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                                   Xena Warrior Mother Series –Story 6


                                       Legend of the Last Amazon-Part XI

                                                      By Fantimbard@aol.com



Part 11….



Chapter 34 – The Hunt





Just as the Argonians had disappeared…



Gabrielle rode fast through the unfamiliar woods following the wagon tracks just as Tarren had in search of Xena.  The young woman did not stop until she came across the group of attacked Amazons that had left on a mission of rescue.  Twice in an attempt to find little Tarren and reach Xena the young woman had fallen from her horse but each time quickly remounted and kept going.  As she slid from her saddle in a frenzy of fear for the lost child she could not help but notice the battered and bruised bodies of her friends.


Seeing the great warrior standing alone and with her back to the group of fellow soldiers, Gabrielle ran toward her best friend.  Her eyes traveled from face to face looking for an answer to the question that all seemed to know she was asking.


Eponon’s cheeks were moist and she lowered her head at the sight of the new queen.


Gabrielle ignored all others and reached for Xena’s arm. “Xena where’s Tarren?  Where’s Tarren?  She came after you and I rode as fast as I could but….”


Her words were cut short as the warrior mother turned and all answers were revealed.

Xena moved slowly and the queen could see that her friend’s face was a mixture of shock and rage. She held in her hands a small slingshot and the child’s still unopened bag of private treasures. “They have her.” The words were filled with disbelief. “They have my child Gabrielle…They have my little Tarren.”


Gabrielle closed her eyes as she ran her hand gently over the side of the soft satchel that meant so much to the little one. “Gods no Xena, not the baby.”


The warrior flinched at the sound of the spoken word that identified her child.  She wiped a stray tear from her eye before it had a chance to make a public appearance and then with a deep breath and a fire in her blue blazon eyes that warned all to stay back, the mother moved forward.


Xena carefully put her child’s belongings inside her armor and walked over to the fallen Argonians on the trail.  Letting her eyes close and her ears open to listen carefully to all the sounds around her, the legendary Warrior Princess reached to the ground suddenly and pulled one of the creatures that was still alive to his feet.


The bard stepped back at the horrible sight of this man-like-being that tried to cover its eyes from the blinding light of bare sun. 


The warrior’s face was cold and without mercy.  After knocking his protective hands from his eyes, Xena immediately placed her famed pinch on the Argonian and watched as he dropped back to his knees struggling for a single breath of air. 


The mother’s words were cold and steady and filled with venom not even Gabrielle had ever heard. She leaned in close to her prisoner. “You have 30 seconds to tell me where my little girl was taken.  I’ve cut off the flow of blood to your brain and if I don’t release it you will die slow and painfully.” Those last words actually brought a slight smile to the warrior mother’s face.

The man tried to hold his throat but the warrior pushed his the extremities away and growled.  “Talk!”


The Argonian nodded and with no effort Xena removed the pinch and pulled the man roughly to his feet.  “Hurry up and tell me where they’ve taken my child,” she ordered, ignoring the sights and sounds of all others around her.


For Xena the world had stopped.

The odd creature coughed and covered his eyes once again. He laughed a little at the sight of all the females that surrounded him  “I will tell you what you ask woman but it will do you no good.  My people will catch you before you ever make it there.”

Xena placed her fingers around the man’s throat and with a squeeze gave him a sample of her great strength. “Try me,” she seethed.

Again he coughed, nodded his submission and was released.  He pointed behind them to a path that led straight through the woods. “Follow the trail to the mountain.  There are caves that will lead you into the caverns below.  It is there that we have taken our new women. Take the one closest to the rising fire in the sky and you will find what you seek and perhaps even die in that very spot.”

After hearing those last words spoken, Gabrielle stepped forward.  “New women?” she asked, wondering what purpose these creatures had indeed intended for the Amazons.

The Argonian smiled and licked his hairy lip as he stared at the blond before him. “Why yes we need breeders.”  He sneered at the young woman’s obvious look of disgust. “We were once dwellers of the top as you were woman…until that cursed Artemis sent us to the darkness below.” He paused and held his chin as high as he could without facing the sun. “But we lived.  We survived.  We came back to get what should have been ours all the long…the Amazons and we will not stop until we have every last one of you,” he said through tightened lips.


“By the gods.” Gabrielle could see her large friend’s muscles tense at the threat. “Why did you take the child?” the younger woman asked, placing a calming hand on the warrior’s shoulder.


The man shrugged indifferently. “A mistake.  A youngster is of no use to us. She will be killed,” he said with not even a hint of emotion or remorse for who the youngster was or might belong to.

Xena glared at her prisoner.  “You’re right it was a very big mistake.” With a sudden flick of her hand and a slide of the edge of her chakrum the warrior cut the Argonian’s throat and watched the strange man fall to the ground. “It was a very big mistake,” she growled, placing the still bloody weapon at her side as she turned to depart.


