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1 August 2002

14 January 2002

  • The last issue of the Official Xena Magazine listed AUSXIP in the Fan Run web sites under Xena Magazine Guide to Life Xena Links

22 November 1999

29 April 1999

3 November 1998

30 April 1998

28 April 1998

1 November 1997

Cinescape Magazine July/August 1997


First she assaulted her enemies. Then she invaded our living rooms. Now Xena: Warrior Princess has taken up residence on the Internet. Just plug the name of Xena into a web search and a flood of web-sites will scroll before you - proof that Lucy Lawless is quickly becoming a cultural icon. Since there seem to be hundreds of Xena-Oriented websites to choose from, we've decided to make your search a little easier by compiling a list of some of the more resourceful Xena Sites. (AUSXIP before getting a doman)

This excellent Xena: Warrior Princess information page is packed with easy-to-read episode, character and actor guides. The site also boats sound files, episode clips, a graphics gallery and fan fiction, in addition to a cool section where transcripts to Xena articles from newspapers, talk shows and mags have been compiled.



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