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Xena: Warrior Slave, Part II


Kodi Wolf

The morning sun was bright in her eyes. It was several hours past dawn and she looked around the campsite through slitted blurry eyes. The Amazons were milling about and her new lover was nowhere to be found. She rolled over and groaned at the sudden pain.

"By the gods, that hurts," she muttered to no one in particular.

She eased herself up to a sitting position and gasped as she had to quickly readjust her legs so that she was half-sitting, half-laying down on her side, her left forearm propping her up. One of the Amazons came forward, but kept her eyes averted.

"Would you like breakfast, Your Majesty?"

"Yeah, breakfast sounds good. Um, where's..."

Gabrielle wasn't sure how to refer to Xena. The Amazons were probably still under the impression that Xena was her slave and now, with the shows they'd put on the day before, there was that whole 'Queen's Consort' thing.

"She's gone off to find some herbs she said you would need. She said she would be back. I hope it was alright to let her go."

"Yeah, yeah, that was fine. How long ago did she leave?"

"A little after dawn."

"Okay, thanks. She should be back soon then."

The Amazon left to retrieve sustenance for her Queen and the Queen tried desperately to figure out how she was going to get to her feet so she could use the bushes.

"Need some help?"

Xena's deep voice didn't startle her. It sent warm waves over her body and she collapsed back onto the furs again.

"Yeah. I can't, um..."

"You can't move. I know. I have some herbs here that'll help with that."

"Thanks. I could use all the help I can get."

"Um, you might want to consider having your subjects build a litter, though, because I can tell you right now, you're not going to like walking today and Argo is out, even for me."

Just the thought of walking made Gabrielle wince, but she wasn't too keen on the idea of having any of the Amazons carrying her around either. It was bad enough that most of them refused to call her by anything other than 'Your Highness,' or 'my Queen,' or 'Your Majesty,' or she'd even heard one Amazon say 'Your Worship.' She'd actually banned that particular title altogether.

"Couldn't we just, um, take a holiday? You know, take the day off and just stay here?"

Xena was sorting out the plants she'd gathered and stripping them down into their component parts with her breast dagger. She looked up sideways at the bard. It was tempting. A scout could be sent ahead to let Ephiny know what was going on, or even the entire Amazon escort could be sent on their way. They'd completed their mission for the Regent, so there was really nothing requiring them to return with the other Amazons at all. Other than politeness, of course, and the fact that Ephiny would be really upset if they didn't return for a real visit.

"Why don't we just see how well these herbs work for you and then you can decide. You are the Queen, after all."


The Amazon returned with a dish of food and Gabrielle ate while she watched the warrior fix up the herbal concoction. The warrior finished getting the boiling started just as Gabrielle took the last bite from her plate and set it aside.

"Xena, could you...?"

Xena helped her friend to her feet and started reaching for her clothes.

"No, I just need to use the bushes. It's okay."

Xena nodded, trying not to look at her friend's body, and led her away from the camp. It burned for a second from the rawness when she peed, but then she was fine. Xena helped her back to the bedrolls and checked on the mixture.

"It'll be another hour before the calendula's ready. Why don't you just rest?"

She started stroking Gabrielle's hair and the bard closed her eyes. It was so nice to just have the warrior touch her. She felt so safe, like a little cub with her mother. It was strange the range of emotions she could have for the older woman. They were friends, best friends. Sometimes they acted like sisters, sharing that kind of comfortableness that only siblings who'd grown up with each other seemed to have. Other times, like now, she felt so cared for, Xena could have been a mother to her and she was pretty sure Xena felt the same way, that is, when she let her guard down long enough to allow the younger woman to soothe her.

And then there was yesterday when they were anything but familial. Being inside Xena, feeling Xena inside her... There was something so primal in that connection. Like their hearts had somehow wrapped around one another and were now so entwined that to pull them apart would kill them both. At least, that's how she felt about it all. She hoped Xena felt the same way.

Xena heard a faint hissing sound and looked over to the pot with the calendula bubbling in it. All the water had boiled away and now there was a sticky mass in the bottom of the pot. Xena gently moved the bard from her lap and pulled the pot away from the fire. She let it cool and then made a tincture and pulled out some soft linens she kept for bandages. She soaked one and moved back to Gabrielle.

Xena pulled back the furs and had to take a breath to calm herself. The bard was gloriously naked and the sight of all that bare flesh was dizzying. She wanted to...

Xena shook her head. She slowly eased Gabrielle's knees apart. She saw the wince on Gabrielle's face and sent an apologetic look to her new lover. Then she ever so gently applied the soaked cloth to Gabrielle's labia.

"Ohhh," Gabrielle breathed out.

It was painful and arousing at the same time. It wasn't fair. How could something that felt so good at the time be so gods-be-damned painful later? She remembered the feel of Xena's fingers working her and Xena looked up at her.

"Stop that. If you arouse yourself now, you're going to be really unhappy when you can't do anything about it for several days."

"Several days?!"

"Gabrielle, you're really bruised and the swelling is what's making it hurt so much. The calendula will help with that. In fact, once this stuff starts working, you might even feel a little less, um, turned on. It keeps the blood from collecting so the swelling will go down, but that also keeps you from getting aroused. And anyway, until the bruising heals, doing anything more than wearing underwear wouldn't be a good idea."

Xena repositioned the cloth, including her anus in her attentions, until it was covering Gabrielle's entire sex, then added a dry cloth on top of that. She helped Gabrielle pull on some underwear to hold it in place and then sat back on the furs and pulled up the strips of skirting on her leather outfit. She soaked another cloth and applied it to herself without much ado and then covered it with a dry cloth just like Gabrielle's. She eased on her own pair of breeches and then just as nonchalantly flipped the leather strips back down over her thighs. She glanced at Gabrielle as she was putting away the supplies and saw the glazed look in her eyes as she continued to stare at Xena's crotch.

It was going to be a really long few days.

The tincture really did help to ease some of the discomfort and Gabrielle was able to get up and put on her clothes without any help. After resoaking the cloth and replacing it again on her nether regions, she assured Xena she could do some traveling, as long as they took it nice and easy.

They didn't leave until after lunch and, by the time they reached the outskirts of the main Amazon village, it was after sunset and Gabrielle was very ready to curl up into a ball on her pallet in the Queen's hut. Ephiny greeted them and, when she saw the pain in Gabrielle's eyes, immediately ushered her and Xena inside.

"What's wrong? Did Miklios refuse to negotiate? Are you hurt?"

Gabrielle gingerly lowered herself to her bed and then rolled onto her side.

"I think it's time for another treatment, Xena."

"I bet."

"Excuse me? What's going on? Did you get hurt?"

"Sort of, but not by Miklios and I wouldn't trade away this pain for anything, if it meant having to give up the reason for it."

Xena smiled. That's my bard.

"Okay, so what happened?"

Gabrielle looked at Xena who was studying the contents of the saddlebag in front of her as if it contained the meaning of life. She laughed. Xena shook her head as she brought out the little waterproof pouch she'd stored the tincture in.

"Spread 'em."

Xena kneeled in front of the bard. Gabrielle spread her knees apart and leaned back as she lifted her hips up so Xena could pull down her panties. Xena peeled off the slightly moist cloths and laid them aside. Xena looked up at Ephiny's wide eyes and smirked. Oh, there was definitely something to this audience thing.

Xena leaned forward and kissed Gabrielle's sex gently with her lips. The slightly bitter salty taste from the calendula was interesting mixed with Gabrielle's own natural flavor. Gabrielle whimpered.

"Oh, that is so not fair, Xena," Gabrielle breathed out.

Xena smirked and then uncapped the small skin and squirted out a teaspoon of liquid onto the clean cloth she had already laid out. She placed the wet cloth over Gabrielle's sex and then covered it with a new clean dry cloth. She pulled Gabrielle's underwear back up and patted Gabrielle's mound. She stood up and replaced the recapped pouch in her saddlebag.

Gabrielle looked over at Ephiny as she rolled onto her side and propped herself up on an elbow. She was actually quite enjoying the look of astonishment she was getting from Ephiny.

"Xena fucked me until I collapsed last night. That's the answer to your question," Gabrielle added, when Ephiny's eyes finally refocused on her face. "The duel thing didn't look like it was going to work, so I told Miklios I'd captured Xena with my Amazon wiles. Oh, by the way, don't be surprised if there's an influx of women wanting to join the Nation and men trying to get captured. I sort of told Miklios and his army that Amazons are the world's greatest lovers."

Ephiny turned to look at Xena as she crossed the room to place her armor on a chair by the bed. She realized Xena was walking a little stiffly. Xena set the brass and leather items down and then noticed Ephiny's gaze.

"She fucked me senseless on Miklios' dining table."

Ephiny's eyes widened and she reached for a chair to sit down.

"Um, and you two are okay with this?" Her voice was a little strangled.

The two looked at each other and Gabrielle started giggling. Xena answered her.

"I would say more than okay."

"Wow. I mean, I had a feeling you two, um, but I didn't think you'd, um..."

"There's a complete sentence in there just waiting to get out."

Ephiny took in a breath and then let it out in a gust.

"Well, this makes things a whole lot easier."

"What?" Gabrielle asked.

"Well, there's a planting festival on the next full moon. You missed it last year, but I sort of did that on purpose. I didn't think you'd, um, appreciate some of the festivities."

