Icing on The Cake

By Mavis Applewater

April 2004


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A special thank you goes out to my beta reader Mountain Girl.


As always this is for Heather.


Hanna stepped out the back door leaving the tantalizing aroma and overwhelming heat behind her.  It was one of those days that she wished she had chosen another profession.  She enjoyed her career as a pastry chef and running her own little bakery was thrilling except on a beautiful spring day.  She sighed deeply wishing that she could just run off and enjoy the warm weather.  After a nasty winter feeling the warm air and drinking in the scent of blossoming flowers filled her with a sense of peace.  Her serenity was broken when she heard a member of her staff clamoring for her attention. 


She released a grumble as she ran her fingers through her soft, brown hair knowing that she had to get back to work.  In the cold winter months Hanna relished being surrounded by warm ovens and the aroma of bread baking.  When the weather turned nice Hanna often found her mind wandering.  She indulged in one last whiff of spring before returning to her duties.  At times she wished she could call in sick and sneak off to play.  Since she was the boss and lived above the bakery there just wasn’t a chance in Hell she could ever play hooky.


The hardest part of her job was being the boss.  Creating delectable creations was a pleasure, doing the paperwork and handling the staff was sheer torture.  Sadly today was one of those days when she couldn’t linger in the kitchen; instead she was banished to her tiny office.  She spent agonizing hours going over invoices, payroll and orders.  Her brow crinkled as she tried to read a crumpled slip of paper.  For the life of her she could not understand what the client had requested.


The longer she stared at the order form the more confused she felt.  Finally she decided to just track down the employee who had taken the order so she could have it deciphered.  “Sherry?”  She called out to her busy assistant.


“Yo?”  Sherry called back from the far end of the kitchen.


“I need you,” Hanna explained as Sherry wiped her flour stained hands on her white uniform.


“If only that was true,” Sherry teased in response.  “What is it Boss?”


“I can’t make heads or tails out of this order,” Hanna wearily explained as she handed the blonde the order form.  “I can’t even read the date of delivery.  Which one of our wonder kin wrote it up?”


“Looks like Vera’s hand writing,” Sherry muttered as she studied the order.


“Good thing she is studying to be a doctor,” Hanna grimaced.  “She already has the illegible scrawl down.  Any idea of what this is for?”


“Not a clue,” Sherry confessed as she handed Hanna the order.  “Vera’s working the counter.  Want me to ask?”


“No I’ll take care of it,” Hanna muttered as she stepped out of the kitchen and entered the dinning and counter area.  “Vera, could I see you for a moment?”


The lanky younger woman simply rolled her eyes as she finished ringing up an order of éclairs.  “Yeah?” Vera sighed as she approached her employer.


“I can’t read this would you mind telling me what it says?” Hanna groaned as she contemplated firing the annoying college student on the spot.


“It’s a cake,” Vera sighed once again.


“Could you be more specific?” Hanna sternly requested as she snatched up a new order form.  Vera’s indignant attitude continued as she painstakingly explained the details of the cake for a fiftieth wedding anniversary. “Okay it is a three tier wedding cake style with butter rum icing and a rum cake filling.  Figurines of a bride and groom on the top with a happy anniversary with pink roses trim.  Now I just need to know when the McBride family will be expecting it.”


“Today,” Vera shrugged.


“What?” Hanna choked out as her eyes widened in horror. 


“Today,” Vera causally repeated as she glanced at her watch.  “Four O’clock.”


“An hour from now?”  Hanna sputtered as Vera gave her a confused look.  She silently reminded herself that bitch slapping an employee would be a very bad thing to do.  Instead she stormed into the kitchen.  “I need everyone to stay out of my way!” She bellowed as her crew quivered with fright.  “Sherry?”  She hissed.  Her assistant was shaking as she approached the angry chef.  “Have a chat with Vera.  If she has an even slightly snotty attitude fire her after her shift is over.  Understood?”


“Yes,” Sherry gulped as Hanna stormed past her.


“They couldn’t want chocolate or gold cake no it has to be rum with strawberries and all the trimmings,” she muttered under her breath as she began yanking pans and mixing bowls from the shelves.  Normally this type of order thrilled her.  It would show off her work and bring in more business.  Having less than an hour to create the masterpiece was going to take nothing short of a miracle. 


Hanna’s staff avoided her as she went about preparing the dessert.  Her heart was pounding as she tried to keep her hands steady, one mistake could cost her business which was something she could ill afford in the small town where she had set up shop.


She glanced at the clock noting that it was well after four and the cake was done yet undecorated.  Sherry had already nervously approached her twice to inform her that the customer was waiting for the cake.  Hanna blew out a terse breath knowing that she had to wait at least another few moments before she could begin decorating her creation.  “I’ll talk to the customer,” she sighed as she wiped her hands on her apron.


