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Xena: Warrior Slave, Part IV


Kodi Wolf

Gabrielle inhaled deeply and smiled. Something smelled really good. She turned her head and realized her eyes were still closed, so she opened them and tried to blink the sleep away.

The sun was streaming through the partially opened windows and Gabrielle was able to see Xena moving items around on a tray on the table.

"Morning," Gabrielle said quietly and Xena turned her head and smiled.

"Good morning. Breakfast is ready, if you want some," Xena said.

Gabrielle nodded her head and sat up.

"That sounds great. It smells great, too," Gabrielle commented as she stood up from the bed and dragged the sheet with her to sit at the table.

Xena rearranged a few more things so that they each had a full plate and then sat next to Gabrielle to eat with her. She handed over a couple utensils.

"Thanks," Gabrielle said, then immediately used her fork to dig into the food.

Gabrielle moaned on the first bite and Xena grinned at her. That sound was very familiar, but Xena didn't take offense. She knew Gabrielle's relationship with food could be quite… passionate. In fact, it could be quite stimulating just to watch Gabrielle eat. Anything.

"What?" Gabrielle asked Xena.

Xena blinked and shook her head slightly. She knew she'd been caught staring.

"Nothing. So, what are you gonna do today?" Xena asked to sidetrack her bard.

"Oh, Ephiny says I need to go over all the treaty agreements the Nation is involved in so I can be aware of the 'State of the Nation' or something like that. It'll probably take several days, but since we're staying until the festival, I figured I might as well get it out of the way now. What about you? You going to help out Eponin again?"

"Yeah. There are so many new students, I think she could use another hand keeping them in line."

Xena finished up the food on her plate and watched as Gabrielle refilled hers.

"Glad I remembered it was you I was getting the tray for," Xena commented with a smirk.

She'd loaded the tray with enough food for four people and then added a few more pieces of fruit as an added precaution. Gabrielle made a face and Xena chuckled.

"Very funny," Gabrielle replied. "Well, since you're done already, why don't you go and meet with Eponin. She's probably been up for hours already. Just like you."

Xena made her own face at Gabrielle and the young Queen smiled sweetly in return. Turn about was fair play.

"All right. I'll see you back here for lunch?" Xena questioned as she stood and leaned over for a kiss.

Gabrielle nodded and tilted her head up for the kiss. She closed her eyes as her lips met Xena's and, after a moment, her mouth opened for the older woman. Xena gently pushed her tongue between Gabrielle's lips and began a slow exploration of the bard's mouth.

Gabrielle's hand came up to grasp at the back of Xena's neck to hold her there and pushed her mouth a little harder against Xena's. She pressed her own tongue into Xena's mouth and repeatedly massaged Xena's tongue with slow circular movements. The sweet taste of fruit mixed with Xena's own natural flavor was very appealing.

Finally, they pulled away from one another and took a moment to catch their breaths.

"Now, that's a good morning," Gabrielle said a little breathlessly. She looked into Xena's eyes and couldn't help but say what was in her heart. "I love you."

Xena smiled, almost shyly, and gave Gabrielle's lips a gentle kiss, before pulling away once again to look into sparkling green eyes.

"I love you, too, Gabrielle." She straightened up. "I'll see you in a few hours," Xena said and received a nod from the sitting blonde.

Xena turned around and fetched her sword and chakram and clipped them to her body in their usual places. Then she headed for the door.

Gabrielle watched Xena leave, then stood up from the table and went to the saddlebags. Ever since the day before, she'd really wanted to study the things Xena had picked up for them, but she'd just grabbed the most recognizable and practical items to use in the harness and hadn't taken the time for more than a cursory glance at some of the other things she'd seen in the bag. Now that she had a little time alone, she decided a more thorough examination was called for.

Gabrielle emptied the saddlebag on the bed and began sorting. Everything they normally carried was placed back in the bag, the rest in various piles. The things she'd already used, or had no questions about, were moved into one pile and pushed to the side. Then there were things she had a pretty good idea of what they were for, but wanted to inspect a little more. The last pile were things she just couldn't figure out at first glance.

Gabrielle carefully repacked the first pile and then sat on the bed to begin her self-tutorial. The first thing she picked up was a phallus, but it was unlike any of the others she'd used so far.

It was much softer, for one thing. Gabrielle squeezed it and bent it to try to figure out what it was made from. The outer covering was leather, just like almost everything else, but the material inside was definitely not wood. At least, not the outer quarter inch or so. It had a hard core, but it was bendable, which confused Gabrielle to no end.

After attempting to figure it out by squeezing and bending and twisting the poor thing half to death and not really getting anywhere, Gabrielle found a knife and slit the seam at the base of the phallus.

She unfolded the base of the outer leather covering and pulled back the edges until she could see inside of it. She withdrew the contents of the covering very slowly and tried to memorize exactly how they came out so she could put them back the same way.

With some careful maneuvering, Gabrielle was able to see that the center hardness she'd felt through the squishy material, which turned out to be pieces of some plant fiber, was a cylindrical piece of wood with horizontal slices cut out of it almost to the center that allowed it to be bent at just about any angle.

Gabrielle shoved everything back into the soft leather shell and pushed the stuffing material around until it was evenly distributed. A lumpy phallus just wasn't very erotic. However, a ridged one could be quite nice and Gabrielle grinned when she realized what several of the pieces in her "I have no clue" pile were.

She slipped a hardened leather sheath over the bendable phallus and it immediately held its stiffened shape. She noticed two flaps at the base that fit over the two buttons on the base of the soft cock and realized they were there to hold the sheath in place. This particular sheath had ridges going around it from top to bottom and Gabrielle smiled again when she thought about what it would feel like moving in and out of her body.

She discarded the sheath and picked up another one, this time, with bumps all over it. As she slipped it on, she saw a letter etched into the leather at the base of the sheath and read it.

"Omega. Hmm," Gabrielle said out loud and picked up the sheath she'd dropped. "Alpha?"

Gabrielle looked at each of the leather sheaths and found that they were all marked with either an Alpha or an Omega.

"Well, that could mean the beginning and the end. Or first and last. Or front and back… Oh, front and back. I get it," Gabrielle continued to talk to herself.

Xena had explained that it was important not to use the same phallus for both the vagina and the anus because the stuff that came out of each end wasn't supposed to go in the other. It made sense and Gabrielle was glad the items were labeled so that she wouldn't get them confused.

Gabrielle found their sewing kit and quickly stitched up the seam she'd ripped out of the toy and then put the bendable phallus and its sheaths back in the bag. She looked over the rest of the toys spread out on the bed. With only a little inspection, she was able to determine what everything was, though she wondered about Xena's intentions for some of the things.

Gabrielle put everything away, then got dressed and left to meet with Ephiny for the rest of the morning. It was slow going reading over the treaties that had been penned by the previous Amazon Queens, but Gabrielle dutifully recorded everything in her bardic brain and was able to make some good suggestions for future negotiations.

When Ephiny told her it was time to break for lunch, Gabrielle was ready. In more ways than one. She wasn't sure why, but her libido had perked up during the boring session of dry reading, and she'd come up with an idea for putting that flexible phallus to use.

She quickly walked the distance to her hut and went inside. Xena wasn't there yet, but Gabrielle knew the warrior would arrive soon.

Gabrielle set to work preparing for her slave. She pulled out the harness, a smallish phallus, and the bendable phallus, along with several different sheaths to use with the soft cock, and swiftly attached the harness with the smaller phallus inside her body. Then she maneuvered the pliant phallus into place in front of her pubis and secured the rig around her waist and thighs.

The soft phallus easily bent in two to fit inside her panties underneath her skirt and Gabrielle checked herself to make sure the bulge wasn't too noticeable. There was a slight lump in front of her crotch, but if she stood a certain way, it was almost imperceptible.

Gabrielle placed the three different sheaths she'd chosen on top of the dresser against the far wall and laid a small towel on top of them. Then she dug out the slave collar from Xena's saddlebag and set it on top of the towel.

With her preparations done, she walked over to the dining table and sat down. And immediately stood back up, as she felt the phallus inside her make its presence very well known. She gingerly eased herself back down into the chair and finally found a somewhat comfortable position just as Xena opened the door.

Xena walked into the hut and immediately saw Gabrielle sitting where she'd last seen her that morning. She strode over to the bard, but something about Gabrielle's bearing made her hesitate.

"Hey. How'd it go with Ephiny?" Xena asked and waited to see what Gabrielle's response would be.

"It went fine. How did the lessons go with Eponin's Amazons-in-training?"

"Fine. I think most of them will become respectable warriors. They'll do the Nation proud," Xena reported to the Queen.