Gabrielle jumped back in horror. “Xena! You shouldn’t have done that. We could have gotten…more information out of him.” She stared at the now still body at her feet. “And he was not even armed,” she yelled wanting to believe that even a hideous creature such as this deserved more justice than a slit throat.

The warrior mother stopped and turned on her heals. “Neither was my little girl….” She took a deep calming breath and lowered her voice. “Besides I’ve heard all I need to hear.” She said nothing more but merely walked quietly to her mount pausing for a moment to glance at the body of young Shalia. She closed her eyes in silent prayer before mounting Argo. 


The new queen thought of words she might speak in an attempt to stop her warrior friend from making war on an entire race without so much as a thought, but she knew there was nothing that even she could speak to keep this mother from finding her child.   As she stared at the warrior seated in the saddle all alone, the bard knew that there was something absent from her friend.  There was a piece missing and until the mother found the child that completed her nothing and no one would be safe.


Eponon moved beside Argo and looked up at the great warrior.


The weapon’s master held the arm that still had a long arrow protruding from it. “Xena wait until I get this tugged out of my shoulder and I’ll ride with you to find Tarren and the others,” she said still ready for action.

There were yells of unison offering the same from all the surrounding Amazons.


Xena lowered her head for a minute and then raised it quickly, her voice filled with hostility not intended for these people that were her friends.  “No! I go alone!”  She took a deep breath and tried to calm her words, as she looked over the sea of faces willing to offer their lives to save her child.  “You must protect your people and I must find my daughter.” She looked directly at Gabrielle. “That may not be the same path so we can not share the same road right now my friends.”

Gabrielle moved forward suddenly grabbing the reigns hoping to make a last ditch effort at keeping the warrior from going on what she knew would be a bloody path.  “Xena we can work together to find Tarren and the Amazons both.”

The warrior glared at her best friend.  “Gabrielle I don’t want to work together with anyone.  I never should have left Tarren.” She lowered her eyes and softened her voice. “Nala told me that we needed to share the same path and even Tarren knew that.  Now I will cut down anything and anyone that stands between my child and me.”  She looked down the trail.  “This just became very personal Gabrielle and there is not one god on Olympus that can save the lives of anyone that crosses my path.”


The queen stared sadly up at her friend. While she heard the words of anger she could also feel the pain emanating from the concerned mother.  “What about little Tarren?”

Xena closed her eyes and swallowed hard.  “I’ll find my little girl Gabrielle.  I will find her and I will kill the creature that so much as put a scratch on her,” she replied, feeling her blood boil at the thought.

The young queen took a step back realizing that there was nothing she could or perhaps should say to stop her friend. “And what do we do?” she asked motioning to the people around her.


There seemed to be no leader amongst the group now.

Xena looked at the trail she was about to take and then leaned down out of the saddle to speak quietly to her best friend of many summers. “Lead your people Gabrielle.  Follow your heart and lead your people.”

With those words spoken the Warrior Princess kicked her heals into the sides of the Great War horse and headed after her kidnapped child.



Gabrielle stood straight as she watched her friend disappear in a fast gallop down the path that had been chosen. She felt a tear well at the corner of her eye and quickly wiped it away.  The bard wanted to go with her friend but knew her presence would just slow Xena down.  If the new queen were to aid her friends and her people then it would have to be from another position. “Good luck warrior.  Find her Xena…Dear gods find her fast,” she whispered.


Eponon moved slowly beside the young queen and bowed her head slightly.  She too stared after the great warrior’s now fading image.  “When will she come back?” she asked wishing she had been allowed to follow.


The young queen shook her head and closed her eyes.  “When she finds Tarren alive and well and not ever before.” 


Gabrielle knew that the warrior mother would not allow this child to ever be without her again even if it meant they would cross to the other side together.


Eponon swallowed hard and took a deep breath.  “So what do we do now Queen Gabrielle?”


The bard pushed her shoulders back and threw out her chest and turned ready to do what she must.  “You Eponon, get back to the village right now and have a healer take care of that arm,” she ordered, observing what must be an extremely painful wound.

The weapon’s master glanced at her shoulder and shrugged.  “It’s not that bad I can help with….”

Gabrielle’s eyes grew wide. “That was not a request.  It was an order.  Now either mount your horse or I’ll have my guards take you back across mine. Move!”


Eponon was a bit taken back by her much smaller and usually gentle friend’s tone but recognized the sound of authority when she heard it.  “Yes my queen.”  In an instant she was mounted and headed back toward the village.


Gabrielle nodded approvingly at the action and then looked to the confused faces of the remaining people.  She took a deep breath and stared at the Amazons around her that were waiting for guidance and leadership.  The bard took one last breath and addressed the group.  “Ok I want all the wounded back to the village now.”  She pointed to the bodies of the dead Argonians. “Throw them in the back of the wagon.  They’ll be of some use to us still.”  As she watched the Amazons scurry to obey their leader, the bard saw the lone figure of a familiar girl lying on the grass beside the crowd.  “Oh no…Shalia,” she said in a near whisper.


