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Dedication: To every fool and lucky bastard who has loved and is in love. If it don't kill you, nothing will.

Any Day



Renee leaned back in the booth and sighed. She grasped the glass flute in front of her and swirled the blood red wine, watching it coat the sides before splashing back to calmness. Scanning the room, piercing green eyes saw everything at once...flashing lights, gyrating bodies, people laughing, crying, and drinking themselves into oblivion. It was a depiction of life and misspent youth in its many forms. Her club provided an outlet for them and entertainment for herself. A harsh laugh interrupted her moment of peaceful repose. 

"Oh, come on, Renee, tell us what you think."

Renee ignored the pleading look aimed in her direction. Her eyes narrowed slightly as the jarring sound of the woman's voice permeated hyper aware senses. For some reason, this woman was like nails on the proverbial chalkboard. Irritation raced over her skin.

She peered at the young women surrounding her. They bubbled with beauty, vitality and gushed with excitement, and they should have been perfect candidates for her VIP section. They were not. What they were was so far up her ass that she could taste cheap hairspray. Conversation flowed around her but intelligence was lacking. Renee did not give a damn about who JLo was married to or if Nick was cheating on Jessica.

Growing bored in record time, Renee brought the glass to her lips and sipped. She groaned as the merlot coated her tongue and dribbled warmth down her throat. Let's see what I can do to salvage the night. The blonde flicked her tongue over a razor sharp canine and canted her head to the side with interest. Her grin was slow, sexy, and sadistic.

The woman laughed again and added an unwelcome hand to her thigh.

Renee cringed but her grin widened. She raised her hand from the table and watched with veiled delight as blunt nails grew into talons. With unbelievable quickness, she sliced through flesh and muscle.

The woman opened her mouth to speak again, but there was only a gurgle. Renee held up her glass, catching the rivulets of blood as they spilled from the side of the babbler's neck. Green eyes twinkled with merriment as she watched her prey's head slump forward, nearly separated from the body that housed it.

A carpet of silence lay neatly over the occupants of the booth.

Several sets of horrified eyes turned to look at the blonde as she brought the glass to her lips. Renee raised a brow. "I'm sorry where are my manners. Did any of you want some?" She asked with malicious glee. Without waiting for a reply, she passed the glass around the table. "Drink up. There's plenty more. Though, you might want to hurry. It's ghastly when it's cold." Now this is entertainment. She rested her chin in the open palm of her hand, tapping still bloody talons against her cheek.

Renee pinned each individual with a glare, daring them to spurn her generosity. Disgust marred their beautiful faces, as the glass was passed from woman to woman. The young girl nearest her took the flute with shaking hands. She gagged as the blood passed her lips, regurgitating all over her self. Green eyes burned red with anger and insolence. "This isn't the place for wannabes, ladies." Renee stood abruptly. "Take your friend and get out of my sight. I won't be so nice next time," she added and smiled wolfishly, revealing garishly long canines. 

Renee laughed as her guests scurried away like frightened rodents. She smoothed a hand through short-cropped blonde hair and looked down at the black silk shirt that she was wearing for specks of blood. Seeing nothing marring her appearance, Renee exited the booth and moved across the club with purpose. What has the world come too? The youth of my generation were genuine. So much has changed and not for the better. It defeats the purpose of being immortal. Renee smiled bitterly to herself. Although time and the world around me seemed to be such a small thing when I was not so alone. I will not think of her.

Renee shook her head in attempt to clear her thoughts, but they continued to cloud.

Paris in the 1940's was a time of decadence, bombs fell like raindrops, but the Parisians continued to live life to the fullest. Sex, the arts, parties and many other levels of entertainment were at their peak...anything to forget the death that lingered just outside. It was the perfect place for Renee, to pass the time while the monstrosity of war inched over the world. The women were intelligent and their blood tasted of French champagne and opium. She had not a care in the world.

With money stolen and earned, Renee supported the arts, especially if the artist was a beautiful woman. She cut a bloody swath through the community, drinking of them as if she could absorb their knowledge. There was nothing cruel about it. It was just her favorite meal. 