Gabrielle stood slowly and deliberately and brought Xena's head down for a kiss. Xena willingly obliged and wrapped her hands around Gabrielle's waist. As Xena's tongue went to work in Gabrielle's mouth, Gabrielle pushed her hips forward and rubbed the bulge of the phallus she was wearing against Xena's crotch.

Xena stood completely still as she registered what it was she was feeling and then slowly pulled out and away from Gabrielle's mouth to look at the little bard.

"Xena, I want you to remove all of your clothing for me."

Xena paused for several moments as she attempted to switch gears. She could feel herself flooding with wetness as her clit started to tense up in arousal. She began removing her weapons.

Gabrielle stepped back and watched as Xena set her sword and chakram on the table and then removed her vambraces and shin guards. She put them down on the table next to the weapons and then unlaced her boots and slipped her feet out of them.

Next, Xena unhooked her breastplate and laid it on the floor. Then she unlaced her leather bodice and let it fall to the floor as well. Her soft linen slip was easily shed and Xena stood before Gabrielle in all her naked glory.

Gabrielle smiled. The warrior had been courteous enough to wash up before returning to their hut, which Gabrielle was quite thankful for. Teaching fighting techniques all morning had a tendency to build a rather thick coating of dirt and sweat, but Xena had made herself squeaky clean for her bard.

Gabrielle walked over to the dresser and picked the black leather collar up. She turned around and walked back over to the Warrior Princess.

"Do I own you?" Gabrielle questioned the naked woman.

"Yes, Mistress," Xena replied and bent forward slightly to accept the symbol of ownership from the Queen.

Gabrielle wrapped the leather around Xena's neck and fastened it at the back. Xena looked around for the leash, but it was nowhere in sight. Then Gabrielle led Xena to the dresser she'd retrieved the collar from and positioned her about a foot and a half in front of it. She spread Xena's legs a little more than shoulder width apart and placed her hands on the edge of the piece of furniture, which came just to Xena's waist. The position caused Xena to bend over slightly, but allowed plenty of room between her body and the front of the chest of drawers.

"Xena, I want you to listen to me very carefully. You are not to move unless I tell you to and if you take your hands off the dresser, I'll stop. Do you understand?"

Xena nodded.

"Do you understand, Xena?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Gabrielle closed her eyes at those sweet words. She still wasn't entirely sure where her need to own Xena had come from, but the fact that Xena loved her and trusted her enough to allow herself to be mastered was an aphrodisiac like no other. Gabrielle could feel herself getting wet already.

Gabrielle opened her eyes and focused on her slave. It was time to put her plan into action.

Gabrielle ducked under Xena's right arm and faced the taller woman. Gabrielle's back was to the dresser, while the front of her clothed body brushed against Xena's naked one.

Gabrielle pulled at Xena's neck to bring her down for a kiss. Their lips met softly and Gabrielle enjoyed the sensation of just having her mouth pressed against Xena's. Then she parted her lips and tasted the inside of Xena's open mouth.

Xena gently pulled on Gabrielle's tongue to draw her in deeper and Gabrielle willingly complied with the silent request. She loved filling Xena's mouth with her tongue. She loved covering Xena's mouth completely so that Xena was forced to breathe through her nose, which always caused her to breathe hard, a sound that, all by itself, could make Gabrielle drip.

Gabrielle's hands clutched at the sides of Xena's head and held her still, while Gabrielle used her tongue, lips, and teeth to devour Xena's mouth. Gabrielle pressed her lower body into Xena's and let the tall woman feel the tucked phallus between her legs. Xena groaned a little and Gabrielle could feel Xena's muscles tensing to move her forward, but Xena controlled herself and remained where she was.

Gabrielle smiled at the small show of willpower and decided to go a little further. She moved Xena's head to the side and began sucking on her neck in between peppering it with little kisses and licks. Gabrielle sucked hard and constantly checked her work, not stopping on a certain area until there was a bright reddish purple symbol of her continuous attention.

Gabrielle turned Xena's head to the other side and began again. She licked at the soft skin and then bit down into the muscle at Xena's shoulder until the woman cried out. But as soon as Gabrielle released the skin, she realized she wanted more, so she moved a little higher and took another bite. She continued to increase the pressure until Xena moaned again, but this time, she didn't stop.

Gabrielle bit down harder and began sucking. Xena's breathing came in moaned gasps and she gripped the edge of the dresser until her knuckles turned white. The pain and the pleasure mixed and made her want to push her sex against Gabrielle, an insane part of her mind believing that would ease the pressure inside her.

Gabrielle slowly eased off and began kissing and licking the abused area. Xena's panting breaths slowed down and she was able to loosen her tight grip on the dresser. Gabrielle went back to kissing all over Xena's neck and nipped at the underside of Xena's chin until she came around the side and was able to latch onto Xena's mouth again.

Xena put everything she had into the kiss. She had to let Gabrielle know how good she felt, how much she wanted what Gabrielle was giving. But then Gabrielle slowly pulled her mouth away and began a slow descent down the middle of Xena's body.

Gabrielle licked her tongue over Xena's slightly sweaty chest. Gabrielle's hands slid down and cupped the sides of Xena's breasts. Then Gabrielle focused on kissing all of the skin above and between the warrior's tits.

Gabrielle puckered her lips and sucked at the flesh that marked where Xena's breasts began at the top of her chest. Gabrielle glided her hands along Xena's sides and around to her back. She brushed at Xena's long black hair and pulled Xena closer to her, but Gabrielle made sure to keep her lower body in place so that Xena didn't move her feet.

Xena braced herself against her arms and let the sensations of Gabrielle's mouth sucking and licking at the tops of her breasts consume her. Gabrielle's clothing brushed against Xena's nipples every once in a while, but it wasn't doing anything to ease the ache that not having Gabrielle's mouth on her tits was creating.

Gabrielle brought her hands forward and cupped the undersides of Xena's breasts. She brought the heavy mounds to her mouth and began kissing all around the nipples, going back and forth between the two swollen globes. Xena tried to push her chest a little farther forward into Gabrielle's face, but Gabrielle ignored the small movements.

Gabrielle bent down a little more and licked underneath Xena's raised breasts. Xena was panting slightly, which made keeping a similar amount of pressure throughout the entire lick a little difficult, but Gabrielle managed.

Finally, Gabrielle closed her mouth around Xena's left nipple and sucked on it.

"Yes, Mistress," Xena cried out and did everything in her power, which wasn't much, to keep Gabrielle where she was.

Gabrielle smiled around the nipple in her mouth and then bit down on it. Xena cried out again and Gabrielle began to suck and graze her teeth over the hard little protuberance. Gabrielle knew she would do just about anything to keep those sounds coming from Xena.

Xena's body had begun rocking some time ago and Gabrielle obligingly pushed the semi-hard lump of the phallus against Xena's pubis. Xena grunted and pushed hard against the sudden, but welcome, stimulus. Xena's hips swirled in a circle to cause the phallus to rub over her exposed clit and Gabrielle helped by twisting her hips in the opposite direction.

Gabrielle continued to suck on Xena's tit as she moved her hands down to Xena's hips to better control the larger woman's movements. Gabrielle held Xena still, while she pushed the soft cock against Xena's crotch in a well-known rhythm.

Xena groaned and pushed her hips slightly forward and back to increase the sensations Gabrielle was inducing. Then Gabrielle took the cock away and began kissing down Xena's stomach. Xena whimpered at the loss between her legs, but given Gabrielle's current direction, Xena was pretty sure she'd be getting something else to replace it soon.

Gabrielle licked at the skin just above Xena's hairline and kissed along the entire edge. Xena did her best not to thrust her hips forward and into Gabrielle's face, but Gabrielle could still see and feel the small rocking movements of Xena's pelvis.

Gabrielle kissed the crevice between Xena's labia and felt the small hardness of Xena's clit. She heard Xena gasp.

"Please," Xena whispered.

Gabrielle licked the crease of Xena's right thigh and then moved her mouth to the other side to kiss the left one. Gabrielle nudged Xena's inner thighs with the backs of her hands and Xena repositioned her legs farther apart. She leaned forward slightly and placed most of her weight on her arms.

Gabrielle let herself sink all the way to the floor and relaxed her muscles. She kissed the insides of Xena's thighs and licked all the way up to Xena's mound, starting with the left and then moving to the right. When she reached Xena's pubic hair the second time, she used her index fingers to part Xena's labia and then looked up Xena's long body.

"Xena? You must tell me when you think you're going to cum. Do you understand?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena took a moment to understand the order and the question, but then she nodded her head.

"Yes, Mistress," Xena replied and then went back to trying to breathe normally, though she wasn't having much luck.

Gabrielle ducked her head and immediately went to work. She licked at Xena's clit, starting from the bottom and drawing her tongue all the way to the top. After a half-dozen licks, Gabrielle changed tactics and gently sucked Xena's clit into her mouth. She wasn't rough and she applied very little pressure. She wanted this to build.

