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SEPTEMBER 24, 2002


LUCIA:  Here goes Xena and Gabby under the candle light. I couldn't decide which one to chose so... Also I will do the candle falling down. I am late with the artworks because I was having trouble to make them kiss, but now I solved and I hope to get them done till Friday if it is okay with Carol.


MISSY:  I love the expressions on their faces in this. It really captures the emotion in the relationship.


JUDI:  I like this Lucia...its waffy...means Warm And Fuzzy Feeling <g>


MARSHA:   Wow! Beautiful Lucia.  Just getting caught up here. Great start TN. I agree with the banter...it is great to see them so at ease and playing.


SUE:  Holy Moly, Lucia!!!!!  These ROCK!!!  Wow.  Wow wow wow.

Damn, I need them drawn into quarters so I can keep up with all the damn new wallpapers you're drawing!!!

MISSY:  Why not use them as literal wallpaper, Sue? (g) Print em out, and plaster a wall with 'em.



SEPTEMBER 25, 2002


LINDA:  These make me smile  <g>  . A lovely moment.  Gorgeous Lucia.


TNOVAN:  That's it exactly...it's a very telling piece.  Well done Lucia


TNOVAN:  (A Muse in the Hand – Part 1) ACT THREE


TNOVAN:  (A Muse in the Hand – Part 1) ACT FOUR


MARYD:  Ooh ahh this is getting very serious! More please <g>


MARSHA:   T that is so not nice a place to leave us. Very good.


DENISE:  Think it's bad for this list... the viewers are gonna get a three or four week break right there. 


LUCIA:  WOW, it will be hard to wait for the continuation. Well done TN! <g>  There are a lot of sweet moments, specially when Xena recognized Gabby.


TNOVAN:  there was no way that Xena wasn't going to know 'her' Gabrielle.<g>


LUCIA:  When I read I thought "UHOH will she kiss them in order to know who is who?" I am glad she didn't need to do that <g>


TNOVAN:  ROTFLOL....and have EVERYONE in the Xenaverse screaming for my head...I think not<G>


DENISE:  Honey, they wouldn't need to scream... we'd give it to them. <g> Now don't you feel loved?


LUCIA:  Here goes the scene where Xena slices that candle.


MARYD:  Oh wow <g> This is absolutely wonderful! It's a gorgeous montage <g>


SUE:  Whoo boy.  Is it warm in here or what?


TNOVAN:  That's very cool Lucia.


DENISE:  Yep, this would be another BOING moment! <g> Great job!


MISSY:  wwwoooooo! I love it.


LINDA:  Wow, Lucia....very nice indeed <g> Most enjoyable, TN and what an ending <g> this will cause alot of chat on the list <g>



SEPTEMBER 26, 2002


MARYD:  Lucia that is wonderful!


CAROL:  What she said!!


LUCIA:  Thanks Carol... sorry I am late again L


CAROL:  No problem Lucia.  Don't kill yourself doing them.  I can work around them so you have extra time if you need them for the next few episodes.



SEPTEMBER 27, 2002


LUCIA:  I am doing the artwork where Xena and Gabby kiss in front of Ares. Well, I made first them kiss and it is it that I am sending here, I will add Ares tomorrow when I will make the artworks where he appears. After that kiss I didn't have a heart to make Ares artwork to put there, I have to rest a little so the emotions from the kiss don't interfere on Ares emotions.


DENISE:  And then there are just those times when there are no adequate words.


MISSY:  Holy cow!


LUCIA:  Oops! I noticed that there is a little problem on Gabby's hand on Xena's neck. I will fix it tomorrow when I will add Ares.


JUDI:  Nice Lucia <g>


DENISE:  Hey, T!  Any chance you can send part one to the list this weekend so I can start my edit?  Please and thank you, dear. 


TNOVAN:   I'll start posting part two tomorrow morning.


MISSY:  Hey T - I don't think DaemonEye wants part 2 - just the whole part 1 so she can start fussing with it.


