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Below are transcripts of Interviews with Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and other XWP cast members that have appeared in Newspapers, Magazines, TV Interviews, Radio Interviews and other assorted places.

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Special message: A Message from Lucy to her fans - just before her Grease debut
Special message: A Thank you message from Lucy again to her fans!

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Newspapers & Other News Agencies
Radio Interviews
Magazines - Online & Printed
Online Conferences & Convention Transcripts
Transcripts of TV Show Appearances

Hot Hollywood Gossip
Xena Parodies that are just hilarious!

Newspapers & Other News Agencies!

Chicago Sun-Times - February 15, 1998
Article in two Dutch Newspapers
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The Austin Chronicle - Renee O'Connor Interview + Picturesnew.gif (908 bytes)
The Canberra Times - February 9, 1998
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette- February 05, 1998

Daily News (New York) - February 06, 1998
Dayton Daily News - February 8, 1998
nchorage Daily News - 08 February 1998
The Sun Herald - Sydney Australia - 8 February 1998
The Columbus Dispatch - January 24, 1998
The Daily News of Los Angeles
- January 19, 1998
Daily Variety - January 20, 1998
The Irish Times - January 13, 1998
Los Angeles Times - January 18, 1998
The Tampa Tribune - January 19, 1998
The Record (Bergen County, NJ) - January 17, 1998
Daily News - NZ - 22 November 1997
Time Magazine - 29 December 1997
The Toronto Sun
- January 18, 1998
Article on Jay Laga'aia (Draco) from The Sydney Daily Telegraph
- 31 December 1997
The Sydney Daily Telegraph
- Review of Topless Women..
The Sunday Star Times - Auckland NZ (21-12-97)
The Austin American-Statesman
Omaha World Herald - 29 December 1997
The Australian - May 23, 1997
Chicago Sun-Times

Los Angeles Times - 14-12-97
SouthLand Times 16-12-97 (New Zealand)
Daily Telegraph (Sydney Australia) article on Lucy/Xena

AP Newswire 12-10-97
Article in Local Paper about XWP
Renee O'Connor Interview with WB17 News
The Singapore Press/New Paper Interview with Renee O'Connor
The San Francisco Chronicle June 17, 1997
PR Newswire articles - October 7, 1997
The Weekend Australian - Fan Clubs and The Web
Hercules And Xena Add Muscle To VSDA Confab
Scottish Daily Record & Sunday Mail Ltd. Daily Record July 14, 1997
The Columbus Dispatch - 30 September 1997
NZ Sunday Star-Times article
Sacramento Bee - 09/19/97
New York Daily Post
News Day (New York) newspaper
Sydney Sun-Herald article on Lucy in Grease
New York Post - Sat. 30th Aug. 1997
New York Post - Mon. 1st Sept. 1997
New York Times article on Lucy at Meow Mix
USA Today Article about Lucy & Grease
London Free Press 8/26/97
New York Times article on Fan Fiction
The San Fransisco Chronicle - 29 May 1997
PR Newswire July 10, 1997 - Hercules & Xena: Wizards of the Screen.
Scotland on Sunday July 6, 1997, "Warrior Woman"
Calgary Herald
Detroit Free Press interview with Lucy, May 8, 1997
Vancouver Sun Article
Canadian Province #2 Article
Canadian Province #1 Article
LA Times - March 26, 1997
Chicago Tribunearticle
Rocket Reel Life Article
Star Telegraph Article
Virginian Pilot Article
What's Hot on UTV - Lawy Lawless article
Interview in NZ Evening Post
Arizona Rupublic Newspaper article 15 January 1997
Arizona Republic Newspaper article 3 March 1997
USA Today Article

Radio Interviews

AAHS World Radio 10-10-97 Interview with Renee
Lucy on NY Radio - 08/31/97
Lucy interview at Ducks & Red Wings Hockey Game May 6th 1997
Radio Interview with Renee O'Connor on KYSM Mankato, MN. April 24, 1997
Radio Interview with Renee O'Connor on KSAN RADIO SAN FRANCISCO (Phoner) Recorded on 4/24/97 for later broadcast
Radio interview with Lucy Lawless in New Zealand, 25 Apr 1997