Xena tried not to let her body get away from her. She loved having Gabrielle's mouth on her and she wanted to prolong that feeling of wet warmth against her clit forever. But Xena could feel the pleasure intensifying already.

Gabrielle sucked in a gentle rhythm and let her hands rest against the outsides of Xena's thighs. She was perfectly content to sit there and suck on Xena all day. Her tongue enjoyed the textures that made up Xena's sex and the taste of clean warrior juice was intoxicating.

Gabrielle released Xena's clit from her lips and made her tongue into a hardened point. Then she pushed against the soft flesh surrounding Xena's clit and dragged her tongue all over Xena's sex. Her movements were completely random, so there was no rhythm for Xena to move with. It was frustrating and at the same time it continued to fuel Xena's rise towards orgasm.

Gabrielle eventually flattened her tongue and went back to sweeping it up and over Xena's wet lips and hard little clit. She wasn't getting the sounds from Xena that she wanted, though, so she abruptly pushed her face hard into Xena and began sucking at the woman's throbbing clit with a purpose. But Xena's sudden small cries and whimpers only made Gabrielle want to hear more and hear them louder, so Gabrielle licked and sucked and pulled at Xena's clit with a vengeance. Xena yelled Gabrielle's name several times and then finally managed a halfway coherent sentence.

"Gabrielle. Gabrielle, please, I'm gonna cum. Don't stop, please, I wanna cum," Xena requested futilely as she felt Gabrielle's mouth pull away.

"Not yet, Xena. I have so much more planned for you before I give you release," Gabrielle promised.

Xena groaned. She'd known as soon as Gabrielle had told her to announce her impending climax that she wouldn't get to have it for a while. But Xena also knew that the torture of suppressing her orgasm would be well worth the final result.

Gabrielle slowly brought herself back up to a standing position, kissing her way up Xena's body as she did, and then took Xena's mouth with her own. She darted her tongue in and out of Xena's mouth and licked around Xena's tongue, as the warrior's own strong oral muscle pushed its way into the bard's mouth.

Xena could smell herself all over Gabrielle's face and she tasted herself in Gabrielle's mouth. She wanted to wrap her arms around the small Queen, but she stayed in control and didn't let go of the dresser's wooden edge.

Gabrielle looked down between their bodies and watched as she ground herself against Xena's pubic bone and moved her hands down to cup Xena's ass. Gabrielle pulled Xena in tight to her body and thrust her hips against the taller woman's sex. Then Gabrielle released her hold on Xena's butt cheeks and glided her fingertips over Xena's hips, up her sides, and finally wrapped them in Xena's hair at the back of her neck. The feel of the solid leather collar underneath her wrists sent waves of sexual pleasure through her body.

Gabrielle looked back up into heated blue eyes and crushed her mouth against Xena's. She owned this woman. Xena loved her and there wasn't anything Gabrielle wouldn't do for Xena in return. The pleasure they took in each other's bodies was incredible and overwhelming. Maybe a little too overwhelming.

Xena's one thought was that she needed to be closer to Gabrielle and her body picked up on that thought and acted on it before she could stop herself. She pushed herself forward and pinned Gabrielle's body against the dresser as she attacked Gabrielle's mouth, though her hands never left their place on the top of the dresser.

Gabrielle stopped the kiss and gently, but strongly, pushed Xena back to her previous position.

"I don't remember telling you to move, do you?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena looked down.

"Do you remember me saying you could move?" Gabrielle questioned again.

"No, Mistress," Xena shook her head.

Damn it. She was supposed to have more control than that.

"Do you think you should be punished for your disobedience?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena looked up, a little startled.


"Yes, punished. Do you think you should be punished for disobeying me?"

Xena opened her mouth to respond, but then decided against it. She was about to argue, but she had a feeling that wasn't the response Gabrielle was looking for. However, she still couldn't completely give up all her efforts at getting out of being reprimanded, so she shrugged her shoulders in compromise. Gabrielle frowned.

"Are you saying you don't deserve any consequences for your actions, Xena?"

Xena remained quiet. She knew what Gabrielle was looking for, but she wasn't sure she could give it.

"Xena, trust me," Gabrielle whispered and waited patiently.

Xena looked up and found warm green eyes watching her for a response. Xena cautiously nodded, but even as her head bobbed for the first time in assent, she knew she had faith in Gabrielle. Whatever her Mistress decided to do to her, Xena would accept.

"I want to hear you say it, Xena," Gabrielle said in her normal voice again.

Xena, now committed to her course, swallowed.

"I think I should be punished for disobeying you," Xena said quietly, but clearly.

"Let me see what I can come up with," Gabrielle smirked and her eyes flashed at Xena as she ducked her head to begin kissing Xena's chest the way she had before.

Xena closed her eyes at the feel of the warm wet lips caressing her upper body. They went from one side to the other, leaving not a single inch of skin untouched. As Gabrielle worked her way down, Xena tried to understand how this could possibly be a punishment.

Gabrielle wet her lips again and continued to kiss the flesh that came under her mouth as she moved her head a little to one side or the other for each new contact and began an indescribably slow descent down Xena's body again. It took her several minutes just to reach the tops of Xena's breasts again, but she then she skipped over them and started on Xena's stomach.

Xena felt Gabrielle's tongue circle her navel and then Gabrielle went back and forth between kissing and licking, as she traveled in a spiral out from Xena's belly button. The skin was smooth and slightly salty from the warrior's sweat, but the little humming sounds coming from Gabrielle told Xena she was enjoying herself.

It wasn't until she felt Gabrielle start on her right thigh that Xena finally understood what her punishment was. Gabrielle was going to drive her insane by kissing every inch of her body, except for the parts that Xena most wanted to have kissed.

Gabrielle licked all over Xena's muscled thigh and used her hands to stroke up and down Xena's calves. Gabrielle looked up at Xena as she moved over to work on the left thigh and saw the desperate look in Xena's eyes. Sweat had plastered her bangs to her forehead and she looked like she'd just run an Amazon obstacle course. She met the plea in Xena's eyes with a smirk that said, "If only you'd obeyed me in the first place…"

Xena whimpered as she felt Gabrielle's tongue lightly touch the top of her left thigh and slide down. There was no getting out of this. And it wasn't like it was unpleasant, but it was frustrating as Hades. She knew if she moved again, it would just prolong the torture. Then again, Gabrielle might come up with something even worse. Xena focused all her attention on taking the punishment without moving.

Gabrielle reveled in the taste of Xena's skin, as well as the softness of it, even though the muscle underneath was tightened to the hardness of rock. Gabrielle reached up from where she had been gliding her fingers up and down Xena's calves and began kneading the stiff muscles of the tense woman's thighs.

Xena groaned and Gabrielle dug her fingers into the tight muscles even harder. She massaged as her mouth continued to lick and kiss and bite at Xena's skin. After a few minutes, Gabrielle stopped and leaned her back against the dresser to look up at Xena's face, which showed a good impression of rapture and pain combined.

Xena opened her eyes and looked down. Gabrielle had a very intense look on her face and she seemed to be making a decision. Then Xena watched as Gabrielle moved to the side and took up a position behind Xena's legs. When she felt Gabrielle's lips on the back of her right knee, she almost buckled. Gabrielle was trying to kill her. Xena had completely forgotten that there was more skin behind her.

Gabrielle moved slowly and steadily up the back of Xena's thigh. She'd wanted to take Xena right then, but she wanted Xena to know that she would keep her promises. Xena had to be punished for disobeying, even if that punishment ended up causing Gabrielle just as much torture.

As Gabrielle grazed her teeth up the incredibly soft and smooth skin of Xena's thigh, she could smell Xena's scent getting stronger and stronger. A quick look confirmed that Xena's essence was dripping down the insides of her thighs and Gabrielle stretched out her tongue to take a little taste.

Xena didn't know how she managed to do it, but she remained perfectly still as she felt Gabrielle's tongue lick up some of the wetness coating her thighs. Xena wanted nothing more than to push back onto that tongue, but she reminded herself that all she had left was the other thigh and her back and then Gabrielle would hopefully put her out of her misery. She couldn't, however, contain the harsh gasp and deep moan that left her body at that intimate touch.

Gabrielle was almost her own undoing. She'd been unable to resist that little temptation and the sounds that issued from Xena's mouth were more than enough encouragement to continue. But Gabrielle reluctantly pulled her tongue back and moved on to Xena's left thigh, peppering it with soft kisses and scrapes of her tongue.

Gabrielle straightened her back as much as she could and went to work on kissing Xena's ass. In any other circumstance, it would have been very funny, but the sensitive skin of Xena's ass cheeks sent waves of pleasure directly to her clit with each touch of Gabrielle's mouth on them. And when she felt Gabrielle begin to suck, she couldn't help but cry out softly in appreciation.