"Ah," Xena nodded.

Gabrielle looked between her two friends.

"What? Would one of you care to clue me in here?"

"It's a planting festival, Gabrielle," Xena told her. "Fertility rites."

"Fertility rites? Oh no, I'm not, I mean, yeah, someday I'd like to have kids, but..."

"No, it's symbolic. And as Queen, you're the focus of the ritual. You're supposed to perform the act as a kind of offering to Artemis. In front of everyone," Ephiny added the last part in a mumble, but Gabrielle heard her and so did Xena.

Gabrielle tried to suppress the grin, but Xena saw it.

"The full moon, you said? That's two weeks. Plenty of time."

Gabrielle was speaking directly to Xena. Xena nodded her agreement with the bard's medical diagnosis.

"You, you're okay with that kind of public display?" Ephiny looked skeptical.

"Ephiny, why don't you go talk to some of the Amazons that had lunch with us yesterday," Gabrielle suggested.

Xena smirked and Ephiny just looked at her with confusion. She finally shrugged and then bid them both goodnight. She reminded them dinner would be ready in a few hours and then left.

Gabrielle pulled the flap of her shirt open and levered herself up on her elbows. Xena watched her from the chair she was sitting on and willed herself not to react. The top was hanging tantalizingly open, offering a glimpse of soft white flesh that jiggled slightly as the young woman positioned herself.

"Come here," Gabrielle ordered.

Xena was on her feet before she even recognized she'd been commanded. She hesitated after the first step.

"Don't make me tell you twice."

Xena shivered, but kept it from moving her body. She was the dominant one. She made men quiver with just a look. Every person she'd ever taken to her bed had been there at her request and they knew better than to try to control her. The Destroyer of Nations bowed to no man.

She closed the distance between herself and the bed and just stood there, looking down at the reclining woman.


Xena stared at her. She wasn't wearing a slave collar anymore and the bard wasn't holding her leash.


"Xena, bring me the saddlebags, please."

Xena was about to say something, but the abrupt change in tone and topic caught her off guard. She went to get the bags with a slight scowl coloring her features. She brought them to the bed and waited for Gabrielle to pull out scrolls or something from her bag, but instead, the bard started going through Xena's bags.

"Hey, what..."

Gabrielle pulled out the collar and the leash and looked up at the warrior. Her gaze was as penetrating as her fingers had been the day before.

"You kept these. Why?"

Xena stared at the items. Why had she kept them? She wasn't entirely sure. She'd just realized she... liked them and didn't want to get rid of them just yet.

"Kneel, Xena."

Gabrielle's tone was much more quiet and held understanding and compassion instead of demand. Xena felt herself going down to her knees.

"Xena. I love you. There are times, like last night, when I'm going to be at your complete mercy and I'm going to beg you without even thinking about it. But it's not something that's difficult for me. It's very easy for me to trust you to take care of me, to pleasure me, and keep me safe. But I know it's not easy for you and, for whatever reason, this collar helps you to let go. I want you to let go for me. I want you to let me take care of you for a little while. Will you.. trust me?"

Gabrielle held the collar in her hands, the buckles facing her and just waiting for her to move forward so they could be closed at the back of her neck. The leash was draped across Gabrielle's thighs on top of her skirt. Gabrielle waited.

Xena thought without thinking. There were no mental verbal arguments, no scenes of the past to sway her decision one way or the other. There were just her emotions. Uneasiness at the prospect of donning the collar, knowing she'd be giving up control and entrusting someone else with her well-being. Anger that anyone could think they had a chance at dominating her. Chagrin at the fact that the person sitting in front of her had done just that the day before. And relief.

Xena studied the last emotion. It was a relief to let go of the need to always be on guard, hiding her real thoughts and feelings from people who might try to hurt, or even kill, her. It was a relief to know that there was someone, this particular someone, who wanted to take care of her and loved her even though she knew Xena's past. And it was a relief to let go of the responsibility for saving the world she'd seemed to pick up somewhere along the way and trust someone else's decisions. Even if only for a little while. It was a kind of selfishness that left her feeling good rather than guilty.

Xena moved forward and lifted her chin.

"I am yours, Mistress."

Gabrielle reverently buckled the collar around Xena's neck. Xena's skin was still sore, but the open scrapes had healed over during the night and she didn't think Gabrielle intended to be yanking her around just then anyway, so she wasn't worried about further damage. She knew Gabrielle would get the collar lined with something soft later. That's just how Gabrielle was.

Gabrielle lifted the leash from her lap and clipped it to the collar. She let the length of the leather flow over her fingers and then wrapped it loosely around her right hand. She pulled her shirt open the rest of the way, resting the rust-colored flaps of cloth on either side of her breasts, then she tugged gently on the leash to bring Xena forward.

"Mistress..." Xena began to warn.

"Find a way."

The look in Gabrielle's eyes brooked no argument.

"Yes, Mistress."

Xena took a nipple into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. Gabrielle's breathing came a little faster and she arched into the touch. Xena placed her hands on either side of Gabrielle's thighs on the edge of the bed and used them to brace herself as she moved forward and pushed Gabrielle to lay back, using only the force of her mouth. Gabrielle uncoiled the leash from her hand and gripped only the very end of it, giving Xena plenty of room to move around, but keeping a hold on the warrior just the same.

Xena let her body hover above Gabrielle's, refusing to touch her with anything except the softness of her lips, which were still attached to Gabrielle's breast, and the strands of her hair, which were falling over her shoulder. She moved to the other breast and sucked lightly, then swirled her tongue around the trapped nipple until it was as hard as a rock. When she pulled away, she sucked at it and didn't let go, until the natural elasticity of the blonde's skin called it back home. The sharp gasp from Gabrielle told the warrior she hadn't hurt the younger woman.

She moved up, using her longer body to advantage, and kissed Gabrielle's mouth. She took each lip in turn and sucked, feeling Gabrielle's hot panting breath on her face, but she continued to only use her lips and tongue, no teeth. When she drew Gabrielle's tongue into her mouth, she maneuvered her own tongue and lips in such a way as to keep Gabrielle from feeling anything harder than the inside of her cheek.

Gabrielle just relaxed into the caresses. She could tell the warrior was trying to be super gentle with her and it was nice. Their lovemaking so far had been intense and aggressive, not to mention needy. Feeling only the warrior's amazingly soft lips and tongue was erotic in a way she hadn't experienced before.

Xena pulled away from the slow kiss and brushed her lips down Gabrielle's chin, down her neck, and between her breasts, darting out her tongue and tasting the sweet flesh beneath her mouth. She licked down Gabrielle's tensing stomach until she reached the top of her skirt, where it had gathered around her waist.

Xena simply skipped over the folds of cloth and continued on to her destination. She tugged on the newly replaced underwear until it started to slide down Gabrielle's thighs. She eased it all the way to Gabrielle's ankles and then to the floor. She retook her position over Gabrielle's sex and kissed the flesh as she had earlier.

Gabrielle moaned a little at the contact. When Xena's lips closed over her sensitive nub, Gabrielle gripped the bedding and groaned as her legs automatically spread wide and her hips moved up to meet Xena's mouth more solidly.

Xena could taste the strong solution of calendula and alcohol on her tongue as it swirled around Gabrielle's clit. She dipped down slightly to gather the juices from Gabrielle's opening that she knew would be there. She brought them back up to counteract the bitter taste of the herb and to lubricate Gabrielle's sex more thoroughly.

Gabrielle was writhing with the touches. It wasn't as intense as it had been before; she suspected the calendula was responsible for that, but she had the loveliest feeling of warmth running through her belly.

"Oh, Xena."

Xena was content to maintain the level of stimulation she'd created for the bard and leisurely sucked and licked at Gabrielle, not doing anything to increase the pleasure. She knew the steady pleasuring would keep Gabrielle in the dreamy haze she'd fallen into, which was what she wanted. She needed to control the intensity, or Gabrielle would end up getting hurt.

If Gabrielle asked her to penetrate her, Xena knew she would do so without a second thought and she knew how addictive the pleasure of pain could be for some. Several of Xena's past lovers.. okay, slaves.. had been unable to reach climax without the addition of pain after awhile with her. She didn't want that for Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was contentedly writhing under Xena's attentive mouth and started whimpering. She wanted more pressure, more suction. She wanted to cum.

"Suck harder..." she got out as a rather intense wave of pleasure ran through her body.

Xena flattened her tongue over the bard's hard little nub and drew her head up, running her tongue roughly over the bud. Then she pulled it into her mouth and sucked hard. Gabrielle's whimpers increased in volume and her hips tried to do two things at once; increase the pressure and get away from the insistent mouth.

Xena strengthened her grip on Gabrielle's thighs, guiding them to rest on her shoulders, and held Gabrielle's entire lower body still. She clamped down on the vibrating clit and clenched her own thighs as Gabrielle's suddenly high-pitched screams nearly made her orgasm herself.

Gabrielle couldn't get away from the intense sucking at her clit, but even as she was trying to pull away, she was bucking up with all her strength to press her mound even harder into Xena's mouth, but Xena's arms held her fastened to the bed. She needed to cum or she was going to pass out.