When she stepped out into the café area she didn’t need to ask who was waiting for the order.  The redhead was standing at the counter her arms folded tightly against her chest as she glared at Vera.  “Ms. McBride,” she squeaked out.  She stepped back when angry gray eyes darted over towards her.  “Oh crap,” she muttered as she tentatively stepped out from behind the counter and approached the smaller woman. 


Hanna noted briefly that if it weren’t for the murderous look in the woman’s eyes she would have thought she was very attractive.  She stood about five six with long, red hair her charcoal suit with neatly pressed slacks and long coat did nothing to hide her trim body.  “My apologies for the delay,” she meekly began.


“Apologies?” The red head hissed her eyes darkening as she clenched her jaw.


“We screwed up,” Hanna bluntly confessed.  “There is no excuse for the delay. All I can offer is to deliver the cake personally and, of course, refund your money.”


She watched as the smaller woman’s jaw tightened and a day planner suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  “Fine,” the woman snarled as she scrawled out the address and shoved it into Hanna’s trembling hand.  “How soon?”


“Give me forty five minutes?”  Hanna pleaded as the woman checked her watch.


“Okay,” she blew out as she licked her lips.  “That would work.  My parents shouldn’t have arrived yet and I wasn’t looking forward to trying to carry the cake by myself.  We can still have it in place before the party begins.”


“The clerk didn’t offer to have us deliver?” Hanna gasped as her jaw hung open.


“No,” Ms. McBride grunted.  “This is a surprise party.  That cake has to be in place before my parents show up.  Understood?”


“Yes, Ma’am,” Hanna dutifully complied.  “Again my apologies and I will be there on time.”


Ms. McBride spun on her heels and stormed off without saying a word.  “That is one pissed off woman,” Sherry noted.


“Can you blame her?”  Hanna barked.  “Sorry,” she quickly apologized.  “I need to finish the cake and get over to Riverdale Drive.”


“I’ll go with you,” Sherry volunteered.


“No,” Hanna dismissed her offer as they headed back towards the kitchen.  “I’ll take Sean.  I need you to look after things here and fire Vera.  I’ll be back to close up.  Hell of a way to waste a beautiful day.  I just hope this doesn’t melt before I can deliver it.”


“Speaking of beautiful,” Sherry hedged.  “Ms. McBride was certainly easy on the eyes.  I wonder what she’s like when she isn’t pissed off.”


“Get back to work you pervert,” Hanna grumbled as she began filling bags with colored icing.


“Tell me you didn’t notice?”  Sherry teased.


“Yes, I noticed,” Hanna conceded as she began her work.  “I also noticed that if I don’t get this done, that everyone who attends the McBride gathering would tell all of their friends not to patronize my business.”


“You need a date,” Sherry muttered as she walked away from Hanna who was focused on her creation.


Half an hour later Hanna pulled her van up in front of the stately home.  “Sean,” she sternly began as the small younger man shifted nervously beside her.  “If you drop this, or smudge the icing or do anything else to ruin this cake I will make certain that it will be physically impossible for you to know the pleasure of a man again.”


“Geez Hanna,” the small dark haired man squeaked.  “Nothing like putting the pressure on.  I wasn’t this tense when I came out to my parents,” he mumbled as they exited the van and made their way around to the back.


“Like they didn’t know,” she snickered as she opened the back door.


“Are you implying that I’m prissy?”  He gasped as they carefully lifted the beautiful three-tiered cake from the van.


“Yes, I am,” she snickered as they made their way carefully towards the front door.  “Now watch the steps Princess or I will make good on my promise.”


Hanna used her elbow to ring the doorbell. She and Sean waited each carefully balancing one end of the cake as a scraggly looking redheaded man opened the door.  Hanna took one look at the suit that was obliviously borrowed from someone else and rolled her eyes.  “Kayla there’s a delivery,” the man shouted out as he walked away leaving Hanna and Sean stranded.


“Now there is a candidate for Queer Eye,” Sean muttered as they carefully stepped into the foyer.


“No kidding,” Hanna quietly agreed as Ms. McBride rushed over.


“You could have helped them, Brad,” she called. “Please follow me?”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Kayla gushed once the cake was placed in the center of the table.  “Let me get my check book.”


“No,” Hanna cut her off.  “There is no charge.  Again, my apologies for the inconvenience.”


“We’re not getting paid?” Sean fussed.


“Princess,” Hanna snarled.


“It is beautiful,” Kayla complemented Hanna’s work.


“Every thing is,” Hanna offered sincerely as she looked around noting all of the tasteful decorations while sneaking a glimpse at the small redhead.  “I hope your parents have a wonderful evening.”


