Brunnhilda’s Secret

“Your heart has more truth and courage than I’ve ever seen. 
The beauty inside you burns like a star, Gabrielle.
You’ve opened my eyes and changed me the way you chang
ed Xena.”



General Copyright/Disclaimer:  Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, Brunnhilda and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, together with the names, titles and back story are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures.  I borrowed some concepts and characters from Marvel Comics Brunnhilda, The Secret, What the Bleep, and other traditions and cultures.  Like the show, I’ve taken many liberties and made the story my own.  No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction whatsoever. 


Special Thanks and Notes:  To my beta-readers - my sister, Suzanne, the Twinxenas, Virginia & Lourdes (my twin angels) and my cousin, Monica, for their hard work and support with this story and always.  Big shout out to Fiona, the President of the Brittney Powell Fan Club for her newfound friendship and all the members of the fan club.  Heartfelt thanks to my brother, John and the rest of my family; Judy and Dawn (my yoga teachers and my lifelines to the Universe); Deborah, Nina, Amy, Lady Hawke, MaryD, CindyT, XWL, Anders, Mike, and all my very special friends in the Xenaverse.  To my knowledge, this is the first Brunnhilda fan fiction.  I hope you enjoy my story and it is my sincere wish that it motivates and inspires all of you.  There is something for everyone in this story, no matter what you believe.  This is Brunnhilda’s Secret, this is my Secret, this is your Secret – we are all one, especially in the Xenaverse.  Gods, that’s deep! 


Dedication: This story is lovingly dedicated to Brittney Powell, the talented, charming and stunningly beautiful actress, for her once in-a-lifetime portrayal of Brunnhilda in the Season 6 Xena Ring Trilogy and my inspiration for the writing of this fan fiction. 


Valkyries by Peter Nicolai Arbo, 1869


Beautiful shieldmaidens on winged horses, Valkyries were the priestesses of the Norse god Odin.  Female deities, armed with helmets and spears, they were the choosers of the slain - whose sacred purpose was to choose the most heroic of those who had died in battle and carry them off to Valhalla where they became einherjar (Army of the Dead).  This was necessary because Odin needed warriors to fight at his side at the preordained battle at the end of the world, Ragnarök.  Odin bestowed upon the Valkyries the mystical powers of runes - magical signs to be used for charms or for insight into something hidden, something secret.  The Armour of the Valkyries shed strange flickers of light, which flashed across the skies, making what men call the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.  Valkyries were the Germanic equivalent of the Greek Amazons, a race of skilled warrior women. 


Beautiful Brunnhilda


The most famous and most beautiful of the Valkyries, Brynhildr (Brunnhilda), was also a human princess, the daughter of King Budli.  Dragonfang© was the name of the sword she wielded.  An Oriental wizard named Kahju-Da was said to have carved the sword out of the tusk of an extra dimensional dragon.  Her sword is virtually indestructible.  This is Part One of Brunnhilda’s Secret tale - her journey to the Gates of Dawn, a tale untold in The Rheingold, The Ring and The Return of the Valkyrie. 

“This ring is too powerful to fall in undeserving hands and so are you, but I can’t protect you in this form.  I’ll become an eternal flame for you.”



Part One

Journey to the Gates of Dawn



My Dearest Love, Gabrielle, rests ever so peacefully in my eternal flame.  I don’t know how long I have to hold her in my shimmering embrace before Xena awakens our sleeping beauty with a kiss, and I must graciously release her to her true soul mate. 


I gaze affectionately upon Gabrielle’s angelic face; her hair spun of gold, her radiant aura of appeal, and my eternal flame ignites into an inferno of passion.  Even though Gabrielle changed me, I do not wish to release her.  I long to possess her and make her mine.  She is the love of my life – the first person I have ever truly loved.  Before she came into my life, I never thought of a warrior as having any love except the love of battle.  Yet, I can see into her dreams and she is dreaming of the day that Xena will come back for her.  “I’m lost without you, Xena,” she softly whispers while she sleeps.  How I wish I were her true soul mate.  How will I survive without her in my luminous embrace?  The hurt is greater than I have ever known.  Curse those mangy ravens, Hugin and Munin evermore! 


As a Valkyrie, I can exist in many dimensions and in many forms at the same time.  Gabrielle’s physical form may be asleep, but at any given moment, I could capture her spirit in a bubble of lavender light, fly away with her once again on my winged horse, Morrigan, and co-exist in an enchanting fairy tale parallel universe.  I could even steal the golden apples from Valhalla and we could be together…forever…immortal.  I still want to prove my love for her but she will only say that I am still sick.  The temptation to resist the greater good into my life persists. 

You call that love?


Alas though, I made a promise to The Lady of the Ring to protect her and I must become mindfully aware of the sacred vow I made to her and become firmly grounded in reality.  However, Grindl, Beowulf and Waltraute are all lurking about, as are the Viking warlords – those pathetic lovesick boys.  I’m mystified and my spirit is lost in this bewitching blaze.  I hear the voice of Amora, the evil Enchantress, enticing me to put on the ring, forget everything and accompany her on her conquests and live a life of adventure.  Strangely enough, part of me wants to put the ring on my finger and forget the pain.  However, I will never again allow Amora’s dark magic to seduce me into sleep and entrap me behind the wall of shields, within the foreboding castle atop Mount Hindarfjall.  Moreover, Amora only desires the ring for herself, as does Odin.  They can live without love.  Aside from that, the power of the ring will not work for me because I will never forsake the one I love most…Gabrielle. 


