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October 3, 2002


Xena fanfic, Erotica


In order to keep a warlord from attacking the Amazon Nation, Xena agrees to pretend to be the slave of the Amazon Queen, Gabrielle. However, it quickly becomes apparent to the two women that fantasy will soon become reality. Are they up to the challenge?


Well, yes, I mean, you're reading this aren't you? Oh, you mean naughty words. Hell motherfuckin' yeah, there's bad language in this story. Um, wait, maybe I should disclaim my disclaimers... Oh, I already did that. Good thinking. :)


Hmmm, subtext, subtext... Nope, no subtext. I pretty much put it right out there. In fact, I don't think there's any way you could miss the fact that these two women don't just love each other, they luuuuuv each other.


Okay, this is your basic PWP (Plot, What Plot? I don't see any plot.). I do make an attempt at a storyline, I like giving sex a context, it just makes it more real for me. Plus, by the time I was finished writing this piece, I realized I wanted to keep following the story and a plotline helps. Anyway, I should probably also mention that there's some light bondage and S/M (Slave/Master, not Sadism/Masochism) themes. Oh, one more thing. If anal penetration is not your thing, leave now. That's all I have to say.


No, not really. I mean, there's no sword fights or anything. There's one slap, a chakram toss (but it only hits inanimate objects), and a very subtle reference to possible castration, but that's it. Oh, and a couple clits get tortured to the brink of insanity, but, that's what you're here for, right? :)

Author's Notes

This is my second completed (but first to be uploaded) alt fanfic (Feb. 11, 2000, weird because that's my birthday and I wrote this whole thing in one shot, started it that morning and finished it that evening), so I'd be interested in feedback, both practical (typos, grammar, confusing sentence structure, etc.) and personal (you just didn't like it; you felt like you were really there and wanted to join in (and maybe you did); my characterizations were horrible; you loved it so much, you've downloaded a copy for your personal use, etc.).


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Xena: Warrior Slave, Part I


Kodi Wolf

How in Tartarus had she let herself be talked into this?

The leash attached to her collar pulled taut again and she let her long legs work to get a little more slack in the line, her normal stride being put off a little by her hands having been bound behind her back. The hard leather edge of the black collar pressed into her neck and left a minor indentation on the underside of her chin. She looked up at the woman holding the other end of the braided leather leash.

They had been urgently summoned by Ephiny for a visit to the Amazon Nation without being told the exact reason their presence was needed. When she'd finally gotten the story out of the Regent, she'd sighed and sunk into the nearest chair. Amazons. They never thought anything through before opening their big mouths.

"It was the best they could come up with on the spur of the moment. Xena, we were facing an all out war. Solari thought it was more prudent to bluff than risk the amount of deaths a battle would have brought about. How could she know he'd ask for proof? Gabrielle talks about how you taught her about the greater good. Isn't a little... um, humiliation worth it if lives are saved?" Ephiny had asked pointedly.

"It's not even about that now, Ephiny. How are we gonna pull this off? No one's gonna believe it."

"I don't know about that. Xena, you're an incredible actress. I know you can do it," Gabrielle had said.

Xena had scowled. She hadn't really been worried about her own abilities at pretending to be something she wasn't. In fact, she knew it would be relatively easy to reverse her normally strong personality and feign weakness, though she certainly wasn't looking forward to the prospect. But the bard would have to do the complete opposite. She would have to somehow let go of her insecurities and her compassionate nature and pretend to be a hard-hearted bitch. Or at least an imperious Queen of the Amazons, owner of the great Xena, Destroyer of Nations.

"Why couldn't she have just said that I was an ally to the Queen?"

"Not quite as intimidating a threat," Ephiny had replied.

"It's gonna be alright, Xena. I know you can do it," Gabrielle had assured the tall warrior.

"Right. And what if the situation was reversed? Would you be so quick to just accept slavehood?"

Xena hadn't meant it to come out like that, but there had been definite reproach in her voice and it had been directed squarely at her friend. Gabrielle had straightened up and a veil had dropped over her eyes to hide the sudden look of hurt.

"I would trust you to be able to handle whatever needed to be done."

The words had been quiet and had made Xena feel like she was about two inches tall. She'd known in that instant she had lost. She'd do anything the bard asked of her to make it up to the small woman. Ephiny had looked between her Queen and the Warrior Princess and then had cleared her throat.

"Um, we need to decide how we're going to handle this. I could always say Solari was misinformed, or that..."

"No. That would just make the Amazons look weak. We'll just have to play the cards we've been dealt. I, um, I can coach the Queen on how to act."

Xena had looked everywhere but at the two women as she said the last part. It was one of the things in Xena's past that she hadn't wanted Gabrielle to know too much about, but as the saying went, if wishes were horses, then even beggars would ride...

"Thank you, Xena. It'll be over before you know it. Just a few days to prove that our Queen isn't one to be trifled with."

Ephiny had winked at Gabrielle and Gabrielle had blushed slightly in the dim light of the Queen's hut. Xena had known they would have to work on that particular reflex.

"We'll begin tomorrow. Tonight, everyone should just get a good night's rest. How long before this meeting is supposed to take place?"

"The new moon. Ten days," Ephiny had supplied.

"Oh, plenty of time," Xena had mumbled a little sarcastically.

"Well, I'll let you two get some rest. Goodnight."

Ephiny had left them alone and Gabrielle had turned around to get something out of her bag, or more likely just so she wouldn't have to look at Xena.

"It's not that I don't trust you, Gabrielle. I just don't want you to be put in a position where you might have to... uh, discipline me. You've never owned a slave and you never would. It's not who you are."

Gabrielle had turned around at the softly spoken attempt at reconciliation. She studied Xena for several long moments and then finally responded.

"But it is who you used to be." It had been a statement, but Xena had heard the need for an answer.

"Yes. And now I'm going to have to teach you how to act as though I'm not worth the space I take up."

The words had been like a double-edged knife for many reasons. She'd known it would hurt Gabrielle to act that way towards her, for any reason, even if it was just pretend. But she'd also heard the note of truth in her words, the belief she kept down deep that she would never be good enough no matter what she did because of everything she had done in her past. And the brief look of pain she'd seen in Gabrielle's eyes had let her know that Gabrielle had heard it, too.

The leash pulled on her neck again and Xena fought to keep the angry glare from her eyes when she looked up at Gabrielle's form sitting atop Argo.

"Hurry up. You've got those long legs. Use them." Gabrielle's voice was harsh and her eyes devoid of emotion.

Xena didn't reply, just quickened her stride. She darted a few glances at their escort and saw the grins and heard a few chuckles. It burned a little on the inside, her pride wrestling with her acceptance of the situation. Sure, she could rip the collar off and wipe the ground with these idiots, but then Miklios would know that Queen Gabrielle didn't have a handle on the Destroyer of Nations and might decide the Amazons really were vulnerable to an attack.

She'd thought about simply going to Miklios and telling him to back off, that even though Gabrielle hadn't captured her as he'd been told, she would still take his head if he touched a single Amazon, but she had a feeling it wouldn't have quite the same impact. This way, Gabrielle looked like she could take on anybody and anything regardless of Xena's assistance and that kind of threat would last longer.

Finally, the sun was setting and Gabrielle called a halt to their procession and ordered her Amazons to make camp for the evening. A tall post was driven into the ground and Xena's leash was attached to the top of it. She was guarded by half a dozen crossbows while her hands were untied for a few moments and then rebound in front of her. Then a second length of leather was strung between her wrists and her arms were drawn above her head, then tied off to the top of the post.

Her throat and wrists had been rubbed raw, but she made no complaint. Nothing would have been done for her anyway. Gabrielle had wanted to pad the collar and wrap her wrists in a protective band of suede, but Xena had told her it would make her look weak if she appeared to care too much about her 'property.'

"Anything more than just the fact that I'm a valuable asset to you and no one's gonna believe that I'm your slave," Xena had said, and Gabrielle hadn't been able to refute the logic.

When it started to rain, Xena actually laughed. Of course it was raining; she was tied to a slave post, being ignored by everyone around her, and wearing nothing but her shift, which had been intentionally ripped. Rain made perfect sense.

Xena tried to ease the growing ache in her shoulders from having her arms pulled so tightly above her head. She stood on her tip toes for a short while, until the ache in her shoulders was replaced by a burning in her calves. She eased back down to the flats of her feet and closed her eyes to try to relax.

A few minutes later, an Amazon poked her in the ribs with her crossbow.

"Hey, wake up. You hungry?"

Xena opened her eyes and nodded her head. She hadn't eaten since that morning when they'd left the village just after dawn. Everyone else had consumed trail rations while they walked, but none had been offered to her.

The Amazon held the plate up to her mouth. It was then that she wished they'd planned just a little bit better. In order to insure that no slip-ups were made in the treatment of her, no one, except Gabrielle, knew the truth of the situation. However, the Amazons did know that Xena was more than formidable, so untying her so she could feed herself was simply out of the question.

