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Xena: Warrior Slave, Part V


Kodi Wolf

Xena opened her eyes and looked towards the window. She could see the dark blue light of early morning coming through the cracks in the shutters.

The warrior did a quick check of her body and decided she felt pretty good. Her ass definitely felt better than it probably should. The phallus Gabrielle had used on her the day before hadn't been small by any means. But gods, it had felt so good. She'd almost cum just from that...

Xena frowned, as she remembered the leather phallus breaking before she'd been able to climax. She'd paid good dinars for the thing, and it had fallen apart on its first use.

Xena sat up and carefully climbed out of the bed. Gabrielle remained asleep, so Xena quickly got dressed and headed for the dining hut to get breakfast. She brought back a large tray and set it on the table. A few minutes later, she heard Gabrielle grumble and then saw her sit up and look around fuzzily.

"Mmm, Xena?" Gabrielle questioned.

"Yeah, I'm right here. You hungry?" Xena asked, though she already knew the answer.

Gabrielle nodded and crawled out of bed. She walked over to the table and sat naked in Xena's lap, curling up into the woman's ready embrace. Xena closed her eyes and held Gabrielle close. More than anything else, Xena cherished the lack of physical boundaries between them since they'd become lovers.

Eventually, Gabrielle's stomach growled, and Xena reached around her to fill both their plates with food. Gabrielle watched Xena serve the food and then accepted a fork so that she could begin eating. When Xena tried to pick up her own utensil, Gabrielle waved her away.

"Let me," Gabrielle requested.

She speared a chunk of fruit and brought it to Xena's lips, which easily parted to take in the juicy morsel. Xena chewed, as she watched Gabrielle take her own bite of food. After she swallowed, Gabrielle brought another forkful to Xena's mouth, and she accepted it.

With anyone else, Xena would have refused the gesture, feeling foolish. She wasn't a child; she could feed herself. But something in the way Gabrielle performed the activity told Xena that this had nothing to do with Xena's ability to provide for her own nourishment. This act was about Gabrielle loving Xena and wanting to take care of her. No one had ever really wanted to do that for her before. Not a lover, anyway.

Once Xena was full, Gabrielle continued to eat until she was sated as well. Then Gabrielle put her fork down so that she could wrap her arms around Xena. She rested her head on Xena's shoulder, and they sat quietly holding one another. Eventually, the sounds of the Amazon village coming to life outside alerted them that time was indeed moving, even if it didn't feel like it was for them.

Gabrielle raised her head and gazed into Xena's eyes. There was no mistaking the love she felt for the Warrior Princess, and Xena's soft expression let Gabrielle know she felt just as strongly for the bard. It was the most natural thing in the world when Gabrielle slowly lowered her mouth to Xena's. She lightly sucked on Xena's upper lip for a few moments before pulling away again. Then she smiled gently.

"I should get dressed," Gabrielle said regretfully.

"Yeah," Xena reluctantly acknowledged. "I promised Eponin at dinner last night that I'd give her a few lessons with the staff. I don't think she liked how easily you beat her the other day."

"Easy? I wouldn't say it was easy," Gabrielle disagreed, as she climbed off Xena's lap and searched for something to wear.

"You were barely getting started and she still couldn't hold you off," Xena said in a tone that made it clear that arguing would be pointless.

"You just gave me a better incentive to win, that's all," Gabrielle said reasonably.

Xena sighed. Gabrielle could be very humble at times.

"Gabrielle, you're one of the strongest, most intelligent warriors I know," Xena complimented the Queen.

Gabrielle smirked, as she wrapped one of her Amazon skirts around her waist before turning around to face Xena topless.

"One of? Who are the others?" Gabrielle asked in mock insult.

Xena shook her head. Gabrielle could also be incredibly arrogant, though Xena knew Gabrielle was mostly joking.

She stood up and walked over to the bard. She picked up Gabrielle's leather bra and turned her around. Gabrielle raised her arms for a moment to allow Xena to wrap the laces around her sides, and then lowered them again, as Xena tied the ends into a neat bow. Then Xena reached around to cup Gabrielle's breasts, as she drew the bra up over them. She felt Gabrielle's slight intake of breath, but continued on her way. She pulled on the thin strands of leather to tie them at the back of the blonde's neck, while she placed several kisses along the Amazon Queen's shoulders. When Xena was done, she turned Gabrielle around and drew her into a slow kiss.

Gabrielle temporarily forgot about the world around her, as Xena's tongue worked its way through every part of her mouth. She could feel the rush begin between her legs, but then Xena gently disengaged from her and inhaled a deep breath.

"I really do have to go," Xena said quietly.

"I know. So do I. Those laws aren't going to sign themselves," Gabrielle sighed.

They held each other for a moment and then headed for the door. Gabrielle picked up her scroll bag and left for the library hut, while Xena decided to retrieve a particular piece of faulty equipment so that she could make a stop at a certain Amazon artisan's hut before meeting Eponin. She had some business to take care of.

A few minutes later, Xena stepped inside the artisan's hut and found the woman standing behind a large worktable. Xena tossed the phallus onto the table, startling the woman, who immediately looked up to see who the intruder was. She found Xena with an unhappy expression on her face.

"Uh, hi, Xena. Is something wrong?" the Amazon tried.

"Yeah. It broke," Xena replied curtly, nodding toward the phallus in front of the woman.

The Amazon looked down and finally took notice of the object that had been thrown at her. The closing seam at the base of the phallus had come apart and the stuffing was coming out. She gingerly picked it up and examined it and noticed that the central wooden shaft was broken in two as well. She gulped.

]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[

Gabrielle sat at a large table in the Amazon library hut. The stack of parchment she'd gone over had started to rise above the stack she had yet to check, but only just barely. It didn't help that her mind kept wandering back to yesterday's lunchtime activities. There was something nagging at her, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Taking Xena had been extremely pleasurable, and she intended to repeat the experience as often as possible. The feeling of power and control that she'd wielded over Xena had been more intoxicating than any ale she'd ever drunk, and she wanted to feel that again. She craved Xena's obedience.

Gabrielle examined that thought. She didn't want Xena to bow down to her. Humiliation was not arousing to her in any way and would be a total violation of the trust she expected and needed from Xena. No, what she wanted was for Xena to love her so much that she was willing to do anything for her and take pleasure in it simply because it made Gabrielle happy.

When Gabrielle had requested that Xena sit at her feet the other day, she had known such an act would be difficult for the warrior, but she'd wanted Xena to be proud of being owned by her, not embarrassed or ashamed. Gabrielle had been gratified to see Xena's reluctance only last a few moments, and the rest of the day had been wonderful.

Gabrielle wanted Xena to enjoy being her slave, and she was pretty sure Xena did, but Gabrielle also knew Xena was still struggling with her new role. The warrior herself had admitted that she equated being Gabrielle's slave with being weak, but Gabrielle knew that wasn't true. She didn't even think she could be with someone who was weak. For one thing, what reward would there be in owning someone who handed over her will so easily that anyone could have it? It was the struggle that made it all worthwhile, knowing that she had earned the right to own someone like Xena.

Xena was the strongest woman she knew, and the fact that Xena allowed her to take over at all was a huge testament to how much Xena loved and trusted her. But it wasn't enough. Gabrielle wanted more. The collar seemed to help Xena give up some of her control for a little while, but Gabrielle needed to take it from her, and she suspected Xena needed that, too.

Gabrielle remembered how Xena had released on her cock and then subsequently taken over the day before. Granted, she'd enjoyed everything that had happened, but she'd told Xena not to cum unless she said so. Xena had disobeyed her, and Gabrielle wondered if Xena was subconsciously trying to test her. Either way, the issue needed to be addressed. Xena had to learn that Gabrielle intended to take everything Xena had to give, including her submission.

It wasn't long before Gabrielle's agile mind formed a plan, but she knew she would need a little help to carry it out. There was one thing her plan required that she just couldn't make for herself. She only hoped it wouldn't be impossible.

Gabrielle looked down at the papers in front of her and put them back in the 'to-do' pile. There was no way she was getting any more work done today, and Ephiny didn't even question her when she walked out, the determined look on the Queen's face enough to let the regent know her friend was on a mission of the utmost importance.

A few minutes later, Gabrielle walked into the blacksmith's hut and was greeted immediately.

"Good morning, my Queen. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Yes. But you have to promise not to tell anyone. You can't even say anything about the request itself, if it turns out you can't do it. And if I hear about it from anyone, I'll know it was you. Do you understand?"

The Amazon nodded her head solemnly. To betray the Queen's confidence was treason, and treason was punishable by death.

"All right. I need a set of shackles for the wrists and ankles. They need to be padded so that the wearer won't be harmed, but they need to be strong enough to hold someone like Hercules. Can you do that?"

The Amazon shook her head.

"I'd need the metal of Hephaestus to hold someone like Hercules, and I don't have any. But wait just a second."

The Amazon turned around and went towards the back of the hut. She scanned the wall, which was filled with various metal objects, from bridle bits, to knives and swords, to variously sized chains. She finally found what she was looking for and pulled it down from the wall.

"These are shackles left over from the time of the Amazon-Centaur wars. They'll hold a Centaur, and they're stronger than anything else we've got. So, um, if you wanted these for, say, X-..."

At the look she received from the Queen, she changed her mind about naming names.

"...Uh, a woman, she'd have a hard time getting out of them, but it'll really depend on the position she's in," the Amazon hinted at the need for an answer.

Gabrielle sighed. She really didn't want to give any details, but apparently it was important enough that the blacksmith was willing to risk her life for the information.

"She'll be spread-eagled, standing up, and facing a wall. I was figuring her arms would be chained above her head, like this."

Gabrielle held her arms straight up over her head, as though they were bound at the wrists with a chain in the ceiling of the hut.

"Um, my Queen, that'll give her too much control. You should have her arms spread wide like her legs. It's a bit harder to get any kind of leverage that way," the blacksmith admitted, trying not to blush at how she'd gained that particular insight.

Gabrielle thought it over and realized she was right. With her arms spread wide, it would be more difficult for Xena to break or bend the chain links.

"All right. If I do it like that, do you think it'll hold her?"