Natasha Lionette should have been no different. She was simply an American with a French name, hiding from death that seemed to lurk in every corner. Her paintings were beautifully dark and brooding. This alone confused the blond vampire. How could one so young know about such pain and despair. The confusion turned to intrigue, and always blunt, Renee set out to unravel the mystery. She moved through the crowd that filled the gallery. She sipped from her glass of champagne as cool green eyes scanned the swarm of people and dismissed every one of them.

Natasha stood tall and majestic. Long dark hair hung freely, moving with every turn of her head. Her face was beautiful in laughter as she stood in front of her work, entertaining a group of stogy old men. Renee stood just outside the circle looking in. They quietly turned to look at her. She smiled disarmingly. "Leave," her eyes whispered silently. In a blink of an eye, only Renee and the artist remained.

Renee drained the rest of her champagne, giving the artist time to go from shock to curiosity. It did not take long. Ice blue eyes held green ones in a bold gaze.

"That was a nice trick." Natasha's voice was raspy, deep but smooth like the contradictory sides of velvet. The brunette bowed her head in respect.

Renee chuckled. "I have many more. I can teach you if you like?"

"I don't know sounds like dangerous work to me."

Silence fell between them. Natasha was the first to break it. "The way you walk around...as if you own everything...I take it you are my generous benefactor?"

The blonde nodded. "Very astute of you."

"Mmm, so what do you want in return?" Blue eyes narrowed. "To bed me? Own me? Use me?"

Renee stepped closer, invading the artist's personal space. "Yes, and so much more. Would you deny me?"

Natasha smiled in some secret amusement. "Of course. You get nothing from me easily. I have the heart of a lion after all."

"Good. I love a good chase." Renee ran a finger down the brunette's cheek. "It makes catching you so much more gratifying."

Natasha pulled away. "Trying to take privileges already I see." Her jaw clenched at the blonde's audacity.

Renee grinned and stepped back. "I will teach you many things, and something tells me I will learn plenty from you, Natasha."

The artist's name rolled of the vampire's lips as if she owned it. Blue eyes widened as excitement burrowed through her. 

Renee's grin widened knowingly. "Now, tell me what does someone as young as you know of such torment?" They turned toward one of the paintings.

Before she could stop herself, Natasha found that she was speaking, candidly. "I have lost many things... my family and the life that I knew, so how can I not know about pain?"

They talked well into the night and every night. Renee was enamored never had she seen such fire, such passion in a woman who had lost so much. Renee was alive again. Their friendship grew.

With a growl, she shook herself free of memories to return to the here and now. Renee had an assistant to admonish. The blonde's movements were fluid, graceful, and full hips swiveled with each step. Renee could feel the eyes on her, but no one dared to touch her. The occupants on the dance floor parted magically, clearing a path. Her petite frame radiated power and malice. Some were repelled by it. Some were attracted, but they all were in awe of it. Renee smirked tasting the fear in the air as well as the interest. Still, the smirk fell quickly. I grow tired of these cattle. There isn't a free thinker among them. I created this place hoping to draw the best of youth, and all I have are the dregs of society as well as the ass kissers.

Now annoyed by the gazes following her, Renee flew through the crowd with lightening speed. Within mere seconds, she stood in front of the bar. The nervous bartender dropped a glass, but Renee caught it before it hit the floor. "Mine yourself or you will pay for it with your hide," she hissed displaying elongated fangs.

The young man reared backward in fear, but as quick as her anger came, it disappeared. Her fangs retracted, giving her the appearance of a simple woman. What was his name? Green eyes burned into him, stealing all the knowledge that was screaming from his brain. "Ah, my dear... Ted. Where is she?"


Renee sighed once more detesting stupidity. She studied him feeling the confusion come off him in waves. "You really are stupid aren't you?"

Ted only nodded. Feeling their eyes on the display, Renee turned toward the patrons at the bar. They all quickly looked away. The blonde vampire laughed out loud. "Cowards." A blonde brow rose in interest. One gaze remained. With the use of supernatural senses, Renee followed the heat and studied the owner of the impertinent gaze from afar. Time stopped. It's her. Please let it be. Then, time reversed itself. 

