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7th Heaven Episode: Unknown

Mention: During recess at a school playground some girls surrounded a boy who was the "prisoner". Then a little girls said "Everyone spills their guts for the Warrior Princess." The boy kissed the girl for revenge which got them in trouble and the boy couldn't play anymore because, "my father said the show was nothing but male bashing." Then the girl says "Too bad, 'cuz Xena's cool stuff and all the girls went off doing the war cry.
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena


Mention: A guest of the Camden family is watching Xena on TV and we hear the Xena theme song. She then turns off the tv and says, "My, that Xena sure can tumble. I used to tumble like that." Also, Ruthie, the youngest child gets her brothers to beat up a boy at school who's been teasing her and says that they should all be like Xena. She does a battle cry, and at the end of the episode, all the kids are in the backyard fighting eachother and the loud Xena theme song is playing in the background.
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena

All My Children

Episode: unknown

Mention: There was a bridal shower and a stripper was suppose to come but the bride didn't want one.
Belinda: If you take off one item of clothes, I'll show you moves even Xena hasn't heard of.
Contributed by: Little Xena -




Episode: Unknown

Mention: angel and his buddies went into a parallel dimension to rescue Cordilia. The Host was explaning how the inhabitants of the parallel world hate strangers.

Host: Xenaphobia is a popular catch phrase around here.

Gunn: Why are they afraid of Xena? I mean, I think she's pretty fly.

Wes: Xenaphobia, the fear of strangers.

Gunn: Oh. Well then let's forget I just said that.
Contributed by: Little Xena -

Animal Court

Episode: Unknown

Mention: A little boy at court over a pet custody dispute brings his Xena action figure to play with.
Contributed by: Little Xena -


Australian Rules League match, televised on the ABC (Australia)

A man was seen in the crowd dressed as Xena. He even made the newspaper the next day explaining why he was dressed that way!
Contributed by Graz

Episode: Unknown

Mention: a character from a Slovac Republic said that all he got on TV was Xena and Bay Watch.
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena


Brotherly Love

Episode: Unknown.

Mention: Joey Lawrence needed some inspiration so he said,"I'll go watch Xena!" When one of the other mechanics was asked what he used for inspiration, and he said "Xena of course."
Contributed by: Little Xena -

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Episode: Halloween
Originally Aired: 10/27/97

In this episode buffy and the gang dress up for halloween. Buffy dresses up as a 18th century noblewomen and someone casts a spells so that you turn into what you dress up as. So when chaos ensues Willow says about Buffy "Why couldn't you have just dressed up as Xena?".
Contributed by: Krista

Caroline In The City

Episode: Unknown

Mention: Annie tries to get a spoon from a little kid. She's unsuccessful and goes off saying, "Who are you, Baby Xena?"
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena


Celebrity Big Brother (Australia)

One of Australia's famous comediennes (who goes by the name of Gabby, lol) spent some of her time in the house as Xena. She put forward one of her nomination sessions as Xena, and there was also a clip in which "Xena" was trying to drown one of the other contestants in the swimming pool!
Contributed by Graz

Celebrity Death Match

Episode: Season 2, 15

Mention: Calista Flockhart vs. Lucy Lawless

Episode: Season 2, 30.
Mention: Celebrity Deathmatch Clipshow
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena
















Episode: Valhally of the Dolls, Pt2 (2004)

A biker guy steps out the back door of a building and spots women dressed as Valkyries and quote;

Biker Guy: Well hells bells, what have we got here? (laughs.) What, is there a Xena convention in town or something? (laughs again)
Contributed by: Areena

Third season - San Francisco

Leo is flipping through the channels on television and Xena pops up on the TV.
Contributed by: Jessica

Season Finale - "Oh My Goddess"
The scene is where Phoebe and Paige are in the kitchen after they have given up their godly powers. Paige became the goddess of war, Piper became the goddess of Mother earth and Phoebe became th goddess
of love.

Phoebe: Are you going to miss being Xena Warrior Princess?
Paige: No, I'm not going to miss being Xena Warrior Princess.
Contributed by Jessica

The Chimp Channel

Mention: Xena Parody - murdering songs with xena warrior princess, a compilation album with xena "singing" aka doing her battle cry.
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena

City Guys (nbc teen shows)

Some of the kids are filming their own show (to compete with the school radio station) and it's sort of a buffy knock of. Anyway, the beat up this one guy and the one girl compliments her saying "that was so XWP" and the girl asks what that means and the 1st girl replies "Xena: Warrior Princes"
Contributed by: Cassandra


Episode: Unknown.
Mention: Cher gets locked in the high school utility closet, so she imagines herself as her secret role model. She is dressed up in a Xenalike outfit with a long black wig, and kicks the door open.

Episode: Unknown.
Mention: Maury tried to pick a girl she kicks something & he says "Way to go Xena." Or something like that.

Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena

The Core

The plot of "The Core" is that the Earth's core is about to stop spinning and will inevitably cause tremendous natural disasters. Therefore, the government compiles a rag-tag group of people to go to the center of the Earth and set things straight. One of the people they pick is a token "hacker" character you might expect out of a sci-fi movie (heh, his name is "Rat.") When they come to him with the proposition to help save the world, he agrees on one condition: that he have an unlimited supply of Hot Pockets and Xena tapes because they help him concentrate!
Contributed by MeLikeXena



Episode: Unknown.
Mention: Somone said to Phylicia Rashad's character, ""Look at you. You're powerful, yet feminine--you're Xena: Warrior Coach!" because she did good job with a kids basketball team

Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena

Crossing Jordan

Episode: To Protect and to Serve.

Mention: At the beginning, Jordan and her friend Kim are having a girls night out and guess what show they decide to watch!
Jordan: "Oh look, Xena sliced off the God's magic orm".
Kim: "That girl gets to have all the fun".
Jordan: "And all the leather".
And a few minutes later. "A Warrior Princess' work is never done".
Contributed by: Little Xena - http://clix.to/longlivexena

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