Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 13-15, 2006
Burbank Airport
Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Michael Hurst
Hudson Leick
Tsianina Joelson
Victoria Pratt
Adrienne Wilkinson Jennifer Ward-Lealand
T.J. Scott
David Franklin
Tim Thomerson
Steven L. Sears
Katherine Fugate


The following video have been cleared with Brian from Creation. The video were created by the Marquessa and they are of the costume contest. Enjoy.



What can we say: "the girls" were incredible as always at the 2006 Official Xena Convention. This year we had Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor appearing on separate days so we had a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with each lady. And they both were sensational!

Today, we have put up for ordering, the exclusive DVD of LUCY and RENEE's appearances. We call this new offering "LUCY and RENEE LIVE: A WEEKEND IN BURBANK 2006" And it is 150 minutes long: pretty cool if we do say so ourselves and YES it does include Lucy's unforgettable musical number and Renee's hilarious reading about the birth of her son.

PLUS, we also have a second DVD offering up for ordering as well, this one entitled "SUPPORTING STARS OF XENA LIVE IN BURBANK 2006" Here you'll see faves like Adrienne Wilkinson, David Franklin, Tsianina Joelson, Tim Thomerson. the amazing Michael Hurst and wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Steven L. Sears, Katherine Fugate, Victoria Pratt and husband TJ Scott and the always unpredictable Hudson Leick.


Price: $29.95 (US) Does not include postage
Price: $39.77 (AUS) and $43.71 (NZ)





Photos by Annie
Photos of the other guests will be added shortly

2006 Xena Convention Music Videos

I'm very pleased to welcome Jodi to AUSXIP Music Videos. Jodi created "Better Sweet" which was the music video which introduced Lucy at the 2006 Xena Con. It's an absolutely brilliant video and so very clever. Set to the song of "Summer Nights" by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John from Grease.


Music Videos

I am very pleased to welcome Debbi and Selena to AUSXIP Music Videos. Their two videos Kill Yodoshi and Be My Yoko Ono were featured and won at the Xena Con. Now I will say if you hate FIN you will love Kill Yodoshi - this is the correct translation of the Friend in Need Scroll :) I absolutely LOVED it. Rob got the translation of the scroll all wrong :-) Be My Yoko Ono is a fun video as well that will have you laughing.







Con Photos - Added con pics by AmazonMine

Con Pictures - Added con pics by Ro

Con Pictures - Added con pics by DJ

Con Pictures Links

If you have con pics on your site and would like it listed here - please email me.


Added con pictures from gabEgrrl

The following is from Karen Muleski:

This is to all the Xenites out there who were in attendance at the Charity Breakfast this past Sunday during the Xena Con.  On behalf of Anita Ellis, and her foundation, I'd like to personally Thank all the raffle ticket buyers, auction (silent and live) particapants,  volunteers, and the people who donated all the wonderful items. Of the auction money raised, 75-80% was directly related to items donated by Xenites. Even the smallest of donations fetch a good amount when its for a good cause. I'd also like to Thank anyone who has ever participated in some way over the years. The generosity of Xenites never fails to amaze me!
Karen Muleski 
a.k.a THE Marquessa 

2006 Xena Convention Music Videos

Added another Creation Music Video contest winner by Rocketchick- this will get your foot tapping :)

  • Added Everybody Dance Now - it's just that, about dancing on the show and it's fun! The video was created by Rocketchick and was featured in the opening of the convention.

Added con pictures from Michelle

Added pictures from DJ:



More Con Pics


Added 35 more Lucy pictures including Sharon and her guitar
and the hugs she got from fans from New Orleans

Photos by Carol Lowe




Added 96 pictures of Hudson Leike (and boyfriend)
Pictures by Carol Lowe


2006 Xena Con Videos

2006 Xena Convention

  • Lynn Krause would like to thank all those that bought her music video off her at the con - the money raised ($210) will be donated for the Lily Duke Independent Disaster Relief.

    You can find out more about this on the A Friend In Need Campaign Page


Music Videos

The following is from Jody whose video was a winner in Creation's Video Contest Burbank 2006*

*When Fates Collide set to Elba by E.S. Posthumus (this album is awesome)~ [WFC, FIN rating: 0!] Don't have 45 mins to get your WFC fix? Get it right here in 8 minutes! Because the vid is 8 mins long, it is a large file (both of them) but I hope you find it well worth it! (p.s. go for the big one <g>)

13 mb zipped (.rm), 25.7 mb zipped (.rm) (Videos by Warrior Princess Nerd)


Lucy Convention Pictures

Lucy on stage pics will be uploaded shortly but in the meantime check out the following:

Sharon has posted some behind the scenes pics from the Convention
Click here to view


2006 Xena Convention Update - Pictures from Saturday Guests

The supremely gorgeous and talented Renee O'Connor looking positively radiant was at the convention today.

Click here to view Renee pics
Click here to view  Katherine Fugate, Steve Sears, Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand and the costumes

Click here to view Sharon's behind the scenes pics of Renee, Steve Sears, Michael and Katherine


15 January 2006


Katherine Fugate read Rob Tapert's email, and they both ask that we all email Andrew Rona and Rogue Pictures (a part of Focus, that's a part of Universal) to let him know that the fans want a Xena movie. If they get enough emails, they will see that there IS large group of people willing to pay for tickets.

If someone has an imdb pro account, they can find his contact info here:

New York Office

Rogue Pictures
65 Bleecker St., 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012

Beverly Hills Office

9333 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

I have another address for them as well:

100 Universal City Plaza,
Universal City,
California, United States, 91608

2006 Xena Convention Music Videos

Added the SUPERB Lynne Krause video called Promise and We Go On - Salute to the 2nd Decade of Xena and a celebration of Lucy and Renee. This video was used as the opening to the Xena convention on Friday. Click here to download video


2006 Xena Convention Update - Pictures from Friday Guests

Pictures from the Con - Friday Guests: David Franklin, Adrienne Wilkinson, Tim Thomerson, The Cabaret, Autographs and Tsianina Joelson. Pictures are from Carol Lowe

Click here to view Carol's Photos



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