Violent Content Warning: This story does contain scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This is the third installment of my ‘Arresting’ Series. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.

Arresting Behavior-Rookie Year

Part 3

"Love Cop Style"

By: Teagen2


If I had been able to scream, I would have. Zena? As the total shock wore off, I started to realize Zena was not a full participate in this liplock. She was trying to worm her way off of the wall, but Tori’s 5’ 9’’ frame pinned her. That was the last of my discipline training out the window, the only thing that kept me from pulling out my nine and blowing this bitch’s face off!

I took angered strides to close the short distance between me and the two women. I spun Tori by the shoulder and struck her full force with my fist, causing her to sway almost to the point of falling. She grabbed her cheek. I drew back and delivered another bone rocking punch. Everything I had was behind it. She dropped like a stone. I turned, eyes blazing, to a wide-eyed Zena. She watched and her eyes pleaded with me, but her throat never said a word. I clinched and unclenched my fists repeatedly. Tori pulled herself to her feet When her eyes dropped to look at the movement of my hands, my foot extended and rammed her right where it would her the most, her groin. "Ahhhh." She dropped once again. Now she was bleeding from the mouth. As I turned to walk away, Tori grabbed my ankle and twisted.

"Shit." I cursed to myself as I found myself down also. As we wrestled, she grabbed for my mace spray and got it loose.

"Get off her Tori!!!!" Ze screamed as her apparent frozen condition dissolved. Zena pulled on Tori’s jacket as I continued to be pinned underneath her. A sharp hiss and I was screaming!!!

"Ahhhhhhh. ZENA!!!" She sprayed it directly into my eyes. I struggled to get away and suddenly I was free. I could just make out noises of a verbal fight. I righted myself and staggered away to nearest bathroom, leaving Ze to deal with her ‘friend’.



The cold water never felt so good as I flushed my eyes. "Gabby!" Zena ran up behind me.

"Don’t touch me." I sobbed.

"Baby, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?" I felt her larger hand caress my back.

"I got sprayed with MACE, Zena." I feverishly rinsed and rerinsed my eyes. She placed a towel in my hand. I dabbed lightly at my eyes. My vision was still a bit blearily, but at least I could see. The natural tears from my eyes continued to sting.

"You did punch her."

"WHAT!!!! Your defending that SLUT?"

"She kissed ME, Gabby, I could’ve handled the situation without hurting her."

"Yeah." I said quietly. "You were handling it really well, while she handled you." I pushed my way past her. Time to call it a night.

"Gabby." Tori called from behind me. "I’m sorry. Really. I just got caught up in the moment. I continued to walk and then turned around when I got back outside.

"Which moment? When you sprayed me with mace or.." I nodded to Ze. "when you had your tongue down my girlfriend’s throat?" I didn’t wait for an answer.


I heard her come in and she walked past the door twice before she came into the workout room. She stood in front of me just as I was about to whollop the punching bag some more. A layer of sweat told her how long I had been in here before got home. "Dangerous place to stand." I breathed.

"Rather stand here than in Tori’s arms." she said quietly.

"You sure about that?" I tenderly used my gloved hand to step her to the side before I belted the poor bag again.

"No second thought required, Baby. I love you so much that I rather stand here and let you the beat the shit of me, like I deserve, than kiss her." I stopped my workout on the bag and placed my hands on my hips, looking at her. The only reason I stopped was because for the first time in a long time, her waterworks broke full force. I counted five tears down her face. "She kissed ME, Gabby." she cried. "I’m so sorry I let myself get in that position the first place, but you have to believe me. I tried to get away from her but..."

"I know." I cut her off.


"I said....I know. Randy passed you guys in the hall. He...told me on our way back to the station." Zena smiled, hoping she was off the hook. "But what pisses me off Ze, is you defending her."

"I’m sorry." she repeated once again. "Its just that....she...I don’t know what I’m trying to say." she sighed.

"You guys....click...in a platonic way?" I had been thinking as well as punching, something I really didn’t do before the academy.

"Yeah kind of." She sounded terrified to admit that.

"Seems to me she wants more Ze."

"Yes. She does. I made it clear I was seeing someone from the beginning, but she just doesn’t get it." Zena took a seat on her free weight bench. "I haven’t known a real person who understood me before you and now...."

