Cold Fire

(The Repairwoman Part Two)

By Mavis Applewater

January 2004


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A special thank you goes out to my beta reader Mountain Girl.


As always this is for Heather.



Sandy shivered from beneath her blankets fighting against the rush of cold air and the need to use the bathroom.  There was something about the cold morning air that convinced the small redhead that the journey from her warm bed to her bathroom was equivalent to scaling Mount Everest.  In fact it was no more than ten feet at the most, but on a cold winter morning the distance grew to epic proportions.  “What time is it?”  She groaned to herself feeling colder than normal.  She peered at the clock seeing that it was only a little after four in the morning. 


She ducked back under her covers convincing her body that she didn’t need to get up and use the bathroom.  She shivered harder as her bladder demanded attention.  She grumbled as she threw back the blankets and crawled out of bed.  “Shit,” she growled as she dashed out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. 


Her tiny body trembled as she finished her business.  She yelped when she tried to wash her hands and the water failed to turn warm.  As she blew out an exasperated breath she noticed that she could see her breath.  “This isn’t good,” she grumbled as she stumbled back into her bedroom and flipped on the light.  Her eyes widened when she spied the temperature.  She tapped the thermostat and spun it higher to no avail.  She listened carefully for the tell tale signs that the heat was coming on.  “What the hell?”  She fussed as she darted back into her bedroom and snatched up the telephone.


She dialed Mr. Smothers‘, the building manager number only to receive the constant beeping of a busy signal.  She kept hitting redial as she burrowed deeper under the blankets.  Finally she was greeted by a ringing.  “I know,” Smothers barked without the courtesy of greeting her.


“Mr. Smothers,” she snapped.


“I’m sorry,” he wearily apologized.  “The furnace died and I’m working on the problem.  I don’t know when the heat will be back up. I’ve called the oil company and they are sending someone out.”


“Thank you,” Sandy blew out as she ended the call. The small redhead gathered up every blanket in her apartment and piled them on the bed before burying her tiny body back under the covers.  She shivered as she tried to go back to sleep praying that the heat would be up and running soon.  It didn’t help that the temperature outside had dipped to minus four and if the heat didn’t come back up by morning she would be forced to take a cold shower. 


The heat failed to return and Sandy decided that she really didn’t need a shower that morning.  She stepped out into the brisk cold air eager to get to work.  Being a bank teller wasn’t thrilling but at least the bank was heated.  She scowled as she spied a van from the oil company sitting out front. 


Sandy pulled her wool cap over her ears as she bolstered her courage to walk to the bus stop.  Just then another van pull into the parking lot and this time she smiled.  “This is an unexpected pleasure,” she cooed as the driver rolled down the window.


“Get in,” Max offered with a toothy grin.


“Excuse me?” Sandy smirked at the repairwoman she had seen very little of over the past few months.  Last summer the two of them had shared a very hot and steamy encounter.  Sandy had been too shy to call Max after she fixed her air conditioner and bedded her in the same afternoon.  The second time they met Max made it clear she wanted to date Sandy.  That night at dinner she felt elated until she learned that Max was already dating someone else.  She couldn’t blame Max since the redhead had blown her off.  Despite the fact that Max had only been seeing this girl for about a week, Sandy didn’t like the idea of sharing.  It only took a few weeks to feel like she was playing second fiddle for her to end things with the attractive repairwoman.


“Would you like a ride to work?” Max quickly amended.


“God yes,” Sandy eagerly agreed as she rushed over to the other side and climbed into the van. “What are you doing out at this hour?”  Sandy inquired as she relaxed into the well-heated van.  She instantly regretted the question fearful that Max had spent the night with Claudia the redhead she was dating last summer.


“Finishing a job,” Max yawned.  “Why is Murphy’s van outside your building?”


“The heat went out,” Sandy explained as she held her cold hands in front of the vents.


“When?”  Max inquired as they stopped at the traffic light.


“Sometime last night,” Sandy shivered from the memory.  “The furnace died.”


“You should have called,” Max quickly said.  “You could have ended up with hypothermia.”


