The Brass Ring

Part One


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As Always For Heather


Chapter One

March 1989




Jamie Jameson sat along side of the road seated in her roommate’s green Volvo. Jamie was mentally debating what was worse at the moment, being seen in a green Volvo or having just been pulled over for speeding, again. Jamie couldn't help herself. This was Massachusetts; everyone drove like a freakin idiot. Jamie fumbled for her driver's license knowing that she probably wouldn't receive any form of a citation. Yes it was good to be blonde. Jamie checked her hair and make up in the rear view mirror as the tall uniformed figure approached. Her green eyes glinted merrily as she noticed the officer was a woman. Jamie suddenly felt her day had just gotten better.

There was a tap on her window and Jamie turned to find the statuesque beauty staring down at her. "Oh my!" Jamie thought as she drank in the tall beauty standing outside of the car. She hurriedly rolled down her window as her heart began beating out of control. "License and registration." Came the cold demand. Jamie grimaced slightly at the officer's icy demeanor.

Jamie felt her mouth go dry and decided to play up her hair color for all it was worth. "Why not have some fun?" Jamie thought wryly. After all she often flirted with male cops just to beat a ticket, even though she suspected that was not what she was looking for. Now this woman was definitely someone she would enjoy flirting with. As Jamie handed over the requested items to the tall dark officer she briefly brushed the officer's strong hands.

Jamie smirked as she felt the officer tremble slightly from her touch. "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Jamie's heart dropped slightly as the icy facade remained firmly in place. "Why do they always ask that? Of course I know why you pulled me over, I was driving like a bat out hell."

"No?" Jamie lied as she flashed her most innocent smile and batted her eyes at the dark beauty.

"You were speeding." Came the curt response. "Well no kidding Sherlock." Jamie mentally groaned as she smiled brightly up at the woman whose legs seemed to go on forever.

"I was?" Jamie gasped slightly adding a hint of an accent to her tone. "Yup, time to lay on that blonde charm. Please let her be gay . . .. Please let her be gay . . .. Please let her be gay and single." Jamie silently chanted to herself as she once again smiled up at the officer. "I had no idea." Jamie lied once again. "Was I going very fast Officer . . . Callaway?" Jamie added noting the name on her nametag. In truth she wouldn't have noticed the nametag at all if she hadn't been looking at the woman's chest.

"Yes. You were doing sixty in a forty mile an hour zone." Came the frigid reply. Jamie saw herself grimacing in the mirrored sunglasses the officer was wearing. "This is a Maryland license are you from out of state Miss. Jameson?" "Gee you think?" Jamie mentally groaned realizing that she was quickly loosing ground.

"Yes, I'm a student at BC." Jamie sighed conceding defeat.

"I see." The officer noted. "And this registration says that the vehicle belongs to Claudia Turner."

"My roommate." Jamie sighed again knowing that she was indeed going to get a ticket and Claudia was going to be her usual pissy self about it.

"I'll be right back." Officer Callaway snapped in her ever-present icy demeanor.

Jamie slumped down in her seat resigned to her fate. She found herself glancing in the rear view mirror catching a glimpse of the cop's well-defined backside as she strolled back to her patrol car. Jamie waited for what seemed an eternity as she watch the tall dark cop chatting away with her partner in the patrol car. "Great! Just my luck. Maybe she's straight, or just not interested in me. Maybe she thinks I'm a dork. Maybe she looks totally gross out of uniform. Yeah right and maybe pigs will fly!"

Jamie had been so lost in her own little world she failed to notice Officer Callaway's return. "Sign here." Came the firm command as the officer shoved a clipboard with the violation attached into Jamie's face. Jamie angrily penned her signature to paper and handed it back to the officer. "In the future drive more carefully." The cop sternly warned as she gave Jamie the citation along with her driver's license and the registration for the ugly Volvo.

"Thanks." Jamie snorted as she tossed the items onto the passenger seat.

"Have a nice day." Officer Callaway added in a mocking tone.

"Do they make you say that?" Jamie groused.

"Yes." The cop responded flatly as she turned away.

Later that day Jamie found herself storming into her dorm room. She tossed her backpack onto the bed and the spare set of keys to Claudia's Volvo onto her roommate’s bureau. "Of all the rotten . . ..” She growled recalling her afternoon's exploits. "The first woman I've been attracted to in months and she doesn't even notice me. And she gives me a . . .” Jamie’s heart stopped momentarily as she suddenly realized that she had left the speeding ticket in the car. "Oh shit." She growled knowing that Claudia would check on the car as soon as she could.

Jamie raced down the staircase not wanting to waste time on the ancient elevator. She was on a mission. Knowing her anal roomie would check every inch of her precious Volvo to insure Jamie had not marred the ugly vehicle. It always amazed Jamie that Claudia allowed her to use it all. As Jamie bolted out of the main doorway and raced towards the parking lot she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten the spare set of car keys that Claudia insisted that she use. 'Don't know what she's afraid of that I'll drive down to East Bum Fuck and ransack Mommy and Daddy's house.' Jamie thought in disgust not that she wanted to carry around Claudia's Jesus Saves key chain. But the spare set was on a key chain that held only the keys to the car and read, 'The wages of sin are death'.

