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31 August 2017

Lucy Lawless


28 August 2017



The following pages on AUSXIP have been redesigned.

Slight Modifications

Sites Archived

  • Xena 2 site has been archived. In the event I'm still alive when a Xena Reboot happens, the site will be back. Until's gone to AUSXIP Hades.




To all the Xenites in the path of Tropical Storm Harvey - you are in our thoughts and prayers. This is a monster storm and my heart breaks looking at the devastation it has already caused.

I'm sure you have better things to do that go online but if you are reading this and you are in the affected areas, please take care of yourself. It seems Harvey is bringing monumental floods and now tornadoes are predicted. When mother nature is angry, SHE IS REALLY ANGRY. 

News Report: Tropical Storm Harvey: Record rainfall, tornadoes slam Texas as catastrophic floods force thousands to flee


26 August 2017

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Rob Tapert / Pleasuredome

25 August 2017


Lucy Lawless


24 August 2017


You have until 24 August to check your enrollment or enroll at the AEC for the upcoming Same Sex Marriage Equality vote. Go and check if everything is in order. If you are 18 years old and haven't enrolled, PLEASE GO AND ENROLL! We need all the YES votes to give the LGBTQI Australians the same right as heterosexual couples have. The right to marry the person you love.  A long overdue change to the marriage act.



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23 August 2017

Xena Reboot / MaryD's Blog


22 August 2017



It has just been announced (via Hollywood Reporter) that the Xena Reboot is DEAD. For now.

NBC's Xena: Warrior Princess reboot is not going forward. After parting ways with writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost) a few months ago, NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke said the proposed revival in its most recent form is dead. "Nothing is happening on that right now. We looked at some material; we decided at that point that it didn't warrant the reboot," Salke tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I'd never say never on that one because it's such a beloved title, but the current incarnation of it is dead."

Salke confirmed that the network remains open to doing a Xena revival at some point down the line. "I need someone to come in with a point of view about what they want to do," Salke said.

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21 August 2017

MaryD's Fiction Art


20 August 2017

Lucy Lawless


19 August 2017

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18 August 2017


Tuck into some awesome fanfic from the AUSXIP Fanfic archives!

Xena Fanfic

Gen / Classic




Mel / Janice

Post FIN Fic

Clone Fic

17 August 2017

MaryD's Fiction


I'm making my book "Awakenings" (Book 4 in the Intertwined Souls Series) FREE on Amazon for the next few days.

Link to the book:

A bittersweet homecoming for Eva and Zoe as they confront their haunted wartime memories in Greece. Together they discover more about themselves, their reliance on each other and find strength to face down unredeemable foes in this historical lesbian romance imbued with urban fantasy and mystery. #LesFic #urbanfantasy #mystery


Lucy Lawless


16 August 2016


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14 August 2017


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13 August 2017


Xena Fan Fiction Flashback - Uber

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12 August 2017

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10 August 2017

Lucy Lawless / The Changeover

Lucy Lawless / Justice League Animated Movie


All of You to the last breath...FIGHT ON!
Justice League with Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman

— AUSXIP Lucy Lawless (@lucylawlessnet) August 10, 2017


08 August 2017

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Lucy Lawless / Voice Over

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome Musical


07 August 2017


Xena FanFic

  • My Cup of Tea by Deb (Alt) Xena and Gabrielle travel to a town that is full of musicians and quite talented people. Gabrielle has a plan and quite an inventive one to get Xena to admit her feelings for the bard.

Xena Press

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06 August 2017

Renee O'Connor / Conventions

Renee O'Connor / I Love Lucy

Renee O'Connor / A Question of Faith

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome

Lucy Lawless / Ash vs Evil Dead

05 August 2017

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04 August 2017

Lucy Lawless Videos

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03 August 2017

Rob Tapert / Pleasuredome

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome



02 August 2017

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome Musical

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01 August 2017



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