Odin’s lament echoes in my mind, “I do not wish to take part in the struggle of life anymore. Are we doomed to live in a state of endless conflict?”  I never thought I’d admit it, but I too am tired and struggling.   What saved Odin from despair?  Oh yes, evil Xena rode in from Chin and declared to the self-crucified and hopeless god, “You know you can’t escape the struggle, Odin, you must embrace it.”  Embrace the struggle?  Perhaps that is my calling, but I did defy my god for Gabrielle.  Is he supernaturally blocking wisdom and growth lessons to come to me?


But wait, I am beginning to feel Gabrielle’s pure spiritual essence surrounding my broken heart with her healing energy.  She is urging me to see all that is real and true from love.  I hear her voice whisper softly to me, “The search for the answers you seek is still not complete.  Insight and clarity will come, but only after you journey to the Gates of Dawn.  There you will meet a great and powerful Deity who will help you awaken your gifts of psychic insights and bring the secret into the light.   The holy being will be your greatest celestial teacher and once you unearth the secret, your spirit will be purified and renewed.  You will attain enlightenment and be born yet again.  This is your destiny, Brunnhilda; you are a Defender of the Faith, a mighty Valkyrie, a channel of the Goddess energy.  Allow the light to come through!”


Hmm…truly profound but I’m not sure I understand.  What is this secret and how or where do I find The Gates of Dawn?  I’m searching my soul for the answers but the intense flame is draining my life energy as well.  I’m also afraid that if I find the answer to this great secret I will lose Gabrielle for all eternity.  By the gods, the curse of the ring’s enchantment is poisoning me and will bring about my destruction if I am not careful.  This must stop now! Once again, I must embark upon another dangerous mission.  Like Xena, I must correct the wrongs of my past and search for redemption and answers.  I must honor my pact with my friend by finding this secret.  Show me the way!  I ever so humbly pray.


Brunnhilda Chanting & Praying


Suddenly, I hear a symphony of celestial voices calling to me from the heavens.  Traces of brilliant neon lights are swirling and flowing all around me.  Mysterious beams of light illuminate my mighty sword Dragonfang© into Thor’s thunderous nighttime sky.  The velocity of the furious wind begins to carry me farther and farther away.   Another dimension of me stays, my eternal flame, to protect my princess and the Rheingold that rests safely in her soft hand.


Enveloped by a heavenly moon, I lightly touch down in what seems to be some kind of mystical land of forests.  Emerging from the spinning vortex, I step upon a moss-covered path.  Reluctantly, I journey deeper and deeper into this hazy forest hoping to find the mysterious Deity…and the secret.  Strangely, I grow pale and weak with each step.  Suddenly, through the Stargate, glimmers of brilliant light pierce through the dark ominous fog and a beautiful being approaches me in shimmering translucent light.   I fall to my knees and bow in adoration.  She grasps my arm with her outstretched hand and beckons me to stand.  


“Dearest Brunnhilda, you have embarked upon a sacred journey that has led you to me.  You have not been deceived; for I am the Deity you seek.  Welcome to my realm, Vanir, in The Gates of Dawn – a place where heaven and earth meet.  I am the Goddess Dawn Freya. ” 



The Valkyrie’s Vigil by Edward Robert Hughes

but for this story,

it is Goddess Freya in the Gates of Dawn


I breathe a sigh of relief and wearily collapse into the loving solace of her healing embrace.  My cheeks flush with heat and by the gods, I begin to cry.  I wonder what makes the tears flow?  As a mighty Valkyrie, it is so unlike me.  The Goddess smiles knowingly.  Then, she raises her right hand and delicately snaps her divine fingers.  More light pours in and in a glimmer of brightness, we now stand before her majestic palace, Folkvang.  We float inside on tender cloud.  The hall, inscribed Sessrumnir, is filled with a myriad of lit candles and fragrant flowers.  Glittering artifacts with runic inscriptions, along with ancient coins, jewels, medallions, rustic pottery and statues further embellish the wondrous hall.  Here we come to rest and Freya gestures me to sit upon the lush rugs and furs. 


Sensing my fear and apprehension, the Goddess gazes into my heart, enters into a trance-like state and in her soft cryptic language, begins to speak:


“We are most joyful to share this with you today, our Dearest Love.  You are not forgotten.  There are eleven of ourselves always surrounding you.”


I glance around but no one else is in the temple.  I try desperately to shake off an eerie feeling, a kind of fear unbeknownst to me, a Valkyrie. 


“The reason we connect with you Dearest One is to remind you who you are.  Like Xena, you have forgotten who you are!  You are an Ancient One, a personification of the earth.  You have been in the body for 422 lives and in this ancientness there comes a point, where the existence of being human no longer serves a purpose and you have come this point.  Hence, stay aware and accept where you are if you dare.” 