Realizing that she had forgotten the hideous key chain, Jamie came to a complete halt almost tumbling to the ground as she spun around and raced back into the dormitory. Once again she opted for the staircase as she ran back up the four flights towards her room. Bursting into the room, she was greeted by the sight of her roommate glaring at her. "You were speeding!" Claudia bellowed as she held up the slip of paper as proof.

"Jesus Claudia." Jamie rolled her eyes as she snatched the citation out of Claudia's hands. Claudia inhaled sharply at Jamie's expletive.

"Way to go Jamie first you get busted with the ticket and now you take the Lord's name in vain. Claudia is bound to have an aneurysm for sure. How did I get stuck with her for the last two years? Oh yeah no one wanted to room with either of us. So the dyke and the Jesus Freak were forced into it." Jamie's mind was racing as she tried to calm herself. "Look I'm sorry." She said trying to placate her now fuming roommate.

After a solid hour of lecturing from Claudia, Jamie found herself retreating out of the room muttering to herself. "Bad day?" A familiar voice called out to her. "You could say that Becky." Jamie groaned as she greeted her friend.

"Let me guess, Claudia?" The brunette chuckled.

"How did I get stuck with her?" Jamie whined. "Never mind I know. I should have never told Janie but somehow I thought we were friends. How did I know when I came out to her she would blab to the entire dorm."?

"Hey you know that Toni and I never cared." Becky pointed out. "If we weren't already rooming together either one of us would have roomed with you after Janie asked for a new assignment."

"I know." Jamie sighed.

"And you know that people really like you their just too chicken shit to room with a lesbian because someone might think that they are gay also." Becky draped a comforting arm around her friend.

"Yeah or they might catch it." Jamie chuckled feeling slightly better.

"Right." Becky laughed. "Never mind you are the only dyke in the building who has the guts to admit it. How many times has one these little Miss prim and proper gals gotten wasted so they would have an excuse to make a pass at you."

"Don't remind me." Jamie sighed. "Just a few more months and I'm off to Med School."

"So, what got Claudia's knickers in a twist?"

"I got a speeding ticket while I was driving her precious little car." Jamie explained as they walked towards the elevator.

"That bucket of bolts can actually speed?" Becky asked surprised.

"Who knew?" Jamie laughed, as she looked at the ticket in question. "Damn it! Seventy Five bucks!"

"How fast were you going?" Becky inquired.

"About twenty five over the posted limit." Jamie confessed. "Seventy Five bucks and a lecture from Claudia. This day totally bites."

"What was the lecture about?"

"Oh, being responsible when borrowing other people's possessions, blah blah blah." Jamie responded with a roll of her eyes. "Oh, and of course her usual reminder that I'm going to hell. You know that one really frosts my cookies. Because only one of us is a virgin and it isn’t the bible thumper."

Jamie felt better after chatting with Becky and decided she deserved a night out; it was after all the weekend. Claudia walked into the room and gave her a disgusted snarl. "Where are you going?" Claudia asked with her arms folded.

"To a lesbian bar." Jamie said flatly knowing it would bother her roommate.

"Ugh." Claudia blanched. "You can't . . ."

"Use your car." Jamie finished for her with a smirk. "No kidding."

"You shouldn't go to places like that it's disgusting." Claudia added in a distasteful tone.

"How would you know?" Jamie shot back deciding it was time to torture Claudia. "Have you ever been to one? Come on Claudia fess up; have you ever felt up another woman? Stuck your tongue in a woman's mouth while gently caressing her breast. Feel her nipple harden from your touch. Gotten all hot and sweaty while your bodies pressed together in the heat of passion. Feeling yourself getting so wet that you thought that you would explode from her touch." Jamie hadn't done most of those things either but that wasn’t the point.

Jamie watched in amusement, as Claudia turned pale and bolted out of the room. "Now that was fun." Jamie smiled as she finished getting dressed. Jamie stepped out into the hallway and carefully locked the door behind her. She turned hearing footsteps rapidly approaching. "Where's the fire?" Jamie called out as she spotted Becky barreling towards her.

"Don't ask." Becky sighed heavily as she threw her overnight bag over her shoulder. "I just finished my paper for Stedman’s class. I was supposed to meet up with Steve over an hour ago. I swear I don't understand why we have to take some of these classes. My don't you clean up nice." Becky winked at her friend.

"Thank you." Jamie smiled in response. "Don't say that too loudly, wouldn't want Claudia to get the wrong idea."

"I've woken up in stranger places." Becky scoffed. "Where is Broom Hilda anyway?"

"Bathroom loosing her lunch." Jamie explained with delight.

"What did you do?" Becky asked in accusing tone.

"Me?" Jamie gasped in mock indignation as she flipped her long blonde hair out of her face.

"Uh huh." Becky snorted. "So where are you off to?"

"Somewhere Else." Jamie answered with the name of the popular woman's bar she was going to that evening.

"Good for you." Becky answered as the headed towards the elevator. "Maybe you'll meet someone nice."

