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you can now make online credit card donations by going to

The following message appeared on The Official Xena Fan Club page from Lucy Lawless

"I've been wanting to thank all those nice people who care about Kevin and gave money at the convention.  I wanted to say that I'm sorry that a place for their money to go wasn't arranged sooner.  It was simply that the people who were arranging it were so close to Kevin and needed time to support his wife and family.   I want the fans to know they weren't being ignored.  I don't want them to feel disrespected.  Tell them I'm sorry I haven't sent word.  Every day I say I've got to write a letter and I'm just out of words.  I know that his wife and children will take a great deal of heart of how much Kevin meant to people out there that they don't even know.  It's going to help them through this tough time.  Please thank everyone so much for me."
-- Lucy Lawless


The following is from Mist at Sword & Staff

There has been a lot of confusion about the Official Kevin Smith Trust Fund with regard to which one it is, and who will benefit from the donations. I received an email from Robert Bruce on Friday in response to some questions I had sent him early last  week regarding the status of the official fund. I hope this will cleear up any confusion that still exists.

The Fund being administered by the Auckland Theatre Company is the official fund. The trustees for the fund are Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, Robert Bruce, and Simon Prast (of the ATC).  The proceeds currently being collected will go to benefit Kevin's wife Sue and their three sons. In the long term, the Fund will continue to exist to help the family of actors who may be similarly stricken. But rest assured the donations being made now will go to Sue and the boys.

All donations should be made payable directly to the Kevin Smith Trust Fund. I will continue to collect donations through S&S payable directly to the fund.

I have asked for information on credit card payments. I will pass that information along as soon as it becomes available. Also, please be advised that US Postal Money Orders are not negotiable in New Zealand. So if you plan to send a donation, do not use Postal Money Orders to do so.

All donations made through S&S to this date will be forwarded to NZ as a group donation from S&S, and will include the name, address, and dollar amount of donation made by each person donating through S&S. But now that the fund is set up, if you wish to donate through S&S, please be sure to send any such donations payable directly to the Kevin Smith Trust Fund. As always, I'll forward your checks directly to the organization.

Lucy has sent a message to fans regarding the Kevin Smith Trust Fund and fan donations. It is posted on the Creation website for anyone who would like to read Lucy's comments.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at



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