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  • LesbiaNation - 31 March 2004 We recently caught up with former "Xena" star Lucy Lawless making the pilot season rounds in Los Angeles, what she calls "the roller coaster of hell." The public hasn't seen much of Lawless since her brief guest role on "The X-Files," her animated appearance on "The Simpsons" (and that tiny walk-on in Spiderman), but now she's back and ready for action. With two new film appearances under her belt, possible "negotiations" in the works for a TV show, and the new Xena Season Three DVD set on the shelves - she's one busy lady, and loving every crazy minute of it. Read the entire interview

  • LesbiaNation - 31 March 2004 - Stormin' Lucy Lawless - Interview We recently caught up with former "Xena" star Lucy Lawless making the pilot season rounds in Los Angeles, what she calls "the roller coaster of hell."

  • The Toronto Star 28 March 2004 has a small mention of Lucy in relation to an upcoming stage show based on Wagner's Ring Cycle.No one would call Lucy Lawless a Wagnerian soprano, but Xena: Warrior Princess had her own Ring Cycle in Season 6. The three, one-hour episodes were called The Rheingold, The Ring and The Return Of The Valkyrie. Click here to read entire article on the Toronto Star Site

  • Malay Mail Online (New Strait Times) - 27 March 2004
    interviews Lucy about Xena and her other project including the prospect of a Xena movie.

  • Business World Online - 26-27 March 2004
    Lucy Lawless: Warrior woman - Talks about Xena and the effect it had on other female action heroes on TV and how it empowered women.

  • Ask Men - March 2004 - Lucy Lawless - We Love This Warrior Princess Interview with Lucy - Lucy talks about Tarzan and Eurotrip

  • Detroit Free Press - 18 March 2004 - Planet to have been named Xena but wasn't..

  • The Boston Herald - 16 March 2004 - With a wink and a nudge, homosexual subtext has been understated in entertainment

  • Celebrity Skin Magazine - March 2004 - this issue has a picture of Lucy from the Red Wings game which I've decided not to post for obvious reasons so please don't ask me why it's not there BUT  there is a couple of greats photos of Lucy - one from the Saturn Awards - June 12, 2001 in a low cut red dress and the other as Xena.

  • NZ TV Guide - March 2004 - Lucy attending Eurotrip Premiere

  • TV Highlights - March 2004 German science fiction and fantasy magazine " - March 2004 " feature their march coverstory with Xena. For the start of the sixth season premiere in Germany, they present the Xena chronicle with 15 pages, a preview of season six, three DVD cover and two posters with Xena/Gabrielle and a Callisto one.

  • HipOnline March 2004 - Lucy talks about Eurotrip, the Season 3 DVD Movies, the Xena Movie & Boogeyman