In the flurry of everything that had happened the young woman had not even noticed that Shalia had been missing from the group.


The new queen pushed her way through the group to the fallen form of the young girl who had been Tarren and Xena’s friend.  She dropped to her knees beside the still form and bowed her head. “Gods not you too Shalia. It’s all so senseless.” She ran her hand tenderly over the girl’s face. “I never got to know you as well as Xena and Tarren but I know how very special you were to them and Ephiny.” She closed her eyes.  “Such a gentle soul…Why?”


An Amazon approached quietly from behind. She was shorter than most and slightly overweight.  “My queen?” she said in a soft tone.


Gabrielle took a deep breath and turned her head slightly to see the unfamiliar face of another young warrior. "Yes."


The Amazon pointed to the dead girl. “Shalia died taking an arrow for Xena.  She stepped right in front of the Warrior Princess as if she felt her small body was a greater shield than the skills of….” Her words trailed off. “I thought you might like to know.”


Gabrielle shook her head and closed her eyes at the thought of the unnecessary sacrifice this mere child had made.  “Yes. Thank you for telling me.  What is your name?”

The Amazon stood proudly.  “I am Rellona.  Shalia was my best friend. We worked with the horses together sometimes.” She lowered her eyes. “I remember how proud she was when you asked her to be Xena’s attendant.” The short and stout young girl looked at her now dead friend.  “She was more special than anyone here ever knew.  She had gifts from the gods but no one could see them because Shalia could not wield a blade.  If not for Queen Ephiny….” She paused and lowered her head. “Shalia loved her very much.”


Gabrielle listened to the heart felt words and tried with all her inner strength to keep her own emotions in check.  She reached over and placed a hand on Rellona’s wrist and nodded.  “They will know now. Everyone will know how special Shalia was.  I promise you that.”  The words were filled with a new conviction.


It was becoming more and more obvious to the new queen that in this society of warriors there was a second class of those that were not born with the skills or the desire to fight or kill.  This was something she vowed to change as she watched Rellona walk away.


Gabrielle took one last look at the form of the gentle girl at her feet and called to the nearest Amazon.  “Get my horse and put Shalia on it.  I will take her back to the village myself.”


The Muscular warrior looked oddly at her new queen. “But my queen we can just throw her in the wagon with the Argonians and you need not be….”

The words cut though the bard’s heart like a knife.  “No! Shalia will not be just tossed in with that trash.” She glared at the Amazon Warrior.  “Do as I say and don’t ever question me again,” she said with a new force that all understood. She brought her staff closer to her body as if to let all no she was prepared to accept any challenges to her authority in true Amazon fashion


The Amazon warrior bowed her head and quickly ran to get her queen’s horse. 


The bard let out a breath and turned looking down the now empty trail that Xena had followed.  “You were right Xena.  This is war and there is no place for my softness on the battleground so I’ll just have to put it aside…until this is over.” She lowered her head.  “Please find Tarren and come back to me soon.  I can’t make it without my family.”  With those final words spoken the bard disappeared from sight and Gabrielle, queen of the Amazons stepped forward to take her place as leader.





Meanwhile in a very dark place far away…




The large metal door swung open and the Argonian guard tossed a small child onto the wet floor with a thud.  This type of action had been the standard for a while now.


The key turning in the tumblers would be heard and then the entrance to some outside world would be exposed long enough to drop another captive in the hand made prison below the earth.


As soon as the door had slammed shut once again the Amazon prisoners quickly surrounded the unfamiliar child.


One Amazon of the southern tribes stared at the soft cheeks of the unconscious little girl. “Why she’s just a little one…a baby.” She placed her hand on the youngster’s forehead. It was hot and sweaty. “She’s sick.”

An Amazon from the eastern tribes moved a bit closer. “Perhaps it’s contagious. Maybe those creatures threw her in here to see who among us would get sick…as a way to separate the weak.  We should kill her.” There was a soft murmuring of agreement around the young woman, so she searched for a large rock to execute her words.

This cavern turned into a cell was dark.  Only the light from a small caged fire in the center of the wet floor offered the Amazon’s any vision or warmth at all. 


There was a brief silence and then the dripping sound of the water that ran along the heavy dirt walls was all that could be heard.


A tall and muscular figure stepped quickly out of the shadows. Her face was covered with dried blood from a day old battle but her voice was regal and full of force. “Whoever touches that youngster dies at my hand,” she growled.


Hearing this threat made all the Amazons back to one side and stare at the figure that had just approached them.


This woman had proven herself a worthy opponent to any that had dared to challenge her.  There were none left stupid enough to make that mistake again.



The crowd parted and the queen stepped forward.


 Ephiny stood protectively in front of little Tarren ready to fight any that would dare to touch her very young and obviously sick little friend.


There was not one who approached.