Renee heard the gasp from across the room as she dropped the sheet that hid her nakedness. Natasha stood frozen with paintbrush in her hand and an empty canvas waited.

"Are you going to paint me dark and brooding like your other work? Is that how you see me?"

"No," Natasha dropped the brush and pushed from the easel to the floor. "I don't do portraits."

Green eyes widened. "Then why all the subterfuge?"

Natasha moved slowly toward the blonde. She did not speak until they were almost touching. "Because, I wanted to see you like this...exposed and vulnerable." The brunette reached out tracing Renee's bottom lip with the tip of her finger.

Renee pulled the appendage into her mouth, sucking and nipping the skin lightly. The moan that accompanied it shook her to the core. She pulled the finger from her lips, dragging the wetness down her chin before grasping the artist's hand in hers. "All you had to do was ask. I would give anything."

"You pull away when I touch you...when we kiss. Why?" Blue eyes were pained and alight with need. "I want you so much."

Renee licked her lips, preparing to lie smoothly. "I've been waiting for the right time..."

Natasha wound her hands through short blond tresses. She pulled Renee's head back slightly, exposing her throat. "Is it now?" The brunette did not wait for an answer. She lowered her head and simply devoured awaiting flesh. Tongue, mouth, teeth licked, raked and nipped.

"Ta-sha," Renee whimpered, and then uttered a name she had not spoken in decades. "Oh God." Need raced through her body, pooling with moist certainty between her legs. 

Desire was quickly followed by fear. It had been an alien emotion until she met the brunette...until she loved. Renee could feel the transformation and for the first time, she was ashamed. She wrenched out of the embrace, and turned away in an attempt to hide her face.

"What are you hiding from me?!" Natasha bellowed. She kicked abandoned art supplies across the room. "I don't care what it is. Just tell me."

"I can't." Renee covered her face with her hands.

"Why are you cool to the touch? Why when we lay together I do not feel your heart beating? What are you? Just tell me." Natasha implored. She walked up slowly until she stood behind the blonde. "I love you."

Renee's body shook with laughter and tears. "I've waited forever to hear those words and for the person to mean them" She turned revealing blood red eyes, a harshly crinkled forehead and fangs that prickled over her lower lip. "Do you love me now?"

Cerulean eyes opened to the size of saucers, but Natasha resisted the urge to step away. 

She looked away instead.

Renee laughed bitterly. "That is your answer." She stepped back, but a strong hand stopped her progress.

"I knew. God help me, somehow I knew." Natasha reached out touching the face that was barely recognizable. 

Renee jerked in surprise with further intentions to flee.

"No, look at me."

Their eyes met, and the blonde stood frozen in shock. The desire, the fire was still there. Natasha lowered her head, brushing the Renee's lips softly. Renee's body sagged in relief.

"I love you," the brunette whispered.

A curious tongue slithered over elongated canines. Renee moaned. Hot hands scored her naked back and pulled her into the brunette's warm body. Renee groaned as she broke the kiss. "We can't. I want to, but we can't."

"Why?" Natasha asked raggedly. Her breathing was labored as if she'd run a thousand miles.

Renee started to look away.

"No, no more of that. Tell me."

"I'll have to feed on you. It's been so long since...usually I just go in for the kill..."

"Do it." The unfamiliar made the brunette's arousal grow. "I trust you... just do it." Natasha captured the blonde's lips again. The caress deepened becoming frenzied and uneven. Natasha grabbed Renee's behind, lifting the vampire until legs encircled her waist.

With no secrets between them, Renee simply let go. The brunette's warm, wet mouth found her neck once more. "Oh...God..."

With an economy of steps, she appeared beside the owner of the curious eyes.

Not waiting to be invited, Renee took the seat next to the onlooker. Bold, green eyes studied her quarry slowly. The vampire nearly gasped as ice blue eyes studied her with the same intensity. This is uncanny. They are almost identical. A long, wild almost jet black mane framed a face of distinct beauty complete with slashing cheek bones and full lips. But, it was the eyes that gave Renee pause. They were ancient and dripping with intelligence.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" Renee inquired with a raised brow.

