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29 December 2017

Lucy Lawless

28 December 2017


Renee O’Connor

Adrienne Wilkinson


25 December 2017

Xena Reboot

Xenaverse News

Lucy Lawless


24 December 2017

MaryD’s Blog

Lucy Lawless


22 December 2017


Pleasuredome is coming to an end. It’s been a spectacular show and congratulations to Rob Tapert, his team and the cast led by Lucy Lawless. Fabulous show and the start of something big. Rob has indicated the show will travel so it might show up in your area! A must see. Tomorrow are the final 2 shows.

MaryD’s Blog




18 December 2017

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome

Lucy Lawless / Australian LGBTI Awards


17 December 2017

Xena Comics

Lucy Lawless / The Changeover Movie


15 December 2017

AUSXIP is 21 years old today! Many thanks to everyone for your support! Here’s a little secret about AUSXIP. It was only supposed to last for 6 months. That’s how long it takes me to lose interest in a tv show (and sometimes even less than that) The only shows that have stuck (up to 1996) was Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and Star Trek:TNG and DS9. Gave it 6 months. I think I missed the deadline by 20.5 years.



12 December 2017

Hey folks.
This is an announcement about the future of AUSXIP Starship Charity Auctions.

For many years (except for 2 and both were AUSXIP anniversaries – #10 and #20) we have had the auction in March. That was chosen because Starship held their annual Spring Clean auction in September. What we didn’t want to do is clash with Starship’s plans so we left our auction in March (Lucy’s birth month) As we all know September is our beloved warrior and her bard’s birth month. Starship’s plans have changed and they won’t be holding their annual Spring Clean auction in September now.

That means AUSXIP can now move into September slot of 1-4 September (and as we all know September 4 is Xena’s birthday! YEAY! Hail the Warrior and her Bard!). In addition, September is part of the Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Month. So we combined two awesome events and we have the 11th AUSXIP Starship Auction moving to 1-4 September 2018 to celebrate Xena, Feel The Love and the Greater Good.

Thank you everyone for your support and in particular the AWESOME people at Starship Foundation who have been UNBELIEVABLE in their support. HUGE thanks to my UNFREAKINBELIEABLE partner-in-crime, the AWESOME Roger* who has gone ABOVE and BEYOND – you guys have NO idea how much Roger’s help has been instrumental in keeping this auction humming along. I couldn’t wish for a better partner in crime. Huge thanks also to Lori Boyles and others who have donated their time and goodies to make this auction even better. We can’t leave out the stars of our show who have donated and supporting this auction from the beginning. Of course this would NOT be possible without your support.

Together we can make a difference and we have for the Greater Good.

Battle on!

The AUSXIP Charity Auction can be found here: where you can register for the September auction

10 December 2017

Pleasuredome The Musical

Pleasuredome is coming to an end and there are only 15 performances left of this spectacular show. You can get tickets to the show by going here:

ALL the Xenites who have gone said they LOVED it.  Read my review and find out more!

Lucy is truly spectacular in this. So do yourselves a favour and go see it before it’s all gone. You don’t know what Pleasuredome is? Go here for more info

Lucy Lawless


07 December 2017


Today is a historic day for Australians and in particular the LGBTQI community. Tonight the lower house of Parliament voted on the Marriage Equality bill – first it was put to a vote by the Australian people and how did we vote? people voted for marriage equality by a whopping 61.8% and tonight, the politicians heard the people and voted to legalize same sex marriage.

When the vote was announced, there was spontaneous joy from all political parties (except for those No campaigners who either abstained or voted No). What happened after that…I found my eyes getting a little wet. There was a spontaneous singing of our de-facto national anthem, I am Australian (originally performed by The Seekers) in the Parliament. Sung by visitors and politicians. Yes this really happened. I get emotional when “I Am Australian” is played. Its encapsulates everything I love about my country

and this is how it happened



and this is what happened before that:


And this is The Seekers singing I am Australian – ENJOY!





05 December 2017

Renee O’Connor

03 December 2017

Lucy Lawless / Australian LGTBI Awards

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome



02 December 2017

Renee O’Connor / Beyond The Farthest Star

Renee O’Connor / Romeo & Juliet


01 December 2017

World AIDS Day

Pleasuredome is doing some amazing things for World AIDS Day

If you are in Queen Street in Auckland, the Pleasuredome Drag Queens will be out with their collection buckets. If you see them, go up to the tallest one (that would be Queen of the Drag Queens Dominique) and give a donation. Seriously. We need to find a cure because this horrible disease is killing far too many people – 1 death is too many. Please donate and let’s find a cure.

Lucy Tweeted:
Tonight we’re having a parade in our @PleasuredomeNZ street tonight to kick off#WorldAIDSDay. Thankfully Great meds exist. But now the goal is a 

Applause for @Ticketek who are donating their booking fees for @PleasuredomeNZ on , Dec 1.


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