Ephiny leaned down and cradled the sick child in her arms.  “Tarren can you hear me?” she asked as softly as she could.

The little girl’s eyes flickered open and she tried to focus in the dim shadows on the woman now holding her. “Mommy?”

Ephiny grinned and closed her eyes grateful the youngster was alive. “No Junior…It’s me.  It’s Ephiny,” she replied.

Hearing that her mother was not the person whose arms she was in sent the very sick child into a fit of panic “Eph…iny.  I want Momma.  Where are my Mommy and Gabby?”


The Amazon held the child tight making sure the little one was not injured by her own small flailing limbs. “Shellopa get me a piece of cloth and run it under that damn drip,” she ordered. “Finally that damn dripping sound will have some use,” she yelled.


Shellopa nodded wondering if her queen could even see the gesture in the shadows of their prison but the Amazon warrior obediently ripped a piece of cloth from her own skirt and placed it below the water running down the wall and raced back to her queen.  “Here Ephiny,” she said handing the cloth to her friend and leader.


“Thanks.” Ephiny ran the cold rag over the little girl’s head.  “Shh I’m gonna take care of you until your Momma comes. Ok?” The queen bit her lip as she realized just how bad things must be back at her village if the child of the Warrior Princess had been taken captive.

Tarren clung to her friend’s arm as she felt the cold shivers run down her small body.  The room was damp and wet. “Ephiny…I want Momma. Please get my Mommy,” she begged. “I don’t wanna play Warrior Princess right now.”


The queen glanced at Shellopa who took a deep breath at the pleading words of this small child.  She turned back to the little girl. “I know Junior…I wish I could get her but I can't. I’m sorry.” Ephiny could feel her insides melt as she spoke the words.  She was not accustomed to feeling so helpless.

The small child ignored the statement and continued to fidget in the queen’s arms. “Momma needs me ya know?” She looked directly at her friend.

Ephiny nodded in complete understanding. “Yeah I know she does Junior.”

The little girl coughed and Ephiny pulled the youngster as close as she could to offer some warmth. When the hacking fit passed the small child had a look of peace and understanding for a brief moment.


It was as if some great secret had been revealed to her in that one moment.   She smiled and reached a hand out to touch her friend’s cheek. “Momma’s lookin awful hard for me and she’s gonna be real mad at me when she gets here.” She thought of her mother’s words on the trail when the warrior had seen that her young daughter had followed. The child’s smile quickly faded. “I’m gonna get the really big one for sure.”

Ephiny forced a smile as she continued to wipe the child’s forehead with the cloth.  “Why is that youngster?  What did you do now?” she asked hoping to keep the little one occupied with conversation.


Tarren coughed a bit and took a deep breath.  “Momma left without me, I’m her army ya know so…I…sorta…followed after her cause she needs me.” She paused and lowered her eyes. “I was bad and Momma was real mad. I’m tellin ya Ephiny it’s gonna be the really big one.” Tears streamed down the little girl’s cheeks. “But…but…I don’t care…I just want Momma to come and take care of me.  I just want my Momma.”


“Shh Junior...It’s Ok.” Ephiny lifted the little girl into her arms and carried the small child back toward the wall.  “It’s Ok youngster. You’re Momma will come soon.  Believe me if I know her she’ll be knocking down that door at any time now.” She bit her lip.  “If she can find it fast enough,” she mumbled feeling the unnatural shivers crawling down the little girl’s body.


The queen knew that the youngster was already plagued with fever and if left unattended in these conditions would surely die.  Ephiny was not going to let that happen. She placed the little girl on a small boulder to keep her off the cold and wet floor. “Solari!”


The Amazon warrior immediately stepped forward.  “Yes my queen.”


The queen ripped off part of her own skirt and removed her wrist cuffs and placed them on top of the child’s chest.  She then faced her warrior. “Gather as many pieces of spare cloth as possible.  We need to keep Tarren as warm as we can until Xena and the others get here.”


The word, the name, sent a wave of murmurs through the prisoners on the other side of the cavern.


The familiar Amazon from the eastern tribe stepped forward.  “That is Xena’s child?” she asked with a hard swallow pointing to the sick youngster.


Solari immediately stepped protectively in front of her queen and the small child immediately followed by Sheloppa and every other member of Ephiny’s tribe including an instructor named Gruella.


Ephiny ran her hand along the little ones face and then stepped through her warrior’s wall to face the strange young Amazon.  “That’s right.  Do you have a problem with that?” she asked, ready to solve any and all problems right then and there.


The young Amazon of the east remembered the great warrior from their short battle on the trail near the Amazon village.  She thought of Tyrell, and how both this queen and the Warrior Princess had spared her friend even after the attempted assassination.


The young Amazon of the east shook her head and ripped some of the skins from her own body and offered them forward. “No I have no problem with that at all.” She turned her head to the Amazons that had been standing with her. “Eastern tribe, give what you can,” she ordered, before again turning to face Ephiny, bowing her head and returning again to her own people.