"My Queen, there isn't anything that could stop that woman if it was important enough for her to get through it, but I don't think she'll really want to get away, if that's what you're asking."

Gabrielle nodded her head.

"Okay. How long will it take you to add the padding?"

"I can have 'em for ya by lunch."

"I need bolts put into my private bathing hut, too. It's the only place that's made of stone, besides this hut. Anything else and she could just pull the whole thing down before she broke the chains."

"I'll see to it myself. Anything else, my Queen?"

"Just remember what I said. If anybody asks you what you're doing or why I was in here, you have my permission to lie because if you tell the truth, I'll give you to Xena."

The Amazon swallowed and nodded her head. That wouldn't be pretty.

"I'll expect everything to be ready at the bathing hut by lunch," Gabrielle said as she left.

]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[ ~ ]|[

Xena entered the Queen's hut with a very determined look on her face. She'd learned a few interesting things after the Amazon artisan had inspected the mutilated phallus.

Gabrielle sat at the table and prepared plates for both of them from the food tray she'd picked up at the dining hut.

"Gabrielle," Xena started.

"Hi, Xena," Gabrielle replied brightly. "Hungry?"

She held up a plate of food.

"Gabrielle, is there anything you'd like to tell me about what you did while I was gone yesterday morning?"

Gabrielle looked at her in confusion at the complete non sequitur.


"Like what you did to a certain item I purchased a few days ago?"

Xena held up a new soft dildo, and Gabrielle stared at it for a few moments before remembering the exploratory surgery she'd performed on its twin the previous morning. Then she remembered it breaking just as Xena was about to climax.

"Whoops?" Gabrielle tried.

"Gabrielle," Xena growled.

"Hey, I sewed it up just fine. The thing just couldn't take it," Gabrielle defended herself.

Xena was about to protest, but she'd actually already had this conversation with the Amazon and knew it was true.

"Yeah, well, you're only partially right," Xena relented. "The inner core was broken, too, so it wasn't just the seam. This one has a reinforced seam and the wood is no longer one piece. It's a bunch of disks with a braided cord through the center of them to hold them together. Should make it more malleable and less likely to break, but I still don't want you cutting the thing open. Okay?"

"Okay. Well, let's eat," Gabrielle suggested to sidetrack Xena.

They sat down at the table and began eating. It was quiet for a little while as both warrior and queen filled their empty stomachs. But Xena had known it wouldn't last, and she smiled a little when Gabrielle spoke.

"So, Xena, do you remember yesterday?"

The smile disappeared, and Xena stopped chewing for a second before continuing and then swallowing.

"Yeah," Xena said, a little guardedly.

She had no idea what was going on in Gabrielle's head, but it sounded like trouble from her tone of voice.

"Do you remember when I told you that you couldn't cum without my permission?"

Xena stopped eating and swallowed again, even though she didn't have any food in her mouth. She immediately knew what Gabrielle was getting at now.

"Yeah, but you didn't seem to mind," Xena started to defend herself.

"Well, I did enjoy what happened, but that still doesn't change the fact that you disobeyed me."

Gabrielle's physical response to Xena's guilty reply surprised her. She was actually getting wet just from confronting Xena with the fact that she had disobeyed her.

Xena felt tingles begin in the base of her spine. It was a strange sensation at a time when she should have been angry at the very idea that she could "disobey" anybody.

"I did exactly what you wanted me to do," Xena retorted.

"You're right," Gabrielle immediately agreed.

Xena did a double take. She'd expected Gabrielle to argue with her, but her instant agreement took all the wind out of Xena's sails.

"Okaay," Xena said slowly. "Well, then what's the problem?"

"Xena, just because I wanted you to disobey me doesn't mean you get to go unpunished. In fact, I wanted you to disobey me, so that I would have a reason to punish you," Gabrielle explained.

Xena stared at the blonde for a long moment. The last time she'd disobeyed Gabrielle, the Queen had tortured her with kisses all over her body, except for the parts Xena had most wanted kissed. Somehow though, Xena didn't think that's what Gabrielle had in mind this time around.

"You want to punish me?" Xena asked, not sure whether she should be upset or turned on at the prospect.

"Yes. There's something I've been thinking about doing to you, and this gives me the perfect opportunity."

"What?" Xena asked warily.

"I want to whip you, Xena," Gabrielle said, the heat in her voice and eyes left no doubt as to how much she wanted that.

"I don't think so," Xena replied gruffly.

She'd been whipped before and there was no way in Tartarus she was going to allow anyone to whip her again.

"Xena, look at me," Gabrielle said quietly, as she watched Xena revisit some past horror.

Xena brought her eyes back to Gabrielle and waited.

"I don't want to beat you to death. I'm not talking about drawing blood or humiliating you in front of everyone to make you look weak. I would never do that to you."

Xena softened, as she saw the sincerity in Gabrielle's eyes.

"I know. I'm sorry. I just don't think I could let you do that to me," Xena explained.

"I know Xena. And I'm not talking about you letting me do anything."

"What do you mean?"

"You're mine, my slave. You don't have a choice."


"Xena, I want you to completely let go with me. With everything we've done so far, it's just been your will that's kept you from stopping anything I've done to you."

Gabrielle paused for a moment to gather her thoughts.

"This time, I want you bound. Xena, I want this, and I'm taking it. I'm not asking you for it."

"Gabrielle, I can't."

Gabrielle looked away. She'd had a feeling Xena wouldn't submit easily. Though Gabrielle was sure her slave was ready to be taken, there was a warrior who needed to be appeased, too.

"All right. I'll make a deal with you. I want one hour with you, and I can do anything I want to you, except kill you. I promise you two things. One, I will make it hurt, and two, you will cum for me."

"And what do I get out of this 'deal'?" Xena inquired.

"You get one hour to do with me what you will."

"What, no rule about me not killing you?" Xena joked.

"If I die in your arms, then I'll accept anything you do to me," Gabrielle said with absolute conviction.

Xena was more than a little bit stunned at the complete trust Gabrielle was offering. She felt stupid for even entertaining any doubts where Gabrielle was concerned. Gabrielle's faith in her touched her to her core, and she left her reservations behind, as she nodded her head.

"All right," Xena quietly agreed.

Gabrielle's face broke out into a happy grin. She felt like a child on Solstice morning, and Xena was her greatest gift. She knew how hard it was for Xena to let go and trust, and she intended to make sure Xena never regretted being taken as the Queen's slave.

The grin never left Gabrielle's face as she stood and moved behind Xena's seated form. The first thing she did was run her hands down Xena's arms to her wrists. She twined her fingers with Xena's and brought them above her head so that she could kiss them. She softly brushed her lips over them and then placed Xena's hands gently back into her lap.

Gabrielle pushed Xena's hair to the side and placed soft kisses along her neck. She trailed up to her ear and licked around the edge and breathed softly into the canal before speaking so low that she couldn't even hear herself, but she knew Xena could.

"I love you, Xena. I want you. I want to be inside of you. I want you to feel me moving in and out of you, slow and deep."

Xena shivered, as the bard's voice stirred her desire to full awareness.

Gabrielle let her hands work at the clips of Xena's breastplate and then slowly removed it. When Xena started to get up, Gabrielle stopped her with a firm hand on her shoulder and then set the breastplate on the floor behind her. She returned to her previous position behind the warrior and ran her hands down Xena's leather-covered sides and then up to cup her breasts through her bodice.

"By the gods, I love you, Xena. I'm sorry if I want too much, but I can't help myself. I want everything you are. I want to know that you're mine. I want to own you... body, mind, heart, and soul."

Gabrielle released the covered mounds of Xena's breasts and then dragged her fingers up to the leather straps on Xena's shoulders. She pushed the straps down and then bent over a little more to offer several kisses to each slope of hard muscle.

Xena felt her bodice being rolled down to expose her chest, and she couldn't help the slight intake of breath as she felt warm hands covering her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Then she felt teeth biting into her shoulder and let out an involuntary groan, as she rolled her head to the side to give Gabrielle more room.

As Xena exposed more of her neck, Gabrielle bit down harder and sucked. Xena gripped the arms of the chair and moaned. The feeling was just so intense. It hurt, but it was making her clit throb, and she squeezed her thighs together to try to relieve the ache.

Gabrielle eased off and then kissed the darkening red area several times before moving up the side of Xena's neck to trail kisses behind her ear. She continued to massage Xena's breasts and started alternately pinching her nipples. She licked at Xena's ear and breathed very softly. Xena shuddered and couldn't hold back her gasp.

"Gabrielle," Xena pleaded in a whisper.

Gabrielle smiled and nuzzled Xena's hair around her ear.

"I love it when you use that tone," Gabrielle told her.

"What tone is that?" Xena asked, a little distractedly.

Gabrielle placed a few more kisses on Xena's shoulder and then suddenly pinched Xena's nipples particularly hard.

"The one that says you're mine," Gabrielle whispered hotly into her ear. "The one that says I own you, Xena."

Xena closed her eyes and relaxed into Gabrielle's embrace. Gabrielle sucked on Xena's earlobe for a few seconds and then continued.

"Have you accepted it, Xena? That you're my slave? Tell me."

"Yes," Xena whispered.

"Tell me, Xena. Say it."

"I'm your slave, Gabrielle," Xena whispered.

Saying the words stirred something in Xena. She needed...

Xena suddenly stood up and turned around. In one last act of authority, she kicked the chair aside and pulled Gabrielle to her and kissed her hard. She forced her tongue into Gabrielle's mouth and held her perfectly still. She wasn't satisfied, she didn't think she could ever be satisfied, but she drew back so that she could look at Gabrielle when she spoke, finally submitting to what they both wanted.

"I'm your slave, Gabrielle," she repeated with more determination, as she stared into Gabrielle's startled eyes. "I love you. I will never refuse you anything ever again, if it's in my power to give it to you."

Xena held Gabrielle's eyes, as she went to her knees.

"I'm yours, Mistress," Xena accepted, as she bowed her head and waited for Gabrielle's first command.