Her entire world was focused on the tiny little point of pleasure between her legs. On the third suck, Gabrielle noticed the new rhythm Xena was using and felt the waves building. Her hands released the bedclothes and entwined in Xena's hair, the end of the leash still held between the fingers of her right hand. She rocked to the tempo Xena had set and her stomach clenched, raising her body halfway off the bed. The added tightening in her belly brought the orgasm on and she yelled Xena's name.

Her breathing came in pants and she continued to rock with Xena's head between her legs as the climax ran through her muscles, relaxing each in its wake, and she slowly fell back onto the bed.

"Oh, gods, Xena, that felt good."

Her eyes were closed and she felt Xena ease away from her and she let go of her hair, her hands falling to her sides. Her body was more relaxed than she could ever remember it being. She didn't really want to sleep, but she wasn't really thinking about anything conscious either.

"Mistress? I need to leave, now."

Gabrielle opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at Xena in confusion.

"I want to stay, but.." Xena needed release, but she knew what would happen if she got that release from Gabrielle. They'd just start all over again and, with the shape their bodies were in right now, that just wasn't a good idea. "I need to go check on Argo and then we should head over for dinner."

Gabrielle looked at her a little uncertainly, but then nodded slightly. She sat up and released the clip of the leash and then undid the buckles on the collar at the back of her neck. She pulled it off and set it beside her. She leaned forward, running her hands around the back of Xena's neck, and licked at Xena's face, cleaning her juices off the warrior's chin and lips. Then she kissed Xena deeply, trying to taste all of her mouth with her tongue. She pulled away and looked into her lover's eyes.

"I want to watch you, and I will soon, but I understand. I think maybe we should, um, spend a few days, uh, away from each other. You know, until we're both recovered."

"I want to hold you at night."

"Alright, I'd like that too, but during the day..."

"I know. I love you. I want you, so much."

"Go, before I don't let you."

Xena smiled and then stood up. She walked to the door and took one last look behind her, before slipping out of the hut and closing the door behind her. She went to the stables and brushed Argo down even though someone else had obviously already seen to that particular chore. She was hoping to calm her raging sex, but it wasn't working.

She put the brush away and sat down in the corner of the stall. She reached under her breeches and finger her clit, closing her eyes in reaction. It was swollen, but the calendula wouldn't be able to ease this particular swelling anytime soon. She rubbed lightly, then increased the pressure, visions of fisting Gabrielle intensifying her pleasure.

Xena imagined Gabrielle's moans, her screams, the way her body jerked and spasmed when she climaxed on her hand. She thought about the bard's tongue, how it could be soft and wet one moment, then hard and demanding the next. Her fingers stroked around her clit and she felt the need to be filled, but ignored it and concentrated on the hard nub instead. She wasn't as sore as Gabrielle, but she was in no condition to be entered. Gabrielle's hands were small, but they weren't that small.

Her breathing was coming in short little pants and she knew she was close. She saw Gabrielle in her mind's eye, the blonde head bobbing over her mound and imagined her tongue and lips sucking at her and went over the edge. A high-pitched whimper was the only sound she allowed to pass her lips. She was fine with an audience with Gabrielle, and Gabrielle's mention of wanting to watch Xena pleasure herself was more than welcome, but by herself, she didn't want to advertise what she was doing to any passing Amazons.

Xena removed her hand from herself and got to her feet. She washed in the trough sitting in front of the building and then headed back to the Queen's hut. She quietly let herself inside in case Gabrielle was taking a nap.

Gabrielle was sitting at the table, writing in her scrolls. She looked up at the warrior's entrance and felt warmth settle in her abdomen. She knew what Xena had just been doing and the images she was creating in her mind were having an effect on her. She shook her head and tried to think about more mundane matters.

"Hey. We should probably get going. I'm starving."

"Yeah, come on."

Gabrielle rolled up her scrolls and put them away, then walked to the door Xena was holding open for her. She wanted to touch Xena, but got hold of herself and just kept going through the entranceway.

They walked, close but not touching, to the dining hut. Ephiny blushed a little when she saw them; she'd obviously gotten the story of their little show the day before. She called out to them and they went to sit at the head table. Dinner was a loud affair with so many people talking all at once and it helped to distract the two women from each other. But then the meal was over and the two found themselves alone back in the Queen's hut.

They both looked at the bed, then at each other. Xena spoke first.

"I have to leave."


They both smiled and then laughed.

"It's only for a couple days. It'll be fine."

"Right. Okay. Where will you stay?"

"I can just bed down with Argo in the barn." She saw the bard about to protest. "I'll be fine. It'll be softer than what we usually sleep on, on the road."

Gabrielle still didn't look happy, but she knew better than to argue. Now came the awkward part. She wanted nothing more than to kiss Xena, but she knew once she did that, she would indeed want a whole lot more than that.

"I love you."

"I love you, too. I'll probably be working with Eponin all day tomorrow."

"And I'll probably be with Ephiny doing queenly stuff."

"Yeah. I'll see you."

"Okay. Goodnight."


Xena left and Gabrielle curled up on her large empty bed. She didn't even get undressed. It would just remind her of Xena's hands on her body and she needed to not think about that if she intended to get any sleep.

Luckily, her body was more exhausted than she'd realized and she fell into Morpheus' embrace easily.

They avoided each other all day. Even at meals they found reasons to not look at each other or touch in any way. Gabrielle replaced the soaked pads every few hours and willed her body to heal faster. At dinner, they said their goodnights and went in separate directions, Xena to the stable, and Gabrielle to her hut.

At breakfast, Ephiny questioned Gabrielle about their strange behavior.

"Is everything alright between you two? I thought you guys were happy."

"Yeah, everything's fine, Eph. It's just, we can't be around each other right now. I want her too much and I haven't completely healed from the other night."

"Oh, I know what you mean. It took a while before I was used to Phantes. But why don't you guys just take it easier? I mean, it's not like you have to..."

"I know, but when we're together, it's like... Gods, it's like I'm addicted to her. I can't get enough. I think we've been building up to this so long, and now that we've finally crossed that line, it's like we're trying to make up for all that lost time."

"Well, you two have always sort of been intense with each other. It's not surprising that it's spilling over into your, um, lovemaking."

"What do you mean? I mean, I know we've been best friends for a long time now, but..." she trailed off.

"Well, the first time I met you guys, Xena entered a battle to the death for you. I'm glad it didn't turn out that way, but I know she wouldn't have backed down if Melosa hadn't yielded. And then the next time I saw you guys, she was bringing you back from the dead and then she was bringing herself back from the dead to come back to you. You have to admit, that's some pretty intense stuff."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I mean, when it was happening I was just doing what I had to do and so was Xena. But I can see what you mean. Do you think it will always be like that between us?"

"One can hope," Ephiny replied with a grin.

Gabrielle slapped playfully at her arm.

"So, tell me about this festival. You said it was for planting?"

"Yes. It starts the night before the full moon and continues until the morning after. The night of the full moon is the culmination of the festivities. New members will be accepted into the Nation, babies will receive their blessings from you as proxy for Artemis, and handfastings will be made, also blessed by you as Artemis' Chosen. Just before midnight, you will take your place on the altar and offer yourself as sacrifice for a fertile harvest at the Autumn Equinox. The Queen performs the act of consummation for the entire tribe."

"What happened last year?"

"As your Regent, I took your place when you couldn't attend. It's not the same as the Queen, but it was good enough. But since you're here this year and you said you were alright with it..."

"Yes, I'm fine with it. Will there be a problem with it being Xena? I mean, she's not an Amazon."

"Well, I assumed you would be accepting her as your Consort during the handfasting ceremonies."

"Yeah, about that. I, um, I don't know how Xena will feel about that. I mean, 'consort' has such a subservient sound to it. She's, I mean, we're equals."

"Gabrielle, you are Queen of the Amazons. Her title of Princess isn't official in any sense of the word."

"I don't care. She's still..." Gabrielle realized she wasn't going to get anywhere following that line of argument. "Look, I'll talk to her and find out what she wants to do. Maybe she'll be okay with it. We haven't even talked about anything permanent really. It's been, what, three, four days since we.. It's still pretty new to both of us."

"Of course."

"Um, just for the sake of argument, what would happen if she refused, you know, to be my Consort? Would she still be allowed to, ah, participate in my sacrifice?"

"No. Only Amazons may take part in the ritual sacrifice."

"Oh. So, then who would..."

"Whoever you choose, or me, since I'm your Second-in-Command, so to speak."

"Oh. Well, I guess I'll go talk to her about it."

Gabrielle went in search of Xena and found her on the practice field sparring with a half-dozen Amazons. They were attacking her all at once while Eponin shouted directions and commented on their techniques. Xena easily fended off the attacks and sent several of the Amazons sprawling across the ground, only to have them replaced with fresh attackers. She yelled her distinctive battle cry and flipped into the air and behind one line of rushing women and watched them crash into each other.

"That's not fair. When are we ever going to go up against someone who can do that?" one of the women yelled in frustration.

"Probably never. But it's still a good lesson to learn. You need to be able to keep aware of your fellow Amazons, so you don't end up in a situation like the one you were just in. If this had been real, several of you would have been dead from friendly slashing," Eponin advised them.

There was grumbling all around, but the women started walking off to rework their moves with one another. Gabrielle came forward and Eponin nodded to her.

"Good morning, my Queen. Your warriors are progressing well."