“Ancient One?”  I let out a heart-wrenching moan then think - Gods, no wonder I’m so very tired!  I become so transfixed that my throat constricts and I am unable to speak.


“Dearest One, before you came into the body, before you came into the physical form, you were a whole sphere of electromagnetic energy, an ancient vibrating spirit.  Your color was golden and you came as an ancient spirit in order to inspire, in order to enlighten, and in order to bring joy.  The cosmic intelligence is immense and yet that was not your only purpose.  Your journey is to reawakening.  It is a new birth!” 


Do my ears deceive me?  Is this the truth and do I really want to hear it?  I wish to mount my winged horse and fly back to the warmth of my flame.  I fidget a bit but continue to sit in silence, dazed, amazed and very afraid!


“Your body is not real; you are not the mind, and you are not the personality.  You are far greater than this, Dearest One.  Yet, you have identified with it for 422 lives and it no longer fulfills.  The physicality, the body that is yours is a capsule.  As a result, you severed from your higher self before coming into this earthly body and your energy split in two.  Half of the energy came into the body and half of your energy that is your higher self, stayed around you.


Your higher self is indeed steering the vehicle, making the choices of the body and knowing your purpose in this life.  Your higher self also knows that your purpose is to awaken to the remembrance of who you are.  You are spirit.  Free the spirit that is imprisoned in the body and remember how blessed you are.  Gabrielle knew this.


When it came to the point of needing to be manifested, your higher self in surrounding you could not protect you.  Amora and other wicked entities attached to you and created the message into the mind, and the mind interpreted this understanding in the dreams, which created the disintegration of your spirit.  You have known Amora in many lives.  In one life, you too were an Amazon Queen.  In that life in Greece, Amora enticed you in the form of the evil shamaness, Alti.  These negative energies and your own intelligence have found ways to disconnect and so, Dearest One, the energy that has been pulsating through the body has begun to lift, to rise upwards.  Now, most of your energy is above your head in the Northern Lights, even before you became Gabrielle’s eternal flame.  You are energy yourself, all existence is energy - a pulsating vibrating electric auric field; but you are also conscious.”


Brunnhilda’s Auric Flame


“I have heard stories from Xena and Gabrielle about that evil witch, and now, unbelievably, it seems she had attached to some of my past lives as well.  I feel a thin veil of illusion begin to lift from my being.  Feebly, I begin to speak.  “Gabrielle sent me to you because I need to find a new way and the answer to that secret.  I have many questions for you, Goddess Freya.  If we are all one, why do I have this feeling of pure abandonment?  Why I am not fulfilled?” 


“Ahhh…Dearest One, the outer is enticing, but ultimately the inner was not and is not fulfilled.  In the inner, there was a space, a hole, that is bleeding through and your higher self says this is the time to make a choice to leap into the unknown, to go down the rabbit hole and to wake up.  Your life force must root through the body, through the feet and into earth in order to create a fullness of being.


However, you must make a choice…the choice is in your hands.  First and foremost, the only one who can truly heal you…is you!  Your intelligence needs to be taught to heal, to wake up, not to disconnect.  You have immense power in your hands, yet you do not know how to use it.  Odin bestowed upon you the secret power of runes; learn to use that most wondrous power that lies within.  We wish for you to recognize that you are not alone.  You are not abandoned although you may think it so.  Ask for assistance from your higher power and acknowledge the great responsibility that you are co-creator.  Above all, recognize that the true epic journey for an Ancient One is to learn how to use power to its full potential.” 


“Goddess Freya, what is the true path to power and wisdom?  How can I be dedicated and disciplined on this secret journey and awaken my spiritual abilities?” 


“Wise questions, Dearest One.  The passage is a lesson and you will write of the lesson.  You will write of it and you will write of your journey back to awakening, which you will share with others.  This is part of the journey of the Ancient One.  For the Ancient Ones are the teachers and you are a teacher; you are not simply here to taste, to experience.  You are part of the life force of all that is sacred.  Although the mind and personality feel abandoned, this must be so, because an Ancient One must come to a point where the outer no longer fulfills.  You have had many lives of tasting, of experience, of wealth, adoration and fame; but this life now is the time to teach…and to do so, the teacher must first learn the lesson.”


“Beloved Deity, how do I learn this lesson and set free this secret that is locked deep inside of me?” 


The lesson is that God is the source and that you have the power, but you have forgotten this!  Once you came into this formation of existence that you call your planet, you came for a reason; there are no errors.  You were a part of us, our Dearest One!  We are all oneness.  You were a part of the love force and still are an integral part, yet you chose to pull out.  You chose to pull into the illusion of your planet, where you took on the costumes, the physicality.  You gave your power away in many lifetimes.  In this one, you gave it to the god you know as Odin.  This is not real; it is an illusion.”


Norse God Odin


I’m awestruck!  “By the gods, I have forgotten how to use my power.  Why did I give my power away and what must I do to get it back?” 


