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 Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 12-14, 2007
Burbank Airport
Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way

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Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Claire Stansfield
Michael Hurst
Robert Trebor
Adrienne Wilkinson
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Patrick Fabian
Jay Laga'aia
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Xena 2007 Convention Report

by EZ Ryder

Part 2 of 2 

Saturday morning. It was very nice being able to sleep in, especially after the Dessert party. Normally you have the Charity breakfast the next morning, but not this time. Perfect. Me & the Mr. got room service and had a nice breakfast. Best part was I didnt have to cook it. <g> The first guest of the day, Jay, wouldnt be on till 12:30. I had a photo op with him 15 minutes prior to him getting on stage, so there was time to relax. Hb called and we made plans to meet up at the con later on. Things are a bit blurry here, lol, but I think me & Mr EZ went walking around the hotel lobby then, chatting with TXers. I know I crossed paths with Tobias at some point and it was nice seeing her.

Off to the photo op. Andy was with me as he was getting a photo op too, and was behind me in line. Jay was very warm and friendly with the fans, and I felt my breathing get shallow again in his presence, lol. The person in front of me had her picture taken and was talking to Jay, so I just stood there, gawking at Jay, waiting for her to leave before I stepped up. Apparently I was supposed to move, as Andy gave me a nudge. I said, in what I thought was a low voice, "Dont shove me." I walk over to Jay who said, "Yeah, dont shove her!" Then he puts his arms around me for the picture, and goes into Draco mode, saying, "How much for your woman!" Lol!

Let me just say that I could of happily stayed in those arms all day long and not minded once. Wow.

Off to the con then, as it started right after the photo ops. Jay, as usual, was fantastic. The man can not only sing, but he has a future in stand up comedy if he chooses. He's a riot!

He came on stage and teased some people who were up late last night from the Dessert party, by saying some of them looked shocking. <g> He sang 'Love the one your with', and changed the words in the verse, 'She's a girl, and your a boy', to 'She's a girl and your a .....girl'. Needless to say, the audience loved it and cheered loudly. <g>

He was then talking about his laptop problems. His plug wouldnt wouldnt fit the American wall socket. He said he went to Frye's, and joked about the color of the shirt he was wearing, which was a purple/pink color. He said how it wasnt the international color of masculinity, lol. Then he joked about the salesman at Frye's, saying you knew you were in trouble if they had to read the package. And that they pretend to know what they are talking about even if they have no clue. <g>

He then started doing Elvis & Michael Jackson imitations which were absolutely hilarious! He was talking about a certain Elvis song where it sounded like Elvis sung only vowels. The way Jay sang, it, you knew he had a point.You had no clue what the words were. He said Michael Jackson sounded like he had constipation, and imitated Michael's 'ooooohooooo's'. It did indeed sound like Michael was in pain from constipation, lol.

He talked about Draco a bit. He said something like he played him as a warlord of course, but he didnt want Draco to be your run of the mill bad guy. As in Sins of the past, when he lost the challenge to Xena, one of his men was going to kill Xena anyway. Jay said when Draco turned around and killed his own man, saying ' A deals a deal', that summed up who Draco was. He was a warlord but he had some honor. I agree.

He talked about the head piece Draco wore. He said something about women and their bobby pins, and how they used like twenty of them to attatch the head piece. He said it hurt his scalp and the head piece was wobbling all over the place. He said one of TPTB walked up to him later and said that they had a special glue for him. Jay put this cocky smile on his face and started strutting saying, "Hmm, they made special glue just for me. I must be really be something." He stopped the strut and said, 'I found out the truth when it was time to take the head piece off. It was just common glue. It took me four years to get rid of the scar." Lol!

Brittany was next and she was a con virgin. She seemed a bit nervous at first, but by the end of her stage time, she felt right at home I'd say.

She said how she wanted to thank Lucy and Renee for their kindness on the show. That the first time she saw Lucy, Lucy had her hair up in a towel and Britanny didnt reconize her. She thought, 'Now there goes a delicate flower.' Then she came face to face with Xena. She was very impressed with Lucy's acting and how Xena just took her over.