"Thanks, Eponin. Think I could do a little staff work with you later? I'd like to see what you think of Xena's training." Gabrielle looked over at Xena and Xena winked at her partner.

Xena had told Gabrielle several times that she'd outdistanced the proficiency she'd seen in the Amazons' staff fighting abilities. It was only her hesitation to hurt people that kept her from being one of the best warriors Xena had ever seen. She picked up moves in a single day that it took most people weeks to learn. She was glad, though, that the bard seemed to be content with simply being able to defend herself long enough for Xena to take over.

"Of course, my Queen. Maybe after lunch?"

"Great, I'll see ya then."

Xena followed Gabrielle off the field and they walked side by side around the village.

"Let's go down to the river. I need to talk to you about something."


They sat on the grassy banks of the river that ran along one edge of the Amazon's territories. Xena waited patiently for Gabrielle to start talking. She didn't have long to wait.

"They expect you to become my Consort," Gabrielle said.

"I kind of figured."

"So, what do you think about that?"

"Well, I'm already your Champion. And, now that we've... consummated our relationship, it only makes sense that I become your mate, according to Amazon tradition. Gabrielle, you're the Queen of the Amazons. I knew what I was getting into."

She reached out a hand and cupped Gabrielle's cheek. The nervousness disappeared and was replaced with a heartfelt look of love. Xena leaned over and kissed the Queen on the lips. It took a lot of restraint, but she didn't attempt to deepen the kiss before she pulled away.

"You're really okay with this? I know how you feel about the Amazons. This will basically make you one of them."

"Us. You're an Amazon, too."

"I know, but that still feels so strange sometimes. Like it all happened to somebody else."

"Well, if it had, I wouldn't be here," the warrior said with a grin.

"Yeah, and if it hadn't been for you, the Amazons and the Centaurs would be at war right now. Funny how things work out, huh?"


Xena had a somewhat glazed look in her eyes and Gabrielle knew what it was from. She did a quick check over her body and decided it had healed enough. She reached out and drew Xena closer to her with just her index finger under the warrior's chin.

There was no hesitation in the kiss and their tongues met almost before their lips did. Gabrielle whimpered at the contact, her stomach muscles clenching in sudden desire. Xena reached a hand behind Gabrielle's head and pulled her even closer, pressing her mouth as hard as she could to the younger woman's in an attempt to get her tongue deeper into the willing mouth.

Finally, they separated, a need to breathe asserting itself against both their wishes as they gasped for air.

"I can't stop thinking about making love to you, Gabrielle. But I don't want you to think that's all I want from you," Xena said.

"I don't. I feel the same way. I keep seeing you touching me and I want to touch you. I love you so much and I think this is just the most natural way to express it. Does that make sense?"

Xena thought about it.

"Yeah. That makes perfect sense. Gabrielle, my feelings are so intense when it comes to you and I'm not very good with words. I need to let you know how I feel. I want to pour everything I am into you. Pleasuring you seems to be the only way my body can communicate that."

"So, communicate with me," Gabrielle said with the most lascivious grin on her face.

"What about..."

"I'm fine. What about you?"

"I'm fine."


They leaned in to kiss again and the touching of their lips sent chills and tingles through their bodies. Gabrielle's stomach clenched again and she was unable to stop herself from climbing into Xena's lap and twining her fingers through long sable tresses. Xena helped her settle by grabbing a butt cheek in each large hand and pulled her body in tight against her own.

Gabrielle ground her hips into the warrior's leather-clad stomach and moaned as her clit was pressed between her pubic bone and the hard muscles of Xena's body. She ground even harder and pushed her tongue deeper into Xena's mouth.

Xena helped increase the contact as best she could. Even as she was pulling the blonde woman in closer, she was using her fingers to push up on the bard's short Amazon skirt. Her hands connected with bare flesh, but Gabrielle's panties were still in the way and Xena took half a second to deliberate over moving the bard off her lap long enough to pull down her underwear or simply ripping them off. The underwear was shredded and tossed away.

Xena leaned forward and the bard laid back on the grass, Xena's body settling naturally between Gabrielle's legs. Gabrielle thrust her hips up to meet Xena, unwilling to lose the contact that pressed against her mound. She let go of the hair that was tangled in her fingers and slid her hands down the sides of Xena's body. She wrapped her hands around a leather-covered ass and pulled Xena closer.

Xena braced her body with her hands on either side of Gabrielle's head. She still hadn't relinquished the woman's lips and she had no intention of doing so anytime soon. Her tongue writhed much as her body did, mimicking the grinding motions that Xena seemed to be unable to control. Xena's low grunted groans matched Gabrielle's higher-pitched whimpers and they both did everything in their power to increase the carnal symphony.

Gabrielle finally found the last bit of reason in her sensual haze and pulled away.

"Off," she commanded breathlessly as she tugged at Xena's leathers and armor.

Xena raised up and released the catches with a flick of her fingers, then tossed the breastplate to the side. She reached down and dragged at Gabrielle's embroidered halter top and soon had Gabrielle's breasts freed from their unwanted imprisonment. She reached behind herself and tugged at the leather laces that kept her trapped under a second skin. As soon as the knot was untied, she yanked at the leather straps on her shoulders and pulled. The laces loosened and Gabrielle helped pull down the leather bodice, until Xena's breasts appeared, and then she was lost again, sucking at Xena's nipples as though they might be taken away at any minute.

Xena forgot what she was doing for several moments when Gabrielle's wet mouth closed over one nipple and her right hand pinched at the other. The suckling and pinching made her moan and gasp and her hands dropped from the tops of her leathers to brace against the ground so she wouldn't fall over. She pressed her breast into Gabrielle's face and her eyes closed in pure unadulterated pleasure.

Gabrielle went back and forth between the two hard tips, sucking, licking, pinching, and even biting. She scraped her teeth along the areolas surrounding the dark nipples and lightly chewed the flesh. Xena's cries only intensified her actions, until Xena cupped the back of her head and then pushed her half-raised body forcefully to the ground with her own body.

Xena pulled her tits away from the voracious bard and took a moment to collect herself. Two breaths and she looked into the glittering eyes of the woman beneath her and attacked her mouth. Gabrielle's hands released Xena's breasts and ran through her hair and pulled at her head. Xena ground her hips hard into the space between Gabrielle's legs and felt the bard moan into her mouth. She did it again, even harder, and Gabrielle pulled her mouth away to moan properly.

"Oh gods, Xena, yes."

Gabrielle thrust her hips up into Xena's and spread her legs a little wider to wrap around the warrior's. She used her left hand at the back of Xena's head to pull her down into another rough kiss while she slid her right hand down to Xena's ass. It rested there for a moment before gliding inwards to move between their legs.

Xena felt Gabrielle reaching between them and then felt the bard's fingers sliding underneath her breeches. She was so wet and Gabrielle's fingers slipped over and around her engorged clitoris. Her legs spread of their own accord, forcing Gabrielle's even wider and she ground into the fingers that were playing with her sex.

The back of Gabrielle's hand was pushing against her own clit with every thrust of Xena's hips, but it really wasn't enough. She wanted to feel Xena's flesh against her body. She flipped her hand over and tugged hard at the wet cloth that covered Xena and heard it rip, then it was coming free in her hand. She let the cloth drop from her fingers and then went back to where she'd been.

Xena couldn't stop thrusting into Gabrielle's body. If she'd been wearing a cock, the bard would have been fucked beyond consciousness by now. She was aware of Gabrielle replacing her hand between their bodies, after disposing of the interfering undies, and then suddenly, her lips were being spread against Gabrielle's mound.

Gabrielle spread her own labia to allow direct contact with Xena's clitoris and then removed her hand to grab hold of the warrior's ass. She was still kissing the warrior senseless, but now Xena seemed to have woken up. She growled at the new clit to clit contact and stopped thrusting, changing her hips' movements to a circular grind.

Gabrielle whimpered and cried out at the new motion. She hooked her heels and pulled with her calves against the backs of Xena's thighs to spread both their legs wider, to open themselves to each other.

Xena complied with the unspoken request and moved her legs as wide apart as she could without losing too much of her mobility.

"Ah, gods, Gabrielle. Fuck, yes."

Her words were coarse, but Gabrielle couldn't even speak. Her incoherent moans and whimpers were the only way she could plead for more, beg Xena not to stop. Xena understood, if only because she couldn't have stopped even if she'd wanted to. And she most certainly did not want to.

Gabrielle felt the clenching pleasure in her stomach and her moans increased in pitch. Her hips jerked sporadically and her moans changed to grunts with the rough movement of her lower body compressing her diaphragm.

Xena heard and felt the signs of an impending climax in her lover and somehow increased the pressure. She felt her own orgasm rise and when it crashed over her, her mind simply went blank. Her eyes squeezed tight, her body stilled for a heartbeat, she stopped breathing, and then she screamed in heaving breaths as she slammed her body down hard into Gabrielle's.

Gabrielle came when she heard Xena cry out, knowing the pleasure that must be coursing through her body and then her own pleasure was practically doubled with Xena's hard pounding body pummeling her pubic mound. She ground her hips up into her lover's and screamed Xena's name as she buried her face into the bouncing breasts so conveniently placed in front of her.