"Oh, Gods, I love that sound, Xena," Gabrielle whispered as she stood up from her worship and cupped her hands on Xena's butt.

She stretched her back and legs for a moment and then bent over to pick up where she'd left off at the base of Xena's spine. She knew the skin there was highly sensitive and gripped Xena's hips to ensure that the woman held still. She lowered her mouth and kissed at the small dip just above the tailbone. Xena shivered and gripped the edge of the dresser tightly.

Gabrielle moved slowly up Xena's back and sucked at the skin with each kiss. Xena's breathing picked up and she opened her eyes wide in an attempt to focus them on something. The pressure that was building inside of her was unbelievable. She wasn't sure where or how Gabrielle had learned that particular technique, but the effect was unprecedented. When Gabrielle finally reached the base of Xena's neck and bit into her right shoulder, Xena was sure she was going to cum on the spot.

"Oh, Gabrielle!"

Gabrielle bit harder and rubbed the bulge of her soft cock into the cleft of Xena's ass.

"I want to take you," Gabrielle whispered harshly as she released Xena's shoulder.

"Yes! Please," Xena begged and pushed her ass back into Gabrielle.

"I haven't taken your ass yet," Gabrielle mentioned.

Xena stilled and turned her head a little to look at Gabrielle out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't really see Gabrielle, but she didn't need to. She faced her eyes forward again and spread her feet slightly more apart as she bent further forward.

"It's yours," Xena acceded to her Mistress' desire.

Gabrielle felt her whole body push into the back of Xena's body at the admission and a new flood of wetness pooled at her core. She gently eased her body away from Xena's and reached around her for the ridged sheath. She lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties and tossed them aside. She raised her skirt again and held the soft phallus up while she fitted the sheath over it and buttoned it in place. Then she reached for the small hand towel and tucked it into the back of her belt for later.

Gabrielle went back down to her knees and reached up with her hand to touch Xena's sex. It was drenched and Gabrielle's eyes closed at the sensation of so much hot liquid coating her fingers as she dragged them over Xena's lips. Xena whimpered loudly and pushed herself back onto the hand. Gabrielle let Xena set the pace and moved her fingers in accordance with Xena's natural rhythm.

Xena felt like her body was trying to come apart. She was so sensitized from all the touches she'd had to endure that even the simple pressure of Gabrielle's hand against her clit pushed her close to orgasm.

"Gabrielle… Please, I'm going to cum if you don't stop," Xena told her Mistress, though she knew she had to be crazy to actually ask Gabrielle to discontinue what she was doing at this point.

Gabrielle nodded her head in understanding, though Xena couldn't see her, and moved her thoroughly wet hand back toward Xena's anus. She coated the puckered opening with copious amounts of fluid and gently worked her index finger just inside the first ring of muscle, then past the second ring, before pulling out again.

Xena was so tight, but the groan that came from her chest caused Gabrielle to push inside once again. The inside of Xena's ass was so smooth. Gabrielle was amazed at the intense feeling of arousal that came over her from being inside Xena this way.

It hadn't been entirely accurate to say that she hadn't taken Xena's ass yet. She'd used her pinky finger to penetrate Xena's anus when she'd taken the warrior that first time in front of Miklios and everyone else. But she had yet to really fuck Xena's ass and that was what she wanted to do.

Gabrielle pulled her finger out again and then pushed in up to her second knuckle. Xena groaned loudly and gyrated her hips back toward Gabrielle. Gabrielle twisted her finger around inside Xena and was delighted with the sound it forced out of Xena. It was surprising how large Xena felt inside once Gabrielle had gotten past the tight entrance. She continued to move her finger around and Xena couldn't stop moaning at the intense feelings Gabrielle was generating in her.

Gabrielle pulled her finger almost all the way out and then pushed back inside slowly. She went past her second knuckle and didn't stop her invasion until her finger was completely enveloped by the warrior's tight ass. Gabrielle withdrew her finger just up to her second knuckle and then pushed back in. She started to move at a more regular pace and Xena matched her, pushing herself back onto Gabrielle's finger with great pleasure.

It wasn't long before Gabrielle could tell that her digit was being accepted way too easily and she slowly added her middle finger to the action. Xena's head flopped forward as she moaned at the increased amount being pushed inside of her asshole. The sensations had begun to ease off, but the extra finger put her right back at the beginning again.

Gabrielle didn't wait this time and inserted her fingers all the way inside on the second attempt. She left them there for a moment and moved them around a little to check out their new favorite home. As she pulled back out, she tried to pull her fingers apart to help widen Xena's anus a little more with each thrust.

It worked very well and soon Gabrielle was adding a third finger, though she found it difficult to push them all the way inside. She decided getting Xena's ass to take her up to the second knuckle was progress enough. She worked Xena slowly and gently and was rewarded with constant moaning from her slave.

Xena was lost in the act of having her ass taken by her Mistress. In all her days of sexual revelry, Xena had never once let anyone else take her in such a manner. She'd definitely had opportunities and had taken others, both men and women, but letting anyone else have her that way had been unacceptable to her. She'd indulged in touching herself that way during masturbation, but that was as far as she'd even gone with it. Now, all she could think of was having Gabrielle take her like this every day.

"Fuck me, Mistress. Please, fuck my ass," Xena panted out with several groans as Gabrielle's fingers eased in and out of her.

Gabrielle couldn't hold back the tide of emotions that swept over her at those words. There was something so carnal about Xena in this moment. Gabrielle was positive that if anyone interrupted them right now, they'd be dead before they hit the floor.

Gabrielle gently withdrew her fingers from Xena's ass and then wiped them off with the towel she'd stuffed into her belt. She tucked it back in and then stood up. She positioned herself behind Xena and began running her cock between Xena's exposed wet lips. With the amount of juices that Xena was creating, it took very little time to ensure that the phallus was properly coated.

Gabrielle pulled back and held Xena's butt cheeks apart. She felt with one of her hands and then guided the tip of her cock to Xena's anal opening. She gently pushed forward and felt Xena immediately tense up.

"It's okay, Xena. I'm just going to stay here and you can push back onto my cock when you feel ready."

Gabrielle did as she'd promised and waited as Xena slowly pushed back, tensing a little every now and then, and then moving back a little more. Gabrielle felt it immediately when the head of the phallus was accepted into Xena's ass and she held onto Xena's hips to steady her.

"Oh Gods, Gabrielle," Xena cried out.

The feeling was more intense than anything Xena had ever felt before. There was simply nothing to compare it to. She felt more full than she ever had in her entire life and as Gabrielle continued to push deeper inside her, she couldn't stop wishing for more.

Gabrielle felt her stomach tighten and forced herself to take it slow. The gasping breaths she could hear coming from Xena made her want to fuck the Warrior Princess hard until she had her begging for mercy, but she calmed herself and moved only a fraction of the pace she hoped Xena would be able to take eventually.

Xena was drowning in a deep pool of pleasure and she prayed that no one would try to rescue her. She could feel each ridge of the cock as it entered her ass and when Gabrielle was finally all the way inside, Xena basked in the wonderful throbbing she felt as Gabrielle just let her experience the full length and diameter of the phallus impaling her.

Gabrielle couldn't believe Xena's ass had taken her entire cock. It had been exquisite to watch Xena take the phallus all the way inside her. Gabrielle had never imagined the effect that being inside Xena's ass like this would have on her own libido. She never wanted to move from this spot.

Gabrielle ran her hands up and down Xena's back and felt the hard muscles causing Xena's body to rock slightly. Apparently, Xena felt the same way.

"This feels incredible, Xena," Gabrielle exhaled and Xena's head bobbed up and down in agreement.


Gabrielle waited.

"Fuck my ass, please. Please, Gabrielle," Xena pleaded and pushed backward to emphasize exactly what she wanted.

Gabrielle felt a shiver run through her body at the simple request.

"Ask me again, my slave," Gabrielle instructed.

Xena heard the term and understood what she needed to do in order to get what she wanted.

"Mistress, please fuck my ass."

Gabrielle couldn't wait any longer and slowly pulled out, only to push all the way back in again an instant later. Just the feeling of that one thrust sent waves of pleasure through Gabrielle, along with a need to do it again. There was nothing stopping her, so she granted her own wish.

Xena found herself incapable of using words as her body took over and grunts and groans were issued from her mouth. The intensity was beyond anything she'd ever known. Yes, Gabrielle had made her pass out before, but that was from overload. This seemed to be deeper somehow and she knew she would not lose consciousness from this, but that meant it could go on for as long as Gabrielle could keep her going.