Priestess, you gave your power away because you did not know who you were!  Your loveness was incomplete in the oneness of existence of all that is within us.  Yet, you did not know what love was.  You did not know if you were held by a higher loving force, or if you were that loving force.  In order to understand what love is, one must experience its opposite, just as you surely did.  You have experienced aloneness, abandonment - and through all of your lives - you have experienced much suffering.  It is not that you are loved or loving.  Our Dearest Love, you are far greater than this.  You are love itself!


As a wise Angel Callisto once said - love is the way!  Somehow, you have forgotten that message.  Yet, you must forgive yourself, for we remember and we forget.  Nevertheless, remember to remember.”


What the…………bleep!  My anger and frustration burn stronger now.  “As much as I want to believe this, at times I feel there is no love.  There is no hope.  Where is the love?  Where is the completion?  Why did I come and what is the point of existence?  I feel like Xena, with no sense of self.”


A very frustrated but beautiful Brunnhilda


“This is part of the learning process of the Ancient One, and only the Ancient One is ready to accept the responsibility that hope is something in physicality, a hope for love, a hope for fulfillment, a hope for betterment.  You are indeed perfection, you are divine light, and you are all that is.  You have never been separate, yet you have created an illusion of separateness through each lifetime.  The fog did not allow you to see clearly.  Forgive…forget…and love!


You have created aloneness and with that aloneness, created a personality, a mind, an ego that says – ‘This is who I am’…a box, a package, an identity…then you try to fit into that identity.  For many lives this is possible when you are a young spirit, but when you are an Ancient One, it is no longer possible.  The illusion shatters.  It is not another force that is choosing this for you - you are choosing the experience, to move beyond it and to take back the power that you have given up, that has left you, that is not gone but is around you.


The first path to healing is to recognize that you are powerful and surrender to the universe.  In so doing, the universe will correspond to the nature of your song and you will transcend conventional boundaries.  Timing is Divine and great transformation will occur.”


Transformation  -

(Photo by Thai Tai)


“I just cannot fathom that idea right now.  My heart is broken and I’ve made so many mistakes.  How can I ever forgive…forget…and love, let alone transcend, Goddess?”


“There is no such thing as a mistake, Dearest Valkyrie.  All is a journey and the journey ultimately of the Ancient One is to learn how to use power to its full potential.  Now, how do you make the passage easier?  Pull your energy back in - demand it!  In the past year, you have given your power to Odin and younger souls and you have said, ‘Here is my body, my mind, my spirit - do something with it.’  Now you must claim it; it is no one else’s to manipulate.  You have put your flesh in the hands of others.  Take it back!”


“Beloved Goddess, all of this wisdom is very confusing and extremely overwhelming to me.  As a Valkyrie, I live for battle.  The word – surrender – signifies defeat to me!”   


“Don’t be discouraged, Brunnhilda.  It is a gradual awakening, and there are steps, our Dearest One.  I know it sounds paradoxical, but surrender does not imply you give up.  It is the gateway.  It is surrendering to spirit and the guidance of your soul to your Higher Power.  Surrender the illusion, then rest and let go.  Your warrior heart will become very powerful.  Heed this warning though – if you allow the energy to linger around you any longer, there is a temptation to leave…to come home…to be out of the world’s pain…it is a tiredness of being an Ancient One.


This began long ago; watching your world’s suffering, watching angst…pain…tired of personalities.  All Ancient Spirits become tired of the drama in your world, of the great dramatics in your life.  Always seeking, never truly fulfilled.  Your spirit begins to desire to come home.  Once again, you want to be in oneness, in the wholeness of love that you have experienced.  Yet, the Ancient One must always come to this point of choosing.  Although it takes time to jump vibration frequencies, the first lesson is of urgency.  If not complete, when you release Gabrielle in one year’s time, your flame will cease to exist and you will come back into another body and be born yet again.  Why though?  When such a diversion can be avoided by choosing to learn the lessons now.”



(Montage by Anders)


“I’m beginning to see some light, but I feel so blocked.  I also never comprehended the incredible amount of fear embedded in me.  I am humiliated to ask, but I need to know how to unlock the first key!”  The Goddess Freya now bows to me. 


“Ahhh…Dearest One, we are most joyous and most pleased.  Remember, there are no unreasonable requests.  Your world and its process of healing have become very complex.  Yet healing, our Dearest Love is most simplistic.  It is bringing in energy to feed the body.  To bring the life force back into the body, first we must concentrate on the breath.  Second comes meditation to unite the body, mind and spirit.  Meditation is the changing of the programming of the mind.  Your brain is a tool; it is not who you are.  A tool that needs to be programmed appropriately, to send out signals to the body that it is strong.  Next is stimulation of your life force through massage.  Lay down now upon the soft furs and close your eyes, for only in stillness do we find our way.  We will begin our practice again.”


“Again, Goddess?  I do not recall ever having done this before.  Is there such a thing as coincidence in this existence? Can you also tell me why I feel so lightheaded since I traveled to the Gates of Dawn?”