"I'll settle for someone half way decent looking who can dance." Jamie answered as she pushed the call button for the elevator, which was now creaking in response.

"You never know." Becky encouraged her.

"What's the sense of it after graduation, I'm out of here." Jamie pointed out as the ancient contraption finally squeaked open. Reluctantly the two students entered. "Why do we trust this thing?" Jamie wondered aloud.

"Our youthful sense of adventure." Becky laughed. "Don't tell me Claudia is actually letting you use her car?"

"Are you serious?" Jamie chuckled. "One I doubt she'll ever let me near it again and two she has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't want her car seen within a five block radius of one of those places! "

"Yeah someone might get the false impression she actually has a pulse." Becky teased. "I'm heading into the city do want a lift?"

"Thanks but you are already running late." Jamie responded with relief as the elevator doors opened. Over the past four years Jamie had learned not to use the elevator if you really needed to get where you are going. Like most of her dorm mates she found herself trapped in the mechanical prison once too often. "I'll just take the 'T'."

"Don't be silly it's on the way." Becky offered with a warm smile.

Jamie accepted her generous offer not looking forward to riding on the crowded subway on a busy weekend night. That and the MBTA was about as reliable as the dorm's elevator. Jamie arrived at the club early enough not to have to pay any cover charge and treated herself to a Disaronno on the rocks. She took a sip of the nutty amber colored liquor and sighed deeply. Leaving a tip for the bartender she made her way to one of the back tables where she could see everything and everyone as they entered. Knowing that the upstairs would not be open to dancing for at least an hour, she sat back and people watched.

Jamie was content in watching the growing crowd. She had always been a friendly outgoing person, except when it came to meeting women. She was fine once the conversation started but she had been strangely shy when it came to chatting with women in a club. She of course understood why. At twenty-two she was a virgin. She wasn't ashamed of this; she had never wanted to sleep with the boys she met in high school. When she finally admitted to herself why, it had taken all of her courage to just tell another person. That had gone badly to say the least. Her sophomore year at BC had become a living hell after her roommate Janie had told anyone and everyone who would listen.

It was strange really, Jamie was waiting for true love before giving herself to someone but of course everyone assumed that since she was gay, she would sleep with any woman she could get her hands on. "If they only knew!" Jamie laughed to herself. Half of the gay women she met stayed away from her because of her lack of experience and the other half found her innocence just a little too interesting. It was the second half that frightened her most. So here she sat sipping her amaretto in the most popular women's bar in Boston almost two and a half years since she had come out wondering if she would ever meet Miss. Right.

The crowd was beginning to pick up when Jamie spotted a tall, raven-haired beauty entering the club. "No it couldn't be!" She thought to herself as she drank in the woman's beauty. The woman in question was dressed in faded blue jeans that were ripped slightly on one knee, a white tank top and a faded denim jacket. As the woman turned towards the bartender to place her order, Jamie knew it was her. She would know that butt anywhere. The woman turned back around unaware of Jamie's ogling.

Jamie found herself inhaling deeply as she watch the woman remove her jacket and lounge carelessly on the barstool. It was the eyes. They were the most amazing shade of blue Jamie had ever seen. "Oh my Officer Callaway why would you hide those under such tacky sunglasses?" Jamie was not surprised as she watched a group of women gather around the cop, she was after all drop dead gorgeous.

Jamie went to take a sip of her drink and realized that while she was lusting after the policewoman she had drained her glass. Knowing that she now had an excuse to return to the bar she quickly inspected her own attire. The black silk vest that showed just a hint of cleavage and her black jeans were a good choice. She grabbed her glass and made her way over to the bar. She had considered heading over to where the policewoman was perched but at the last moment her courage failed her. She took a spot where she could watch the woman and hopefully she could be seen as well.

Jamie ordered another Amaretto and waited for the tall beauty to notice her. Jamie nursed her drink already feeling slightly buzzed from the first one. After finishing her second drink and failing to be noticed by the object of her affections, Jamie was feeling a little bold and slightly drunk. Jamie hatched a plan. She would just go over and give the woman a hard time for writing her up this afternoon. Not a good plan but it was all she had. Jamie placed her glass on the bar and blazed a determine path over to the brunette.

Jamie never knew how or why it happened but just as she stepped up to the brunette who was engaged in a conversation, she tripped and landed right into the policewoman's lap. Jamie's ears were ringing from the laughter that suddenly rang out. Through the chuckling Jamie heard a deep sensual voice asking if she was all right. Strong hands lifted her up from her embarrassing position and she suddenly found herself staring into pools of crystal blue. "Speeding again?" The same sensual voice asked her as Jamie felt her entire body turn beet red when the question evoked another round of laughter.

"My mistake." Jamie responded in a hurt tone as she brushed away the policewoman's hands. Then she gathered what little dignity she had left and walked away.

"No wait." The policewoman reached out for her as Jamie started to stumble once again. Strong arms held her carefully preventing her from falling and embarrassing herself further. "Ugh!" The petite blonde snarled as she steadied herself.