“Thank you,” Kayla repeated seemingly surprised by the compliment.


Hanna blew out a sigh of relief once she and Sean were back in the van and heading back towards her little bakery.  “We’re not getting paid?” Sean sputtered in disbelief.


“Oh heavens sake Princess,” Hanna groaned.  “You’re getting paid, I’m not.  Some day when you’re an adult you’ll understand that when you screw up you have to do something to save face.”


“Stop calling me that,” he sighed in an overly dramatic fashion.  “So, you comped the cake because of business and not because you thought she was hot?”


“Of course.”  Hanna stammered as she tried to keep her focus on the traffic.


“Oh, then why did you keep checking her out?” He teased her with a wicked laugh.


“I did not,” she fumed.


“Did too,” he taunted.


“Shut up,” she growled as he snickered.  “Keep it up and you will spend the summer scrubbing out the ovens.  Now if you’re a good boy and drop it you can take Vera’s place at the counter.”


“Ooo, I get to wait on all the cute guys,” he gushed as he bounced in his seat.  “And I get tips for waiting on tables.  When is Vera leaving?  I can‘t say that I‘m going to miss her ignoring customers so she can file her nails while chatting on her cell phone.”


“She should be gone already,” Hanna informed him as she pulled the van around back.  “Wait she did what?  Why didn’t anyone tell me I am the boss?”


“Of course you are,” Sean placated her as they entered the bakery.  “Oh my,” he squeaked out as Hanna’s eyes widened in horror as she took in the mess. 


“What happened?” She whined to Sherry as she looked at the array of pastries dripping from the walls.


“Vera didn’t understand why she was being let go,” Sherry groaned from the floor where she was cleaning up the remnants of some sort of cream pie.  “Good thing you suggested that I fire her at the end of the day; none of the customers got caught in the cross fire.”


“Crap,” she muttered.  “Look it has been a long day. Close down the kitchen, Sean will help you with the clean up.  Starting tomorrow Princess will be our new waitress/counter girl.  I’ll clean this mess up and cash out.”


“I need to find something pretty to wear,” Sean boasted.


“Hanna this is going to take you all night to clean up,” Sherry began.  “We can stay and help.”


“Huh?”  Sean whined.  “I mean we can stay,” he quickly amended in a sincere tone.


“No,” Hanna shook her head.  “I’ll do it.  Tomorrow is Sunday; with the rush we get I’ll need the both of you in early.  Just take care of the kitchen.”


“Are you sure?” Sean encouraged.


“Yes,” Hanna wearily reassured them.


“Cool let scrub those pots and get out here,” he chimed as he grabbed Sherry and dashed off.


“Hanna?” Sherry called out as Sean tugged persistently on her arm.  “I’m sorry about Vera.  I had no idea she would be such a nightmare.”


“Not your fault your brother’s kid ended up not being cut out for customer service,” Hanna waved off her apology.  Sherry offered an apologetic frown before disappearing into the kitchen.  Hanna said a silent prayer that Vera’s medical career would be limited to where she spent very little time with people.  She could have guessed by Vera’s lack of interest when Hanna offered her a job that the young student wasn’t going to work out.  She only hired her because she was Sherry’s niece and the only reason she placed her out front was because it was the only thing Vera was qualified to handle. 



She took a cleansing breath trying to keep her mind from wishing the young med student ill will. It was a little difficult since the walls of her tiny establishment were dripping with Bavarian cream.  “Live and let live,” she whispered before beginning the arduous task of cleaning up the mess Vera had left in her wake.


Five hours later the café and Hanna were clean.  She was clad in an old t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts as she turned the key in the cash register so she could cash out and finally end her day.  As she began sorting through the money she wondered if she had eaten that day.  It was a strange phenomenon when working around food all day long; very often she would forget to eat.  Sometimes it was simply because she was surrounded by food she simply lost interest in partaking.


She still couldn’t remember if she had stopped to eat as she finished tallying the figures and putting together the deposit for the next morning.  She ducked into her tiny office and locked the money in the safe.  A light rapping sound as she returned to the café so she could lock up and turn out the lights startled her.


Her heart was pounding as the knocking continued.  She felt tense as she peeked through the blinds she had drawn earlier fearing that some maniac was trying to get in.  Relief swept through her body when she spied Kayla McBride standing out front.  She quickly unlocked the door and opened it.  The redhead’s eyes lit up as she looked at Hanna standing there in her very casual attire.


“I hope I’m not intruding,” Kayla nervously stammered as Hanna waved for the woman to enter.  “I was on my way home and saw that the lights were still on,” she babbled as Hanna locked the door.  “I didn’t realize that you would be open so late.”


