Changes By Mavis Applewater

May 2004

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A special thank you goes out to my beta reader Mountain Girl.

As always this is for Heather.

It was a chance encounter, a clandestine meeting, kismet or the fates weaving the tapestry of her life. Or just, per chance, it was simply a meaningless sexual escapade like so many romps Sheree had experienced in her thirty some odd years. So, why was she so shaken by the experience? It had all begun years earlier and yet it had begun only a few short hours ago. The weather was warming and Sheree decided that she needed to spend more time enjoying the warm days which meant cleaning up her bike, washing her car and finding something to read while she lounged by the ocean or sat in the park. After finishing her chores she decided to take a long walk and pop into the small bookstore located in the center of the small suburb she now called home.

Her quest was simple; she needed something to read. She loved to read and when the weather turned bright and sunny she preferred reading romance. She strolled into the quaint shop mulling over the mental list of titles she had been meaning to purchase, Rebecca’s Cove, Caution Under Construction, Fogs in August and Saving Solace. During the long winter her taste craved non-fiction and, for the spring and summer, she craved good old fashion girl meets girl romps, angst and all.

She browsed around the comfortable bookstore not finding the type of reading material the spring bloom inspired. It was her first time patronizing the shop she had passed many times, each time vowing that she would stop in and check it out. She furrowed her brow as she looked around. She didn’t spy any sales help except the busy cashier. She shuffled in line and waited patiently until it was her turn. "Hi," she greeted the weary looking woman behind the register.

"How can I help you?" The younger woman with jet-black hair that had streaks of aqua blue running through it politely greeted her.

"Can you tell me where I might locate your lesbian romance section?" She threw out casually having long since forgone any uneasiness regarding her sexuality. Thankfully the young woman was completely unflustered or surprised by the brunette’s inquiry.

"The second floor on the left," the youngster politely offered. "If you need any help I think Liah is wandering around up there."

"Thank you," Sheree politely responded offering the youngster one of her most charming smiles. She had a little sway to her hips as she strutted up the staircase just incase the brunette was watching. Sheree couldn’t help it; she was a shameless flirt, even when she had little or no interest in a woman she still flirted. The only times she didn’t try to charm a lady were if the other woman was a blood relative. Oddly, despite her cavalier attitude, when she was on the receiving end of a harmless flirtation she often turned suddenly shy and began to act in an annoyingly awkward manner.

She found the alternative section easily and couldn’t help the coy smile that formed when she found what was wandering about the back section of the bookstore. Sheree’s dark brown eyes quickly studied the woman whose back was to her. ‘Nice body,’ she silently purred as she drank in the unsuspecting woman’s firm backside. ‘I wonder if the front is as nice as the back?’ She silently questioned as she crept closer to the redhead who stood a few inches shorter than her own five foot nine stature. "Excuse me?" She blew into the unsuspecting woman’s ear.

She wasn’t surprised when the smaller woman yelped as she jumped back startled by Sheree’s unorthodox greeting. Sheree simply smiled coyly and rested against the large bookshelf behind her. She crossed her black leather Frye boots at the ankles and studied the redhead as the startled woman spun around. ‘Very nice,’ she silently sighed as the smaller woman gaped up at her with the most amazing hazel eyes. Sheree’s brow furrowed as she thought that there was something decidedly familiar about this woman. She brushed the thought aside as the stunned woman tried to catch her breath. "Are you Liah? I was told you could help me," she explained purposely allowing her voice to deepen.

Sheree was taken slightly aback as the woman stared up at her with a blank expression. Finally the smaller woman shook the cobwebs from her head and spoke as her eyes clouded over with a curious expression. "I’m sorry," she choked out seemingly embarrassed. "You startled me. How can I help you?"

‘Oh let me count the ways,’ Sheree mentally moaned as her gaze quickly snuck a peek at Liah’s firm, round breasts. "I was looking for a couple of titles, Rebecca’s Cove, Caution Under Construction, Fogs in August and Saving Solace," Sheree casually threw out as she felt her pulse quicken ever so slightly as she watched Liah brushing an errant lock of hair from her crinkled brow. "I need to start stocking up on my summer library."

"We have those," Liah nodded as she placed her hand to her chest seemingly trying to calm herself. "Follow me," she offered as she brushed past the cocky brunette.

‘Interesting,’ Sheree noted as she eagerly followed after the adorable clerk. Their short trek led them further back until they were at the very back of the upper level of the store. She watched as Liah searched and began to extract her selections from the shelves. She was pleased when Liah had to reach up to grab one book, her actions causing the hem of her flowery dress to hike up ever so slightly gracing Sheree with a brief glimpse of the smaller woman’s legs. Sheree glanced around noting that she and her companion were nestled in the darkest, most secluded space in the store.

The atmosphere was far too inviting for Sheree not to at least try. She closed the gap between her and Liah managing to guide the smaller woman even further back until Liah bumped into the back wall. "So, have you read them?" Sheree inquired her voice dripping with sexuality as she reached out and relieved the books from Liah’s trembling fingers. Sheree grinned as she allowed her touch to linger watching Liah carefully to see if her touch was invited.

"Yes," Liah confirmed with a hard swallow. Sheree watched the rapid rise and fall of Liah’s chest as she tried to confirm whether or not she was peaking the smaller woman’s interest or making her uncomfortable. She tested the waters as she leaned closer trapping the smaller woman, but not allowing their bodies to touch.

"Maybe you could recommend something else?" Sheree pressed pulling away slightly so Liah could step away but keeping her body close enough for the redhead to feel the heat she had inspired. "To read," she added giving each of them an out.

"You’re incorrigible," Liah sputtered as her gaze finally met Sheree’s soft, brown eyes. Sheree shivered as the redhead’s gaze held her captive.

