Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 13-15, 2006
Burbank Airport
Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Michael Hurst
Hudson Leick
Tsianina Joelson
Victoria Pratt
Adrienne Wilkinson Jennifer Ward-Lealand
T.J. Scott
David Franklin
Tim Thomerson
Steven L. Sears
Katherine Fugate



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Convention Report by Taipo
Lucy Lawless

Well, the con is over.  I dropped off BanCu and GinRiver at the hotel after a quick meal at the glamorous Burbank IHop, and I saw the last of the workers getting ready to leave.  Through the windows, the walls were stripped bare of banners, no tables were on
the floor, and the place was deserted.  I just cut my wrist band off-it's really over.

But not for you!  Because tonight you'll hear about some of Lucy's performance, and in the coming days I'll do my best to fill in the rest of the 2nd and 3rd days of the con.  I'll finish Lucy's performance tomorrow! I'm just too tired to do more, and I have to
work tomorrow.  My boss is great, but I have to be there.  No  sleeping in.  Anyway, here goes with part one.  Again, forgive me if I forget things or get them mixed up, and if you were there, please correct my mistakes!

Okay.  First, gotta say that Lucy's performance was prefaced with a great fan music video by Jody Rixford.  (I hope that's spelled right!)  It was called "The Better Sweet," and was done to the song "Summer Nights" from "Grease."  It was hilarious!  And very,
very well done.  I wish you could all see it. 

Lucy took the stage around 3pm, wearing spike-heeled red or maroon knee-high boots, and a dress with multi-colored dots on a black background, and a brownish belt.  She looked quite nice, of course! 

Her hair was still blonde, too, for those who are wondering.  Probably Sharon "Speedy Gonzales" Delaney has put up pics already!  First she signed the big stage banners, joking that she wasn't as tall as she used to be.  Then she got things started.  She asked where people were from, and commented that the video we'd just seen was hysterical- she'd seen it on the monitor in back.  She also mentioned that her Mom and Dad were there, and her daughter was also running around somewhere out there. 

She said she was probably going to go do some episodes on Battlestar Galactica- that she had actually given them some general ideas about themes to explore in the show, and they basically went with some of those ideas, then turned around and asked her "Do you want to play God?"  There is a character who sets herself up as God, and Lucy
would likely play her.  Her theory is that there's nowhere to go after playing Xena but to playing God!  But none of this is a done deal, she cautions, because they're still working out the logistics, as she'd be spending a long time in Canada, filming, and she'd have
to take her kids, and there are other considerations along those lines. 

Sharon brought up "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," and Lucy thanked everyone for their support.  She says that because Xenites are so supportive, and so generous whenever she or Renee express a concern about something, that she tries to be responsible about what she allies herself to.  She mentioned how grateful she was for the support for Kevin Smith's family and for Starship.  These things make her protective of the fans; for instance, if someone tries to make fun of the fans, she's not going to help them or let them do it!

She talked about having a great time doing GPB, and about how she loved playing the wacky character, and how she was always late for her cues, because she's used to TV, where you do your thing and then wait for 2 hours.  She'd go on stage, do her scene, and then go in the back "yukking it up" with the folks backstage, and end up having
to run out for her next entrance.  She also admitted that she really  hadn't "tightened up" her stage craft.  She called her character another "tart with a heart," noting that for some reason she seems to get cast as those!

When asked about doing more singing, she said yes, why not?  You do it because you're alive, and you need to do more of these things in life.  Asked about putting out a CD, she mentioned having sung "Come to Me" at the L.A. Pride event, and said she had some great re-mixers working with her on that one.  She also talked about Darrel Redleaf's photos of her, that made her look like a Disco Queen. 

She and Sharon had a bit of a comic wrangle, as Sharon tried to get Lucy to admit that she only owns the two shirts- one having the Space Needle and the other a star (missed that, but you all probably know) and Lucy said she had 4 (presumably 2 of each??)  Anyway, it went:  "I have 4."  "Two."  "Four."  "I think it's two." Honestly, I think it ended in a draw. 

Asked about the 10th planet, she said "Bring it on!"  She wants to go to the Smithsonian for the costume thing, but is waiting for the sword and chakram to come from New Zealand.  She'd had to have them re-made, as she'd either given away the originals, "or they were stolen or something."  She had a drama with the customs people when she'd had the costume shipped.  She figures the customs people were
just bored and they all wanted to talk to her, so they came up with a different problem all the time.  She finally had to get "not very nice" and the costume showed up a couple days later.  She's having someone bring the sword and chakram to her this time. 

Okay, gang.  Sorry, but that's all I can do now.  I have 4.5 pages of notes.  Lucy was onstage for approximately an hour and 10 minutes.  I will say that she looked great, and sounded really happy to be there with us.  It was a good time, and I wish you all could
have been there.  Whenever Creation puts out the video, get it!  For one thing, they ended with Lucy singing a song of her own, accompanied by our own Sharon Delaney on the guitar!  It was a wonderful performance, and Sharon, you looked like, well, not a rock star, 'cause it wasn't that type of song, but for sure you could have been at Woodstock with Bob Dylan and Joan Baez!!  Great job!

Oh, yeah, one last thing.  Tomorrow, you'll learn why Lucy has now given BanCu the new name of "Pottymouth!"  Stay tuned!


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