Brittany came to LA to work for Playboy. She wound up not going through with it, because she would of had to been known as 'Playboy Brittany Powell'. She was already getting work she said, she why be stuck with that title.

She was very coy about the Brunhilda/Gabrielle thing, teasing the audience. I do believe she did say that Brunhilda did love Gabrielle.

Brittany is quite..err..bosomy..and had a low cut dress on. Her bra peeked out I guess, and next thing you know fans are trying to talk her in to auctioning off her bra for charity, like Hudson auctions off her dress. After a little convincing, she agreed to do it. She even showed us a few peeks of it. After a few bids she was asked if she would sign the bra, which she agreed to. A few more bids, then she was asked if she would allow the winner to take the bra off. She said she would let the winner unhook it. Lots of cheering from the crowd, and more bids then! Brittany was having a great time with this, laughing through it all. Her bra finally sold for $1100.00. Good bucks! I was told that she went to her photo ops braless too. Good on ya, Brittany. <g>

We had a short intermission when Brittany was done, and it was time for my photo op with Michael. He is very friendly with the fans too, and I enjoyed watching him with them while waiting for my turn. When I got there he smiled, said hello and shook my hand, then put his arm around me for the picture. When it was over I smiled and thanked him. Michael smiled and nodded.

After that I went to my room for some reason, and wound up waiting for the elevator with Brittany and her gentleman friend. How cool is that. I said hi, and they said hi back. I asked if it would be okay to take a picture and she said, apologetically, that she couldnt. She said Creation told her not to pose for any picture's till after her photo op. I smiled and said no problem, sorry. Her companion spoke up and said that 'they' were sorry, really. That if they could they would let me take a picture. The elevator opened then. I smiled, said that I understood, asked what floor they were going to and pushed the button. I told Brittany she was very funny with her bra, and she smiled and said it was fun. Their floor came up then so off they went.

Speaking of elevators, I forgot to mention that on Friday I crossed paths with Jay on one. I was stepping out of it and he was stepping in. Im glad he was talking on his cell phone and looking down, instead of looking at me and seeing the look on my face from seeing him, lol.

Anyway, I went to the bar after that and saw Mr Ez. I had time for a beer, then it was back to the con. Michael and Jennifer came on. They are so much fun to watch. They talked about what was going on with them. Michael joked about his short hair. He said he shaved his head bald for a role a few months back. He was in a movie called 'Tattooist'. He said he was covered in tattoo's, and was in about three scenes. I believe he said they called it a Sci Fi movie but its really a horror.

They said their children had never seen a Hercules or Xena episode. Jennifer said that when they were filiming they were just to young. Michael said it would be cool to have them see a episode one day and say, "Thats my dad!"

Michael said that having kids has made it easier for him to cry.

They were asked about Kevin Smith, and they both said what a warm and wonderful person he was. Michael said he see's acting roles around that really make him think of Kevin, because Kevin would of been perfect for them. He said this with a kind of sad half smile, and you could tell he missed his friend.

Jennifer said that Sue is finally looking forward to getting on with her life. Jennifer explained that for the first few years in a loss like this you just exist really, which is what Sue did. She said now Sue is starting to be happy again and is doing well. She also said that Kevin is still very much 'in' the house. Theres lots of pictures of him all around and Sue talks to the boys about their father often. Michael and Jennifer both said that the boys all look like Kevin. Im glad Sue is finally feeling better after years of pain. Good for her.

The topic switched to Hercules, and Michael began talking about 'One Fowl day'. He had a lot of fun directing it and working with Bruce Campbell. He talked about the scene when they both went rolling down the hill. He said there was no words because they were cracking up laughing to hard to talk. He also said that when he'd yell 'cut' he'd forget Bruce was attached and go walking off. He did the yanking motion and it was to funny.

Frock day was brought up. For those who dont know what Frock day is , its one day a week where everyone comes to work in a dress/frock. Michael talked about when Rob first saw it. Michael was in a frock, shaking his hand. He said this big, burly crew member with a dress on was talking to Rob too, and Rob just acted like there was nothing wrong or different, lol.