“I’m not,” Hanna smiled in response as she watched Kayla shifting nervously.  “I just had a lot of cleaning to do.”


“I was planning on dropping this off tomorrow,” Kayla stammered as she held up a bottle of champagne.  “Since you wouldn’t take my money, I thought it was the least I could do for all the trouble I put you through.”


“Thank you,” Hanna brightly responded as she smiled over at her unexpected guest.  Her body tingled as their fingers brushed slightly as she accepted Kayla’s gift.  “How was the party?”


“Great,” Kayla mumbled as she continued to stare at Hanna’s unique attire.  “Do you always work in your boxers?”


“Wouldn’t you like to know?”  Hanna coyly threw out as she crossed the room and set the bottle down.  She was happy that Kayla followed her movement.  “Actually, I just finished.  I live upstairs so this is my hanging out attire.”


“I’m intruding,” Kayla, gasped her apology.


“Not at all,” Hanna reassured the redhead eager to enjoy Kayla’s company for as long as possible.  “I was just trying to remember if I stopped to eat today.  So, tell me about the party?  Were you’re parents surprised?”


“Yes,” Kayla blew out her voice weary.  “The cake was amazing.  Everyone raved about it.”


“Did you like it?”  Hanna encouraged.


“I didn’t get a chance to taste it,” Kayla shyly confessed.  “There was just so much to do,” she blew out.  “My siblings thought a surprise party was a fabulous idea until it came time to make all the arrangements.”


“Let me guess,” Hanna said with a knowing smile as she leaned against the table.  “They stuck you with all the arrangements because you’re single and they knew you’d do it all and they could just take the credit?  Bet they didn’t even thank you.”


“It was like you were there,” Kayla sighed in agreement.  “After I cleaned up I snagged the bottle of bubbly and headed home.”


“I’m familiar with the scenario,” Hanna offered tenderly.  “Because I’m single and can cook I tend to get stuck with catering most of the family get togethers.  But not quite as much as you seem to, one of my sister in-laws is a master at planning parties.  I still get stuck with the cooking.  Did you get a chance to eat anything today?”


“No,” Kayla shrugged.


“At the risk of being bold I was just about to head up to my apartment and throw something together, care to join me?”  Hanna offered hopefully a pair of curious, gray eyes twinkled up at her.  ‘I don’t know why I’m doing this but I just can’t let her leave,’ her mind screamed.


“Really?” Kayla gushed.  “I’m sorry but that is the nicest offer I’ve had all day and considering that I behaved like a troll when first met,”


“You did not,” Hanna scolded her as she picked up the bottle of champagne.  “You were upset, reasonably so I might add,” she prattled on casually in hopes of masking the way her knees were shaking.  She simply went about setting the alarm and motioning for Kayla to follow her. 


“Wait?” Kayla blurted out as Hanna began to shut off the downstairs lighting.  “I don’t want to sound like a moron, but your name is Hanna right? Like it says on the sign out front Hanna’s Place.”


“Where are my manners?”  Hanna playfully chastised herself.  “Hanna Kirkland,” she asserted as she held out her hand.  “A pleasure to meet you.”


“Kayla McBride,” the redhead giggled in response as she accepted Hanna’s hand.  “And the pleasure is all mine.”


Hanna’s body ignited from the feel of Kayla’s hand touching her own.  She could feel herself melting into Kayla’s smoky gaze.  “Good looks, a savvy business woman, and you’re already flirting with me. My goodness this is my lucky day,” Kayla huskily supplied as she kept her hand clasped in Hanna’s.


“Trust me this is completely out of character for me,” Hanna explained as she picked up the order form that had begun her troubles.  “I had a horrific day and now I find myself in the company of a charming woman,” she prattled on as she guided Kayla up the back staircase that was off the kitchen.


“And what made your day so horrible?” Kayla inquired as Hanna fumbled with the bottle while she tried to unlock the door to her apartment.  She finally conceded that she wasn’t going to win and handed the bottle and order form to Kayla. “It wasn’t because of a certain snotty customer whining about her parents cake was it?”


“No my troubles began long before that,” Hanna sighed gratefully as she opened the door to her home and allowed Kayla to enter.  “First it was a beautiful day out, much too nice to be working in a kitchen,” she expanded as she retrieved the bottle and closed the door.  “Then I had a mountain of paper work, which led to that,” she pointed to the order form that Kayla was still holding.


“What is this?  It looks like someone was doodling,” Kayla responded lightly as she studied the slip of paper.


“That is your order form,” Hanna explained as she plodded her way towards the kitchen.


“How did you ever decipher this?” Kayla gasped as she followed behind.  “The Rosetta stone probably was easier to read.  Now I understand why the order was late.”


