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March 1998
Translated from Dutch by Petra de Jong

Lucy Lawless, as Xena, has put her past behind her 'Cockroaches out, Humor in'

by Ella Vermeulen

tros2.jpg (155696 bytes)She's called a 'feminist icon for this time' because she, sexy, smart and leather clad, takes care of herself. Without the leather 'corset with a dress', the razor sharp chakram (her throwing disc) and the famous look, the 'Warrior Princess' is just Lucy Lawless (30), who just asked the producers
if she, as Xena, please didn't have to crawl through the cockroaches anymore...

In no time Lucy Lawless became world famous. It started with a guest role as Xena in the series 'Hercules'. One month later she got her own show and after three episodes of 'Xena: Warrior Princess' there were 28 Xenasites on the internet.

But even though she enjoyed her popularity Lucy more and more started to dislike the disadvantages of being a female hero. "I have done so many dirty things that I still felt the feet of the cockroaches one day later. I'm not as tough as Xena. When at home I don't know how fast I have to put on a dress with flowers on it. Polishing nails becomes a form of therapy if you have to fight with a sword every day."

Fortunately 'Miss New Zealand 1989' got what she asked for. "Xena is changing", says Lucy Lawless, "She's put her past behind her and she doesn't have to be so inaccessible (?) anymore, there's more room for humor. After all, Xena is more comic book then Shakespeare. To me it's a good deal: cockroaches out, humor in."

The Xena Files:
- On the internet Xena leads her own life on more then 70 websites. Recommendation, including among others a Encyclopedia Xenaica:

- Before a game of the Detroit Red Wings (her favorite hockey team) Lucy sang the national anthem. She did this with so much enthusiasm that her left breast slipped out of her blouse.

- The extraordinary friendship between Xena and her friend Gabrielle has made them immensely popular among lesbians

- Lucy has been a single mother to daughter Daisy (9) for a long time. Last Valentine's Day she married Rob Tapert, the producer of Xena

Commentary on XWP on Tuesday (small pic of Xena and Gab from ADITL (with the kite))
Renee O'Connor (on the right) plays the part of Gabrielle in 'Xena'. This
year, the 27-year-old actress also lends her voice for her tv character, in
the animated movie 'Hercules and Xena'.



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