Michael was asked what his most memorable moment from the set was. He said it was on 'Yes Virginia, there is a Hercules.' He said how Kevin Sorbo was seriously ill and off the set because of it. They were all quite concerned about him and worried about how he would be. Michael said that when Kevin came back on the set and said the words, "Im back", it was very emotional. He said that Kevin looked rather frail, and he couldnt be on the set more than a hour, and people had to be quiet around him. But when he said 'Im back.' Michael knew then that everything would be okay. Kevin saying those two words were his most memorable moment.

Widow Twanky was brought up, and Michael said that if they were invited back next year, that Twanky agreed to come. I so wish I could see that live!

Shortly after that Jennifer and Michael got off the stage to very loud applause. Time for the autograph line then. Jennifer was first, and she was very upbeat. She smiled and asked if I was having a good time, while signing my picture. I smiled and told her I was. Michael was next and he looked up and smiled, then signed my picture. I thanked him and he said 'Pleasure' in that cute Kiwi accent. Brittany was next and all smiles. I could tell she was really enjoying her first con. She signed my picture, then Jay was up. He had smaller pictures of Draco he was giving out, and I thought that was quite nice. As he signed my picture he asked if I was going to the Roxy that night. I told him no, that I was going to the bar. He said he was going to go kill a snake. I laughed and told him to have fun.

Convention was officially over for Saturday then, and I went to the bar with Andy to meet Mr EZ. I saw Gracie on the way, and got a excellent hug from her. Best one Ive had in a long time, thank you Gracie! <g> We chatted for a few moments, then I found Mr. EZ. We got a table then, and oldskoolxwpfan sat with the three of us. We had some dinner, drinks, and relaxed. GabEgrrl joined us later and it was real nice to sit and chat with her.

At some point I walked into the lobby and saw everyone waiting for the shuttle to the Roxy. They were all so excited, it was cute. Im definetly getting the dvd when it comes out. I said hi to a few people and went back to the bar. Andy and I got in to laughing fits later on, as we couldnt stop cracking up at each other for some reason. Its the kind of laughing that has tears rolling down your face, and you hurt various body parts. We did this repeatedly. All night. Why, I dont know, but I havent laughed like that in a long time. When we parted ways, Andy was almost doubled over with laughter trying to walk in the mens room, as I was almost the same way walking to my room with Mr Ez. What a sight. Thanks for the laughs Andy, it was a blast. <g>

Sunday, Charity breakfast time. I woke up nice and early as I didnt stay up late like the Roxy goers. <g> I was actually in the con hall before the doors were even opened for the breakfast. I ran in to Andy and we walked around looking at stuff, waiting for the doors to open. When they did, we went in and got a table for the the TXer's, who came in shortly after. There was Minya, oldskoolxwpfan, Blue warrior, GabEgrrl, ten, HB, PMB, CorXy & Adrummer. It was a lot of fun sitting and talking with them all. I looked at some of the charity items on the way to the breakfast buffett, and they had some good stuff. After we ate, they announced the guests. I was very happy to see Jay again, and mentioned to Andy that I was going to ask him what he thought of Draco's spell. Anyway, there was Jay, Brittany, Patrick, Michael and Jennifer. Claire hadnt made it yet.

The guests go in to the center of the room and we are told to take our pictures now, then put the camara's away. I was not happy at all with that, as every one of the guests already had their photo ops except for Patrick. It also seemed to me, from what I saw from the guests here and at the Dessert party, that the guests dont have a problem with pictures taken, its Creation. I understand time issues, but I dont understand why we simply cant snap a few pictures of the guests, non posed like Friday night.. It was allowed in the past, and it was disappointing that it wasnt allowed now.

Since I already stated one annoyance, Im going to state my only other one. While the guests were going from table to table, the auction with the microphones being used was going on. It wasnt a issue for me in 2005, I guess because of the bigger room, but in this room it was so loud I couldnt hear the guests talking when the microphones were used. Thats very frustrating, and I couldnt hear Jay at times when he was talking to me for starters.