Gabrielle felt tears come to her eyes. Xena's words and actions meant so much to her. It was a confirmation of the love and trust they shared together. Gabrielle hadn't realized how much she'd needed that affirmation. Knowing that Xena embraced her role as slave, and trusted Gabrielle to protect her and never betray her, gave Gabrielle the confidence she needed to do anything and everything she wanted.

"Stand up, my slave. We're going to continue this in a much better setting."

Xena felt curiosity pricking at her consciousness, but she did as she was told.

With a few readjustments to Xena's bodice, they were ready to go. Gabrielle instructed Xena to pick up the bag containing her supplies, and then led them out the door. They waved to those who hailed them, but they weren't stopped by anyone and arrived at the Queen's personal bathing hut in short order.

The hut was an enclosure that had been built in front of the entrance to a cave that held hot springs. There was another area of the hot springs that was open to the entire village, but no one was allowed in this section without the Queen's permission.

As they walked in, Xena noticed the torches were already lit, and two sets of chains and manacles had been bolted to the ceiling and floor near the far wall. She felt her stomach do a couple flip-flops and turned around to regard the short blonde a little nervously.

Gabrielle closed the door behind her and took her bag from Xena, setting it down on the floor. She noticed Xena's unease and decided a little distraction was in order. She stepped forward and reached up to cradle Xena's neck. The touch immediately calmed the tall woman, and Xena easily lowered her head for her Mistress, wrapping her hands around Gabrielle's waist as they kissed. Gabrielle opened Xena's lips with her tongue and gently explored her slave's mouth.

Xena tasted so good. That was the only thing Gabrielle could think, as she slid her tongue around the inside of Xena's mouth, tasting her over and over again. The textures, from rough to silky smooth, made Gabrielle's mouth tingle. The sensation spread over her cheeks to the back of her neck, raising the tiny hairs there. Then it went straight down her spine, finally coming to rest in her clit, which caused her to move against Xena in a slow, carnal dance.

Xena squeezed Gabrielle's ass through her short skirt and pulled the smaller woman's lower body tighter to her own. As her tongue maneuvered with Gabrielle's, her pelvis matched Gabrielle's slow grind, rubbing against the blonde's pubic mound in a very recognizable rhythm.

Eventually, Gabrielle remembered her original goal, which wasn't to be kissed senseless, though it had been a nice diversion. She slowly drew her mouth away from the Warrior Princess and slid her hands down Xena's arms until they rested over the tall woman's hands, which were still gripping her butt cheeks. Gabrielle smiled, as she pried Xena's hands off her flesh and took a step back.

"You're way too good at that," Gabrielle admonished.

"Nothing but the best for my Mistress," Xena replied smugly.

Gabrielle smiled in amusement, but then her face went serious, and Xena knew she'd better listen up.

"You're not allowed to touch me until I say so. Do you understand?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena nodded and then quickly verbalized, as she saw the look on Gabrielle's face.

"Yes, Mistress."

Gabrielle nodded in satisfaction and moved forward to undress Xena. She took her time, beginning with Xena's boots, and then stood up so that she could slowly untie the laces of Xena's bodice. Then she slid the straps down Xena's shoulders and rolled the leather down the tall woman's body, along with her underwear.

Xena lifted each of her legs in turn so that Gabrielle could finish removing the garments. Then Gabrielle drew Xena's undershirt over her head and tossed it onto the pile of clothes nearby. Gabrielle couldn't resist the naked breasts so teasingly at eye level, and she wrapped her hands around the beautiful rounds of flesh and squeezed.

Xena closed her eyes and let out a breath that was just less than a moan. She pushed her chest forward to encourage the touches, and Gabrielle obligingly squeezed harder. Then she pinched a nipple between two of her fingers and covered it with her mouth. She sucked, licking her tongue all around the hard little nub, and Xena whimpered.

Xena wanted to raise her hands to cup Gabrielle's head and make her suck harder, but she remembered the rule and held her arms stiffly at her sides. As Gabrielle continued, Xena finally had to clasp her hands behind her back in order to keep from reaching out. Fortunately, the maneuver pushed her chest forward, and she managed to gain a little more satisfaction before Gabrielle released her nipple and stepped back again.

Gabrielle took in the new pose of her slave and smiled in appreciation. She enjoyed the look of uncertainty on Xena's face from her scrutiny. Xena was usually so confident, but Gabrielle knew a good deal of that was an act, a defense, so that no one could get inside and possibly hurt her. It was an honor to know that Xena trusted her enough to show what she was really feeling. Gabrielle reached up and cupped Xena's chin.

"I love you," Gabrielle whispered, and then kissed Xena gently on the lips.

She slowly withdrew and bent over to pick up Xena's clothing, giving Xena a nice view of her backside in the process. She walked over to one of the nearby boulders that were used to dry wet clothing and set Xena's leathers and undergarments on the rock for safekeeping. Then she retrieved the bag she'd set down earlier and pulled out Xena's slave collar and leash. She brought them back over to the tall warrior.

"Kneel," Gabrielle commanded.

Xena went to her knees without a moment's hesitation. Gabrielle slid the collar around Xena's neck and buckled it at the back. Once the leather was in place, Gabrielle hooked the leash to the loop in the front, pulling the lead just taut enough for Xena to feel it. Then she used a single finger to lift Xena's chin so that she had to look up at Gabrielle.

"You will obey me. That's your only goal. It's the only responsibility you have when you're with me. When I'm with you, my responsibility is to take care of you, protect you, and love you. Do you accept this?"

"Yes, Mistress," Xena said solemnly.

"Stand," Gabrielle said.

Xena came back to her feet, and Gabrielle pulled lightly on the leash. Xena trailed after Gabrielle, as the Queen walked them over to the cave wall where the chains had been deeply embedded into the stone above and below.

"Stay," Gabrielle ordered, as she let go of Xena's leash and bent over to pick up the bottom right manacle.

Gabrielle checked the padding that had been added to the inside of the metal cuffs. A thick strip of leather had been bolted to the metal with recessed studs, and a soft suede lining had been sewn over the leather. Gabrielle pushed into the material and felt a small amount of stuffing between the two layers. There wasn't enough give for the cuffs to slip off, but it would keep the metal from scraping Xena's wrists raw.

Gabrielle wrapped the first shackle around Xena's right ankle and slid the locking mechanism home. She closed the remaining cuff around Xena's other ankle, massaging Xena's calves with several caresses to help relax the tense warrior, and then stood up again.

"Raise your arms," Gabrielle commanded.

Xena lifted her arms out to the sides so that the upper set of chains would reach her wrists. She could feel that same fluttering in her stomach, which she recognized as both fear and arousal, as she heard each cuff click into place. She tried to breathe slowly and stay calm, though every nerve in her body was telling her to get away while she still could.

Xena couldn't believe she was actually going through with this. Gabrielle had tied her up before, but Xena had always known she could break free at any time, if things got too bad. In her mind, she'd been able to pretend like this was just a repeat performance.

However, the reality of her situation quickly came crashing down on her, as she tested the strength of the chains. She was unable to bring her legs together, the shackles keeping them shoulder width apart. Though her arms weren't stretched tight, there was no way she could bring them close enough to work on the manacles. She couldn't even reach her head to scratch an itch. There was almost no give, and with her arms spread so far apart, she was left very vulnerable.

Gabrielle removed the leash from Xena's collar and set it aside. Then she leaned back against the stone wall to survey her prisoner. She watched as Xena's thoughts played across her features. Gabrielle could almost see what Xena was thinking. She tried not to grin when Xena's face became set in quiet determination.

"Gabrielle, I changed my mind. Let me out," Xena requested calmly.

The Queen shook her head.

"No," Gabrielle stated simply.

"Gabrielle, I don't want to do this. Let me out," Xena requested again, a little more insistently.

"This isn't about what you want, my slave. And what about your promise never to refuse me anything ever again?" Gabrielle questioned pointedly.

Xena looked away.

"Stop trying to fight me, Xena. You won't win because you don't want to," Gabrielle told her quietly, as she stepped forward.

Gabrielle pressed her clothed body against Xena's naked and open form and initiated a kiss that was meant to remind Xena of exactly who she was with. Gabrielle knew Xena trusted her; the resistance Xena was offering was just habit from old instincts that had nothing to do with the Amazon.

Xena felt herself sink into the kiss, her current predicament almost completely forgotten, as Gabrielle sucked on her lips and caressed her exposed back. The only thing that reminded her was when she attempted to bring her arms around Gabrielle to hug her in return and found she couldn't. Still, being kissed and held by Gabrielle did a lot to allay her fears.

Gabrielle slowly withdrew, and Xena was surprised when the blonde walked away without a word. Xena tried to turn her head to see what Gabrielle was doing, but the chains didn't allow for much movement, and Gabrielle was almost directly behind her.

Then Xena heard Gabrielle rummaging around in the bag, and her skin prickled in anticipation. She was naked and chained. Her lover, the Queen of the Amazons, was about to whip her and do who knew what else to her body. How in Tartarus had she gotten herself into this?

Gabrielle knelt over the bag and pulled out the whip. It was a beautifully crafted piece, a modified cat-o'-nine-tails, with dozens of strips of soft black leather splaying out from the long, thick leather-covered grip. The handle was shaped like a phallus, and Gabrielle intended to put it to use very soon. At the moment, however, she was much more interested in the whip end.

She stood up and combed her fingers through the long leather straps. When she'd first seen it in the bag with the other toys, she'd been more than a little nervous about Xena's intentions. She'd tried to prepare herself for what it would be like to be whipped by Xena, but the warrior had never brought it out or even mentioned its existence.

As Gabrielle had become more comfortable with her need to own Xena, she'd begun to consider using it on the other woman instead. In fact, the more Gabrielle thought about it, the more she wondered about Xena's motivations behind purchasing the item. Now, it was time to learn the truth.

Xena was testing the chains again. She was pulling as hard as she could, but they wouldn't budge. She was sure she could break the chains eventually, given enough time, but disobeying Gabrielle was what had gotten her into this mess in the first place. Deep down, though, Xena knew she didn't want to get away. It was that very thought that was scaring her more than anything else.

Gabrielle hefted the whip in her hand and gave it a practice swing. It whistled through the air, and Gabrielle watched Xena stiffen in recognition of the sound. She slowly walked over to the bound warrior.