“Hopefully Vera didn’t leave any others behind,” Hanna laughed as she retrieved two champagne flutes from her cabinet.  “By the way she threw all of the left over desserts around the dinning room; I seriously doubt she will be helpful if I need anymore translations.”


“She threw food around?  How is it that this girl still has a job?” Kayla gasped as Hanna handed her a glass of champagne.


“She doesn’t that is why she tried to start a food fight,” Hanna explained before taking a sip of champagne.


“I got someone fired?”  Kayla choked out.


“No, she got herself fired,” Hanna carefully continued.  “Trust me it was her snotty attitude not her poor penmanship that got her fired.  She seemed offended that I needed her to explain your order.  Then she was upset that I got upset when I realized I had an hour to bake and decorate your cake.  In a couple of years she’ll be a doctor and doesn’t give a darn that what she did today could have put me out of business.”


“You created that beautiful cake in an hour?”  Kayla stammered as her jaw dropped.  “That is amazing.”


“Oh it was nothing,” Hanna blushed slightly as she tried to brush off the compliment.


“Nothing?” Kayla disagreed.  “I wouldn’t say it was nothing, that cake was a work of art. I can’t imagine trying to write my name on a cake much less all of those tiny flowers and lace borders, how do you do it?”


“A steady hand and a lot of practice,” Hanna confessed as she sipped her champagne in an effort to mask the way her cheeks were growing redder by the moment.  “You’d be surprised at what we use to practice on back at culinary school.”


“Really?” Kayla responded in a husky tone as she leaned against the kitchen table.  “Such as?”


“Well, cakes, paper plates, balloons, my ex and stuff,” Hanna offered in a hurried tone.


“Back up,” Kayla squealed.  “Did you say your ex?”


“Yeah, Uhm it was nothing but a practice in control,” Hanna lied as Kayla’s gaze held her captive.  “It makes it difficult to form a perfect flower with icing when someone is giggling.  We use to practice on one another so we could learn to keep our hands steady no matter what.”


“What a load of horse puckey,” Kayla laughed.  “I doubt a cupcake ever moved like a human body part.”


“Okay we did because it was fun,” Hanna grumbled in defeat.  “At least it was until I found out she was spreading her frosting around.”


“Bitch,” Kayla snorted as she refilled their glasses.  “So, what happens when you make a mistake?”


“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Hanna laughed playfully.


“Yes,” Kayla confidently replied.  “Because I want to hear exactly how one goes about frosting another woman’s breast.  So, what happens when you make a mistake?”


“You clean it and start over,” Hanna played along.


“And just how does one clean the frosting?” Kayla encouraged as her voice deepened exuding a sexual undertone.


“Well it is food, and my Momma did tell me you should never waste food,” Hanna blushed as she tried to explain the act without actually saying that she used to lick frosting off of her old girlfriend’s breasts.  Hanna’s mouth felt suddenly parched as Kayla’s eyes darkened.  “I Uhm,” she stammered as her palms became sweaty.  “I haven’t done that since we broke up.  It was a long time ago and I’m not certain of all of the details.”


Hanna could feel the electricity filling her tiny kitchen as Hanna’s eyes raked up and down her body.  “Maybe my friends are right,” she sighed as she took a tentative step closer to the redhead.  “I need a date.”


“We must have the same friends,” Kayla sighed wearily.  “I haven’t been out with anyone since I found out my last girlfriend was frosting around.”


“What happened?”  Hanna asked as her hand had some how found its way to Kayla’s long silky tresses.


“Three years together and I came home one day and she announced that she had fallen out of love with me and in love with someone else,” Kayla grumbled as she leaned into Hanna’s touch.


“How long ago was that?”  Hanna absently inquired as she continued to run her fingers through Kayla’s hair.


“A year and a half,” Kayla sighed softly as Hanna began to tickle the soft hair at the nape of her neck.  “Maybe after not feeling anything for so long is why I’m so eager to hear all about your culinary skills?  Then again it just could be the bubbles,” Kayla whispered as her fingers danced lightly along Hanna’s forearm.


“Well we could stop drinking and see how you feel?”  Hanna suggested as she continued to massage Kayla’s scalp. 


“Or?” Kayla softly began as her blunt nails teased Hanna’s flesh.  “We could keep drinking and I could per chance convince you to give me a hands-on demonstration.”


“Oh you don’t have to get me drunk for that,” Hanna whispered as she dipped her head.  Her heart was pounding in a steady rhythm as Kayla’s breath caressed her face.  She released as soft moan as she felt Kayla’s lips playfully moving against her own. Hanna felt as if she was falling her lips tingling as she felt Kayla’s touch leaving her.


