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  • July 2010 Nick Tarabay / Ashur AUSXIP Spartacus Nick Tarabay - Cast site for the incredible Nick Tarabay who stars as Ashur



  • March 2010 - AUSXIP Charity Auction is held to raise money for Starship Foundation / ROC Outreach Fund and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. - Total Raised: $17,610

  • 10 March 2010 - AUSXIP Katrina Law News & Multimedia site is born. Becomes the Official Katrina Law Fan Site.



  • January 2010 - AUSXIP Video is born. AUSXIP's own dedicated video site with video channels to Xena, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Adrienne Wilkinson

  • January 2010 - AUSXIP Lesley-Ann Brandt News and multimedia site is born. Lesley-Ann is Naevia is Spartacus. Also a first for AUSXIP, the site becomes the official fan site for Lesley-Ann


10 January 2009 - AUSXIP Spartacus is born! Dedicated to all things Spartacus related.

February 2009 - In February the message board Talking Xena was officially brought back into the AUSXIP family to become AUSXIP Talking Xena once again after an 7 year break. The mods and former owner EZ Ryder had made it a great meeting place for people to chat about Xena, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and the rest of the Xena family. It was with that in mind that I agreed to bring TX back into the fold and have it become AUSXIP's official message board. With Spartacus about to be shown in the US, there is now a Spartacus forum as well.

March 2009 - Our third AUSXIP Charity Auction is held to raise money for the Starship Foundation and the Renee O'Connor Outreach Fund! We raise $18,165.24 which is just amazing.

May 2009 - AUSXIP gets hacked...and goes down for a few days...

May 2009 - AUSXIP Hosts Team Amazon / AIDS LifeCycle Auction to raise money for AIDS research. Cat and Nora cycle from SF to LA - approx $8,000 USD

August 2009 - AUSXIP Erin Cummings news and multimedia site is born - dedicated to Spartacus actress Erin Cummings

November 2009 saw Adrienne Wilkinson's Official charity auction and some new auction software which got it's first run on the site. That was very well supported and thank you to everyone once again!

November 2009 Some more sites were added to the AUSXIP Network including my new Blog-

MaryD's Blog This That & Other Stuff
AUSXIP The Daily Cheer
AUSXIP Spartacus Blood and Sand
AUSXIP Crystal Chappell Website
AUSXIP Jessica Leccia Website
AUSXIP Andy Whitfield
AUSXIP Erin Cummings

December - The main AUSXIP Banner was redesigned to reflect the multi site nature of AUSXIP

December - My first baby - The Australian Xena Information Page got a major redesign and new banner

December - AUSXIP Interviews expands to include interviews with actors from other movies and tv shows

Lesley-Ann Brandt (Naeva) from Spartacus Blood and Sand
Erin Cummings (Sura) from Spartacus Blood and Sand
Julia Voth (Trixie) from Bitch Slap
America Olivo (Camero) from Bitch Slap

and of course the continuing interview series with Adrienne!

▪ Adrienne Wilkinson Video Interview 14 March 2009



January 2008: AUSXIP supports the WGA Xena Day Strike! It rained, it hailed and the sun shone but we were out in force! The strike ended several weeks later - Xena fans helped end the strike! Click here for pictures and video!

March 2008 - In honour of Lucy's 40th Birthday, we hold our second HUGE Charity Auction to raise money for Starship, The Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, Renee O'Connor Outreach Fund and WGA fund. We raise $16,000!

March 2008 - AUSXIP gets a new design and logo!

March 18, 2008 - AUSXIP supports Marissa Jaret Winokur on Dancing With The Stars! Marissa goes on to the semi finals but then misses out but the fans supported her!

April 2008 -
AUSXIP gets another great interview with Renee at the Burn Relay!

April 2008 - AUSXIP is honoured with a Lucy Lawless interview!. First time a Xena fan web site has been given an interview with Lucy. Thanks Lucy!