Xena knew she'd just run out of time. She tried to calm down, but she wasn't having much luck. Gabrielle had said she wasn't really going to hurt her, and she knew Gabrielle loved her, but hearing the whip sent chills up and down Xena's spine. She knew how much a whipping hurt, but it was the curling in her stomach that was starting to make her panic. Above all, she wasn't supposed to want this.

Gabrielle stepped forward and brushed Xena's long hair off her back and over her shoulder. She leaned over and kissed the soft skin covering Xena's spine. Then she stood up straight again and gently glided the whip over Xena's back, letting the strips of leather slide over Xena's exposed flesh. She smiled when she saw goose bumps rising on Xena's skin.

Gabrielle trailed the whip up Xena's arm and then back down, across her shoulders, and up along her other arm before returning to Xena's back. Then she ducked under Xena's arm and caressed her breasts with the leather strips. She stared into Xena's eyes, as she slid the leather over the warrior's ample chest.

"Why did you buy this, Xena?" Gabrielle asked knowingly. "Did you intend to use it on me?" Xena stood up straight, but her eyes went to the floor. "Because this isn't a weapon, Xena. Oh, I know you could hurt someone with it, but this was never meant for battle. Was it," Gabrielle stated, as she drew the thin straps across Xena's tit.

Gabrielle reached up and grabbed the hair at the back of Xena's neck. She forced Xena to make eye contact with her.

"Or did you buy this for me, knowing I would use it on you?" Gabrielle questioned.

Xena tried to look away. She hadn't been clear with herself why she'd bought it at the time. It had only been a few days ago, and she'd picked it up along with the other items she'd thought Gabrielle would like and that she'd wanted to use on the small Amazon. She'd been just as unclear about why she'd kept the slave collar after they'd returned from the mission to Miklios' camp.

"You want me to whip you, don't you, Xena," Gabrielle whispered into the space between them.

Xena wanted to protest, but she was paralyzed. There was a battle taking place inside her mind. The warrior would rather die than admit to such a conflicting desire. She was supposed to cause pain, not want it. But she was desperate for such attention. The bloodlust she'd felt after sustaining serious injuries in battle had always been channeled into an acute need for more domination, more control, when what she'd really wanted was to let go and give in to the pain, give in to her need to be conquered, after having conquered others so completely.

However, to do so would have meant her death and her survival instinct would never have allowed that to happen. Though she had never been able to let her guard down no matter how much she'd craved being pushed into a deeper state of submission during those times, she was beginning to realize that she needed that balance in her life: the Warrior and the Slave.

Finally, here was someone she could trust who could give her what she'd always wanted. Here was someone who was worthy of owning her.

But as Xena felt herself starting to give in, her mind rebelled, and she started to yank violently on the chains.

"No! Let me out!" Xena yelled, pulling hard with her arms in a last ditch effort to gain release.

Gabrielle didn't think twice, as she hugged Xena's body to her own. She practically hung on Xena, letting her own body weight help to slow Xena's movements.

"It's okay, Xena. You're okay. You're with me. Xena, it's okay," Gabrielle soothed the panicky woman.

Xena slowly stopped struggling, and her chin rested on Gabrielle's shoulder in defeat.

"Gabrielle, please," Xena whispered. "Let me go."

Gabrielle slowly pulled back and looked up into Xena's eyes, as she cupped her face.

"Never. I will never let you go," Gabrielle said, responding to more than the surface request.

Gabrielle considered her words carefully, as she watched the fight slowly leave Xena.

"You need this as much as I do." Xena started to shake her head in renewed protest, but Gabrielle overrode her. "Yes, you do. You need me to prove to you that I can take you, that you can trust me." Xena looked down and Gabrielle saw several drops fall from her eyes. "I love you, Xena. And I will take you, my slave," Gabrielle said with finality.

Gabrielle pulled Xena into a rough kiss, not giving her any chance to resist or attempt to take control. She dragged the whip down Xena's body and then crushed the tip of the handle against Xena's clit, as she took Xena's mouth with a vengeance. Xena whimpered, as she was assaulted at both ends. The sudden attention to her swollen clit was overwhelming. Gabrielle's tongue inside her mouth never gave her a chance to think about anything but how crazed she was for more.

Gabrielle slid the whip-phallus along Xena's folds, as she felt Xena trying to push her mound harder against it. As it slipped over the hard little nub, Xena jumped and cried out into Gabrielle's mouth. Gabrielle pushed harder and then suddenly stepped back, taking the whip with her.

Xena looked at her in surprise, a pained expression covering her face at the loss of contact. The look was immediately replaced with lust, as Gabrielle brought the whip up to her lips and proceeded to slowly lick Xena's juices from it. The tip of the shaft disappeared into her mouth, and Xena groaned. She couldn't take her eyes off Gabrielle, as the blonde moved the handle of the whip in and out of her mouth until she'd sucked the phallus clean.

Gabrielle moved forward again and darted her tongue inside Xena's open mouth to give her a little taste. Then she pulled back and looked into Xena's glazed eyes, her own eyes dilated with lust.

"I own you, Xena. Never forget that," Gabrielle told her heatedly, and then moved to stand a few feet behind her slave.

Though this whole thing had started out as a punishment for Xena's disobedience, it had become so much more. For Xena, it was proof that Gabrielle truly did own her, and that Gabrielle was strong enough to take on someone like her. For Gabrielle, it was proof that Xena needed her ownership, and that Xena trusted her enough to let go completely.

Up until now, the lines had been rather fuzzy. It would have been just as easy to say they were enjoying some extremely hot role-playing as to say that Gabrielle owned Xena. Now, the lines were clear. Gabrielle had taken Xena as her slave and there was no escape. The only one who could release Xena was Gabrielle.

Gabrielle quickly raised her arm and brought the whip down in a wide arc. The smack of leather on flesh was loud in the small cavern. Xena flinched at the sudden harshness, but she didn't cry out. The second lash was just as hard, and Xena was secretly glad that Gabrielle hadn't started out light. She wanted to feel it. She knew she could take everything Gabrielle had to give her. She wanted to be pushed to her limits.

Gabrielle felt herself getting wetter and wetter, as she varied her blows across Xena's back, criss-crossing the lashes to cover the soft, smooth skin. Xena's flesh quickly reddened, but Gabrielle didn't draw blood or raise any welts and the skin remained intact, just as she'd promised.

Xena held onto the chains and tried to expose as much of her back as she could. She wanted to feel Gabrielle's whip everywhere. The stinging sensations all seemed to lead straight to her groin and Xena writhed, pumping her sex against the air as her stomach muscles clenched and her vaginal walls constricted on nothing.

Gabrielle couldn't stop herself from striking Xena again and again. The sound of the leather as it came in contact with Xena's skin was addictive, as was the energy Gabrielle had to put into each blow. Each lash created a need for another. She'd found a similar response within herself during battle. She put more and more force into each hit, until she was striking Xena as hard as she possibly could.

Even though the leather wasn't hard, Gabrielle knew she could end up really hurting Xena if she continued hitting the same area with the overhand strikes. So, she switched to an underhand strike. She brought the strips of leather up directly between Xena's legs, and Xena cried out loudly in relief.

"Gods, yes!" Xena exploded and immediately widened her stance by another foot.

The shock of the leather suddenly hitting her swollen lips had been exactly what Xena had wanted, though she hadn't known it until Gabrielle had done it. Xena had never allowed anyone this kind of authority over her body. Though she'd performed similar whippings on the body slaves she'd owned back in her warlord days, she'd never given herself permission to even consider experiencing it herself. She'd never trusted anyone else enough to even admit the possibility that she might like it.

Gabrielle swung the whip up between Xena's legs again, feeling her own clit twitch in empathy with Xena's, as the warrior cried out again. Now that Xena had finally allowed her enjoyment to be heard, she couldn't seem to stop letting the sounds out, as she whimpered to be lashed again. The strikes couldn't come fast enough for her. She just wanted more.

The Amazon returned to an overhand swing and landed a blow across the side of Xena's thigh. She switched sides and struck Xena's other thigh with the next swing of her whip. She sent lashes across Xena's back, enjoying the play of muscles as Xena tensed and relaxed.

The next strike hit Xena's clit, and Xena shivered as the painful pleasure sent her closer to the edge of insanity. A part of her wanted to rebel again, hating the idea that she was submitting so completely to Gabrielle, but it just felt too good. She didn't care anymore if she wasn't supposed to enjoy the whipping; she just knew she did.

Gabrielle slapped the whip firmly between Xena's thighs another half dozen times, listening to Xena's sharp gasps of pleasure with each strike. Then Gabrielle stopped and waited.

Xena panted in expectation of the next blow. Her hair and body were soaked with perspiration, and her heaving breaths sent small droplets of sweat to the stone floor. After a full minute, though, Xena finally calmed her breathing to a more normal state, as she realized Gabrielle was waiting for her.

"Please," Xena whispered so softly that Gabrielle almost didn't hear her.

"Please what?" Gabrielle asked in anticipation, as she stood stock-still.

"Please, Mistress," Xena whispered a little louder.

"Tell me what you want," Gabrielle ordered.

Xena's head lowered slightly, as she realized Gabrielle was going to make her say it. She debated refusing, but she wanted it too much. She knew Gabrielle wanted it, too, and she'd promised she wouldn't refuse Gabrielle anything.

"Please," Xena began. "Please... don't stop. I need... I need you to whip me, Mistress... Whip my cunt," Xena pleaded in a ragged whisper, as several tears escaped from her eyes at the sheer intensity of her emotions.

Gabrielle immediately set about giving Xena what she wanted, bringing the whip up hard between Xena's legs. Xena cried out, partly in pain and partly in gratitude. The effect of the leather straps hitting her wet and swollen labia, as the tips struck her exposed clitoris, was intense. The extreme sensations were almost too much for her body to comprehend.

Gabrielle pulled the whip back to lash at Xena's sex again. Each time the strips landed, they made a wet sound and stuck to Xena's flesh for an instant before the weight of the leather dragged them downward again. Gabrielle knew Xena was soaked. Gabrielle herself could hardly move her legs from being so tense with arousal. But her desire for her own relief only caused her to put that pent up energy into each successive blow until Xena was moaning in a nearly constant rhythm.