"Absolutely," Sheree agreed in a husky tone. "And willing to simply step aside and retreat downstairs pay for my books and walk away. Unless, of course, you do have any recommendations?" She watched as Liah’s tongue peeked out and wet her soft pink lips. ‘Wow this is fast even for me,’ she mentally deduced, as her eyes remained riveted to the sight of Liah wetting her lips. Still the nagging paranoia that was always lurking within her whispered a cautioning warning that she was over stepping her bounds. For the first time in years Sheree shut out the voice and leaned just a little closer to the enchanting redhead.

Sheree’s body tingled with excitement as she contemplated her next move. Normally this was the point when reality would kick in and she would retreat back to her true self and back off fearful that she had misjudged the entire situation unless, of course, her quarry gave her some sign that she was interested. It always amazed her that for all of her flirting and bravado how many times she turned suddenly shy just when things got interesting. Thankfully, many times her quest never noticed her true demeanor and she often found herself in some very entertaining situations.

Her lungs seized as she felt Liah’s fingers brushing against her hips. ‘Thank you, I was just about to bolt,’ she internally cheered as she kept her confident façade in place as she leaned just a little closer to Liah’s warm, inviting body. "And just what is it that interests you?" Liah offered softly as her blunt nails trailed down the brunette’s forearm.

Sheree licked her suddenly parched lips as her mind tried to formulate just the right response that would sweep this beautiful woman off her tiny feet. "Chance encounters," she finally responded in a breathy tone as she placed her arms on either side of the smaller woman’s head. She fumbled slightly as she tried to keep the books she was holding from slipping and falling on Liah’s head. Sheree’s heart was pounding as she felt her inner awkwardness threatening to emerge.

"Chance encounters?" Liah’s lilting voice challenged. "Such as?"

"Oh I don’t know," Sheree stammered slightly as she felt nimble fingers caressing her hips. "Something risqué that I might enjoy on a day like today. You know two strangers meet and are over come by the obvious attraction they share," the brunette’s sultry voice offered as she silently pondered if Liah was actually falling for the line of horse manure she was spreading.

"That doesn’t sound very meaningful," Liah sighed as she held Sheree locked in a haughty gaze.

"Oh it can be very meaningful," Sheree argued in a husky tone encouraged by the way Liah’s hands glided up along the curve of her body. Her body tingled with excitement as she felt Liah’s fingers gently kneading the thin material of the white cotton sleeve shirt she was wearing. Their faces inched closer as Sheree felt her heart and lower anatomy drumming in the same eager rhythm. ‘Why does she look so familiar?’ She silently questioned as she felt the books slipping from her grasp as she was drawn deeper into Liah’s electrifying gaze.

She managed to pull her gaze from the fire allowing her eyes to drift to Liah’s soft, pink lips that were parted every so slightly. She licked her own lips in response as she stared at the smaller woman’s soft, inviting lips. Sheree’s breathing became ragged as she felt her nipples suddenly straining against the confines of her bra. Her body was aching as she felt the soft material of Liah’s dress brushing against her trembling form.

Her dark brown eyes fluttered shut as they leaned closer the feel of Liah’s hot breath caressing her face further fanning the flames of her desire. She brushed Liah’s lips tenderly allowing them to linger as she waited to see how her new acquaintance was going to react to her boldness.

Time passed slowly until she felt a gentle caress on her shoulder and fingers lacing through her hair. She moaned softly as she was guided closer and her lips were captured in a searing kiss. Now that her fears had been quelled Sheree allowed her body to take control. Running her tongue along the redhead’s bottom lip, teasing it as she felt Liah’s body melting against her own. Small insistent hands began groping the back of her shirt while she pressed the smaller woman’s body against the brick wall.

She could feel her excitement dampening her well-worn blue jeans as she slipped her knee between Liah’s thighs. Their tongues teased and taunted one another as Sheree groaned mildly frustrated that the smaller woman’s dress was keeping her from fully pressing against her. She slipped her hands down Liah’s body caressing the redhead urgently as they made their descent to the hem of her dress.

Sheree bunched up the soft material with her long fingers while Liah tugged on the clasp to her bra through her shirt. Sheree’s body shuddered as she lifted the skirt of the redhead’s dress up to her waist. She felt her bra snapping open as Liah’s hot breath panted in her ear. She caressed the smooth material of the smaller woman’s pantyhose until they brushed against the elastic waistband. Her hips thrust forward as she felt Liah’s teeth and lips assaulting her sensitive neck.

Fueled on by the feel of Liah’s hips swaying against her own she hooked her thumbs in the elastic barrier and rolled the redhead’s nylons down to her hips. "Oh Baby," she panted as her hands discovered bare flesh greeting her touch. ‘No underwear,’ her thoughts happily danced as she felt her shirt being tugged out of her jeans. As a pair of hands slipped under her shirt teasing the taut muscles of her body she nudged the smaller woman’s thighs further apart.

She suckled Liah’s earlobe as she caressed the soft flesh of the stranger’s backside. She ground her body against the redhead’s wetness as she felt her nipples being captured between tiny fingers. "That’s it," she gasped as Liah teased the aching buds. She felt her shirt slipping up her body as her hand glided between the fiery woman’s thighs.

Liah pushed her bra and shirt up over her breasts as she cupped the smaller woman’s mound. "So wet," she moaned as she felt Liah’s passion filling her hand. She ground the heel of her hand against Liah’s center as the redhead’s tongue flickered against one of her erect nipples. "I need to be inside you," Sheree panted as she buried her face in Liah’s hair.

"Yes," Liah moaned against her flesh before capturing Sheree’s nipple between her lips.

Sheree parted her lover with her fingers as the redhead suckled her nipple. "Harder," Sheree urged as she pressed her breast deeper inside the smaller woman’s mouth while gliding her long fingers along Liah’s slick folds. She felt Liah’s fingers digging into her back as the redhead lips tugged urgently on her nipple. Sheree molded their bodies against the wall as she brushed her fingers against Liah’s throbbing clit.

She felt Liah’s thighs opening wider as she stroked the engorged nub. Sheree’s mind was spinning as she slipped inside of the stranger’s warmth. She filled the smaller woman with two fingers, Liah’s hips thrusting to greet her touch. She teased Liah’s clit with the pad of her thumb as she wiggled her fingers inside of her.