The queen stared at the cloth in her hand and grinned. “Thank you,” she said to the group before returning to the sick child shivering in the back of the cave.


Ephiny piled cloth upon cloth until she had formed some semblance of a blanket to keep the little girl warm.  She settled herself beside the child offering her own body as an additional source of heat.  Without so much as an order Shellopa and Solari moved to the to the other side of the youngster to do the same with their own bodies. 


Gruella kept a watchful eye on the foreign tribes sure that one would make some kind of attack.




The queen smiled at the actions of her people and cradled the little girl close to her.


Tarren opened her eyes and stared up at her friend. “I want Mommy. She really needs me.  Where’s Gabby? Tell me a story Gabby… I don’t wanna bath…Sorry about the sword Momma.” The youngster was delirious from fever and shock. “Ephiny…you’ll keep your promise about the picture…Momma needs that …I promised Nala…Gabby I’m hot.  Let’s jump in the mud.”

The queen wiped a few stray hairs from the child’s sweaty brow and nodded. “Shh Junior, I’ll take care of my promise and you and Gabrielle and your Momma will all enjoy Nala’s present.” She forced a smile at the happy thought. “Then you can show them your pretty picture…Right?’



Tarren nodded and felt a wave of air pass through her lungs like a hurricane.


The queen held her tightly in place and the youngster soon calmed.



The child’s face turned red and she gripped the arm of her protector with all her might. “Gabby was real hurt I didn’t show it to her.  You’ll tell her I wanted to…right? And you’ll tell my Momma I’m sorry I broke her sword.  I miss her. She’s gonna be real mad…the big one…Where’s my Mommy?” The child sputtered bit and pieces of thought strung together as sentences that only made sense to her.


There was a respectful silence in the crowd of Amazons as the small child spoke in faint whispers.


Somewhere across a dark cave mixed only with shadows Ephiny knew there was a group of Amazons feeling the pain of this little girl’s words. She closed her eyes and said a silent prayer to Artemis to watch over this child.


The queen again looked at the face of the youngster. “Shh you know your Momma will come and boy is she gonna be mad at you for getting so dirty.  You really are gonna get the big one I bet,” she said with a slight smile. Ephiny felt sure that any distraction was a good one.



The child nodded in agreement. “That’s what Momma said and so did Shalia….” Tarren’s words trailed off and her face again filled with tears.  “Shalia’s gone too ya know.  Those bad people took away Shalia forever...like Nala and Uncle Lyceus.”


Ephiny swallowed hard at the words and pulled the little girl close enough to see the expression on the child’s face.  “Tarren what are you saying?  What happened to my…Shalia?” she asked nearly choking on the words.


The youngster coughed and closed her eyes as she tried to clear her mind.  “Momma was fighting the bad men and she was really kickin butt.” She paused realizing she had said the forbidden words. “Shalia wanted to come find you and we were hiding.  I yelled for Momma to get out of the way and Shalia jumped out and then the arrow…They hurt Shalia.  They took my friend away and she never hurt nobody.”


The queen looked straight ahead as she pressed the sobbing little girl closer to her chest. “Shalia’s...gone,” she whispered though a cracking voice.


Ephiny could feel the comforting hands of her friends reaching out to touch her but she shook them away.  Now was not the time to mourn or question.  She was the queen and she had a sick child and a cave full of Amazons to look after.  “No not now my friends,” she whispered, placing a gentle kiss on the little girl’s head. “Not now.”


Tarren shivered at the mere thought of seeing her friend fall from the arrow.  “Mommy’s hurting lots.  I can feel it inside.  She’s coming for me but she’s real scared.  I gotta go find her.” The youngster tried to rise only to be immediately pulled down by the grieving but still stoic queen.


Ephiny placed a firm arm around the little girl. “No Tarren. You’re mother would want you to wait right here for her and do what I tell you to do until she got here.  If I were in as much trouble with my Momma as you already are with yours, I wouldn’t want to make it any worse,” she said, hoping the youngster would here the command in her voice instead of feeling the tears that were now falling down the side of her own face.


The small child thought of her mother’s words about following ones gut.  She knew Ephiny was a person they both trusted so the youngster eased back against her friend’s chest. “Ok…I’ll be good…but…I’ve never been without Momma or Gabby that long…since Momma found me in Rasa,” she said with a muffled sob.


The queen brought her own legs closer to her chest to further cradle the child. “Well I’ll tell you what…Until your Momma gets here you can have me…I’ll be your Aunt Ephiny.”


The frightened child let her small hand move around the darkness until she found her friend’s face. She could feel the wet tears on the woman’s cheeks.  “You’ll be my Aunt Ephiny?” she asked in disbelief.


The queen looked at Solari and then Shellopa expecting to see a slight smirk at the new title.  Instead what she found was a wealth of compassion and support in the eyes of her friends. She looked back at the youngster and grinned. “Yeah well your Momma and Gabrielle are like my sisters so I guess that makes me sort of like your aunt…if you want.”