“Uhm why?”  Sandy asked in confusion.  “I didn’t think you worked with oil.”


“I don’t,” Max, sighed.  “Plus your building has a contract with Murphy.  But I could have given you a warm place to stay.  We did agree to stay friends.”


“Uh huh,” Sandy grumbled.  “Wouldn’t that bother Claudia?”  She hadn’t meant to sound snotty but she just couldn’t help it.


“Sandy,” Max groaned as she pulled into the parking lot of the bank.  “First I broke things off with Claudia sometime ago; secondly you know what never mind.”


“Max, I,” Sandy began to stammer.  Her courage failed her once she caught the scowl on the repairwoman’s face.  “Thanks for the ride,” she offered meekly as she reached over to open the door.


“Wait,” Max grumbled.  “Are you free for dinner tonight?”


“What?” Sandy blinked in surprise.


“Dinner,” Max smirked with a brilliant smile.  “I finally have a night off.  Would you like to have dinner at my place tonight?”


“Okay,” Sandy agreed before she could think better of it.


“Good,” Max sighed with relief.  “I’ll pick you up at five.”


“What here?”  Sandy heart began to flutter.


“Is that alright?”  Max yawned once again.


“When was the last time you slept?”  Sandy asked.


“Early fall,” Max wearily replied.  “The month between the heat wave and cold snap when nothing broke.  I have the entire weekend off because I whined and pleaded with my Dad.  I would like to have a nice time with a good friend tonight, so am I picking you up?”


“Okay,” Sandy shyly agreed.  “Thanks again for the ride, I will see you later.”


“Bye,” Max smiled in return before Sandy hurried into the bank.


“What did I just agree too?”  Sandy mumbled as she headed towards the employee room to deposit her belongings.


“Well I haven’t seen you being dropped off in that van in a long time,” Penny, the head teller, startled her.


“What?” Sandy stammered with a slight blush.  Since she was much younger than her fellow employees the redhead kept her private life private.


“The Jenkins repair van,” Penny smirked.  “I’m happy to see the two of you getting back together.”


Sandy was stunned since she wasn’t out with her fellow employees much less her supervisor.  “Oh my friend gave me a ride so I wouldn’t have to take the bus,” she quickly explained.


“My goodness child you look a mess,” Penny squeaked as Sandy began brush her unruly locks.


“Don’t remind me,” Sandy grumbled.  “The heat went out in my building last night so there wasn’t any hot water this morning.  I hope they get it fixed soon.”


“You’re lucky you didn’t freeze to death with this weather,” Penny gasped.  “Make sure they deduct from your rent the amount of time the heat was off,” the older woman cautioned her.


“I can do that?”  Sandy asked in surprise.


“Yes,” Penny calmly informed her.  “About what I said earlier, I wasn’t prying.  It is just that last summer you seemed really happy and I just assumed when I saw you being dropped off this morning that maybe it was a good sign.”


“It is a long story,” Sandy muttered quickly before finishing fixing her appearance.


“Usually is,” Penny laughed.  “When I met my husband I was dating his brother,” she added with a laugh.


“Now that sounds like a long story,” Sandy snickered in agreement as they headed out to begin their day.


By the time her lunch break had arrived Sandy was a nervous wreck.  Penny’s accepting attitude had made her feel good, but the prospect of spending the evening with Max was making her edgy.  She found it hard to focus on her work which is not good when you are dealing with money.  When she took her lunch break she decided that she needed an objective ear to listen to her, so she called Meg to meet her for lunch.


“This had better be good,” Meg growled as she joined her.  “I had planned on eating my lunch at the shop and not straying out into the cold.”


“I’m having dinner tonight,” Sandy eagerly began as she pushed a menu over to her cranky friend.


“Goodie for you but don’t you have dinner every night?” Meg rolled her eyes.


“With Max,” Sandy hurriedly supplied as she felt the panic rising.


“Max? As in that tall, dark, hottie you let go?”  Meg gushed.  “Details!”  The curly haired brunette demanded.