Liah gasped loudly while digging her blunt nails deeper into Sheree’s flesh. Liah’s mouth moved to her neck suckling it hard as Sheree’s fingers pumped in and out of her wetness. "Fuck me," Liah softly pleaded before returning to her assault on the brunette’s sensitive neck. Sheree suddenly wished that they were in a more private location somewhere she could spend hours pleasuring this captivating woman. For the moment she simply complied with Liah’s demand and took her harder.

As her fingers glided in and out of Liah’s center she was filled with a desire to touch and taste every inch of this woman’s body. The scent of Liah’s shampoo filled her as their bodies rocked furiously against one another. "That’s it," Sheree whispered as she felt Liah’s body shuddering against her touch. "Cum for me," she moaned taking her lover higher as they ground against each other. Liah’s head fell back the veins in her neck straining as she stifled her cries of pleasure.

Sheree felt Liah’s thighs tightening against her leg as she watched her lover quietly climaxing. "Feels so good," she whispered as she felt her fingers being captured inside of her lover’s warmth while her own hips kept swaying rubbing her clit against the seam of her jeans. She glanced over her shoulder as Liah’s body trembled the last waves of passion slipped from her body. She smiled wickedly as she confirmed that the tryst hadn’t been noticed by anyone.

She felt the deep moan rumbling in her throat as she turned back to her lover. Liah’s eyes were clamped shut, her face flushed with passion as she clung to Sheree’s body. Sheree stilled her aching body as she watched Liah’s quivering form. Liah’s lips parted as she released an appreciative breath while her fingers finally released Sheree’s skin from their grasp.

Sheree smiled broadly as she leaned in to kiss her lover, as smoldering hazel eyes fluttered open. A firm palm pressed against her exposed chest halting her descent. Sheree snickered as Liah guided her backwards. She gasped loudly as the air escaped her lungs when her back collided with a bookcase. Liah’s eyes darkened dangerously as her hands flew out and began undoing Sheree’s jeans. "I let it go this far," the redhead murmured as she yanked the brunette’s jeans down to her trembling thighs. "I really should finish," she whispered as she cupped Sheree’s mound teasing her throbbing clit with her nimble fingers. "This is what you want isn’t it?" She taunted the quivering brunette as she slipped inside of her wetness. "You want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yeah," Sherrie eagerly consented as Liah filled her. She pumped her hips against Liah’s demanding touch as the redhead’s mouth kissed and teased her heaving chest. Sheree bit down on her lip in an effort to stifle her cries of pleasure as Liah suckled her nipples as her fingers glided in and out of her passion. She could feel the bookshelf creaking beneath her weight as she clung to her lover. Her body rocking wildly as Liah drove her over the edge. Her bottom lip searing with pain as she bit down harder as her body exploded. She swallowed her scream as Liah kept pleasuring her until Sheree’s knees began to buckle.

Sheree’s mind went blank as she clung to the smaller woman her body still convulsing, as she was lost in a euphoric haze. "Is there somewhere we can go?" She murmured as she felt her lover’s touch slipping from her body. She was surprised by the sullen look on Liah’s face as the redhead adjusted her clothing. Sheree’s brow furrowed as she pulled her pants back up.

"No," Liah sternly responded as Sheree zipped up her jeans. "You don’t remember me do you?"

Sheree’s heart dropped as she wondered if it was possible that her wayward behavior had finally led her full circle and she had managed to have a meaningless encounter with the same woman twice? When Liah’s eyes captured her with a pleading look she realized that was exactly what had happened. "Eight years ago," she stammered as the memory came flooding back to her.

It was the holiday party her parents had thrown for the employee’s of her father’s company. Sheree was still in college and home for the holiday break. She didn’t want to attend the party or spend much time with her family. She wanted to go out, hit a bar and find some woman to play with. She was miserable when her parents demanded she attend the stuffy affair. That was until she spied the adorable redhead in the beaded black dress who was about her age. Lust overrode her sensibility and she pursued the woman. It was a stupid thing to do but she was a little buzzed and Liah was just far too beautiful to resist.

Luckily for her Liah had also drank just a little too much that evening and it didn’t take much effort to steer the smaller woman away from the gathering and into her father’s study. She locked the door behind them and slipped her arms around Liah’s waist. She could still remember how Liah trembled in her embrace. In the back of her champagne clouded mind she knew what she was doing was stupid, especially since she wasn’t out to her family.

She ignored the chance to be an adult and simply ask Liah for her number and kissed the unsuspecting woman. A few passionate kisses were all it took for Sheree to slip her hand in the redhead’s dress so she could feel her breast in her hand. She could still picture how she managed to unzip Liah’s dress lowering it so her eager lips could tease the smaller woman’s nipples.

At the time Sheree was proud of how it only took a little teasing and groping to get Liah bent over her father’s desk. Sheree shivered as she recalled Liah’s dress bunched up around her waist as Sheree knelt on the floor behind her. She licked and tasted Liah’s passion while her fingers teased the puckered opening. She filled the smaller woman completely taking her until Liah collapsed on top of her father’s precious oak desk.

The passion burning inside of her that night refused to allow the torrid encounter to end then. Instead she helped the smaller woman to her feet and leaned against the desk hiking up her red party dress and guiding Liah to her wetness. She ground her wetness against Liah’s eager lips, while begging her to lick her and to fuck her with her tongue. After her needs were sated she simply adjusted her clothing and assisted Liah with hers. Then they slipped out of the room and Sheree ducked out of the party without a word to Liah.

She slept blissfully that evening dreaming of the secret passion she had shared with a stranger. Only it didn’t remain a secret, someone saw or heard something and her parents were furious. Although Sheree emerged from the fiasco unscathed Liah was fired the following day. Sheree never learned the redhead’s fate yet she always harbored guilt over her actions. "I got you fired," she grumbled unable to look at Liah.

