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 Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 12-14, 2007
Burbank Airport
Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way

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Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Claire Stansfield
Michael Hurst
Robert Trebor
Adrienne Wilkinson
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Patrick Fabian
Jay Laga'aia
Brittany Powell
Zoe Bell
Steven L. Sears
Rob Tapert
Liz Friedman






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2007 Xena Convention Report by TwinXenas

Virginia and Lourdes

2007 Xena Convention (12th Year) - January 14, 2007

Missing a convention last year, we thought we would be excited to attend one again. We were excited, but not as nearly excited as attending past cons. We did not decide to attend until the last minute. Our dad asked us what we wanted for Christmas and we told him we wish to attend the Xena con. After learning Claire Stansfield will be there, the more we wanted to go to the con.

Woke up at 5 am Sunday morning to avoid traffic and arrived at the Marriott Convention Center at 10:30 am only to fall in line in the very freezing cold weather. Finally got in the door only to see that Patrick Fabian was already on stage. Finally found some decent seats. Seeing Claire Stansfield was one of the highlights for us. She looked marvelous after having the baby. Her son, Lucky is 19 months old and the "light of her life". Claire was truly grateful to the fans because we were and are a part of her success. She kept thanking the fans. She realized why she attended conventions. All the things that happened to her came like a puzzle and everything fit. She is able and willing to do her character if there was a movie. She was asked whether she had a thing for Xena. She thought hard and replied that "No, she really hated Xena." A fan shouted, "How about your line, "I've always wanted to be inside of you, Xena"?" She laughed and said, "Well, that doesn't mean you have to like the person you're doing it with."

A baby cried in the audience and she offered her milk from her lactating breasts. She jokingly said that she plans to breastfeed her son until he goes to college.

A fan asked her to re-enact "the offering scene" in AITST where Xena and Borias were doing "it" under a bear rug then she was offering Xena, a youngin'. Penny, from the Canberra Xena Gang, was the offering. Claire was just folding up her shirt, when to Claire's and our surprise, Penny took it all of, well except for her non-padded bra. The re-enactment was done to all of the audience's laughter.

Claire said that she's happily married to an African-American and many of her friends are gay. She wants her son to be open-minded and fearless. She wants her son to laugh and be carefree.

Deborah Abbott's "Look At Me I'm Gabrielle" short film was hysterical to watch. Deb, in all her pregnant glory, strutted and sung (or tried to sing) as Meg like Rizzo in Grease. We couldn't believe a pregnant woman like herself could still jump like the way she did. Okay, okay, we know she's pregnant and not brain-dead. Watching Deb's short film made us miss her more. The con was not the same without her.

Rob Tapert was asked whether there will be a Xena movie. His answer was "NO". Universal is still balancing and thinking to do one in 10 years with different stars.

Renee and Lucy were the rest of the highlights for us. Renee still looked young. Not a day older. She is busy with her kids and projects. Her "Diamonds and Guns" is finally finished. She twirled a staff on stage and after getting the hang of it, hit herself. She said, "Just like old times". Renee was quite disappointed with Eric Escobar's decision for not considering her for a role in "One Weekend A Month" feature film. She said, "It's funny how people change." So true, Renee, so true.

Lucy talked about her concerts and the wonderful experiences she's having. She and Renee sang the "Deep in the Heart of Texas" bit.

When the autograph signing and auction were going on, we ate, went to the restroom, strolled around the dealer's room. The atmosphere was so different from past cons. It was quiet. No crowds, no lines. Only a few familiar faces. The banners were brought down before we could even take a picture. Everyone had his/her own plans. Everyone looked busy. So little time to talk and to take a picture with.

We were able to talk with Carol Lowe and asked how she and Mickie were doing. We were able to talk with Jo Marriott and had our pictures taken. We were surprised that she hugged us. Congratulated her on winning the costume contest and she wondered where we were. It was nice listening to her accent. We were able to talk with Mesh for just a bit as she was passing out flyers for the Xena movie. We were just able to wave a "HI" to Sarah (Abbagirl) and shook hands with Penny. CorXena passed by our seats, we called out to her, but she didn't hear us. We were able to tracked down Wendy Woody and spoke to her a bit. Told her we enjoyed her and Tara's hilarious skit, "Six Seasons In Six Minutes."

Some fans still recognized us and told us they missed us at the costume contest. The night ended with the music videos. Somehow the magic of attending cons is diminishing on us. We found ourselves filled with longing, though we are at a loss to tell you what it is we feel is missing. It was so great while it lasted.

Virginia and Lourdes




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