"CC I've always known you had a way with women." A tall dark skinned woman to Jamie's right snickered. "But now you have them throwing themselves at you!" More laughter ensued as Jamie took a sudden interest in her footwear. "Damn girl what's your secret?" Jamie was plotting her escape as more and more comments were being made at her expense.

"Look I'm sorry for intruding." Jamie muttered as she turned to CC.

"You're not." CC responded unable to meet Jamie's eyes.

"CC her eyes are little higher than that." The dark woman teased her friend.

At that moment Jamie realized that CC had been addressing her cleavage. The tall brunette turned an unnatural shade of red and buried her face in her hands. Feeling slightly relieved that the shoe was finally on the other foot, Jamie relaxed slightly. "Maybe if I had been wearing this earlier today, you wouldn't have given me that speeding ticket?" Jamie quipped.

"She didn't?" One of the policewoman's cronies laughed. "Shame on you CC."

"Tells us sweetie was the big bad CC mean to you?" The first woman placed a gentle arm around Jamie. "Come on what did she do? She didn't frisk you now did she?"

Both CC and Jamie blushed furiously at the comment. "Enough!" CC barked out. "You'll have to excuse them they don't get out very often." CC apologized.

"Oh come on CC lighten up." Her friend teased. "Isn't she beautiful when she's angry?" The woman addressed Jamie. "I'm Kendra by the way."

"Jamie." The blonde answered as she relaxed slightly.

"Nice to meet you Jamie." Kendra smiled keeping her arm around the smaller woman's shoulders. "Now tell us all about how mean Robocop over there was to you. She didn't do a strip search did she?" Jamie's mouth hung open uncertain how to take the woman's teasing.

A growl escaped from CC. "They have opened the upstairs and I'm going to dance." CC snapped coldly and stormed off. Jamie swallowed hard as she watched the taller woman's retreating form. "I blew it." Jamie muttered as the crowd surrounding her dispersed. "No no sweetie." Kendra who had remained reassured her.

"I should go and apologize." Jamie said with a hint of sadness.

"No." Kendra replied firmly as she gave her a slight hug. "I did this. Sometimes I just don't know when to quit. Look I'll go and soothe her ruffled feathers. Then you could . . ."

"Never mind." Jamie cut her off in a dejected tone. "I think I'll just cut my losses now so I can leave here with some dignity."

"Come on sweetie." Kendra encouraged her. "Trust me her bark is much worse than her bite."

"Thank you but I've made a big enough ass out myself for one evening." Jamie responded.

"No you didn't." Kendra answered gently.

"I fell into the woman's lap." Jamie snorted.

"Well it was certainly an ice breaker." Kendra teased her.

"Oh yeah it was real smooth." Jamie sighed. "Look thanks again but I'm just going to dance and then head out of here."


Jamie walked away with her shoulders slightly slumped and made her way upstairs. She was careful to stay clear of CC. A woman approached her who was about her height with thick glasses and asked her to dance. "Why not." Jamie found herself saying as she walked off to the dance floor. The woman wasn't a bad dancer but she just wasn't a terribly good one either. Jamie endured two more dances with her all the while scooping the crowd for CC. She spotted her at one point leaning against a wall talking with Kendra.

After leaving the dance floor Jamie made her excuses to the woman she had been dancing with and decided it was time to leave. She descended the staircase feeling a sense of loss at the way her entire day had gone. Just as she reached the bottom of the stairwell she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and found herself captured in a fiery blue haze. She could feel her emerald eyes twinkle in response. "Wait." The tall beauty said in a voice that almost sounded as if it was pleading with her.

"Yes?" Jamie responded in a slightly nervous tone.

She watched the tall woman shift nervously from one foot to the other. Uncertain as what she should do Jamie just stood there as she felt her mouth go dry. "Was I going too fast again?" Jamie finally offered hoping to prod the policewoman into speaking. "Huh?" The woman responded with a blank stare. They remained that way for a lingering moment as Jamie felt her eyes drift down to the taller woman's chest. Jamie was losing herself in a delightful fantasy when CC decided to speak once again. "I uhm . . .” CC stammered as Jamie returned her gaze to a more appropriate position.

"Yes?" Jamie repeated in a curious tone.

"Dance . . . you . . .” CC stammered like an idiot.

"Excuse me?" Jamie questioned her as she tried to understand what the woman was trying to say. Jamie watched the policewoman fight some internal battle as she chewed on her bottom lip. Jamie glanced at her watch quickly while she waited for CC to compose herself. It was getting late and if she wanted to catch the train she would need to leave very soon. "I have to go." Jamie finally said regrettably.

"No." CC managed to blurt out as Jamie looked at her in bewilderment. Jamie found herself amused by the policewoman's nervousness. It was hard for her to phantom that this was the same woman who had treated her so coldly earlier in the day. "I . . . uhm . . .” CC began to stammer once again. "Wow." She finally said as she blew out an exhausted breath. "I'm sorry I'm not usually this much of an idiot." CC finally managed to say. "I wanted to know if you would like to dance with me?" She blurted out finally.

"Here?" Jamie responded with a slight chuckle trying to ignore the way her heart had begun race. She was relieved as she watched the slight smile emerge on CC's face.