"Not just fired," Liah grimly supplied. "My dismissal was conducted in front of everyone I worked with as well as the reason why I was being tossed out."

"What?" Sheree choked out. "I had no idea. I knew you’d been fired, but I didn’t know my father had been such a prick about it. I always felt horrible about what had happened. I’m sorry you didn’t deserve that."

"No I didn’t," Liah hissed. "And I have no idea why I just let this happen again. Honestly you are not one of my favorite people."

"Uhm you don’t even know me," Sheree fussed as she finally met Liah’s hostile gaze. "Alright I was a callous jerk, but back then and today wasn’t all my doing," she defended her actions angry that Liah was blaming her for something they both willingly engaged in. "I should go," she finally sputtered as she collected the books from the floor. She felt a pang of disappointment when Liah stood there in silence. Her shoulders slumped as she finally turned away.

She paid for her books brought them home tossing them on her coffee table as she collapsed on her sofa feeling like a first class jerk. She kept trying to reason with her inner self that she hadn’t done anything wrong. Still she couldn’t fight off the niggling feeling that she had done something wrong. "What is wrong with me?" She questioned the empty room. "Why can’t I just date a woman? Even when I do go out on a date I hop right into bed with them. Am I that shallow?"

She fell deeper into a funk wondering if she was capable of ever having a normal relationship. A shy knock at the front door stirred her out of her misery. "Now what?" She grumbled as she slumped over to answer the door. She fell back slightly when she opened the door and found Liah standing on her doorstep.

"You know I’m not usually a rude wench," Liah began thoughtfully as Sheree gaped down at her. "Then again I’m not usually a slut either."

"So, is there just something about me that brings these things out in you?" Sheree stammered as she stepped aside. "Come in?" She calmly offered surprised when Liah actually accepted her offer. "Not to start things off on the wrong foot or anything, but how did you get my address?"

"You left this," Liah smiled shyly as she handed the stunned brunette her wallet.

"I’ll have to call your boss and say thanks for sending you over," Sheree thanked her as she tossed her wallet aside. Wondering just how long it would have taken her to realize in her haste to escape from the store, she had left her wallet behind.

"No need," Liah laughed. "I am the boss, I own the bookstore."

"Oh?" Sheree smiled for the first time in hours. "It is a nice place."

"Thanks," Liah sighed. "Now getting back to my apology, which I really do owe you. First you didn’t get me fired. I got me fired; I got tipsy and had sex with my bosses’ daughter in his house. I would have fired me. As for today, I don’t know what happened. I saw you and almost freaked out. Then I was pissed you didn’t recognize me. When you started flirting with me I should have gotten even angrier but I didn’t. I couldn’t help myself. Then after we, you know I felt so cheap that I took it out on you. I’m sorry that I acted like a troll."

"You didn’t," Sheree smirked despite the awkwardness of the situation. "I’m a bad memory. I don’t know what is wrong with me that I have to act like some kind of stud. Which I’m not by the way."

"Really," Liah snickered as she rolled her eyes in amusement.

"I’m not," Sheree protested with a grumble. "Well I don’t mean to be, it just sort of happens."

"Oh so flirting shamelessly and seducing women in a bookstore is not your doing," Liah challenged her with another roll of her eyes. "Tell me are any of your female friends just friends?"

"I don’t have any female friends," Sheree muttered as the self-deprecating feelings returned.

"You do now," Liah boldly asserted as she held out her hand. "Hi I’m Liah Stratton, I own a small bookstore. Maybe sometime we could get together and talk about books. It seems that we share a similar interest in reading material."

"Just like that?" Sheree stammered as she shook the smaller woman’s hand.

"We could go on agonizing about how both times we’ve crossed paths we ended up in a compromising position in record time," Liah explained with a wide-eyed expression. "I can apologize again, walk away feeling completely tawdry or we could try actually speaking to one another and, just perhaps, become friends. Think of it as a challenge."

"Okay." Sheree accepted despite the feelings of apprehension swirling inside of her. After Liah made her departure Sheree was still feeling uncertain. She mulled over Liah’s sudden offer for friendship and wondered if, just perhaps, there was something wrong with the perky redhead. "I understand the first time we did it, but why did she do it again? After what happened the last time she should have set me on fire. Instead we do it again and now she wants to be my friend. Is that possible?"

Sheree doubted the probability of she and Liah becoming friends, after all none of the women in her torrid past were willing to speak to her. In fact many crossed the street when they saw her approaching. The realization struck her hard as she mentally tried to think of one woman she had slept with who would offer to share a meal with her. "I can try," she vowed determined to, once and for all, change the path she had been stumbling along for far too many years.

So it began, Sheree embarked upon her quest to form a friendship with the feisty redhead. Much to her surprise they really did become friends. Granted the transformation didn’t occur over night. It started slowly, Sheree would stop in at the bookstore and they would chat a little as the brunette worked on stocking her summer library. In the beginning the conversation tended to be strained.

Little by little the tension waned as chats grew longer and longer. Then they began to meet for coffee or a drink, working slowly up to lunch then dinners. Sheree truly valued the new dimension of their interaction, which was void of flirtations and innuendo. The brunette couldn’t vanquish all thoughts of touching Liah in a provocative manner, yet much to her astonishment, she did manage to bury her lurid desires and simply enjoy the blossoming friendship.

Encouraged by her newfound friendship Sheree soon discovered that she no longer felt a need to put on a façade around other women. Her wayward behavior ebbed and she no longer trolled the bars looking for instant companionship. It wasn’t a conscious decision it was just something inside of her was changing. The change felt so natural that she hadn’t even realized it had occurred.

"You do know that Twyla has a crush on you don’t you?" Liah playfully informed her one afternoon when Sheree popped into the store just to say hello. Twyla was the young clerk whose hair color was constantly changing. Sheree simply smiled over at the young college student who was sporting flaming pink hair that day.