"Yes, more, gods, more," Xena grunted out, as she was whipped again and again.

Xena arched, thrusting her hips back and widening her stance again, as she tried to give Gabrielle more room. Suddenly, the whipping ceased, and she felt something hard pushing inside of her. She groaned and felt her legs trying to give out, as her stomach tightened, while her cunt opened up to receive the stiff object. She looked down and saw the handle of the whip being shoved into her pussy by a petite but strong hand.

"Oooh gods," Xena moaned, as she watched more of the shaft disappear inside her with each new thrust, until she felt it make its home deep within her cunt, the whiptails dangling from her opening.

"Gods, Xena," Gabrielle whispered in awe, as the warrior's body took the long phallus all the way to the hilt.

The way Xena had offered herself to Gabrielle's whip had been too much for Gabrielle to resist. She just had to fuck her with the handle. Xena wasn't complaining, so Gabrielle gripped the strips of leather at the base of the whip's handle and used them to guide the thick rod in and out of Xena's stretched pussy.

Gabrielle pumped the shaft slowly in and out, pushing in hard and deep, but not moving nearly as fast as she knew Xena wanted her to. The black leather glistened with Xena's juices and the scent was driving Gabrielle insane. Kneeling behind Xena, with Xena's hips pushed back towards her, she could see how red and swollen Xena's sex was. The sight made her mouth water.

Xena closed her eyes as she felt the whip-phallus touch the deepest places within her sex and then pull out again. She couldn't stop moaning. She'd tightened her fingers around the chains attached to her wrists and was supporting nearly all of her weight with her arms as Gabrielle took her cunt. She'd never felt anyone or anything so deep. It was like Gabrielle was fucking her whole inner being rather than just her sex. Gabrielle wasn't even physically touching her, but she could feel her everywhere, inside and out, as her skin remained heated and tingly from the whipping.

Gabrielle pushed the butt of the whip all the way inside Xena and stood up just enough to move so that she could kneel in front of Xena. Then she pulled the whip down again and pushed it back in, as she ran her fingers along the inside of Xena's thigh. She coaxed Xena forward and into her waiting mouth, needing to taste what her whip had done to Xena.

"Mistress!" Xena choked out, as her clitoris was engulfed by Gabrielle's hot, wet mouth.

Gabrielle moaned, the vibrations only adding to Xena's pleasure, as the blonde Queen tasted her slave. She licked at Xena's clit, while she continued to work Xena's cunt with the thick handle of the whip.

Xena felt stars shoot across her closed eyelids as Gabrielle worked her clit. Her hips thrust backward and forward as she rode Gabrielle's face, trying to cum while doing her best to restrain herself. No matter what she tried to tell her body, it was no use.

"Oh gods, Mistress! I'm... gonna cum... please... please," Xena felt sweat and tears stream down her cheeks.

"Yes!" Gabrielle spoke her permission around the flesh in her mouth, and then sucked harder as she plunged the shaft mercilessly inside Xena.

"Oh gods! Gabrielle... Fuck!"

Xena stopped breathing and began to jerk repeatedly over Gabrielle's face, as her whole body flooded with wave after wave of pleasure. Her vaginal walls contracted around the hard phallus and Gabrielle could barely keep it moving as Xena's cunt tightened. Gabrielle sucked and kissed Xena's clit, letting her tongue continue to stimulate Xena's orgasms as the warrior ground herself into Gabrielle's mouth.

Xena finally inhaled again and she cried out her release with each gasping exhale. Her hips drove her sex into Gabrielle's face even after her climax had subsided; she just couldn't stop herself from draining every last drop of pleasure from the moment. Gabrielle didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave her current feast.

Gabrielle kissed Xena's clit over and over again. The sounds of Xena's release still rang in her ears, and she didn't want to stop. But her own desire for release propelled her to give Xena's sex one last lick, and then she slowly withdrew the whip from Xena's cunt. Xena hissed at the painful removal, but then it was over, and Gabrielle was climbing up her limp body, planting kisses on her way to Xena's mouth.

Xena tasted and smelled herself all over Gabrielle's face. She sucked on Gabrielle's tongue and then licked her chin and cheeks, ravenously cleaning the evidence of her pleasure from her Mistress' face. Gabrielle moved down again and grabbed a breast with each hand before taking Xena's nipple into her mouth. She sucked hard, knowing how sensitive the flesh would be so soon after orgasm, and Xena whimpered loudly.

Gabrielle moved to Xena's other breast and bit the tip of her nipple, licking her tongue across the top of it and then sucking it completely into her mouth. After another moment, she released the flesh and stood back.

Xena watched her Mistress and waited. She had no idea what the Queen intended to do next. She was stunned when Gabrielle moved to the side and retrieved the key hanging on the wall just out of Xena's reach.

Gabrielle unlocked each ankle before removing the manacles from Xena's wrists. Xena's arms dropped to her sides, and she couldn't quite keep the groan silent as her muscles protested their prolonged stretch.

Gabrielle tossed the key to the ground and then moved forward to undo the collar around Xena's neck. She tossed it aside as well and then backed up against the stone as she held Xena's questioning gaze. Gabrielle swallowed as she suddenly found it difficult to speak, but she never let her eyes leave Xena's, as she exposed a desire she'd previously only hinted at.

"Torture me," Gabrielle pleaded quietly, as her hands tried to grasp the rock wall at her back as though she were attempting to escape her own request.

Xena couldn't believe how quickly her libido could return after such a recent and powerful climax, but the shift in roles was immediate. She knew Gabrielle felt the change, too. All at once, Gabrielle's eyes registered fear and anticipation, even as Xena knew her own eyes were glinting with feral intent.

Xena moved forward and carefully wrapped her hand around Gabrielle's throat, as she braced the palm of her other hand against the wall above Gabrielle's shoulder. Gabrielle's own hands naturally came up and held onto Xena's forearm, as Xena leaned in to bring their faces closer.

Xena tightened her fingers just slightly. She grinned when she saw the fear in Gabrielle's eyes, knowing it was real, but the lack of any fight on Gabrielle's part also let her know that Gabrielle trusted her. The Queen of the Amazons was by no means helpless, and if she'd really wanted to, she could have fought her way out of Xena's grasp.

"You know, you didn't use all of your hour. Does that mean I get to have it?" Xena asked seductively.

Gabrielle couldn't speak. She could barely breathe. So, she did her best to nod, her head moving a fraction of an inch, but it was enough. Xena grinned even wider.

"So, what kind of torture did you have in mind?" Xena asked, but it was completely rhetorical.

Gabrielle felt fearful excitement building in the lower part of her abdomen. She knew she was looking at the Warrior Princess, the Destroyer of Nations. This was the woman who had put fear into the hearts of thousands of men, women, and children, and Gabrielle had just requested to be tortured by her.

Oh shit.

Xena slid her hand down the wall and then reached under Gabrielle's skirt to cup her sex. The Amazon wasn't wearing any underwear, and Xena immediately thrust two fingers inside her sopping wet pussy. The movement was harsh, and Gabrielle wanted to cry out as her legs tried to buckle, but the hand wrapped around her throat didn't move. If Gabrielle let her legs give out, she'd suffocate. The fact that she couldn't make any sound forced the sensations to remain bottled up inside her body, increasing their potency.

Xena grazed her thumb over Gabrielle's clit and watched her eyes practically roll back into her head. It wouldn't take much more to bring her over the edge, since she'd been effectively engaged in foreplay for almost an hour already, but Xena intended to honor Gabrielle's request and torture her for as long as she could hold out. So, Xena rubbed the flesh around Gabrielle's clit, instead of touching the actual bud itself.

Gabrielle felt like she was going to faint. The intense stimulation of her sex along with the decreased amount of oxygen was combining to overload her brain. She bucked up onto Xena's fingers as she felt the beginnings of orgasm, but then Xena withdrew her fingers and released her hold on Gabrielle's throat.

Without Xena's support, Gabrielle fell forward onto her hands and knees. She gasped, as she was suddenly able to breathe freely again, and she panted as she tried to regain her breath.

Xena walked over to Gabrielle's bag and quickly looked through it. Gabrielle had brought everything. She grinned, as she selected a good-sized phallus and slipped it inside herself to coat it with her juices. Then she attached it to the adjustable harness and buckled the rig around her thighs and hips. She walked back over to where Gabrielle was recovering from her oxygen deprivation.

Gabrielle was just about to look up when she felt Xena's fingers in her hair. Xena got a good hold on Gabrielle and brought her head up. She started pulling her back towards the wall, and Gabrielle had to scramble to keep from being dragged along by just her hair.

Gabrielle felt the stone at her back, the lower half of her body in a squat, as her head was pushed back into the wall. Finally, Gabrielle saw the glistening phallus strapped to Xena's hips, and as Xena pushed her pelvis forward, she understood what Xena planned to do. She didn't fight it, as Xena pressed the wet phallus to her lips and beyond.

However, she was starting to gag by the time Xena pulled back again. She tried not to cough, and Xena appeared not to notice as she pushed forward again, slowly fucking Gabrielle's mouth with the stiff leather. Gabrielle could taste Xena on the leather cock, and she remembered licking the whip earlier, trying to intentionally give that visual to Xena. Since Xena was apparently quite willing to take it to that final step, Gabrielle did her best to give Xena what she wanted.

Xena gripped the sides of Gabrielle's head and thrust her hips forward, pinning the young woman to the wall. Xena watched Gabrielle's mouth take her cock, her kiss-swollen lips sliding over the leather shaft. Xena continued to go just a little deeper than she knew was comfortable for the blonde, enjoying the look of distress on Gabrielle's face. She knew Gabrielle loved the taste of her cum, but this was supposed to be torture, not perfect fulfillment.

Then again, Xena was thoroughly getting off on the experience. Sliding inside Gabrielle's mouth, and knowing it was almost too much for Gabrielle, was incredibly stimulating. Gabrielle seemed to understand perfectly what Xena wanted from her. Xena craved Gabrielle's surrender, in much the same way that Gabrielle needed Xena's submission, and Gabrielle was giving it all to Xena.