For a few seconds, the brunette ignored her and continued to sip her drink. Finally, she spoke. "Yeah, I do, considering I don't remember inviting you over." The woman's voice was a throaty purr.

Renee waved her hand, dismissing the words. "It's merely a formality."

"Mmm, well, let's make it formal then. You're not invited. Feel better?" She turned away briefly, picking the olive out of her martini. She bit it neatly in half and waited for the blonde's reply.

Renee smiled. She has that same fire. "I'm not leaving so get used to having me here."

The brunette sighed and scanned the bar no doubt looking for a vacant seat. "I could just leave."

"You won't. You have to finish your drink." Renee smirked.

"That's a flimsy excuse at best." Ice blue eyes twinkled with reluctant amusement. "You wanted something?" 

Renee gave the brunette a second glance. Her black leather jacket gleamed in the multi colored lights, hiding a crisp white t-shirt that was tucked into faded jeans. The vampire smiled softly. Maybe the night won't be a bust after all. "I want a lot of things. Some are large and some small."

"Mmm," the brunette popped the other half of the olive into her mouth. "What does that have to do with me?" A dark brow rose. 

Renee threw back her head and laughed. "You are an insolent one. Do you even know who I am?"

"There's not a reason for me to care," the brunette replied between sips of her drink, meeting the blonde gaze for gaze. The air crackled around them.

"Oh, you will," Renee's voice lowered an octave as she leaned forward, invading the brunette's personal space. "And soon."

"Is this the part where they usually swoon? Because I have to tell you, I'm not the swooning type." 

"Neither are you the type to come in here. You are very out of your element."

"So are you."

Green eyes widened. "Perceptive of you. It isn't my crowd to say the least. I like things a little...more authentic."

"Mine either. It was close so I came in to have a drink."

Renee studied the brunette for a long moment. "You lie badly. You're in the mood for something sexy...something different. I can almost smell it on you."

The brunette chuckled. "Maybe I do, but let me guess, you think that you are that something different?"

"I might be. Lie and tell me you're not intrigued."

"I won't lie. I am. Doesn't mean a damn thing. I'm a woman I can change my mind. Maybe I'll just sit here and look at the local color."

They turned toward the dance floor. Every Goth and freak in the city gyrated to the techno beat.

Renee smirked. "And it is colorful isn't it? New Orleans is definitely the place for it. You can commit every sin possible before the sun rises." 

"That it is."

"Well, I think this banter has gone on long enough. Let me introduce myself. I am Renee Leblanc, and this is my little den of iniquity." In an attempt to be cordial, she held out a hand.

The brunette smiled for the first time tonight as she took the offered appendage. She gasped at the jolt of awareness the touch ensued, blotting out the cold feeling of the blonde's flesh. Shaken, she tried to pull back. "I'm, um, Cameron. Cameron Brooks."

Renee grinned. "No, don't pull away. Why would you run? You can't run from everything, especially me and this." In a bold move, the blonde trailed a finger down the brunette's neck. She watched her pulse jump in reaction and heard the sudden intake of breath. Renee licked her lips in reaction. It was the most beautiful sound...rushing blood rivaled only by the sound of a woman's pleasure.

Blue eyes narrowed and she jerked away. "I don't understand...." She paused and her voice hardened. "And I didn't give you permission to touch me."

"That's beside the point, but I think you do understand. Everyone understands lust. Is that not what you're feeling? Is that not why your eyes followed me?" Renee leaned forward and subtlety sniffed the air around Cameron. Uncertainty, arousal, and confusion seemed to seep through the brunette's pores. It was a heady perfume, and the vampire nearly moaned in delight.

Cameron felt as if her insides were sweating. She tried to turn away, but the blonde's allure was mesmerizing. The brunette opened her mouth to answer the question posed to her. "I..."

"Shhh," Renee held an elegant finger up to Cameron's lips. Her smile was lascivious. "I already know the answer, but you do put up a brave front. I can see through your nonchalance."

Cameron swallowed audibly, and the horny imp on her shoulder forced her to taste the skin so close to her lips. With the tip of her tongue, she stroked the blonde's finger, leaving a wet trail. Cameron's breathing went ragged, and her stomach clenched almost painfully.