"No I meant upstairs." CC answered with a slight blush. "You know where the music is."

"I'm sorry." Jamie answered with a slight frown.

"Oh. Well okay." CC sighed heavily. "Sorry." She offered to the smaller woman as she turned to walk away.

"Wait." Jamie called out as she panicked slightly. Reaching out she touched CC's arm gently feeling a sudden surge of warmth. "It's just that I need to catch the train. My roommate won't let me use her car anymore since I got that ticket this afternoon." Jamie explained hurriedly. "Not that I like to take her car to clubs anyways. She's a bit of a phobe." "That's putting it mildly."

"Sorry about writing you up today." CC curled up her lips in embarrassment. "I was going to let you off with just a warning. But my partner is a bit of a hard ass and I'm a rookie. Plus I'm not out on the job. You know how it is."

"Yeah. I do." Jamie sighed deeply and glanced at her watch once again. "I need to go."

The last thing Jamie wanted to do at that moment was leave. But the thought of adding cab fare to her already over extended budget at that moment was unthinkable. "What if I gave you a lift home? That way you could stay for one more dance." CC offered hopefully.

"Really?" Jamie asked brightly.

"Yeah." CC responded with a shrug. "I mean it's the least I can do."

"Okay." Jamie agreed barely containing her excitement.

The couple returned to the second floor and made their way through the sea of bodies. They danced shyly to 10,000 Maniacs 'She drives Me Crazy'. Jamie felt that the song was more than appropriate. Without speaking about it the couple remained on the dance floor for several more songs, their bodies drawing closer and closer together. As a slow song began that neither was familiar with CC looked down at her with a questioning gaze. In response Jamie wrapped her arms around the taller woman and drew her close.

The sensation of their bodies touching for the first time sent an electrifying jolt through Jamie. She heard herself moan as the sensation settled in a southern location. She snuggled closer as she felt CC wrap her arms around her back. The swaying of their bodies and the feeling of CC's hands roaming across her back caused Jamie's breathing to grow heavy as she felt her thighs begin to quiver.

Jamie looked up at her dance partner and once again found herself captured by the woman's beauty. She tilted her head up just as CC was bending her's down. Their lips brushed together slightly. They smiled at one another shyly before pressing their lips together once again. Jamie felt her body taking over as she pressed herself against CC's firm body. She found herself moaning deeply as she felt CC's tongue beginning to tease her bottom lip.

Jamie parted her lips slightly and CC accepted the invitation and began a gentle exploration of Jamie's mouth. Jamie was lost in the thrilling sensation. She found herself exploring CC's body. Her hands began to caress the taller woman's breasts. She felt slightly light headed as two nipples harden beneath her palms. She heard the taller woman moan deeply. The sudden thrill that shot through her body caused Jamie to tear her lips from CC as her hands remained firmly in place. Jamie cast an alluring gaze up to her dance partner. "Take me home." Jamie requested in a husky tone just loud enough to be heard over the music. Her companion simply nodded mutely. Jamie lowered her hands and wrapped her arms around the taller woman.

On the drive to the dorm the only conversation consisted of Jamie providing direction. The air was filled with an electrifying sexual tension. Once CC pulled her aging Mazda up in front of Bowdich Hall she shift the car into neutral and pulled on the emergency brake. The two women found themselves sitting there in a heated silence unable to look at one another.

"So?" CC finally offered. "Can I call you?"

"Yes!" Jamie blurted far too quickly. She blushed at her overly eager response. "Smooth." She chastised herself mentally. Clearing her throat quickly she made an effort to regain her composure. "I mean that would be nice." She turned to find two bright blue eyes twinkling back at her. "Do you have anything I could write my number on?"

CC looked around quickly and reached over to the glove compartment. In her movements she accidentally brushed against Jamie's chest. Jamie moaned involuntarily from the contact. Their eyes met in a misty gaze causing a surge of heat to pass between the two women. Jamie felt the shy kiss brush gently across her lips. Her heart began to race from the tender contact. Without thinking she laced her fingers through the taller woman's long silky tresses and pulled her closer to her. As their kiss quickly heated to a passionate level, their hands began to fumble to release their seat belts.

Once free from their restraints their hands began a sweet exploration of the other's body. The windows of the aging Mazda quickly fogged up as the two woman tried to press together each craving a deeper connection with the other's body. More than once CC felt her knee or the side of her body rammed by the car's stick shift. "Nuts!" She exclaimed suddenly as she pulled away. "We're rolling." Quickly CC reengaged the emergency brake.

Both women blushed as they once again captured each other's gaze. Then suddenly they were both overcome with a fit of giggles. "Uh hum." Jamie cleared her throat managing to quiet her laughter. "I think we were looking for something." CC cast an alluring glance at her companion. "Pen and paper." Jamie suggested brightly.

"Right." CC responded in a deep tone. Leaning across the tiny vehicle once again she managed to open the glove compartment. Once opened an array of items spilled out onto Jamie's lap. "Oh God." CC exclaimed in embarrassment as she quickly retrieved a variety of items mostly ketchup packets off of Jamie's lap.