“Show me?”  Kayla pleaded in a hushed tone while her hands caressed Hanna’s waist.  The brunette trembled as she felt the redhead’s thumbs slipping up the thin material of her t-shirt and brushing against Hanna’s quivering flesh.  Hanna drank in the sensual aroma of Kayla’s flesh as she nuzzled the redhead’s neck.


“Well you really should eat something since you’ve been drinking,” Hanna wryly reasoned as she kissed the smaller woman’s neck.


“What do I need to do?”  Kayla moaned.


“For the moment just keep standing there looking absolutely adorable,” Hanna groaned as she stepped shyly away from Kayla.  She could feel Kayla watching her every movement as she opened a drawer and pulled out an old tablecloth.  Kayla’s eyes never left her as she smoothed out the edges of the tablecloth.  “I’ll be right back,” she supplied fighting against the surge of excitement coursing through her body as she refilled Kayla’s champagne flute.


She fought to slow the rapid beating of her heart as she rushed back down stairs and grabbed up the icing, frosting and assortment of other items she used on a daily basis to create delectable desserts.  “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she muttered under her breath as she teetered up the staircase her arms loaded with sugary confections.


Her breathing hitched as she walked back into the kitchen and found Kayla awaiting her arrival.  “We don’t have to,” she offered as she placed the bowls out on the counter and began filling the paper tubes she used when decorating desserts. “I could just cook for you and we could talk?”  She really didn’t want to talk at that moment in time, yet she felt that if Kayla had the slightest doubt she needed to offer the smaller woman a chance to back out.


“My reasonable self wants to accept a quiet dinner invitation,” Kayla began slowly with a coy smile.  “My body just refuses to listen.”


Hanna couldn’t find the words to express how she felt at that moment or how the way Kayla was watching made her body soar, as it had never done before.  She simply blew out a heavy breath as she filled the bags and stirred the chocolate sauce.  She tried to distract her mind as she prepared the icing.  She felt her body warming and without turning around she knew that Kayla was behind her.  She sighed deeply as she felt the redhead’s arms wrapping around her waist.


She fought to steady her hands as her body warmed from Kayla’s touch.  “Do I get to practice on you?” Kayla hotly whispered against Hanna’s back as she gently lifted the hem of the brunette’s shirt.  Warm hands caressed her body as she felt her shirt rising higher up along her back. 


“Yes,” Hanna murmured in response as she lifted her arms and allowed Kayla to remove her shirt.  Her eyes fluttered shut as a tiny moan escaped from her lips as she felt Kayla’s tongue caressing her back.  “First I need to show you what to do,” she sighed as she gripped the edges of the counter.  Kayla’s tongue continued to caress the contours of her back as blunt nails glided up along the curve of Hanna’s body.


“Do you want me to take my clothes off?” Kayla murmured softly as she brushed her fingers against the swell of Hanna’s breasts.


“Yes,” Hanna hissed in response her body burning with desire.  She licked her dry lips as her eyes fluttered open.  She turned in Kayla’s embrace and captured the redhead with a smoldering kiss.  “Take everything off,” Hanna panted out as she ran her hands up and down Kayla’s body.  “Get up on the table and I’ll show you what to do.”


Hanna watched as Kayla stumbled slightly as she took in the brunette’s request.  Hanna watched in amazement as the slender redhead slowly began removing her clothing.  Neither of them spoke as the room was filled with electricity.  Hanna’s eyes drank in the sight of Kayla’s clothing slipping from her well-toned body.  “So, beautiful,” Hanna whispered in appreciation while drinking her lover’s glorious naked form. “Ready?”


“Yes,” Kayla asserted with a gleam in her eyes as Hanna approached her with a couple of bowls and decorating bags. Hanna shivered as her arm brushed against Kayla’s nipple while she was placing the items on the table. 


“Lean back?”  She requested as her heart hammered against her chest.  “I made the icing and frosting earlier,” she absently explained as she watched Kayla complying with her request.  The redhead leaned back offering her ample breasts to Hanna’s eager gaze.  “There are a lot of ways to decorate, even air brushing or printing a photo on edible paper.  I prefer the old fashion way,” she explained as she watched the steady rise and fall of Kayla’s chest while she stirred the frosting with the thin spatula.  “First you need to frost the surface.  This is the frosting I used on your cake.”


Kayla’s eyes were locked on the movements of Hanna’s hand as she raised the spatula up and began to apply a thin layer of frosting to the redhead’s left breast.  She swirled the frosting around the supple mound as Kayla moaned with pleasure.    Kayla released a tiny yelp as Hanna frosted her erect nipple.  “It feels so,” Kayla panted as Hanna created a circular pattern while applying more frosting.  “It feels cool but nice,” Kayla stammered as she chewed on her bottom lip.