"Yeah," Sheree shyly admitted. She had noticed Twyla’s interest from the start and, for the first time in her life, she did nothing to encourage the younger woman’s crush. "She’s a bit young for me don’t you think?" She whispered as she watched her friend stifling a laugh. Sheree’s face lit up as she watched Liah’s nose crinkle in the most adorable fashion. ‘God she is so cute when she does that,’ she mentally sighed before she quickly brushed aside her errant thoughts once again reminding herself that she and Liah would never share anything beyond friendship. "Hey there’s a carnival coming to town," she quickly blurted out as she noticed the flier hanging in the window. Deep down she understood that her sudden outburst stemmed from an effort to change the subject and keep her mind from wallowing in smutty waters. "You know I don’t think I’ve gone to one of those since I was in high school."

"Me either," Liah smiled in response as she glanced over her shoulder at the flier. "We should go."

"Really?" Sheree beamed with a tad too much enthusiasm.

"Yeah," Liah sighed her smile growing brighter. "It will be fun, you know riding the rides that we are far to old to be on, and eating artery clogging junk until we throw up and fall into a sugar induced coma."

"Well since you make it sound so attractive how can I possibly refuse?" Sheree quipped as she felt her heart beating just a little faster. "Sunday night sound good?"

"It’s a date," Liah readily accepted as Sheree felt a strange sense of disappointment stirring inside of her. ‘If only it really could be a date,’ she sighed with regret knowing that despite how close they had become like every other woman she possessed true feelings for because of her past Liah would never view her as a suitor.

The pang of regret wasn’t a new experience for the enigmatic brunette who had long ago learned to accept the fact that women only viewed her as a fuck and not a lover. She knew that she was solely responsible for women not taking her seriously when she truly felt more than lust for them. She knew in her heart that what she felt for Liah transcended passion. Her only comfort was that she shared with Liah a closeness she had never known before. ‘I have her friendship which is more that I thought possible,’ she reminded herself. Still in the back of her mind she pondered bringing a wad of cash and trying to win a great, big teddy bear for Liah.

"Now what is that smile for?" Liah’s soft, lilting tone drew her out of her thoughts.

"Oh nothing," Sheree shrugged. "I was just thinking that maybe I’ll trying knocking over a few milk bottles and see if I can win a bauble."

"Oh is there some fair lass you wish to woo?" Liah teased her with a smile that didn’t quite reach her amazing hazel eyes.

"Huh?" Sheree stammered as her brow crinkled. "Me? No, I’ve been disgustingly very well behaved these days," she confessed.

"I’ve noticed," Liah thoughtfully responded. "You know I used to be convinced that you were just some Casanova. You’re not."

"Not really," Sheree shrugged as the compliment warmed her heart. The warmth ebbed as she realized that Liah was the first woman she had shown her true self to and it still didn’t change things between them. For a brief moment their eyes met and Sheree felt as if she was falling. "I’ll see you on Sunday," she threw out quickly as she broke the intense gaze certain that only she harbored feelings of something deeper. She darted out of the shop before Liah could respond or she would end up saying something stupid. ‘How is it that I bask in her light and still feel as if I’m lurking in the shadows?’ She wondered as she climbed on her bicycle and headed towards home.

"Okay so fried dough and the tilt a whirl are a bad mix," Liah blanched as she hooked her arm through Sheree’s leaning on the taller woman for support.

"No kidding," Sheree gulped her stomach churned while her body tingled from the feel of Liah’s body pressing against her own. "I think we should take a break before climbing on another spinning contraption."

"We could try playing some of the games on the midway?" Liah suggested keeping their arms linked as she guided the taller woman through the bustling crowd. Sheree couldn’t help grinning impishly as she secretly enjoyed the feel of their bodies touching. "You did mention that you wanted to show off your skills and win a little token. I have to warn you that these games are designed to take your money; it will take some doing to win anything worth wild."

"Spoil sport," Sheree shushed her. "I’ll just have to show you and win the biggest stuffed whatever they have."

"And I will be right there to cheer you on," Liah snickered as she leaned slightly closer to the tall brunette. "So, what kind of sport interests you?"

"I don’t know," Sheree responded as she looked around the rows of gaming booths. She approached one and placed her money down. All night her body had been tingling there was something in the air. The mix of bright lights, happy people and the way Liah lingered dangerously close to her was making her body feel alive.

Several games of chance later that included basketball, ring tossing, coin tossing and, of course, shooting water in a plastic clowns mouth. Sheree grumbled having only achieved departing with a sizable chunk of cash. She blew out an exasperated breath as she furiously scanned the booths looking for the one where she would emerge the victor. "You’re not giving up are you?" Liah laughed as she wrapped her arm around the brunette’s waist.

Sheree released a soft hum as her body warmed from the redhead’s embrace. "I can do this," she uttered with determination as she guided the smaller woman towards the booth with milk bottles stacked high.

"Of course you can champ," Liah playfully encouraged with a wry smile. "I’ll even pay this time."

"I couldn’t," Sheree began to protest.

"Please let me, before you have to mortgage your house," Liah scolded her as she placed her dollar down.

"Fine," Sheree grumbled. "If I win what prize do you want?" She asked as Liah handed her three baseballs. "Let me guess the great big Sponge Bob."

"I’ll pretend you didn’t say that," Liah gasped with indignation. "I’ll settle for nothing less than Scooby Doo."

Sheree’s eyes widened as she spotted the huge stuffed animal that was almost as tall as Liah. As she studied the prize she seriously doubted that the monstrosity would fit in her mini coop. "Scooby Doo, it is," she choked out. "We might have to strap the poor bugger to the roof of the car, but if it is Scooby you want then Scooby it is. Wish me luck."

"I have all the faith in the world in you," Liah sighed as her hazel eyes twinkled up at the confused brunette.