Other than that everything was a lot of fun. On a plus note, Andy won Hudsons dress from the 2005 con. It had a nice lipstick print on it, and I think it was signed. Way to go Andy, and congrats!

So, the guests make their rounds. Patrick was first at our table. He was cute and upbeat. He asked if we were having a good time..etc..etc..then teased about how he got to kiss Xena. I believe this was his first con too. He's quite charming and good at talking, like Rafe. His time ended to soon for me.

Im not sure who came next. I think it was Jay, and I went in to the shallow breathing/gawking mode again. He started talking, no clue what he said, then he mentioned the Comedy Of Eros. Andy gave me a nudge, he does that a lot <g>, and I managed to ask Jay what he thought of the spell on Draco. Jay said he thought the spell should of been off of him. That the spell went against everything Draco said he was in Sins of the Past. I agree. Jay also said while he was in the tub, enjoying the warm water, that he noticed he was alone for about a half hour. He started calling out to the crew, and discovered he was alone on the set. They had gone out to lunch and left him there, lol!

After Jay left, I think Michael came over. He was also very upbeat. I wanted to ask him a Iolaus question, but didnt have time. He talked a bit about his movie, 'Tattooist', and I dont remember what was said after that. He soon left, then Jennifer came over. We started laughing a bit, and she looked around, smiled and said, "What? What?" We were laughing because CorXy acts around Jennifer the way I act around Jay. CorXy was so cute. I nodded towards CorXy and told Jennifer that she was waiting for her. CorXy looked like she was going to faint. Jennifer said, "Awwww, come here darling", and gave CorXy a big hug. Jennifer is such a sweetheart. She started talking about her Marlene Dietrich show, and I told her she looked absolutely gorgeous in the gowns she wore. She thanked me and chatted a few more moments, then it was time for her to leave.

Brittany was up next and she must have really liked Pmb, because she draped herself all over her. Lucky Pmb! I dont remember what was said, just that both Brittany and Pmb had big smiles on their faces. <g>

After the guests were done and things settled down at our table, and we resumed talking among ourselves. Im not sure quite when, but all of a sudden I hear the Xenites going wild, cheering and clapping loudly. I look to my left and there stood Claire in the door way. I started clapping and cheering too, lol. Claire stood there and smiled at us all, then said, "Im sorry Im late, I got caught in f*ckin' traffic. I only live twenty minutes away!" More cheers then, lol.

Soon, the breakfast was breaking up and it was time to get my Claire photo op. It was so cool seeing her close up. Im close to her height too, so she didnt have to scrunch down with me, lol. She was very nice and laid back with the fans.

I went in to the convention hall then and Patrick was already on stage. He seemed completely at ease. He was teasing us again about how he got to kiss Xena..... and we didnt. <g> He talked about his work on Veronica Mars. He was asked if he was reconized from the shows, and he said yes, he gets kids coming up to him all the time saying "Hi Professor Lasky." The audience laughed and he said he loves the old 'Saved by the Bell' shows, as he's forever twenty four there. Oh yes, Kelly really is cute. <g> He said that he does get called Rafe from time to time as well.

Patrick was done and it was time for Claire. They showed a video with Alti in it, then introduced Claire. She walks on stage and says, "The bitch is back."

The crowd is going wild. Claire said "I miss me these f*ckin' Xena conventions. You guys rock". <g>

She went on to thank for the fans for helping her succeed in her business. She is selling it now, but said it was because of us that she had a business. From the money made from con appearances, photo ops, autographs...etc..she took that money and invested it in her business..C&C t-shirts.. Glad we could help Claire!

Claire talked a little about the rules and laws that go on in work places about sexual harassement. She joked that its a bit to much sometimes with all the restricitions on what you cant and cant say. She said, "I walk in every day and say," <switches to Alti voice> 'How you sexy bitches doin'." Lol.