They continued to writhe against each other, milking their bodies for all the pleasure they could get. Finally, Xena collapsed into Gabrielle's body and Gabrielle hugged her tight.

"Gods, I love you. Do you have any idea how incredible you make me feel?" Gabrielle half-whispered. She licked at the skin between Xena's breasts, just tasting the salty sweat, not trying to arouse.

"If it's anything like how you make me feel, then, yes, I do."

Xena eased her body up into a kneeling position and looked down at both their bodies. Gabrielle's skirt was bunched up around her waist, her chest bare. Her own leather apparel was rolled down to reveal her breasts and the skirting had moved up around her waist at Gabrielle's insistence. She laughed.

Gabrielle took in their state of disarray and laughed, too. They made quite a picture. She turned her head to the side and sought out her discarded top. Xena worked on pulling the bodice part of her leathers back up and slid the straps over her shoulders. She readjusted the skirt fringe down over her hips and then refastened her armor across her chest. Gabrielle was just finishing up tying her shirt back on. They both glanced at their underwear and laughed again.

"We're going to go through a lot of those, aren't we," Gabrielle said.

Xena nodded.

"We could always just go without."

"Oh right, and one stiff breeze and we're flashing the villagers, I don't think so," replied Gabrielle.

"Well, maybe not all the time. When we know we're going to be entering a town, we can prepare ourselves."

"That could work."

Xena leaned in to whisper roughly in the younger woman's ear.

"I want to be able to touch you whenever I feel like it."

She nipped at the earlobe so tantalizingly close to her lips and then sucked on it. Her hands were already roaming over the bard's body and Gabrielle began to undo the lacing she'd just tied. She shucked the halter top off her shoulders and Xena's hands went immediately to cover the bard's re-exposed breasts. She squeezed and Gabrielle groaned.

"Gods, Xena, how can I want you again so sooon?" she moaned.

Gabrielle's head lolled back and Xena took the invitation to suck at the offered neck. Gabrielle's hands clasped at the back of Xena's neck and drew her down. Xena sucked at the flesh in several different spots, until there was a group of dark purple spots in the shape of an X adorning the area.

Xena used her right knee to nudge Gabrielle's legs apart and then pushed her thigh between them. She grabbed at Gabrielle's ass and pushed her down onto the hard muscle. It took only a moment for Gabrielle to get the hint and she began rubbing herself on the warrior's bare leg. Her hands slipped down to Xena's hips to help anchor herself and she moaned with every upward thrust of her hips.

Xena claimed the bard's lips and sucked at them, drawing each of them through her teeth and then running her tongue over the captured flesh. Gabrielle stuck her tongue out and slid it across Xena's lips. Xena released the lip to catch the tongue and then began sucking on it. Her fingers played with Gabrielle's nipples in time with her sucking, which was based on Gabrielle's rocking motions.

Gabrielle tried to control her moaning, but it was impossible. There were too many sensations going through her body and, in order to stay conscious, she had to let those feelings out somehow and sound seemed to be the only way.

Xena let go of Gabrielle's breasts and moved her left hand around the blonde's back to hold her steady and her right hand down to her gyrating mound. Her hand found the newly engorged clit and rubbed over it, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from Gabrielle. Then she cupped her palm over the nub and pressed against it.

Gabrielle changed the motion of her hips slightly to get better contact with this new stimulus. Her thighs parted a little more and she angled her pelvis up a bit.

Xena had been waiting for that and she immediately took advantage of the opening she was presented with. She slid two fingers inside the bard's well-lubricated opening and let her palm glide over her clitoris.

Gabrielle groaned deeply at being entered. She'd been craving the penetration of Xena's fingers for the last few days. Her hips changed their movements again and began riding the fingers. Xena repositioned her thigh slightly so she could move her hand a little easier and also to gain power from her quadriceps for each thrust into the smaller woman. Now, with just a flexing of her thigh muscles and the muscles of her forearm, she could push into the bard deeply and with force. Her left hand moved from Gabrielle's lower back to her ass to guide her movements.

Gabrielle closed her eyes and just took in the sensations. Her body seemed to have no recollection of having just cum a few minutes ago. She was riding Xena's fingers like it was her first time and she was never going to get a second chance. She moved slower than she really wanted to in order to drag out the pleasure, but fast enough that just as she was getting over having Xena's fingers pull out of her, they were burying to the hilt inside of her again.

Xena relished being inside Gabrielle's cunt. It was tight, slick, hot, and pulsing all around her. She was pretty slick herself again, but she was much more focused on Gabrielle's pleasure at the moment. She just wanted to hear those whimpers coming from her bard forever. They were the sweetest sounds she'd ever heard in her entire life. Nothing could compare to those almost animal-like noises that told Xena more than any words ever could about the pleasure Gabrielle was experiencing from her touch.

Every now and then, Xena could just make out her name being spoken like a prayer and it made her motions even stronger, trying to draw out those sounds from her lover's mouth.

"Xe-Xena. Oh gods, Xena..."

Gabrielle buried her face into Xena's neck and let her body take complete control. It knew what it wanted and knew how to get it. Her hips bucked over the long fingers and did their best to drive them harder and deeper inside. On one thrust, she hit a particularly sensitive spot, and then totally lost her mind as Xena angled her fingers to hit it again and again when she'd noticed Gabrielle's response.

She was completely mindless in her need for more pleasure. She tried to speak, but nothing coherent came out. She raised her head and pleaded with her eyes and a long drawn out moan for Xena to give her more. She swore Xena had learned a new skill in mind reading when the warrior added a third finger to those she was already riding.

Xena bent her head and kissed Gabrielle. It seemed to pull the woman out of her haze and Gabrielle brought her hands up from Xena's hips to grab onto the sides of Xena's head. She put everything she was feeling into the movement of her tongue inside Xena's mouth. Her body rode the warrior's fingers and slammed down onto them, her moans coming faster and going directly into Xena's open mouth.

Xena felt Gabrielle's muscles tighten around her fingers and drove harder to increase the intensity of the orgasm she knew was coming. Gabrielle ripped her mouth away from Xena's and cried out. She couldn't even form Xena's name, she just yelled. Finally, with the last few waves rolling over her, she was able to speak more clearly, though it was in a harsh whisper.

"Yes, yes, Xena, yes. Thank you. Xena. Gods, Xena. Fuck."

She continued to gently ride the fingers still inside her until the last tremors left her body. She looked up into bright eyes and kissed Xena gently on the lips.

"You can touch me anytime you want, Xena. Anytime you want."

Xena slipped her fingers out of the bard and then brought them to her mouth. She inhaled the scent and then licked her fingers. Gabrielle moved her head forward and ran her tongue over the ring finger, which was closest to her. She'd tasted herself before, but there was something wholly erotic about tasting herself on Xena's fingers while staring into Xena's light blue eyes.

They cleaned Xena's fingers off completely and then stared at each other. Gabrielle knew Xena was ready to be taken again. But she wanted to test a few limits and exercise her control. She was suddenly in Mistress mode and Xena would only be allowed to cum when she said so and not before. She was a little surprised at the thoughts and especially at how much she enjoyed wielding that kind of power, but she wasn't about to deny it. Besides, it would give Xena something else to worry about besides her ever-present guilt and need to save the world. And, Gabrielle admitted, she also enjoyed having the intensely selfish desire to have Xena's attention riveted on her fulfilled.

"It's almost lunchtime. We should start heading back to the village."

The look on Xena's face almost caused Gabrielle to back down, but she didn't. She did, however, acknowledge what she was doing.

"I know what you want, Xena, but today, you are here to please me. That is your sole duty. You will pay attention to no one else but me. Is that understood?"

Xena nodded. She couldn't even speak. She was aching for release and knowing now that she wasn't going to get it anytime soon seemed to make her throb for it even more. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she understood what Gabrielle was doing to her. It was very difficult to worry about one's image when one was willing to practically.. no, not practically.. she was willing to beg Gabrielle for release.

Gabrielle found her top again and stood up. Xena stood with her and watched as Gabrielle untangled the fastenings and started to put the shirt back on. She paused and looked up at the warrior.

"Come here."

Xena took a half step forward and Gabrielle pulled Xena to her chest.

"Suck them both until their hard."

Xena could only comply. She licked and sucked at the left nipple until it was a little pebble in her mouth and Gabrielle's breathing increased its pace. She moved to the right and sucked nearly the whole breast into her mouth, then swirled her tongue around the hardening tip. When it was as hard as its twin, she released the breast and Gabrielle let her straighten up once again.

Gabrielle pulled the top over her body and tied it off. Her hardened tits were roughly rubbed by the fabric and she shivered slightly. That felt really good. She glanced up to see the hooded gaze of her companion. To Tartarus with it. If she was really going to do this, she was going to use the warrior for her personal pleasure with no more second thoughts. Xena was hers, to do with as she pleased.

She pulled Xena's head down slightly and entered her mouth without any preamble. She caressed Xena's tongue and enjoyed the textures she found there. She didn't stop until she heard a barely audible whimper come from Xena's chest. Then she eased off and pulled away. She looked the warrior over.

"If you last today, I will make you cum until you pass out. If you try to release yourself or disobey me, I won't touch you until the festival. So, unless you want to punish me as well as yourself, I suggest you remember who owns you."

"Yes, Mistress," came the croaked whisper.

