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Law & Order

Episode entitled "Oxymoron"

A drug dealing doctor named Eliza Glaser is murdered. Dr. Glaser was known in the clubs by the nickname "Xena". She was writing fraudulent prescriptions for the highly addictive painkiller Oxycodone. Hence the ep name "Oxymoron". In investigating the case Briscoe is questioning a suspect and asks him "So, when is the last time you saw the Warrior Princess?"

The character is called Xena quite a few times in the beginning of the show. The episode is the 23rd installment of the 12th season.

Contributed by Bailey

Moesha - date unknown

There was a halloween episode of "Moesha" and her little brother was dressed up as a warrior.He says "Look! I'm Hercules!" and Moesha says "You Look more like Xena."
Contributed by: Max




Lance was describing this woman he had seen and said that she was "even hotter than Xena", or something like that
Contributed by Graz

Nikki. She and a friend of hers were at a convention, dressed up as comic book characters. I kept watching because I knew they had to have a Xena reference. And of course, they did! To cut a long story short, Nikki needed to steal the batmobile but a guard had a hold of her. In order to distract him she says: "Hey, look at all the lesbians at the Xena booth!". Of course, everyone has a look and she escapes.
Contributed by: Graz
"The Oblongs'

A cartoon on Teletoon, has an episode involving a Xena-like fantasy television show called 'Velva the Warrior', whose 'beauty is only matched by her courage'.  Meanwhile, 'Pickles' Oblong quits smoking and starts getting into some dangerous stunts.  Her daughter eventually runs to Velva at a book signing and gets her to talk Pickles out of jumping off a building.
Contributed by Rika


Episode: Honor Thy Mother

While Roseanne and Jackie are salivating over the prospect of being wrapped, slapped and scrubbed at an exotic spa, Dan is full of remorse about his relationship with his mother. (In a dream sequence Roseanne comes out of bushes dressed like Xena.)
Contributed by: Rachelle

Sabrina, the Animated Series









Xabrina, Warrior Witch

Sabrina and a friend are transported into a video game of Ancient Greece Their characters in the game are Xabrina and her sidekick, Scabriella complete with leather costumes and Staff are to rescue the Joxer like character Harvey.

Contributed by: Rachelle

Episode: Geek Like Me / 1996
Sabrina cast spell to make her class enemy Libby one of the geeks...

At the geek's table:
Libby- Let's talk about power. How to get it; how to keep it. (She pushes her glasses firmly up her nose.)
Gordie- Hey did you see 'Xena, warrior princess' last night?

Libby- Quiet, this is important.
Contributed by: Kubulla

Silk Stalkings
Episode unknown

"Any clues who did it?"  "Not unless your suspect is Xena, the way his neck was broken."

Contributed by: Rachelle
Six Feet Under

Episode: Melinda Mary Bloch April 2003

It's being viewed by a woman suffering from depression.  Ironically enough, we see a very brief bit from "The Abyss."
The cool part is that somebody chose "Xena" for that particular scene, assuming that a segment of the audience would be familiar with XWP.  What would be even cooler is if they purposely chose "The Abyss," assuming that
some of us would "get" the even deeper parallel from that two-second spot.

Contributed by: Iseqween

Follow up by Iseqween
I think the episode titles are the names of the deceased featured in the opening. In this case, it's "Melinda Mary Bloch." The XWP bit comes in around 32 minutes into the ep and lasts all of about 9 seconds. It opens with Xena blowing fire at one of the cannibals in "The Abyss." We see him aflame, then another quick look at Xena fighting. The depressed wife is staring at this, while her hubby snores away beside her with his head thrown back. Also, there's a "used with permission" for Xena: Warrior Princess at the end of the credits. If anyone needs further info, they might try the SFU website, which, unfortunately, I didn't see mentioned.

The Simpsons

They say that if you're asked to guest star on the Simpsons, it means you've made it. Well, Lucy has guest starred, and Xena has had several references!

1) In the episode in which Mark Hamall guest starred, Homer attends a convention and there is someone there in a Xena costume.

2) In a recent clip show, there was a montage of famous guests who have appeared on the show and Xena was one of those shown.

"Wait a minute, Xena can't fly".

"I told you, I'm not Xena, I'm Lucy Lawless".


3) A gym teacher, who refused to change Lisa's grade says ""I made an oath, and by Xena I'm not going back on my word!"

4) The Comic Book Store guy is typing away on his computer and there is a Xena poster hanging on the wall behind him.