Over lunch Sandy frantically explained everything from her heat not working to Max’s dinner invitation.  Meg listened carefully to each word before offering her opinion.  “So what exactly is the problem?” The brunette demanded.  “Honestly I never understood why you let her go the first time.”


“Because she was dating another woman,” Sandy fumed.


“Yes,” Meg conceded.  “But she hadn’t been seeing her for very long, and she hadn’t been seeing you for that long either,” she tried to reason.


“So?” Sandy scowled.


“So,” Meg carefully began.  “If I remember correctly you gave Max a lot of space hoping she’d choose you and Claudia persued her.”


“Hey I got sick of trying to make plans with her only to find out she was already busy,” Sandy argued.


“Because you waited until the last second,” Meg tried to reason with her.  “I’m sorry Sandy but it screamed you didn’t care.”


“What do you mean?” The redhead encouraged as she tried to control her ire.


“I mean that Max was nuts about you,” Meg slowly explained.  “She told me so, but you didn’t seem to be very serious and Claudia did.  You had already blown her off after the first time, and after you started dating everything you did screamed she wasn’t important to you.”


“I didn’t want to push; it was too soon,” Sandy argued in vain.  “Neither Claudia or I had a right to demand that Max be exclusive.”


“True,” Meg agreed.  “But you should have said something about how you felt.  Instead you just gave up, again telling her that she wasn’t worth the effort.”


Sandy’s jaw hung open as she realized how Max must have perceived her actions last summer.  “If you want my advice,” Meg continued.  “Go have a nice dinner, and bring a good bottle of wine.  She might just be looking to spend a nice, quiet evening with a friend, but if you can work it into the conversation you really should let her know how you felt.  Who knows maybe she is trying for another chance.  If all she wants is friendship then accept it, but I know that you are still hung up on her.  Maybe it is time you tell her.”


“Fine,” Sandy blew out as she chewed on her bottom lip nervously.  “I am still really attracted to her and not just because of the great sex.  I am just a little worried with being alone with her. We’ve never spent anytime alone when we didn’t end up in bed.”


“Really,” Meg choked out.  “Damn I am so jealous.”


“You’re right,” Sandy conceded.  “I mean she is probably just looking to keep a friendship. She did say she wanted to enjoy her night off with a friend.  And when she said I could have crashed at her place last night she also said it was just out of friendship.”


“That pesky “F” word,” Meg sighed.


“Tell me about it,” Sandy chuckled.  “I have to get going if I’m going to hit the liquor store before I get back to work,” the redhead explained as she paid the check.  “Thanks for listening.”


“No problem and talk to her tonight,” Meg encouraged.  “And call me with all the details,” she added enthusiastically.


Sandy was a nervous wreck as she closed out her window for the day. Adding to her troubles was a call from Mr. Smothers informing her that the heat was back on, but the pipes had frozen and several burst so now there wasn’t any water in the building.  Thankfully, despite her wandering mind, her drawer balanced.  She pulled on her coat, grabbed the bottle of wine and headed out the door.  She felt pang in her chest when she failed to find the familiar Jenkins van waiting for her.  A car horn drew her attention; she smiled when she spied Max stepping out of the Subaru.


“Hey,” Max greeted her with a shy smile.


“I thought you stood me up,” Sandy laughed as Max opened the door for her.


“Never,” Max reassured her in a sultry voice that sent a shiver down the redhead’s spine.


“I’m just so used to the van,” Sandy explained as Max settled into the driver’s seat.


“Well it is a babe magnet,” Max quipped with a throaty chuckle as she put the SUV into gear.


“Yes it is in fact I think your beat up old van was what first attracted me to you,” Sandy teased as Max laughed.


“Not my sparkling personality?”  Max jested in response.


“Honestly?” Sandy nervously began as she recalled Meg’s advice.  “It was the uniform.”


“My work clothes?” Max quizzically retorted.


“I prefer to think of it as a uniform,” Sandy corrected her.  “You almost walked away because it took me so long to answer the door; I was drooling while I was staring at you through the peep hole.”