Renee growled and green eyes narrowed to slits. The vampire bent forward even more until she could feel the brunette's breath on her face. With her finger still in place, the blonde swiped her tongue sensuously over Cameron's lips. Renee closed her eyes as she savored the salty, sweetness. "Let me give you what you want," the blonde vampire whispered hoarsely. 

"What's that?" Cameron inquired huskily.


Cameron sucked in a breath. The blonde's bravado aroused her, intrigued her. "This...arrogance becomes you, but you're going to have to do better than that."

"I know, and I can do much better. You won't forget this night. I'll change your life," Renee purred.

An instant later, an animal like growl escaped her lips, and she barely resisted the urge to become the monster that lay just under her skin. An unwelcome hand tapped her shoulder. With burning eyes, she turned toward the intruder. "I know you have more sense than this Charlotte otherwise you wouldn't be working for me."

The taller woman shrank back as if struck. "I...just heard you were looking for me."

"Not anymore. Can't you see that I'm busy? We'll discuss your inability to select adequate entertainment for me later." Renee turned away, dismissing her assistant without a second thought.

She did not leave.

"What Charlotte?" The vampire's voice was deceptively calm. 

"Um, it's about your earlier guests."

Renee sighed and glanced back at Cameron. "I'll only be a moment."

With the grace of a dancer, Renee slid off the stool. She led her companion to a dark corner of the club. Snatching the woman by the arm, she slammed her against the wall. Seamlessly, her face morphed...her forehead ridged and fangs elongated. With a hand firmly enclosed around the assistant's throat, Renee hissed. "This had better be good enough to keep me from killing you right here."

"You know it is otherwise I wouldn't have interrupted you putting the mojo on that woman." Charlotte wheezed, resisting the urge to claw at the hands that held her captive.

"Don't speak of things you know nothing about Charlotte. What is this about?" Renee loosened her hold as the monster retreated.

"The guest you dispensed of earlier? She's the daughter of a rather powerful man. There may be trouble."

"Clean it up. I don't care what you have to do ...kill the entire family if necessary. Clean it up well Charlotte because you don't want me to have to do it myself." Renee gave her assistant a meaningful look.

Charlotte swallowed and nodded. The vampire released her completely and watched her disappear amongst the crowd. Dismissing the whole situation, Renee moved back toward the bar and the woman that she believed was waiting there.

Renee spied the brunette almost immediately. Her eyes were drawn to her, but she stayed hidden in a shadowed corner. "Find me," she whispered into the air. Blue eyes scanned the crowd and zeroed in on the darkness the flashing lights refused to dispel. Renee smiled and revealed herself.

In a few steps, they were face to face again. Renee moved soft locks of dark hair behind the brunette's ear and leaned forward until her lips were just touching it. "You stayed."

"You knew I would."

"Good, let's finish this." She grasped the brunette's hand, but met resistance.

"Did you actually think I was just going to come with you?"

Renee did not answer. She was enjoying the game too much.

"Then, you ARE arrogant, and I'm not that easy."

The blonde peered at the brunette, assessing her. "What's wrong? Upset that I didn't let you make the first move? A woman like me intimidates you? Grow up little girl."

"Ha! You're challenging me?"

"I don't know. Are you up to it?"

"Reverse psychology never worked for me."

"You better believe that I mean what I say. I am not one to mince words. I excite you. I can see it all over your face and feel it on your skin."

Renee was not prepared for what happened next. The brunette grabbed her arm, placing it in an iron grip. "What do you see now? What do you feel?"

The blonde adjusted to the situation. Instead of breaking free, she leaned in until their faces were nearly touching. "I can show you better then I can tell you." She crashed her lips into the brunette's, taking, molding and exploring. The kiss was carnal and near pornographic. The vampire's tongue slithered, darted and enticed. With a mere kiss, she wrote a story of the pleasures to come. Renee pulled away, leaving Cameron teetering on the edge of the barstool. The brunette's face was flushed and her breathing heavy. Without another look, Renee rose from her seat and began moving through the throng of people.