A part of Xena's mind tried to tell her it was all a game. She could take control at any time. She didn't need Gabrielle's permission for anything. In fact, she didn't even need Gabrielle. But she knew it was a lie. The woman had a hold on her stronger than any chains made by Hephaestus because, simply put, she owned her heart, mind, body, and soul. She wanted to please Gabrielle. This really wasn't a sacrifice. She was doing exactly what she wanted to be doing.

Gabrielle began walking back towards the village and pulled Xena along with her by a hand. When they entered the dining hut and Gabrielle noticed all the suddenly averted looks she was receiving, she remembered the hickeys Xena had given her. She grinned. The feeling of being marked felt.. well, it felt really good. It was also mildly amusing to know that everyone knew what she and Xena had been doing during their little disappearance. For some of them, there were vivid images to go along with the thoughts.

Ephiny motioned for Gabrielle and Xena to join her at the head table and Gabrielle sat in the offered chair. Before Xena could take the empty seat next to her, Gabrielle gestured for Xena to bend over so she could whisper into her ear. Xena frowned and leaned over, her hand still on the back of the wooden chair.

"You will sit at my feet today, Warrior. Do you understand?"

Xena stood stock still as the words registered with her brain. What Gabrielle was asking of her.. It would be humiliating to be kept at Gabrielle's feet throughout the meal in front of all the Amazons. Didn't Gabrielle understand she had a reputation to uphold?

"Xena. You need to learn that I am strong enough to be your shield. I won't let anyone hurt you. You are mine and I protect what's mine."

Xena was still quiet. Gabrielle knew she needed to make this point. It was a matter of trust and without that trust, Gabrielle really saw no future to their relationship beyond friends. She wanted all of Xena and she was totally unwilling to settle for anything less. She had to make Xena understand.

"Think if our positions were reversed. Just for a moment."

Xena imagined walking into the mess tent of one of her armies with Gabrielle in tow. She knew not a single one of her troops would have even had the nerve to look at Gabrielle without her permission. The sense of pride and fierce protectiveness that flowed through her at the vision was intense. And she could just imagine the feelings of security and pride Gabrielle would feel in such a situation, knowing she was Xena's property and that the Warrior Princess would fight to the death to keep her from harm; it just seemed so natural a picture.

Now she understood what Gabrielle meant, what she wanted. Gabrielle needed to show off her most prized possession, Xena herself, for in that showing, was a declaration of love and everlasting devotion. Just as Xena's ownership of the bard would have meant she dedicated every last second of her time to taking care of her property, so too the Amazon Queen's ownership of the warrior involved making sure her possession was loved and protected.

"Take pride in your ownership, Xena. I do."

And Xena realized she was very proud to have been claimed by the Queen of the Amazons. It was an honor to know that Gabrielle had chosen her over everyone else. She suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to show off how good Gabrielle was at taking care of her. There was no shame in kneeling at Gabrielle's feet; others should be so lucky.

Xena relinquished her hold on the back of the chair she had been intending to sit on and kneeled at the bard's side. Gabrielle's right hand cupped the left side of her cheek to turn her head and the young woman kissed her gently, accepting the gift Xena had just given her. She pulled away just a fraction of an inch, and the movement of her lips just barely brushed against Xena's, as she whispered the words Xena would never tire of hearing.

"I love you."

Xena replied with a tender kiss of her own and then looked up into the green eyes that seemed capable of seeing directly into her soul. Those eyes offered her absolution from all her past wrongs. Even knowing she could never truly accept forgiveness for such atrocities, she took the love and laid it over her battered heart, unwilling to hurt the bard by refusing such a gift.

They looked away at the same moment, Xena's eyes going to the floor first before looking to her left to see the staring Amazons, Gabrielle's eyes meeting Ephiny's and then looking to their gaping audience.

Gabrielle laid her left hand over Xena's head, stroking the dark hair with her thumb. It conveyed the sense of Xena being the Queen's faithful pet, while giving comfort and protection to said pet, and the look in Gabrielle's eyes offered a subtle challenge to anyone who would attempt to harm her favorite possession. The Amazons looked away and went back to their meals.

A server approached with two plates of food and Ephiny took one of them, even though she knew it had been meant for Xena. Gabrielle smiled her thanks to the Regent as she accepted the other dish. She began eating and every other bite went to the warrior at her feet.

Xena took her time in sucking the morsels off her Queen's fingers. She was still in a bit of agony over being denied her release and wanted to make sure she didn't suffer alone. She looked up with the bard's index finger still in her mouth and saw the sparkling eyes of her lover looking down at her. Gabrielle knew what she was doing and was allowing her slave this small act of retaliation.

Gabrielle talked with Ephiny about matters of state, while letting her fingers sift through Xena's hair, and Xena let her attention drift out to the women occupying the tables closest to them. Her keen hearing picked up snippets of conversations, the topics usually centering around her and the Queen. Apparently, their public displays of sex had become all but legendary and everyone was anxiously looking forward to the night of the festival.

She had to admit, she was a little nervous about the ritual. It was one thing to sate their lust for each other in front of a small group of mortals, but to do so in front of not only the entire Amazon village, but also as an act of sacrifice for a goddess, was a bit daunting even for the Warrior Princess. For one thing, she didn't really get along with the gods and she certainly never bowed down to them. How would her actions be received by the patroness of the Amazon Nation?

Xena decided not to think about it beyond the fact that she loved Gabrielle and intended to make sure Gabrielle's sacrifice was a great one. She smirked a little and absentmindedly rested her cheek against Gabrielle's thigh, turning her head slightly to press her lips to the soft flesh.

Gabrielle glanced down and saw that Xena wasn't really aware of what she was doing. She looked back up to Ephiny and saw the small knowing smile the Regent was trying to conceal. She continued to let her fingers play in the warrior's hair and felt a glowing heat begin between her legs. She knew she should have been content from her earlier exertions with Xena, but it seemed she was insatiable when it came to the woman leaning against her thigh. There was no permanent satisfaction, just this need for more, to reclaim the passion between them over and over again.

It didn't help that her newfound ego seemed to revel in the face of having witnesses to her lustful desires. Though, she had to admit, she was just as frantic for Xena when they were alone as she was with an audience. In fact, it seemed to be more intense when it was just her and Xena. They ended up feeding off each other instead of their spectators. It was one of the reasons she wanted to watch Xena touch herself. She had some serious voyeuristic tendencies that she wanted to indulge in.

But at the moment, she was having a small debate with herself concerning whether or not to have Xena take her right now in front of all her Amazons, a kind of preview of the festival ritual to come.

Xena still seemed to be lost in thought, her tongue moving of its own volition over the flesh in front of it, and Gabrielle was enjoying the tingles that were playing over her skin. She glanced to Ephiny again and spoke in a casual tone of voice so as not to alert Xena to any changes in her environment that might bring her back from whatever daydream she happened to be in.

"I know at the festival we'll be expected to perform in front of everyone, but outside of that, are there any taboos against public displays?"

Gabrielle was also careful not to use any words like sex that might call attention to the conversation she was having with her Regent. She was sure the warrior would come out of her mental fog if she heard certain words like that.

"Um, no. Not too many of our members indulge in those kinds of exhibitions, but it's always been considered the prerogative of the Queen to allow such demonstrations. It invigorates the whole village, that's why the ritual is performed in honor of the first planting. It's a symbol of the world waking up again and embracing life. Why?"

"Because I want Xena to please me right now, but the Amazons in our escort last time seemed a little shocked."

"Ah, well, I don't think they were expecting that from you. You weren't born an Amazon, Gabrielle, and it's taken many of us a while to see what Terreis was able to see in only a moment. Queen Melosa used to give performances all the time. She said it kept her young."

Ephiny was about to continue, but Gabrielle was stroking Xena's head a little harder to get her attention and was obviously not listening anymore. Xena looked up and Gabrielle nudged her to move around in front. She spread her legs and could tell by the look on Xena's face that she'd gotten a whiff of her arousal.

Xena closed her eyes and moaned slightly. She'd become aware of kissing Gabrielle's leg and had been about to stop when Gabrielle had encouraged her to continue. Now she was faced with getting a taste of her soon to be Queen and she was vaguely aware that everyone was watching them.

It felt different from the last time she'd taken the bard in their campsite and, before that, in Miklios' tent. This was somehow a demonstration of her worthiness to be Gabrielle's Consort and Gabrielle's ability to rule as Queen. Gabrielle had established her dominance by getting Xena to sit at her feet, but could she maintain that superiority while accepting pleasure from the Warrior Princess?

"Lick me slowly, Xena. Make it last."

Gabrielle's voice was husky with desire and Xena wasted no time in bowing her head to kiss the insides of her lover's thighs. She ran her hands over the tops of the woman's legs and slid the edge of her skirt up to reveal the flesh Gabrielle had indicated in her command. There was leftover moisture from their last session, but Xena knew most of the wetness was fresh.

Gabrielle wrapped her hands around the arms of her chair and levered herself up slightly to scoot her hips forward. She leaned back again and spread her legs a little wider, now that they were past the edges of the arms of the chair, to give Xena better access.

Xena kissed the sides of the thighs on either side of her face and then ducked her head to kiss Gabrielle's hairy mound. The fur was soft and she speared her tongue through it to get to the flesh it covered. Then she dragged her tongue up until it grazed over the hard little bud at the top.