“You little pervert,” Max, laughed deeply as she pulled into the driveway and parked next to the van.  Sandy smiled as Max rushed over to open the door for her.  “I hope you’re hungry,” Max added nervously as she escorted the smaller woman into her home.


“Yes,” Sandy responded as her body relaxed into the well heated home.  “It is so warm in here.”


“I jacked the heat up a bit figuring you’re probably still a little frost bitten from last night,” the brunette sheepishly confessed as Sandy shrugged out of her coat.  “Why don’t you relax in the living room while I start dinner.”


“Are you sure you are up to cooking?” Sandy asked as she handed the brunette the bottle of wine.  “It sounds like you’ve been working nonstop.”


“I am really looking forward to a home cooked meal,” Max cut her off with a brilliant smile.  “You may have noticed the pile of food wrappers on the floor of the van this morning.”


“They were hard to miss,” Sandy responded.  “But why not let me cook or at least help?”  Max stared at her with a lost look in her eyes.  “What?”


“I just feel,” the brunette hedged.  “I’m glad you agreed to come over even if I was pushy.”


“Thank you for being pushy,” Sandy conceded.  “Now let me help.  I’ll start by opening the wine.”


“Okay,” Max agreed as she began preparing the salad.


“Max can I ask you something?”  Sandy shyly began as she handed the taller woman a glass of wine.  The redhead’s body trembled slightly as their fingers brushed.


“Anything,” Max agreed while sipping her wine.  “When I invited you I was hoping that we could talk.”


“When we were dating did you think I wasn’t interested in a relationship?”  The redhead nervously inquired as she poured a glass of wine for herself.


“Yes,” Max grimly confessed as she set her wine glass down on the counter and continued mixing the salad.  “Of course that was really confirmed when you dumped me.”


Sandy froze for a moment as she realized that everything Meg had said was true.  Sandy took a deep breath as she prepared to continue the conversation.  “I broke up with you because I hated competing for your attention; I didn’t pressure you or play games because that isn’t whom I am.  I thought giving you space was the right thing to do.  Plus it drove me insane that you were still dating someone else, not to mention sleeping with her.”


Sandy watched as Max’s body stiffened and the brunette turned to her.  “No I wasn’t,” Max clarified her crystal blue eyes misting up as she spoke.  “I was still seeing Claudia and I was honest with the both of you, but I wasn’t sleeping with her.”


“But you said that you were?” Sandy barked out her body swaying slightly.


“Before I started seeing you,” Max explained.  “After we got together I didn’t sleep with her again, until you broke up with me.  It just didn’t seem right; I wasn’t as attracted to her as I was to you.  I was more than ready to end things with Claudia right away but you just didn’t seem to care and she did.”


“I wish you had told me this,” Sandy grunted as she took a shy step closer to the taller woman.


“Really?”  Max nervously questioned.


“Yes,” Sandy laughed. “If you had I wouldn’t have broken up with you.  I was crazy about you.  I understand you being gun shy about me, since after we slept together that first time I didn’t call you, but hell woman I was scared.”


“So was I,” Max laughed.  “I’m glad I invited you over tonight.  I wanted to know if I still had a chance.  I’ve been worried all day that I was making a mistake and hell would have to freeze over before you’d agree to go out with me again.”


“I think it did the pipes in my building burst. Are you dating anyone?” Sandy asked stepping even closer to the brunette.


“No,” Max confirmed with a brilliant smile.  “I broke up with Claudia not long after you bowed out.  I decided I’d rather be alone than unhappy.  What about you?”


“I went on a couple of dates since this summer but I just didn’t click with anyone the way I did with you,” Sandy confessed as she wrapped her arms around Max’s waist.  “I’m sorry that I allowed my insecurities to cloud my judgment, and I am really sorry that I convinced myself that taking things slowly with you was the right path to travel.”


“Slow doesn’t seem to work with us,” Max softly agreed as her hands came to rest on Sandy’s shoulders.  “That first time when I caught you leaning over the air conditioner was amazing.”


