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Lord Nelson's
Xena: Warrior Princess
Episode Reviews

Below are Lord Nelson's episode reviews which I think are very well written and balanced.


Adventures In The Sin Trade - Parts 1 & 2

A Family Affair

In Sickness and In Hell

A Good Day

A Tale of Two Muses

Locked Up and Tied Down


Past Imperfect

Key to the Kingdom

Daughter of Pomira

If The Shoe Fits

Paradise Found


Between The Lines

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The Play's The Thing

Season Three

The Furies Been There, Done That The Dirty Half Dozen
The Deliverer Gabrielle's Hope The Debt - Part 1
The Debt - Part 2
King of Assassins Warrior..Priestess..Tramp The Quill Is Mightier
Maternal Instincts The Bitter Suite #1
The Bitter Suite #2
One Against An Army


King Con When In Rome
Forget Me Not Fins, Femmes & Gems Tsunami
Vanishing Act Sacrifice Parts 1 & 2new.gif (908 bytes)  



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