphipolis. Here's the address, in case anyone is interested:

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12 September

Oy vey what a weekend :-\

Firstly I want to thank everyone for their support. As much as this was an idiotic ploy by this Cyber DJ who is Canadian and still put up the AUSNews section (dumb...). Thank you to everyone who emailed XOOM, emailed Cyber DJ and who emailed me with their support. I was very frustrated yesterday and angry. The "Xenaverse News" has been removed but he still has Rebekah's EXCELLENT artwork on his front page.

The Xenaverse is a very small community - we have our share of mini disputes but let me say I feel rather all warm and fuzzy this morning about this fandom.

Normal updates will resume tomorrow after XIP stops being the news and starts to report it again.

Thank you.


11 September

I got a very nice surprise in my inbox this morning - a new logo for XIP :-) William King designed it and I think it's great and I thought occured to me why did I think of it <g> Check it out - I think it represents this site beautifully! Many thanks to William!


Here is something special - I was contacted by the band ASAGIRI - they have a 1 minute sample of their remix of the Xena theme which is a 7 minute club mix. Go and check it out! It's fantastic.


The guest list for the Pasadena Hercules & Xena Convention in January 2000 has been announced...no sign of Lucy or Renee. The guest are:

Guests (all tentative at this early time) :
Bruce Campbell (Autolycus),
Jeremy Callaghan (Pompey),
Danielle Cormack (Ephiny),
Tim Omundson (Eli),
Willa O'Neill (Lila),
Ebonie Smith (M'lila),
Allison Wall (minya), and many many more to be announced.

For more information - go to http://www.creationent.com./calendar.html

The Bard's Corner Updates

10 September

The XIP News Archive Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

Anne has started a new series called Autumn Winds which I really think is an excellent read and delves into the modern world and the problems. Highly recommended.

Upcoming Events Update

I think it must be the month for NEVER SEEN LIKE THAT BEFORE pics!

poster150.jpg (10950 bytes)

Yep that's Claire Stansfield...not looking like a bag of bones at all <g>

You can order this poster from Claire Stansfield and it's autographed for $12 (US$)
Go to Claire Stansfield's Merchandise Page


9 September

The XIP News Archive Update

The Upcoming   Merchandise Section Updates

thm_xenasword&armband.jpg (3821 bytes)


For those who have everything <g>
The Sword and Armband Playset is now available



Artwork Section Update
Updated by Dee

8 September

Aussie Magazine Alert: NW (New Weekly) has a two page article on Lucy - it appears to be the same article from the New Idea (NZ) and has 4 pics of Lucy pregnant and one of Lucy looking trim and in her leathers. I will have the transcript and the scans up tomorrow.

Rumour: There is a rumour of a 4 volume video set that has reached my inbox.  The  4 volume video set will be of Lucy Lawless Exclusive Interviews and they will be available in the new few weeks for $21.95 (US$). Stay tuned for more info! Updated Xenaverse News

The Bard's Corner Updates

Well as they say all good things must come to an end...and so it's time for Redemption to wrap up. This has been a fantastic read and I just wanted to let Sue know that her storytelling hit a new high with this story!

The ROC Graphics Gallery Update

The XIP News Archive Updates

The following links are from Inga Bielika & Lionel The XIP Newshound

The XIP Artwork Section Updates
(Updated by Dee)

7 September

When did Renee do this shoot? Well according to my TALL <g> spy - it was done in the last few weeks in Sydney...stay tuned...

FHM Magazine for Overseas Xenites

Stirling Entertainment will be selling the magazine for overseas xenites for $5.95 plus postage.
http://www.stirlingentertainment.com/items/shipping-levels/shipping-levels.htm for postage costs

You can order the magazine by emailing Stirling Entertainment on stirling@bigpond.net.au and they accept credit cards.


Xena will be released in PAL in Australia in March 2000 by Stirling Entertainment and other retailers. Season 1 and 2 boxed set redesigned covers.


LA Based Xenites:
The Way will be shown next week on KTLA.
Aussies Xenites: No show of The Way for us. Don't hold your breath. Also the rumour is now doing the rounds that channel 10 have bought the rights to season 5...I have NO idea what is going on..and I don't think channel 10 know either :-) I guess we will have to wait and see.

The Bard's Corner Updates

I got some great news this morning that Peruvian Encounter (which I added yesterday) will be published in book form by RAP! Congratulations Anne!

The ROC File Updates

Renee will be appearing in the November issue of FHM - On sale October 4

I've just been told that FHM is an Aussie mag...well go figure in my own backyard!
Okay so when it goes on sale here I will be scanning it and adding to the site.
Many thanks to Alex for the pic and the alert!
Updated The ROC Alert Section

6 September

The Bard's Corner Updates

I will be introducing a Fanfic review section and a TBC Award for my favourite fanfic - set to be introduced after the season starts. If you would like to be a part of the Review section - please email me at kira@zip.com.au

For those that are not aware - There is a fanfic series being written called EXPOSURE that is an absolute must read - so far it's up to Episode 4. It's a Uber story and I really love it. It's available by mailing list only at the moment but in the future will be made available here. To subscribe to the mailing list send a message to exposure-subscribe@onelist.com If you want to catch up Onelist offers a digest archive and there you will find the first 4 parts.

I would like to welcome Ripley - a new bard - to The Bard's Corner

The XIP News Archive Update

Upcoming New Merchanise Updates

Many thanks to Nitefal for the information

4 September

MaryD's Montages Update

Xenaverse News Updates

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3 September

Xenaverse News Update

Upcoming Events Updates

The XIP Multimedia Page Updates

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2 September

To Kiwi Xenites: I am looking for a Kiwi Xenite who would like to be a part of the AXIP. You will need a scanner to transcribe articles from the New Zealand Media. If you would like to join - email me on kira@zip.com.au

The ROC File Update

The XIP News Archive Updates

The Lawless Files Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

For those Redemption fans - I've been reading the beta versions of upcoming parts. Let me tell you folks that if you thought Redemption was good so far? Well you haven't seen nothing yet. Sue is a very talented writer and she is keeping me on tenderhooks...and is not adverse to keeping me hanging <vbg> So if you haven't read Redemption - you are missing out on a great Uber story. Redemption - Part 1

1 September

For those trying to get to Missy's Merwolf Cave...the doman name isn't working but you can try backup site.

Watching The Xenaverse Updates

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One On One Interviews Updates

Added photo of Campbell Cooley to the Campbell Cooley's Interview

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