“It was,” Sandy gasped her hands caressing the brunette’s hips as her body remembered the feel of cold air on her breasts and Max’s warm body teasing her from behind.  Sandy looked up her body shuddering from the intense look Max was casting down upon her.  Sandy gathered up her courage and decided that this time she was going to take the lead.  “Max,” she whispered softly as she watched the brunette’s lips parting.  “I’ve been cold all day long,” she panted as her tiny fingers kneaded the brunette’s hips.  “Care to warm me up?”


Before the repairwoman could answer her question the small redhead reached up and drew her lover in for a fiery kiss.  Sandy moaned deeply as she savagely attacked the brunette’s soft, warm lips.  “I missed you so much,” Max gasped in the redhead’s ear while her hands drifted down Sandy’s back.


“I missed you too,” Sandy moaned as she nestled her face against the brunette’s neck.  She began to suckle Max’s neck savoring the taste of her skin.  As her tongue teased her lover’s earlobe she realized that Max was right, slow didn’t work for them.  There was far too much heat and passion burning inside of each of them to be tamed.  It began the first moment they met and still burned brightly after months apart.


She could hear Max whispering her name as she assaulted the brunette’s neck and ear while backing her up against the kitchen counter.  Sandy was consumed with desire as she tore open the brunette’s blouse the buttons scattering across the kitchen floor.  Max’s whimpers filled her ears as she removed the brunette’s blouse and tossed it to the floor.  “Sandy,” the brunette groaned as the redhead unclasped her bra.  “Why don’t we go upstairs?”


“We will,” Sandy boldly agreed as she removed the brunette’s bra.  “Later,” she added in a husky tone before she began to kiss the swell of Max’s breasts.  Sandy moaned deeply as she felt Max’s fingers massaging her scalp while pressing her nipple against the redhead’s lips.  The bud puckered as she captured it between her lips and suckled it greedily. 


For the past several months she had missed Max’s touch and the fire that they had shared, knowing that Max felt the same way drove her insane with desire.  Being with Max was like a drug; she did things with the brunette that she would never think about doing with another woman.  Sandy could feel her desire pooling in her panties as Max’s body ground against her.  She teased and taunted the taller woman’s nipples roughly hoping to fill the brunette with the same insanity she was experiencing.


Sandy didn’t care that they had barely spoken in months all she craved was the feel of Max’s body trembling against her own.  She could feel Max’s fingers clawing at her back as she suckled her harder.  She slipped her hand between their bodies caressing her lover’s flesh before unsnapping the button on the brunette’s jeans.  “Please,” Max begged her as Sandy lowered the zipper.  “I need you,” Max whimpered as Sandy tugged her lover’s jeans down her body.


“God, you’re so wet,” Sandy groaned with delight as her fingers teased the brunette’s underwear.  She pressed her tiny fingers harder against Max’s soft panties that were damp were desire.  She could feel the brunette’s clit pulsating against her touch as she teased her.  She gasped when she looked up to find her lover’s eyes dark with desire.  “I want you,” she whispered hotly as she sank to her knees. 


Max gripped the counter as Sandy hurriedly removed the remainder of the brunette’s clothing.  Sandy’s thighs quivered with excitement as she licked and tasted her way up her lover’s long, supple legs.  She moaned as she inhaled the musky aroma of the brunette’s desire.  She parted her lover with her tongue as Max’s fingers dug into her shoulders.



Sandy murmured with pleasure while she tasted Max licking her slowly as her lover trembled against her.  Sandy felt complete as she ran her tongue along her lover’s sex before capturing her throbbing clit between her lips.  Max’s body rocked urgently against her while Sandy took her time drinking in her passion.  Max groaned with disappointment as Sandy’s mouth left her body.


The redhead kissed her lover’s trembling thigh before rising to her feet and capturing the brunette in a searing kiss.  “Oh, I know that look,” Max sighed helplessly as Sandy leered at her with a wicked gleam in her eyes.  “Tell me,” Max choked out her voice filled with anticipation.


“Turn around,” Sandy boldly instructed the taller woman.  “And hold on, don’t let go baby,” the redhead added as her lover did as she was instructed clutching the kitchen counter tightly.  Sandy ran her hands down along the brunette’s back teasing her flesh with her blunt nails.