“There are no coincidences, Dearest One, only synchronicities.  We have been together many lifetimes and in many dimensions of time and space.  Dearest Love, as you know, there is an infinite number of parallel universes.  These other universes contain space, time and strange forms of exotic matter.  Some of them even contain you, in a slightly different form.  In fact, they exist less than one millimeter away from you.  The lightheadedness you are experiencing is what we call altered states of consciousness.  You have lifted from your body to become Gabrielle’s eternal flame and, through a different dimension, to journey to Vanir.  Once our time together ends, you will reenter the flame fully.  Then you will experience the beginnings of all that is, far greater than you have experienced before.  Yet, you will continue to experience altered states of consciousness.  It must be so for enlightened souls.” 


“Yet again, I’m not sure I understand, Goddess Dawn.” 


“No worries, child – in time you will.  Now, let’s move on to your past lives.  Like Xena and Gabrielle, you existed in India in one of your past incarnations.  I was your Darsham and you were my student.  You were very diligent in your practice of yoga disciplines, utilizing the powers of the Mendhi and becoming a true Devi.  You attained nirvana and a profound insight into the nature of existence.  As a Devi, you chanted the epic poetry of the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God), which is most sacred and revered in Hindu traditions and the followers of Krishna.  Victoriously, you battled the evil shamaness, Amora Alti, yet again. 


Chant this mantra daily; it will bring back your energy and protect you – ohm-ghum-gana-pata-yeah-nama-ha.  You are immense light.  Again, I remind you that you have forgotten who you are…that what you are looking for is already here.  I bow to the light within.”


Statue of Goddess Shiva performing Yogic meditation


The Goddess Freya bows then comes to sit beside me in a cross-legged position. Again, she bids me to lie down and close my eyes.  Somewhat overwhelmed, I comply. 


“Let us begin with the breathing.  Place your hands upon your belly and breathe in deeply so that you can feel your stomach rise.  Bring the prana (energy) in, one inch beneath the navel…your center…and gently massage in circles; your body needs circles.  Circles create energy and magnetism.  Now, relax the body, release all your thoughts and let the breath flow through you like a gentle wave.  Ground yourself to the earth and be here now in this moment.


Visualize yourself descending a stairway in your mind’s eye.  Envision you are moving towards the center of your head, your third eye.  There you will begin to remember who you are.  How?  By creating an image of a single beam of pure white light that is your higher self.  Your higher self is around you, it is a dimension.  You have 15 dimensional layers, our Dearest Love, between you and ourselves.  In that vision in your brain, go into that beam of light and see the toxic programming that is there - it will come to you.  Acknowledge it, and then cleanse any molecules of emotional, spiritual or psychic debris that might be clinging to you.  See it wash away.


Next, we balance your brilliantly-colored chakras, spinning circles, starting at the root of your spine and traveling up to the crown of your head in red, flaming orange, golden yellow, jade, sky blue, indigo purple, and ultimately, pure white.  You know how to do this, Dearest One - you learned it in India.  Then, use your senses and imagination to create what you want in your life with creative visualization.  You already use this tool every day.  Create a clear image of what you want to manifest and send it to the light with good intentions.  We cannot do it for you - you must choose.  Recognize that you are an Ancient One, that you have the power and are ready to wake up.  Now open your eyes and come into a seated position.”


I open my eyes and the room is spinning about.  Strangely though, I feel an extraordinary sense of serenity.  Present moment – wonderful moment. 


The Hugging Saint, Amma


“Then it would be wise to give yourself the gift of an ancient form of healing you used before in many lives - acupuncture.  You used this healing tool in the ancient time of 400 B.C., where you lived in the place that is now called Shanghai.  There, as a male, you understood there are meridians in the body, lines of energy.  They come in through the top of the head…the back of the neck and there they spread through the body.  At present, that cracking in the back of your neck has created a locking so that energy cannot come down and feed the body.  So, Dearest One, your body is, in effect, starving of energy.  Therefore, the opening of the energy meridians with acupuncture and massage is vital.  There will be soreness…it will be tender.  You have the power to change this…you must make the choice. “


“Holy Odin, no wonder my neck always hurts!”  The Goddess puts her healing hands upon my shoulders and I begin to feel the life force flow throughout my body.  I feel more connected now - vibrant and strong.  I am so thankful.  “What’s next?”


“Listen to beautiful etheric music to calm your spirit.  Music has been used for healing and relaxation for centuries.  Your world does not yet understand sound.  Sound frequencies and therapies were always used in ancient cultures and you used them yourself to heal in the place called Babylonia.  You have a sound; you have a frequency.  Listen carefully, child, as I hum this high-pitched frequency…♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪…it is YOUR frequency…YOUR healing sound!   Listen and let it resonate through your body.  Affirm each and every day – ‘I am Brunnhilda, Queen of the Valkyrie and I reclaim my power.’  You must choose this or your spirit will lift from your body and you will birth again.”


Utterly inspired, I raise my indestructible sword, Dragonfang© and exclaim, “I am Brunnhilda, Queen of the Valkyrie and I reclaim my power.”  I do feel powerful…so much so that I could defeat the horrendously ugly monster, Grindl. 