Xena ducked her head forward and used her lips to pick up a piece of venison and chewed it. She swallowed it down and forced herself not to grimace at the pain it caused as the collar cut into her throat again. She kept at the plate until there was nothing left and the Amazon walked away with the dirty plate.

She was thirsty, so she tipped her head back as far as it would go and let the drops of rain collect in her mouth. Then she felt a soft touch on her cheek and the mouth of a water skin being pressed to her lips. She closed her eyes and brought her head back down to drink. She drained half the skin and finally pulled her mouth away. Then she opened her eyes, knowing who she would see.

"I'm sorry," Gabrielle whispered, the cold rain helping to disguise the hot tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Don't apologize. You know I've had worse," she mumbled. They shouldn't be talking like this. Miklios' men were watching them.

"I know. But I'm still sorry. It's my fault that you're here." Gabrielle noticed the red abrasions above and below the collar. She started to reach out to touch them, then stopped herself. "I shouldn't have pulled on the leash so hard..."

"Gabrielle, I know you don't mean to hurt me. But we talked about this. You have a role to play and so do I. I expect you to treat me harshly. I'm a big bad warlord and you have to constantly let me know who's in charge. Remember? That's the scenario."

Ephiny had explained the picture Solari had painted for Miklios. The warlord had of course been unbelieving when Solari had blurted out that their Queen was so formidable that she'd recently put a leash on the Warrior Princess herself. Miklios had heard about Xena's conversion to good and replied that he'd never heard anything about Xena being captured by anyone.

Solari had then explained that the Queen had gone on an expedition to catch Xena and break her. The Queen would soon be returning to Amazon lands with her new prize to teach the former Destroyer of Nations who her new master was. Miklios had been dubious at best, but then he'd told Solari he'd believe it when he saw it and would be willing to talk treaty if all was as she said. He had no desire to go to war with someone who'd conquered the Warrior Princess.

So here they were, being escorted to Miklios' camp, which was temporarily situated several leagues from the edge of the Amazon's borders. They would be at his camp by lunch the next day.

"Gabrielle, you have to leave me alone. Now," Xena hissed, "slap me!"

Gabrielle looked like she'd just been struck herself.

"Act like I just refused you or something. Come on. Just think, you can brag about getting one up on the Warrior Princess herself," she tried to cajole her friend.

For a second, she thought she would have to try a different tactic and then Gabrielle's hand whipped out and backhanded her across the cheekbone. Xena let her head roll with the hit and then made a half-hearted attempt to spit at the bard, intentionally missing her so that the glob of saliva landed an inch in front of her red-booted foot.

Gabrielle turned around and walked away. She'd only been able to strike the warrior by putting all her anger at having to do such a thing into the blow itself. Her knuckles still stung and she could only imagine what the right side of Xena's face felt like.

She dropped the water skin near the mess area her Amazons had set up so that it could be refilled in the morning. Then she dropped herself under the makeshift shelter her Amazons had rigged to keep her sleep furs dry from the rain. She curled up into a ball and silently cried herself to sleep.

She woke an hour before dawn, but kept her eyes closed and remained on her bedroll to think. She needed to get a handle on her emotions. Xena had pointed out to her, on that first morning after their arrival, that guilt would be her greatest enemy, since it would undermine her ability to impose her will on Xena.

As long as she could detach herself from her feelings of remorse, she'd be fine. Remorse caused one to second-guess themselves and that was simply unacceptable during this mission, where strength and power were all that was standing between the Amazons and an invasion force that outnumbered them three to one.

She let the feeling of power and confidence Xena had taught her to delve into fill her entire being. Xena had berated her until she'd stood up for herself, screaming her worthiness into Xena's face to counteract the emotional flogging Xena had been subjecting her to.

As soon as she'd fought back, Xena had told her to stop and hold onto that feeling. That was her confidence, her core of understanding that left unchecked would cause her to believe herself to be perfect, undefeatable, not just worthy of ruling the ground she walked on, but destined to do so, a birthright simply because she was Gabrielle.

Gabrielle had suddenly understood Xena in a whole new light. Things she'd said and done had suddenly made perfect sense. Only someone who had utter confidence in themselves could do the things Xena seemed to be capable of doing on a daily basis. Gabrielle had tucked the new understanding and the feelings of total conceit into the back of her mind for later perusal.

Gabrielle rose from her bedroll and walked over to where Xena was half-asleep standing up, her legs locked so that she wouldn't fall and strain her arms any more than they were already. There was a cut along Xena's cheekbone on the right side of her face and the telltale signs of a shiner, but Gabrielle blocked out the memory of where those marks came from.

Gabrielle collected her thoughts and focused on the pale form that had suddenly straightened in front of her. It was important to present a certain image to Miklios. That image had to be one of power and ruthlessness. Gabrielle straightened her own shoulders and let the warmth drain from her eyes the way Xena had taught her just a few days ago. It was too hard to go back and forth between their adopted roles and their real selves. She had a feeling Xena felt the same way, based on her words from the night before. So.

"You will address me as Mistress at all times. Though the others may refer to me as their Queen or Your Majesty or Your Highness, you haven't earned the right to call me your Queen. You're not even an Amazon."

Gabrielle let the words spill from her mouth and watched as understanding dawned on Xena's face. Xena let her head drop down slightly and averted her gaze. For a second, Gabrielle was sure she saw approval and then even appreciation in those light blue eyes before they looked down to the dirt at her feet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Better. Much better," Gabrielle said loudly for anyone who might be listening.

She turned and walked away and awaited breakfast. She purposely avoided checking to find out if anyone fed Xena. When they were ready to continue on their way, she mounted Argo and then accepted Xena's leash from one of the Amazons. Xena kept her head down and didn't look at her, as they started on their way.

Gabrielle looked around at their escort and caught the eye of one of Miklios' men. The brief eye contact seemed to make the man think he could start a conversation with her. He cleared his throat.

"So, how'd ya do it?" he asked.

"Do what?" Gabrielle asked in return, though she knew what he was referring to.

"How'd you tame her?"

Gabrielle laughed and she knew by his expression that it was the last thing he'd expected from her.

"What makes you think she's been tamed?" she said, and wasn't disappointed to see Xena leveling one of her infamous glares at the man. "She simply knows that I own her now. Don't you?" Gabrielle tugged hard on the leash wrapped in her fingers, knowing it would leave a bruise on the woman's neck.

"Yes, Mistress," Xena dutifully replied.

The man tried again.

"But I mean, how'd you catch her? And keep her?" He looked around at his buddies hoping for a little support. He got noncommittal stares as they continued down the road. "I mean, why should she do what you say? She could break you in half, if she wanted to, from the stories I've heard."

"You think so?" she said quietly.

Gabrielle had been practicing what she'd termed Xena's 'death glare' and aimed it right at him. He dropped his own gaze to the ground in front of him and fidgeted with his armor. By the look of him, he was about ready to crawl out of his own skin just to get away from her. Gabrielle smirked. So this was what Xena felt when she was bending men's wills to her own. No wonder she'd ended up conquering half of Greece. This could get addictive.

Apparently, there was still a little courage to be found among Miklios' men because one of the others took up where the first one had left off.

"Um, well, no offense, but you don't look like you could defeat her in battle and she doesn't have any family for you to hold against her. And she's not an Amazon, so what's there to make her bow down to you? What does she get out of letting you order her around?"

As soon as the sentence left his mouth, a sudden realization seemed to pass over all of their faces, even the other Amazons, who had only heard rumors about their Queen's mission to Miklios' camp. Gabrielle was a few seconds behind, but when she caught up, she had to focus all her concentration on not blushing. It was an interesting trick Xena had taught her, but it only just barely saved her.

Gabrielle made a split second decision and just grinned. The man averted his eyes and sped his pace up a bit to join the group ahead of them. Gabrielle looked down and saw that Xena had caught the grin. At the veiled questioning look, Gabrielle shrugged her shoulders with the barest twitch of muscles and turned her gaze back to the dusty road ahead of them.

They arrived at the edge of Miklios' camp, which had turned into a little fort, and were led to a dirt clearing in front of a large central tent that had reinforced walls. Gabrielle could tell if Miklios remained much longer, the place would become permanent. She glanced at Xena and saw that she'd come to the same conclusion.

Miklios came out to greet them and called for his attendants to bring refreshments. Then he eyed the tall scantily-clad woman.

"So, this is the great Queen of the Amazons and her 'slave,' Xena. Tell me, Xena, how did this little thing catch you, the Warrior Princess, Destroyer of Nations, and make you her slave?"

Xena kept her sleep-deprived head bowed. As far as she was concerned, she was Gabrielle's slave and would only do her bidding.

"Or maybe you aren't the real Xena, hmm?"

Xena knew the man must be wearing a smug expression and she desperately wanted to wipe it off of his face. Along with the skin. With her fingernails.

