MaryD's Frequently Asked Questions...


What is this section about? Well I get asked all kinds of questions so I thought I would put the answers here!

Q. Are you Lucy or Renee and can I send you fan mail.

No. I'm a fan who enjoys creating a web site. I don't have access to Lucy or Renee's ear and I can't forward your mail to them - please see the fan club page for information on how you can send mail to Lucy and Renee.

Q. You have forwarded stuff from Rocweb - do you know Sandra Wilson /Renee O'Connor

No. I just forward stuff :-)

Q. Have you met Lucy or Renee?

No... :-(

Q. Can I submit fanfic to The Bard's Corner?

The Bard's Corner is by invitation only - I don't accept submissions.

Q. What programme do you use for the montages?

I use Adobe Photoshop V4.01 - it's expensive but a very good programme for graphics. Paint Shop Pro is also very good and shareware.

Q. How long does it take to create a montage and can I use them on my own site and/or print them out/t-shirts etc?

Depending on the episode and how much I enjoyed it - usually about
2 hours but if it's more intense (like Bitter Suite) it takes 3 hours or more. BS took me 4 hours. I prefer it if people linked directly to the montage on my site than taking it and adding it. I don't mind if you use them as backgrounds or print them out..that's why I made them! I do mind not being credited. Anyone creating something would like to be credited with their creation.

Q. What are the dimensions of the montages

Season 1 and some of Season 2 montages are 500 x 500 pixels - roughly the size of the screen. Late Season 2 and 3 are 8 x 10 in. I will be making the 8 x 10 montages available in 640 x 480 to fit the screen for backgrounds. Coming soon. All the montages are in 16 bit colour which means if you have a 256 colour card - you're not getting the full rich colour montage.

Q. Do you sleep?

<g> I sleep between 10 pm and 6 am every night! And yes I do have a life which is quite busy but I enjoy doing XIP and it's a labour of love.

Q. Can I submit my artwork?

Yes. Email me on

Q. Why don't you have pics of Lucy from the Hockey game and why isn't there information about the date of Lucy's wedding?

As much as I admire Lucy and have dedicated a page to her, I don't see the need to embarrass her with pictures plastered on the net. Lucy is a classy lady and when it  comes to invading her privacy then XIP will not do so. The hockey incident was a humiliating one for her (as she has stated in interviews) and as a fan of hers I don't want to add them. This also goes for news about her wedding date - I have announced it on my site and that is all thats going to be said until the event has happened. We don't want stalkers ruining the big day for Lucy and Rob. They have enough to worry about.

Q. What did I think of Season 3 and why is your page up since the show has lost so many fans and webmasters?

I love Season 3. I think TPTB have taken a bold step and with some thngs it has worked - with others it hasn't. Personally I find the show exciting and fresh. I love both characters of Xena and Gabrielle and both actors - Lucy Lawless  and Renee O'Connor. I chose to continue with XIP when those around me started to be pulled down and lost to the online world because for one reason. I love this show. It takes alot of time and effort to maintain a site and some dinars.


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