Hanna smiled as she began to cover Kayla’s other breast in the same fashion.  “Climb up on the table,” she softly encouraged as her lover began to tremble.  She noticed the smaller woman’s body had erupted in goose bumps as she climbed up on the table.


“When do I get to play?”  Kayla whimpered helplessly.


“You are so eager,” Hanna groaned as she set the bowl of frosting aside and pick up a small paintbrush that had been designed to apply icing or glaze. She dipped the brush in the chocolate sauce.  She held it above Kayla’s trembling body allowing the chocolate to drip down to the redhead’s body.  Kayla released a series of tiny squeaks as the tiny drops dribbled down her body.  Hanna moved her hand carefully allowing the chocolate to swirl down Kayla’s body in wavy pattern.


Hanna felt her lower anatomy throbbing as she watched the chocolate slipping down Kayla’s body and pooling in her navel.  She set the chocolate aside and picked up a decorating bag.  She felt the heat rising in her body as she held the frosting filled bag above Kayla’s breast.  She squeezed the bag allowing the tip at the end to create a single petal.  She repeated the motion as her lover’s moans filled the room until she had created a perfect rose on Kayla’s nipple.  She even used a small tube of icing to add leaves and a stem that drifted down along the curve of Kayla’s breast.  “Amazing,” Kayla stammered in a shaky breath as Hanna recreated the same perfect flower on her other nipple.  “I feel like a work of art,” Kayla complimented the chef.


“You are a work of art,” Hanna sighed as her eyes raked up and down the smaller woman’s body.  “An edible work of art,” she added hotly as she set her tubes aside and licked her lips.  Kayla laced her tiny fingers in Hanna’s hair guiding her to taste her creation.  Hanna’s mouth exploded as she filled it with the delicious confections.  The sweet sugar mixed with the taste of Kayla’s flesh was driving her insane with desire.  She slowly licked the rose until she felt the pebbled flesh of Kayla’s nipple brushing against her lips.  She suckled the bud greedily as frosting painted her face.


Kayla whimpered with pleasure as Hanna indulged in feasting upon her breast.  She lifted her frosted covered face and smiled up at her lover.  Kayla clasped the brunette’s face and drew her in for a kiss.  Hanna giggled as Kayla began to lick the frosting from her face.  “You taste good,” Kayla sighed as Hanna slipped from her grasp and knelt before her.  Kayla cried out with pleasure as Hanna slowly began licking the chocolate from her quivering body.


Hanna nudged her lover’s trembling thighs apart with her broad shoulders as she clasped Kayla’s firm backside and drew her closer.  “Oh God,” Kayla groaned as Hanna’s tongue flickered across her stomach.   She felt her lover’s wetness caressing her skin as she dipped her tongue in the redhead’s navel.  She swirled her tongue collecting each drop of chocolate as her lover ran her fingers through her hair.


The musky aroma of her lover’s excitement filled her senses as Kayla’s wetness pressed against her flesh.  She blew a warm breath against the red, curly hair that was glistening with desire.  Kayla pressed harder against her as Hanna parted her lover’s slickened folds with her tongue.  She massaged Kayla’s firm ass as she drew her wetness to her lips.


Kayla’s pleas filled her ears as Hanna ran her tongue along the redhead’s swollen sex.  She flickered her tongue against her throbbing nub as she felt Kayla’s legs wrapping around her body.  She suckled Kayla’s clit into the warmth of her mouth, filling herself with the taste of frosting and Kayla’s desire.  Kayla ground her body harder against Hanna’s touch as the brunette feasted upon her.  “So good,” Kayla chanted repeatedly as her body tightened against Hanna.


The brunette drank in her lover’s wetness driving the smaller woman closer to the edge.  Kayla’s body thrust urgently as Hanna suckled her harder.  The brunette fought to hold her lover steady as she felt Kayla’s body erupting with pleasure.  Kayla screamed out in ecstasy while Hanna feasted upon her.  Hanna’s body was aching for release as she tried to drown in Kayla’s passion.


Kayla’s desire painted her flesh as she drove her into the abyss.  Hanna murmured softly as she licked the last drops of wetness from her lover’s quivering thighs.  Kayla quivered against Hanna’s body as she guided the brunette back up her body.  Hanna eagerly tasted Kayla’s chocolate covered flesh until she was once again filling her mouth with frosting and Kayla’s breast.


Hanna groaned with disappointment as Kayla guided her away from her dessert.  “My turn,” Kayla growled her face flushed with desire as she dipped her fingers in the bowl of frosting. 


Hanna sighed happily as she felt her lover smearing frosting against her breast.  She gasped with pleasure as Kayla’s fingers pinched and teased her nipple.  “Not as pretty as your creation,” Kayla confessed as Hanna smirked down at the glob of frosting that covered her right breast. 


