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References in Books


Essentials of Sociology -
A Down-to-Earth Approach
Fifth Edition, Chapter 3 Socialization pgs 66-68 - Author: James M Henslin
Southern Illinois University Eduardsville.
Mass Media in Social Life: From Xena: Warrior Princess to Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Changing Images of Women in the Mass Media
Contributed by Anndro
Cat In a Kiwi Con - Book.

Mention: a Midnight Louie mystery by Carol Nelson Douglas. Louie is a black cat, feline PI. Anyway a lot of the action takes place at this super con called GigantiCon. Here's a line from the grabber on the back of the book. "They're all there, Hercules and Xena, eleves and aliens, captains and crew and Godzillions of fans in costume and out...
Contributed by: Little Xena -http://clix.to/longlivexena

Don't Know Much About The Bible
by Kenneth C. Davis (1998)


"Deborah was the Bible's answer to the modern-day Xena Warrior Princess."  & "Although Deborah was a great warrior, she couldn't compete with Xena."
Contributed by: Amy Playle


Dreamcatcher - Stephen King novel


I came upon a page mentioning the "xena" . Page  395, second paragraph says "... he's a history teacher, not a mechanic, and his idea of home improvement is making the kids watch the History Channel once in a while instead of Xena." 


Maggody and the Moonbeams,
by Joan Hess (An Arly Hanks Mystery/Comedy)

There on page 164 one of the characters was yelling at his pet pig (who watches TV in her barn) ---"Don't think I'm going to bring down bags of microwave popcorn, 'cause I ain't. I'll be sittin' right here  watchin' Xena's boobs bobble."
Contributed by: Connie



The Best American Mystery Stories 2000
Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, NY 2000

Xena is mentioned on Page 93
Bentley Dadmun: Annie's Dream
The Best American Mystery Stories 2000
Contributed by Mesh




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