Gabrielle moaned every time the phallus was removed far enough that she could breathe again, and despite the aching that was building in her jaw, she really didn't want Xena to stop. Feeling Xena take her this way made her even wetter than she already was, and she could feel it coating her inner thighs. She debated touching herself to ease her torment, but she knew Xena wouldn't like that, so she kept her hands on the ground to help support herself in her awkward position against the wall.

Xena pumped her hips forward and watched Gabrielle take more than half the length of the phallus into her mouth. She knew she was at Gabrielle's limit; if she went any deeper, she'd risk damaging Gabrielle's throat. But Gabrielle was taking it, and the knowledge almost brought Xena to climax. She thrust her cock faster in and out of the bard's mouth and listened to Gabrielle's little moaned grunts, as the Queen attempted to breathe in the new rhythm.

Gabrielle tried to relax her jaw and throat and simply accept the constant pushing into her mouth. Tasting the cum-soaked leather was almost as good as sucking on Xena's tongue, or licking her clit. The fact that there was no way for her to assert control in her current position only increased Gabrielle's arousal, and she wanted more.

Finally, Xena pulled back so that just the tip of her cock was in Gabrielle's mouth. She waited for Gabrielle to look up at her before she spoke.

"Suck it," Xena commanded.

Gabrielle closed her eyes and moaned as she sucked on the tip of the phallus, voluntarily taking another inch into her mouth so that she could swirl her tongue around the head. It didn't matter that Xena couldn't actually feel what Gabrielle was doing. She could see it and Xena's imagination did the rest.

Xena pulled back again, completely removing the head from Gabrielle's mouth, and she tilted the cock up, running Gabrielle's lips down the side of the shaft. Gabrielle took it from there, tilting her head to the side as she ran her tongue over the length of the phallus, picking up remnants of Xena's juices that she'd missed around the base. She thoroughly cleaned the entire surface until Xena moved the phallus out of reach.

"Have you ever given head before?" Xena asked curiously.

Gabrielle looked up and shook her head minutely within Xena's grasp. Xena grinned.

"You do it very well," Xena complimented, the heat in her voice betraying exactly how well.

Gabrielle smiled proudly. The moment was quickly ended as Xena released her hold on Gabrielle's hair and drew her up by her shoulders. Then she bent down and quickly removed Gabrielle's boots, throwing them aside. She stood back up, pushing Gabrielle against the stone wall, and then proceeded to rip Gabrielle's skirt and halter from her body, having used up all her patience on the bootlaces.

"Hope you weren't too attached to those," Xena mumbled, as she tossed the torn clothing away.

Gabrielle didn't have a chance to respond as Xena brought the blonde's arms up and made sure the Queen clasped her hands behind Xena's neck. Then Xena reached down again and picked Gabrielle up by her butt. She forced Gabrielle against the wall again and then quickly lowered her onto the phallus. It easily slid inside Gabrielle's dripping cunt, and Gabrielle screamed as she was suddenly filled.

"Oh gods, Xena! Oh fuck-... fuck me!" Gabrielle stuttered, as Xena withdrew and then plunged inside her again. "OH gods!"

Gabrielle squeezed her eyes shut as she hung onto Xena. She tried to wrap her legs around Xena's waist, but couldn't find the strength. Instead, she gripped Xena's hips with her thighs, accepting the fact that Xena was going to kill her by fucking her to death.

Xena groaned, as she rocked her hips against Gabrielle's, sliding her cock deeply into Gabrielle's pussy. She could tell by the amount of friction that Gabrielle was trying to grip the shaft, but she was so wet that her muscles just slipped over and around the thick phallus. Xena pulled Gabrielle down harder onto her cock, feeling her clit throb with every whimper she forced out of Gabrielle.

Xena's fucking was relentless, and Gabrielle couldn't understand why she hadn't cum yet; she felt like she was going to explode. But there was very little stimulation on her clit, so Gabrielle tried to seal her body to Xena's a little better to increase the minor contact.

When Xena realized what Gabrielle was trying to do, she slammed into Gabrielle and held her tight, not allowing her to move more than a fraction of an inch. Gabrielle whimpered at the sudden restriction, though the fullness and depth alone were almost enough to bring her over.

"Please. I need to cum... please, Xena? Please?" Gabrielle begged, the frustration of denial easily bringing her close to tears.

Xena smiled. She loved that tone of surrender Gabrielle got when she was desperate for release. With all the focus Gabrielle had placed on Xena, she probably hadn't realized how much pressure was building up in her own body. But Xena knew, and she intended to draw it out until Gabrielle forgot her own name.

"Not yet," Xena refused.

Xena crushed her mouth to Gabrielle's, driving her tongue inside the willing orifice, as she rotated her hips slightly. Gabrielle whimpered and pulled Xena deeper into her mouth, still trying to move her own hips, as they were held steady by Xena's firm grip. The frustration only heightened Gabrielle's need, and she groaned helplessly.

Xena finally pulled away from the kiss and looked around for a place to set Gabrielle down. She saw a small rock shelf, smoothed from hundreds of years of water erosion, and slowly walked over to it with Gabrielle still impaled on her cock. Every step Xena took sent a jolt through Gabrielle's body, and she whimpered even louder as she nuzzled into Xena's neck, sucking and nipping at the soft skin so close by.

They finally reached their destination, and Xena was pleased to find that the shelf was at the perfect height. Xena set Gabrielle down on the edge and pushed her down onto the cool stone, covering Gabrielle's smaller body with her own. She kissed Gabrielle's chest, alternately drawing each of Gabrielle's nipples into her mouth to lave them with her tongue.

Gabrielle raked her fingers through Xena's hair, pulling her harder against her breast. Xena bit down on the hardened nub and received a whimpered cry in return. She bit a little harder, and Gabrielle only pulled her tighter to her chest. Xena decided Gabrielle was ready for round two. Or maybe it was round three.

Xena licked around Gabrielle's nipple in farewell, and Gabrielle relinquished her hold on the warrior's head so that she could stand up straight again. Xena slowly withdrew the phallus, and Gabrielle groaned at its loss. She felt far too empty.

Xena slid her hands down Gabrielle's sides, then her hips, to finally stop underneath her thighs. She lifted each of Gabrielle's legs up in turn so that her calves rested on Xena's shoulders. Xena turned her head to kiss Gabrielle's legs and smiled down at Gabrielle's impatient look.

Gabrielle felt Xena's hands glide down the backs of her thighs until they reached her ass. The soft touch was excruciatingly light. Her clit was throbbing. Her cunt was aching. She just wanted to be fucked. Then Xena separated her cheeks, and Gabrielle sighed in relief, as she reached for the edge of the shelf to hang on.

Xena drew her finger through Gabrielle's folds and began pushing the wetness she found down to coat Gabrielle's anus. The area was already slippery from the copious amounts of lubrication that had flooded Gabrielle's pussy since she'd first started thinking about whipping Xena earlier that day. After what Xena had done to her so far, Gabrielle was surprised it wasn't simply pouring out of her.

Xena circled her finger around Gabrielle's asshole and tested the entrance. It was tight, but that was mostly from how tense Gabrielle was at the moment from lack of release. With a little pressure, Xena was able to push the tip of her finger inside.

Gabrielle only had one response to such an invasion.

"Mooore," Gabrielle moaned loudly.

Xena used her thumb to bring more lubrication and then pushed her finger in a little deeper. Gabrielle's head dropped back as she groaned. Xena felt Gabrielle's sphincter muscle relax and slid all the way inside. Gabrielle began rocking as best she could in her current position, as Xena slowly pulled her finger almost all the way out.

Xena worked her finger in an out of the tight hole several more times, amazed at how quickly Gabrielle was opening up for her. Usually, Gabrielle wanted more before she was ready to take it, but this time, her body was on the same wavelength. Xena added a second finger, pulling more lubrication from Gabrielle's never-ending supply.

Gabrielle moaned with every breath, as Xena worked her in a slow rhythm. There was nothing in the world like having Xena in her ass. There were nerves there that were nearly as sensitive as her clit, but in a completely different way. Gabrielle writhed under Xena's attentions, as reality slowly faded away. It was replaced with a world made only of sensations caused by Xena's hands.

Xena withdrew her fingers and carefully added a third, as she entered Gabrielle again. Xena watched Gabrielle for signs of real pain, the kind that meant she should stop, but Gabrielle never flinched, and her moans were consistent with intense pleasure. Gabrielle was even attempting to use her legs as leverage to bring Xena closer.

Xena pulled all the way out, and Gabrielle gasped.

"No, Xena... Please don't stop," Gabrielle panted, hardly able to focus her eyes on Xena, she was so lost in her own body.

"Oh, I don't intend to. But you need more, don't you?" Xena asked, and then Gabrielle felt Xena position the tip of the phallus at her anus for a moment, before sliding it along Gabrielle's folds to recoat it with enough wetness.

"Oh gods," Gabrielle whispered, as she realized what Xena was going to do and tightened her grip on the rock beneath her fingers.

Xena massaged the clenching entrance with the tip of her cock each time she passed it by. She knew Gabrielle had tensed up a little again in anticipation, but she needed to relax if she was going to take Xena's cock. The phallus was large, and no matter what Xena did, it was going to hurt. Of course, that was sort of the point.

Gabrielle moaned, as she felt Xena pushing forward. Xena's thick cock was demanding entrance, and she knew there was no denying it. She'd asked Xena for this. She wanted to be tortured, to be forced, to be denied release, to be hurt, and then to finally cum. At least she sure hoped Xena let her cum. Otherwise, she was going to go insane.

"Xena!" Gabrielle cried out, as the phallus continued to push against her straining opening.

Xena kept the pressure steady, as she listened to the desperation in Gabrielle's voice. She knew Gabrielle would have found it easier if she'd penetrated her all at once, but the agony of simply pushing against Gabrielle's anus was so much more rewarding.

The warrior couldn't fathom ever actually wounding Gabrielle, but hurting her and knowing that Gabrielle took that pain and turned it into pleasure was unbelievably arousing. Ripples of pleasure flowed through Xena's abdomen, as she watched Gabrielle's face contort in pain, even as the young Queen whimpered and moaned in a tone that obviously indicated incredible enjoyment.