“Taste it?” Hanna encouraged as she felt her desire dampening her shorts.  She moaned as Kayla filled her mouth with Hanna’s breast.  Hanna’s knees were shaking as Kayla slowly licked the frosting from her breast.  Kayla’s tongue circled her erect nipple as her eager hands tugged on the waistband of Hanna’s boxer shorts.  Desire consumed Hanna her hands slipping down to her hips.  She lowered her boxers as Kayla’s teeth teased her nipple.  She allowed her shorts to fall to the floor as she pressed her breast deeper inside the warmth of Kayla’s mouth.


Her hips swayed as she felt Kayla’s hand slipping between her thighs. She clung to her lover as she felt the palm of Kayla’s hand grinding against her throbbing clit.  Hanna’s hips swayed against Kayla’s touch.  Hanna’s head was spinning as she felt Kayla’s touch slipping from her body.  “Uhm,” she choked out.  “We’re a bit sticky maybe we should take a bath?”  She eagerly suggested as her mind filled with images of running her hands up and down Kayla’s soapy body.


“Not yet,” Kayla softly responded as she ran her hands up and down Hanna’s naked body.  The brunette’s skin prickled from her lover’s tender caresses.  “I still haven’t tried decorating you,” Kayla purred as she slipped from the table and stepped behind Hanna.  The brunette’s pulse quickened as she felt Kayla molding her naked body against her back.  Kayla’s wetness pressed against her backside as the redhead reached over and grabbed one the filled decorating bags.  “Bend over,” Kayla whispered hotly in the brunette’s ear.


Hanna gasped with excitement as she felt Kayla guiding her body forward.  Hanna kneaded the tablecloth as she felt her lover kneeling behind her.  She bit down on her bottom lip, as she felt cool icing touching the firm flesh of her backside.  She was clueless to what Kayla was writing on her ass and she couldn’t have cared less.  She was lost in the feeling of the tip brushing against her flesh as Kayla’s nipples brushed against the back of her knees.


Hanna parted her legs when she heard the bag dropping onto the floor while Kayla’s tongue licked the frosting from her flesh.  Hanna’s thighs quivered from the feel of Kayla’s hands and mouth removing the redhead’s creation.  She fell further against the surface of the table when Kayla’s fingers pressed against the opening of her warm wet center.  “Oh God yes,” Hanna pleaded as she felt her lover slipping inside of her.  She thrust her hips backward as Kayla’s fingers wiggled inside of her.  “Kayla,” she pleaded while thrusting her hips urging her lover to take her.


Soon she felt Kayla moving inside of her. Hanna’s hips bucked wildly as her lover plunged in and out of her.  “Cum for me,” Kayla encouraged as she slipped a third digit deep inside of Hanna’s body.  Hanna’s body erupted as her lover took her deeper and harder.  Kayla was now standing behind her pressing her body against Hanna’s.  Kayla’s nipples pressed against her back while the redhead straddled her body.


Hanna gave into Kayla’s touch as they rode against one another until each of them were screaming the other’s name.  They collapsed onto the table each fighting to breathe as they trembled.  “Bath time?”  Kayla whispered meekly as their bodies began to calm.


“Bath time,” Hanna echoed as she kicked her shorts from her ankles and turned to her lover.  They stumbled towards the bathroom stealing kisses along the way.  They caressed and explored the other’s flesh as the tub filled with water.  Hanna suckled Kayla’s neck, knowing she was bruising the creamy white flesh. 


Hanna managed to pull herself from her lover’s warm inviting body just in time to shut off and test the bath water.  She lowered her trembling lover into the warm soapy water before crawling in behind her.  She grabbed a washcloth and began to wash the frosting from Kayla’s body.  Her hands enjoyed the feel of Kayla’s body as she washed her. Hanna’s hands continued caressing and washing Kayla long after she had cleaned the frosting from her skin.


She hummed softly as Kayla turned in her embrace and began running the bar of soap over every inch of Hanna’s body.  Hanna leaned back allowing her lover full access to her body.  Kayla’s touch was gentle and tantalizing as she washed away the sugary remnants of their tryst in the kitchen.  Once the water began to cool they dragged themselves from the bath and took turns drying the other’s body.


Hanna giggled when her lover released a sheepish yawn.  Without a word she guided the smaller woman into her bedroom.  Kayla looked over at her as Hanna tucked her in with a sly smile as her eyes drooped.  Kayla’s heart soared as she climbed in next to her lover and wrapped the smaller woman up in a tender embrace.  She smiled brightly as Kayla nestled against her body and drifted off to sleep.


Hanna followed her lover into a blissful slumber as she contemplated what the following day would bring.


The End.

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