She talked about her son Lucky, who's 18-19 months old and the light of Claire's life. . She said his first word was 'sh*t', lol. Claire said she planned on breast feeding him till college, and offered the crowd some breast milk. <g>

Claire talked about her "mommy and me' groups. She said she liked to use her Alti voice once in awhile when talking to the mommy's. "Do you have a cold?" <Alti growl> " No.You look hot in that sweater." Lol.
She said one asked her where she was going to take Lucky for pre school. Claire said, "How the f*ck do I know, he's only 19 months old!" <g>

Claire said her husband told her she should have a Alti my space page, so she can let out her inner bitch. Sounds like a great idea to me!

Claire was asked about her most memorable moment. It was with Alex Tydings, when they walked out with their X-rated briefcases, and the fans said , "Get the f*ck out! She is NOT reading dirty fan fiction!"

A baby started crying a little at some point. Claire looked at the mother, pulled her jacket back a little and asked her if she wanted some milk, LOl.

A fan asked, "Alti versus Callisto, who would win?" Claire started laughing and said, "Are you f*ckin' kidding me!"
Claire said that she had no fear of Hudson, but Alti would fear Callisto just a bit because the woman was physco.

She was asked her favorite episode. She said it was the one where she got to wear a more normal looking leather outfit and drive a car. That would be 'Send in the Clones'.

She talked about her first day on the set. How she's wearing this awkward head dress that she didnt think she'd get through the door with, how when she goes in their tent she see's Xena on all fours and Borias behind her, and thinks 'What the f*ck kind of show is this!" Lol. She says when Borias knocked past her, he really knocked in to her. She said she was laying there freaking out, hating the show and wanting to go home. She doesnt know how she got the job done.

We then have fans wanting Claire to re-enact this moment, what a hoot. One girl got up on stage and took her shirt off to be Claires offering. Claire got another girl to get on all fours and be Xena. She then got a guy, I think it was Jamester, to be Borias. Claire took off her sweater and tired put it on her head like a head dress. She had 'Borias' behind 'Xena', and was coaching them how to do the scene. It was quite amusing. She then gently pushed the girl, and..well....you know the rest. <g>

A couple of minutes before it was time for Claire to get off the stage, she was signaled by Creation's PTB, telling her she had two minutes left. Claire held up her two fingers at Creation's PTB, and said "Two minutes?" She then turned her hand around, holding up only one finger at the PTB...the middle one. Lol! Soon after that Claire left the stage, to a standing ovation. She was excellent!

Off to get autographs then. Patrick was first. He signed my picture and passed it on, then realized he didnt acknowledge me. He stopped me from walking away and stuck his hand out, saying, "Hi, Im Patrick". I shook his hand and said hello. He asked if I was having fun, and I said yes. He smiled, nodded and started signing pictures again. That was very nice of him to stop me like that.

Next up was Claire. She too asked me if I was having a good time. I said yes, now that she was here. Claire smiled and said "Awwwwww, thank you." and signed all over my picture. Love that Claire. <g>

After that I went walking around the con hall, looking at the items. I bought more photo's, and the 'two women, one journey' coffee mug and shooters. I ran in to Sharon and introduced myself. We chatted for a few moments and she was very pleasant.

I had a couple of hours to kill then as I didnt really care about seeing Rob & Liz. They are nice people and all, I just wasnt that interested. The movie news was really no different than the past few years anyway. Lucy agreed to do a straight to dvd movie, but who knows when it will happen. Anyway, I went to the bar with Andy to meet Mr EZ. I think I got some food, and sat and relaxed. I was getting excited about Lucy and Renee coming on soon, and made sure to get to my seat in time.

In the con hall I walked by Missy Good. I said hi to her and she said hi back. I guess she wanted to see the gals too. Who can blame her. <g> In the con room, Xena2002 gave me a shell from Bethels beach in NZ. How cool is that! Thank you very much again Xena 2002!

Renee was up first, and she looked fantastic! One of the guests had mentioned, I forgot which one, that Renee was a lot like Gabrielle. I agree. I couldnt stop thinking 'Gabrielle' while looking at Renee this time, lol.