Gabrielle dropped the leash and went to Argo. She pulled Xena's chakram out of one of the saddlebags and grasped the leash again, tugging to get Xena's attention. Xena raised her head and saw the weapon and Gabrielle nearly giggled at the gleam of delight she saw sparkling in her friend's eyes. Then she sobered.

"If you kill any of my people, you will die having remembered only an eternity of pain as the history of your life."

That's my bard. Maybe I should have a brainstorming session with her to come up with some new threats? Mine are getting kind of stale. You can only tell people you've cut off the flow of blood to their brains so many times before it gets a little old.

Xena nodded and dampened the fire she knew was burning in her eyes. She had no intention of hurting any of the Amazons, but maybe she would shave a few heads. And some scalps, too.

Gabrielle pulled back the chakram suddenly and looked at Miklios.

"Do you mind if she kills any of your people? I mean, you did imply that you would like verification of my slave's identity." Gabrielle said it matter-of-factly and waited patiently for his response.

"Um, how about just a demonstration of ability and leave the body parts attached."

Gabrielle yanked on the leash again.

"If you kill any of them, I'll have you whipped every day for a month," Gabrielle warned.

Xena seriously considered accepting such a punishment, then decided the mission was more important, plus Gabrielle would be really upset with her. She nodded and took the chakram, then held out her hands to have them untied. She could have cut the bindings with the chakram, but that was a waste of good leather.

Gabrielle gestured an Amazon forward and Xena was held at crossbow point while the ties were undone. She rubbed her wrists to get a little circulation going. She wanted to be able to catch the chakram without it taking her hand off. After a minute, she eyed the surrounding structures and then let the chakram fly.

It sung through the air and ricocheted off the main tent, the mess tent, and a wagon, then curved back around and hit several of the barracks tents before bouncing off a barrel and landing back in Xena's sure grasp.

Miklios whistled. "You are Xena," he pronounced. Xena grinned, rather maniacally, at him and he took a half step back.

Gabrielle held out her hand for the weapon and everyone else held their breaths, waiting for Xena to relinquish the item that could cut them to ribbons before they even had a chance to sound an alarm.

Xena passed the chakram back to Gabrielle and Gabrielle tucked it into her saddlebag as several sighs of relief were uttered. Xena held her hands back out so that they could be retied. The Amazon, who was still clutching the leather thongs she'd untied, started forward, but Gabrielle held up a hand. She stared Xena in the eyes.

"Do you promise to behave until the sun goes down? If you cause even the slightest trouble, you'll be bound, gagged, and blindfolded. Depending on the infraction, I might let you be used as a sparring bag, too."

Xena had to hand it to Gabrielle. She knew her psychology. The state of mind Xena was in, pretend or no pretend, there was no way she could promise to be subservient indefinitely. Setting a time limit let her relax. Sundown wasn't too far away and she could handle that.

"I'll behave, Mistress."

Gabrielle waved away the Amazon with the bindings and gestured for the crossbows to be lowered, too.

"Interesting. Why until sundown?" Miklios questioned.

"All new slaves, and even old ones, need a time when they can freely rebel without too much fear of punishment. At sunset, she will be bound again and can struggle against her slavery all she likes. I won't punish her for that unless it gets out of hand and she knows that."

"Why not just beat her into submission? That always works for me. And it looks like you've already taken a hand to her," Miklios smirked at the fading marks on Xena's right cheek.

"Yes, she was a little rude last night, but I have other plans for Xena. And there's really no point to beating a slave like that. I have much better methods for breaking my slaves."

A kernel of an idea was growing at the back of Gabrielle's mind. Unless something changed her opinion of the warlord, they were going to have to come up with a fallback plan and she just might have one.

The attendants returned with drinks for Gabrielle and her Amazons.

"Come inside and have lunch with me. I feel a need to get to know the woman who was able to break the Destroyer of Nations."

"She's not broken yet. I'm still working on that. But she's coming along pretty well."

Gabrielle pulled on the leash once and Xena followed at her side. Miklios smirked again and turned to re-enter his tent. Gabrielle paused for a second to gather herself and then stepped into the cool tent.

A large roughly hewn table was situated in the center of the main section of the tent. Miklios sat at the head of the table and gestured for Gabrielle to take the chair at his left. Gabrielle did so and then tugged on the leash to bring Xena down to kneel at her feet. Miklios laughed out loud.

"I never would have thought to see it. Xena, what has she done to you?" Miklios taunted.

Xena kept her stare focused on the floor and didn't allow herself to react to the jibe. Several of the men from their escort had followed after them into the tent and snickered at the last comment. Miklios looked up and then looked back over to Gabrielle before returning his gaze to his men.

"Do tell, Andros. What have I missed?"

The one that had questioned her earlier that day cleared his throat before speaking.

"Ah, well, apparently the Queen over there is rather, uh, talented in certain respects," he offered to his commander.

Miklios turned back to Gabrielle and stared at her. She decided to go with the same reaction she'd given Andros. She grinned and let her eyes sparkle with mischief. She saw the surprise in Miklios' own eyes. She knew she was seriously rewriting their rehearsed plans, but Xena had warned her that they might have to improvise depending on how Miklios reacted.

Gabrielle had seen the skepticism on Miklios' face. She'd noticed him sizing her up and realized he planned to challenge her if they went ahead with the story that Gabrielle had defeated Xena in a duel and taken her as her personal slave.

She was still working on the new storyline she'd been writing in her mind, when Miklios spoke.

"So. Xena has sacrificed her autonomy for pleasure. A worthy reason for anyone to take on a slave's collar. What aphrodisiacs do you use?" His expression was one of intellectual interest and Gabrielle couldn't help but smile at the change of tone in his voice.

"None. I don't need any. Amazons have spent centuries perfecting the skills of sexual domination, though only the queens are taught the more advanced techniques. Once I'd captured her, it was only a matter of time."

Gabrielle ran the conversation ahead in her mind, detailing answers to the questions she knew were coming. It was a handy trick of the bard and one that she was quite grateful for at the moment.

"And how exactly were you able to catch her? One does not simply kidnap the Destroyer of Nations on a whim."

"I led an entire legion of my warriors to bring her back with me. I saw her once, taking on a group of soldiers and decided I had to have her. I lost over half of them, of course, and Xena herself was barely breathing when the battle was over, but by the time she was fully recovered, she had begun to understand the advantages of staying by my side. Haven't you?" Gabrielle tugged on the leash to get Xena to raise her head.

Xena had been thankful her bent head had caused her hair to cover her face. Her eyes had opened wide at Gabrielle's fictional narrative. This was one for the archives at the Athen's City Academy of the Performing Bards. She had to admit it, though. The revised story was working. Miklios seemed much more cordial now.

Xena raised her head at the tug and stared right into Gabrielle's eyes.

"Yes, Mistress."

"And was it worth it, to lose so many of your people?"

"To gain Xena's sword at my beck and call? What do you think?" Gabrielle countered.

"Good point," Miklios replied with a smirk. "Well, shall we eat?"

He waved his hand and food was brought in and placed before all of them. Gabrielle began eating and appeared to absentmindedly offer food to Xena with every other bite she took for herself. She placed the food directly at Xena's lips so that Xena had no choice in the matter of whether she would take the food with her fingers.

Xena opened her mouth and took the bits of food with her lips and tongue. Gabrielle repressed the shiver that wanted to run the length of her spine. She wondered if Xena was doing that on purpose.

It wasn't a new thought. They'd been on the edges of something a little more intimate for a long time. Neither of them had specifically brought it up, but they hadn't been backing away from it either, letting touches, and even kisses, linger a lot longer than friendship dictated.

"So, how long has the great Warrior Princess been bound to you, Gabrielle? If I may call you that," Miklios began their lunch conversation.

"Gabrielle is fine. Only the Amazons are required to address me as their Queen. And Xena has been with me for over two months now."

"Ah, so she is very new indeed," he said. "Tell me, Xena, what exactly does she do that has you so willing to do her bidding?"

"That's not what we're here to talk about. I would prefer to start negotiating a treaty as soon as possible. I have a nation to run."

"How 'bout a little entertainment? You could give us a demonstration of these Amazon techniques of yours. I don't see the harm in delaying negotiations for an hour or so. She's just a slave. Right?"

Gabrielle knew she'd been backed into a corner. Any reasoning she came up with at this point would seem suspect, and a hundred and one reasons came to her for why she couldn't do what she was being asked to do, including the fact that raping her best friend was simply unacceptable, no matter how many lives were on the line.

Then she felt a gentle pressure on her boot. She glanced down and saw no change in Xena's kneeling form, but the pressure squeezed again and then removed itself and she saw the left shoulder muscle in Xena's back twitch for a second before settling again.

Gabrielle looked back up at their host. He was grinning and, for just a moment, Gabrielle had problems remembering why it was wrong to kill people when it was so obviously a much simpler solution.

Then she grinned back. It was one of the things Xena had mentioned to her. When in doubt, grin like a maniac. It had worked well for her the two times before, so she just went with it. And Xena's calm reassurance had helped to strengthen her resolve.