Sheree licked her lips as she prepared her first pitch ignoring the fact that she normally threw like a girly girl. She tossed the ball and much to her surprise she knocked over a stack of plastic bottles. "Son of a gun," she sputtered as the barker placed her prize on the counter. "A bamboo back scratcher? Not going to do it," she fussed as she threw out her second pitch. Her heart soared when Liah squealed with delight as Sheree miraculously managed to bowl over a second stack of bottles. She grunted when her back scratcher was upgraded to a very small teddy bear. She was filled with a sense of determination as she pelted the last stack of bottles.

"You’re amazing," Liah cheered her as she captured the stunned brunette in a tight hug.

Sheree’s senses were reeling as she became lost in the embrace. She sighed happily shivering slightly when Liah stepped out of her embrace. She grimaced when the barker replaced her bear with some unidentifiable plastic toy. "Come on give it another try and win the little lady her Scooby Doo," the gray haired man taunted her.

She instantly reached for her wallet only to have her hand captured by Liah’s fingers. "How many times does she have to win to upgrade to Scooby?" The redhead suspiciously inquired.

"Oh just a few more wins," he smoothly tried to placate her.

"Sheree," she cautioned the brunette who was already fumbling for her wallet.

"No, I promised you Scooby," she argued as she placed a five down on the counter. Her feelings of elation quickly ebbed as she missed her target by a large margin twice. She finally hit her mark only to win a straw hat. She clenched her jaw determined that if she couldn’t win Liah’s heart she would win the redhead Scooby.

Twenty-Five dollars and a very sore arm later, Liah was pleading with her to stop while the carnie promised that she was close to achieving her goal. "Nope my pride is at stake here," she protested with determination. "What kind of dyke am I if I can’t win a beautiful woman her Scooby?" She felt her lungs seize when she realized what she had just said.

"You’re perfect," Liah softly reassured her as the redhead’s hand drifted to the small of Sheree’s back. "And the bobble head doll is perfect."

Sheree blinked in surprise at the smaller woman’s words as her body tingled from the way Liah was caressing her back. "One more?" Sheree promised as she leaned into Liah’s touch. "Then how about a spin on the Ferris Wheel?"

"Alright," Liah agreed softly her eyes twinkling with amusement as she placed a dollar down on the counter.

Sheree tried to focus on the task at hand and not the way Liah’s eyes were sparkling in the neon lights. She smiled, as Liah’s hand remained resting comfortably on the small of her back. She rubbed her hands together as she accepted the last three balls from the man. She held her breath as she quickly fired off her first shot. She didn’t bother to look to see what prize she had won, she simply prepared her next shot. Her heart was hammering against her chest as she toppled the next set of bottles. She held her breath as she threw out her last shot. Her eyes widened with delight as she watched the bottles come crashing down.

She gave the surprised barker a determined look as he scowled. "My hero," Liah cheered as they watched the man climbing the ladder and cutting Scooby down from the top of the tent. "Congratulations," the barker conceded as she snatched Scooby from his hands.

She felt ten feet tall as she handed Liah her prize. "Never let it be said I don’t deliver on my promises," she proudly proclaimed.

"I wouldn’t dream of making such an accusation," Liah laughed as she almost toppled over under the weight of the massive toy.

"Yeah, I’m willing to bet there was a time that you would have," Sheree grumbled before giving the smaller woman a playful nudge. "Come on the Ferris Wheel awaits." She didn’t miss the sudden sullen look that crept out as Liah looked up at her.

Sheree was confused by Liah’s sudden quietness as they pushed their way through the crowd handing the oversized Scooby back and forth as they made their way towards the Ferris wheel. "Do you think we’ll need to buy him a ticket?" She playfully offered as she held onto Scooby. She felt some small sense of relief when Liah smiled in response. Her brow furrowed as Liah remained silent as she paid for their tickets and they waited in line.

The silence grew heavier as they waited for their turn. Sheree began rocking on her heels as she tried to figure out what was wrong. "Have I done something wrong?" She finally inquired as they were seated in the carriage of the Ferris wheel.

"I just hate it when you do that," Liah timidly responded as she helped Sheree find a spot for Scooby.

"Do what?" Sheree asked in confusion as she tried to place Scooby between them.

"Put yourself down," Liah explained as she pried Scooby from Sheree’s grasp as she slid next to the brunette and tucked Scooby on the opposite side. "You’ve told me about how women treat you, and I know that I’m guilty of having done the same," Liah began as she snuggled closer to the confused brunette. "You have so much more to offer than your body. I just don’t understand why you act like that is all there is to you. Sheree, you are bright, intelligent, and beautiful inside and out. Don’t you see that?"

"Yeah well," Sheree shyly muttered as the ride jerked to life and the car they were sharing moved a little higher stopping to allow another set of passengers climb on. Her mind and body were caught up in a whirlwind of confusion. Liah’s words and the way the redhead was almost sitting in her lap were wreaking havoc on her poor tortured soul.

"Yeah well?" Liah blew out as she leaned even closer so that her body brushed against Sheree’s already agitated form. "What I am trying to say, is that I am very well aware of how charming and sexy you are," she offered sincerely with a slight blush. "That isn’t the reason I’ve been spending time with you for the past few months. Well not the only reason," she added coyly. "And I think that I saw that in you both times we made love."

"Huh?" Sheree gulped as the ride once again jerked to life lifting them higher in the air. "I don’t get you," she muttered turning away from Liah’s mesmerizing gaze confused that Liah had broken their unspoken agreement of not talking about the sexual encounters they shared. She peered down at the vanishing landscape in an effort to avoid looking into Liah’s eyes fearful of what she might see. "First you treat me like I’m a shallow jerk, then you want to be friends and now you’re telling me what a great catch I am. What is this some kind of game to you?"