The youngster cleared her mind and thought for a moment. “I don’t have any aunts…I have a Grandma…a Gabby…My Mommy…You really wanna be my aunt?” the child asked, not sure why she was always treated so well by the person who’s village she had nearly broken.

Ephiny closed her eyes and swallowed hard trying to put the thoughts of Shalia out of her mind. “Sure Junior…I’d be honored,” she stated proudly.

Again the child coughed but immediately calmed as she saw in her mind a vision of Argo with the Warrior Princess sitting straight in the saddle with the wind blowing through her hair as she rode closer. “Momma!  I feel her.   I see Momma.”  She arched her back a little and tried to reach out a hand to touch the image in her mind but it faded too quickly.


The youngster bit her lip and again touched the face of her friend. “I couldn’t reach her,” she said sadly looking up at the compassionate expression of the queen. “Ok you can be my Aunt Eph, but when Momma comes I gotta go cause she really needs me. She’s real worried about me ya know.”


The queen nodded and looked from one Amazon to the next as she addressed the child in her arms. “I know youngster and I promise you will be with her again very soon.” She smiled.  “If I know your Momma she’s tearing up half the trees in the forest looking for you.  Nothing is going to keep her from finding you Junior.”


For the first time the child grinned. “Momma doesn’t like it when people hurt me Aunt Eph.” She coughed. “And that big hairy thing grabbed me and he wouldn’t let me go.  I tried to vault away but I couldn’t.  I couldn’t even kick him real good, so I called for Momma but he just jumped in a real deep hole and then it was so dark I couldn’t even see nothin.”

The anxious queen listened as she heard the tale of an ordeal similar to her own. “I know Tarren.  Shh it’s Ok.  I promise we are going to get out of here. I’m going to take you to your Momma myself,” she stated firmly.


The little girl felt the shivers run through her body once again and she clung to her friend for warmth.  “How Aunt Eph?  How are we gonna get out of here without Momma’s help?”


That was a very good question.

Back at the village…




Gabrielle rode quietly with the Amazons in a straight line behind her as they entered the village compound.


There was no reason to consider a rescue mission now that the Argonians knew of the one failed attempt to get close to the caves with a small group.  The surprise aspect was gone so no small party would be able to penetrate whatever forces these creatures had in store for any future invaders.  Besides Xena was on the path toward the enemy at that was not something even the Amazons dare interfere in. 


This meant war and Gabrielle knew it.


The new Amazon queen smiled a bit knowing her warrior friend would surely clear a worthy path for them to follow when all the tribes had assembled.


Gabrielle lowered her eyes and looked at the group of half-beaten warriors that rode behind her.  Even this small victory meant little to them in the face of failing to rescue their queen and the loss of little Tarren and the death of young Shalia.  Where was the real victory?


The young queen closed her eyes and took a deep breath when she saw the approaching tribe of Amazons heading her way.  “Follow your heart and lead your people,” she whispered, repeating her warrior friend’s words of advice. She turned in her saddle and saw the weapon’s master approaching with her arm in a sling. “Eponon you should be resting,” she said sternly.


The weapon’s master lowered her head a bit. “It’s really not that bad and….”

Gabrielle dismounted noting the ride back had not been nearly as painful on her seat as the fast ride with many falls had been. “That was an order weapon’s master or do you still make it a habit of questioning the orders of your queen?” she asked quietly.


Eponon took a step back and bowed her head.  “No my Queen.”

“Good then go.” She paused and glanced at the body of a young Amazon draped over her saddle. Her voice softened a bit as she called to her friend. “Eponon?”

The weapons master stopped and turned. “Yes my Queen.”


Gabrielle’s tone became gentle and for a moment the bard returned. “Please have someone see that Shalia is laid out in the royal mourning hut.”

There was soft murmur over the crowd of gathering Amazons in the center of the compound.


That place was reserved for royalty only and Gabrielle knew it.


The new queen placed her hand in the air and addressed the crowd. “Shalia was a member of Ephiny’s house and saved the life of Xena.” She shook her head as she looked at the faces of each warrior. “And gods know how many other good things she did when you weren’t looking at her simply because she could not swing a sword.” She raised her chin. “I do not swing a sword but I am your queen and I will fight anyone who dares to challenge my word.  Shalia will be placed in the royal mourning cottage and when all our people have safely returned home we shall honor this great warrior’s memory.”  The words were filled with a new authority that did not ask for respect but instead demanded it.


None spoke again.


Eponon grinned a bit and motioned two of her warriors toward the body.  “You heard the queen.  Take Shalia to the royal mourning hut and be gentle with her.  If I see one of her feathers out of place so help me I’ll pluck you both clean,” she yelled.  Even with only one good arm the muscular woman was still quite intimidating.