She smiled inwardly, knowing that without a doubt that Cameron was behind her.

Renee could taste the brunette's excitement. It grew as they moved to the back of the club. The vampire pulled open a door that led to a dark corridor, and the blonde's boots clicked against the concrete floor, creating an echo. Cameron squeezed her companion's hand. 

"Where are you taking me?"

Renee smiled in the darkness. "Why? Are you frightened?"

The taller woman snorted. "You've got to be kidding."

"It's all right if you are. I'll protect you."

"Oh really?" In a quick smooth move, she pushed the blonde against the nearest wall. Cameron looked down into green eyes that seemed to glow from within. Her insides clenched in arousal. "And who's going to protect you?" Her head lowered swiftly with the intention of taking the mouth below. She was stopped short as her head was yanked back forcefully.

Renee grinned, showing sparkling white teeth. She flexed her hand again, pulling Cameron's hair just hard enough to hurt, to titillate. "How very butch of you." Her eyes were riveted on the brunette's jugular. It pulsed with life. Renee bit her lip...hard in order to calm herself. "You are under the misconception that you are in control here." Cool lips found scorching skin. Renee's tongue flicked out, tracing up the taller woman's neck. She nibbled teasingly at the skin there. Arousal, thick, sticky, and wet pooled between her legs as a ragged moan escaped Cameron's lips. "You don't want to conquer me." Renee whispered. "You want to be conquered." 

The sudden, strong thudding of the brunette's heart gave the vampire all the answer she needed. "Are you...frightened yet?"

There was no answer.

Renee loosened her hold on the brunette. "Now, follow me."

A few feet down, the vampire stopped in front of another door. She waited until she could feel the taller woman at her back before opening it. It looked as though the room had been bathed in blood. Red sashes hid a large canopy bed that took up the entire space. Although the room was awash in color, it appeared garish and sterile. Dark brows drew together in consternation, and Cameron opened her mouth intent on asking questions. The questions died on her lips as she watched the blonde lay gracefully on the bed.

Renee crooked a finger, plainly seeing the other woman's nervousness. The vampire raised a brow beckoning her to speak.

"I get the feeling you've done this more times than I can count. Is this all you want from me?"

Renee threw back her head, laughing loudly. "What did you think this was going to be, a love match? That is an illusion. All of it. I've been caught in its spell. It leaves and only pain lingers. Love made me who I am." She rose from the bed moving toward the brunette with majestic purpose. Her eyes turned bright red with anticipation.

Cameron blinked and found herself face to face with the petite blonde once more. Cameron could not breathe. The air was taken. She was left only with overwhelming awareness. It crackled across her skin like fire.

"Love has no business here," she muttered bitterly. Small yet firm hands wound their way into dark tresses, pulling forcefully until their lips were only a millimeter apart.

"Wait," the brunette husked out between breaths. Blue eyes widened in alarm, and the urge to back away was strong. " I saw that. What is the thing with your eyes?"

Renee smirked. "Are you scared now?" 

Cameron shook her head.

"Remember, don't lie to me. You reek of fear, but you're also turned on, extremely turned on. I can smell that too. Don't deny me now. You've fought enough." Renee canted her head to the side. "Don't you think?"

Hypnotized by the words and eyes that seemed to hold her captive, Cameron surrendered.

The second touch of lips was dangerously erotic. Renee moaned as she plundered the mouth above her. Her tongue swiped over the brunette's bottom lip. It was simply a warning as teeth sunk into soft flesh. Cameron gasped in pain and tried to pull away. The blonde held her captive. She groaned, smoothing her tongue over the wound and lapping at the specks of blood. Applying suction to the area, she opened it further. Coppery sweet liquid dribbled into her mouth, and with a force tongue, she shared the bounty with her companion.

Cameron whimpered as white-hot flame licked her body, concentrating between her legs. As if the blonde knew the effect she was having, she lifted herself and hopped, wrapping her legs around the other woman's waist. Cameron muttered in delight and palmed Renee's ass, pulling her into her body with a hard grind.