Marvel Comic Brunnhilda©


“We salute you, our Dearest Love.  I fondly remember when Kahju-Da carved that sword for you.  I also remember because I was the Black Knight who gave it to you.  Let us proceed.  Next, what is necessary is to create a balanced dance among the five elements that comprise your physical body – fire, water, earth, air and spirit.  You will achieve this through the most revered practices of Qigong and Tai Chi. When the life force moves freely, the body, mind, and nature join as one.  Health and happiness will peak and the experience is innermost and outermost spiritual.


In Chinese, Qi (Chi) means breath, and gong means work.  Qigong is derived from ancient Buddhist culture of many thousands of years ago.  Buddhism is the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Awakened One.  He was born in Ancient India and was also known as the Buddha.  Manage your Qi energy by harmonizing your breath patterns, postures, and movements of the body.  Healing energy is in the sun…in the wind.  Call upon the forces of nature and they will assist you.  Enjoy the practice and be the best you can be.  Mighty Priestess, never forget  - where there is Qi there is life, when there is no Qi, there is no life.


There are some sacred teachings in your world you have forgotten as well.  These teachings were brought through spirit as we have come through this body.  Ancient wisdom and new – the teachings of Lao Ma penned under the pseudonym of Lao Tzu, for spirit came through Lao Ma in 500 B.C.  Read and they will help to remind you that you are the lotus flower opening.


Siddhattha Gautama Buddha


Then give yourself the gifts of herbs, the Chinese herbs for calming and nurturing the body.  The ginseng to stimulate.  Licorice and slippery elm for the belly.  Feed your body the purest organic and soft foods.  Be gentle with your body; it is your home.  Inhale the essence of the rose as well.  Your world underestimates aroma.  In that ancient life in Babylonia, you used pure perfume essences.


Everything is in slow motion because there is no healing of the life force.  Therefore, everything becomes pain and yet your one key is your brain.  You are not ignorant, our Dearest One, you are wise woman.  So, what is your celestine prophecy?”


“My path in this life is to reawaken and reclaim my power.  Also, to teach and share my energy and wisdom with other seekers, just as you are sharing yours with me today, Goddess.  Right?”


“Yes, Brunnhilda, your path is to enlighten, and it is to expand energy into the body and out of the body.  When your fiery aura is strong, it extends 6 feet around you, and then it spins and you become magnetic, pulling into your life all that you need.  Also, Odin’s home in Valhalla is filled with squeezing old energy.  When you return to that home as Queen of the Valkyrie, it must be cleansed with the burning of the sage plant, a simple cleansing of all that is toxic, all that is old.  


During this time of going into the mind, we ask you to take another journey; it is a healing of your past.  For an Ancient One, the past creeps up and your innermost child and previous lives are crippling.  Reincarnation is a spiritual cleansing.  When you enter into your subconscious using meditation – relax.  Create an image of a door and on the door, simply in your imagination, visualize the word block.  The door will open, you will see yourself float through it – see what is there.  Feel the emotional pain from your past and do that each day until you release all blocks of pain that have been stored inside your body…the pain from your past with each remembrance, you let go.  This must be done for an Ancient One, before you step into the role of wise woman, teacher and inspirer.  You must wash all that is old from you and begin creating the opportunity for the new birth.  Then, you can stand on that mighty pedestal not to experience ego, but self-joy, self-honor, and self-love.  You deserve to be honored, to be loved.  Our Dearest One, you have felt abandoned but you are never alone.  It is not a possibility.  Understand and embrace the struggle.  In essence, what you are seeking is your real self.  The secret is you, Dearest One!”


The remembrance of the cold and fog of the Eastern Bog creeps into my thoughts and I grow distracted.  I ask of the Goddess, “Why do I still feel as though there is some dark cloud hanging over me…as if someone has put a curse on me?”


“Before we proceed, we must call upon your higher power for protection.  Allow the light of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to surround you now.


Father, Son & Holy Spirit

“Good morning, this is God.  I will be handling all your problems today.

 I do not need your help.  So go and have a miraculous day.”


An entity from another civilization is trying to block your purpose for being here.  Entities attach to those who have the potential to do good things.  The Force behind this one is so dark that I myself cannot communicate.  We must also call upon the counsel of high angels to work with us – some of the eleven always surrounding you.  Let us bring into the light the male angels - Archangels Michael and Raphael.  Let us now call forth the female angels – Callisto and Gabrielle (the female of Gabriel), for they are your bodyguards.  Yes, Dearest Love, the angel Gabrielle has been protecting you in many ways, in many lifetimes.”


I try to talk, but silence stills my lips.  I sit mesmerized by the beauty and intense light of the saintly beings. 