Gabrielle stood and pulled up on Xena's leash. Well, if she was going to do this, she was going to do it right. She was a bard. She had a flare for the dramatic and a damn good imagination. She could wing it. She would do more than wing it. She was Gabrielle, Queen of the Amazons, sidekick to the great Xena, Warrior Princess, Destroyer of Nations. And at the moment, said warrior was her slave, completely at her mercy.

Xena tried to decide what exactly it was that she was feeling at the moment. She'd realized where the conversation was heading, but her dread had been quickly replaced with anticipation. She'd been wanting to move forward in her relationship with the bard for a while now. Their touches had increased. Bathing together was an act of pure torture for both of them, though neither of them had suggested they change that particular habit.

She'd actually intentionally kissed Gabrielle while in the dreamscape before securing the ambrosia to bring her body back to life. And that night, not so long ago, before the day had started repeating, they'd even engaged in some serious necking, as Joxer had unfortunately noticed. The summons from Ephiny had cut their renewed explorations short.

So now she was being faced with the proposition of having Gabrielle take her in front of a group of total strangers. Public sex wasn't exactly new to her, though she'd always been the one in control. All in all, she couldn't really find any negatives. Except to wonder how Gabrielle felt about it. Then she caught the shit-eating grin on the bard's face.

Gabrielle let her confidence build up inside until it was practically pouring out her eyes. She turned Xena around and pushed her back onto the table, none too gently. She scattered the empty dishes and cleared them away with a brush of her arm. They were very close to Miklios and the others that had been seated near Gabrielle and she paused for a moment and stared at each of them in turn.

"If anybody else touches her, I'll let her remove the offending body part."

Gabrielle was even surprised at herself for the simple fact that she knew she meant it. A sudden possessiveness concerning her Warrior Princess made itself known and even the thought of someone else breathing the same air Xena did, besides the bard herself, made her burn. Everyone, including Miklios, backed their chairs up and moved away to get better views and safer seats.

Xena stared at the little Amazon Queen. To say she was aroused was an understatement. When Gabrielle pushed her even further back on the table, she could see a dark stain where her juices had spilled out of her. She didn't even notice the rough bark of the tabletop scraping against her bare bottom. Gabrielle had her otherwise occupied.

A tiny part of Gabrielle's mind was trying to figure out what had come over her. She knew part of the reason for her actions was to keep from chickening out. She decided the rest was because she'd been wanting this for so long, holding back was simply not an option. Plus, the look she was getting from Xena and the scent of her, oh gods, the scent of her was more than enough encouragement.

There was also the fact that nearly two dozen people were watching her ravage the Warrior Princess. She thought she should feel some kind of shame, but all she felt was a kind of challenge. She wanted to show off the fact that Xena was hers and no one else could have her. No one else could make her feel the way Gabrielle would make her feel. She wanted to prove to everyone there that she knew exactly how to please the Destroyer of Nations and her hold on the Warrior Princess was absolute.

The heady feeling of power flooded through Gabrielle as she pulled at the shreds of Xena's undershirt, the only clothing she'd been allowed to keep for their mission to Miklios' camp. She'd intended to lift the shirt over Xena's head, but her rough treatment caused it to tear and the sound of the ripping cloth made her want to hear more, so she continued until the shirt was in pieces.

She threw the rags away without even looking and leaned over Xena's supine form. As her pubic mound pressed into Xena's she became aware of the possibilities of her particular position, besides simply being able to attack Xena's breasts and mouth, and ground herself into Xena.

Xena gasped at the contact of Gabrielle's skirt against her labia which crushed her clit. The circular motions of Gabrielle's hips drew a moan from her that she had no control over. Everything was moving so quickly. She was still in slave mode and couldn't seem to catch up with her mind enough to control her body's responses. She started to panic, to struggle, but Gabrielle grabbed her leash and yanked on it hard to get her attention as she leaned over to come face to face with the warrior.

"No. You're mine. Get that through your head. You're not in control here."

The words were spoken in such a way as to continue the charade for their audience, but the underlying meaning was clear to Xena. This was real. This wasn't role playing anymore. Gabrielle expected her to let go and accept whatever Gabrielle had in mind for her.

Xena maintained eye contact as she slowly raised her arms over her head. Gabrielle saw the symbolic act for what it was, a demonstration of trust, and straightened up. She dropped the leash and then untied the lace of her half-bodice. She never let go of Xena's eyes and removed the lace from her shirt slowly and deliberately. Xena knew what Gabrielle intended to do with the lace and Gabrielle was giving her plenty of time to get used to the idea.

The leather lace slid free of the last eyelet of the green shirt and Gabrielle leaned forward and braced herself on either side of Xena's legs, then hoisted herself up, using strong stomach muscles to bring her knees up over the edge of the table. She straddled Xena's thighs and leaned over Xena's face, doing nothing to keep her breasts from swinging free of the now open shirt. She grasped Xena's wrists and wrapped the lace around them, binding them together, but not attaching them to anything else. This was her own symbolic act of trust. If Xena wanted to get away she could, but Gabrielle was trusting her to stay put.

Gabrielle sat back up and then slipped her top off her shoulders. She'd grown up being taught that flesh was to be covered, hence the long peasant dresses she'd worn when she'd first begun traveling with Xena. But Xena's lack of modesty and pride in her body had slowly infected the bard. After walking miles around Greece, fighting scores of thugs, sparring with the Warrior Princess herself, and getting some wardrobe tips from the Amazons, Gabrielle had gained a fierce pride in her body.

She looked up to connect with the stares of the people avidly watching them. The flush she felt come over her skin was pure ego. She could see the desire in their eyes. They wanted to touch her, touch the woman under her, but they knew they couldn't. She was forbidden and that made her all the sweeter.

Gabrielle reached down and placed her hands over Xena's exposed breasts, reveling in touching her own forbidden fruit. The tentative explorations she'd shared with Xena recently were nothing compared to the sensation of kneading Xena's soft bare breasts with her fingers and the palms of her hands. Hard nipples pressed into her palms and she rubbed over them repeatedly.

Xena's breathing was totally out of control. Gabrielle had just reached down and started fondling her without any kind of warning. Gabrielle leaned over her and Xena opened her mouth before Gabrielle could even reach her lips. Xena speared out her tongue and Gabrielle took her inside.

Xena felt her tongue being sucked and a voice in the back of her mind was trying to figure out where Gabrielle had learned that trick because it certainly wasn't from her and she just had a feeling that Perdicus had never kissed the bard like that. She groaned as the sucking sensation intensified and it took all her willpower not to bring her arms forward so she could take a little control back.

The kneading of her breasts hadn't stopped either. In fact, Gabrielle's squeezing was nearing painful. She was sure she was going to have bruises in the morning and yet she couldn't help pushing her chest up even harder into Gabrielle's hands, begging for more.

Gabrielle released Xena's breasts, but continued her sucking on Xena's tongue, diving down long enough to capture a lip and then scraping her teeth over it, then letting it go to get back to Xena's tongue.

She pushed her hands up along Xena's arms and then back down again to stop at Xena's neck and face. She tangled her hands in Xena's hair and grabbed hold, moving Xena's face the way she wanted it to position her lips just right for her kisses. Then she stopped sucking on Xena's tongue and simply explored her mouth, filling it with her own wet muscle and claiming it as her own personal domain.

Xena's breathing was ragged and harsh, each exhale was a high-pitched whimper. Gabrielle realized she needed to let the warrior breathe or she might actually pass out. She pulled away and, as she stared into Xena's bright but glazed eyes, she noticed she was grinding her pelvis into Xena's stomach, just low enough that she was catching the tip of Xena's pelvic bone. Xena was pushing up against her, though Gabrielle was pretty sure she wasn't entirely aware of that fact.

Gabrielle let go of Xena's hair and gently stroked the sides of her face for a minute. Sitting up caused her to stop her grinding and she continued to draw her fingers lightly over Xena's cheeks. The frantic grinding of her hips slowed down and the high-pitched whimpers were replaced with long low groans that were almost a whisper.

Xena felt the bard shift her weight and hop off the table. She would have protested, but for some reason, she couldn't do much more than clench her stomach in an attempt to assuage the ache in her sex, which produced a soft whimper.

She watched as Gabrielle worked her leather belt free and then her skirt fell away. She pulled her panties down and Xena swore she heard a thump as the sodden underwear hit the floor. She stayed bent over as she unlaced her boots and slid them from her calves and then her feet. She moved forward again and stood between Xena's parted knees. Xena's legs were dangling over the edge of the table and it caused them to widen naturally.

The position also put her at a real disadvantage. There was nothing for her feet to push against, so her only leverage came from her stomach muscles and, though powerful, it was nowhere near enough for her tastes.

Xena waited for Gabrielle to climb on top of her again, waited to feel the pressure of the young woman's body against her mound, but Gabrielle just rested her hands on Xena's knees. Then she reached around and dragged a chair over to sit in. She leaned forward and laid kisses on the insides of Xena's thighs.