The two warriors gently lifted the young Amazon off the horse and carried her to the cottage that had once been meant only for the leaders of the tribe.


Young Rellona bowed to her queen respectively. “Thank you.”



Gabrielle smiled at the stout girl and then watched her disappear in the crowd of Amazons lost again in the faceless nation. 


The young queen sighed hoping there would be no more need of that hut. She took a deep breath and thought of Xena and of little Tarren. It was all she could do to keep her tears from falling as she spoke reassuring words to herself.  “Xena will be fine and she will find Tarren.  They will both be fine,” she whispered. “You must do as Xena said and be a leader.  Follow your heart Gabrielle,” she thought, staring out over the waiting faces of the tribe. She took another deep breath and again held her head high as she spoke. “The rescue mission failed.  Xena’s group was attacked before they got near the caves.”


There was another murmur over the crowd and again Gabrielle held up her hand to silence the people. “The good news is that Xena’s invention worked long enough to…” She paused as she thought about the words that were about toe leave her lips. “To kill some of the Argonians.”

There was a loud cheer for which the bard was sorry.


The new queen raised her hands in the air one final time and there was again immediate silence. “As you can see we lost one of our warriors in the fight,” she said motioning to the lifeless body of a young girl now being carried to the royal hut. “And...and…the Argonians took little Tarren as well.” She felt her own heart sink at the mere saying of the words. 


The bard in Gabrielle wanted to rush to a horse and trail after Xena in an attempt to help find this small child that now filled such a large part of her own heart.  However the person she needed to be, the queen, knew she would be of no use to the great warrior as a mere sidekick.  Gabrielle needed to offer a different and more formidable support for her people and for Tarren.


The crowd’s voices soon went from soft murmurs to angry cries.


Amazons reached for the reigns of their horses eager to fight alongside Xena in an attempt to get this small child back.


Gabrielle had to smile.  Somehow this mischievous little moppet that was always getting in trouble of one kind or another had managed to win the hearts of an entire Amazon tribe.


The new queen took a deep breath knowing she had to put a stop to the chaos before it went any further.  She stepped up onto a familiar stump that Ephiny had used when she first returned to her people.  “Hear me all of you.”  There was quiet. “I would like nothing better than to ride out and help Xena bring Tarren and everyone else home.  However she has asked…no demanded that she be left alone in her rescue of her daughter.” She swallowed hard. “And that is how it shall be.  Xena must put all her efforts into finding her little girl and we must put our efforts into finding everyone.”  She nodded. “Trust me.  When the moment of truth comes we will be there to help Ephiny and Tarren and all the people that these evil creatures have taken.”



The crowds came together as a group.  They did not yell.  They did not cheer but instead they knelt in front of their leader ready to do as she commanded.


Gabrielle closed her eyes wondering how she had gotten in so far over her head. In what was little more than a week she had gone from a princess bard to queen of the Amazons.


The new queen was in need of a plan. She thought of stories she had heard and retold where Xena had lead a small but mighty army from all sides and straight into the middle of the enemy knowing they would never expect such a brash maneuver.


Gabrielle nodded knowing that was exactly the type of approach they needed to use now with the Argonians.  Finally in telling all those stories of Xena’s exploits the bard herself had learned something that would perhaps help these people.


The young woman looked at the heads bowed before her and smiled wishing her warrior friend was here to see this.  “Thank you all for your support.  Please get up.  This is not a time for bowing to one another.  It is a time for joining together as one people and fighting the common enemy.  Please go to your homes and ready your children to depart.  I will be sending all the children to the centaur village immediately.”


The tribe quietly broke up and quickly went about their duties of following their new queen’s orders.



Gabrielle took a deep breath. “Ok that went well, “ she murmured. “Next.”  She scanned the village compound until she spotted queens Penela and Mussona. “Ok now for the tough part,” she thought as she walked eagerly to the spot they were both waiting. 


There was a new air of dignity and strength about this young bard turned queen.


Gabrielle nodded to each of the queens but spoke to Mussona first. “How long before your people arrive?” she asked, wanting to gather as many Amazons together as possible before approaching the Argonians again.

“A half a day maybe less?”  Mussona replied.


Gabrielle sighed heavily and looked to the other queen hoping for better news. “And yours?”

Penela threw her arms in the air.  “Maybe the same.” She looked passed the young queen at the bodies of the dead Argonians Gabrielle had ordered brought back. “Artemis be saved.  So they really are here with us…the legend is true and the creatures of our darkest days have returned,” Penela said in a voice mixed with fear and horror. There was distinct shiver in the old woman’s voice.



Gabrielle let out a quick breath and glanced back at the bodies of the men who had fallen victim to Xena’s great strategy and strength.  “There here alright and they’re coming closer but we’re not going to wait for them to get this far.” She looked at both queens again and allowed her voice to become firm. “I know you don’t have any faith in me and that’s Ok.  I’m not quite sure how much I have in myself,” she admitted. She stood as straight as she could and locked eyes with Penela deciding the older queen was more of an adversary than Mussona. “But I am the queen of these people and I will protect them with my life and I will lead them.” She paused and swallowed. “I know you both would have followed Ephiny or Xena but I can’t force you to follow me. I can only hope you will.”