LINDA:  WOW...very nice indeed <g>


MARYD:  Oh wow <g> Verrrry nice.



SEPTEMBER 28, 2002


CAROL:  Great job Lucia!


LUCIA:  I add Ares and fixed the kiss.  I thought you might like the revised version of the deep kiss, here it goes.


JUDI:  Very very nice Lucia <g>...


SUE:  Holy WOW!!!!


MISSY:  heh heh heh..... I like his facial expression. Good job, Lucia!


TNOVAN:  Guys, real life is keeping me offline.  So if I don't respond to posts please don't think I'm not paying attention.  I am, but my mind is not really on working right now.


MARYD:  He is not a happy boy <g>


LUCIA:  No, he wants to crack some heads (Gabby's) and rip out some hearts (Xena's) <g>


LINDA:  Most excellent <g> I love the look on his face.


LUCIA:  I noticed that Ares was not very good so I revised him. Please Carol, post this one.


DENISE:  Oh my......if looks could kill.......


MARYD:  Oh my Ares is REALLY not a happy boy <g>  This is great Lucia <g>



SEPTEMBER 29, 2002


MISSY:  Sue and I were talking about teasers last night, and I suggested we send one or two of Lucia's artworks, or a piece of the artwork to the chat list as sort of a 'caption this' - 'what do you think is going on here?' sort of contest. (g)


DENISE:  Think we should do half shots..... like just the candle being cut in half, or just Ares with that snarly expression. Why make it easy? <g>


LUCIA:  I can do some samples for you to see if you want.


MISSY:  We've got a month, why not? (g)


MARYD:  It's a good idea <g> A little frustration is good for the soul.


LUCIA:  What about these ones? You can choose.





LUCIA:  Here goes Ares calling for Xena. "Where are you Xena?"


JUDI:  Oh I like that Lucia...very very nice <g>


MISSY:  Lucia, this is totally brilliant.




CAROL:  Excellent job on all the artwork Lucia!!!  Sorry for the late feedback but Denise was keeping me mighty busy with stuff <g>



SEPTEMBER 30, 2002


LINDA:  Mmm I like this very much <g>


MARYD:  Ooh just got home from work <g> Very very nice Lucia!  The artwork is just brilliant.


SUE:  Holy CROW that's spooky, Lucia!  It's like looking at a damn PICTURE!  Wow.


LUCIA:  I send the last ones tomorrow, the last scene is more complicate than I thought but I get it already drew and I will paint tomorrow because I can't do it this late in the night. Sorry.


CAROL:  No problem Lucia <g>



OCTOBER 01, 2002


LUCIA:  Here goes the final scene "Going Away"


DENISE:  Very nice, Lucia!


CAROL:  Terrific Lucia!! You did an awesome job on it...Xena's expression is perfect and the detail in Gab's hair is amazing.


JUDI:  Yea!!!!!!!...no damn dragon <g>...very nice Lucia


LINDA:  Great work Lucia - a lovely image indeed <g>


MARYD:  This is excellent Lucia! Beautiful work as always.



OCTOBER 02, 2002


LUCIA:  Here goes Ares and Anubis.


JUDI:  I like that Lucia very nice


TNOVAN:  Wonderful art for this ep. I'm sorry I haven't said much before but as always your art is wonderful.


LINDA:  Awesome Lucia,  <g>



OCTOBER 04, 2002


MISSY:  This one and the one of Gab and Xena walking away - without that tattoo - are wonderful.


Sorry I didn't comment earlier - I've been out of town.



OCTOBER 05, 2002


LUCIA:  I couldn't resist to change the focus on that artwork <g> BTW I thought that it is good to be Argo and even envy her, call me crazy!




OCTOBER 06, 2002


MARYD:  ROFL!  You envy Argo? Lucia is there something you need to tell us? <g>


MISSY:  Hehehehehehe... maybe she should also be winking.