Xena spread her legs wider at the contact, not caring as the edge of the table cut roughly at the backs of her knees. Gabrielle licked up and down her sweaty thighs. The heat of Gabrielle's tongue was quickly replaced with the coolness of evaporating saliva and then finally with an intense tingling that begged for more.

Xena arched her hips up in a silent, but none too subtle, plea for more contact. Gabrielle ignored her. She pushed Xena's legs even farther apart and got her first good look at a woman's sex. She breathed softly over the dark nether lips and heard Xena whimper. She decided that was a good sign, so she blew air over the heated center again. Xena bucked her hips forward.

Gabrielle kissed the flesh at the crease where Xena's thigh met her labia. She got a medium-pitched moan and looked up to see Xena's head thrash to one side as she pushed her hips towards Gabrielle's face again. Gabrielle reached out and touched the thick liquid that was pouring out of Xena's vagina. Xena jerked again and slammed her body into the table.

Gabrielle brought her finger to her lips and tasted the fluid. It was musky with a hint of salt. She liked the way it stayed on her tongue. She noticed the tight little opening below the engorged lips of Xena's labia was being drenched in the stuff.

Gabrielle remembered the night she'd made the accidental discovery while pleasuring herself that her anus could be just as sensitive as the rest of her nether regions. She wasted no time in finding out if that particular trait was universal or just peculiar to her own body.

Xena felt the sudden intense pressure of a tongue at the entrance to her ass and almost yelled. It was swirling around her opening, no doubt collecting all the juices she'd released due to her acute state of arousal and she couldn't help but gyrate her hips to its rhythm, anything to increase the contact. She was very nearly close to begging for release, but the people watching had made her bite her tongue. She still had some pride left, though she could feel it being lapped away as quickly as the fluid from her cunt was being lapped up from her anus.

Gabrielle had completely cleaned Xena's crack, but she still wanted more. There was nothing for it but to go to the source. She shoved her tongue at the wide open entrance to Xena's vagina and barely heard Xena's gasped yell of relief over her own moan. Burying her face into Xena's cunt was a religious experience. She wrapped her hands around the outsides of Xena's thighs and held them apart with the strength of muscles toned from hours of staff work.

Her lips pressed themselves around Xena's opening and she let her tongue spear inside to collect what liquid it could. Xena's hips were thrashing all over the place and only the constant vigilance of her biceps and trapezius muscles allowed her to hold Xena in place.

Xena was crying out with every breath. Then she felt Gabrielle wrap her lips around her clitoris and she swore she could see the stars in the heavens. The suction Gabrielle was creating was intense. She could barely breathe and she couldn't possibly explain the force of will that kept her arms over her head and not buried in Gabrielle's hair to bring her closer.

Gabrielle pulled away and brought her hands from under Xena's thighs. Xena cried out at the loss and simply started begging.

"Oh gods, please, Mistress, please, please, gods, please..."

Gabrielle grinned. That was what she'd wanted to hear, though it had absolutely no effect on her current actions. It wouldn't have mattered what Xena did. She placed her right forearm across Xena's lower abdomen to keep her still and curled her hand so that her thumb took up where her lips had left off. Then she raised her left hand and brought her fingers forward and coated them in Xena's juices. It took only a moment before they were thoroughly drenched. Then she separated her first three fingers from her pinky and thrust them as deep as they would go into the Warrior Princess.

Xena would have sat up, but her hips had a mind of their own and did everything in their power to impale her on Gabrielle's fingers. She felt so full and the friction was so hard, so hot, so incredibly what she'd needed. Then she felt something penetrate her ass and she screamed her orgasm on the third thrust.

Gabrielle speared her pinky into the conveniently placed opening underneath it and used every ounce of her considerable arm power to push her fingers as deeply and as hard into Xena as she could. Xena screamed and Gabrielle felt all the muscles tensing around her fingers which just made her even more determined to keep pushing them in and out. She stood up to get better leverage and pressed the thumb of her right hand even harder into the large hardened nub of Xena's clitoris.

Xena couldn't stop the orgasms, they just kept washing over each other, feeding each other. Just when her anal orgasm had started to fade, her vagina had clamped down, and then her clitoris had physically screamed. Her wrists ripped through her bonds like they were parchment as her hands flew to the edges of the table to hold on, to anchor somehow, and to give her even more leverage to push up against Gabrielle's hands. Her feet found purchase on the edge of the table and added to her ability to meet Gabrielle's fingers with force. Her body refused to stop twitching and Gabrielle was still pumping in and out of her. Her voice was hoarse from screaming and was only coming out in a ragged whisper.

It must have gone on for several minutes. The pleasure was now pain, sharp jolts wracking her body every time Gabrielle's thumb ran across her clit, but she still continued to writhe, wanting more stimulation. She could feel it all building again within her. The scraping of Gabrielle's pinky finger on the inner walls of her anus, the fullness of Gabrielle's other fingers stuffed inside her cunt, and the relentless pressure of a thumb rubbing back and forth over her exposed and engorged clitoris was too much for her body to ignore.

She mindlessly rocked to the rhythm Gabrielle set. Her moans were coarse and punctuated by guttural stops every time her body smacked back down onto the table. The pain of the pleasure faded away and Xena could feel renewed heat and liquid enter her. Her moans became longer and higher-pitched. She didn't even try to stop them; she knew she couldn't, even if a crossbow was placed at her head.

"Do you want me to stop, Xena?"

Gabrielle's voice was hoarse, deep with unfulfilled passion.

"No, oh gods, no, please, don't stop, Mistress, please, anything..."

"Who owns you, Xena?"

"You do, Mistress. You, only you..."

Xena knew she was babbling. Gabrielle had ceased her vigorous thrusting and proceeded to give Xena a slow fuck. The pleasure was spreading from her center out to the rest of her body, filling her with a deep warmth the likes of which she'd never felt before. So, this was what happened when you went past the first orgasm.

"Are you mine, Xena?"

"Yes, yes, yours, all yours, please, Mistress..."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me, please, fuck me."

The words came unbidden to her lips. She knew she was lost. There was no going back from this. If Gabrielle stopped, she would die, plain and simple.

Gabrielle squeezed her legs together. Her clit was the size of a dinar, it had to be. Watching Xena climax over and over again had done something to her brain. She wanted to see it again and she didn't care what she had to do to the warrior's body. She knew she'd been causing Xena pain at some point, but she just hadn't cared. She was not going to stop no matter what.

Gabrielle increased the tempo of her pumping and massaging fingers. Xena echoed the faster pace with her hips and spread her legs even wider apart to help Gabrielle go deeper. The heels of her feet dug into the very corners of the table; they were set as wide as she could make them.

Gabrielle started to move in and out of the warrior with determined thrusts. Xena met every thrust with one of her own and let go of the last vestiges of control she'd hidden away. She'd never asked a lover for what she wanted before now, never even told the other person, just did what she needed to have done or got her pleasure from making others scream her name.

"Oh gods, more, please, fuck me, deeper, I need more..."

Gabrielle obliged. She removed her pinky finger from Xena's ass and let it join its mates on the next thrust inside Xena. The webbing between her ring and pinky fingers sighed in relief and then Gabrielle learned just how deep she could go.

She didn't stop until she was bruising the webbing on her thumb. She was practically delirious from being so deep inside Xena and, from the sounds coming from Xena, she was pretty sure the warrior felt the same way. Whimpers, moans, groans, high-pitched sounds that might have been words, and breathy sighs were the only language Xena seemed to be able to communicate in anymore.

Gabrielle let her instincts take over and she floated in the knowledge that the Warrior Princess was hers. She started to unconsciously press her naked mound into the edge of the table and her thrusts became hard and fast. On one, she forgot to lift her thumb and it joined her other fingers letting her push her entire fist up into Xena. Xena slammed her head back against the table and Gabrielle worried she was going to give herself a concussion, but then she figured that was a small price to pay for the obvious pleasure she was being subjected to.

Xena was barely conscious. Her entire world was focused at her center and the waves of hot pleasure that rolled over her body. There was no need for air, no need for food, no need for anything except the continued presence of her Mistress' fist buried in her cunt. She raised her head and saw her Mistress push her hand all the way to her wrist and then pull back again to the tips of her fingers, only to thrust her fist inside again.

Xena could feel the orgasm building and she encouraged it with every fiber of her being. The feeling of being so filled had long since blended with the harsh rubbing pressure against her clit and, when she came, it felt as if her body was going to explode. She screamed for her Mistress, but very little sound came out, her voice already raw from previous exaltations. She splintered the wood in her hands, ripping chunks out of the edge of the table and flinging them across the room.

Gabrielle slowed her thrusts down, until she simply didn't push back inside again and removed her thumb from the abused clit, as Xena's hips came to rest back on the table. Tears were streaming from the warrior's eyes and she let her heels slip from the corners of the table to dangle loosely over the edge. Gabrielle licked her hand clean while she watched Xena come back to earth.

