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By T. Novan

Raising Melosa is the series dealing with Xena and Gabrielle as they settle down with the Amazon Nation with Gabrielle as Queen and Xena her Consort. Melosa is their daughter.


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In A Queen's Eyes

Another Day in the Life

A Visit to Mother's

The Heart of the Warrior


By The Shore


A Mother's Love


The Gift


Time Enough At Last



The Party

In The Doghouse

The Contest

If You Love Something

Depth of Love

You're Still The One

Every Moment

New Beginnings

Among the Memories

Sweet Rediscoveries

The Good Life

Longing and Belonging

The Challenge


The Guest

The Soul of the Bard


Judgement Day

Heir To The Throne

Duty Calls

Going Home

The Green Eyed Monster

The Hunt

Following Her Heart

The Asking

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The Road To Athens

Ares Revenge

A Conversation With Ares

Behind Every Good Warrior...

It Seemed Like A Good Idea...

Warriors Will Be Warriors

Coming of Age

Don't Touch The Amazon

These Dreams

The Return

Something Wicked

The Box

The Promise

The Gathering

The Battle


Small Steps

The Family Curse

Lessons Learnt

The Mission

The Inn

We Need A Thief..

The Cave

Decisions, Decisions

What Do You Fear

The Rescue


The Queen's Realm


The More Things Change...

It's All In The Asking

You Play, You Pay

Teamwork At It's Best

As If It Wasn't Bad Enough

The Ascension of the Warrior Princess

A First Time for Everything

The Search Begins

Divorce Amazon Style

Waiting Not So Patiently

The Plot Thickens


The Rules of Engagement

A Nice Cold Shower

To Be Queen

To Help a Friend

Kneeling Before The Queen

It's a Big Step

I'm In Deep

How Do You Tell Her

A Time To Mourn

Hoping For The Best...

Expecting The Worst

The Toughest Lessons


The Price of Silence

Moving On


As One Journey Ends...

The Sacrament (lost RM Scroll)

Runaway (lost RM Scroll)

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