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The Bard's Corner
Xena Warrior Princess Fan Fiction Archive
Created 20 December 1996 and maintained by MaryD


Fan Fiction Listed by Author - A

Adams, Nene Hell for Pastime Original
  Hell for Pastime ll: Dead in the Water Original
Advocate Crimson Snow Uber
A Best Friend's Magic Uber
Advocate's Original Fiction can now be found at
The Next Chapter
Advocate, Fanatic
& T. Novan
You've Got Scrolls Classic
Advocate & T. Novan Soul Searching Classic
Soul Searching - Zipped File Classic
Advocate & T. Novan's 's Original Fiction can now be found at The Next Chapter
Advocate & Rsawest Connections Uber
AH Ladis Make A Wish Classic
The Burning Candle Classic
AJ and Carrie Carr Present Tense Classic
Future Tense Classic
Aiglon The Black Dragon (Complete) - XIPPY Award Winner May 2012 Post FIN FIC
AJ Coker A Bard's Love Story Classic
Thrice Blessed Classic
Alecto Debts 1 | 2 Uber
Alex Morning Classic
Alexiares A Centaur's Tail - Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5-6 Classic
A Piece of My Soul Classic
Deeper Waters Than Most Think Classic
Omega's Folly - Parts 1 - 6 6- 16 (Complete) Uber
The Interview... Metaphorically Speaking Classic
How to Celebrate Solstice in the Appropriate Manor Uber
Beware Any Who Would See Here Classic
Alexiares and Rachel Hahn Liaisons Ridiculeuse 1 | 2 | 3 | 4-5 Classic
Allen, Eva Hearts Under Seige Classic
Love's Trust Classic
Mountain Quest Classic
The Birth of Solan Classic
The Cottage Classic
Under Western Skies Classic
Allen, Mark and Robertson DM Your Body or Mine? Classic
Amazon Moon Gabby's First Ever Public Cookshow Classic
Gabrielle and the Six Labours Classic
Sleepless in Ancient Greece Classic
The Uber Adventures Uber
Amber Freedom's Heart 1 | 2 | 3-4 | 5-6 Uber
Primal Touch - Part 1 & 2 3 4 - 5 Part 6 (Complete) Uber
Nights of Silk and Sapphire - Parts 1 & 2 Parts 3 & 4 (Complete) Uber
Ames, Lynn The Price of Fame Uber
Anderson, LB What My Eyes Did See Classic
Anima The Rift or Sappho was a Right-On Surfer Chick Classic
Three Naked Bards … Oh My! Classic
Triptych Sex Classic
Annemaart A Day in the Life, Homeric style Classic
Eye of the Needle Classic
I'll Take The High Roads Classic
Me, Myself and I Classic
Mutiny Classic
The Father of All Evils 1-7 | 8 | 9-10 Classic
What If Classic
When Cutting Off a Serpent's Head... Classic
Xena's Day Off Classic
The Edge of Nowhere 1-2 | 3 | 4-5 | 6 | 7 8 & 9 10
11 & 12 (Complete)
Spellbound - Parts 1-2 Post FIN Fic
Above and Beyond Conqueror
Annetts, Mark A Bad Dinar Classic
A Good Day to Die Classic
Family Classic
Warrior...Conqueror...Queen...Bard Classic
You're A Wonderful Wife Classic
Gabrielle & Xena (Deceased) Post FIN Fic
The Coward Uber
Sea Moon Uber
Annmaray A Bonding of Hearts Classic
A Journey of Love and Home Classic
Building Our World 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Classic
Building Our World: Birth and Death Classic
Come Crawling to Me Classic
Heal The Pain With Love Classic
In The Arms of A Warrior Classic
Just One Night Classic
Kissing Gabrielle Classic
One Kiss Changes Everything Classic
Secrets In My Heart Classic
The Mist of Pieria Classic
Anon2 Horse Powers Classic
Pure Cold Abyss Classic
Xifiction Blues Uber
Antony Girl & Dio Mother, May I Sleep with Thracians? A Musical Homage to Love, Redemption, and Gratuitous Violence - Part 1 Post FIN Fic/Parody
Applewater, Mavis Stories have been moved to Mavis' own section Uber / Conqueror
Apollo Old Debts Repaid Classic
All But The Heart, A Conqueror Tale Conqueror
Archaeobard A Thousand Smiles Classic
Dandelions Classic
Feel...What? Classic
Gabrielle and the Phallus of Apollo Classic
Gagrielle and the Worrier Princess Classic
I Can't Tell You I Love You Classic
I Returned to Poteidaea... (Alt) Classic
Mole Classic
Nipple Classic
Nipple II: The Re-Erection Classic
Nipple lll: Twin Peaks Classic
Nipple IV . Therein Lies the Nub Classic
Nipple 5 - The Second Coming Classic
Only This and Nothing More Classic
Sometimes,You Really Bug Me Classic
Somewhere in Time Classic
The Cess Pit Classic
The Poetry of Gabrielle and Xena Book One (Alt) Classic
The Soul That Love Forgot Classic
The Stare (Alt) Classic
Waiting for Muffy Classic
Waking Nightmare Classic
A Curse On Both Your Houses Mel & Janice
Decisions (Alt) Mel & Janice
Do You? Mel & Janice
Falling Mel & Janice
Our Love Our Hope Our Sorrow Mel & Janice
Rising Mel & Janice
Should I Stay, Or Should I Go Mel & Janice
The Brygos Painter Does Xena Mel & Janice
The Scroll (Alt) Mel & Janice
The Spear of Penthesilea Mel & Janice
The Sword of Hephaestus (Alt) Mel & Janice
The Voice Mel & Janice
Treasury of Magan Mel & Janice
When Women Love... Mel & Janice
You Do? Mel & Janice
Fear Poem
Dark Huntress  
The Humanity - Part 1 Mel & Janice
Archaeobard & Lariel The Gravesbury Murders Uber
Archaeobard & Willowluvyr Passion Ploy Classic
Archangel Desert Hawk Uber
Return Of The Warrior - Part 1
Return of the Warrior - Part 2 (Complete)
  Celtic Knot - Part 1 Uber
Aurelia Gladiator
Classic / Alternate Timeline
  Reflected Passion Uber
  Avenging Angel
What had started out as a casual trip to visit her father in Japan, turns into a deadly escapade for Clarissa Hughes. Kidnapped and fearing for her life, her luck changes with the appearance of a mysterious stranger, a samurai, who rescues her from her capture. Could this lone avenger turn out to be more of a danger to her than those men intent on killing her?