There was nothing for Xena to do but to take it and that was all she really wanted to do at the moment. All of her attention was focused on her ass and the sensation of Gabrielle moving her cock in and out of the tight opening. A part of her almost wanted it to stop, the intensity feeling like it was about to become too much in the next moment, but then she couldn't imagine doing anything else except take more.

Gabrielle couldn't stop her slow thrusts from picking up speed and Xena's movements only encouraged her to go faster. Gabrielle just couldn't get enough. She watched everything, taking in the arch of Xena's back, the muscles tensing and flexing, the way Xena's head moved from side to side or up and down with the sounds she made, and the length of the cock disappearing into Xena's ass, only to reappear a moment later.

There was also the small phallus inside her own body that was being moved with each thrust of her hips, but Gabrielle realized that what she really wanted was something on her clit. Her first thought was Xena's mouth, but that would make what they were doing now impossible to continue. So Gabrielle decided to enjoy what was happening and deal with those particular needs later. Right now, she was indulging another need.

Xena began thrusting her body back onto the cock with a vengeance. She wanted more and she wanted it fast. Gabrielle obliged and did her best to match Xena's rhythm. It was hard and pounding and the reverberations from each smack of their bodies added to the pleasure that rolled through both of them.

Gabrielle pulled at Xena's hips to slam her back onto the phallus even harder. The sounds Xena was making were driving Gabrielle insane. She wanted to make her cum. She wanted to hear Xena scream her name.


Gabrielle smiled. Xena was reading her mind, though that had been nothing close to a scream.

"Gabrielle, you fell out."

Gabrielle stopped.

"Are you sure?"

Gabrielle hadn't pulled back far enough from Xena's ass for the phallus to come out.

Xena laughed, a little out of breath.

"Yeah, I'm sure. You slipped out."

Gabrielle took a step back and looked down at the phallus. At first, she didn't recognize what she saw and it took a moment for it to sink in.

"Um, well, actually, I think there's a good reason for that," Gabrielle said and started to laugh.



Xena stood up straight and turned around. She figured it was okay to let go of the dresser, since Gabrielle had given her a direct order.

"Oh my Gods," Xena said in disbelief.

The phallus hung towards the ground, the base of the poor thing having been split, and they both watched as it slowly continued to separate into two pieces until it fell lifeless to the floor.

Gabrielle couldn't stop laughing. This was just too funny, but then she looked up at Xena's forlorn face and tried to calm the laughter down.

"I'm sorry, Xena. I guess we got a little too rough with it. But I didn't think we did that much to it," Gabrielle puzzled.

"You killed it," Xena said plaintively.

"It's okay, we'll get another one," Gabrielle tried to soothe her sexually frustrated mate.

"Yeah, but I really liked that one. We don't have another one like it," Xena continued to pout.

"Well, we do have other ones to substitute in the meantime," Gabrielle decided to take a practical approach as she began loosening the harness and removing the useless base of the dead phallus.

"I guess so," Xena didn't want to give up her sulking. She had been just about to cum when she'd felt Gabrielle slip out of her ass.

"Well, it's not like this is the last time we're ever going to do this," Gabrielle tried to reason again.

"True," Xena conceded.

"In fact, get your hands back on that dresser. This'll only take me a moment to fix."

Xena did as she was told, but she was already thinking of what she was going to do to a particular Amazon craftswoman.

Gabrielle gingerly removed the slimy base of the phallus and quickly tossed it in a garbage bucket near the door. She was actually a lot more pissed off than she appeared. She did not like having her plans derailed like that and now it was going to take some work to get Xena back on track. Gabrielle bent down and picked up the remains of the phallus off the floor.

"Well, at least it died a warrior's death," she smirked and heard Xena chuckle.

"Yeah, in service to the Queen," Xena mumbled under her breath with a smile and got a light slap to her butt for it.

Gabrielle set the thing in the bucket for later burial and then went to Xena's saddlebags. They did have plenty of other toys to use, but there were no replacements for that particular size or those ridges that Xena seemed to like so much. So Gabrielle went with one of the phalli she'd used before on Xena and slipped it into the harness before securing it all in place again.

Gabrielle returned to Xena, but instead of her previous position, she maneuvered herself in front of the tall woman. She let the dry phallus rest between Xena's thighs and moved her hips a little to start coating the thick shaft with Xena's ever-present juices.

"I know you liked me in your ass, and we will definitely be doing that again, but why don't we move onto something else?" Gabrielle suggested.

She began sliding the cock back and forth through Xena's folds and saw the lust forming again in Xena's eyes. Xena nodded in agreement with Gabrielle's plan and began rocking her hips in time with Gabrielle's.

"That's it. You know you still want it," Gabrielle encouraged.

Xena's eyes closed as she took in the new sensations Gabrielle was creating for her along with the voice she knew could bring her closer to orgasm than anything else. Except maybe Gabrielle's touch. Xena shook her head. It was a toss-up which affected her more. But Xena knew one thing for sure. Gabrielle's voice and touch working in concert never failed to send her over the edge.

"Yes, Xena. It feels good, doesn't it?" Xena nodded. "You want more?" Xena nodded again. "Tell me. Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me," Xena managed to get out.

"Tell me, Xena," Gabrielle commanded.

Xena didn't know how Gabrielle did that with her voice, made it drop so low and sexy, but Xena couldn't refuse her Mistress' request.

"Fuck my pussy," she whispered.

Gabrielle wasted no time in reaching down to pull the cock up into position so that she could push it inside Xena's cunt. The deep groan that Xena let out sent tingles throughout Gabrielle's body. Xena lowered herself down onto the phallus to get it in as deeply as she could and Gabrielle sealed her hips to Xena's.

They moved in unison and Xena let herself sink into the sensations of Gabrielle's cock moving inside her. Xena gripped the dresser more tightly to keep herself from letting go and wrapping her arms around Gabrielle. She knew Gabrielle would keep her promise of stopping if she disobeyed now, no matter how much it would torture Gabrielle, too. A good Mistress always keeps her promises.

Gabrielle squeezed Xena's hips and then slid her hands up Xena's sides and around her back. Her right hand just reached the base of Xena's neck, while her left hand went in the opposite direction and pulled Xena's body into her own at the middle of her back. Gabrielle continued to move slowly in and out of Xena's vagina and could feel the ride getting smoother and smoother the wetter Xena became.

Gabrielle buried her head between Xena's breasts and breathed in the tall woman's scent. It was an aphrodisiac and only made Gabrielle thrust harder into Xena, though she continued the slow pace she'd set. Then she latched onto one of Xena's nipples and began a long hard suck.

Xena groaned and then whimpered out her gasp as Gabrielle's mouth closed over her tit. Her body had been assaulted with erotic touches almost from the moment she'd walked into the hut and it was getting to be almost impossible to hold back any longer.

Gabrielle grabbed at the hair in her fingers and pulled back. At the same time, she brought her left hand around and reached between their bodies. It was a little difficult to pinpoint the spot she wanted with all the movement going on between their hips, but she did manage to slip her fingers between Xena's swollen lips and knew immediately when she'd found Xena's clit.

"Oh Gods! Gabrielle! Please, let mee…"

Xena couldn't even finish her sentence as she came for Gabrielle. Her fingernails dug into the wood of the dresser and then her arms were wrapped around Gabrielle, trying to pull Gabrielle's cock harder inside her. The tide shifted with that maneuver and Xena felt the adrenaline pump through her body as the need to reciprocate took over.

In moments, Xena forced Gabrielle to the floor and covered the small body with her own larger one. With one hand, Xena held both of Gabrielle's wrists above her head, and with the other, she loosened the fastenings that held the harness in place. Gabrielle let out a slight gasp as the small dildo was pulled out of her, but it was immediately replaced with two of Xena's long fingers.

Xena repositioned herself slightly to get a better angle and then let her thumb graze over Gabrielle's clit with each thrust of her hand. Gabrielle was soaked from her long focus on Xena's pleasure and Xena took advantage of the copious amount of lubrication to ease her movements inside the small bard.

Gabrielle's hips rose to meet Xena's pumping fingers and she couldn't help but struggle a little against her captivity. The gleam she saw in Xena's eyes told her it was greatly appreciated, but that she wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Xena maneuvered her left leg over Gabrielle's and then used the back of her heel and the front of her knee to ensure that Gabrielle's legs would remain apart, regardless of what the girl might want. Gabrielle continued to struggle with her wrists and upper body, but she widened her legs in response to Xena's presence there, which let Xena know Gabrielle had no real desire to be anywhere else.

Xena soon added a third finger and used arm muscles strengthened from constant swordplay to ram her fingers harshly into Gabrielle's cunt repeatedly. Her grip on Gabrielle's wrists tightened and she lowered her head to savagely bite and suck at Gabrielle's neck. The cries issuing from Gabrielle's mouth took on a broken quality and Xena pulled her head up to see tears trickle down Gabrielle's temples and land in her ears.