“I’m in trouble aren’t I?”  Max moaned deeply as Sandy undid and lowered her slacks and underwear.


“Oh yeah,” Sandy promised hotly as she pressed her wetness inside of the other woman.  Max’s hips thrust backward eagerly rocking against Sandy’s body.  The redhead straddled her lover as they swayed urgently against one another. 


Sandy nuzzled her face in her lover’s long, raven tresses as her hand reached out searching the counter for the vegetable she had spied earlier.  Their bodies thrust wildly as Sandy captured the cucumber and grazed along the curves of her lover’s body.  “Oh my God,” Max cried out as Sandy slipped the slender vegetable between her lover’s thighs.  Sandy felt slightly nervous as she glided the cucumber along her lover’s wetness.  Max’s body thrust eagerly in response.


“Is this okay?”  Sandy panted as she stroked her lover’s clit with the vegetable.


“Yes,” Max choked out pressing her body harder against the cucumber.  Sandy felt a thrill running through her body as she pressed the cucumber against the opening of her lover’s center.  She moaned as she slipped it slowly inside of her lover.  Max cried out with pleasure as her hips jerked in response.  Sandy slowly glided it in and out of the brunette’s wetness enjoying the sight of her lover’s body thrusting wildly.


Sandy moaned as she pressed the other end against her own center and slipped it inside of her body.  Their bodies moved in perfect rhythm as they rode against one another and the homemade phallus.  Sandy clasped her lover’s hip tightly with one hand while the other guided the vegetable as their bodies exploded.


Sandy clung to her lover who was still clinging tightly to the counter as they shuddered violently.  The last waves of passion trickled from their bodies as Sandy slipped her touch from her lover’s body, tossing the cucumber into the sink.  “I can’t believe I did that,” Sandy sighed contently as she kissed her lover’s shoulder.


“Promise me that will never go anywhere near our dinner,” Max teased as she turned and wrapped Sandy up in a tender embrace.


“I promise,” Sandy vowed as she blushed. 


“Promise me something else,” Max nervously began as she captured Sandy’s hands in her own.  “That you’ll talk to me about how you feel.  I really love the passion between us; I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, but it isn’t just my body that needs you.”


“My heart needs you and not just your incredible body,” Sandy finally confessed.  “Can I stay with you tonight?”


“You better after violating me with the produce,” Max teased before placing a promising kiss on the redhead’s lips.  “I want to wake up with you in my arms,” Max reassured the still nervous redhead as she led her out of the kitchen.  “Want to join me upstairs by the fire?  I promise to keep you warm all weekend.”


Sandy smiled boldly in response as she followed Max up to her bedroom.  “You got a new bed,” she commented as her lover knelt by the fireplace and lit a fire.


“I bought it right before the New Year began.  I needed a fresh start,” Max explained with a warm grin.  “I’d like that start to be with you.”


Sandy’s heart swelled as her lover crawled across the bed and beckoned her to join her.  The redhead smiled brightly as she removed her clothing under Max’s watchful gaze.  She could feel Max’s eyes burning her skin from across the room as she slowly revealed her body.  “You’re so beautiful,” Max whispered as Sandy crawled up beside her.


Sandy sighed contently as Max’s arms encompassed her body.  The brunette kissed her deeply before rolling the redhead onto her back.  Sandy felt complete as her lover kissed and tasted her way down her body.  With each touch and kiss Sandy could feel Max’s promise caressing her body and heart.  She groaned as her lover’s lips and tongue teased her nipples before her mouth began working down her body.  Sandy cried out as she felt the soft touches of Max’s tongue on her thighs and her warm breath caressing her wetness.  The redhead dug her heels into the new mattress as her lover drew her to her mouth and slowly feasted upon her.


Despite the slow gentleness of Max’s touch Sandy’s body erupted quickly.  Soon she felt the warmth of Max’s flesh covering her own as they kissed their bodies rocking slowly as they blissfully fell over the edge.  That night she fell asleep in the warmth of Max’s embrace with a blissful smile on her lips.


The End

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