Finally managing to find a pen that worked and a napkin CC handed them over to Jamie. The blonde quickly wrote down her telephone number. Chuckling slightly when she had finished. "What?" CC questioned her.

"I guess it's true what they say about cops." Jamie laughed as she held up the white and pink napkin from 'Dunkin' Donuts'.

"Hey." CC responded with a mock snarl as she snatched the napkin away from Jamie. "I travel down to Rhode Island a lot on my days off, to visit my kid sister."

"That's sweet." Jamie answered with a smile.

"Yeah well." CC muttered trying to brush off the compliment. "I don't get along with my Mother or Stepfather but Stevie means the world to me."

"You're just a big softie aren't you?" Jamie teased.

"Am not." CC protested in vain.

"Uh huh." Jamie chuckled slightly. "I should go." Jamie added in a quiet tone.

"Right." CC sighed.

"I don't want to." Jamie confessed. "But if I don't I think the temptation would be too much and as attractive as I find you I don't think compromising my virtue in the front seat of your car is a good way to start off. "

"Compromising your virtue, eh?" CC teased in return.

"Yeah well." Jamie swallowed hard not wanting to go into details in fear of scaring the woman off. "When you call just ask for me I'm in room 403."

"Okay." CC answered with a bright grin. "And you are right." Jamie stared at the woman in confusion. "I don't want things to go to far too fast either. I like you and I would like to get to know you better." CC reassured her with a gentle caress on her arm.

"Thank you." Jamie answered with a sigh of relief.


CC walked Jamie to the main door of the dormitory and after another heated lip lock made her way inside. As she climbed the staircase she wondered if CC would call? And if she did how long would it take for her to do so? Jamie climbed into bed and dreamt of the tall policewoman. Jamie would not need to wait long before CC called. The following morning the call came. They talked for over an hour before some of her dorm mates began to complain about her tying up the telephone. CC was seeing her sister that weekend but suggested that they go out the following weekend.

The following week passed far too slowly for Jamie's tastes. She had spoken to CC at length every day and agreed to a picnic on Saturday. CC arrived early and they made their way to Cold Springs Park in a neighboring town. They relaxed and played all day and much to Jamie's delight they even took several rides on the antique carousel. They each vied to catch one of the brass rings but neither was successful. It was the perfect first date. They talked about everything and much too Jamie’s relief CC was neither put off or overly eager by her lack of experience. The only disagreement the two had was over the carousel, which CC insisted upon calling a Merry-Go-Round. Despite the differences in linguistics the two shared a perfect afternoon and it looked to Jamie that more would follow. The only thing CC requested was that Jamie keep their relationship quiet for now, fearing fallout within the department.







May 1989

Jamie and CC stumbled into the dorm room in a fit of giggles. "I had fun today." Jamie said as she closed the door behind them. "Your kid sister is quite a handful. I didn't think we would ever get her off of that carousel. You would think someone who just turned sixteen wouldn't enjoy that kind of thing." Jamie added as she pulled her tall girlfriend in for a hug.

"Her? What about you?" CC teased as she found herself lost in Jamie’s deep green eyes. "And around here it's called a Merry-Go-Round."

"Hey at least I got the brass ring." Jamie laughed as she held up a solid brass ring in triumph. "And it's a carousel you Yankee."

"I can't believe my baby sister is sixteen." CC sighed as she wrapped the small blonde into her arms tightly. "I worry about her so much. Living with our parents, well our Mother and her Father isn't a healthy situation."

"She has you." Jamie pointed out. "And she seems to have her head on straight."

"True." CC sighed heavily. "It's just that some days I don't know if Stevie is going to grow up to be a stand up comic or a master criminal."

"For your sake I hope it's the smell of grease paint she follows." Jamie said as she relaxed into the warmth of CC's embrace. "It wouldn't do having one Boylston’s finest arresting her own sister."

"Boylston’s finest." CC chuckled. "I've only just finished my probation period."

"Hmm." Jamie sighed contently as she took in the scent of her girlfriend's leather jacket. Tilting her head up she found herself captured by the deep blue eyes that made her heart skip a beat. It was hard to believe that they had only known one another for a little over two months. "Who could have imagined that getting a speeding ticket could be so rewarding?"

"What are you thinking about?" CC asked her as she stroked Jamie's long blonde tresses.

"Us." Jamie nuzzled closer to CC. "About the day we met."

"I gave you a speeding ticket." CC snorted as recalled she could barely keep her hands from shaking as she wrote out the traffic citation. "I wanted to let you off with just a warning but I wouldn't have heard the end it of from Dirk."

"I know." Jamie said with a smile as she brushed her lips gently across CC's. "I was very disappointed. It was the first time in my life being a cute blonde didn't pay off."

"Oh it did." CC purred at the memory. "But you know how it is. God I hate being in the closet."

"I know sweetheart." Jamie comforted her. "It sucks. I hope when I get to med school things will be different than they are here."

"Speaking of which, where is your gruesome roomie any way?" CC scanned the room carefully for the offensive party.

"Claudia is spending the weekend with her boyfriend." Jamie offered softly as she claimed CC's lips once again.

