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30 September 2018

MaryD's Blog

Xena Reboot

28 September 2018

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World News

26 September 2018

Xenite Memorial

  • Xenite Memorial Update: It is with great sadness that we have lost an Amazon sister: Shawna Headrick has passed away. My condolences go out to her family and her many friends. I will be updating the Xenite Memorial soon. #Xena #XeniteMemorial


Renee O'Connor

Beyond Xenaverse Cast News


Murphy Brown

Patrick Stewart

22 September 2018

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Book News

  • Coming soon will be a dedicated page related to the upcoming Xena's 25th Anniversary book "Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World" which I announced on 20 September. It will be published by AUSXIP Publishing on September 4, 2018.
  • Submit your Story here

Renee O'Connor



20 September 2018


AUSXIP Publishing will be publishing a book called XENA: THEIR COURAGE CHANGED OUR WORLD - How Xena: Warrior Princess Changed Lives and Inspired A Generation.

- Basically how this one little show changed YOUR life.

Publication is September 4, 2020 and you will have time to submit your story. It's a book about YOU the fan and the friendships you've made, the life changes that were made etc. 100% of the royalties from this book will be donated to Starship Foundation because the message of this show has been the Greater Good and what better way than to donate to Starship in honour of the show? Are you interested?

You can now submit submit your story The book will also have a memorial section for those we have lost over the years.

Battle on and share the news please! Thank you!

Xena's 25th Annivesary is coming up in 2020 and that means Creation may be gearing up for a 25th Anniversary convention

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Murphy Brown

Upcoming TV Shows

Movie News

19 September 2018


Doctor Who

Murphy Brown

Greys Anatomy

Emmy Awards

  • I was sad to see that Sandra Oh didn't win an Emmy for her outstanding work on Killing Eve. The gong went to the incredible Claire Foy for her role as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown. While Claire was fantastic, I was hoping Sandra would get it. I've been a huge fan of hers since her days on Greys Anatomy where she was SUPERB it as Cristina Yang. I was thrilled to see The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Beat Atlanta for Best Comedy Series at the Emmys - that is fantastic show. Well deserved gong.

Movies - Captain Marvel

Feast your eyes on this! Yes, when? MARCH 8, 2019!

Higher. Further. Faster. The first teaser trailer for Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel, the hugely anticipated female-led MCU entry, has dropped. Brie Larson stars as Carol Danvers who becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races, and she finds herself and a small cadre of allies at the center of the maelstrom. The film is set for domestic release on March 8, 2019 with overseas rollout beginning two days earlier on March 6. Read More (but watch the video first)


18 September 2018


16 September 2018

Adrienne Wilkinson

Renee O'Connor

Upcoming Events  

On Cover Road (Theatre)

Lucy Lawless

15 September 2018

To everyone in the path of Florence - please stay safe. We are keeping you in our thoughts!

13 September 2018

MaryD on Instagram

Renee O'Connor

"All right this is without a doubt the CUTEST Photo Op EVER.

Lucy and Renee with Little Xena and Little Gabrielle (Lucia's artworks come to life!). 

11 September 2018

In memory of those who perished on 9/11 (and to those first responders who heroically went into burning buildings, to the doctors, nurses, police and all the other men and women who assisted).

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Little Xena and Gabrielle 9/11 Memorial created by Lucia Nobrega in 2001.

10 September 2018

Renee O'Connor

Upcoming Events

Renee Adopts!

MaryD's Blog

The Holocaust

  • Mind power in Auschwitz - and healing decades later. Mind power in Auschwitz - and healing decades later. Her mother's wisdom helped Edith Eger create a happy inner life in Auschwitz - but true healing meant going back there. Edith Eger was 16 years old, crammed into a cattle truck, human cargo from Hungary headed for Auschwitz, when her mother gave her the advice that shaped her life. For most of the journey, her mother hadn't said much, hadn't cried or complained, but had instead gone inside herself. "That night," says Eger, "she turned to me and said: 'Listen. We don't know where we're going. We don't know what's going to happen. Just remember, no one can take away from you what you've put in your mind."
  • I survived the Warsaw ghetto. Here are the lessons I'd like to pass on by Stanisław Aronson. I'm 93, and, as extremism sweeps across Europe, I fear we are doomed to repeat the mistakes which created the Holocaust...

