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Newspaper Articles relating to Kevin's accident

News Reports

There is an article in the NZ Herald about Kevin - "Kev's Feed On Ground" It talks about Kevin and is a tribute to the man.
Many thanks to Carrie Jean for the alert

Added scan from the NZ Woman's Day - 25 November 2002 - Rocky Gala Honours Kevin Smith
The opening night of Auckland Theatre Company's flamboyant production of The Rocky Horror Show was a bittersweet moment for the cast and crew, who dedicated the star-studded premiere to Kiwi acting legend Kevin Smith...continued...

Added scan of article "One of God's Better People" from the NZ Woman's Weekly

Added scan from Daily Variety Magazine in memory of Kevin from Studios USA

Added scans of article "Kevin Smith: Gone Too Soon" from the NZ New Idea Magazine

Added scans of article "Kevin Smith: The end of a beautiful dream" from the NZ Woman's Day

Added link to "Showbiz friends invite fans to Smith's farewell" - New Zealand Herald - 23 February 2002 has added a condolence book that will be sent to the family. You can email them at  - they have added some of the condolence messages on the site,1008,1106775a4621,FF.html

Added link to article and rm file "Memorial Fund for Actor's Family"

Added link to article "Private Funeral for Kevin Smith"

Added link to NZCity - Talks about the Kevin Smith Foundation that Lucy and Michael Hurst will be setting up.

Michael Hurst, in Pasadena for the Creation Xena Convention has paid tribute to Kevin in a TV1 News report - the rm file is currently on their web site,1227,81931-1-7,00.html

Added link to article from about Kevin's injuries

The Sydney Sun Herald also has the Reuters story about Kevin's accident and death.

16 February 2002 - 12:20 AEST
Kevin Smith (Ares) has died from injuries he sustained in a fall in China. My condolences go out to his family and friends
click here to read NZ Herald report

17 February

Kevin Smith's life hangs in balance

The doctor treating Smith told the Herald last night that staff from China's top movie production house, Beijing Film Studio, rushed him to the Beijing Union Hospital after the fall. He is believed to be on a life-support machine. The doctor, who did not wish to be named, said Smith had suffered a severe injury to his skull and was in a critical condition. He was at a "crucial" stage. Acting sources have said he was injured when he fell from a great height, possibly six storeys.

Vigil At Actor's bedside
Details are emerging about the accident which has put New Zealand actor Kevin Smith in a hospital in China with a brain injury. Smith was on location in China filming a martial arts movie when the accident happened, but his agent said he was not filming at the time. His parents, wife Sue and brother-in-law flew to China to be at his bedside, and have asked for privacy for the family.  A statement released by Smith's agent, Robert Bruce, said doctors have advised that Smith's condition is critical but stable.,1227,81931-1-7,00.html

16 February

Update on Kevin Smith from ALWheaties

I wanted to write a quick hello and a BIG THANK YOU for all your kind letters and cards for Kevin Smith!  I am still collecting them, but have had so many come in that I think I will make a webpage with them all as some have graphics, etc.   By making the notes into a webpage, it would make it much easier to forward everything onto Kevin and his family as it would be all on one page verses several notes that might get lost in the jumble.  Also, I can preserve how each note came in (colored text, pictures, etc. can all be kept together with each note).  I would not print any of your email addresses, just your message that you sent me.  If any of you do not want to have your message listed within the webpage, that is ok.  Just let me know and I will be sure not to include it on the webpage, but it would still be forwarded onto Kevin and his family.  If any of you have any questions, please write me back and let me know.  I will keep you all informed as to when the webpage is online.

If you wish to send a card/get well wishes to Kevin send them to


15 February

Kevin Smith critical but stable in Beijing Hospital
Actor Kevin Smith is in a critical but stable condition after suffering head injuries during a fall. He is in an intensive care unit in a Beijing Hospital. Mr Smith's wife Suzanne, his parents and borther in law at at his bedside in Beijing.The family would like to thank everyone for the many messages of love and support.

Actor Kevin Smith remains in a serious condition in a Beijing hospital after an accident in China.

14 February

Kevin Smith was in China filming a movie and news has been released that has revealed that Kevin was involved in an accident and was hospitalised. To read more go to,1008,1101624a11,FF.html

ALWheaties is organising for Cards and Best Wishes to be forwarded to Kevin. If you wish to send your good wishes/cards please email ALWheaties at

To Kevin Smith and his family I wish him a quick recovery and hope he gets home soon.


TV3 News website has a rm file regarding Kevin's accident,,3762-1127434,00.html


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