Twice Reflected  Uber/Alt/Complete/
This is the sequel and continuing adventure of Reflected Passion. One day Dale Wincott took a little unexpected trip.... through the looking glass. A mirror provides the means for reflection BUT sometimes reflections are returned in the direction from which they came. What was twice reflected besides a passion powerful enough to encompass more than two centuries. And what are the reflections in the mirror now?


Az, R. The Windsong Series Classic
Turning Point(Alt) Classic
Sins of the Father(Alt) Classic
The Warrior Bard(Alt) Classic
Blood-Lust and God-Blood (Alt) Classic
Windsong (Alt) Classic
Love Triangle (Alt) Classic
Family (Alt) Classic
Crime and Punishment (Alt) Classic
The Fan (Alt) Classic
Future Life (Alt) Uber
Azel, Anne The Encounter Series

Amazon Encounter (Alt)
Turkish Encounter (Alt)
PNG Encounter (Alt)
Egyptian Encounter (Alt)
Peruvian Encounter (Alt)
English Encounter (Alt)

Seasons Series

  • Autumn Winds

  • Winter Snows

  • Spring Rains

  • Summer Heat

  • Indian Summer

  • Wine, Women and Good Food
    When your wife is the beautiful, rich and talented Roberta Williams it is very difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift. This year, Janet thought she had found a gift that Robbie would love. She had made a cook book of all Robbie’s favourite recipes and written about a special moment associated with each meal. She planned to give it to Robbie Christmas Eve and then show her just how much she was loved.

Murder Mystery Series Uber
Iron Rose Bleeding Uber
The Short Story Series
An Arctic Story
A Christmas Story
A WTC Story
The Christmas Tree
The Journey Series
South Africa
China Uber
Kenya Uber
  Three Women Uber
  A Mission Beach Christmas Uber
  All Of Them Uber
  Christmas Boxes Uber
  A Christmas Tree Uber
  Easter Island Mystery Uber
  Pirate Gold Uber
  Pearls Uber
  Dark Matter Command Uber


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