Anyway, Renee came out to thunderous applause. She started off talking about the Roxy, which she was at the night before in a little blue fringe dress. She said Lucy bought her the dress, and told her to get a pair of fluffy panties to go with it and she would be fine, lol. From the pictures I saw, Renee did look fine indeed, Wow.

Renee mentioned at some point how she was watching the concert before joining in, and that she could see why we love Lucy so much. She got a little choked up and teary then, and it took her a few moments to able to speak. That was so very touching and endearing.

She told us that Diamonds & Guns was finally finished. When talking about acting, she said there has been times when playing Gabrielle that she had nightmares, as she gets close to her roles. She said too that she would be in 'Boogyman 2', playing a psychiatrist.

Renee said she would definetly do a Xena movie. She was handed a Gabrielle staff and asked if she could still spin it. Renee did a pretty good job and it was cool seeing her spin one again. She did drop it at some point, but did well anyway. <g>

Asked about her favorite costume, she said it was season 5's. She said she liked it because it was like shorts underneath, and she could do the kicks with ease and not worry about being exposed.

Renee said her favorite episode is 'If the shoe fits', from all the fun they had while shooting it. She also said that Gabrielle's way was about love and friendship. I think so too.

Renee introduced Lucy, then left the stage when Lucy came on to more thunderous applause. Lucy said she was in bed all day with a pillow over her head. It was 4 at this time, lol. I have to say, Lucy looked gorgeous even with no make up on.

She apologized for the sound problems at the Roxy. The band was louder than her mic. So, being quick thinking like Xena, Lucy had the fans turn around and face the sound booth. She told the sound guy that the fans came to see 'me'. If they cant hear 'me', you will have to deal with all these angry fans. I guess it worked, lol.

Lucy was very 'up' over the concert. She said that Creation made it happen, and she was very glad because she couldnt picture herself putting together flyers and getting them out.

She said the songs were chosen because they meant something about her, the fans, and fan relationships.
She said at some point she wouldnt mind some ideas for new songs, but not to send out to many different ideas as she'll get overwhelmed and go lie in bed and put the pillow over her head. Lol.

On Battlestar Galactica, she said that they will suck your imagination dry. They keep taking things out of you even if it doesnt get used.

Lucy was thanked for her online community, and Lucy said the thanks goes to Sharon. Sharon does all the work on it, not her.

She was asked about FIN, and what was it like filming it. Lucy said she was so exhausted she was out of her mind. She said in the scene where she's carrying the ashes, with the short hair looking like a physco, that if you took off the make up that was her under it. She was that physco from the sheer exhaustion. Poor Lucy.

Renee came back on after Lucy said that Xena was a lesbian icon. She said she was number two, meet number one. Just so you know, Lucy was talking about a online poll.

Lucy mentioned how Renee started a rumour way back, that she was really taller than Lucy. Lucy was laughing about it because a lot of fans believed it. "It was in print after all." Lucy joked.

When asked about how they reacted to each other when they first met, Lucy said Renee was like a freshly scrubbed chimpmonk, lol. Renee said in a higher voice, "Your so great." Lucy said, "Yes I am". Renee straightened her out by episode 7-8.

They sang, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" for us. Those who have the old bloopers know they sang this song dressed as bacchaes from 'Girls just want to have fun.' They forgot some of the words so the audience tried to help. It petered out eventually but It was fun seeing it again.

There was a little fan upset, as a fan asked Lucy for a hug. Its strictly against the rules to do that, and this woman not only did it, she got away with it. She got a hug. Fans were grumbling about it, and more women went up to her asking for hugs. Lucy made a little joke about it, and said "Bloody grown women wanting hugs". Fans were getting upset and I understood why. This was a major screw up by Creation. We are watched like hawks at the Charity breakfast and not allowed to take a picture, but its okay to hug Lucy now? Wtf. Others were mad because they feel it takes away stage time thats meant for everybody.