April 2008 - AUSXIP incorporates part of the NutBread Brigade Website Xenite Tribute Page - The Xenite Memorial to remember and honour the fans we have lost.

April 8, 2008 - New AUSXIP subsite dedicated to Adrienne Wilkinson!

December 2008 - AUSXIP hosts the Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club Charity Auction


January 2007 - KT Jorgensen joins the AUSXIP sidekick team!

April 2007 - New site under AUSXIP Network - Steven Sears Online! Dedicated to one of my favourite writers

April 2007 - AUSXIP Interviews is resurrected with one hell of a great interview - Renee agrees to be interviewed by AUSXIP sidekick Christa for a video interview. First time a xena fan site has got a Renee interview!

May 2007 - New site under AUSXIP Network - Rob Tapert Online. Dedicated to Rob Tapert!

May 2007 - New site under AUSXIP Network and not Xena related - ARMY WIVES. Show created and produced by Xena writer Katherine Fugate

September 6, 2007 - New Subsite dedicated to a non Xena actor - Simone Lahbib! Launch of the AUSXIP Simone Lahbib News and Multimedia Fan Site

September 14, 2007 - The official Lucy Lawless Fan Club fans launches Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Day and AUSXIP joins in. Click here for details

October 2007 - AUSXIP and Talking Xena - after a hiatus of a few years, Talking Xena Message Board once again becomes the Official AUSXIP Forum and is now known as Talking Xena - Official Message Board for AUSXIP.

November 2007: AUSXIP mobilises to support the WGA Strikers and in particular our Xena writers. Launch of the Xena Refreshes Campaign which raises money ($2005) to buy water, drinks, sun block and other refreshements for the striking writers

December 2007 - AUSXIP reaches it's 11th Birthday!



December 2006 - AUSXIP reaches it's 10th Birthday! A huge milestone!

December 2006 - AUSXIP Charity Auctions is born to raise money for the Starship Children's Health and The Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. First auction raises $8,150!


January 2005 -
My first meeting with Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and Rob Tapert backstage at the 2005 Xena Convention (way cool that and nearly blows my mind)

August 2005 -
Hurricane Katrina hits and AUSXIP launches Xenite Watch for fans to locate fans in New Orleans and to raise money for Katrina Relief

September 2005 - We launch the A Friend In Need Books, Cards & Toys Campaign Helping Hurricane Katrina Survivors One Step At A Time to raise money and toys for the children. Click here for details

December 2005 - AUSXIP reaches it's 9th Birthday!


July 2004 - Forevaxena is incorporated into AUSXIP - forevaxena is run by Cindy.

September 2004 - Judi's Creations merges with AUSXIP - Judi's Creations was run by Carol Stephens.

December 2004 - AUSXIP reached it's 8th birthday. Amazing. I never thought it was going to happen or I would keep my interest in a tv show for that long but Xena has touched me like no other show. It's gone beyond being a tv show and more about the community built around it.



April 2003 - "Xena: Warrior Princess and Lucy Lawless Print Media Articles and Images from New Zealand" was merged into AUSXIP. That site was run by Liz/Sojourner.

April 2003 - Split AUSXIP into three sites. AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files and AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Files domains were set up.

December 2003 - AUSXIP grows up and get it's own dedicated server.

December 2003 - AUSXIP Turns 7!


January 2002 - The last issue of the Official Xena Magazine listed AUSXIP in the Fan Run web sites under Xena Magazine Guide to Life Xena Links

August 2002 - I was interviewed by The Age newspaper for the series finale in Australia. The article appeared in the paper - The Age - 1 August 2002 - Xena gets chop in `unfitting' finale

December 2002 - AUSXIP turns 6!

December 2002 - The Australian NetGuide Magazine is having a poll on favourite Australian web sites and Ausxip is listed :) It was nominated and is in the finalist stage. So if you feel so inclined - go and have a vote or two...or three The link to vote for the site is on the top right hand side under ausxip.com/index2.html http://www.netguide.com.au/polls/readers_sites/ 


12 January 2001 - AUSXIP Talking Xena message board is born to find a safe place to chat about Xena after the Official Net Forum closes

January 2001 - Mesh becomes chief AUSXIP sidekick!