"Zena, part of this my fault. I’m jealous, with a passion." I chuckled. "I love you and for that I should give her at least a chance but...I’m telling you right now I HATE her." I smiled despite the harshness of my words.

"I gathered that. She’s not my type."

"And what type would that be?"

"Uhhhh. Short, beautiful, intelligent. A woman who knows herself and loves me despite my undying passion for my work."

"I know someone like that." I smiled.

"Really? Maybe you should let me kiss her then."

"Okay." I stood up and straddled her lap, bringing her lips to mine.

"Did I ever tell you, you look great in spandex." she smiled up at me. I broke from my

second kiss and smirked.

"What do ya mean short?" I smiled. She wrapped her arms tightly around me and hugged me closely.

"We’re okay?"

"Yeah.....We’re okay.....Man, I need a shower." I said wrinkling my nose. She stood up and picked me up under my knees and carried me to the bathroom.



I felt like I needed to apologize to her for what I allowed Tori to do. "Ze, what’s Tori’s appeal to you?" she asked as I rubbed her back as she sat in a warm bath.

"When I say something to her, she’s been there. Its not some abstract concept to her."

"I can understand that."

"Gabby," I stopped my administrations and she turned her head to face me. "What we have can NEVER be compared to a friendship like that. You understand me on a completely different level. I don’t NEED someone who has been there to make me feel better. You make all my worries go away with your smile....your touch." I moved my hand on her stomach in slow circles. "your words. I love you more than you will ever realize. Never doubt that."

"I don’t, Ze. Just keep your eye on her." she smiled. "I love you, too."


"Zena, show me how much. Please....make love to me." Gabby quoted from our first time together. Seems like a lifetime ago instead of eight months. With Big J, Allison, the shootings, I feel Gabby and I can go through anything. ‘Even in death Gabrielle, I will never leave you.’

"Where did that come from?" I asked to myself.

"Well, if you don’t want...."

"No, no." I chuckled and wrapped my arms tighter around her from behind. "I meant something I heard in my head. I think our ‘twins’ are at it again."

"You heard something, too?"

"What did you hear?" I asked intrigued.

"Even in death Gabrielle, I will never leave you." My mouth just hung open.

"I heard it, too." I said quietly.

"Is it true....for us I mean?"

"You know it is." I gave her a tender kiss on the lips to prove it. "Now get out of that tub and let me make love to you." I said seductively. She was out in record time.

Her already nude body was quite a distraction. Gabby pulled my shirt tail up and over my head, followed by the one barrier left to my breasts. She dipped her head to my bicep and sensually licked my tattoo, something I found rather stimulating. "Did it hurt?"

"Huh?" My train of thought was definitely on a different track than hers.

"Your tattoo. Did it hurt?"

"A little bit, not much. Depends on where you get it." I breathed as her mouth latched onto my neck. "Since when are we talking about my tattoo?" I smiled, pulling her with to the floor. My sweats were the next to go, leaving my silk panties.

"No boxers?" Gabby smiled.

"Nope. Not today. Are you complaining?"

"Yes. I love the way you look in them, especially the silk ones." She hooked her thumbs into my waistband and pulled.


I wanted Gabby to feel loved. Even now that we have been together for awhile, I still have that nightmare of her screaming. "I can’t take it anymore!!!" My mom’s favorite line against my dad. In a strange way, I’m glad Gabby is a cop. It almost guarantees that scenario will never happen. "Ohhhhhh Zena." She was writhing underneath me. Suddenly my mind registered that this was almost exactly the very first time we were together, except Gabby isn’t trembling, at least not out of fear. "Harder." I knew exactly how and what she wanted and I gave it to her.




"Ummmmm?" she mumbled. I moved up and lowered myself directly on top of her, propping my chin up with my clasped hands so I could look into her eyes.

"I was thinking about the first time we made love. Thinking now, I realize how wonderful you were with me. You never rushed me and you made me feel so good." I smiled at the memory. "I remember the one time you came, moaning my name." She smiled. Obviously we are thinking along the same lines. "You were so gentle." I was losing myself in the moment. I knew I had that far away look in my eye because Ze smiled that ‘I know what your thinking’ smile. "Most people thought, ‘Tough girl, rough love’ but not you."

"Well I did one thing they didn’t."

"What’s that?"

"Look into your heart." She was right.

"No one cared how I felt or if I felt anything at all. I guess that’s where I got my bad attitude from."

"I care."