She raised her eyes to see the looks of complete awe on the faces of their impromptu audience. Gabrielle grinned, but this wasn't from doubt. She could see the painful state of arousal they were in, though a few of the men, Miklios being one of them, and several of her Amazons, were busily taking care of themselves. She waited until they were done, not moving, not trying to hide her body from view, just letting them use her image and the images she'd created for them, to bring themselves off.

Xena didn't move either. Gabrielle couldn't be sure, but she thought the woman might actually be sleeping or even passed out. Finally, the last few people's groans of climax brought the rest off and she beckoned for one of the unoccupied Amazons to come a little closer.

"Clothing," she requested hoarsely.

She could put her skirt back on, but the underwear was a lost cause and without the leather lace, her top was useless. And she'd basically destroyed the only clothing Xena had been wearing.

The Amazon hurried away to her Queen's saddlebags and Gabrielle regarded the Warrior Princess again. She reached over and picked up the leash. She tugged lightly on it and Xena's eyes opened. They were dazed and she looked in the direction the leash was pulling her. When she finally focused on Gabrielle, her eyes widened and Gabrielle had to struggle not to laugh at the obvious disbelief and wonder reflected in those light blue pools.

Gabrielle tugged again and Xena sat up with the help of her hands bracing her. She carefully scooted her body to the edge of the table and stood up. And promptly crashed to the floor as her knees buckled. Gabrielle caught her on her arm and Xena used it to steady herself.

"By the gods," Xena whispered.

She almost dissolved into an hysterical fit of giggles when she thought, "We could have been doing this the whole time. Oh gods, I wouldn't have survived it if we had."

Gabrielle barely noticed the clamped jaw and mirthful look in Xena's eyes. She was in pain. She hadn't had any release yet. That was one of the reasons she hadn't done more than move her arms and upper body. Her legs were pressed together and she was pretty sure it was physically impossible for her to move them at the moment.

The Amazon returned with the saddlebags from Argo and set them on the chair closest to her Queen. Gabrielle reached over and picked up the bag and started rummaging through it. She pulled out a spare undershirt for Xena and helped her put it on, pulling the leash out from under the shirt once it was settled.

Once she was clothed, Xena turned her attention to Gabrielle. She hadn't yet been able to touch her and she was finding new strength flowing into her body with the thought of being allowed to do so. Then she noticed the tight look to Gabrielle's features as she looked for replacement clothes for herself. It dawned on Xena that the bard had yet to move her feet from where they were planted.

"Order me to pleasure you, Mistress," Xena mumbled under her breath just loud enough for Gabrielle to hear.

Gabrielle had absolutely no defense. If Miklios himself had offered his services, she would have accepted. She set the saddlebag aside and gestured for Xena to remove the shirt she'd just put on. The lunch guests had started talking with each other and a few had even left, most likely to take care of in private what their compatriots had been content to do in public. But when Xena removed her clothing again, all conversation stopped and everyone turned to watch what was happening.

Gabrielle grabbed the end of the leash and tugged hard on it.

"Kneel," she croaked.

Her other hand was bracing her body against the edge of the table and, when Xena fell to her knees, Gabrielle dropped the leash and braced herself with that hand too, as she spread her legs with difficulty.

"Suck," Gabrielle commanded.

She felt large hands cup her ass cheeks and then Xena's face was buried in her mound. Lips converged on her clit and she cried out at the sucking sensation that was drawing even more blood to her already engorged clit. It was positively painful, but it didn't stop her from reaching out with one hand to press against the back of Xena's head to force her body harder into the obliging face nestled in her crotch. But it was too much, she needed a distraction. In a high-pitched voice she barely recognized as her own, she issued her command.

"Inside. Now. Oh gods..." Her voice faded up into a high note beyond human hearing and several tears leaked from the corners of her eyes at the intensity.

Xena tested Gabrielle's entrance. She wasn't worried about lubrication; there was enough to grease the opening of Mount Vesuvius. But she had no idea how well Gabrielle's supposedly inexperienced body would handle penetration. She pushed a single finger inside and immediately realized that was nowhere near enough to soothe Gabrielle's need to be filled. She added a second finger on her next thrust and a third after that.

She twisted her fingers around, working Gabrielle with a corkscrew maneuver she knew would get Gabrielle's attention, while she continued to suck hard at her clitoris. Gabrielle was practically sobbing, her need was so great. She bent the arm that was attempting to hold her up and slowly collapsed over Xena's head. She hunched up and darted her hips forward into Xena's face while riding the fingers that rooted inside her.

"Oh gods. Oh gods, Xena. Yes! Yes, yes, yes, unnnghhh, yesss..."

Her words punctuated the thrust of her hips and, as the pleasure became more intense and her need became more demanding, language left her and all she could do was sob, whimper, and moan.

Xena could feel her own desire growing again as she listened to Gabrielle respond to her. She let her left hand trail up Gabrielle's side, while her right continued to work Gabrielle's cunt. She skimmed over tense, sweaty skin until her hand found Gabrielle's right breast and pinched the nipple. Gabrielle gasped her cry out and pulled Xena's head deeper into her sex. The only thing that was really holding her up was the strong arm pounding into her vagina. If that were somehow to disappear, she'd fall to the floor and probably go insane.

She felt her inner walls tensing up and rode harder on the strong fingers inside her. Xena's leechlike suction on her clit seemed to increase exponentially. Gabrielle's panting moans gained in volume until she was screaming Xena's name with all the breath in her lungs. It was the only vocabulary that had decided to come back to her. Her body clamped down on the fingers inside her and intensified the orgasm. Xena was whimpering into her clit and Gabrielle realized Xena had just climaxed in sympathy with her.

She rode the fingers gently until her body relaxed and she was able to stop clenching the fingers slowly moving inside her. She stopped rocking and straightened her legs. When she was sure she could stand on her own, she stepped back and removed Xena's hand from her cunt. It hurt for a split second to be suddenly empty, but her body adjusted almost immediately. Xena looked at her glistening fingers and began licking them clean of the milky-white substance.

Gabrielle looked up and finally became aware that she'd had an audience. She'd been in such a haze, nothing but Xena's offer for relief had gotten through. She smiled at the onlookers.

"Can't let my slave have all the fun," she smirked. She got smiles and chuckles in return. "So, how 'bout those treaty negotiations?"

Miklios grinned at her.

"My dear, I just watched you make the Destroyer of Nations beg and then suck your clit as if her life depended on it, which I'm sure it did. I will not be invading your lands, though, should I have any sons, they may attempt to get kidnapped by your Amazons. But I can promise you I won't go to war to get them back, they'd hate me."

Everyone laughed and Gabrielle breathed an internal sigh of relief for her people. She picked up Xena's shirt and helped her put it on for the second time. She pulled the leash clear and then let it dangle as she rummaged in the bags again for her own second set of clothing. She pulled out her first Amazon ensemble, the one with the dark blue edging on a rust-red background. There was no belt for the wraparound skirt, it didn't need one, and that was fine with her. She shoved the scraps of clothing she found strewn on the floor into the bag and then put on the replacement clothing. She slipped her boots up her legs and tied the laces off with a flourish.

She straightened back up and grabbed hold of Xena's leash. She tugged only a little harshly and brought Xena's face down to her level.

"Who do you belong to, Xena?"

"You, Mistress."

It was little more than a whisper, but Gabrielle could see it in her eyes. Xena wasn't pretending. That was good because neither was she. This wasn't over. It was just beginning. At least it had better not be over because her clit was still throbbing with need. One little climax just wasn't going to cut it. But she was thankful that she could at least walk now and she could think a little more clearly.

She let Xena stand back up to her full height. She turned towards the entrance and faced Miklios.

"I think my Amazons and I will be on our way, now that we understand each other. I need to get back to my people."

"Of course. I think my army will be moving on, too. It's... dangerous having several legions of men so close to your... borders."

"Well, then good luck to you, as long as you're not attacking my people," Gabrielle amended.

"Thank you. But like I said. We're moving on."

Gabrielle nodded and then led her entourage out of the tent, Xena close behind her making sure her leash had a little slack in it so she wasn't yanked around. It was still several hours before sunset, so they still had a little traveling time left to them.

Gabrielle took one look at Argo and shook her head internally. No way was she going to be able to ride a horse, not in the condition certain parts of her anatomy were in and she was pretty sure Xena wouldn't be doing any riding either anytime soon. She led Argo by her reins much the same as she led Xena. She turned around once and grinned at Xena walking companionably with her horse like they were just a couple of ponies out for a canter.

As the sun set, one of the Amazons, who had been sent to scout ahead, came back and directed them to a good spot to camp for the night. Food was hunted and brought back for dinner, bedrolls and campfires were set up, and Xena was finally allowed to change into her regular leathers and armor and put on a pair of boots. She also took off the collar and leash, though she kept the items and merely packed them into one of the saddlebags resting near her bedroll.

