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30 October 2020

AUSXIP Staff Announcement:

Due to my increasing workload with AUSXIP Publishing, my writing and other work (and I'm pulling back from twitter and other social media - I'm a sporadic poster now),
Mary Terrell will be taking over the AUSXIP @MyLifeIsMurder twitter account which feeds the AUSXIP My Life is Murder fan site.
Mary also runs the AUSXIP Facebook Page, AUSXIP Supergirl, Batwoman, Wonder Woman and Superman & Lois Facebook & Twitter Groups.
Many thanks to MaryT for stepping up

On the main AUSXIP Twitter - I'm still the admin there but also joined by Lori Boyles.

Nothing will change in regards to the AUSXIP site (this one) nor AUSXIP Lucy Lawless or AUSXIP Renee O'Connor.


My Life is Murder

28 October 2020

New Banner! Look up!

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

  • Nor the Battle to the Strong: Part 1 - All Through the Night by Rebekah
    I've wanted to give this story a XIPPY since I started them. I am so thrilled to see this absolute CLASSIC of a Xena story. This story was one of the first I had read on-line, and I fell in love with Xena fanfic. It's a hurt/comfort tale that is superb and well written!
  • Yeah, With a Really Big Sword by Temora
    This is a wonderfully written story between the episodes God Fearing Child and Eternal Bonds. Xena, Eve and Gabrielle go to Potidaea to visit with her folks, but there is big trouble brewing. Very good characterization of Gabrielle and Xena. Excellent writing by this new bard.
  • Afterglow by T. Novan
    What can you say about this...don't read this at work. Xena and Gabrielle in their bedrolls. A little steamy.


24 October 2020

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

  • Healers Choice by Maggie
    This story is a total riot. I couldn't stop grinning after finishing it. One of the gals is afflicted with a sore tooth - I won't spoil it as to who it is - but it's a real joy to watch Maggie weave this tale. Excellent read.
  • The Huns by Eimajj
    The Huns are on the move across Greece, and soon they will reach the Amazon lands. Xena and Gabrielle set out to stop them. Xena infiltrates the Huns and becomes the leading general. The Amazons meanwhile think that the power has gone to Xena's head, and they set out to kill her when they start the battle.
  • A Mother's Plea by Eimajj
    This story is a sequel to The Contest. Xena and Gabrielle are back in Amphipolis with Xena's mother. This is a beautifully written hurt/comfort tale where the bard tries to get her warrior back on her feet.

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13 October 2020

MaryD's Fiction

I've been working with Arielle Strauss Brueland and XV Podcasters on my first audiobook! I have a free audiobook sampler of the novel Enemy at the Gate that you can now download for free. It's chapters 1 - 6. The complete audio book will be available early next year. Arielle is a gifted voice actress and she has been bringing Zoe Lambros to life in two of my plays for Sherri's Playhouse. Enemy at the Gate is a coming of age story of Zoe Lambros. Fearless, headstrong and determined.

It's 1941 and Zoe is surrounded by death and misery in Axis occupied Greece. Young Zoe is determined to join the Greek Resistance. With the help of her family, she plays a pivotal role protecting the most vulnerable victims of World War Two. Can Zoe's passionate desire to defend her country be enough to keep her alive long enough to complete the mission?


Renee O'Connor

Lucy Lawless


Gal Gadot fans buckle up!

Not only do we have Wonder Woman 1984 to look forward to but the Queen of the Nile is heading back to the big screen with Gal Gadot!


09 October 2020

Renee O'Connor wins the day - Check out the video of Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Unboxing and Mini Review!

The book is available in ebook format, paperback and Deluxe Edition (the one that Renee is showing in this video)




07 October 2020

AUSXIP Publishing

Xena Fanfic From XIPPY Award Archive

Gilmore Girls

MaryD's Blog

01 October 2020

AUSXIP Publishing

Xena Fan Fiction - From The Archives

  • A Prayer for You by Lariel
    This is a very touching short story and it tugs at your heartstrings of love lost  Very moving and you will need a tissue or two. Very well written.
  • Bardic Theories by Karen Dunn
    This is a total riot - I loved it! Gabrielle has a theory and when you mix Gabrielle's theories, and the Goddess of get one very ticked off and whipped Warrior Princess. Great writing.

MaryD's Blog

Star Trek: Picard