"I know you do.....I love you." I know I don’t have to worry about Ze’s loyalty to me.


"Zena." I shook her shoulder as I knelt down next to bed. I took in the tasseled hair, the bare chest, the slight smile on her features. Her blue eyes opened lazily.


"Yeah, I’ve got a shift tonight. You want anything for breakfast? When I get off, I can get ya something."

"Nah, I’m okay."

"Okay. Love you."

"Love you, too." she yawned and rolled over.



"So how’s Zena taking ‘estrogen’ girl?" Randy quipped with a smile. I chuckled.

"She’s not as clueless as I thought. I still don’t trust that hoe." Randy and I were back on patrol together so fast, I almost didn’t miss him. He opted to let me drive because of still healing hand, leaving him to do the foot pursuits.

"Gabby, the way she had her lips glued to Zena’s face, she knew exactly what she was doin’."

"Oh I don’t doubt that, but Tori is her friend so I’ll keep my distance."

"Mmmm." Randy replied nonchalantly. "You see what I see?" He pointed towards a teenager bending next to a motorcycle.


"Get up behind him." I parked the cruiser inches from the rear tire of the bike. "Hit the brights." With a quick flip, the bright lights shined. The teen immediately put his arm up to shield his eyes. "Hey son. Turn the bike off." I sat and waited as Randy confronted the boy. Before either of us could react. He jumped onto the bike and took off. Randy bolted back to the car. "Go,go, go." He hit the siren and off we flew. My first high speed pursuit.

I concentrated as best I could at the motorcycle, already way ahead of me, as Randy worked the radio. "Dispatch. We have a refusal to stop. Red motorcycle heading Southbound on Lawson. Additional units requested."

"Roger, 34."

"Damn." I cursed to myself as the bike crossed over a lawn and I couldn’t follow. I accelerated to the next street and headed behind the house of the yard he entered. Sure enough he came barreling right in front of the cruiser. He was startled he slammed on his hand brake causing the bike to skid right for us. The teen was thrown and rolled, but not losing a beat he got up and ran for the bushes. The bike barely missed my front left tire. Randy was out and running as soon as I stopped. I grabbed the mic. "Foot pursuit Patterson and Baker." I exited the car and waited as well as listened. Not a sound was heard except for the units’ sirens from the other side of the block. Reaching into the cruiser, I grabbed my black Mag Lite. I turned it on and shined the beam on the bushes that my partner and the suspect just entered.

"Gabby." I heard from behind me. "Where’s Madison?" I gestured with the flashlight. I knew I couldn’t enter those thick bushes with an injured hand, so I had to be content with waiting from the outside. Soon Randy emerged with the teen in custody.

"Dispatch. We have male suspect in custody."

"Roger 34."



"Nice driving, Kid."

"You did the nabbing though." I smiled as I pulled away from the curb.

"How did you know he would come out towards the back at that spot?"

"Lucky guess." I smiled.

"Well, keep guessing." Randy laughed.

"Unit 34. Respond top domestic. 522 Ocean View. Suspect is white female armed with a knife. Has refused to leave the residence."

"Oh what fun." I sighed and hit the lights.


The neighborhood, as we suspected, had gathered around the perimeter of the house we were looking for. Randy always liked me to take the lead now when it was a female involved case, which I kinda like doing. In this case, I would gladly yield to Randy on this one. Intense yelling was coming from just inside the home. Randy nodded and knocked loudly. "Police Department." I said sternly. The door was immediately answered by an angry man. As usual he began to ramble.


"I told her to leave and she won’t go!! This is my house damn it!!"

"Is she only one in the house?" Randy asked.

"My baby girl’s in there with her. You gotta stop her before she tries to kill her!"

"How old is your daughter, Sir?"

"Five months."

"What’s your wife’s name?"



I drew my gun and cautiously entered, leaving my gun at arm’s length. The house was completely ransacked. I had to step over personal items, while I moved through the living room. I could make out the loud crying of an infant from the back. I secured the front first before entering the first bedroom, nothing. I entered the hallway bathroom. The shower curtain was suspiciously closed. Using my gun hand, I pulled the curtain back. I literally jumped out of my skin as a small woman grabbed my arm and tried to pry the nine from my hand. A shot went wild from my gun with a loud pop.

"Shots fired! Shots fired!" Randy yelled into his radio. "NO!!" the woman yelled into my ear as we fell painfully to the tiled floor. I tightened my hand into a vise-like grip. I knew I couldn’t let her get my gun.