Cameron ambled slowly backward toward the vicinity of the bed. Their bodies strained against each other. Groaning, Renee tore her mouth away and sank her hands into supple leather. With a minute use of strength, she ripped the jacket as well as the t-shirt underneath, from the brunette's heaving chest. Her mouth scored over hot flesh...nibbling, licking, and sucking every reachable inch.

"Fuck!" Cameron called out as reams of pleasure stole over her. The backs of her thighs bumped against the bed, and she fell against it helplessly, surrendering to the moment. Her back hit the mattress with a small bounce. Once they were settled, Renee sat up, straddling the brunette. Feral in her need, she peered down at rose tipped breasts. Her hands cupped them, kneading them roughly. Powerful hips thrust into her and she met each movement with her own.

Renee brushed her thumbs over pert nipples, growling when the brunette arched into her touch. She bent forward; dragging her wet tongue slowly across one a she teased the other unmercifully. Needing more, she wrapped her hands around both breasts, mushing them together before taking both nipples into the cavern of her mouth. Renee swiped them again and again with an agile tongue before sucking them to the back of her throat.

Cameron cried out as sharp teeth were added, further overwhelming her senses. She wrapped her hands in blonde hair, holding her against her chest. Sweat dampened her skin, making it glow in the dim light of the bedroom.

Renee let the beast run amuck. She grasped the hands holding her in place, and in a display of strength, held them over the brunette's head against the bed. Understanding the unspoken command, Cameron dug her hands in the cover below, capturing it in her fists. 

Renee inched down the brunette's body, leaving Goosebumps and fire behind as silky material brushed against equally silky skin. The vampire tore at Cameron's jeans, releasing the zipper with frantic glee. She slid them down incredibly long, tan legs. When they reached the impediment of shoes, Renee tugged hard sending everything across the room.

With glowing red eyes, she stared down at the writhing body before her. A sensual, sinister smile graced her lips as she trailed fingertips up impossibly long legs. Mine to do with as I please. Always mine.

The muscles in Cameron's legs twitched in reaction as electric tendrils of pleasure shot up her spine. Wetness flowed out of her coating her thighs. She parted her legs slightly and gasped when cool air hit her over heated center. She wanted to bed, but it was sheer stubborn will that held her at bay. So, she gritted her teeth and waited to see what was to come.

A few seconds later, Renee yanked the brunette's legs apart, exposing her to hungry eyes. The vampire peered down at the woman's drenched, open sex. She licked her lips in anticipation. Curious fingers slithered lightly over moist folds before peeling lips back and revealing the brunette's swollen, throbbing center. The smell of Cameron's arousal made the petite woman drool. Without warning, without pretense, Renee curled her tongue, bypassing the brunette's clit, she plunged inside her, drinking her, savoring her.

Cameron screamed, grinding herself against the blonde's face. Strong hands pushed her legs open further, preparing her as long, knowledgeable fingers slipped in beside the blonde's tongue.

"Oh God!" Cameron's body nearly arched off the bed in an attempt to impale herself on the fingers below. Renee set the rhythm ...hard and deep. Her hand slapped against wet skin. Renee's tongue moved upward, thrashing the brunette's clit with inhuman speed. Growing fangs scraped over her tongue. Still, she continued as the need to feed started to boil inside her.

Cameron was mindless. Her hands dug into the covers below, ripping them from the corners of the bed. The pleasure was so thick that it was bordering on pain. She opened herself to it. With each thrust, electricity arced inside her, escaping through her skin. She welcomed the climax washing over her in an alarming rate. Cameron cried out hoarsely as orgasm took over, making her dumb to everything else except the energy coursing through her.

Renee's body hummed in empathy, but it was her other needs that firmly took over. While the brunette's body was still trembling, Renee sank her fangs deep into the inside of Cameron's thigh. A moan greeted her at first, as she slowly lapped at the first real taste. A scream followed as the vampire burrowed in deeper still, ripping into the artery savagely. Cameron thrashed about and pushed on the blonde's head in an attempt to escape.

It was futile.

Renee groaned loudly as climax racked her body, intensifying with each drop of blood splashing into her mouth. A few seconds later, she released her pray and licked her lips, savoring the last few drops. Renee slithered back up the brunette's body, peering into her face. She smirked at the frozen expression of ecstasy and agony. "Told you that I would change your life," Renee whispered. She reached up and closed unseeing eyes.