"No," Liah barked out as her hand landed on the brunette’s thigh. "I never thought you were a shallow jerk. I thought I was a jerk for what happened and the way I treated you. I offered you friendship because," Sheree was stunned as she turned and faced Liah’s whose voice trailed off as they were lifted to the very top of Ferries Wheel. "Because I thought that if we got to know one another it would somehow erase the passion we had, and we could stop thinking less of ourselves because of it. What bugs me is that you seem to think that you need to blame yourself for having sex with me. News flash stud muffin we seduced each other and for the record you are a great catch. Trust me this isn’t a game; this is just me babbling like an idiot because I’m trying to avoid telling you that if I thought I had a chance for something more with you I’d move heaven and earth to make you mine," Liah blurted out. Sheree gaped at the stunned redhead whose jaw was hanging open. "And telling you when we’re trapped way up here was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done," Liah blurted out with a horrified gasp before burying her face in her hands. "I can’t believe I did that," she rambled on as she lifted her head. "I just want to jump now."

"Don’t you dare," Sheree announced as she cupped Liah’s face in her hands. "When I’m with you I’m me, not this arrogant jerk I pretend be. Becoming your friend was the best thing that ever happened in my life. I’ve not flirted, messed around or behaved like a jackass since we started hanging around together. My only problem is that I still want you and not just as a friend."

Sheree’s heart melted as Liah’s eyes lit up. "I thought it was just me," Liah blew out softly. "I’ve been trying so hard not to let you see how I feel. I never thought you would want more than sex from me."

"What you think I’d drop a small fortune to win a Scooby for just anyone?" Sheree gleefully inquired oblivious to the way the ride was moving. She felt Liah’s hands wrapping around her waist as a cold wind caressed their bodies. The car swung as it stopped at the top. Sheree prayed that it wasn’t a dream as she felt the softness of Liah’s breasts pressing against her body. Her eyes fluttered shut as Liah’s breath tickled her face.

Sheree’s heart swooned as their lips brushed lightly and for the first time in her life she felt complete. It was a shy kiss that somehow evoked the duo to break out in silly grins. "That was probably the most sensual kiss I have ever experienced," Sheree confessed as brushed a lock of hair from Liah’s brow.

"Well," Liah began as she licked her lips. "If you give me chance, every time we kiss I’ll make you feel that way all over again."

Unable to resist Liah’s offer Sheree reclaimed her lover’s lips as she felt the redhead’s hands caressing her back. The car swayed as the kiss deepened and they allowed their hands to wander. Sheree gasped as she felt Liah’s hand slipping between her thighs tickling her flesh as she slipped beneath the gap of the brunette’s shorts. "Isn’t this the part where one of us suggests slowing this down?" Sheree murmured as she parted her thighs and her hand slipped up along the supple curve of Liah’s body.

"No," Liah murmured softly as her hand slipped further up the brunette’s shorts. "This is the part where we stop talking, stop analyzing everything, stop worrying about what might go wrong and show each other what is in our hearts."

"I think I’m going to like this part," Sheree purred as she cupped the redhead’s breasts and began to massage them gently. They began kissing once again, each pouring their emotion into the fiery kisses. Sheree moaned into the warmth of her lover’s mouth as she felt shy fingers brushing against her underwear. Sheree was filled with a sense of belonging as her lover gently teased her.

Her back ached as she was pressed against the edge of the car as their bodies melted together. She reveled in the sweet taste of Liah’s lips as she felt the redhead’s nipple puckering against her touch. Sheree could barely breathe as her desire dampened her shorts and her body hummed with desire. Her hips arched against Liah’s insistent touch as she nuzzled the redhead’s neck drinking in the delicate aroma of her skin. "I want to make love to you," she pleaded as she nuzzled her lover’s soft auburn locks.

Liah responded by slipping her fingers beneath the elastic barrier of Sheree’s underwear and dipping inside her wetness. "Take me home," Liah softly pleaded her fingertips brushing lightly against Sheree’s engorged clit. "I mean once we are on the ground again," she added with a light giggle.

Sheree agreed with a searing kiss as she slipped her hand up and under the smaller woman’s t-shirt. She cupped the firm round breast lowering the cup of her lacy bra as she teased her lover. She became lost in the kiss as she felt Liah’s flesh trembling beneath her touch. Her head fell back as she felt Liah’s fingers slipping inside of her. She grunted with pleasure as her lover held her in a mesmerizing gaze. "I want to wake up with you in the morning," she gasped as her hips swayed against Liah’s touch.

"I never thought I’d hear you say that," Liah panted in response her eyes mirroring Sheree’s desire as her fingers glided in and out of the brunette’s warm wet center. Sheree thrust harder against Liah’s touch as she captured the smaller woman’s nipple between her fingers.

She was struggling against the climax building from deep inside of her as the ride slowly came to an end. Never breaking the fiery gaze they slipped away from one another as the car came to a halt back on the ground. Sheree blew out a terse breath as she stumbled out of the car helping her equally shaky lover and Scooby from the car. She linked her hand with Liah’s and guided them through the throngs of people towards the parking lot.

She unlocked the tiny car and they managed to stuff Scooby in the back seat. Sheree clasped her lover’s tiny hand in her own. "Promise this isn’t a dream?" She asked fearful that she would awaken only to find herself trapped between the joy of having Liah in her life, but not in her heart.

"I promise this is real," Liah smiled brightly in response. "Now take me home so I can show you just how truly special you are."

Sheree kissed her lover quickly before helping her into the car. She drove to her home breaking almost every traffic law along the way. They laughed as they wrestled to free Scooby from the confines of the minuscule backseat. Sheree was amazed at how good it felt to hold Liah’s hand as they stepped into her home. "So I have to ask you something," Sheree began thoughtfully as Liah placed Scooby on the sofa. "Why now? How long have you felt this way? I know that I’ve been smitten since the start, that is probably why I had a minor breakdown after what happened in the bookstore."

"I think I was taken with you the first time I saw you," Liah answered with a shy smile. "Seeing you in that red dress that hugged your body in all the right places just overrode my sensibility. Then later when you dropped the act and we became friends, all I could think was wow; behind that amazing smile is a beautiful person who will never be interested in me. During the past few months I thought I saw a glimmer of hope every now and then, but you’d always retreat and say how glad you were that we became friends. Tonight my mouth out ran my senses; I didn’t mean to just blurt out how I feel. I think it was watching you drop a fortune trying to win Scooby."

