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AUSXIP Xenaverse WGA Strike Support - The Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign: We are organising refreshments of water, gatorade and other goodies to support the WGA strikers and in particular Katherine Fugate & Steven Sears.  Any money left over after the strike will be donated to charity chosen by Katherine and Steven. If the button on the left does not work - please go to and send your donation to

A DAY OF SUPPORT - Fans to March with Xena Writers, Actors & Crew

BATTLE ON, XENA:   We've had Battlestar Galactica Day.  Star Trek Day.  Joss Whedon Day.  And now... it's Xena Day!   In the ongoing Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign, Xena Fans from around the world will join writers, actors, producers and crew members of the popular TV series, Xena: Warrior Princess on

Actors and Writers to Attend:

Renee O'Connor, Claire Stansfield, Rob Trebor, Adrienne Wilkinson, Rob Tapert, RJ Stewart, Katherine Fugate, Liz Friedman, Steven L. Sears

More To Be Announced....


When: January 24th, 2008
Time: 11 a.m. thru 2 p.m.
Where: NBC Studios, Alameda Gate
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523


A note and banners from Steven Sears: "SO WHAT ABOUT RAIN? At the moment, the weather report says that we might have rain on Thursday. What do we do about that? Well, we dress for it and hope for the best. That's about all we can do. The weather report here changes from day to day and, for all I know, it will be sunny and 80 degrees (not likely!). But dress warmly for wet weather. Hopefully it won't be too bad. We can still have fun. Keep dry…"

The following banners will be on display at the Xena March. have been created by Wendy Gamble and Caprice Nuss.


How To Get There?

Parking is available around Johnny Carson Park and neighborhoods (make sure you pay attention to parking restrictions, they WILL ticket!) The picket will be at the main entrance to NBC located on Alameda Ave.

Costumes highly encouraged! Wear your Xena T-shirts, hats, bring your swords and your chakrams, your quills and your parchment...and practice your Xena warcry!

Please pass this around to all Xena lists, forums and web sites. We want to show a HUGE surge of support from the fans.


18 December 2007

WGA Strike Update

Many many thanks to those who have contributed to the Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign for the WGA strikers. The writers greatly appeciat the support from the Xena fans, even writers not at the gates we are delivering goodies to, know about the effort being made.

The Xenaverse Drop-Off Elf delivered another batch of goodies today to the writers. This will be the last drop-off for a bit because of the break during the holidays - the WGA won't be picketting for a bit (from 19 December until 8 January 08). They have enough goodies until the 14th - We will deliver on the 14th again and continue supporting them until the strike is over.

The Xenaverse ROCS!



04 December 2007

WGA Strike Update

The following is from Katherine (and posted on Talking Xena)

hey all and sundry --

yet ANOTHER generous drop came to the disney gate today from the xenaverse. have tell you - it's so humbling and inspiring. the mostly male WGA writers always walk up to me with shock on their faces when i arrive, saying, "they did it AGAIN!" and i smile, realizing, then say, "you don't know the power of the xenaverse."

your gift was especially appreciated today as i'm sure many of you have read, the AMPTP's "groundbreaking" deal was anything but. the lowball offer -($250 flat fee residual after 6 weeks FREE downloading for an 1 hour show and ZERO for feature films) has only served to unite us even more in our fight to receive a fair deal from the major corporations.

if you have any questions about the strike - please visit my website or

and thank you again for understanding and supporting writers! (and also actors, because SAG will be next and we're hoping that with union solidarity and by bargaining first, we can assure them a fair deal equal to ours.)


30 November 2007

WGA Strike Support Update

The WGA is still in negotations and it may or may not finish by Christmas. Let's hope it does. Until the dispute ends, we are organising a refreshment drop of water, gatorade, tea, vitamins and other goodies. We are doing this to support Katherine and Steven but also for all the writers in this dispute. If you would like to donate to this effort, please use the donate button

Any money left over after the strike ends will be donated to charity chosen by Katherine and Steven.

If the button above does not work - please go to paypal and send your donation to

Thank you,
MaryD & The AUSXIP Team