Archangel Michael conveys, “The entity is your sister Valkyrie, Waltraute.  She has attached to you in every lifetime, every dimension since the beginning of time.  In that lifetime, you had a position of authority and were well liked.  She was jealous and poisoned you.  She is attacking your dark side with the help of the extraterrestrial celestials.  Within one year’s time, Rothgar will fish Xena out of a lake.  The ring has killed her essence and she has no memory.  Rothgar will name her Walthea and Waltraute will try to kill her as well.  We now call upon a power greater than ourselves for help to cut Waltraute off from her power source and drain her energy.  The Supreme Being is putting her in a psychic prison with mirrors.  Anything she throws out bounces back upon her.  We cut all connections and attachments, release those lifetimes and send her to the light.  Magic and miracles do happen if you let them, Brunnhilda. ”


Angel Callisto reveals, “Amora captured your inner child and she is afraid.   I have rescued her and have taken her to the healing temple of the most high God.  You will know when she comes back; you will see her in a dream or feel loving energy in your heart.  Tell her not to be afraid.  You are only wearing a body that can be destroyed, but the spirit cannot be destroyed.  I have cleansed your cellular memory and your auric field.   I am blessing you with pink unconditional love.  Your heart is healing.  Loving yourself is the first step to opening the heart.  The journey is yours, Brunnhilda…love is the way!”


Angel Callisto – Love is the Way


Angel Raphael declares,  “When you came into this lifetime, you unconsciously decided to clear out and learn many lessons.  You are further ahead than you think you are, Brunnhilda.  We now call upon every lifetime, release any entities attached to you and any entities controlling them.  We cut all etheric psychic ties.  All toxic memories and negative energies are destroyed.  Michael is taking them to the light for purification and transmutation.  The wisdom of the color purple is surrounding you now.  You have been given a great gift.”


In awe, I watch as Angel Gabrielle approaches me with open arms and imparts, “On this dark night of the soul, thousands of angels are coming to you now, Brunnhilda, my dearest flame.  Basking in the warm glow of God’s love, karma is balanced in all directions of time, and blocks will be forever lifted.  You are now clear, focused, and balanced.  Remember daily to encircle yourself inside a glass bubble of light as a protective shield and blow that dark cloud out.  Release it all to the light of the Universe and allow good intentions to manifest in your life.  Don’t forget to say please and thank you.  Your aura is golden now.  Ask…believe…and receive.  We must leave you now, but never forget - in the darkest of nights, I will be there to watch over you always.”


(Montage by Mike)


The angels depart and I feel drained from the spiritual battle.  Yet, I know my time here is nearing an end, so I take a deep breath and bring much needed energy back in.  Amazingly, I discover that I am refreshed and renewed, but I still have many questions for Goddess Freya.  “You said I chose this journey and I will write of it.  You said I came to enlighten, inspire, and bring joy.  How?” 


“Follow the yellow brick road.”


I’m growing increasingly perplexed, “What?”


The Goddess laughs.  “Sorry Dearest One, that’s another story…another secret…some other time.  Seriously, what you must do is graciously accept good into your life and dedicate your life to service…the greater good.  Remember, Gabrielle taught Xena how to respect life, love, and peace.  She has done the same for you.  She has changed you and will continue to move you. 


Then your path is to teach, to share your message, and to inspire others.  You can inspire, you have inspired, but it is most important that the messages be of great significance.  This, Dearest One, is the beginning of a passage to enlightenment…time to meditate…to go deep within and to discover who you are.  You are far greater than your personality could ever be, far greater than the body could ever offer.  There is an immensity of love awaiting you.  A greater love than a human can ever allow - the love of the reconnection to your higher self, that which was severed at birth.  The energy that split in two, that is surrounding you…your higher self, spinning all around you.  For the Ancient One, the mission is to reunite the body and to taste bliss.  You have never tasted true bliss, the true fullness of love.  Dearest Love, this is what has been missing out of all your lives.  The other half of you is not human.  It is your higher self, and for that empty space in your heart to truly be filled, you must bring your higher self into your body.  How?  It is through meditation, it is through silence…by entering into the center core of the mind, that pure black space and there asking, ‘Please, I ask my higher self to be with me, come be with me now…join me.’” 


“Yes, then I will sense lovingness, for I deserve love, wholeness and bliss and I can share it with others, especially Gabrielle.  Goddess, we live in such a deeply mysterious world and I have come to believe that our synchronistic encounter was destined to be.” 


Brunnhilda and her dearest Gabrielle


“It was, our Dearest Love.  Please know that we do not wish to interfere in your existence; we come only to remind you of who you are and of the immensity of your power.  The ancient being that you are is ready now not to be enmeshed in ego…of drama…of your world’s chaos, but to be wise woman.  You are ready to inspire others and teach from a place of love, not mind…to bubble with inspired joy and help people.  Write your story each day!  More and more energy is returning.  Go into your mind and find you.  You will meet the true you for the first time, Dearest One.  She is immense…she is grace…she is honor itself. 


Then allow grace to radiate back into your being.  Make the choice today to be creator and live; then you will teach, for you need a purpose.  An Ancient One always needs a purpose.  Your world, the outer, is not fulfillment of the spirit of an Ancient One; it is a waste of time.  You have done this; you have learned of your world.  Now you can be the wisest woman or leave and come again.  You choose.  We cannot choose it for you.  All we can do is come to remind you. You are divine…sacred.  See it! Believe it!  Then, one day you may even go to a Xena Con.”


“Xena Con?  What in Hades is that?”  I am beyond surprised.