"Ah so it is my athletic prowess," Sheree boasted as she took Liah by the hand and lead her towards the staircase.

"No," Liah laughed as they climbed the stairs. "There was just something about the way you seemed determined not to win the game but win Scooby for me. Then you started putting yourself down, and I just won’t hear of that."

"I did want to win it for you," Sheree confessed as they stepped into her bedroom. "I wanted to give you something, since I thought you weren’t interested in my heart."

"Sheree, I want your mind, body and soul," Liah asserted before capturing the brunette in a lingering kiss. "No games, no more pretending just us," she promised softly.

"Just us," Sheree readily agreed before reclaiming her lover’s soft inviting lips. "I want to wake up with you," she continued as she slipped her hands beneath the smaller woman’s shirt. "I haven’t been with anyone since that day in the bookstore. I want this. I want to see where this leads us." Liah looked up at her with admiration as she raised her arms above her head allowing the brunette to remove her t-shirt. Sheree quickly reached behind her lover’s back and unsnapped her bra.

She stood there admiring Liah’s firm body as she slipped the garment from her body. ‘I’ve waited a lifetime to feel this way,’ she mentally sighed as she brushed the back of her fingers against the swell of Liah’s firm round breasts. Her fingers continued their gentle exploration as Liah busied her hands with unzipping the brunette’s cargo shorts. Sheree laughed lightly as she stepped out of her shorts and kicked off her sneakers.

Sheree sighed deeply as she felt Liah’s fingers dancing along the taut muscles of her stomach as they dipped lower teasing the waistband of her panties. Sheree’s fingers drifted slowly down Liah’s body and soon she was helping the redhead shed her khaki shorts and shoes. She reached out to remove the last barrier when her hands were gently guided away.

Sheree stood there as her lover lifted her shirt up and off her body, her flesh quivered as her bra quickly followed. Sheree’s knees buckled slightly as Liah fell into her embrace the softness of their flesh meeting for the first time. Soon hands were caressing and lips seeking out the other’s touch. As their tongues teased one another they stumbled backward until they fell onto the bed.

Sheree laced her fingers through her lover’s hair as her body reeled from the feel of Liah resting on top of her. She kissed her lover again and again not wanting to hurry the moment. Her body craved more as her heart swelled as Liah’s erect nipples tickled her skin. She felt her own nipples aching as they hardened with pleasure. She allowed her hands to slip lower as they explored Liah’s soft skin.

Eager to feel all of her lover she tried to lower the redhead’s underwear. Liah giggled with pleasure as she shifted her body allowing the brunette to slip her panties down her legs. Sheree took delight in kissing her lover’s newly exposed flesh as her mouth drifted lower. Gently she guided Liah on to her back. She smiled as she spied her lover smiling up at her. She slipped off her own underwear before resuming the pleasurable task of freeing Liah from hers. For the first time in her life Sheree was moving with an agonizing slowness as she treasured each touch and taste. She dropped Liah’s panties on the floor as she began to kiss and taste her way back up the redhead’s legs.

As she slipped her body between her lover’s quivering thighs she knew that their paths had not crossed repeatedly by pure chance or happenstance being together was meant to be. "This is where I belong," she whispered as she drank in the musky aroma of her lover’s arousal.

"Yes, it is," Liah echoed her thoughts as she raised her hips bringing her passion nearer to Sheree’s breath. Sheree murmured with pleasure as she kissed her lover’s thighs as Liah’s passion painted her cheeks. She parted her lover’s slick folds with her tongue ignoring her own growing need as she slowly licked Liah’s wetness from her swollen nether lips.

Sheree flickered her tongue against Liah’s throbbing bundle as her lover’s body arched in response. She held Liah steady as she captured her pulsating clit between her lips and suckled her eagerly. Liah moaning her name filled her senses as she feasted upon her wetness. She was drowning in her lover’s desire as she slipped her fingers deep inside of Liah’s warm, wet center. Sheree’s mouth and fingers pleasured her lover in a slow rhythm as Liah begged her for release.

Sheree’s pace steadily increased as she felt Liah’s body tightening against her. Sheree ground her hips against the mattress in an effort to quell her own desires. Sheree’s passion begged for release as her lover ground urgently against her touch. She took her lover higher fighting against the trembling between her thighs. She could feel Liah’s blunt nails digging into her flesh as the fire consumed them. Her lover’s body muffled Sheree’s cries of pleasure as they climaxed in unison.

Sheree was gasping for air as she stilled her fingers inside of Liah’s warmth. Her body quivered as she rested her head on Liah’s trembling thigh. "That’s never happened before," she whispered amazed that she had crossed over simply by pleasuring her lover.

"What?" Liah choked out as Sheree’s touch slipped from her body.

"I never, Uhm not from giving pleasure," she stammered out as she gazed up her lover’s body still flushed and quivering.

"Come here," Liah beckoned her.

Sheree eagerly climbed up her lover’s body. She moaned as Liah captured her lips and kissed her passionately as she slipped her hand between their over heated bodies. Sheree gave into her lover’s soft inviting lips as Liah parted them. She released a throaty growl as their clits brushed against one another. Their bodies rocked in a slow demanding rhythm until they fell into the fire each clinging to the other as their bodies ignited.

Sheree collapsed in her lover’s tender embrace as the last waves of passion slipped from her body. She nestled beside Liah clinging tightly to the woman whose heart was beating steadily with her own. "You know in a few short months you’ve managed to turn my world upside down," Liah sighed as she nestled closer.

"I was just thinking the same thing about you," Sheree laughed as she gazed deeply into the hazel orbs that reflected the love she felt. "I also think that I like the view from this side."

"Good," Liah smiled brightly. "When I first realized that I was falling for you it scared the bejesus out me."

"See we even think alike," Sheree laughed as she guided her lover under the blankets and snuggled up beside her. "I’m where I belong," she repeated as Liah rested her head on her chest.

"So am I," Liah tenderly answered.


The End

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