But Xena didn't stop her rough movements. She studied Gabrielle's eyes intently to see if the blonde truly wanted her to discontinue how she was treating the bard. Though Xena saw a little pain and a little more fear, there was no loss of will. Gabrielle could still tell Xena to stop if she wanted to.

With that, Xena let herself go and fucked her bard relentlessly. The only real goal she had in mind was to go deeper and harder and that's exactly what she did. Her fingers reached inside Gabrielle's opening and grazed over the hard ball again and again and Gabrielle screamed in pleasurable pain as her insides were pummeled. Gabrielle continued to try to get away, but Xena's grip was better than a pair of Hephaestus' shackles and all Gabrielle managed to do was rub her wrists raw.

Xena pounded into Gabrielle over and over again, pulling her fingers all the way out and then pushing them as far back in as she could get. Xena watched Gabrielle work her mouth to try to say something, but she couldn't seem to get the words out. Then she gave up and spread her legs wider.

Xena wasted no time answering Gabrielle's physical request and added a fourth finger. She increased the force and tempo of her thrusts as well and watched as Gabrielle's body convulsed. Xena wasn't prepared for the sudden scream that deafened her, but she didn't let it stop her, and she continued pumping in and out of Gabrielle's vagina until Gabrielle stopped thrusting up onto her hand.

Finally, they both lay quiet and Xena released the bard's wrists. Gabrielle immediately curled up into Xena's waiting embrace.

"You're incredible," Gabrielle whispered into Xena's naked chest.

"I have many skills," Xena replied and felt Gabrielle laugh softly in response.

Gabrielle eventually leaned back and gazed up at Xena's intense stare. Xena slowly reached her hand out and began untying the laces that held Gabrielle's halter in place. Gabrielle looked down at Xena's hand and then back up to the warrior's face in a none-too-puzzled expression.

"I want more," Xena said in answer to Gabrielle's look.

"Oh, you do, huh?" Gabrielle replied with a smirk.

"Yes, I do," Xena said seriously. "I need more."

Xena pulled the last of the leather thong away and gently spread the two flaps of the top to the side. Her gaze was incendiary and Gabrielle offered no protest when Xena's hot hands closed over her bared breasts and squeezed. Xena kneaded the fleshy mounds for several moments before pulling her hands away and placing them on the floor to the sides of Gabrielle's shoulders. She leaned down and gently sucked an earlobe between her lips before releasing it again.

"Let me make love to you, Gabrielle," Xena whispered and Gabrielle felt a shiver run through her entire body.

"Please," Gabrielle groaned back.

Xena sat up and got to her knees beside Gabrielle and then picked her up. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena's shoulders and held on as she was carried to the bed that had been neglected so far. Xena gently placed the bard on the soft mattress of tightly woven linen stuffed with plant fibers and then helped her sit up to completely remove the unlaced top. Then she eased Gabrielle back down and lovingly removed the bard's boots before slowly sliding off her skirt.

Once Gabrielle was as bereft of clothing as Xena, the Warrior Princess lowered herself down onto the Amazon Queen's beautiful body and sighed as she found home again. There was no thought as she naturally began to nuzzle Gabrielle's neck with soft kisses and whispers of love. She progressed to light sucking, but didn't go beyond that point.

Gabrielle tingled from her neck all the way down to her toes and she could feel similar sensations running over her scalp as Xena ran gentle fingers through her hair. The change from only a few minutes ago was amazing. Gabrielle had felt like her body was being ripped apart, the roughness of Xena's thrusts and the binding of her wrists sending her into an uncontrolled orgasm. But now, the complete lack of harshness warmed her to the core and brought a new flow of wetness to her center.

Xena moved her lips up Gabrielle's chin and softly covered the mouth beneath her own. Their tongues met and neither of them was able to contain the quiet groans that came from the moist contact. Gabrielle threaded her fingers through Xena's hair and tightened her grip to create a very pleasurable sensation at the back of Xena's neck, just above the leather collar. Xena pressed her mouth harder into Gabrielle's and filled the orifice with her strong tongue. Gabrielle sucked it in and maintained her grip on Xena's head to keep her front and center.

Both of them grunted in satisfaction and Gabrielle spread her legs wider to bring Xena's sex closer to her own. They rocked against each other in an attempt to increase each other's enjoyment and Xena pulled back from the kiss to look into Gabrielle's eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you," Gabrielle affirmed.

Xena lowered her head again and brushed her lips across Gabrielle's. She held her breath for a moment and just felt the electricity flow through her body from the gentle contact. Then she exhaled through her nose and slowly deepened the kiss until the intensity was back to its former heights.

Gabrielle's fingers clawed at Xena's back to pull her as tightly into her body as she possibly could. Her legs lifted up and wrapped around Xena's hips and she crossed her ankles behind Xena's back to let the warrior know she wasn't moving for a while.

Xena had other plans though. She disengaged from the bard's lips and grinned as she began sliding down the woman's body. She kissed the moist skin along the centerline of Gabrielle's chest. Gabrielle had to release her hold on Xena's body when the dark-haired woman's arms hooked over her thighs.

Gabrielle lowered her legs for a moment, but then Xena's arms were underneath the backs of her thighs and pushing up. Gabrielle re-crossed her ankles on top of Xena's back and repositioned her lower back to push her center up into Xena's face more comfortably. Her hands wrapped in Xena's long hair and she saw Xena grin up at her again, Xena's chin slightly brushing against the soft curly hair around her entrance.

Xena tightened her hold on Gabrielle's thighs and then lowered her head to provide a little more pressure to the opening her chin was resting over. She circled the area and darted out her tongue to test the waters. She had originally meant it to be just a tease, but the taste immediately went straight to the sexual center of her brain and it took over from her more rational self.

Xena pushed her face into the blonde's sex and licked and sucked with abandon at Gabrielle's labia and vaginal entrance. Gabrielle's little whimpers and gasps fueled Xena's carnal feasting and Gabrielle tightened her grip on Xena's head as the warrior continued to ignore the bard's clit.

Xena softened her tongue and dragged it through every crevice she could find. She could tell that Gabrielle was trying not to move, but the woman was still bucking all over the place. Xena sucked at Gabrielle's pussy lips and held the flesh in her mouth with her own soft lips as she used her tongue to caress the wet skin.

Gabrielle's hips moved in an unsteady rhythm to circle up into Xena's face in an attempt to get "more." It was the only word that seemed to have any meaning to Gabrielle at the moment, though "Xena" was in there too, mostly because there was still some part of her that understood that was the only place where "more" could come from.

"Oh yes, Xena..." Gabrielle whispered harshly as Xena's tongue finally raked over her clitoris.

Xena went back to licking around the needy bud and Gabrielle cried out in frustration, but there was nothing she could do to change what the woman was doing to her. And the truth was that Gabrielle didn't really have any complaints. Every touch of Xena's mouth on her sex was wonderful.

Gabrielle felt Xena's tongue lick on either side of her clit and then Xena's lips surrounded the tormented nodule. There was just the slightest bit of sucking and then Gabrielle's breathing went double-time as Xena's tongue began to repeatedly rub over Gabrielle's clit.

The suction increased in intensity and then became rhythmic as Xena focused totally on the extremely sensitive bundle of nerves. Gabrielle couldn't stop the cries that left her mouth and she felt herself nearing the edge. Then Xena slowed the rate of her suckling and eased off on the amount of pressure she'd been using.

Gabrielle didn't protest, though she would have enjoyed release just then. She felt Xena let go of her clit and kiss and lick it several times. Then the woman flattened her tongue and slowly massaged the entire area.

Xena moved her head lower to the entrance below Gabrielle's clit. She circled the opening with the tip of her tongue, then relaxed the muscle and let the top of it brush over the hole. She tasted the surface and then slowly pushed the tip of her tongue at Gabrielle's opening. She licked up the wetness that was coming from inside as Gabrielle groaned. Gabrielle's hips pressed up to try to get Xena deeper, but even the Warrior Princess had her limits. There was just no way she could fill Gabrielle deep enough with her tongue alone and Xena wanted to be in as deep as she could go.

Xena kept up the teasing with her mouth as she decided what she wanted to do. Her tongue stabbed in and out of Gabrielle and the blonde never stopped the grunts of frustrated satisfaction that continued to come from her throat. Finally, Xena made up her mind and disengaged from what she was doing. She gave a few last kisses to the area and then eased her way up Gabrielle's body.

Gabrielle didn't waste any time in letting Xena know how much she'd enjoyed being on the menu and gave Xena a long deep kiss in appreciation. Xena returned the kiss with just as much enthusiasm, but then slowed her oral movements and withdrew as the intensity of the moment wound down.

Xena stared into Gabrielle's loving gaze and felt the passion return full force, though it had never really gone anywhere.