Penela looked at Mussona and then both studied the young woman.  “Just what did you have in mind child?” Penela asked at least willing to listen to a plan.

Gabrielle nodded and motioned toward the cottage that Xena had made into a general’s office.  “Come with me and I’ll show you.”




Somewhere out on the trail …



Xena blinked her eyes in attempt to remain focused on her most important task, finding Tarren.


It was a great effort to hold back the overwhelming pain and fear for her child. However the great warrior knew that if she was to save her young daughter she needed to be the Warrior Princess that lived in the minds of others.  She kept her eyes trained as she rode slowly along the narrow trail glancing at the tall trees on either side of the dark path.  There was only the sound of birds chirping and a gentle breeze blowing through the cool day. 



The warrior mother kept her senses on all the sounds and sights around her as she made a steady line toward the place she knew her daughter was being held.  With a deep breath she tossed her cape behind her shoulder and patted the side of Argo’s mane. “It’s gonna be cold tonight and I’ll bet that kid isn’t even wearing the heavy tunic like I told her too,” she mumbled as a stray tear ran down her cheek.  She glanced down at her faithful mount.  “Can you believe she followed after me when I told her to stay behind.  She never listens to a damn thing I say Argo. Tarren just goes along and does like she pleases as if nothing I say means anything.”


The horse whinnied in agreement.


Xena kept moving still studying her surroundings and conversing with her horse.  “Well ya know Argo that all stops right now.  I’m tired of her never doing what she’s told.  When I find her she’s gonna get a spanking that will keep her on her feet for a month.  She’ll not disobey me again like that. That is an oath to the gods themselves,” she said, her face filled with angst.  The mother gave a gentle tug on the reigns.  “When I find her….” The parental anger suddenly turned to a cracking voice of fear.  “Gods Argo, I’ve got to find her.  She’s my…baby.  I can’t make it without her…I’m her mother and she needs me.” The warrior stopped and stared up at the sky closing her eyes for a second.  “Help me please,” she said to whatever force would guide her to her small child.


The moment was interrupted by a cracking in the trees just to the right of the trail.


Xena did not even turn her head but merely clenched her teeth and with a loud growl tossed her chakrum in that direction.


The round weapon sliced through the air marking it’s targets with bloody memories that would not last longer than the final breath of the victims. 


After seeing three Argonian spies fall to the ground the warrior effortlessly caught her weapon and continued on her way.  She sniffled a bit as she tried to continue her conversation.  “So Argo where were we before those bastards interrupted us?  Oh yeah finding Tarren…I’m her mother you know.  Me Argo?  Me!” The words were spoken as if for the first time.

Xena smiled a bit at the title she had come to love as much as the child who used it. “I swear there are times I could just paddle that kids little behind all day for the way she gets in trouble.” Her voice became soft and low. “And then there are other times when she looks at me with that innocent stare of wonder and her little mischievous glint.” She patted the horse. “You know what I mean girl?”

The horse again whinnied.


The warrior nodded. “Yeah I knew you did.  At those times I just want to hold her and never let go.  She can be a handful but I wouldn’t have her any other way.” Xena gave the reigns a yank and ran her fingers over her eyes to dry them. 


The warrior mother addressed the child she knew was absent in body but hoped could hear her words anyway. “Damn it Tarren why didn’t you stay behind like I told you?” she yelled to the prying eyes that filled the forest.  She shook her head as if trying to regain control of her thoughts and her voice softened as she heard the answer she knew the little girl would give echo in her thoughts.  “I know it’s because you love me and you want to be with me.  Not good enough.  You have to learn that you can’t...always…be with me.”


Xena took a deep breath and reached into her armor pulling out a drawing the child had given her days earlier.


The mother stared at the child’s portrait of a warrior with a sword of fire and the little girl with slingshot in hand being held tightly in the warrior mother’s arms.  She smiled as a tear raced down her cheek.  “Argo girl…I can’t worry about what she did wrong now.  I just have to get my baby girl back and fast.”

Xena thought of how ill the child was and looked again up at the sky.  “I don’t know who of you, if any, watch over little kids, but I am asking, no begging, you to watch over Tarren.  Don’t let the fact that she’s my daughter change how you see things.  She’s a good little girl and if you give her back to me I promise that I’ll do…anything.”

The Warrior Princess waited for a minute sure Ares would appear to try and make some deal with her but much to her surprise there was nothing.


Xena’s face turned cold as she thought of the arrogant gods of Olympus.  “Fine then …I’ll get my child back myself…just don’t get in my way.”


With those final words spoken she kicked her heals into Argo’s side and started down the trail at a faster pace more determined than ever to rescue her child alone.


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