The Goddess laughs again.  “Yes, Dearest One, a Xena Con.  Someday you will understand, but for now…patience is a virtue.  Back to the task at hand.  Henceforth, do you choose to accept the reawakening?”


“I do choose it.  The old way no longer serves.  What else can you tell me, Goddess?” 


If you fail to control the thoughts in your mind, your mind will control you The Secret is the law of attraction, a universal law of love.  Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.  Are your thoughts worthy of you, Dearest One?  This is a beginning, and then the search for the answers you seek will be complete.  However, paradoxically, once you have it all figured out, it will change again.” 


“Gods, that’s comforting.  Yet, I embrace it all and feel immense gratitude.  I do have one final question that has been haunting me.  Goddess Dawn Freya, why did Xena put on the ring when she knew she would lose the memory of Gabrielle and the woman she helped her to become?” 


“The answer lies in one of the Xena Scrolls:



My dearest Gabrielle:


When I leapt into Brunnhilda’s flames and set my eyes upon you, I knew I had found my sleeping beauty.  I kissed you and you said you knew I would come back to you.   


You may wonder why I chose to put the ring on in the first place.  You may think it was because I didn’t want to give it to Odin or that I would have been killed.  Those were but two of the reasons.  I put on the ring because I knew that its powers were no match for the love that we shared.  Brunnhilda was right; my love for you burns stronger than any flame.  I knew no matter how long it took; someday I would find you, too.




“Are you saying that in one year’s time, Xena will return for Gabrielle, cleanse the ring of its curse and return it to the Rhinemaidens?”  The Goddess nods.  “One year is not enough time to share with Gabrielle.  However, the old me is dead; I can no longer go back.  I will invoke my Valkyrie power of the runes and honor my pact with my Amazon friend.  Goddess, will we speak again?”


“We will speak again, Dearest Love.  We long to come through your body and commune with you directly, yet you must prepare your vehicle for this.  Prepare your temple by lifting the frequency; for you are frequency, you are vibration.  Listen to the sound we have given you, meditate and breathe the body deeply.  Get the energy back into the body.  Your world teaches that healing is so complex, but it is not the truth.  Healing is simple; the brain makes it difficult.  Remember the majestic power of the words I AM.  This is a beginning and remember to have fun.  Play, laugh, and grow.  Within one year, we long to come through you so that you may feel and know the secret that we have shared with you, so that you may share it with others and inspire.  There is much teaching to be done, much sharing.  How do you feel, Dearest One?” 


“I am at peace.  I am joyful, happy, healthy and alive!”  The Goddess is pleased.


Brynhild by G. Bussiere, 1897


“Our Dearest One, in the ancient times, during your first healing life on this planet in Babylonia, you had a name and it is that Arabic name that we see you as.  It was Shahara.  Shahara means spark of fire.  Remind yourself of this name - Shahara, for it is who you are.  You are wise woman beginning a new journey.  Remember well the lessons you have learned along the way.  So necessary for your spiritual evolution were they.  Like the snake sheds the skin of the old, now you are ready to bring in the new.  You will transcend joy and move into ecstasy and bliss.  Step by step, each day, you will become stronger and we will speak again if you will allow.  Now follow me, Dearest Love.” 


She escorts me through the temple doors.  Leaving the darkness behind, we are greeted by the glory of a new day and a passionate sun.  Suddenly, my winged horse, Morrigan, flies in from the heavenly sky.  Rays of love are cascading from my heart.  I bow to the Goddess and once again seek the solace of her loving embrace.  “How can I begin to thank you, beloved Dawn Freya?”


Go in peace and take your place in the universe!  Know that you are protected.  Always remember that it is not the darkness but the light that frightens us.  Now return, Valkyrie!  Go home to the warmth of your eternal flame…to Gabrielle.  Share the wisdom of your reawakening with her, share your love with her, for in the twilight of memory, she knew Brunnhilda’s secret all along.”


I climb upon my winged horse and fly back to where my journey began. 


Godspeed, Brunnhilda, our Dearest Love!”


(to be continued…)











Brittney Powell


Our lovely heroine Brunnhilda, the Valkyrie, lives on in the 21st century, reincarnated in the ever so beautiful body of acclaimed actress, Brittney Powell.  Brittney Powell was born in Germany (so you see, she really is a Valkyrie) and has traveled the world where she was raised to love and cherish all varieties of people.


On the big screen, Brittney has appeared in:  That Thing You Do, Fled, Dragonworld and Airborne.  Her television movies include L.A. Johns and A Friend to Die For.  She was a series regular on General Hospital, Pacific Palisades, High Sierra Search and Rescue with recurring roles on Girlfriends, Pensacola, Weird Science, Titans, Beverly Hills 90210 and of course, Xena: Warrior Princess.  Brittney's most challenging and, by far, most rewarding role to date is that of wife and mother. Brittney chooses to do charity work because, "We are a community, one human to the next; when we work together, we can realize our full potential as a species and as soulful spirits."



Brittney continues to delight fans worldwide.  Following are links to her official websites:

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Yahoo Fan Club:



Much Love,

Zeta - Warrior of the Spirit and Ancient One


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