Gabrielle felt tears form at the corners of her eyes. The pain was so intense and yet she knew Xena wasn't causing her any injury. She could feel her ass and clit throbbing in unison, begging for more of what Xena was doing to her, as her muscles relaxed little by little. She also hadn't felt any sharp pains that would have alerted her to serious muscle or skin tears. Xena's cock was just bigger than anything she'd ever felt before, and Xena was intentionally prolonging the torment of penetration.

Xena began to ease off.

"Noo," Gabrielle whimpered, trying to bring Xena back with her legs, though her current position kept her completely at Xena's mercy.

Xena slid her cock over Gabrielle's pussy, collecting more of the Queen's juices. The phallus was starting to dry out, and anal penetration was best with lots of lubrication. After a few more passes, she returned to Gabrielle's ass.

"Yess," Gabrielle breathed in relief.

Xena pressed harder and harder into Gabrielle, the small blonde's moans growing in volume with each second, until they both felt the pop, as Gabrielle's asshole finally widened the last fraction of an inch to accept Xena's cock. Xena pushed all the way in on a single stroke, and Gabrielle gasped at the deep penetration.

Xena let Gabrielle's legs slide down her arms and helped Gabrielle wrap them around her waist. Then the tall warrior pulled the bard up into her arms, cradling her close. As Gabrielle felt her center join once again with Xena's, she buried her face into Xena's shoulder and closed her eyes. The pain and pleasure merged, causing her to moan long and low in appreciation.

As Xena slowly pumped her hips into Gabrielle's, the shaft moving ever so slightly within Gabrielle's tight anus, the blonde grunted and nuzzled into Xena's neck.

"Oh gods, Xena. Yes. Don't stop. Just fuck me. Fuck my ass," Gabrielle whispered, almost to herself, as she rocked.

Xena circled her hips and ground herself into Gabrielle's sex, rubbing her pubic bone against Gabrielle's clit, as she moved the phallus inside of Gabrielle. Gabrielle whimpered and brought up her hands to comb up the back of Xena's neck, as she raised her head to meet Xena's mouth with her own.

Xena eagerly accepted Gabrielle's tongue, as she scarcely moved in and out of Gabrielle's ass, crushing Gabrielle's clit between their pubic mounds. The small movements were just enough to keep Gabrielle on the edge, without giving her so much stimulation that she had an orgasm. Every sound Gabrielle made told Xena she was on the verge of climax.

Gabrielle sucked on Xena's tongue, then her upper lip, then her bottom lip, before delving into her mouth again. She couldn't stop moaning. Xena's slow grind over her clit, combined with the fullness of Xena's cock in her ass, made Gabrielle feel indescribably wonderful. She felt so close to Xena.

They fit perfectly together, as they moved in unison. It was as though they'd been made for each other. After today, Gabrielle had no doubt they truly would do anything for one another. Xena had given her more than she'd ever thought possible, and it only felt right to give Xena everything she wanted in return, not because she owed it to Xena, but because Gabrielle couldn't imagine denying Xena anything.

Xena pumped slowly in and out of Gabrielle's ass, but she was having a hard time keeping herself in check. Gabrielle's kisses, and the feel of the small woman wrapped around her body, were almost too much for Xena. Making love with Gabrielle was one of the most intense joys Xena had ever had the pleasure of experiencing. She never wanted it to end, but she also wanted to hear Gabrielle scream her name in ecstasy.

Xena squeezed Gabrielle's butt cheeks and pulled them a little further apart. She moved in a little deeper and felt Gabrielle shudder.

"... c-cum..." Gabrielle squeaked out, as Xena hit the right combination of pleasure spots on Gabrielle's body.

Xena held completely still. She had several things she still wanted to do to Gabrielle before she ended her "torture," and if Gabrielle climaxed, it wouldn't be nearly as intense.

"Oh gods, please. Please let me..." Gabrielle whispered in desperation.

"Not yet," Xena remained firm.

Gabrielle whimpered, as the near orgasm passed through her. She wished Xena would just fuck her. Hard. She considered moving herself to bring on the orgasm, but found she couldn't. Xena didn't want her to release just yet, and right now, Gabrielle's pleasure was for Xena. If she came for herself, it wouldn't be right. She wanted to hold out for Xena. She wanted to cum because Xena brought her there, not because she was too impatient to let Xena have her way with her.

Xena felt Gabrielle relax slightly and knew it was okay to move again... just not too much. She carefully let Gabrielle rest more on the stone shelf and slowly slid the phallus out of Gabrielle's ass. Gabrielle gasped and moaned for the entire retreat until it was gone. Then she collapsed back against the stone.

"Rest for a moment. You're going to need it," Xena informed her.

Gabrielle nodded and closed her eyes, as she tried to relax. She had no idea how long Xena intended to make her wait for release. She didn't think she could last much longer, but if Xena required it of her, she knew she would.

Xena watched Gabrielle for a moment. Laid out on the rock, Gabrielle was every bit the inviting nymph. If she chose, she could fuck Gabrielle right now and call it a day. The prospect was very tempting. Then Xena glanced over at the discarded whip, and her dilemma was resolved. Nothing, not even her own impatience, was going to prevent her from whipping Gabrielle today.

Xena retrieved the whip and walked over to the underground stream that fed the baths. She rinsed the whip first, and then removed her harness in order to clean it and the phallus, too. When she was done, she calmly laid the items out on a nearby rock before walking back over to Gabrielle's supine form.

From far away, Gabrielle listened to everything Xena did. She heard Xena go over to the chains, and then listened to her lightly splash in the water. She heard the buckles on Xena's harness and then more splashing. However, her real focus was her body.

Her ass throbbed in time with her heartbeat, and her clit felt so large that she didn't think she could close her legs. Her breasts missed being pushed against Xena's, and her back much preferred Xena's arms to the hard stone she was resting on now. She could still feel the indentation on her inner thighs where they'd been clasped around Xena's hips. Her hands needed to be on Xena's shoulders, or in her hair.

Gabrielle moaned and arched her back when she felt Xena's hands run over her thighs and up to cup her breasts. She opened her eyes just in time to see Xena leaning over her to take one of her nipples into her mouth. Gabrielle lifted her arms to wrap them around Xena's head and continued moaning in appreciation.

Xena pulled Gabrielle up into a sitting position, letting the hardened nipple slip from between her lips, as she stood up straight again. She drew Gabrielle into a deep kiss, and Gabrielle wrapped her legs around Xena's waist to get even closer to the tall woman. Xena moved her mouth to the side, kissing along Gabrielle's cheek, until she reached her neck. Xena sucked hard on the flesh under her lips, as she pulled Gabrielle completely off the rock shelf and into her arms. Gabrielle cried out, but she only held tighter to Xena, craving the physical intimacy.

"Gods, I need you, Xena. I need you..." Gabrielle mumbled over and over again into Xena's neck.

Xena began walking, but Gabrielle didn't lift her head or open her eyes to see where Xena was taking her. She already knew. When Xena came to a stop, she gently lifted Gabrielle slightly away from her. The bard took the hint and let her legs fall to the ground. She kept her arms clasped around Xena's neck, as Xena slowly allowed her to take more of her own weight onto her shaky legs.

Gabrielle finally opened her eyes and wasn't surprised to see the chains above her.

"I love you," Gabrielle said quietly.

Xena smiled, as she drew one of Gabrielle's hands to her lips and kissed her wrist several times.

"I love you, too," Xena murmured, as she reached up for one of the manacles.

Xena carefully snapped the cuff around Gabrielle's wrist. Gabrielle felt her heart begin to pound from hearing that one small sound. Then Xena brought Gabrielle's other arm up. She sucked lightly on Gabrielle's pulse point before closing the other cuff around her wrist, drawing Gabrielle's arms taut, since she was more than half a foot shorter than Xena.

Xena knelt down and spread Gabrielle's legs wide, as she attached the lower shackles to the blonde's ankles. She stood up again and moved behind Gabrielle, embracing the smaller woman's body with her own.

Gabrielle leaned back, drawing strength from the powerful woman behind her. Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle's torso and brought her hands up to cup Gabrielle's breasts. She squeezed the heavy mounds and pulled Gabrielle in tighter to her body.

Gabrielle groaned and then whimpered, as Xena pinched her nipples hard. It really hurt, but Gabrielle only pushed her chest harder into Xena's hands.

"Please..." Gabrielle gasped.

Xena smiled and pinched harder, eliciting another sharp whimper. Xena nudged Gabrielle's head to the side and licked along Gabrielle's neck. She reached Gabrielle's earlobe and sucked on it for a few moments before returning to Gabrielle's neck again. She nipped at the flesh of Gabrielle's shoulder and then sucked at the skin. She grazed her teeth over the area and sucked a little harder, knowing she would leave a mark before she was through.

Gabrielle moaned and writhed in Xena's arms. The idea of 'more' just wasn't enough to describe what Gabrielle wanted. She wanted everything right now. She wanted to be whipped, fucked, sucked, licked, kissed, and fucked again all at once. She couldn't even formulate a coherent thought as to what she wanted first or most. She just wanted it all.

"Please, Xena. Please. I need you. Please..."

Xena took her time, enjoying Gabrielle's futile appeals, as she finished marking her territory and kissed up along Gabrielle's neck. Gabrielle could feel Xena's rapid breaths across her ear. Xena slowly let her right hand drift down over Gabrielle's skin until she reached the hairy triangle of Gabrielle's sex. She stroked her fingers lightly over Gabrielle's clit.

"Oh gods!" Gabrielle cried out, as she pushed herself against Xena's hand.

"You want to cum, don't you," Xena whispered into her ear.

Gabrielle whimpered and nodded her head.

"Yes. Please, Xena. Please."

"Only a little while longer," Xena promised. "Right now, I think you need something else. I think you need to feel my whip. Don't you," Xena stated.

Gabrielle closed her eyes, as waves of arousal passed through her body. She wanted Xena to whip her. She'd seen the effect whipping had on Xena, and she wanted to experience the other side of it. Gabrielle felt her stomach do several flip-flops in anticipation.

