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26 September 2020

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World

Xena 25 Years / Renee O'Connor

Lucy Lawless


24 September 2020

Renee O'Connor

She Nerds Out Podcast has a great interview with Renee! Check it out here


Sad news for Supergirl fans. Season 6 will be the last season. The show has not been cancelled - Melissa Benoist who stars as Supergirl has not renewed her contract beyond Season 6 and she has chosen to leave the show on a high. Melissa is about to give birth. Melissa has done the heavy lifting for five going on six seasons and time to hang up the cape. While this is sad news that the show will end, our love for the cast will continue. We will continue to follow the careers of the Supergirl cast (just like we have done with the Xena cast) beyond Supergirl.

You follow our coverage on AUSXIP Supergirl Twitter and AUSXIP Supergirl Facebook Group

AUSXIP has a new social media account (and soon to be site) for the new CW show "Superman and Lois". MaryT will be taking care of the twitter and facebook group.


Lucifer has been my COVID addiction and I've powered through the episodes in time for Season 5B and Season 6! Lucifer stars Lesley-Ann Brandt (who I adore and a dear friend) in the role of the demon Maze. Catch it if you can, it really is a great show.

  • Lucifer, whose Season 5 production was shut down in March do to the pandemic, resumed production today, also on the Warner Bros. lot. The Netflix series will finish the last episode of Season 5 and segue to  filming the sixth and final season of the comic book drama.

Warrior Nun

Speaking of Great Shows - I finally caught up with Warrior Nun. I heard so much about the show that I figured I'd give it a go. I was ready to bail after half of episode 1 - it was BORING. I haven't seen acting this bad since Xena's episode Ulysses. Ouch (except for the lead and the actress playing Shotgun Mary). Something happened (or maybe someone spiked their drinks during lunch) but the show roared to life in Episode 8! VERY different show from Episode 1. So if you haven't seen Warrior Nun yet, have a look and try not to throw something at your monitor or tv. Hang on till episode 8. It's worth it!


18 September 2020

Xena 25th Anniversary


Superman & Lois

TV News


16 September 2020

New Site Update

AUSXIP has a new social media account (and soon to be site) for the new CW show "Superman and Lois". MaryT will be taking care of the twitter and facebook group.

Adrienne Wilkinson



12 September 2020

Can you believe it's been 19 years since the terrorists attacks in the US and the loss of 2997 (I'm not including the terrorists in that number). On this day every year, I post two pieces of art; one is fiction and the other is art. Cheyne Curry's The Pocket Watch and Lucia Nobrega's Little Xena and Gabrielle that pays tribute to the fallen.

Uber Fiction

In memory of those who perished on 9/11 (and to those first responders who heroically went into burning buildings, to the doctors, nurses, police and all the other men and women who assisted).

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Little Xena and Gabrielle 9/11 Memorial created by Lucia Nobrega in 2001.



11 September 2020  

9 Years Ago... on September 11, 2011 in Sydney, Australia, Andy Whitfield passed away. I had met Andy a couple of times and I found him to be a genuine, humble guy. I simply adored him. He was my Spartacus. I was heartbroken when I heard the news. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma had taken a beautiful soul.

Rob Tapert sent along this message in rememberence of Andy.

From Rob Tapert:

"9 years ago the world lost a brilliant young actor- Andy Whitfield — A life of promise cut short. He is surely missed by many and remembered by those who knew him."


Watch this moving tribute to Andy from his castmates - they do a Haka in his honour.



10 September 2020

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World

#1 New Release & #1 Bestseller in TV Guides & Reviews and Television History & Criticism on Amazon!

How cool is that! It's available in Ebook * Print * Deluxe Hardback
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Get your copy now!

Xena 25th Annivesary

Lucy Lawless

MaryD's Blog


09 September 2020

Xena FanFic

The Virgin Podcasters present the audio fanfic stories. Today's update is an author that hasn't had their work on AUSXIP before. I welcome Angharad Governal to The Bard's Corner.

The Virgin Podcasters have recorded Kiss Me Deadly by Angharad Governal
What happened after Melinda and Janice returned home with the Xena scrolls? Angharad's film noir romp explores this question in spades. Set in post-WWII Los Angeles, our gals turn the City of Angels upside down to ensure the legacy of their illustrious ancestors. Hang on to your stylishly coiffed hats, sweet hearts!



08 September 2020

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World

Xena 25th Anniversary

Xena FanFic

The Virgin Podcasters present the audio fanfic stories

MaryD Reviews


07 September 2020


In case you missed the messages from Rob and Adrienne!

Lucy Lawless


05 September 2020

The 25th Anniversary Party Continues!

Firstly can I say THANK YOU to all those who bought the ebook and print book of Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World - the Starship Foundation and House of Bards are going to be getting some serious loot from your generosity!

New Sites


New Xena: 25 SyFy Podcast

Lucy Lawless


04 September 2020 (EVERYWHERE)


I hope those who have the ebook version of Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World book enjoying it! The print edition will take a few days to reach those who ordered it from Amazon and other stores

We have some messages to the fans!


04 September 2020 (Australia)

On the eve of the 25th Anniversary... here's something to shout it in the 25th Anniversary and the release of Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Book!

I love this video by James Gottfried. James submitted to the Xena 25th Anniversary video list and it's in the Xena book. Aussies check your kindles; you will have got the ebook early since it's the 4th September today! The rest of you...sorry gotta wait!

I Am A Warrior

Xena Music Video - I Am A Warrior from James Gottfried on Vimeo.


02 September 2020

August was a VERY busy month for AUSXIP Publishing! Check out the latest releases. The countdown is on for the release of Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World which is only 2 days away! Owing to the time difference in the Southern Hemisphere, those who live down under will get their ebook a day(ish) earlier although sometimes Amazon does release their ebooks a day you may get lucky!

Spotlight on Podcasts

My Life is Murder




01 Sepember 2020

Working on the Xena 25th Anniversary book has kept me from updating AUSXIP as I would have liked. I'm getting back on track with updates as per the regular schedule!

We are in the final days to the 25th Anniversary!!

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World

Pre-orders are now available for the ebook paperback AND Delux Edition! Release day is September 04 - Xena's 25th Anniversary!!!

Happy Birthday to Adrienne Wilkinson!

Lucy Lawless