New Movie To Watch Out For...

  • I was listening to a radio interview on Sydney radio today with Noni Hazelhurst (I LOVE Noni) and she's talking about her new movie "Ladies in Black" which is set in a department store in 1950's Australia. Sounds like a fabulous movie and something I touch on my fiction series as well especially in my latest "Mabel of the Anzacs". Can't wait to see this! Watch the video!

09 September 2018

AUSXIP Charity Auction

Hey guys have a guess what I was doing on the 7th September? It was STARSHIP AUCTION SPREADSHEET TIME! Starship sent over their spreadsheet of payments. We had some issues with the donation form on Starship. It kept crashing. There is a reason the Starship donation form fell over - the Xenaverse crashed another server :) (the donation form was a little iffy lately whether it went through ok or it stalled but we're getting that sorted out BUT apparently, everyone has figured it out) Does this count as a the Xenaverse crashing another server? I'm calling it - we did :)

Good news: $11K of the winning bids have already been donated and we are waiting on the last remained $2K to come in. Saying that Starship is overjoyed by this outcome is an understatement.

Salt Lake Convention Subpage

  • Added images of Lucy and Renee in the Q&A
  • Added images from Social Media
  • Added video of full Q&A Panel
  • Added video highlight of ROC and LL singing Deep In The Heart of Texas
  • Added video highlight of Lucy doing the Xena Yell
  • Added video highlight of LL and ROC being asked About Being The Better You

MaryD's Blog

New Art: A Special Someone To Grow Old With…

A few days ago I saw this amazing photo of an older couple - a man and his girl on a bike with the words:

"Growing old isn't so bad when you have someone to grow old with that can hang on tight during hardest storms of life."

The words moved me and I mentioned to my book club group that I would love to see something like that for my characters of Eva and Zoe. You know what they say about putting it out in the universe. Well my friend Hayriye Makas Uygun decided to surprise me and create an Eva and Zoe version!

I LOVED THIS so much. May you have that special someone to grow old with who hangs on tight even through the hardest of times.

08 September 2018

I'm going to let the following tweets from my ausxip and lucylawlessnet accounts do all the talking.... heh

06 September 2018

Renee O'Connor

Renee has posted on her Instagram account that this new theatre show is "edgy" 

Convention Update

Lucy and Renee attended FanExpo in Canada and I'm WAY behind in the images/video roundup due to the Auction. Will be posting images/video soon.

There next stop is FanX Salt Lake City Comic Con on September 6 to 8, 2018. Tickets for Photo Ops, Q&A and Autographs are here:

Xena Cast News

05 September 2018

I have updated the Xenite Memorial to include Baermer.

04 September 2018

Happy Xenaversary everyone!!!

Auction Update:

With the support of the Xenaverse, actors such as Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless, Adrienne Wilkinson and many others, we have raised (tentative total, not counting any additional donations) $13,293.97 NZD. That brings our combined total for all auctions held since 2006 to $198,293!

Just an amazing number. Xena's legacy has been to help others and to do it for the Greater Good. On her 23rd Anniversary, the Xenaverse has come together and created something special. Without your support, this auction would not have gotten off the ground in 2006 and continued since then. 

I have informed Starship that a whole lot of money is heading their way! THANK YOU everyone who supported, who bid and who won! BLESS YOU ALL! 

Thank you also goes to my team who are EXTRAORDINARY. Without them, it would be impossible to have this auction.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR WARRIOR AND HER BARD! 23 Years ago a show was born and changed our lives!
I will have more to say about this once the Starship Auction is over....

The 11th AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction is ENDING in a few hours!

03 September 2018

The 11th AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction is ENDING tomorrow!

Xenite Memorial

It is with great sadness I report that we have lost an Amazon sister. Baermer, creator of some of the most extraordinary stories and awesome lady has unexpectedly has passed away. I will be updating the Xenite Memorial soon. 

01 September 2018

The 11th AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction is now LIVE!

100% of money raised goes directly to Starship. Let's raise a hell of a lot of money for Starship!
Thank you for all your support.

You have 4 days to bid on 324 items - if you don't want to bid but want to be a part of the auction, we have donation only bids starting from $5 Check out the auction categories!

Register here:

Auction Catalog PDF Download


and if you still have questions about the auction Contact MaryD



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