After that, another fan went up to the mic and started telling Lucy and Renee a long story. Some of the fans got impatient, and one yelled out, "Get to the point!" There were a few more snarks and grumbles, then back to the chat. One fan had this chakram on her shoulder and Lucy signed it the night before at the Roxy. The woman had that signature tattooed and showed it to Lucy. I thought it was cool so thats why Im mentioning it.

Lucy and Renee were asked what they would of said in "You are there' if the battery hadnt gone dead. Lucy and Renee looked at each other for a few moments, and Lucy said that she would probably say she was a raging lesbian. We liked that answer. <g>

Lucy and Renee were both asked whats the most important thing they learned from their characters. Lucy said it was standing up for the little guy. Renee said it was the greater good.

Lucy had to go soon after that as she was running late for a rehearsal at the Roxy. The girls waved goodby and left the stage to a standing ovation. There was a couple more videos shown, but the con was really over then. Sad.

I walked around for a few moments, then went to the bar to meet Mr. EZ. He has this smile on his face and told me to sit at the stool on his right. Why, I asked. He said the last person who sat there was Michael. Your kidding me, I say. No, he wasnt.

Michael walked in the bar and sat next to Mr EZ. He had a gentleman friend with him. He talked to his friend for about ten minutes then he turned towards Mr EZ, who said, "Arent you Michael Hurst?" Michael said, "Yes, Im Michael Hurst", and then shooks hands with Mr EZ, who introduced himself. Mr EZ then said that he reconized Micheal because his wife <me> had his pictures hanging all over the house. Michael laughed and said he was glad he was popular. Then Michael asked Mr EZ the finer points of football, because he was comparing it to Rugby. They talked about that for a few moments then Michael turned back to his friend. Mr EZ is quite lucky! I was bummed I wasnt there sooner.

After that we got a table. Andy was with us and oldskoolxwpfan was there too. We had some food and drinks, and then Oldchakram and Lucia came over to sit with us. It was a lot of fun talking with them, and I really enjoyed it. They stayed for awhile and it was nice. HB showed up at some point, but didnt hang around. After a few hours, the bulk of us decided to call it a night. Off to our rooms and bed. Lights out.

Monday morning. I woke up sad, because I knew it was time to say goodby. Me & Mr EZ got some breakfast, then went in to the lobby. Andy, Pandora, HB & PMB were there. I think ten and Deni were there as well. So was Michael Hurst and Jennifer, Wow! Michael was running back and forth, saying hi to the fans as he passed. Jennifer was talking to some fans as well. They had thier luggage and were waiting for a ride. They didnt stay long, but right before they left they posed for pictures. I took a couple of each. They then picked up their luggage and headed for the door. Michael said he was looking forward to being back in summer. I dont blame him, CA was cold.

Pmb left and I missed her as soon as she did. What a great person, and what great hugs. <g>

Hb was leaving with Deni, but we would see them later on. Me & Mr EZ were staying a couple of extra days and hanging out with HB, so no good bys there yet.

Me & the Mr went up to our room then to pack the rest of our stuff up as it was almost check out time, then went back in to the lobby.

Andy and Pandora were next to go. Pandora is very sweet and Andy is my buddy so it was hard to see them leave too. Jay walked in around that time, and helped left my spirits with his presence. He was chatting with everybody and said how he was at a party in the hotel last night, and management told them twice to keep it down. He said he left before the third time as they always hassle the foreigner, lol. He said he had a appointment with ABC or CBS, cant remember which, and that he was flying back to NZ after that. He said he wouldnt be home till Wensday. Wow! And I thought I had a long flight.

Jay left soon after that, and it was just me, the Mr., and ten. She is such a cool person and Im glad I got the chance to meet her. Me & Mr EZ called a cab and left soon after that. It was over.

Funny, even typing this now a couple of weeks later, I still feel a twinge of sadness when I think of saying goodby that day. I remember for my first con, I ended my report by saying the experience was magic. And it was. I think that wonderful feeling is perhaps reserved for con virgins, as I didnt feel that this time. I felt something else, something stronger. And a bigger loss when saying goodby.

All in all this was a wonderful time that will never be forgotten. I hope I can do it again someday...





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