"GABBY!" Randy was rapidly approaching us. I blocked the only punch she threw at my face. I used all my strength to roll the two of us over. I pinned her with my body weight. I wrapped the arm that wasn’t grabbing me behind her painfully. Randy and two others rushed in and helped me ride out the resistance she was putting up. The three of them were able to jerk the irate woman to her feet as she screamed obscenities at me. "You okay?" he asked as we exited past the paramedics and police in the living room.

"Yeah. Scared the shit of me when she jumped out." I smiled. Randy chuckled. This is one busy night.




I awoke to the sound of Ares barking. Great. I just got home two hours ago at two. I lifted my head from Ze’s shoulder. She was out cold. Again he barked. "Ze." I shook her. "Ze."

"Huh?" she said sleepily without opening her eyes.

"Ares is going crazy in the living room." I said groggily. "Go check it out." She groaned.

"Don’t want to." she whined, pulling me closer. I had to smile.

"Zena, get your ass up and see what he’s barking at."

"Why do I have to?"

"Because I just got off and you have been here all night." I playfully shoved at her until she sat up. "Come on. Could be a thief or something."

"Oh yeah. Their probably after my state quarter collection." she chuckled. This was getting nowhere. "Besides I’m naked. Your not."

"And that’s my fault how...." Suddenly we both heard the unmistakable creak of the front door. Zena grabbed the nearest pair of boxers on the floor. I had left my gun on her nightstand when I got into bed. She upholstered it. She turned, motioning for me to stay here. I tossed Ze her gray tanktop. She slipped it on and disappeared out into the living room.


My heart was pounding loudly in my chest as I moved out into the living room. Maybe Gabby was right. It may be a would be robber. Not very smart to break into house owned by two cops, but then no one said criminals were smart. I have a cruiser parked in the driveway for gods’ sake. Ares appeared next to me, no longer barking. I moved to the lamp next to the couch. I raised Gabby’s nine millimeter sideways in my hand, gangster style and pointed it at the shadow that was creeping into view. I switched on the lamp and simultaneously yelled. "FREEZE!"

"Ahhhhhh!" came from my target.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked Jenny as I lowered Gabby’s gun.

"Jesus, Zena you scared the shit outta me."

"Scared you?" I asked sarcastically. "Who’s house is this?"

"I’m sorry. I should have knocked, but I knew where the key was...." she said holding up the key.

"Why are you sneaking in anyway?"

"Well I got scared. I watched Child’s Play 3 tonight and.." Oh brother. "Cameron’s gone to Chicago for that sales seminar and..."

"Okay, okay." I smiled. "There’s two quilts and a pillow in the chest." I motioned. "You can have the couch."


"No problem." I had to break into a smile about this. "Just....don’t sneak in again. Call first. I nearly shot your ass."

"Sorry. I will next time. Should’ve known better with cops."

"Good night, Jenny."

"Night, Zena."



"What was it?" Gabby asked as I reholstered her gun. "I heard talking." I removed my tanktop and crawled back into bed.

"It was Jenny. She got scared by herself next door without Cameron so she wanted to stay here tonight."

"Oh." Gabby returned her head to my shoulder. "Are they still getting married in two weeks?"

"Don’t know. Didn’t ask." I yawned. From the tone of Gabby’s question, is wasn’t just innocent curiosity. "Why?"

"Just askin’."

"No you weren’t." Boy, I’m probably gonna get an earful or a...

"You’re right." she sighed. "Can’t hide anything from you anymore."

"I am?" I said, trying to lighten the tension that was slowly building. I don’t know if I

want in on this conversation.


"Ever think about getting married?"

"Nope." I said without hesitation.

"Not the marrying type huh?" There was no hint of a smile with that statement.

"I’m tired, Gabby. We’ll talk about this later." I closed my eyes and prayed she’d take the hint.

"Zena, why are you avoiding this subject. I’m not asking for you to marry me."

"Good." Oh shit! I didn’t mean to say that out loud.

"What?" Gabby sat up so fast, I thought I’d get whiplash.

"That’s not what I meant, Sweetie." I better play it smart or that couch is gonna have two occupants.

"What the hell did you mean?" I took a deep breath.

"Gabby," I switched on the light nearest me and turned to her. Oh yeah. She was mad. "I love you more than anything in this world, but....I just don’t believe I need a preacher and a piece of paper to tell me that."

