The site has been constantly evolving with my tweaks and major redesigns. Below are the major redesigns to the what's new page and the main index page. I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.


15 December 1996 - Site is born. First page has disappeared but the current 1997 design is January 1997 with a missing main logo. It wasn't all that different to this.


 What's New page - June / July 1997.


The new additions were moved off the main index page and the what's new page was born



The main index page - November 1998 - I can pinpoint the date because of the Sacrifice 2 montage I just added to the front page :)





Main index page - 1999 - the new AUSXIP logo was designed by William King who came up with the idea of using the Aussie map :) Nifty idea :) Notice the different Xena head...

Main Index Page - 2000-2003 this was basically the design for a long time until October 2003. It had the sections to the left instead of below the logo.

February 2003 - what's new page - logo created by Lucia.

You can view alot of the old what's new pages by going to the what's new archive

October 2003 -designed by Mesh in October 2003.

July 2005 - Another banner change

25 January 2006 - New Banner created by the talented Calli. This is my favourite banner.
Beautiful design.

May 2006 - A major redesign of the site and also navigation with the introduction of a drop down menu.

The major change was the merging of the main AUSXIP index page and the what's new page into one. Quicker and easier to find the latest updates.

May 2008 - A MAJOR redesign of the site and also banner changes - designed by KT Jorgensen

December 2009 - Yet another banner redesign and site tweaking - designed by MaryD