"Yes. Gods, Xena, yes, please," Gabrielle begged.

"It's going to hurt," Xena warned.

Gabrielle whimpered in acknowledgement and pushed her body back harder against Xena's.

"But that's what you want, isn't it," Xena observed.

"Please," Gabrielle whispered, on the verge of tears from being denied release for so long.

Xena felt her clit throb at the desperation she heard in Gabrielle's voice. She stepped back and walked over to the rock where she'd left the whip. She picked it up and whirled it through the air, flinging away the last drops of water. She returned to Gabrielle.

"Get ready," Xena gave her only warning.

Gabrielle wrapped her hands around the chains as she'd seen Xena do. She heard the whip whistle through the air a split second before she felt it sting across her back.

"Ow, gods, Xena!"

The second lash came down to complete an X of pain from her shoulders to her waist.


The third blow was snapped across her left ass cheek, while the fourth bit into her right.

"Xena!" Gabrielle cried, as tears flowed from her eyes.

As each new line of pain was drawn on her body, Gabrielle felt her skin heat up and tingle. Xena struck every inch of skin, wrapping the tips of the tails around Gabrielle's body so that she could reach Gabrielle's front without having to turn Gabrielle around to face her. Those stung the worst. Xena knew exactly how far her reach went, so that the tips landed directly on Gabrielle's nipples, bringing them erect and causing them to be even more sensitive than when they were soft.

There was nowhere for Gabrielle to go. The upper chains were too taut for her to move any closer to the rock wall, and even if she could, she knew that pressing her sensitized flesh into the rough stone would make her scream. But she didn't really want to get away from Xena. It was just getting to be too much. Her body was on fire, and the only place Xena hadn't whipped her yet was between her legs.

Xena drew back her arm and flipped it forward again to send the whip stinging across Gabrielle's right thigh. Gabrielle cried out again and Xena immediately repositioned herself to throw another lash around Gabrielle's left side to flog her tit.

"Xena! Please, gods!" Gabrielle cried, as she slowly began sinking, letting her weight rest completely on her arms where she gripped the chains.

Xena slashed at Gabrielle's back, adding a little more red to the already widespread pink lines that criss-crossed Gabrielle's entire body. She whipped her again, thoroughly enjoying the dual sounds of the smack of the leather and the screams it elicited from Gabrielle. Gabrielle's pleas were an aphrodisiac for Xena. She had Gabrielle completely at her mercy.

It was time.

Xena flicked the whip up and landed it in the middle of Gabrielle's vulva. Gabrielle shrieked, as she attempted to pull away; she was beyond words now. Xena hit Gabrielle's sex again and listened to Gabrielle cry out.

Xena swung up again and struck Gabrielle's clit hard with the straps of leather. Gabrielle's inner thighs were practically numb from the many lashes they'd taken, but her clit was raw from being ignored for so long when Xena had been deliberately missing the area. Every blow caused agonizing pain, but it also sent ripples of pleasure through her. The combination was more intense than anything Gabrielle had ever felt. She was sure if Xena just hit her a little faster and a little harder, she would cum.

But Xena wanted to be inside Gabrielle when she came. Gabrielle was already shaking and she couldn't stand much more. She'd been fucked and whipped senseless.

Xena dropped the whip and moved forward, landing on one knee behind Gabrielle. Three of Xena's fingers slid inside Gabrielle so easily that she immediately added a fourth on the second penetration. Xena used her free hand to reach around Gabrielle's thigh to rub her clit. Xena pushed her fingers up hard into Gabrielle, and then quickly worked her thumb into Gabrielle's abused ass.

Gabrielle was sure she was going to pass out or die. Her legs were completely useless as Xena worked her and brought her to a full body orgasm. She couldn't remember when she'd started screaming Xena's name, but she couldn't stop. She just kept coming. Her ass was throbbing and the sweat was pouring off her skin, making everything sting. Her clit was jumping all over the place, and she was afraid she was going to break Xena's hand with how hard she was clamped down on the warrior's fingers.

But she continued to ride Xena's hands, unable to stop another round of spasms as Xena rubbed her clit even harder to keep her going. Her voice cracked, and she couldn't scream anymore.

Finally, her body stopped, the last wave of pleasure passing through her and into the cosmos. She went completely limp, and Xena quickly removed her hands to catch Gabrielle before she dislocated a shoulder. Xena got to her feet and used her toes to retrieve the key to the cuffs from the ground.

Xena unlocked the manacles and Gabrielle collapsed weakly into her arms. She carried Gabrielle to the nearby bathing pool and walked right in, finding a scooped out area of rock to sit on, as she cradled Gabrielle in her lap. The warm water felt wonderful and Xena leaned back as she held Gabrielle. She could feel Gabrielle twitching slightly, though she wasn't sure whether it was aftershocks or if Gabrielle was crying, or both.

Gabrielle had her arms wrapped around Xena's neck and her head rested on the older woman's shoulder. The water slowly washed them both clean as they sat there, and it wasn't long before Gabrielle was asleep.

Xena looked down at her lover and smiled. It might not have lasted for a whole hour, but she was pretty sure Gabrielle was okay with the way things had turned out. At the very least, Xena was quite happy.

Xena sat with Gabrielle for a little while longer until she could feel her fingers getting wrinkled. Plus, she was tired and it wouldn't do for her to fall asleep and drown them both. She stood up and climbed out of the water with Gabrielle still in her arms. Gabrielle woke up and looked around.

"Xena?" Gabrielle questioned.

"We're still in the bathing hut," Xena answered softly.

"Oh," Gabrielle replied, still a little disoriented.

"We should probably go," Xena suggested, and Gabrielle nodded as Xena gently set her back on her own two feet.

Then Gabrielle looked at her clothing.

"Um, I didn't bring anything else," Gabrielle said.

Xena followed Gabrielle's gaze to where her shredded clothes had been thrown to the ground. Then she looked down at Gabrielle's naked and red-striped body. From the way Gabrielle was swaying slightly on her feet, she didn't even seem to be capable of walking, let alone wearing anything.

"I could carry you," Xena offered quietly.

"No, I don't want anyone to..." Gabrielle trailed off.

"Blame me?" Xena finished for her.

"You know how protective they are," Gabrielle added.

"Not nearly as protective as I am," Xena countered.

"I know," Gabrielle said quietly, as she reached up and stroked Xena's cheek.

Xena leaned down and tenderly kissed Gabrielle's mouth. Their tongues touched a moment after their lips met and parted. Xena held Gabrielle a little tighter and then gently picked her up again. Gabrielle didn't protest. Xena nuzzled against Gabrielle's cheek, pushing Gabrielle's face to nestle into Xena's shoulder.

"Close your eyes," Xena whispered.

Gabrielle obeyed and relaxed into Xena's embrace. Though Gabrielle could be just as immodest as Xena in the heat of the moment, she was also very shy. Xena thought if Gabrielle couldn't actually see all the Amazons that were going to gawk at their appearance, it wouldn't be so bad. Gabrielle just concentrated on Xena's hold on her body and how close they were, and how tender Xena was.

Xena looked over at her leathers and then shrugged her shoulders. She would have to put Gabrielle down to don her clothing, and that just wasn't going to happen. So, she walked towards the exit and used her foot to nudge the door open. She carried Gabrielle out into the afternoon sunlight. They were both still damp from the water, but there was no breeze to chill them. As Xena walked towards their hut, several Amazons came running up in alarm, but Xena shook her head and gave them a look that stopped them in their tracks.

Halfway to the Queen's hut, Ephiny came jogging up. Her face was a question and Xena decided a little help wouldn't hurt.

"We left some items in the Queen's bathing hut," Xena said quietly, so as not to disturb Gabrielle.

Ephiny nodded in understanding and turned to go back the way Xena had come. By the time Xena was at the steps of their hut, Ephiny had returned with Xena's leathers and Gabrielle's bag. Xena didn't ask about Gabrielle's destroyed clothing.

Ephiny held the door open and Xena went inside. She laid Gabrielle down on the bed, or tried to, but Gabrielle wouldn't let go of Xena's neck, so Xena joined her on the soft mattress.

Ephiny put their belongings down by the door and then hesitantly moved inside, closing it behind her. She walked over and stood uncertainly in front of the bed.

"Is everything okay?" Ephiny asked gently.

Xena nodded and Gabrielle opened her eyes to drowsily smile at Ephiny as she nodded, too.

"Yeah, Ephiny, everything's great," she whispered contentedly and squeezed Xena a little tighter.

Ephiny couldn't help but smile in return at the sheer happiness she saw radiating from Gabrielle. She recognized the whip marks on both their bodies, as well as the large hickeys blooming on their shoulders. From what she'd seen in the bathing hut, they'd obviously been enjoying themselves.

"Is there anything you need?" Ephiny asked, as she moved towards the door to give them some privacy.

"I have everything I need right here," Gabrielle said confidently.

Then her stomach growled.

"I'll have some food brought to you soon," Ephiny smirked, as she spoke before either of them could make the request. "And maybe some whip salve, too?" she added.

"Thank you," Gabrielle grinned in embarrassment.

"Good idea," Xena seconded.

"Well, get some rest," Ephiny suggested as she left, pulling the door shut behind her.

"I'm really going to feel this tomorrow, aren't I?" Gabrielle said knowingly.

"Are you saying you can't feel it now?" Xena asked incredulously, shifting uncomfortably as her own body let her know exactly how strong Gabrielle's whip arm was.

"Oh, I can feel it, but somehow I think it's going to be a whole lot worse tomorrow."

"We'll probably be lucky if we can move," Xena said.

"What do you mean 'we'? You'll probably be out doing flips with Eponin, while I lie here and groan all day," Gabrielle complained.

"Don't bet on it," Xena replied.

Xena knew she would heal faster than Gabrielle, but she also knew her body's limits, and she was going to be more than a little sore tomorrow.

"So, you'll stay with me?" Gabrielle hoped.

"Always," Xena promised, as she sleepily closed her eyes.

Gabrielle smiled, as she joined Xena in a well-earned rest.

To Be Continued in Part VI

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