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  • Lucy from Pavement Magazine (New Zealand) October / November 2001 dealing with Genetic engineering. Lucy was among those who put up their hand in an effort to voice their concerns over this very topical issue. Her t-shirt reads 1+1=3 stop genetic engineering now. 

  • Business Wire 16 October 2001 Oxygen Media, the exclusive home of the hit series "XENA, Warrior Princess," is giving fans the chance to win a five-night, six-day all-expense paid Caribbean Adventure for two aboard a Windjammer Cruise, when they enter the "Oxygen `XENA, Be A Warrior Princess Sweepstakes

  • The Chicago Tribune - 14 October 2001The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago is having an exhibit on Cleopatra  that includes clips of five different actresses playing Cleopatra, including Liz Taylor, Theda Bara, and Lucy Lawless ("Antony and Cleopatra"). 

  • The Sunday Telegraph - 7 October 2001 - Lawless Behaviour

  • Entertainment Weekly - 5 October 2001 - Lucy quote and scan about working on the set of The X-Files

  • Women's Health Update magazine - October 2001 - Warrior princess in stunning new role. Lucy and Judah's breastfeeding poster

  • From the Philledelphia Daily News comes this snippet
    * Beginning in October, reruns of "Xena: Warrior Princess" will also show up on Oxygen, whose CEO, Geraldine Laybourne called "Xena" "the perfect acquisition" for the women-themed network because "she's loaded with ovaries." Before you pull out those old biology books, Laybourne later confirmed that the mythical Xena had the same number of ovaries as 51 percent of the population, just two.