Gabrielle ate her meal in relative quiet and most of the Amazons huddled in their own little cliques, still a little in shock at what they'd witnessed just a few hours earlier. Xena studied the bard while she ate from her own dish. Gabrielle was tense, she was sure of that, but she couldn't decide why.

Was she having second thoughts about what they'd done? Maybe about what she'd done to the warrior's body, not to mention her mind. Xena was still in a slight haze. Her neck was raw and her wrists burned, but she had to be honest with herself. She missed the collar. It gave her a sense of safety somehow. Freedom in bondage. Who'd have thought it?

There was another possibility for the tightness in Gabrielle's face and movements. Xena had been taken to her body's limits and then pushed so far beyond them she'd actually forgotten her name and known Gabrielle only as Mistress for a time. Gabrielle had cum once and then they'd been back on the road again.

That seemed decidedly unfair to the Warrior Princess, if not downright physically unhealthy. She looked around at the Amazons huddled in their groups, paying no attention to their Queen and her new apparent Consort whatsoever. Gabrielle was done with her plate. She was just holding it absently in her hands, staring into nothing.

Xena reached her hand between the young woman's thighs and softly caressed the skin under the skirt. Gabrielle didn't even jump, she just moaned a little deep in her throat.

"You need more, don't you?"

"Yes," came the harsh whisper.

"Is there anything in particular you want or should I just use my imagination?"

"If it involves you fucking me until I can't see, you can do whatever you gods-be-damned want to," Gabrielle grated out.

Xena was only a little surprised at Gabrielle's language, but she found she liked hearing those words from the bard's mouth. Seeing that sweet face and knowing a natural dominatrix lived behind those features was enticing.

"Do you want another audience or should I take you into the woods."

"Do you want a turn to show off?" Gabrielle asked her seriously.

"Is that what you were doing." Xena smirked.

"Partly, yeah. You just.. turn me on, Xena. And I need you to make a decision soon."

Xena could tell Gabrielle was experiencing a little more than mild discomfort. They could find a nice secluded spot in the woods and she could take care of Gabrielle's problem. Or she could fuck the bard right here. Hmmm. Tough decision.

Xena began unlacing Gabrielle's boots and the young woman tossed her plate aside to run her fingers through the ebony hair that was presented to her. She groaned slightly at the feel of the silky tresses flowing through her fingers.

Xena concentrated really hard on undoing the laces and removing the boot under her own fingertips, but the hands running through her hair were sending shivers up and down her spine. She hastily threw the boot away and began working on the other one. After about three seconds of getting nowhere, she pulled out her breast dagger and used it to slice through the laces. She replaced the dagger and then easily slid the boot off Gabrielle's foot.

She ran her hands up the soft legs and buried her head in Gabrielle's cleavage. Gabrielle hugged her head to her, but then Xena moved her hands up under the skirt and realized Gabrielle hadn't replaced her panties. She supposed she should have continued with a little more foreplay, but then again, Gabrielle was already on the verge of a meltdown.

Xena pushed two fingers inside Gabrielle's wet opening and was rewarded with a happy groan of relief. She used her other hand and her knees to spread Gabrielle wide and Gabrielle willingly complied, sliding to the side off the rock she was sitting on and leaning back, bringing the warrior with her over her body.

Gabrielle spent several agonizing seconds deliberating over whether it was worth it to remove her hands from Xena's hair long enough to rip off her shirt. She finally decided it was, since she had yet to experience Xena's mouth on her breasts.

She disengaged her fingers from Xena's head and tore at her shirt. She heard a light rip and then it was free of her body or her body was free of it, she wasn't sure which. Her nipples were like a magnet for Xena's lips. No sooner had her breasts been freed from cloth when they were captured again by a hot wet mouth. Xena was still partially kneeling between Gabrielle's legs while she pumped two long digits inside her. She used her free hand to remove the last article of clothing and then it found a more permanent occupation teasing a nipple.

Gabrielle spread her legs wider, inviting Xena to go deeper, and then used her heels to dig into the ground to help her impale herself on the willing hand. Her hands were firmly attached to Xena's head, encouraging Xena to suck harder at her breast, while she panted and moaned into her ear.

"Oh gods, Xena, please..."

Xena lifted her head.

"What do you want? What do you need me to do to you?"

"Fuck me. Fill me. Please, just, oh gods, give me more."

Xena covered her mouth at the same instant she added a third finger to Gabrielle's cunt. She captured the moan with her mouth and then sucked it in along with Gabrielle's tongue. She swirled her tongue around the squirming muscle and Gabrielle scratched along the sides of Xena's scalp with her nails. Gabrielle retrieved her tongue and looked into Xena's face.

"Let me ride you."

Xena sat up and withdrew her hand from Gabrielle. The bard moaned at being temporarily empty, but Xena was quickly turning around and positioning herself against the rock so she had some back support. She helped Gabrielle straddle her and then bent her wrist and speared her fingers. Just as Gabrielle was lowering herself onto them, Xena spoke.

"You're going to take all four fingers, Gabrielle." It wasn't a request, it was an expectation.

As she slid onto the fingers, she felt the extra digit spreading her wider than she'd ever been before and it let Xena go deeper than she'd even been able to reach inside herself. It hurt, but not enough to stop her. She moved slowly and tried to let her body get used to the largeness now resting within her.

Xena leaned forward and took control of her mouth. Gabrielle's hands hung onto her neck and shoulders and Xena reached her free hand around to grab Gabrielle's ass. She pulled up slightly, forcing the bard to flex her thighs and move with her. She let Gabrielle sink down again and then pulled back up.

Between the hand on her ass guiding her, and the tongue in her mouth devouring her, Gabrielle felt new wetness coating Xena's hand, easing her ride on the long fingers. She began rocking in earnest and Xena moaned to feel Gabrielle impaling herself like this, driving Xena's hand as deep as she could inside herself.

Xena opened her eyes and pulled away from the mouth that was relatively still; Gabrielle was concentrating on more southerly parts of her anatomy. Xena looked around and saw every last Amazon watching them. She grinned and used iron forearm muscles and steel wrist tendons, honed from years of swordplay, to thrust her hand up just as Gabrielle was coming down. Gabrielle cried out and let her head fall forward to Xena's shoulder as she let all the muscles, except those that were required to keep Xena's hand driving into her, relax so that their energy could be diverted to where it was really needed.

Xena spread her thighs a little and felt Gabrielle widen with her. She continued to move her legs apart until Gabrielle was practically doing the splits on her lap. She felt the opening she'd been hoping would be revealed as Gabrielle's butt cheeks were spread apart. It was covered in Gabrielle's honey and she rubbed a finger up and down the crack of Gabrielle's ass, coating it and her finger liberally.

She twisted her finger in the entrance to Gabrielle's anus and felt the soft deep moan come from within Gabrielle's chest. She pushed her middle finger slowly and gently into the moving ass as Gabrielle rode her other hand. At the soft pressure and new fullness, Gabrielle started rocking her hips backwards a little to include the new player. She lifted her head and nipped at Xena's earlobe.

"Gods, you feel so good inside me, Xena. Fuck me like this forever."

Xena groaned. She felt pretty good being inside the little woman, too. She pushed her middle finger up to the second knuckle inside Gabrielle's smooth anal opening and then slowly pulled it back out. Gabrielle gave a high-pitched grunt.


Gabrielle moaned and pushed harder onto the hand that was slowly driving her insane. Xena narrowed her hand a little more and managed to push herself impossibly deeper inside Gabrielle's straining cunt. She wasn't sure how much more the woman could take. She had to be hurting her by now.

"My ass. I want you deeper there, too."

Xena pulled her finger all the way out and Gabrielle whimpered a little cry of disappointment. Xena coated her finger again and pushed easily back inside the bard's ass. She went past the second knuckle this time and pressed all the way to the hilt. She let Gabrielle ride both hands for a few thrusts by keeping her second hand still, and then she started twisting her finger around, looking for a particular spot she knew was there. It wasn't too hard to realize when she'd found it.

Gabrielle gasped at the sudden sensation filling her groin and started smacking her body down hard on the hands that stuffed her.

"Oh gods, yes, whatever the fuck you're doing, don't stop, oh gods, Xena.."

A few more thrusts and she felt climax take her finally. She screamed out. She turned her head so she wouldn't deafen Xena, but that was basically her only coherent thought as she tried to ring every drop of pleasure from the fingers pushing their way inside her. Her moans were loud as she continued to say Xena's name over and over again. There simply wasn't any other word in the world that meant anything to her at the moment.

When she stopped riding the hands at her crotch and the aftershocks had subsided a little, she peppered Xena's neck with light sucking kisses. Xena nosed her hair and brushed her cheek against the side of Gabrielle's head. Gabrielle pulled back to look into light blue eyes just barely illuminated by the campfire at her back. She could see the flames' reflection in those eyes, but it was nothing compared to the fire that burned from within.

"I love you. I know I've told you that before, but I don't know how else to say how incredibly good I feel right now, especially with you still inside me." Gabrielle grinned.