"I want to be inside of you. I love being inside of you," Xena whispered.

"I want to feel you inside of me," Gabrielle replied sincerely.

Gabrielle received another emotionally charged kiss for that admission and then Xena pulled back again to begin her next question.

"With…?" Xena didn't have to finish her sentence as she flicked her eyes back to where they'd been on the floor a short while ago.

Gabrielle nodded.


Xena smiled like she'd just been given her favorite kind of candy and started to sit up.

"I'll be right back."

Xena gave the bard a gentle kiss and then eased herself from between Gabrielle's legs and went in search of the harness. She found it where it had been discarded after she'd pulled it off Gabrielle. It was still slippery from Gabrielle's juices, as well as plenty of her own. She removed the two used phalli from its grasp and then quickly wiped it down with a towel and water from a nearby basin, so that it would stay in place when she put it on. Another towel dried the rig off and Xena found another phallus to attach to it before she secured it to herself.

Gabrielle watched as Xena finished readying herself and then walked back to the bed. Xena climbed in and aligned her body next to Gabrielle's, the phallus resting on Gabrielle's upper thigh. Gabrielle reached down and began stroking the cock and Xena reveled in the erotic tingling sensation she felt at the sight.

Xena leaned over and came within centimeters of Gabrielle's lips and then paused to look into Gabrielle's eyes for a moment. The heat she saw was very encouraging and she smiled in response. Gabrielle answered her with a smile of her own and Xena continued her previous downward movement to bring their lips together.

It was a slow languid kiss that caused both of their heartbeats to pick up their paces and they were suddenly finding it difficult to get enough oxygen into their lungs, but neither of them pulled away. Though Xena was using one arm to support her body half over Gabrielle, her other hand was free and she began using it to touch every bit of exposed flesh that she could.

Gabrielle arched into the caresses, especially when she felt a hand, roughened from long hours of swordplay, move over the nipple of one of her breasts. It instantly hardened and Xena began pinching and pulling at it to keep it that way.

Xena's kisses never penetrated Gabrielle's mouth and they remained soft and slow even as her hand became rougher with its strokes. Every now and then, Xena would dart her tongue out and taste the soft moist lips below her own. Gabrielle's mouth remained open, but the most Xena would do was suck on one of those lips and then release it again to kiss the opening.

Xena finally moved her mouth away and started a gentle trail down Gabrielle's chin to her neck and then back up to her ear. When Gabrielle felt Xena's tongue moving over her ear, she couldn't help the shuddering moan that came from deep within her chest. Xena sucked on the earlobe and raked her teeth over it when she heard what she was doing to Gabrielle. She offered her own moan in response and her pelvis pressed forward against Gabrielle's hip.

Gabrielle let go of the cock she'd been holding and reached for Xena's shoulder to bring the warrior over her body. Xena released the earlobe she'd been licking and sucking on and pushed up so that she could move between Gabrielle's now widespread legs. With one hand holding her up, she used the other one to feel for Gabrielle's opening.

Even though Xena knew how wet Gabrielle was, she couldn't help but groan when she felt the pool that was between Gabrielle's legs. It was incredibly gratifying to know she had that kind of effect on Gabrielle; that Gabrielle wanted her so bad she was dripping. Xena guided the phallus to Gabrielle's sex and slid it all around to coat it with the lubrication that was all Gabrielle. Gabrielle thrust her sex against the hard shaft to help with the process and then held herself up to make it easier for Xena to slide the cock inside her vagina.

There was almost no resistance as Xena guided the phallus in as far as it could go. She stayed like that, completely inside Gabrielle, the entire length of her body pressed into Gabrielle's, and just reveled in the feeling of closeness. She couldn't get over how each time she entered Gabrielle it was like the first time. It was wonderful and there was simply no way for Xena to describe how much she cherished that gift.

Gabrielle let the intense feelings of satisfaction roll through her and allowed a deep guttural moan to come out at being so completely filled. Xena had chosen the perfect size for her, too. She didn't feel like anything was lacking or like she was being stretched too wide. The added weight of Xena's body also intensified the sensations and Gabrielle naturally drew her legs up to let Xena go even deeper.

Xena felt herself sinking further into Gabrielle and used her stomach muscles to help. Gabrielle let out a small whimper and Xena pulled out a little to do it again. She got the same reaction and grinned. She loved the little sounds of pleasure that Gabrielle made, especially when she couldn't stop herself from making them.

Xena worked her cock in and out of Gabrielle's cunt, pulling out a little more each time to add another half inch or so to the length that Gabrielle was feeling moving in and out of her. It wasn't long before Gabrielle could feel the entire shaft of the phallus as it was pulled out of her before it was pushed all the way back in to the hilt.

Gabrielle wrapped her legs around Xena's hips and tried to help Xena thrust deeper and harder. It worked somewhat, but Gabrielle wanted more. Her arms went around Xena's shoulders and she used the friction of her palms to hold onto Xena's shoulder blades and feel them work as Xena pumped in and out of her. She pulled hard against Xena's body and pushed her hips up to meet each of Xena's thrusts.

Xena felt her own pleasure building again as the base of the phallus rubbed against her pubic bone. She knew she'd be sore the next day, but at the moment, there was no pain that could override the satisfaction she was feeling at pleasuring Gabrielle. Xena's stomach muscles tensed and released with each thrust and she could feel her sex becoming wetter with her efforts to please her lover.

Xena watched Gabrielle's face. The blonde's expressions ranged from intense concentration to unendurable pain to incredible pleasure, sometimes all in the same breath.

And the sounds continued to come from both of them, leaving no doubt in the minds of any Amazons passing by outside exactly how the Queen was spending her lunch break. It seemed that a moan from one of them caused a groan from the other, which drew a pant or a grunt in return.

Xena threw herself into her work and bowed her back to bring her head lower so that she could suck on Gabrielle's nipples while she pumped in and out of the woman. The new level of sound that issued forth from Gabrielle told Xena her efforts were much appreciated.

Xena sucked hard to keep the tit in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip again and again. Her teeth grazed over the hard flesh many times before she let go and switched to the other breast. Gabrielle arched up into the newest sensation of Xena's mouth on her right nipple and her panting breaths were music to Xena's ears.

Xena knew that both of Gabrielle's breasts were responsive, but her right nipple was just a little more sensitive, so Xena had purposely left that one for last. It intensified the feelings of pleasure and that was Xena's number one goal in life at the moment.

Gabrielle slid her arms up to hold Xena's head at her breast and tried to push up with her pelvis into Xena's thrusts. She just wasn't getting the kind of fast rhythm she wanted, but she knew how to fix that. And she knew Xena wouldn't mind.

"Unghh, Xena, please… Let me ride you," Gabrielle moaned out through a wave of pleasure that chose that moment to present itself.

Xena groaned at the tingling sensation that started in her groin at the request and pumped hard several times to increase the feeling before she let go of Gabrielle's tit and sat up on her knees. She smiled her agreement and slowly pulled the wet cock out of Gabrielle's opening.

Gabrielle flinched a little at the sudden absence of anything inside of her, but then Xena reclined beside her and Gabrielle moved to take her place on top of Xena. She felt for the head of the leather phallus and guided it to the entrance of her vagina. Then she simply let her own weight push herself down onto the cock and her eyes closed as she felt the full length move completely inside her.

Xena lay entranced as she watched Gabrielle begin to move over her body and she gripped Gabrielle's slowly gyrating hips. Gabrielle let her hands rest on Xena's lower chest as she rocked back and forth on the hard shaft. She only moved a few inches of it in and out of her body, but that didn't do anything to hinder the feelings her movements created.

Gabrielle leaned her body over slightly and stroked her hands up over Xena's breasts. She squeezed the fleshy globes and began really working herself on the phallus, much to Xena's enjoyment. Gabrielle had found the right angle so that her clit was rubbed with each thrust and she knew she was close to the orgasm that had been building since soon after her last one.

Xena watched Gabrielle intensely and felt the vibrations of Gabrielle's movements bringing her closer to another climax. She tilted her pelvis until she found the best position to increase the sensations Gabrielle was giving her.

It wasn't long before Xena recognized the signs of Gabrielle's impending climax. Her breathing came in short gasps with a high-pitched whimper attached to the end. Xena lifted her hips up slightly to increase the contact and moved her pelvis to match Gabrielle's accelerated pace.

"Oh… Gods… Xena…" Gabrielle managed to get out and then she came in a torrent of jerking hips and garbled screams.

The sight caused Xena's own orgasm to explode within her and she rocked with the bard as they both reached their sexual peaks. It took a while for Gabrielle to stop working herself against the shaft inside her, but finally they were both still.