Gabrielle groaned slightly and circled her hips just a bit. She loved the feeling of Xena's tongue on her. There was nothing softer and yet the warrior was able to apply an unbelievable amount of pressure with her oral muscle. Just another of her many skills.

Xena placed her hands on either side of Gabrielle's labia and spread her apart. She licked at the flesh that was exposed, dabbed her tongue in the creases, and then flattened it out again to press against Gabrielle's clit. She licked across it again and then used the tip of her tongue to flick the little nub. She got a small cry out of Gabrielle for that particular maneuver.

Gabrielle gripped the arm rests of her chair. Her eyes had closed at first contact with Xena's lips and she opened them now to look around her. Ephiny was watching her with a hooded gaze. It occurred to Gabrielle that if she wanted to, she could have the Regent pleasing her the way Xena was with just a snap of her fingers. She briefly wondered what Xena would think about such a situation and then thought about someone touching Xena and her anger rose. She was definitely unwilling to share; she wouldn't make Xena do so.

Her eyes roamed over the Amazons eating their lunches. Or rather, the Amazons who had been eating their lunches. Now, all eyes were glued to her and the bobbing head just visible over the edge of the table. A particularly intense sensation ran through her body and she moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head before they closed again.

Xena sucked at Gabrielle's clit, trying to milk it the way she did the bard's nipples. Gabrielle was starting to squirm more and more in her chair, pushing down on the arm rests to bring her hips off the seat and harder into Xena's face. Xena's hands had slipped from Gabrielle's lips and were now pressing on the insides of sweat-dampened thighs, holding them open, but also gaining pleasure from physically touching such soft skin. She could feel Gabrielle's muscles working underneath the surface and it reminded her of the bard's inner muscles when they clamped around her fingers.

Xena suddenly had an urge to enter Gabrielle. She started to move her right hand closer to Gabrielle's opening, but a hand shot out and grabbed her wrist in an iron grip.

"No. Just suck. Slowly."

Xena whimpered slightly, but slid her hand back to where it had been and pressed her mouth harder to its task. Gabrielle released her hold on the warrior's wrist and then laid her hand on the back of Xena's head. She didn't apply any pressure. She just enjoyed the sensation of feeling Xena's head bobbing in her hand as it moved above her sex. She ran her fingers through the dark tresses and got a handful to hang on to.

Xena slowed down her movements. The Queen wanted slow? Well, that's what she was gonna get. Xena let Gabrielle's clit rest between her lips and swirled her tongue repeatedly around and over it. Gabrielle gasped above her.

"Hahh. Shit. Ephiny.. have you ever.. had a tongue.. like Xena's.. lick your pussy?" Gabrielle gasped out.

She looked over to her Regent, feeding on the heated gaze of the curly blonde woman. She knew she wouldn't last long if she didn't distract herself somewhat, no matter how slowly Xena worked on her.

"I don't know. What does it feel like?"

Ephiny's voice was even deeper than usual. She wanted to cover her Queen's mouth with her own and push her tongue inside. Watching Xena love her Queen was one of the most erotic things she'd ever witnessed and, after watching a few of Melosa's shows, that was saying something. Melosa had never been one for individual encounters. Her minimum requirements started at three; two to please her and one to occupy her own need to please. But the intensity on Gabrielle's face was beautiful and wholly engaging.

"Relentless. Her tongue is relentless. Oh fuck. She's.. oh gods.."

Gabrielle was rapidly losing her train of thought. As soon as a sentence entered her head, it was replaced by the rapture taking place at her center. Fuck slow! She wanted Xena to make her cum, and cum now.

"Xena.. Fuck me.. Now.."

Xena didn't have to be told twice. She pushed two fingers inside the Queen and then held them still as Gabrielle's hips bucked to take them in. Gabrielle gasped at the wanted intrusion and scooted her hips even further to the edge of her chair. She was practically levitating off the seat, using her strong arms and taut stomach muscles to thrust her pelvis forward. It was an excellent semi-isometric workout.

Xena didn't move. She was entranced with just watching the glistening pink folds of Gabrielle's sex take in her fingers. Gabrielle was jerking erratically against the rigid fingers. There was no rhythm to her movements, but it didn't seem to matter. Xena moved her thumb around so that it grazed Gabrielle's clit every time she pushed down onto her hand.

Gabrielle started rolling her hips when she felt the renewed stimulation against her clitoris. Her grunts were low and more a harsh breath than an actual vocalization. She realized she was slightly out of control. She could feel herself getting tired and she wasn't sure how much longer she could keep this up.

In a last ditch effort to become the Mistress again, she stopped her thrusting, set her naked ass on the edge of her seat, and lifted her legs up and over Xena's shoulders. She crossed them at the ankles and then stared down at Xena's surprised upturned face.

"Finish it for me. And remember what I said. Not until I tell you."

Xena had never seen quite that combination of determination and desire in Gabrielle's eyes before. She didn't take any time to second-guess herself. She simply obeyed. Her arm began pumping her fingers in and out of Gabrielle in a natural rhythm that immediately had Gabrielle clenching and unclenching her stomach muscles in time with her motions. Her lips found their way to Gabrielle's exposed cunt and kissed and licked everything they could find.

Gabrielle's low moans gained in volume with Xena's steady rhythm and constant oral attention. When Gabrielle had said Xena's tongue was relentless, she hadn't been lying. Xena made sure to never spend more than a few seconds on any one area of Gabrielle's sex, which amounted to the entire surface of her pubic mound being stimulated at almost the same time.

Gabrielle's breath was coming in pants. She couldn't have taken a deep breath even if she'd tried. Her lungs only took in enough oxygen to grunt for the next second. Then she felt her body spasm and heat spread through her from Xena's mouth and fingers all the way to her extremities. Her legs locked, gripping Xena's back and pulling her in closer, and her arms pushed her off her seat and into Xena's face. She didn't make a sound, as her breathing stopped altogether with the climax.

Xena felt Gabrielle melt over her fingers. She ducked her head a little lower to lick at the sudden extra amount of cum dripping around her fingers. She was tempted to add a third finger. She was almost positive if she did that she'd start Gabrielle going all over again. But she was a little worried about how much more she herself could take.

She wanted release like never before. She ached. Her muscles were so cramped from denying herself she wasn't sure she could have brought herself off anyway. She wanted to rock, to rub herself if only between her own two thighs, but there was so much tension in her lower body, she didn't think she could move.

Xena slowed her thrusts as Gabrielle relaxed her body and let her legs unclasp from around her shoulders. Xena eased her fingers out of Gabrielle and commenced licking them clean with very little conscious thought. Gabrielle scooted herself back in her seat and pulled her skirt down over her thighs again.

Gabrielle looked down at Xena kneeling between her legs. She was staring off into nothing, her tongue working without her direction as it cleaned Gabrielle's cum off her hand. Gabrielle nudged Xena with her right foot and moved her left out of the way so that Xena could return to her place at Gabrielle's side.

Xena looked up and realized Gabrielle expected something of her, then felt the nudge again. She braced her body on her knuckles and lifted up slightly to move where Gabrielle seemed to want her. She gasped at the sensation that jolted through her lower abdomen and stopped moving in order to recover. Gabrielle nudged her again and she moved the last few inches to kneel beside her Mistress.

Moving had awoken Xena's need completely. She couldn't ignore it any longer. Every breath caused her diaphragm to contract and expand, which in turn caused her abdominal muscles to move in such a way as to heighten all the sensations in her genital area. With every exhale, she groaned. At this rate, she was going to cum simply from breathing.


Xena heard her name being called and tried to focus on where it was coming from. On the second repetition, she was finally able to command her neck muscles to move her head to look up.

"Who owns you, Xena?"

Xena tried to form words. She really did. She just couldn't seem to get them from her brain to her mouth.

"Xena, do you want to cum?"

Xena's face twisted in anguish and all she could do was groan beseechingly.

"Do you want to cum, Xena?"

Xena finally latched onto the word she hoped would end her agony.


"Then tell me who owns you?"

Xena panted. That last coherent word had taken the last of her strength. She didn't know where she was going to get more. Her thoughts were a jumble and she forgot the question. Unable to look for the answer anymore, she nearly broke down into tears.

Gabrielle could see Xena was struggling. The sense of power that washed over her was invigorating. She'd had doubts about whether she could bring Xena to this point again. It felt immeasurably good to know Xena had relinquished her need for control. The trust that Gabrielle knew that entailed warmed her heart, even as she took delight in knowing she was causing her lover the sweetest agony.

"Xena, look at me."

Xena's eyes barely focused on Gabrielle's face.

"Who owns you?"

Xena could see Gabrielle, but it wasn't Gabrielle. It was her Mistress. They were one in the same and yet, not. Her tongue managed to obey her wishes and formed the last lucid word she would be able to utter that day.


Gabrielle smiled and then nodded, but Xena had already closed her eyes and bowed her head. Gabrielle stood up and grabbed Xena around the shoulders. Whether Gabrielle was stronger than she appeared to be or Xena had regained enough strength to stand, Gabrielle brought her to an upright position and began removing her armor.

Gabrielle looked around. She saw Ephiny fingering her clit, as she watched the Queen and her Consort. The rest of the Amazons were in various states of arousal or consummation. She gestured to several who seemed to be in shocked stupors and they quickly hurried to her side.