"Really?" CC moaned against Jamie's mouth.

"Uh huh." Jamie confirmed as she stole another kiss. "You know I never thought I would see you again after the way you totally ignored my flirting with you while you wrote up that ticket. Imagine my surprise when I saw you sitting at the bar that very night. I thought you were pretty hot in your uniform but seeing you there in those tight blue jeans . . . well, it was almost too much for me."

"Oh is that why you told me off?" CC teased her as her lips began an assault on her neck.

"Hey I had to do something to get your attention." Jamie moaned as she felt her knees begin to quiver. "And I didn't really tell you off. I was just embarrassed after falling into your lap."

"That certainly got my attention all right." CC whispered hotly in her ear.

Jamie pulled away from CC slightly and looked deeply into her eyes. "I love you." She said in a nervous tone. Her entire body trembled. It was the first time she told her; in fact it was the first time she had told anyone. She stood there in breathless anticipation waiting for CC's response. She needed to hear it before they went any further. CC had been more than patient, in fact, it was Jamie who had caused them both to retreat into a cold shower on one more than one occasion. But CC had been right about waiting until they were both sure.

"I love you too." CC smiled brightly. "More than you can possibly know James." Jamie released the breath she had been holding. Those were the words she needed to hear. "I like the way you say that." Jamie purred.

"What?" CC smiled slightly. "When I tell you that I love you. Because I do you know. Or is it when I call you James."

"Both." Jamie confirmed as she ran her hands along CC's stomach. "I think it's cute when you call me James."

"I am never cute." CC countered with a mock scowl. "Besides your name is Jamie Jameson, certainly someone has called you James before."

"Well that's true Caitlin." Jamie teased her.

"Ugh." CC rolled her eyes in disgust at her real name.

"I know only Stevie can get away with calling you that." Jamie chuckled slightly. "But I like the way you say my name. In fact I like the way you say everything."

"Do you now?" CC kissed her on the top of her head.

"Yes, I do." Jamie said softly as she took CC by the hand and started to lead her over to her bed. "Do you know what I want to hear you say now?"

"No." CC squeaked as she realized where Jamie was leading them. Her heart raced as her palms began to sweat.

"I want to hear you say that you are going to make love to me." Jamie offered directly in a husky tone. Jamie reached up and pulled CC to her and captured her lips. Their kiss quickly deepened as their tongues battled for control. CC could feel her jacket being removed as Jamie pulled her down onto her bed. "Wait." CC gasped suddenly. "Jamie are you . . ."

"Don’t ask me if I'm sure please." Jamie laughed slightly. "I'm the one attacking you."

"But it's just that your first time should be special." CC tried to explain.

"This is special." Jamie stated gazing at CC intently. "I love you and you love me. I'm here and you are here and Claudia is off with her Neanderthal boyfriend. To me this is special. Do you want this?" Jamie added shyly as her hands began to roam across the front of CC's tank top.

"Yes." CC admitted shyly with a slight blush. "Yes, I want to make love to you." CC's hands began to feel their way under Jamie's tie-dye T-Shirt. CC's mind was racing as she felt the warmth of her young lover's skin responding to her touch. Now would be the perfect time to tell Jamie everything. Her thoughts were cut off by the sudden awareness of Jamie's fingers caressing her breast.

CC's moaned with pleasure as she pulled Jamie closer to her. Jamie felt as if she was going to explode feeling CC's nipples respond to her touch. Jamie felt herself being lowered onto the bed as CC began to pull her T-Shirt up. Jamie allowed CC to remove her top as her own hands continued their exploration of CC's body. Jamie moaned deeply as CC began kissing her neck. The sensations sent a jolt through her body. Never before was she so happy that she had waited for the right person. Caitlin Callaway was indeed the right person. She was beautiful beyond words and she held the key to Jamie's heart.

CC continued to kiss her way down Jamie's neck enjoying the sensation of tasting the young blonde's skin. Her hands roaming down Jamie's back feeling their way to the clasp on her bra. CC felt very proud of herself as she unhooked the garment easily. Slowly she removed Jamie's bra and took in the sight of the beauty that was now lying beneath her. "You are so beautiful." CC whispered. Time seemed to stand still as she allowed her fingers to explore every inch of Jamie's exposed skin.

Jamie blushed as she watched her lover touch her body. This felt far too good to be true. She halted CC's movements as she began to pull the tank top off of her body. She needed to see her . . . needed to feel her body next her own. Jamie sat up slightly as CC raised her arms allowing Jamie to remove her top and then her sports bra. They both began a slow exploration. Fingers gently touching as their hearts beat in unison. Without realizing what she was doing Jamie bent her head slightly and captured CC's breast in her mouth.

CC moaned as her body arched in response to Jamie's ministrations. "I love you." CC gasped as Jamie took move of her into her mouth. The emotions were swirling out of control as Jamie began to lavish the other breast with the same attention. "I love you." Jamie murmured softly against CC's skin. CC held her closer as she kissed the top of the blonde's head. Jamie groaned softly as she broke away from the taste of CC's body.