Gabrielle's body came to rest limply on Xena's chest. She turned her head to the side and laid it against Xena's sternum. She listened to Xena's rapid heartbeat begin to slow down and relaxed into the strong woman's embrace as Xena's arms moved from her hips to encircle her shoulders. Her own arms were pressed into Xena's sides, though she really wanted to wrap them around the warrior's torso.

Xena held Gabrielle and felt a few tears roll down her temples. If anyone had asked her why she was crying, she would have had a hard time explaining it. She just felt so close to Gabrielle and for someone like her… Well, it just felt incredibly wonderful and special and painful all at the same time.

Xena turned her head to each side to wipe the tear tracks into her sweaty hair and breathed evenly to help ease the pressure that was building in her head from the expression of such deeply hidden emotions. She squeezed Gabrielle and felt the smaller woman burrow deeper into her chest. Xena smiled and let the warmth of the act fill her.

It was several minutes before Gabrielle slowly sat up again and regarded Xena.

"I love you," they whispered at the same time and then they laughed.

"You ready…?" Xena motioned to their joined bodies.


Gabrielle braced herself on the bed and gradually removed the phallus from her body. She let herself roll to the side and then watched Xena wrestle the harness off her own body.

"Would you like some help with that?" Gabrielle asked with a badly hidden smirk.

"No, I got it," Xena replied with a slightly exasperated tone.

Attempting to get out of the harness while lying down had not been one of her better ideas, but she managed it eventually and tossed the rig towards the water basin. It landed perfectly, right next to the bowl of water. She gave Gabrielle a smug look and Gabrielle just rolled her eyes.

"Show off," Gabrielle muttered, but she was smiling.

Xena opened her arms and Gabrielle crawled into the horizontal hug, pulling covers over them both. It wasn't long, though, before the sounds of the village around them started to penetrate their solitude and Gabrielle felt herself getting restless. She'd had a strong urge to spar with Xena ever since beating Eponin the day before and now she wanted to act on that wish. She repositioned herself so that she was still in Xena's arms, but on her stomach and facing Xena.

"I guess we should probably get up and go back to work, huh?" Gabrielle said a little too brightly.

"Probably," Xena replied, but didn't move.

Gabrielle watched Xena's half-closed eyes.

"Or we could take a nap," she suggested flatly.

"Yeah," Xena said and moved her shoulders a little to get more comfortable and to bring Gabrielle in closer to her side.

"I mean, it probably won't hurt our reputations too badly," Gabrielle said offhandedly and waited for Xena's reaction.

Xena opened one eye and regarded the blonde.

"What are you saying?"

"Well, taking a nap in the middle of the day. It's not exactly what most people expect from the Warrior Princess, but I guess they'll understand, what with me tiring you out and all."

Gabrielle started to lay down, more to hide the grin on her face than to actually join Xena in her nap, but Xena abruptly sat up.

"You didn't tire me out. I was just taking a moment to… enjoy the quiet," Xena said and had to stifle a yawn that came with the long 'i' sound.

"So you're awake?" Gabrielle questioned skeptically.

"Of course," Xena said a little indignantly.

"So you'd be up for a little sparring?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena took stock of her body for a moment and then nodded. She actually wouldn't mind stretching her muscles a little.

"Sure. Let's get dressed."

They both climbed out of the bed and donned their clothing again. Then Gabrielle beckoned Xena to lean down a little and Gabrielle removed the collar from Xena's neck.

"Forgot I had it on," Xena said a little sheepishly.

"Yeah, I noticed," Gabrielle replied with a mix of wonder, pride, and happiness.

It said a lot for how much Xena trusted Gabrielle and how she was handling being the Amazon Queen's slave. Though the bonds seemed to go both ways, Gabrielle knew it was a lot easier for her to let go of control and hand it over to Xena, than it was for Xena to do the same with Gabrielle. It showed a level of love and trust that Gabrielle was sure Xena had thought her heart was incapable of.

They headed out the door and started walking to the practice area. Gabrielle smiled at the hails she received and returned the greetings, while Xena gave stoic nods. As they walked, Xena realized they'd forgotten something.

"Gabrielle, did you eat before I came back for lunch?"

"No, I had another hunger to satisfy first," Gabrielle replied with a grin.

Xena smiled.

"Do you wanna get something to eat?"

Xena knew a hungry bard was an unhappy one.

"No, we'll work up an appetite with the sparring."


Eponin was working with her Amazons, but she stopped when the Queen and her Champion arrived.

"Good afternoon, my Queen. Did you have a good lunch, Xena?" Eponin asked with a straight face.

If Xena had just gone to get some food, she would have been back in less than a quarter of an hour.

Xena licked her lips deliberately and tasted the flavor of the bard that was left over from her earlier treat. She glanced at Gabrielle and then pinned the weapons master with her eyes.

"Lunch was perfect, thanks for asking."

Gabrielle tried to stop herself from blushing and Eponin cleared her throat before changing the subject.

"Um, we were just about to practice a few sword drills. Care to demonstrate?" Eponin requested.

Xena nodded and turned to the Queen.

"Gabrielle?" Xena said in invitation for the bard to join her.

Gabrielle followed Xena to the center of the circle the young Amazons had created and they faced each other. Xena gestured for Gabrielle to attack and Gabrielle swung her staff at Xena's left shoulder. Xena dodged out of the way and Gabrielle came at her again. Xena continued to sidestep the strikes.

"It's important to learn how to avoid an attack long enough to draw your weapon," Xena pointed out and then pulled her sword from the scabbard at her back.

She began parrying the attacks with her sword and Gabrielle added a little speed to her movements to increase the force of her assaults. Xena put in a few tricks that she knew the younger Amazons probably hadn't seen yet and repeated them several times so that they would hopefully be able to imitate the movements later on in practice.

"Remember to put your hip into it. That's where the power comes from," Xena instructed the watching Amazons.

Gabrielle took the comment to heart and sent a hard thrust towards Xena's middle. Xena blocked it and redirected it and continued with the instruction.

"Then move it through your shoulder and down into your wrist and then…" Xena flicked her sword out and parried another swipe from Gabrielle and then made a diagonal lunge toward the Queen's right hip, halting before she met flesh. "…Let it go into the weapon itself and there'll be no stopping you."

"Unless we're up against you," quipped one of the students and everyone laughed as they nodded their heads in agreement.

Xena grinned and let the comment slide. It never hurt her ego to be seen as unbeatable, but she also didn't want to seem too full of herself. No comment would at least let her appear to be a little humble even if she did agree with the statement.

Gabrielle rolled her eyes at Xena's self-satisfied expression, but she had to admit that she probably felt more pride in Xena's abilities than Xena did herself. And the fact that Xena had chosen to be with Gabrielle over anyone else just added to that feeling of superiority and confidence.

After several minutes passed and no more instructions were forthcoming from the Warrior Princess, the Amazons realized they'd been forgotten, so they simply watched the two women spar with one another. It was obvious that neither woman was really trying to hurt the other, but everyone could tell that they were both serious about practicing their art with their preferred weapon.

Gabrielle focused all her senses on Xena and let her movements guide themselves. Xena had told her that it was more important to act during a fight than to think. If you took the time to think, you could be killed. Gabrielle had argued with her that she had to think before she acted, but at the moment, Gabrielle understood exactly what Xena had meant. She reacted to everything Xena did without letting herself second-guess the results.

Xena watched Gabrielle lose herself in the fighting and smiled internally. Gabrielle was starting to understand the kind of focus that was necessary during a battle and that was a big step for the bard. But Xena wanted to make sure Gabrielle wasn't so focused that she wasn't aware of her surroundings. During a spin where her back was to the bard, Xena gestured to the Amazons behind her to attack both of them and they readily complied, setting off a chain reaction among all the women watching them.

In an instant, Gabrielle knew she needed to defend herself and she whipped around to meet the swords of several Amazons who had closed in on her from behind. She fought them off and then took a second to sneak a peak at Xena. Xena herself was battling another half-dozen women, so Gabrielle stopped worrying about finishing her fight with Xena and went back to taking care of the little upstarts who thought they had something on their Queen.

It was an exhausting battle, but by the time it was over, Xena and Gabrielle stood victorious. Most of the Amazons were lying on the ground attempting to catch their breath and assess the damage that a very hard stick and a sharp blade had caused to their bodies. Those who were still standing were in awe of what they knew their Queen and her Champion were obviously capable of if put to the test.

The Amazons began picking themselves up off the ground with the help of some of their less abused sisters and respectfully thanked Xena and Gabrielle for the educational display. Eponin gathered her girls around her once again and nodded her appreciation to her Queen and the Warrior Princess before returning her attention to the young women in front of her.

Xena turned to face Gabrielle as she put her sword away.

"Lunch?" Xena questioned.

"Lunch," Gabrielle agreed and they walked off to the dining hut to get a well-deserved meal.

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