Mini Tales of Xena and Gabrielle

By IseQween



A few years ago, Wishes (Judith K. Parker) read The World's Shortest Stories, edited by Steve Moss (Running Press, Philadelphia, 1998), and challenged fans to write 55-word Xena: Warrior Princess fiction (hosted by The Royal Academy of Bards at, which inspired the following. -- IQ



(July 2007)

"So many!"

"Oooo, that one’s mine."

"Nuh uh. My size. I get those."

"Fine. Decide or they’re all mine."



Later the partners relaxed, exhausted but satisfied with the day’s choices.

"We’re a mess." Gabrielle emptied a saddlebag. "Quill …pumice…jerky. Nail file? Soap or comb? Needle? Oint-."

"Easy – backrubs. Usually the right finishing touch."




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