May 2001 - Xena bids farewell but AUSXIP remains to chronicle the careers of Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor and to keep the Xena dream alive.

August 2001 - Meeting the wonderful Mr Steven Sears at Dragoncon and becoming mates with one of my favourite writers! THAT blew my mind.

September 11, 2001 - AUSXIP (with Redhead in charge while I'm on my US trip) carries news and information from the tragedy.

December 2001 - AUSXIP turns 5!


April 1999

April 1999 - Fan mobilise to get the Season 4 episode The Way back on TV after it was pulled because of concerns from Hindus. AUSXIP joins in the battle. Click here for more on this battle and how the fans won

20 July 1999 The site changed to it's domain name of AUSXIP.COM and moves from Simplenet.

Simplenet/Yahoo got a little tight with their size restrictions so ausxip had to move again. This time it took up residence on hostingshop servers with a huge 10 gb hard drive (no one remind me about the 5 mb okay?).

AUSXIP has undergone many changes; design and content over the last 12 years. It's constantly evolving.

November 1999 - NET magazine (UK) had a write up about the site - click here to read

December 1999 - AUSXIP turns 4


April 1998 First contact with anyone associated with Xena: Message from Steven L Sears(Co Executive Producer) & Chris Manheim (Executive Story Editor) of Xena: Warrior Princess about my montages including pic of Chris with montages!

April 1998 Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper (Adelaide, Australia) - 28 April 1998 mentions AUSXIP

December 1998 - AUSXIP celebrates it's 2nd birthday!


Dec/January 1997 - The Bard's Corner is born and I start to add my favourite bards and their stories

The Weekend Australian - Fan Clubs and The Web mentions AUSXIP!

April 1997 - moved ausxip to xenite.simplenet.com

April 1997 - AUSXIP Renee O'Connor News & Multimedia was born - renee.ausxip.com and then www.reneeoconnorinfo

July / August 1997

Cinescape Magazine July/August 1997

X-Siting - First she assaulted her enemies. Then she invaded our living rooms. Now Xena: Warrior Princess has taken up residence on the Internet. Just plug the name of Xena into a web search and a flood of web-sites will scroll before you - proof that Lucy Lawless is quickly becoming a cultural icon. Since there seem to be hundreds of Xena-Oriented websites to choose from, we've decided to make your search a little easier by compiling a list of some of the more resourceful Xena Sites. http://www.xenite.simplenet.com (AUSXIP before getting a doman)
This excellent Xena: Warrior Princess information page is packed with easy-to-read episode, character and actor guides. The site also boasts sound files, episode clips, a graphics gallery and fan fiction, in addition to a cool section where transcripts to Xena articles from newspapers, talk shows and mags have been compiled.


15 December 1996:

In the time of ancient warlords, kings and defective VCR programming...a site was born..well sorta <g>

Our tale, dear reader, goes back in the dim 1990's...actually 1996, on a hot and humid Saturday Sydney night in the dying days of 1996. December 14, 1996 to be exact. I sat down to make sure that I would tape a show for a friend who missed the first episode of a show called "Xena: Warrior Princess". Frankly I wasn't going to give her a tape with Australia's Funniest Home Videos  on it since she really had her heart set on this show.

My intention was to sit for a minute, make sure the VCR was taping what it was supposed to be taping and move on to more important things...alas fate had other ideas and thus I began this insane journey of creating a site dedicated to Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. The site was called The Australian Xena Information Page at http://www.zip.com.au/~kira

That site were born December 15, 1996 when everything I did to get the idea out of my head failed and so in the true and trusted method of giving in to my ideas, I created the site.

Originally the site were located under one address on the 5 mb space allocated to me by my ISP. I did a Bill Gates and said the immortal words...I don't think I'll need more than 5 mb. You can stop laughing now :)