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E! Online - Top Ten Kick Ass TV Divas

May 2004

Xena: Warrior Princess - Number 10

Actress: Lucy Lawless
Show: Xena: Warrior Princess
Character: Xena

What's not to love about Xena? As Lucy Lawless says: "Xena is a bad-ass, kick-ass, pre-Mycenaean girl." Evildoers, clearly, must stand down, but not only bad guys (and girls) have Xena-phobia. Even heroes quake when she swings her broadsword.

Originally created as a syndicated complement to Kevin Sorbo's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena has pretty much kicked Herc to the curb. It's like when the Bionic Woman made us lose interest in the Six Million Dollar Man--only more so.

Unlike Lindsay Wagner's early half-woman, half-machine, Xena isn't prone to frailty. Nor does she need robot parts. In fact, the Warrior Princess never loses. If she's down, it's not for long.

Plus, she's in touch with the dark side: This big-boned bruiser has definite moments of blood lust, as well as lust of some other varieties. Garbed in a leather miniskirt and armed with her trademark razor-edged, boomerang-action chakram, we've watched Xena single-leggedly kick down entire platoons of Roman soldiers.

Sure, we've heard the murmurings about Xena and her softer female sidekick, Gabrielle (actress Renée O'Connor). So what if they like to conserve bathwater by doubling up? And what's wrong with close friends frenching once in a while?

Then again, maybe it is true--not that there's anything wrong with that.



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