Mini Tales of Xena and Gabrielle

By IseQween



A few years ago, Wishes (Judith K. Parker) read The World's Shortest Stories, edited by Steve Moss (Running Press, Philadelphia, 1998), and challenged fans to write 55-word Xena: Warrior Princess fiction (hosted by The Royal Academy of Bards at, which inspired the following. -- IQ



(March 2007)

"Too bad about Paradise, huh? The peace. Purity."

"You warned against things too good to be true."

"With one exception. For me anyway. Wish yours didnít always go Ďpoof.í"

"Iíve seen the light now. Itís missing something. Could never be truly complete. For me anyway."

"A portable hot tub?"

"With you? Purrfect."




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