LINDA:  LOL- This is great. I wonder what she's thinking <g>


LUCIA:  In fact I thought that but it is hard to do it because the other eye is on the other side and it is not visible, so if I shut the eye it looks like she is with her eye shut only, I tried and it doesn't work well. 


After doing so many Ares I realized that the first Ares I did was not very good so I made some changes. Please Carol post this one if still have time



OCTOBER 07, 2002


TNOVAN:  (A Muse in the Hand – Part 2) At Denise's request… Part Two Act 1



OCTOBER 08, 2002


TNOVAN:  (A Muse in the Hand – Part 2) Part Two Act 2


TNOVAN:  (A Muse in the Hand – Part 2) Part Two Act 3


LUCIA:  Here goes the last artwork for Final Option, it is the scene on the boat when Xena realized she has to put an end on Ares


LINDA:  Awesome <s> wish I could do the hair like that <g>


MISSY:  I really like this. Despite everything, it was a tough decision for Xena, and I think you nailed the emotions on both Xena and Gab.


MARYD:  Ooh very nice - Xena' s anguished expression is spot on. Good work




SUE:  This rocks!



OCTOBER 09, 2002


CAROL:  Wow Lucia...awesome job!


NARRATOR:  And the process starts yet again.


DENISE:  Missy, Can you please repost the beat sheet for the Toris ep again with details on exactly how the ending plays out?  This will give Sue the chance to start on her ep while you are up to your eyeballs in circuits and diagrams, and away from your internet access. 


Sue, once Missy posts it can you possibly start on your ep once TN finishes up Muses please?


MISSY:  As requested.  Begin forwarded message:  and this is the teaser.  TN, I need to know if you have Gab recover completely at the end of your ep, or do I have to either mention it or time jump them a little at the beginning of mine.


SUE:  I thought mine wasn't due till mid November??


DENISE:  Your due date is 11/06.  But if you could start yours while Missy is away, it would help keep everything on schedule.


CAROL:  If you could start it in the next week, it would just give us the opportunity to get a bit back on the original schedule and maybe get ahead like we planned before the season starts.  We know M is working on hers but was still going to try to put it in ahead of schedule if she could.  If y'all could do that as we go along it would help things immensely instead of waiting for the deadlines to get here.  Real life seems to be hitting everyone so if and when we have the chance to jump ahead, we are just trying to do it.


TNOVAN:  Yup she's fine...a little stiff and sore...and hinting for a massage, but fine<G>


MISSY:  Okay - then I can have her still being a little sore, and that'll work?


SUE:  I just asked Denise if this was the episode airing nearest the Winter Holidays (and found that it was), so I'm going to do it this way:  Since this is the episode where Gabrielle convinces Xena that she (Xena) isn't "getting too old for this", I'm going to do the episode to the "tune" of "The Twelve Days of Christmas".


CAROL:  Here are the first 3 episodes up for preview. Lucia's working on episode 3 so her pics aren't included yet.


NARRATOR:   Once the ep goes up for final review, the director (that would be Denise) and the producer (that would be Carol) go over it one more time, just to be sure everything looks right and is ready to go. Since this is about the sixth read-thru, not everything gets caught (i.e. “knickers" instead of "nickers" in AMITH2), but mistakes still get found (i.e. breasting a hill, as opposed to cresting a hill in AFTH…) Carol sits with all her versions opened, and waits patiently in IM for Denise to send her corrections. All told, it takes about two hours for the final look see.

Once that is done, the episode is given the green light. And Carol locks it up and puts it to bed, until its Wednesday night airing time rolls around. Attention then goes to the next episode in the works.

The readers can now see the incredible amount of time and effort that goes into putting out a quality product that we are all very proud to have our names attached to. As much as the staff would love to be able to put out twenty-two episodes a season, real life just doesn’t let us do that. We still have job, families, sickness and emergencies that we have to work around. So we would like to take a minute to say thanks for reading, and for understanding that some things are just beyond our control.





The producer and director thought this would be a piece of cake.
Shows you what TPTB know <g>.