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Classic March The 16
  A Solstice Treaty
  Cleopatra 4 AD

Crossing the Fire (XIPPY Award Winner - 26 October 2000)
Divinity (XIPPY Award Winner - 23 November 2000)

  Conquest of the Heart
  First Solstice
  Beyond Sight
Between The Lines Series

Xena: Warrior Princess ended its six-season run in June 2001, and has been released on DVD. I am re-watching the entire series, and after each episode, writing a short story, usually told in the first person from the viewpoint of one or more characters. The stories may focus on what happened during the episode, or they may reveal thoughts and events that take place between episodes.


While you can probably enjoy these without re-watching the corresponding episodes, to get the most from these stories, I strongly suggest you do re-watch them, or perhaps go read the transcript or synopsis for them.


1.1    Looking For Trouble (Sins of the Past)
1.2    Finding Trees (Chariots of War)
1.3    Stones in a Pond (Dreamworker)
1.4    Teamwork (Cradle of Hope)
1.5    My Friend (The Path Not Taken)
1.6    Until Next Time (The Reckoning)
1.7    The Virgin Goddess (The Titans)
1.8    Of Gods and Thunderbolts (Promethius)
1.9    One For Death The Hard Way (Death In Chains)
1.10  Fit For a Queen (Hooves & Harlots)
1.11  Influence (The Black Wolf)
1.12  The War of the Exes – (post "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts")
1.13  Living A Dream - (post "Athens City Academy of Performing Bards"
1.14  The Greater Good Begins (post "A Fistful of Dinars")
1.15  Looking For Trouble (Post "Warrior..Princess")
1.16  The Strongest Power (Post "Mortal Beloved")
1.17  No Fool (post "Royal Couple of Thieves)
1.18 - Taking Risks (post "The Prodigal")
1.19 - About Nutbread (post "Altared States")
1.20 - Brick by Brick (post "Ties That Bind")
1.21 - Foreshadows (post "The Greater Good")
1.22 - Every Day, Every Day (post "Callisto")
1.23 - What Matters Most (post "Death Mask")
1.24 - Warrior . . . Princess . . . Amazon (post "Is There a Doctor in the House?")


2.1 - Warrior Prince (post "Orphan of War")
2.2 - A Time to Kill (post "Remember Nothing")
2.3 - Enemies, Friends & Assorted Would-Be Lovers(post "Giant Killer")
2.4 - Reality Bites (post "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun")
2.5 - Fall Into Grace (post "Return of Callisto")
2.6 - Double Trouble (post "Warrior ... Princess ... Tramp")
2.7 - Serenity, Courage and Wisdom (post "Intimate Stranger")
2.8 - Cherish (post "Ten Little Warlords")
2.9 - The Gift (post "A Solstice Carol")
2.10 - Sloe Gin on a Southern Porch Swing (post "The Xena Scrolls")
2.11 - Masquerade (post "Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis")
2.12 - Death Be Not Proud (post "Destiny")
2.13 - A Mile in Your Boots (post "The Quest")
2.14 - A Matter of Trust (post "A Necessary Evil")
2.15 - Lucky Stars (post "A Day in the Life")
2.16 - Baby Love (post "For Him the Bell Tolls")
2.17 - How the Mighty Have Fallen (post "The Execution")
2.18 - If You Could See What I See (post "Blind Faith")
2.19 - Shades of Meaning (post "Ulysses")
2.20 - The Path Taken (post "The Price")
2.21 - Wings of Love (post "Lost Mariner")
2.22 - The Object of My Affection (post "A Comedy of Eros")
Conqueror Destiny Conquered
Uber It's What I Do
Soul Vessels
The Eyes of Eire
  Galveston 1900: Swept Away
  To The Love Of My Life


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