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Sci Fi Magazine

December 2004

Scans Contributed by Bev


TOP 10 Fantasy TV Series

1.  Hercules:  The Legendary Journey's
2.  XENA: Warrior Princess (A series that makes use of the "L" word.  Ladies, Leather, Lucy.  Oh, did you think we meant something else?

Top 10 Fantasy Women

1.  XENA(Lucy lawless, Xena: Warrior Princess)  She's a princess. She's a warrior.  She had a hit show for six years and a killer spread in Maxim.  We have three words for you:  Lucy Kicks Ass
2.  Arwen (Live Tyler)
3.  Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright Penn)
4.  GABRIELLE (Renee O'Connor, Xena: Warrior Princess)  Though she falls into the "sidekick" stratum on the geology chart of heroes, Gabrielle is the cheese to Xena's macaroni.  Can't have one without the other.   And who'd want to?

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