"Put these on that table over there. And stack them neatly."

She handed over the pieces of armor as she worked them free of Xena's body. Xena was swaying slightly and her body was rigid with tension. Gabrielle worked on her boots next and then removed the leather battle dress and finally her brown undershirt. Each item was handed over to a waiting Amazon and then solemnly placed on the table Gabrielle had indicated.

Gabrielle heard several women orgasm from just seeing the Warrior Princess in all her glory. It was apparently too much stimulation after watching the woman service their Queen. Gabrielle pushed Xena to sit on the table in front of her and had a moment of deja vu from the last time she'd urged Xena onto a wooden dining table.

Xena's eyes were half-closed and she watched Gabrielle with barely a coherent thought. Everything felt familiar, but she also felt strangely detached. She heard her name being called again and managed to look up into Gabrielle's eyes.

"Xena. You did very good today. Do you remember what I promised you?"

Gabrielle was pretty sure Xena didn't understand one damn word she'd said. She flicked her fingernail over Xena's enlarged clitoris and the woman shot up off the table as she screamed. Well, it got her attention at least.

She roughly pushed Xena back onto the table and forced her to lie back. Xena was very much attached to her body again, but she still couldn't concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds. She writhed on the table, her only form of begging besides the whimpered groans that issued forth out of the back of her throat with every breath.

Gabrielle wanted only one thing. It wasn't to taste her warrior. It wasn't to sink her fingers into the hot depths of Xena's cunt. She wasn't even interested in kissing her mouth and sucking her tongue. What she wanted was to fuck the Warrior Princess, plain and simple. She looked up from the writhing mass of flesh in front of her and found one of the Amazons that had helped to take care of Xena's armor.

"Find me a harness with a cock about this big." She indicated her speared fingers and the Amazon nodded quickly and hurried off.

Gabrielle flicked at Xena's clitoris again. She was not gentle about it either. Her aim was to overload Xena's senses with both pleasure and pain. She would feel she had accomplished her goal when Xena passed out as she had promised her faithful slave.

Xena's hands slapped at the table on either side of her thighs and then clawed at the surface. The jolts of harsh sensation that ran through her clit every few moments only intensified the ache in her groin. She was sure if the sensations just came a little faster, she would be able to find release. But they didn't and there was no rhythm, each flick came without warning.

The Amazon returned with a black leather harness and several dildos that could be fitted onto it. Gabrielle took the contraption and laid the choices out on the table, far enough away from Xena's flailing hands to keep them from being tossed aside. She strapped the harness over her thighs and then chose one of the phalli and slid it in place before buckling the last securing strap.

Gabrielle gave Xena's clit one more harsh flick and then positioned herself at Xena's opening. Xena had used a phallus on her already, but this would be her first time. She wanted to savor the moment. She also decided that she would refrain from touching Xena's clit while she used the cock on her lover. She didn't want Xena to be distracted one iota from the shaft that would be moving inside her.

Xena felt the head of a phallus at her vagina and realized she desperately wanted it inside her body. It would ease the ache. And she wanted anything that would ease the ache. She tried to push up onto it, but it moved away from her. After physically arguing with it, and losing, she let her hips rest on the table again and felt the head move slightly into her.

Gabrielle pushed slowly forward when what she really wanted to do was slam her hips into Xena's. But Xena wanted that too much, her loud groans testified to that fact. This would be much more infuriating. Xena suddenly jerked her hips up, but Gabrielle had been waiting for her to try again and she moved with Xena's body, the phallus not pulling out, but not going in any further. After a couple more fruitless attempts, Xena finally understood that she would not be able to control her own release.

Gabrielle smiled at Xena's shaking body. She was just barely keeping her body from bucking up, having learned that it didn't get her anywhere and only prolonged her torture. She was sweating profusely and Gabrielle's hands slipped along Xena's hips as she used them to steady herself slightly.

Gabrielle was only a quarter of the way inside Xena. Xena whimpered. Gabrielle was moving far too slowly, but Gabrielle refused to be baited. She steadily moved her hips forward, pushing the cock deeper inside Xena.

Xena started to raise her hips, forgetting that it didn't get her the satisfaction she was looking for, and Gabrielle rolled her hips to stay the same distance from Xena's body. Xena cried out in frustration and let her hips collapse back onto the table in defeat.

Gabrielle continued with her slow progress. She heard several sympathetic moans from the Amazons at other tables and she looked up to catch their eyes. She grinned and then jerked her hips slightly to the side. Xena gasped and bucked her hips again, but Gabrielle refused to move forward. Xena clutched at the surface of the table and held still, knowing it was the only way to get Gabrielle moving again.

Gabrielle started forward again and made it over halfway down the length of the shaft before Xena involuntarily bucked her hips again. After she stilled, Gabrielle clenched her stomach muscles tightly and slammed all the way forward. Xena screamed.

Gabrielle could feel Xena's cunt pulsating her orgasm around the shaft of the phallus and she held still while Xena milked her cock. Before the orgasm could completely fade, she began working the shaft in and out and Xena's moans picked up again. She spread her legs wider apart and her hands left the table to rest over the hands that grasped her hips.

No longer being punished for rocking her hips, Xena met each of Gabrielle's thrusts fully. Gabrielle moved her hands out from underneath Xena's and then lifted Xena's legs by her knees. Xena took the hint and rested her heels on the edge of the table. The new position spread her wider and left her completely open to Gabrielle's pounding thrusts.

Gabrielle placed her hands at Xena's hips again and used her grip to control her thrusts. With a roll of her hips, she was able to enter Xena at an angle and with only a few more thrusts of the cock, Xena creamed. Gabrielle could see Xena's eyes rolling back in her head underneath her eyelids, but she refused to lose consciousness.

Gabrielle didn't stop. She knew Xena's limits. She'd taken her to them before and she would again. She pumped inside Xena with determination. Her thrusts were hard and long, using every inch of her cock to stroke the interior walls of Xena's vagina. She didn't increase her pace or slow down. She was as relentless as the sea crashing against the cliffs of Piraeus.

Xena wanted more. It was her only thought. She pushed up to meet the cock rooting inside her and begged with every guttural groan for Gabrielle to continue what she was doing. She had no purpose beyond receiving the next thrust of Gabrielle's phallus. She was as much a slave to the needs of her own body as she was to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle leaned in to give her hips more pumping power. She was careful to not touch Xena's body much more than she already was. Her hips moved faster, increasing the steady motions of her cock gliding in and out of Xena.

Xena could feel it all building again. The tip of the shaft kept pounding against her most sensitive internal surfaces. As she felt the tingling inside her body begin, she held her hips still and let Gabrielle work her sopping mound. The second she crested her peak for the third time, she felt something she couldn't define as either pleasure or pain, it was such a perfect mix of both.

Gabrielle sped up her questing thrusts when Xena stilled her body in preparation for climax. When Xena's body jerked with the first waves of orgasm, Gabrielle released Xena's left hip and used her right thumb and forefinger to clamp down hard on Xena's clitoris. It was slippery, but that only made her squeeze tighter.

Xena let out such a high-pitched scream, it shocked every Amazon in the dining hut, even those that had heard her scream herself hoarse several days before. Gabrielle hadn't even realized she was ready to cum again, when her own orgasm took her from watching Xena's agonized pleasure, causing her to pinch the slick clitoris between her fingers even more. A whispered scream followed the first and then the pleasure shorted out her brain and Xena collapsed.

Xena's body went limp as consciousness fled her and her breathing slowly returned to normal. Gabrielle recovered from her own unexpected climax and pulled the wet phallus out of her partner. She released the catches and set the harness aside.

Gabrielle's grin, as she watched her unconscious slave resting on the table, was nothing short of demonic bliss.

"By the gods," Ephiny whispered beside her.

Gabrielle turned to look at her Regent and caught the wide-eyed stare of her friend. She gazed around the room and saw similar looks on the faces of her subjects. She knew, from this day forward, every last one of them would take her seriously now. She'd proven her ability to rule as Queen of the Amazons.

At the moment, however, she had more pressing matters to contemplate, like her unconscious lover. Gabrielle waved her hand and two Amazons were immediately at her side.

"I need a litter and four volunteers to carry Xena back to my hut."

Gabrielle almost laughed as half the Amazon Nation shot out of their seats to volunteer a split second before the other half could get to their feet. She smothered the smile and pointed to the four women she thought had stood the fastest.

A few minutes later, a litter was carried in and the four chosen Amazons very carefully lifted Xena's naked form off the table and onto the fur stretcher under the watchful eye of their Queen. Then each woman picked up one corner of the primitive gurney and solemnly carried the Queen's Consort out of the dining hut.

Gabrielle remained behind the procession in order to continue to watch her lover and then moved ahead to hold the door open for the litter bearers to move inside her hut. Once Xena was transferred to the bed, Gabrielle sent two of the escorts back for Xena's armor and clothing. As soon as it was safely stacked on the table, she sent the Amazons away.

Gabrielle removed her Amazon garb and crawled into bed next to Xena. The skin on skin contact could only be described as home. With only a little encouragement, Xena wrapped herself around the bard and the two made an early journey to Morpheus' realm.

Continued in Part III

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