Hot Hollywood Gossip - Hilarious Xena Parodies

Hot Hollywood Gossip #8
Hot Hollywood Gossip #7
Hot Hollywood Gossip #6
Hot Hollywood Gossip #5
Hot Hollywood Gossip - #3/98
Hot Hollywood Gossip - #2/98
Hot Hollywood Gossip - #1/98
Hot Hollywood Gossip - #51 (1997)

Online Magazines & Printed

Lesbians on the Loose article on Xena - March 1998new.gif (908 bytes)
Nieuwe Revu number 8 February 11 - Feb 18new.gif (908 bytes)
TV Guide - February 21-27, 1998new.gif (908 bytes)
Xena Goes to College:
Who Weekly (Australia)
People Yearbook 1998
People Magazine - February 16 (Double Issue)
TV Week (Australia) article on Lucy Lawless
Penthouse Magazine Interview with Lucy Lawless
New Weekly - Sydney, Australia, 26 January 1998 - article on Lucy
New XenaLand Page link - Woman's Day article on Lucy's wedding and the rings! Includes photos!
Women in the movies / televsion from the sixties to today -- and idetnifying some of the changing times.
TV Week - 29 December 1997 - Lucy Lawless
TV Week - Review of Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (Danielle Cormack - Ephiny)
E Online article - Transcript - September 1997
Black Belt - September 1996
Nickelodeon magazine articles on everything you wanted to know about Xena
Lesbian News - Article on Lucy
Parade Magazine - In Step with Lucy Lawless
NZ Women's Weekly - October 1997 article on Lucy
NZ Woman's Day - October 1997 article on Lucy
Who Weekly Article on Lucy
HX for Her Magazine article
NZ Women's Weekly - October 1997
Cult TV Magazine - October 97
TV Zone Magazine Issue 93, August 1997
Tribune-Review of PA article on Xena
Playbill article on Lucy as Rizzo - 2 September 1997
August 97 - Metro article on Lucy
US Magazine - October 97 - Lucy on the subject of Subtext
Article on new Herc/Xena animated movie
#228 of Starburst Magazine - Interview With Renee
Renee O'Connor article in People Online Version
Lucy to appear in Grease
Various segments about Xena from TV Guide
Twenty Questions with Lucy Lawless from May 1997 Playboy Magazine
TV Week - Stars for Lucy Lawless
Overstree Fan Article on Xena
Starlog- April 1997 Article on Lucy
Cooking Light Magazine article with Lucy Lawless
Satellite Times Article on Xena
Entertainment Weekly article on Lucy and the show
TV HITS article with Lucy
Starlog interview with Renee O'Connor
NZ Woman's Weekly Magazine Feb 97
NZ Woman's Day Article - Feb '97 
TV Scene Article about the show
Lucy Lawless Interview With Cult TV Magazine
NOW! article from The Sydney Sun-Herald TV Magazine
Articlein People Magazine on Lucy
Lucy Article in TV Guide 

Online Conferences & Conventions

Lucy Lawless - transcript from Burbank 1998 Convention new.gif (908 bytes)
Hudson Leick - transcript from Burbank 1998 Convention
new.gif (908 bytes)
Renee O'Connor People Online Chat - 22 September 1997

America Online Conference with Lucy - September 22, 1997
America OnlineConference with Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor Live on America Online transcript

TV Shows 

The Jay Leno Show page - Out of Bodice Appearance
Regis & Kathie Lee Show - Interview with Renee - December 97
Lucy Lawless on the Holmes show, TV1, Thursday 29/10/97
WGN Interview with Lucy - 14 August 1996
(NZ) The Holmes Show interview with Lucy Lawless
Regis & Kathie Lee Show - Interview (!) with Renee
Regis & Kathie Lee Show - Interview with Lucy
CNN Showbiz Today, July 10, 1997 - Interview with Lucy & Kevin
Showbiz interview on CNN with Lucy - main story
Auckland (NZ) TV Interview with Lucy
Transcript of Canadian TV Interview with Lucy on January 7, 1997 

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