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The Daily Show

Episode: Unknown.
Mention: On Comedy Central, there was a story on a weight-loss pill, Xenocal, being sold in Britain. "Despite the name, it does nothing for medieval lesbian warriors."
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena


Episode: Unknown

Mention: A policeman and his younger brother are at the policestation. The seargent walks in and says, "Why do you have your brother here?" The officer says, "Well, his mother got a part on Xena, Warrior Princess and so she left him with me"
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena




The ending credits have images of each character dressed up as other famous characters. One of Daria's teachers, Ms Birch, is wearing a Xena costume and holding up a sword in one of Xena's famous poses.
Contributed by Graz


Dark Angel

Episode: Unkown

Mention: Original Cindy put a poster of Xena on the wall of her room!!

Episode: Unknown.

Mention: A lesbian character in Dark Angel commented that she didn't mind waiting because Xena was gonna be on in 5 minutes.
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena

Days of Our Lives

Greta and Nicole are arguing. Greta, holding a broom is threating Nicole with it. Nicole responds with a "Greta: Warrior Princess?".
Contributed by Graz

Desperate Housewives Episode:  "Move On"    2005
Gabrielle, (played by Eva Longoria)is a model looking for work. An agent asks her if she can swing a sword. When she aks, "Swing a sword?"
"A sci-fi convention is looking for someone to play a warrior princess."
Contributed by T. Novan, Amy Tucker, Amy Z, Contezza
The District (CBS) -
September 2002

A Xena mention on the season premier of The District on CBS. One of the police officers is asked about his connection with Philadelphia and he responds that he went to a Xena convention there. Since Cherry Hill, NJ is a
considered a suburb of Philadelphia.

Contributed by: Maria


Episode: Season 1, Sin Bin.

Mention: Alex had a xena stand up and when he moved Goat asked him if he needs it, alex said goat can take her and in the final credits we see goat on his bike with the xena standup on the bike as well riding off into the sunset!
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena

The Drew Carey Show


Mention: Drew's friend, Kate, stood outside his house and yelled, "Hey Drew! Xena the Warrior Princess is here with a six pack and a pizza! She wants to party!"

Episode: Junior Warrior Drew Carey

Mention: drew received a letter from the Xena fan club. He reads out the letter by saying something like "In accordance with Lucy Lawless and her attorneys," then he hides the rest of the letter.
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena

Einstein Factor

Einstein Factor - Sunday 27 March 2005
Contestant Lindy Cameron's subject is Xena Warrior Princess. She is even wearing a Xena t-shirt. One of the answers was Autolycus and the host pronouced it Auto-lie-cus.
Contributed by: Phillippa

Ellen - date unknown

And there was an episode of Ellen where she goes to martial arts class.The teacher tells them all to chant a word that will get them "Fired up." A woman in the back is chanting the word "Xena" and Ellen turns round and says "Hey!That's my word."In the end the whole class starts chanting "Xena"
Contributed by: Max

Everyone Loves Raymond,

aired last week in Australia, so it was probably from 2001.

Ray keeps talking about his mother marie when he is in his kitchen with his wife. Then all of a sudden Marie walks in. Then, after both women have left the room, he looks around and starts saying 'Xena Warrior Princess', 'Xena Warrior Princess', hoping she also make a sudden appearance also.
Contributed by Rachelle

EuroVision 2002

One of the contestants was wearing a golden corset and when she was introduced the announcer called her Xena Warrior Princess
Contributed by Graz

Even Stevens - 2003


The scene is where Louis just won a wreastling match against a girl and he is laying on the floor and she asks if he needs help getting up and he replies. "I don't need help. Good game." Girl: "Do you need help getting up? How does it feel to win against a girl?" Louis: "Your not a girl. I mean you are a girl, but you're like Xena"
Contributed by Jessica



Episode When Aliens attack

Reference Fry is aboard the Planet express on a mission to save the world from Aliens, He sits in a small domed area on the roof with controls to the guns, He starts firing franticly and exclaims "I'm gonna be a hero like Luke Skywalker or Captain Janeway or Xena!"  
Contributed by: Pyromaniac

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Salmoneus and Autolycus are disguised as women, and a sharing a bath together. Madam Twanky comes in and says, "Who do you think  we are today, Xena and Gabrielle?"
Contributed by Graz


House Auction
Episode: 6 April 2005

The episode featured a man trying to sell his house in Essex quickly at auction because he wanted to emigrate to New Zealand to fly helicopters.
He was describing NZ to one of the presenters, saying what a beautiful country it was. The presenter said, "I've only seen it on Xena: Warrior Princess".
Contributed by: Aries
House From Hell (Australia, similiar to Big Brother, several years ago)

One of the contestants had a Xena poster hung over her bed.
Contributed by Graz

Jay Leno Show
Lucy/Xena was mentioned on Jay Leno on March 13,2006 in a short segment of "What Our President Is Thinking."
Leno: "Once again it's time to see what our President is thinking in a segment we call Inside The Mind of President Bush."
Shot of Laura Bush talking with the President standing behind her
Mrs Bush:  "Look at this administration where strong and talented women serve at the very top levels of government."
President Bush looks like he's daydreaming and a cartoon type square appears  on the screen.
Bush's daydream voice: "Boy, I wish that Xena was in my government. She's the strongest and talentest chick in the whole world."
(Xena, in the middle of a fight, appears in the insert box )
"When I see Xena open a up a can op woop-ass on evil dooers I get all fuzzy inside."
Laura Bush introduces the President;  "Our President..."
Bush (shakes his head as if waking up) daydream voice:  "All right, snap to here. Snap to." Insert box disappears.
Leno: "Ahh, beautiful."
Kevin Eubanks:  "Xena?  Wow, Xena."
Leno: "Timely."   Both laugh.
Leno shrugs: "It was the only one we could get the rights for."
end of segment

Contributed by Cheri

Jeopardy -2002

This week on Jeopardy the answer was: New Zealand actress who hung up her chakram as this super chick?

Answer Lucy Lawless but the guy answering got it wrong when he answered Xena: Warrior Princess by mistake.

Contributed by CherylA

Judging Amy
Judging Amy - Episode Catching it Early
(23 November 2004)
Amy and her court clerk, Bruce are sitting in a bar talking about people they've dated that scared them. Amy relates a story about an French artist and Bruce says:
"There was this one who wanted me to call her Xena. You know, like the Warrior Princess?"
"Did you call her Xena?"
"I called her a cab."
Ken Bruce Commercial (Australia, several years ago)

Ken Bruce and several other men are standing outside his store, dressed up in costume. One of them is wearing Xena's leather outfit and wig.

Contributed by Graz

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