"So what your saying is." Her voice had lowered to a soft tone. "we’ll never be married."


"Okay. Now I don’t get what your trying to say Ze."

"Well, Cameron and Jenny are having the vows and such but you know its not legally binding because their women."

"So. That doesn’t mean that its means any less than a licensed one."

"Gabby, if that’s what you want to do...."

"I never said I wanted to get married, Ze."

"Not in so many words. Come on...admit it."

"Fine. I admit that I love the idea of wearing your ring and calling you my wife, but I’m not gonna rush you into something you don’t want."

"I didn’t say I didn’t....." She sighed heavily and rubbed her temples.

"Look Ze. Just drop it okay? Your getting me all wound up and I’m not gonna be able to sleep."

"Fine....You sleep." I grabbed my SWAT sweatshirt from the bedpost next to my head and exited the bedroom.


I wasn’t really upset with Gabby. I’m upset with myself. That conversation made no sense. At least my share of the answers. Its true I don’t know what my views are on this. I know Gabby had thought about it since Cameron gave Jenny that engagement ring. I moved past a slumbering Jenny and walked into the kitchen. Ares was right behind me. I leaned on the kitchen counter. "I hope that wasn’t about me." Jenny said as she entered kitchen.

"No." I said quietly.

"Wanna talk about it?" She opened the fridge and helped herself to a soda, handing me one for myself. I popped open the can and took a healthy chug.

"Are you scared about getting married?"

"Nah. I love her. That’s the main thing."

"Its not legal."

"Sure it is...I know its not recognized, but a marriage is about commitment, not about laws."

"You can be committed without being married." I said defensively.

"Of course you can, but you miss those little things."

"Such as?"

" ‘Hey Captain can’t go tonight. Gotta pick up my wife’, Or you being able to pick up all those married jokes you always here. Or just putting your hands together and staring at the rings knowing this is your life partner and no one can say she isn’t yours. You know little stuff like that."

"Marriage isn’t always permanent." I said, taking great interest in the soda can I was holding.

"What is Zena? A girlfriend relationship isn’t permanent either. Zena....I have a feeling that Gabby will always be here no matter what. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised she and you chose each other. You were on opposite sides of the tracks so to speak. I always thought Gabby would give in and be a Hell Cat when we were in high school. She constantly got trouble: fighting, skipping classes. It took me awhile to see she was rebelling against her aunt, not society. Even then, there was this...spark of self respect in her that no one could see because she had to hide herself from her family."

"And she thinks I’m asking her to do that now?"

"I didn’t say that." I stood from my leaning and deposited the soda on the counter.



I watched from the bed through half closed eyes as she opened her bureau drawer and pulled out a pair of stone washed jeans. She slipped them one and grabbed a pair of socks. She was leaving. Oh man. I really blew it. Before I could intervene, she headed right towards me. I closed my eyes and felt a soft kiss on my lips. "I love you, Baby." she whispered as righted herself and left, closing the door as quietly as possible. I was worried now. I shouldn’t have opened my mouth.



I moved into the living room. Ze still wasn’t home. Or was she? Zena appeared from the kitchen. "Hey, made some hot chocolate. Want some?" No bitterness was in her voice.

"Uh sure." She smiled and handed me the mug in here hand. I laughed at it. I could never drink out of this thing without laughing. It had a cartoon couple wrapped around each other on one side and a couple with a baby on the other side with the statement ‘Cops don’t shoot blanks’ Oh boy. I took a sip and sat on the couch which still had a blanket and pillow draped over it. "Where’s Jenny?" I asked.

"She went home."


"Gabby, can I ask you something?"


"Well I’ve been thinking about what you and Jenny said and...."

"Jenny?" I interrupted.

"Yeah." she smiled nervously. "Can I finish? This is hard."


"I did a lot of thinking. I love you, Gabby. I’ve been afraid of getting married because my dad was so sad without Mom and I was afraid I might do something to make you leave me, but I’m in this for the long haul if you are. I don’t care if anyone else doesn’t recognize our love, but us. Gabby....." Oh gods she’s not going to.... My heart stopped. She is. "Will you be my wife?" I simply stared down at her. She was kneeling in front of me, holding up a beautiful ring case that contained the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe it! My mouth was suddenly dry. Was this what I really wanted?


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