Xena moved her fingers slightly and Gabrielle sucked in a breath and moaned low in her throat.

"I like being inside you. You feel good on my hands."

Xena ducked her head the bare inch she had on the bard in this position and sucked on her lips. Gabrielle clenched her muscles in reflex on the fingers still inside her and started to rock. Xena pulled back.

"So soon? Are you sure?"

"No. I just like the way this feels. It's... soothing. I could fall asleep like this. Of course, I think my wet dreams might drown you."

Gabrielle laughed and the jerking sensation in her belly sent pleasurable little tingly trails throughout her body. She was pretty sure her body had been sated for the night. She turned her head to glance around at the very quiet camp and saw their entourage watching them in a slight haze of lust.

"You know, maybe we should curb this little exhibitionism thing we've got going. At the very least, it's not fair to show them something they can never have."

"I, um, I kind of like it."

"Showing them something they can never have?" Gabrielle asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Well, yeah, there's that. But, I, um, I like fucking you in front of people. I like.." Xena ran out of words to explain herself.

"I know what you mean. When I took you in front of Miklios' men and the other Amazons, it was like an aphrodisiac. I just wanted to keep fucking you and kissing you and making you moan. Being inside of you was.. intoxicating. Is that what it's like for you? Being inside of me?"

"Yes." Xena moved her fingers just a touch and Gabrielle breathed out a whimper and dove for her neck and began sucking as her hips started a slow rock. "Gods, Gabrielle. It's the power.. The power you let me have over you when I enter you. I could ask anything of you right now and you'd do it, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. Gods, Xena, I think I need you again. Please. I want to cum again. Please."

"Oh, you have no idea how much I just want to pound into you right now, but you're not going to be able to walk tomorrow. Let me take you another way."

"Anything, just make me cum."

Xena removed her hand slowly at the loud moaning protestations of the bard. She wiped her hand off in the grass they were sitting on. She kept her solitary finger firmly inside Gabrielle and began slowly fucking her ass, which seemed to appease the moaning woman. Then Xena pushed Gabrielle's head back off her shoulder and bent her own head down to lip a nipple. She sucked at it and Gabrielle wrapped an arm around her neck to keep her firmly pressed into her breast.

Xena was really wishing for a phallus. She'd always had one around when she was a warlord, but when she'd left her army with nothing but the weapons on her back, she'd never picked up a replacement. Part of that she knew had been fear that a young Gabrielle would find it and question it, and she just hadn't been ready to deal with any conversations like that back then. Then it had just never come up after that.

But at the moment, she was really wishing for the use of both her hands. She just couldn't do what she wanted to like this. Xena looked up at the very interested group of Amazons. Well, they were Amazons after all and this wasn't necessarily a free show...

"Hey, does one of you guys happen to have a small phallus?"

Even in the firelight, she could see the blushes and looks of shock.

"I haven't got all night."

Xena tried for her best warlord look, but she knew it was a poor excuse for intimidation while fingering a moaning bard/Queen of the Amazons on her lap. She saw one of the Amazons move, however, and she had hope. The woman returned shortly and Xena could see the harness dangling from her fingers. The Amazon came within a body length and then tossed the thing at her and scurried back to her side of the campfire.


Xena would have laughed at the behavior, but she was too happy to see the little leather-covered wooden phallus hanging from thankfully adjustable leather straps. The only problem now was that she had to stop what she was doing to Gabrielle, or rather what Gabrielle was doing with her finger. Gabrielle wasn't going to like that.

"Gabrielle, we have to stop for a minute."

"No, please, take me."

"I will, I promise, but we have to stop for a moment. It'll be worth it, I swear."

Xena didn't wait for agreement. She knew there wouldn't be any. She unceremoniously removed her finger from Gabrielle and picked her up and laid her down on the bedrolls. Gabrielle whimpered in complaint. Xena set a record divesting herself of her clothing and then readjusting the straps on the harness to fit her much larger frame.

The phallus was small like she'd requested, which was good. She knew even if it had been large, she still would have ended up using it. She'd probably have to carry Gabrielle tomorrow anyway. Gabrielle didn't have the same recuperative powers she did and she knew even she was probably going to be sore for several days. She'd taken the bard's entire fist inside her. She shuddered with pleasure chills just remembering the image in her mind.

Xena kneeled down and pulled Gabrielle up to her knees. Gabrielle tried kissing her, but Xena stopped her and turned her around. She slipped the small phallus between Gabrielle's nether lips and let the moisture accumulated there coat the shaft. When she was sure it was fully lubricated, she acceded to Gabrielle's whimpered demands and pushed ever so slowly into Gabrielle's anus.

The puckered opening spread rather easily for her after its recent treatment and Gabrielle groaned. She was bent over and the palms of her hands were pressing hard into the soft black fur of Xena's bedroll. Gabrielle wanted so much to grind back onto the leather cock, Xena could tell, but she also knew this was the equivalent of suddenly having three of her fingers thrust into the tiny ass.

She went very slowly and used her right hand to spread Gabrielle's juices on the shaft constantly as she worked it in and out, trying to get just a little deeper with each forward thrust, adding more lubrication with each withdrawal. Gabrielle was just a mass of moans and groaned expletives.

"Oh, fuck, Xena..."

"Gods, that feels so incredible..."

"Unnghh shit, yess, fuck me..."

Xena finally pushed the phallus past the three-quarter mark and decided she'd get the rest of the depth along the way. She established a slow rhythm and kept her hands on Gabrielle's hips to guide her easy thrusts. Xena could feel her own wetness gathering underneath the leather straps. With each thrust, they rubbed over her clit, and listening to Gabrielle... Gods, the sounds the woman was making. She could cum just from listening to the bard in front of her.

She decided it was time to step up the pace and she leaned over Gabrielle's back. She slid her hands up from Gabrielle's hips and covered the full breasts that dangled in the night air. She let her muscles pull her and the bard up to a semi-standing position on their knees, then nudged Gabrielle's legs into a wider stance with her knees.

The thrusting behind her was mind-blowing. Vulgarities continued to fall from her mouth without much conscious thought behind them, but she could tell they were making Xena hot by the little whimpers she heard from the warrior after every dirty word she uttered. Xena pinched her nipples and then squeezed the pliant mounds of her breasts and Gabrielle laid her own hands over the larger, stronger ones of the warrior to encourage her actions.

Her legs were spread as wide apart as they could go and still leave her on a level with the cock fucking her ass. She wasn't really in a position to move very much against the phallus, but she tried. Her groaning moans were starting to take over the more coherent, if obscene, words and she knew she was close.

Then Xena's right hand traveled down from her breast, over her taut stomach, and down into curly auburn hair, soaked through with her arousal, taking her own hand along for the ride. It was intense. That was the only word for what she felt when she let her hand follow along with the teasing and stroking and rubbing exploration that Xena indulged in. It was almost like when she touched herself, only so much more. The thought gave her an idea, though.

Gabrielle worked her hand under Xena's and began to touch her clit, teasing it and letting Xena feel what she was doing. She felt Xena's head lean over her shoulder and look down.

"Oh gods, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle felt Xena press her hand hard into her own, forcing Gabrielle's own hand to touch her the way Xena wanted to touch her. The warrior pressed Gabrielle's index and middle fingers into the slickness between her nether lips and rubbed a hard circle around Gabrielle's clit. Xena was pumping harder into her backside too, and there was still the matter of fingers pinching her left nipple mercilessly while all her left hand could do was helplessly encourage the treatment.

"I'm going to cum, Gabrielle. Fuck!"

Xena bit into Gabrielle's neck and sucked. Gabrielle slammed her hips back and felt Xena press her hand impossibly hard against her clit. When she heard Xena's whimper and then scream from orgasm, she went over the edge herself. All the sensations intensified. The pinching at her nipple. The suction at her neck. The hard and fast stroking of her clitoris with her own fingers as they were forced into action by Xena's hand covering them. And finally, the pounding of the leather cock inside her ass, the smooth walls of her anus being scraped and stretched, even as they tried to clench around the phallus to hold it still, while her body begged for it to never stop.

She yelled Xena's name, and tried to pry her hand loose from its nether prison in order to reach behind her to drive Xena even harder into her, but Xena refused to relinquish her hold and only pressed harder. The struggle seemed to redouble both of their climaxes and flashes on slightly non-consensual sex flashed into both of their minds. In the heat of the moment, neither of them were very surprised to find the scenes arousing.

The aftershocks let them go eventually, and Xena eased the cock out of the bard. She released her hold on the younger woman's sex and gave a final squeeze to a badly abused breast. Gabrielle fell forward onto the furs and listened as Xena unbuckled the harness. She heard it laid aside and then felt Xena curl up around her, spooning behind her.

"You have got to get us one of those," Gabrielle told her hoarsely.

Xena chuckled.

"I will, you can count on it."

"I think I'm going to try to go to sleep now."

"Me too. I love you, Gabrielle."

"I love you, too, Xena."

Continued in Part II

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