ZonCon Review: Hudson Leick
by: Kittybird-Trell

I attended the ZonCon in Baltimore, MD yesterday at which Hudson announced she will begin filming a movie with Cuba Gooding, Jr. on Tuesday. The title of the movie is "Chill Factor" and she is the only female in the film. When the writer discovered Hudson would be making the film, he rewrote her part; as a result, many lines are similar to Callisto. She is playing a villain.

Hudson appeared on stage wearing a red and gold Indian sari with a long veil. Her feet were bare and her arms were covered with Indian bracelets. "I bought this in Little India in LA." She removed her veil and revealed short, blonde hair and a slim, well-toned body. Her stomach and belly button were beautifully evident. When several of her friends and family came up on stage to speak and answer questions with Hudson, she draped the sari's veil over their shoulders.

About the Independent film, "Blood Type"--Husdson said she played a hard core hooker but that the film is actually very spiritual.

Question--Do you have any personal hobbies? Hudson, "I sometimes remember to water my plants. Actuallly, I enjoy yoga."

Question about returning to Xena-Hudson-"I've been asked to come back to Xena and turned it down. Don't you think Callisto's death will be remembered?"

Hudson--"I am doing this con and will be doing one, last con in San Francisco on October 18th."

Hudson commented about how film and tv people are separate. And how it is sometimes difficult for the two mediums to mix. Hudson-"It's not like Pacino watches Xena and says, 'I want her as Ophelia'."

Hudson did have a tv offer for "Mortal Combat." They wanted her to play a "snake woman who shot fire."

The actors whom Hudson admires and would love to work with are: "Robert Duvall, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Susan Sarandon, Jon Voight, Robert Di Niro."

Although having her own tv show would be solid work, she likes the idea of doing movies. "I don't want to pigeonhole myself to any one type of role. I don't want to play bad guys all the time nor do I want to play sugary type roles--ever. I don't have to play glamourous parts at all."

Question--about playing Liz Friedman on the Hercules eps. Hudson--"Both her parents are shrinks so you know she's messed up. (Big smile and laugh here) She's very smart and withdrawn."

Question-What's it like to know Lucy Lawless? Hudson-"All tingly inside."

Comment from the audience--My daughter likes Callisto and Gabrielle on Xena. Hudson-"What an unusual combination." My daughter got upset when Callisto killed Gabrielle's husband. Hudson--"We had to do it." After she said this, the lesbians in the audience stood and cheered.

Question from an eight year old girl-Will you do the Callisto scream? Hudson-"Come up here, sweetcakes." Hudson realized the girl was her cousin, Caitlyn, whom she hadn't seen in awhile and proceeded to have her do the scream; followed by her doing the scream. Question-Do you find it therapeutic? Hudson-"Wanna try it? You do it from the gut." She then got the entire audience to do the Callisto scream. Hudson said they needed a warrior cry, "Lucy showed me hers and said, ' Alright, give it a go' so she did.

Question--What's it like in New Zealand? Hudson-"Rainy, green, beautiful, stunning, repressed--very English. They don't let alot of emotions out and it has the highest rate of suicide among young men."

Hudson talked at some length about acting and her perspective; she said she loved "the immediate intimacy with other actors." Hudson also commented on the difficulty of being female in the acting business-"Being a woman, finding your own strength and having your sensuality at the same time."

Hudson was genuine and warm. Later, signing autographs, she gave away the Indian bracelets she had worn during her appearance on stage. Meeting her at the autograph table and receiving one of those bracelets, I looked into her eyes and said, "Namaste"--the Indian Hindi greeting used when saluting another human being. She looked at me and repeated the greeting. As I left, I recalled what her friend, Jennifer, said to us on stage about Hudson, "She is one of the most loving people I've ever met, full of heart." Yes, Hudson, you are and whatever acting roles you have in the future, know that we appreciate your kindness as a fellow traveler on life's path. You certainly have graced your fans with much happiness. "Namaste"


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