They looked into one another's eyes each captured by the passion they found there. Silently they lowered themselves onto the bed and laid side by side just looking at each other. CC reached over not wanting to break the spell and slowly began to unbutton the shorts Jamie was wearing. Jamie's breathing began to catch as she felt the cotton material being stripped away from her body. Jamie almost exploded when she felt CC's fingers lightly teasing the elastic band on her panties. Reaching up she gave CC a reassuring kiss.

CC accepted her invitation and slowly removed the remainder of Jamie's clothing. Barely having time to catch her breath as she finally viewed the woman she loved in all of her natural beauty, CC felt soft gentle hands lowering her back down. Jamie undressed CC kissing her way across the newly exposed flesh. They found themselves lying side by side once again simply drinking in the wonder of the other's body.

They both shifted slightly closing the distance between their bodies, hands exploring as they kissed passionately. Pressing closer together they opened themselves to the other. Jamie was lost in the perfection of the moment as they each touched the other's passion, gently exploring the wetness that greeted their hands. They entered each other at the same moment, each taking all that the other had to offer. The jolt of pain had been unexpected as CC’s fingers tore the barrier of her innocence. The pain vanished quickly as CC’s thumb began teasing her clit.

Jamie shuddered as CC's fingers stroked her. She could feel her lover's body tremble as her own fingers followed in the same passionate rhythm. Their hips grinding together in a wild tempo, each seeming to possess the other. Feeling the sensations wash over her, Jamie mirrored CC’s movement and was greeted by a deep moan from her lover. They cried out together as the waves rushed through their bodies.

They clung to each other as their bodies continued to tremble. Covered in sweat they exchanged gentle kisses as their breathing began to slow. "That was . . ." Jamie's voice squeaked slightly.

"Are you okay?" CC inquired in an equally exhausted tone.

"Oh yeah." Jamie gasped. "Is it wrong to . . ."

"What?" CC encouraged her in a slightly nervous tone.

"I want to . . .” Jamie’s words were cut off as CC kissed her deeply. "Yeah that's what I want." Jamie panted as the kiss ended.

Jamie's fears were put aside as she realized that her lover wanted the same as she did. They both wanted more. Their kissing quickly grew out of control. Their hands exploring the other's body. Jamie found herself on her back pulling her lover's wetness to her mouth. She trembled as she felt CC tasting her for the first time. Jamie inhaled the scent of her lover's passion as she pulled her down to her eager mouth. She wanted to drink all that CC had to offer; her heart was pounding from excitement and fear. Her nervousness quickly vanished as she felt CC tremble when her tongue tasted her for the first time.

Jamie found herself lost as her tongue began to tease her lover's clit. They drank in one another's passion shifting occasionally as they tried to please their lover. Jamie almost lost it finding it hard to focus on pleasing CC while her own body was reacting to the sensation of CC's tongue entering her. At times each fumbled as they struggled to maintain their own control but somehow their bodies knew what to do. They fit together perfectly and once again the two lovers found themselves climaxing in unison.

Later Jamie found herself wrapped in CC's arms with her head lying on her lover's chest. She listened to the gentle beating of CC's heart and her steady breathing. She lost count of just how many times they drove one another over the edge. Jamie was amazed at just how many different ways there were to make love. She was confused at times but found her lover's gentle touch reassuring. Jamie had come out of the closet more than three years ago and was never happier that she had waited for just the right person to be with. The entire evening had been sheer poetry in motion. Her parents were going to freak when she switched to a med school up here. But she had so many offers and no one could doubt Harvard's credibility. One of the best programs around and she could stay close to CC. The money was going to be a problem, but she could make it work. Jamie yawned slightly as she noticed the sun coming up.

CC shifted beneath her. "Why are you still awake?" CC said quietly as she kissed the top of her lover's head. "I'm too happy to sleep." Jamie purred as she snuggled closer to CC. "I could stay like this forever."

"Me too." CC sighed. "But I have to leave."

"No." Jamie whined.

"Sorry, James." CC groaned. "Duty calls. Time to go protect and serve."

"You could protect and serve right here." Jamie suggested as she reached up and kissed her lover.

CC considered the idea for a moment, as she tasted herself on her lover's lips. Reluctantly she removed herself from the warmth of Jamie's embrace. After several kisses and a little pleading CC managed to get dressed. "I'll call you tonight and we can go out." CC offered as she kissed Jamie. She smiled as her lover pouted in response. "Hey I have to go home." CC repeated. "I can't very well show up at the station without a shower first. People will talk."

"I suppose." Jamie grumbled. "But I think that hickey on your neck will give you away."

"Brat." CC teased in response. "I love you, James."

CC kissed her lover once more before walking out of Jamie's dorm room for what would turn out to be the last time. Days past and soon turned into weeks. Jamie never received as much as a phone call from CC. Jamie called and left message after message on CC's answering machine. She eventually called the station only to be given the run around by CC's fellow officers. It didn't take an oracle to figure out that it was over. Jamie never bothered with Harvard and decided to attend George Washington instead. Jamie could never forgive CC for tarnishing the memory of a sweet night of passion into the disgusting image that she had been used.


Continued - Part 2



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