Silently, she slid off the bed. Opening the door, Renee smiled, as Charlotte seemed to magically appear. "Should I dispose of her?"

Renee nodded. "Trash bin outside, and make sure they come right away this time. I don't pay them to lolly gag. I'll be there in a few minutes to watch you dump her. I need to...clean up." She looked down at the dark spots on her shirt.

Charlotte bent her head respectfully, knowing the routine.

Renee walked around the bed, staring at the lifeless body. The anger, the pain that was usually released when she did this came back full force. I gave her everything of me. I let her see who I am. I even gave her the greatest gift...eternity together.

Renee smiled as she walked around the new gallery. "Your work has started many people talking. Everyone will want a piece of you." She whispered wistfully as Natasha came up behind her. Strong arms engulfed her.

"You sound worried. There is no reason to be."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, I love you. It's just that simple."

"Is it? Even when beautiful women begin to throw themselves and their money at you?" Renee turned in her lover's arms. Their eyes met.

"Even then," Natasha muttered softly.

"It worked for me. Why wouldn't it work for someone else?"

Natasha's head snapped back. "That was cruel. I fell in love with you. I didn't use you. Why are you talking like this? I haven't given you any indication that I want someone else."

Renee raised a hand, caressing a soft cheek. "You've been mine all this time, and now I have to share you. I never had anything of my own, a love of my own. It scares me...losing you.

"I'm not going anywhere, Renee. I'm here as long as I can be."

"I want you longer."

"We've discussed this. That is not the life I want."

Renee's gaze deepened as her eyes reddened. "I have to be sure." The brunette's eyes went vacant. "Tell me you want to me mine always."


Renee opened her mouth wide, exposing her fangs. She groaned as they sank into her lover's neck.

The top of the trash bin closed with a loud twack. Renee canted her head to the side but waited as the others went inside. Now alone, she spoke to the night air. "I know you're there. I can feel you. I always could."

From somewhere in the shadows, a tall striking brunette appeared. Renee gasped and her eyes widened. She moved slowly toward the visitor as if she were an apparition. Reaching out, she touched a cool cheek. The brunette leaned into the caress before jerking away abruptly. 

"Beautiful," the blonde vampire uttered. "Always so beautiful."

As if she did not hear the compliment, the Natasha whispered harshly. "You do this out in the open for me to see. You know I am never far from you." She took a step closer. "You kill me over and over again. Is this what I have made you?"

Renee quirked a brow. "You don't get to be self-righteous. You left me remember? Do you have any idea how much it hurts? This is my only reprieve, and it is only a short one." She waved a hand at the dumpster. "This is what remains of me." She peered down at her self. Renee closed the remaining distance between them. Green met icy blue. "I made you for me...to love me. Come back and end this madness. . . my madness."

"After what you've done to me!" Natasha's face morphed. "You made me a monster! I hate you for that! I could never love you again!" She hissed and turned away, hiding the demon that had revealed itself.

Renee laughed. It was a laugh of amusement and bitterness. "Be who you are. Embrace it. There is no turning back, and as for love, I can make you feel it again." The blonde sobered and paused as if thinking. "Why do you follow me if you do not feel anything? You left and took the most important thing I have to give...my heart. Does that mean nothing to you?"

Natasha turned around. "So you kill me again and again...why?"

"Because you killed me. The woman you knew is dead."

Natasha's jaw clenched. She looked everywhere except into sea green eyes. "How long are we going to play...this game?" Her voice was unsteady, broken.

"I have forever."

Confusion and acceptance covered the brunette's face.

Silence surrounded them. There was no muffled music or honking horns. Pleading eyes watched the dark figure step away and disappear into the cover of darkness.

"You'll come back to me...any day now."

Renee stayed a moment longer, letting the slight wind rush over her. She sighed, resigning herself to this fate and walked quietly back into the club.

I know that was a departure from the norm...if you remember my writing, but I hope you enjoyed or not.  Let me know at Minerva


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