Contributed by Graz 


South Park (episode title unknown):

The Gang is trying to do a time-travel back to the 3rd grade and enlists the help of two science students. Those guys are terrible Trekkies and in the back of their room there's a poster on the wall which shows a darkhaired woman holding a round killing thing (hmm..). The poster says "Lena".
Contributed by: Matthias
Spike TV Blind Date (2004)

During the chosing of the Blind date, one of the girl kept doing the Xena battle cry to get noticed by the man she wanted to date. She kept saying that was her Xena yell.
Contributed by: norma, xenawannabe
Stark Raving Mad Episode 13 (2004)
Henryīs girlfriend, tess kicks the " private parts" of a supposed thief.

Later Sark asks Henry " Why didnīt you hit him?"

Henry says " Even if i wanted i didnīt had a chance i was with xena"
Contributed by Teresa
The Street (premiere)


Basically it's centred around a bunch of guys who work at stock market firm on Wall Street. One of the guys, is a BIG Xena fan.

First reference: (talking to this guy he is mentoring for work experience)
Ethan: "Hey Sherman, what exactly is your stand on Xena?".
Sherman: "Is it a pharmaceutical?".
Ethan: "Um, Xena the Warrior Princess".
Sherman stares.
Ethan: "Ok, I'll make it simple. Xena or Buffy?".
Sherman: "Buffy?".
Ethan puts his head in his hands.

Later on. Again to Sherman.
"Buffy was born a slayer, her abilities came to her accidently, genetically. Xena on the other hand earned her heroism". LOL!

Later on in a strip club. Again to Sherman, Ethan speaks of finding strippers a turn off, "anti-erotic". We than see a stripper who bears a remarkable similarity to Xena, with shoulder pads, sword, the hair, and ample cleavage!
Ethan's response: "Sweet God".

Ethan follows her back stage and they make a deal whereby if her answer is yes to his question, he would take her out to dinner.

Ethan: "Didn't I see you at the Xena Con 2000 last month at the convention centre?". They go out to dinner.

That night.
Ethan: "You are a very unique person. Have you ever met a vegan, dialysis nurse who moonlights as an exotic dancing Warrior Princess?".

She explains why she strips and why she chooses Xena.
"I do Xena because I can relate to her, you know what I mean. I would never do Gabrielle".
Ethan: "Or Buffy".
Lady: "Please, Xena would eat Buffy for breakfast!".

They go up to her apartment and get it on.
Lady: "Should I put on the costume".
Ethan agrees.

She calls out from the bedroom, "There's another accessory that I like to wear that I don't use at the bachelor party. Most guys would freak out but I know Xena would aprove".

He walks in and is shocked. The next day he talks to a couple of his friends.

"I go up there thinking she was going to be Aphrodite, she ends up being Hermaphrodite”
Contributed by Graz

Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2005

Jay Leno sets up the joke by telling the audience that there's an upcoming Wonder Woman Movie in the works and then says, "Yeah, the lesbians need something now that Xena's off the air."
Contributed by Katxena

Will & Grace - 2002

There was an episode of "Will and Grace" that guest starred Molly Shannon. She was playing a new downstairs neighbor of Will and Grace. Will hit it off with her and they started hanging out. Grace got jealous and she and the Molly character started having a catfight on the living room floor. Will jumped in to break them up saying "Alright Xena and Gabrielle...break it up!"
Contributed by: Bailey

Who Wants To Be
A Millionaire



Question: Name the actress who plays Aphrodite on Xena and Hercules.
Contributed by Graz

Whose Line Is It Anyway

It is a show that does improv skits based on things thrown out by the audience. They were doing their TV commercial for hit songs and asked for a profession. They make up titles and the other guys need to make up the song lyrics to a named style. Some yelled out Warrior Princess and they did 3 songs themed around the Warrior Princess. The first was in Jerry Lee Lewis style and the title was the battle cry ay ya ya, the second  was Kid Rock style called shields, swords and clubs the third was techno style big women little men.
Contributed by Lynne


X-Files' Season 7, Episode 13, "First Person Shooter", involved a virtual reality game that goes haywire and starts killing real live contestants. The woman, Jade Blue Afterglow/Maitreya, being interrogated is innocent of any wrongdoing, but was used as a model for the female warrior who appears unexpectedly in the game.

Jade claims no knowledge of First Person Shooter or of the game or of why she has been placed at the crime scene. Scully tells her she might want to start telling the truth. When Jade asks what truth that is, Mulder says "That you murdered two men. One with a 14th century broadsword and the other with a flintlock pistol." Great Jade quote: "Oh. You must have had me confused with my sister—Xena, Warrior Princess."

Contributed by Virginia & Lourdes


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